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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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them it feels like consciously making the worst possible decision in an effort to ensure joe biden is the worst president in the past 100 years. >> todd: you are right. strong close, clay travis, good to see you. we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" that will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, one person is dead, five hurt after a shooting at a california church. the deadly effect one day after ten people killed by a gunman who fired in a racially motivated attack at the supermarket. you are watching "fox & friends first" on monday, todd piro. >> carley: ashley strohmier in for >> carley: . scouring of the suspects arrested for the buffalo shooting and speaking with his parents and learning more about his past, and also learning more about the rampage inside of the
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california church, jackie ibanez with all of the details. >> good morning, the shooting took place around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday and the police say there were 3240 churchgoers inside the geneva presbytery shirt church inside and the church used extension cord to hog-tie the suspect and take two weapons from him before the police arrived. >> that group of churchgoers, he were risen, bravery to stop the suspect. and injuries and fatalities. >> ashley: the police have not released that identity of the suspect that he's described as asian man in his 60s. pier of the shooting comes a day after ten people killed and three others hurt by a gunman at a buffalo grocery store. fbi agents searching the suspect's home and speaking to the parents. payton faces first-degree murder
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with a white supremacist manifesto. the doj is investigating they attack as a hate crime and racially motivated extremism. he is due back in court thursday. president biden reacting to the shooting yesterday, listen. >> a lone gunman armed with weapons of war shot and killed ten innocent people in cold blood at a grocery store on saturday afternoon. we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of americans. >> ashley: we are learning more about the victims of the shooting. killed a retired police officer aaron salter jr., working as a security at the store but his body armor blocked the bullets. he is hailed an hero. but the buffalo police, president biden will visit buffalo after speaking to the new york governor in the city's
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mayor over the weekend. actually, todd. >> todd: jackie, thank you. congressman says there are important questions that need to be answered about the buffalo/suspect before politics gets in the way. >> the man has committed one of the most heinous acts our country has ever seen. we all understand that. we need to get down to the facts. what was driving his behavior. what was he looking at? how did he inquire his weapons and as a former new yorker, the toughest job laws. how did he inquire his weaponry. and you go down that pattern. >> todd: former ice director and prosecutor and former dhs deputy jonathan, your thoughts on the violence this weekend? it is really horrific when you think of the shooting. it just shows that there really truly is evil in this world here this is just horrifying.
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and a couple of things that stand out is, will the department of justice, this is a death penalty case and will they seek the death penalty? it is where they on this case. and another question i have is this administration going to use this as a moment to unite the country or to further divide the country and a few motives similar to the gunman on anyone who disagrees with them politically? >> ashley: jonathan, that brings me to my next point for the president spoke yesterday and he was talking about how hard it was to be a police officer and to respond to these type of situations. let's listen to what he has to say and i want to talk about it on the other side. >> we are not trained psychologist. you are law enforcement officers. we expect you to be everything. we expect everything of you. being a cop today is a heck of a
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lot harder than it's ever been. covid-19 1 million deaths in america. leaving behind the estimates of nine significant family members. >> ashley: so jonathan, here we have two major shootings in the past 24 hours. now, the president is talking about how essentially the police, yes, gears, so we assessed the time to be talking about this? >> well, it really is remarkable that this administration, they want to politicize everything. but the funny thing about it is this whole issue with the police has been this anti-police movement that has been led by this administration and the democratic party. it is not a funding issue. this is a game they are playing right now to act like oh, defining the police. crime has not risen because the police funding started out.
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the anti-police movement led by the democratic party. people that celebrated people that assaulted police, and we had the vice president which running for vice president supported a riot bail fund to support anti-police were rioters. so what is really stunning that this administration can even with a straight face act like supportive of police. use all the way they treated the former patrol agent six months ago. border agent. races motivation for the border patrol agent simply doing their job and trying to enforce the law. so it is stunning. absolutely disgraceful the way they treated police officers in the way they continue to treat police officers. >> todd: as always, we have been following a shooting tragedy like we seen over the beacon and the focus goes to control specifically with regard to the new york shooting where we know more about the suspect involved. why was this guy able to get it done in the first place with all of the right flags?
