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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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two small worlds at a time. join us today at childfund dot org. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, one person data, five fathers heard after a shooting at a california church. and this taking place this day with ten people gunned down in a buffalo grocery store during a racially motivated attack there. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i am todd piro. >> ashley: i am ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. arrested for the buffalo shooting, speaking with his parents and learning more about his troubled past. and we are also learning about the heroic of yesterday shooting
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in the church kathy ibanez with the details, jackie. >> good morning for shooting took place in laguna woods around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday. the police say there were 3240 churchgoers inside the geneva presbyterian church at the time of the shooting. some inside the church used an extension cord to hog-tie the suspect and then take two weapons from him before the police arrived. listen. >> the churchgoers display what we believe exceptional or row wisdom and bravery intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. speak with the police have not released the identity of the suspect but he is described as an asian man in his 60s. the shooting comes a day after ten people killed and three others heard by a gunman at a buffalo grocery store. fbi agent searching for suspect's home and speaking with his parents yesterday. the police say 18-year-old
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payton gendron who faces first-degree murder charges posted a white supremacist manifesto just days before the shooting. the doj is investigating the attack has a hate crime and as racially motivated extremism. he is due back in court thursday. president biden reacting to the shooting yesterday. >> a lone gunman armed with weapons of war shot and killed people in cold blood at a grocery store on saturday afternoon. we must all work together to address the eight that remains a stain on the soul of america. >> and we are learning more about the victims of the shooting. among those killed at the grocery store, retired police officer aaron salter jr. was working as a security guard at the store and shot the suspect, but his body armor blocked that bullet. he is healed as a hero by the community. all victims killed have been identified by buffalo police.
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and president biden after speaking to new york's governor and the city's mayor over the weekend. ashley and todd, back to you. >> todd: absolutely horrible, jackie thank you. another fox news alert, a company with minors at a popular park following the fatal shooting of 16-year-old boy. anna rested for the saturday night shooting which happened near iconic beam in millennial park and mayor lightfoot with sharp criticism after posting sarcastic tweet about banning books during a trip to texas. raymond lopez a democrat alternate from chicago. here is why he is running against mayor lightfoot in the may oral race, listen. >> the mayor, who said people acting like they have any sort of legitimacy have no right to criticize her. this coming from the most illegitimate incompetent mayor in america right now is just astounding. mayor lightfoot has been outmatched ever since she has taken office and never learned how to deal with the situation
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on the streets. she has been oblivious, intentionally oblivious to what is going on because it is easier, in her mind, to focus on someone else as opposed to focusing on what's going on in her own backyard. >> todd: just this week and 31 people shot in chicago, five of them were killed. speed to a new poll shows 39% approve of president biden's job performance as he faces a crisis across the country. >> todd: the president getting remarks as the white house faces increasing pressure over the baby formula shortage, aisha hosni lived. >> this is definitely not good for the president. we are just about five months away from midterms and take a look at these poll numbers right here. according to new nbc survey, president biden's approval rating has tanked now 2:30 9%. that is 14 points below where it was just a year ago. and his biggest issue, the
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economy, 22% of americans want him to fix the cost of living in just 10% view abortion as a social issue is one of the top issues. that is no surprise as gas prices keep breaking records. look at this, a gallon of unleaded sitting at a whopping 4.8%, that is a new record high week by week and baby formula shortage, guys, not getting better either. transportation secretary pete buttigieg pressed by cbs why it is taking this administration so dang long to fix this. >> the president said more action is coming but the whistle-blower in september, february, the recall. it is may. why is it taking so long? speak with the administration active from day one after creating more flexibility for the program. there was more action underway including looking at imports.
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>> more actions underway. last week remarks about inflation, the president opted to blast republicans instead of offering any new ideas how to deal with inflation. senator bill hagerty said this week and "enough enough." >> taking responsibility for this, he's waging war on american calling a safer name in the book. looking for scapegoats in america with the previous president or trying to blame this on vladimir putin, this would not be happening if joe biden note did not waste american energy in the first place. >> so no public remarks for the president on inflation scheduled for today, although, guys he is set to visit buffalo tomorrow. we will see if that turns into perhaps more midterm messaging, todd and ashley. >> todd: thank you very much the state of title 42 will be considered in the family that lived along the border of the migrant influx is putting their families in danger.