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quite frankly, with very strict new york gun laws. >> that is kind of an interesting point. there were red flags and thrust a shoot up about a year ago and wondered what was done with it. we don't know enough now but it is interesting when you think of this administration, at least on the federal level spending so much time on doing things like shutting down moms and dads from speaking of school board meetings and other things that are purely political that they are letting dangerous people right underneath there knows this because they are not focusing on things to keep the community safe. i think it remains to be seen as a congressman was talking about how this person obtain the or violation of any laws. where there are other missed? my guess is, we will find that there were cured but at this point, it is really too early to tell. but to your point, strict gun
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control laws really have not been effective in preventing shootings or mass shootings. if you look at places strict gun control like washington, d.c., where i am, there are these places where people are allowed to buy guns. you don't see a difference in crime and in fact a lot of places where strict gun-control, primary server you can think of chicago, washington, d.c., like i said. but it is a point where investigators trying to find out what is happening. how he got the guns, what led to the shooting? what could have prevented it? >> ashley: don't forget governor kathy hochul got on tivo within hours and immediately talked about gun control. so obviously something will be talking about but we have to get to the feet of title 42. is it back within the next couple of days? if it is going to state and pass or not? what do you see if title 42 does come in fact, end may 23rd? there could be an increase of
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18,000 migrants a day if this does end. >> well, this disaster will be at dell might get any worse if possible to believe. in this administration has wanted to get rid of title 42 the whole time, but it seemed so inconsistent with keeping draconian covid mandates and people while having no controls on the border. but, when title 42 ends and they wanted to end, all we are doing at the border is basically her border patrol led by this dhs secretary, he used the word patrol, simply a processing center for illegal immigrants. so all of our resources will be on processing, providing medical care, providing food, meanwhile drugs will be coming across the border, a unit smuggling will be going on. this administration has been the biggest friend to the cartels, to the smugglers. it will get even worse, but that
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is what they want. this is the last line between what they have and completely open border, which is what they wanted all along. once that happens, they will take a political hit, but politically, they believe it is in their best long-term interest. it is going to be a disaster. the american public will pay a major price in terms of housing, education, health care. this administration doesn't care. they don't care about public safety. they have shown little interest in the opioid crisis where 107,000 americans died last year from overdoses. they are doing nothing to prevent the drugs from coming in. nothing to hold people accountable. they were bringing them in. it is scary. it is getting worse and they don't seem to care about it. >> todd: finally, jonathan hunt the trial for michael sussman begins today after a trove of gps board but please do us a favor, jonathan put on your federal hat for a
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man there a minute. we bring this particular case, this particular defendant to trial with all of the defendants and also possible witnesses out there. if he was not certain at this one would be a win form. >> that would be my take on it. if they will be more cases, the first case you bring will be your strongest case. so, my guess is he has a lot of confidence he will have a successful case here. this case is really in a lot of ways a straightforward case. because michael sussman is charged with flying, but to prove somebody is lying, you also have to prove what the truth is. in the truth is what the clinton campaign was using their influence and power to lie to the fbi to get the fbi to investigate the political opponents, which really should be one of the biggest scandals if not the biggest scandal in
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political history. but back to your point. i do believe he believes it is a very strong case. my understanding is they have building records that this defendant build the clinton campaign through a law firm for the time he spent with the fbi pretending to provide us information for all touristic reasons, which, in fact cynical, political dirty politics as worst. >> ashley: jonathan dominic jonathan fahey we appreciate you getting up early on a monday morning, we appreciate your insight, thank you. >> thank you. >> ashley: a new poll 9% approve of joe biden's dome xp when the resident getting low marks as the white house faces increasing pressure over the baby formula shortage. look who's got on "fox & friends first," live in washington, rational hustling. >> nice to see you both this morning. this is not looking good, the
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president has five months left to get out of this bad hole. take a look at it. according to a new nbc survey, president biden's approval rating has tanked 2:30 9%. that is 14 points below where it was just a year ago. his biggest issue is the economy, inflation 22% of americans want them to fix the cost of living and 10% view abortion as a top issue. no surprise people are fed up with the economy as gas prices keep breaking records from a gallon of unleaded now sitting at a whopping 448%. the baby shortage is not getting better any time soon. here is transportation secretary pete buttigieg why it's taking his administration so long to fix this. the president said more actions is coming but the whistle-blower in september, february, the
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recall, why is it taking so long? speak with the administration acted from day one after the recall taking steps like creating more for the whip program more actions on the way including imports. >> so last week the remarks about inflation the president opted to blast republicans stood up offering any new ideas how to fix it. senator hagerty this week and said enough is enough. >> no one is taking responsibility for the cynthia biden administration. he's calling us have her name in the book. in looking for scapegoats in america with previous president were trying to blame this on vladimir putin, it wouldn't be happening. if joe biden did not waste american energy in the first place. >> this monday morning public remarks scheduled for the president today that he has set to visit buffalo tomorrow, todd, ashley. >> todd: aishah hasnie live in d.c., thank you.
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he suffered a stroke and is recovering just one day before the primary. >> it was on friday and i wasn't feeling very well so i decided, you know what, i need to get checked out. >> i want you to get checked out because i was right is always. >> todd: pennsylvania senate governor of the leading runner for a tight race with the g.o.p. in november. meantime the latest polling shows the top three contenders for pennsylvania senate net and that, look at that, dave mccormick set the race will have serious implications. >> up the stakes are so high because it determines not only pennsylvania but the direction of the country. >> todd: later this hour, pennsylvania voters we will speak to about the tight race and what is most important to them. >> ashley: did you hear this dr. anthony fauci said if trump plans back to the white house in 2024, he will -- >> if trump or to return to the
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white house as president and covid is still a threat or some other public health emergency, would you want to stay on in your post? >> well, no to the second question. >> ashley: former president trump clashing with dr. fauci and trump calling dr. fauci and 80 and 2020. saying americans were tired of hearing from him. >> todd: that will not be an issue my don't think he will ask him but i'm going out on a limb here. >> ashley: okay, now another violent weekend in the windy city, but mayor lightfoot seems more on and in the upcoming race and lightfoot should be reading up on the real issues facing chicago. in joining us next. >> todd: plus "fox & friends first." >> it is sad to see what is going on when we are deeply into it. i think a lot of people are struggling and suffering. >> todd: pete hegseth and the
1:17 am
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♪ ♪ speed to another fox news alert, chicago mayor lori lightfoot issuing a curfew after a fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy saturday night. two people arrested including a 17-year-old. the miners from the popular park after 6:00 p.m. from thursday through sunday. and five people shot and killed this weekend in the windy city but mayor lori lightfoot decided to tweet about book banning instead of the violence plaguing her city. joining us to discuss is raymond lopez and mayoral candidate. raymond, 13-year-old and 16-year-old among those shot, for god's sakes and she's in texas talking about banning. where was her head when she was doing this? does she not know what's going on in her own city? >> you know we've had three mass shootings in a week that lori lightfoot enjoying a barbecue in texas. it is remarkable to me the mayor
1:23 am
said people acting like they have sort of legitimacy has no right to criticize or this coming from the most illegitimate and incompetent mayor in america right now is astounding. mayor lightfoot has been outmatched ever since she has taken off and never learned how to deal with the situations on the street. she has been oblivious, intentionally oblivious to what is going on because it is easier in her mind to focus on things somewhere else as opposed to focusing on what is going on in her own backyard. >> ashley: it cannot be a good look for the people in the city especially the shootings happening 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. chicago crime stats, 17 were shot fatally since friday evening but also with the homicide of chicago, they are on pace to be the deadliest since 1996. let's see, murder 196, the sexual assault 699 robberies, 2,093 and reported thefts, this
1:24 am
is crazy but these numbers are staggering, these numbers are appalling. what is the solution? i personally know chicago pd because i'm a chicago police officer and they are overwhelmed. i can only imagine what they are feeling. what is the solution to this? >> ashley, first and foremost, stop out of the chicago police officers. we are down 2,000 officers over the last three years since lori lightfoot took office. that is why we continue to see the stats and increase year after year after year with a 30-year highs. the perception that we see across the nation is chicago is out of control. the feeling on the streets is that everyone is in danger for their lives as we see all of the mob action and the action on a daily basis. we must secure our towns and law enforcement officers who we expect to keep our societies safe. yet the mayor continues to throw
1:25 am
them under the bus every chance you get. this has to come to an end. as mayor i will focus on the law enforcement, first responders to ensure that we have their back so that we can go after those magnets of violence. and start holding people, especially parents accountable. >> ashley: it is not happening until february but never too early to start this. you are running for mayor. what words do you have for the city of chicago, but also what work do you words you have for lori lightfoot? >> the city of chicago we are a global city and we will -- lori lightfoot your days are numbered. we will not allow you to continue to destroy the city and look the other way while there is chaos in the streets and neighborhoods. we will return to the basics that it made the city what it is. a great, global city. and supporting our communities and providing the most basic of services to every corner of the city of chicago.