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we are checking back in with texas ranger that showed us what life is like during the border crisis. >> ashley: no vaccination no graduation for air force academy cadet who might be banned from graduating because of his vaccine status. we are talking to a chaplain at a rally of support. ♪ ♪ your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day.
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speed to a federal judge expected to rule in just a few days in a lawsuit ending title 42. but the next guest said the border crisis is too dangerous for her family. >> todd: joining us stephanie come a texas rancher. we have been talking about for months the parade of horrible's that would happen if title 42 is lifted, rescinded the purity we, in fact, talk to you and carley visited the border to talk about what you've experienced day in and day out basis. but right now with one week to go before potential lifting of title 42, what is your greatest concern? >> that the people on the properties, the number will go up even more than it already is. that is very serious because we
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have already inundated with people coming through the property every day, all hours of the day. >> ashley: you are a young woman. i'm sure you have fairly young children appear to be have seen the pictures up on the screen of footprints of migrants coming through your property. when you think about border patrol and the troopers that you have said have basically been saving grace and you think about them being pulled back the rio grande area, you know, how are you going to respond to this when there is nobody to help you? have you spoken to the authorities and maybe they have given some advice or may be other ranchers? what are you going to do if, in fact, this does go away? >> well, we already are prepared to protect ourselves. that is what we do every single day. border patrol has been told to expect the worst.
2:13 am
so basically, they told us we may be on our own for a while. that is very scary. as to land owners down here, we are scared for each other. that is what we will relying on. >> todd: insein in the united states of america a situation like this. you are told you may be on your own for a while. this isn't a hurricane. this is a hurricane, if you will, created by the biden administration. they've had weeks, months, years directed bike and have done nothing about it and put you in a horrible position. the biden administration refuses to handle this problem and you say the criminal smugglers, the human smugglers are getting more and more brazen. how was that even possible? >> yes. they don't even commit they are just stopping the middle-of-the-road, the main road. the illegals are running from the brush into the waiting vehicle. they don't even pretend to hide anymore.
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the cartels are finding smugglers through social media. and the recent one that they stopped near our home, the smuggler, that driver was a 19-year-old female from new jersey. >> ashley: i want to ask you one final question. it is pretty easy and quick but how many of these encounters do you see every day or every week? >> there is about three every day at least. >> ashley: stephanie crisp canales, i hope you and your family stay safe. >> thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi revving up on a text for this conservative supreme court justice and the president who put them on the bench. >> who would have ever suspected that a creature like donald trump would become president of the united states? the fact is, this is a dangerous course to freedom in the
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>> todd: house speaker nancy pelosi claims that democrats have achieved victory in the battle over roe v. wade while accusing the supreme court of being anti-freedom. >> ashley: progressive's lineal order two more access to abortion calling the issue is not doing them any favors. life in d.c., brooke singman, good morning, brick. >> house banker nancy pelosi lashing out at former president trump and why not more prepared for roe v. wade being overturned. listen to this. >> who would have ever suspected a creature like donald trump would be president of the united states? and appointing those antifreedom justices to the court appearance
2:20 am
of this is not about long game. we played along game and won roe v. wade and voted to protect it over time. the fact is this is a dangerous court to family, to freedom in our country. >> but pelosi's declaration of country the polling shows the late draft opinion with supreme court could soon be overturned abortion case has not move the needle for americans heading into the midterms. the latest nbc showing an even split which party voters could control congress. the same results from last summer despite the failed federal abortion bill, progressive lawmakers are pushing to make abortion without limits the law of the land, listen here >> nobody should think that this process is that. we should bring those bills up again and again and again. i think what we should do is on this bill and make the filibuster and do everything that we can to get 50 votes on
2:21 am
the shortest possible bill to protect the women's right to control her own body. >> guys come over the weekend we saw large scale protest across the country with some groups calling for a summer of rage claiming to be ungovernable. something we did not see with the added security for supreme court justices after democrats told a measure boosting their protection, ashley and todd to come back to you. >> todd: thank you very much let's bring in joe concha, it is clear that democrats only midterm strategy is trump. that is all they have to hang their hat on at this point. will it be successful in light of the fact the biden induced problem so far appeared to be giving this all the way to the republicans at this point? >> it seems when you can only attack the other party, todd, that shows, okay, you have no winning argument. what is the proper sticker for