1:26 am
>> ashley: and then lopez, thank you for getting up with us, you have a good day. >> thank you, ashley. >> todd: the widow of a fallen officer talk to trey gowdy and inspired to launch a career in public service. discussed the rewarding turf and connect and shares a story of her gifts. >> i am so thankful for the work that we get to see these amazing stories in action. we are hearing countless stories every single day about the important impact that officers are making. i'm proud that we get to lift that up through our work. there was a long time where i couldn't even think about the man who killed greg without feeling anger in my heart but it wasn't until i imagined how i would feel a mother of the man who killed greg and i pictured him like my own little boy. >> todd: surf and connect holds a variety of events throughout the year. and her husband was killed in
1:27 am
the line of duty 2015. trey gowdy on the heroes who run toward the danger, listen. >> there is a suspicious person working around, whether the streets, the backyard of a home where the parking lot of a mall. the police get routinely hold about suspicious persons. the police take these call so we don't have to. we stayed home, we stay put. others check on what we find suspicious or unnerving. today is the day we honor police officers who died in the line of duty. one way to do that is to honor the people they left behind and loved. >> todd: speaking of honor come i had the honor to be invited to national police week. the organization is called called cops, and facilitating a panel discussion among four survivors come a spouse, a child, a sibling, and a parent to hear them talk about their loss, what we call their officer
1:28 am
over a decade later and help those in the audience many of whom lost their officer in the last year was unbelievably powerful and unbelievably moving. i believe important to those survivors. you are looking at your screen right now at the candlelight vigil at the mall in washington, d.c. so powerful as we honor those lost not only this year, last year but years prior. just unbelievable moving experience. i would imagine you look at this from a new perspective, now being the wife of an officer. >> ashley: bear with me because i see this and it makes me super emotionally, newly married nypd counterterrorism officer. and all this talk of putting them back in the thick of it on the streets because of lack of police, it is got inching. to hear the widow of a police officer talk like that, it is incredibly emotional for anyone has a first responder my loved
1:29 am
one married, son, daughter, whatever it would be. you feel for them on a different level. but also, when she was talking about the hatred that she feels in her heart, it makes me so sad that when you hear trey gowdy talking about and there is a suspicious person and a call for that. because me my want there to bully lease on the street. i want there to be safety in the community, but at the same time, it hits me a different way. and i think, why does it have to be my officer? that is a lot of us feel and think, but obviously, we will take this week and thank them. i thank them every day and we pray that they all come home safely. >> todd: beautifully said. with that my america is running out of baby formula in states like tennessee, kansas, delaware hit the hardest. >> ashley: our next guest runs her own formula company and getting thousands of request every single day. here to explain what she is doing to end shortage also tell
1:30 am
us more. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: vladimir putin reportedly with tactical nuclear weapons to the border. >> todd: ukrainian president zelenskyy said the russian invasion is dead in its tracks. in lviv with the latest, matt finn. >> taught in ashley, a fresh wave of missile threats all over this country, including right where we are in lviv region yesterday several missiles hit in military target year destroying it. fortunately no dust to report there. to the east of us on the front lines, ukraine is gaining back territory from russia. the second largest city of kirk eve. kharkiv come it is not going as planned. available manpower and russia is failing to achieve strategic
1:36 am
objectives like -- more countries plan to join nato. here is ukraine close to close to my president zelenskyy. >> we debunked at the occupiers but they don't want to admit that they are dead in this so-called special operations has already failed. it is time to come when the ukrainian people police force invaders to recognize reality. >> and finland and sweden moving ahead applying for nato membership given the new russian threat. various russian officials warrant but they might at have any choice to deploy nuclear weapons. the city of mariupol, russia shows the city particularly the steel plant where ukrainian fighters have been sheltered for months in the door, damp tunnels with a grave situation. video and picture show mass graves. mariupol tells fox news conditions for anyone left in the city comparable to a
1:37 am
concentration camp. russians are forcing ukrainians to work for food, taught in ashley. >> todd: matt fan live in president biden with a terrorist organization with the black list the removal of these, as the biden administration with a heavy backlash for considering the removal of islamic revolution in guard corps from the blacklist. all this comes as the nuclear deal negotiations, secretary of state antony blinken notifying congress of the removal prior to commencing the groups no longer exist. but the republicans on the hill say this was simply a dress rehearsal before attempting to remove terrorist sanctions on the irg c. 37 minutes after the hour and american families crippled by nationwide baby formula shortage and dozens of calls from parents desperate for the formula. >> ashley: a mother of three in ceo and founder of organic baby formula, but laura,
1:38 am