2:22 am
democrats? what will they run on? they have a good bumper sticker which was bin laden is dead and gm as a lead general motors and save the auto industry. that was the argument and easy to absorb. that was where joe biden won another four years. but i'm old enough to remember when it was a big no-no for any lawmaker to attack members of the supreme court. nancy pelosi who turns 82 this year my check in with an approval rating and recent political morning console pole at 31%. she presides over congress, todd and ashley that is currently 21%. history as any indicator, barack obama lost 63 seats in the first term and higher approval rating than joe biden. nancy pelosi will be retired in november after reds who know me and give the house back to g.o.p. because when you resort to name-calling right out of her sophomore year, that shows you have no winning argument on your
2:23 am
side, guys. >> ashley: remember when jen psaki made these comments about president biden's ultra desantis maga comments? >> who came up with ultra maga? why did kick it up a notch? speak with the president made those comments himself this last week as you know. >> todd: so a "washington post" report says otherwise. it actually says attempt to appropriate the brand as a political attack. it was hardly accidental but actually rose from six month project to find the best way to target republicans hound by biden's advisor. by the center for american progress action fund, which is a liberal group. are you shocked, joe question work >> ashley come i can't believe it, jen psaki light? there must be a day ending ny? look, ultra maga is the new deplorables, right?
2:24 am
and this is obviously the brainchild of jen psaki herself. she was the white house press secretary and she loves the communication team? they come up with stuff like this because this was a press secretary celebrated by some as the greatest press secretary ever. and yet they continue to come up with messaging and in her case jen psaki or karen john pierre that fails to recognize the american people. donald trump to todd's first question the only crutch at this point that okay, don't look at us or the people that are responsible but the ones held accountable, the people are taxed with solving problems, look at the guy out of the office for 17 months, that is the guy you want to look at. when that is the message they are in big, big trouble ashley and todd. >> todd: these are the people also in charge of getting formula on the shelves. i'm not holding my breath.
2:25 am
joe concha, inc. you very much, sir. >> how old now, by the way? >> todd: 18 months. >> 18 months, while matt, you will look at college soon. >> todd: we've got ago. three parents with wisconsin school district until friday and charges against their kids. these students face the accusations for ignoring another students preferred pronouns. when parents on friday that it wasn't real. i thought this has got to be a gag come a joke. one has nothing to do with the other. not considered by friday they could pursue legal action against that district. in the theater, you only see here on "fox & friends first." >> people always ostracize me whatever i do. i am a student. i move forward, and i'm here to help people. >> todd: pete hegseth sits
2:26 am
down with melania trump for the first interview leaving the white house. >> ashley: and the biden administration, joining us live with all the details next. ♪♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right. shhhh. i think she's still awake.
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2:30 am
apparently racially motivated attack. jackie ibanez with the latest, jackie. >> the shooting took place laguna woods 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday. police say 30 to 40 churchgoers inside geneva presbyterian church at the time of the shooting. some inside the church used extension cord to tie up the suspect and take two weapons from him before the police arrived. >> the churchgoers displayed what we believe exceptional heroism and bravery and intervene to stop the suspect. they undoubtably prevented fatalities. speak with the police have not released the identity of the suspect but described as asian man in his 60s. the shooting comes at a after ten people killed and three others heard by a gunman at a grocery store in buffalo. fbi agents searching for suspect's home in speaking with a parent yesterday. the police a 18-year-old peyton chandran who faces first-degree murder charges with a white supremacist manifesto days before the shooting.
2:31 am
the doj is investigating the attack as a hate crime and racially motivated extremism. and we will hear more about the victims of the shooting. among those killed retired police officer aaron salter jr. you can see him there working at a security guard at the store and shot the suspect but his body armor blocked the bullet, fortunately and he's hailed as a hero. all ten victims killed saturday identified by the buffalo police. the suspect due back in court thursday and currently being monitored on suicide watch by authorities ashley and todd. >> todd: jackie, thank you very much. in the meantime, fox & friends exclusive melania trump sits down as donald trump left the white house. >> ashley: pete hegseth had a chance to void her and mar-a-lago this week and reflected her time first lady. and why may national foster month is so important. take a look.