thank you so much for being with the spirit before we dive and come i want to touch on this. a lot of people especially last week when all of olivia started coming to the forefront and coming to light, why can't women and mothers breastfeed? i don't blame people who have never had children are really just don't understand why that wouldn't always be the case for everyone appearance of explain why that just couldn't work for every mother. >> that narrative really fires me up. the narrative that you should be breastfeeding is dangerous. we live in a society where you simply can't always just breastfeed. maybe you don't have milk to support the time. people who are saying that don't understand what it means to be a modern parent in today's society. it is dangerous. we have to end that narrative. >> todd: it is also dangerous because it puts extra pressure on those mothers trying their best to breastfeed and then
1:39 am
because of may be some difficulty, they start feeling like they are a bad mother and it is a horrible situation all around. i want to focus on the logistics. as someone who understands the ins and outs of producing this kind of formula and distributing this kind of formula, why the heck are we in the situation to begin with? >> to understand how we got here, you need to understand the industry dynamics at large, which is the two companies owns a majority of the market. over 80%. and when one of those companies have a recall, you find yourself in this situation. you should never be questioning is there enough food to feed babies? speak to my brother and sister in law have a 4-year-old and having an issue finding formula but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find formula and you are a mom and talk to these
1:40 am
mothers but what are they saying to you and what advice are you giving to them because the formula just isn't there and they can't breastfeed, what options are they left with? >> i mean, truly, first as a mother i emphasize what parents are going through right now, especially on the back of what is the hardest two years for parents is completely unacceptable. and there is a difference between not finding any formula may be not finding your formula, which is not ideal. it can be intimidating to switch, but it is truly the best step forward right now. for those who are unable to i highly recommend you do need to be consulting your pediatrician here there are other alternatives far better than what we see today, which is parents making homemade formula, turning to the black market or even worse, rationing their formula, which is very unhealthy and unsafe for a baby.
1:41 am
>> todd: now that we know about the shortage and we have been talking about this for a few weeks. why is this taking so long to fix? we will talk about it in two weeks. that is unacceptable, laura. >> i couldn't agree more. this is an industry inherent tinley complex. when you look at the question i have been getting a lot, why don't you just run more supply? it is not that simple. you are balancing the attention between safety and speed. this is nutrition, for instance, zero room for error when it comes to the reduction of cost. what we need are two different solutions. on one side, we need to fix the immediate, which is get more formula into the country to feed babies spirit that is the short term here that is the short term to get out of the crisis today. the long term we need a hard look at the industry. the recall is highlighted and bigger cracks. we need to get more production in this country so we are never
1:42 am
in this crisis again. >> todd: great perspective from someone who knows, laura modi, thank you for doing what you do to feed our nations babies, thank you, we appreciated. all eyes on pennsylvania out of the blockbuster senate primary. the three republican candidates in a dead heat. so what will be the deciding factor? >> ashley: we are asking pennsylvania voter panel coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi claims they achieved victory over roe v. wade while accusing supreme court of being anti-freedom. >> ashley: progressive's lien in order to access to abortions. and good morning, brooke singman. >> house speaker nancy pelosi lashing out at former president trump and supreme court when asked why democrats were not more prepared for the possibility of roe v. wade being overturned here and listen to. >> who would have ever suspected a creature like donald trump
1:48 am
would become president of the united states? and appointing those antifreedom justices to the court. so, this is not about a long game. we laid a long game and won roe v. wade and protected over time. the fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. >> but pelosi's declaration of draft opinion signaling the supreme court the tune to overturned 1979 landmark abortion case has not moved the needle for americans heading into them in terms of the latest nbc survey showing even split of which party voters to control congress. the same results from last summer. despite that to fail the federal abortion bill progressive lawmakers are pushing to make abortion without limits the law of the land, listen. >> nobody should think that this process, we should bring those bills up again and again and
1:49 am
again. i think what we should do is on this bill and make the filibuster and do everything that we can to get 50 votes on the shortest possible bill to protect the women's right to control her body. >> guys come over the weekend we so large pro-choice rallies across the country with some calling for a summer of rage claiming to be uncomfortable. something we did not see was added security for supreme court justices after democrats told a measure boosting protection, ashley, todd appearance but when unquestionable, brooke, thank you very much. candidates lock in a heated race at the primary in pennsylvania. so what are voters really concerned about to help them to decide to cast their vote. joining us no pennsylvania voter panel may mother of two, tim surely do mike sciulli, and distinguished fellow at the american council, thanks to allu for being here. and we've got a lot of issues. what are the most important ones to you?
1:50 am
>> well my work with parents all over the state of pennsylvania. and i think what is most interest to parents right now are the prices of gas, prices of groceries, the inability to get certain items at the grocery store, and what is happening in the schools. from my perspective those are the top issues for parents in pennsylvania. >> todd: what is the one issue most important that will swing this race one way or another? do you think wins? >> i'm not sure who will win but we need someone who will stand up and fight. the middle class and small businesses are the backbone of america. and we just found out starting june 1st, electricity rates could go up as high as 45%. and i mean, someone has to do something about this. because there are gas prices like the lady just said,
1:51 am
groceries, baby formula shortages. somebody needs to step up and do something here. >> todd: victoria messing question to you, what is the big issues? >> to tim's point energy is the key because energy industry in the state, who's going to support that? who's going to expand that and bring down prices in there and your electricity bill and the pump? >> todd: a little bit inside the baseball darkest. one canada in the republican candidate hasn't ran away with this question work >> it's been a crazy race and front runners have been able to seal the deal. i remind everybody, this is a five person race not a three-person race. there were five candidates on the debate stage, 20% of the electorate is still undecided. this is anybody's race. >> todd: him when you talk to your customers because not only are you a voter, but so the
1:52 am
maxim of all your customers are as well. what is their take on this race? >> i think our customers are concerned just as much as we are because they are the consumer. at the end of the day, the consumers are paying the ultimate price. we are getting gouged at the pump, couched at the grocery store, you know we are paying delivery fees, fuel charges, the list goes on and on and every day there is a new one. and we need someone to like restore the american and eliminate this nightmare that we are living in. >> todd: bethann rosica, when you talk to your parents at events, practices, school, the like, is there a sense as to why someone like dr. oz who has the name somebody like mccormick who has the money hasn't run away but this race so far? >> well my think a lot of it has to do with the amount of money
1:53 am
that mccormick has spent beating each other up. i receive about three meals a week anti-dr. oz, anti-mccormick and they are going after each other and i think that messaging does not play for me. i tell my kids if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything nice at all. and i realized that view in politics but it really has worked against the candidates and i do think that is a big reason why kathy barnett has been able to surge forward. that may actually push her over the top for the selection. >> todd: fascinating, want to get your thoughts on that. do you agree with bethann's preface there? how much did the abortion revelation and the fact her mom could have had an abortion and did not when she was 11 years old and the reason kathy barnett is here today? and much to all those factors play into this? >> i absolutely agree with that. i think three or four months ago
1:54 am
everyone was assuming that mccormick or dr. oz would run away with the race but neither has an able to make that pitch, that is able to parents across pennsylvania and i think kathy story just incredibly compelling and very much of this moment. i think there are concerns about the bedding that has not been done. emphasis bipartisan, so, anything could happen tomorrow. >> todd: bethann, victoria, tim, the entire nation is watching and seems to be this will go. in ohio little and little we are finding out who the candidates will be come november. exciting time and it only gets more exciting between now and november. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. it is an interview you will only see on fox news. first lady of melania trump down exclusively with teeth dominic pete had said after leaving the
1:55 am
white house. >> ashley: she talks about the life under the biden administration and what is coming up for her. pete will be here with the details plus joe concha and brian brenberg on deck. don't miss a moment.
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two small worlds at a time. join us today at childfund dot org. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, one person data, five fathers heard after a shooting at a california church. and this taking place this day with ten people gunned down in a buffalo grocery store during a racially motivated attack there. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i am todd piro. >> ashley: i am ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. arrested for the buffalo shooting, speaking with his parents and learning more about his troubled past. and we are also learning about the heroic of


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