2:32 am
>> >> thank you for your love and support. >> melania trump thank you so much for joining us on fox & friends. >> thank you for having me. >> this is your first sitdown interview since being in the white house. >> it is, it is my first sit down. >> how is life since leaving there? >> life is great. and i have been keeping busy. you know, time flies fast. we are just -- everybody's doing well. >> we are in beautiful florida. what are your real thoughts of washington, d.c.? >> it is time to drain the swamp. >> what do you of that? i like it. i know he operates completely different. but i really like it there. i enjoyed living in the white house. to be first lady of the united states was my greatest
2:33 am
honor. i think we achieved a lot in the four years of the trump administration. i enjoyed taking care of the white house. it was my home for a while. it is people's house. it was a privilege to live there. >> maybe it will be your home again? >> never say never. >> never say never. out of d.c. and think of that time, what do you make of the state of the country right now? >> i think it is sad to see what is going on. and i think a lot of people are struggling and suffering to what is going on around the world. so, it is very sad to see. and i hope it changes fast. >> as someone who loves children and is dedicated so much to the betterment, how do you feel when you see shortage on baby formula and the family struggling to get
2:34 am
basic items like that? >> it is heartbreaking to see that they are struggling. that the food is not available for children. in the 21st century in the united states of america. >> why is it happening? >> leadership. >> leadership or lack thereof? >> yes. >> part of the best initiative is watching the news recently, record amounts of drugs. in fact, we did a little research and you were the only first lady to go to the border. you did it twice. what is it like to see the things you work on so hard to change drastically? >> it is hard to see those things change drastically. i know that covid brought another struggle to the people who were having problems before. but what's going on, it is unthinkable. a lot of people are dying from
2:35 am
drugs. it's very sad to see. >> had did you put up with the constant criticism? >> this is trump fleet two with a jacket a stunning phrase on the back "i really don't care. do you?" speak with the media take vogue for example, five months into j, joe biden is undercover and kamala harris is on the cover before even sworn in. hillary clinton was on the cover as first lady. michelle was on the cover three times. yet, with your business background and your fashion background and your beauty, never on the cover of volk. why? >> they are biased. and they have likes and dislikes. so, obvious, i think american people and everyone sees it. it was there a decision and i have much more important things
2:36 am
to do. and i did in the white house then being on the cover of volk. >> it seems no matter what you do how well-intentioned it is, the criticism is constant. >> forget that grammatical challenges. >> we don't know if melania trump is moving to the white house. >> the only thing she is working on is an escape tunnel. >> they always criticize me. and i'm used to that. i move forward. and i'm here to help these people. and those people who criticize me i would encourage them to help in their own community or may be joined the future initiative. >> what does foster in the future? why is working with foster kid such a passion? >> i decided to work on everything foster care facility
2:37 am
when i was in the white house. and just last week, a place of hope as well and the leaders of foster care community and some parents and children. i met also the adults who aged out of the foster care system. >> and they need support, sources, empowerment to receive "the american dream" dusty rhodes because so, you are using a new technology to help and raise the funds and initiative. >> i have been working on my project since i left the white house. they are available on melania in u.s. and now we have the team on it. it is a national park, beautiful tv animated pieces. and they are pictures and
2:38 am
animated from her time in the white house. and especially the one that i created for foster care month is the matter arose. some of the proceeds for the nft piece will go to education, providing education for foster care children who are aging out of foster system. nearly 20,000 children, 18,000 foster parents. >> a year. >> a year, yes. now we have 407,000 children in foster care. >> in america today. >> so i will be proud to grant scholarships to the children, to the students who deserve it. >> your first scholarship recipient's name is michael wiseman and how about we surprise him?
2:39 am
are you okay with that? let's give him a call. he doesn't know you are here. >> meikle, you are with fox & friends. you would share your story in the foster system. >> i was born to a single mom who is 18 years old and i became a foster child. i lived in different homes at 17. >> i know you are aware of the scholarship you are receiving because of melania trump and fox and news but what does it mean to get that scholarship? >> it is a dream come true. >> you know what is unique, let me just do it. she is hearing what you are saying right now. the first lady of the united states. >> hello, michael. >> hello, melania trump, thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you so much for your generosity. >> you are very welcome. i wish you great success. i know you start classes in the fall. make your dreams come true, started hard and send me your
2:40 am
grades come okay? >> i will my got you. >> thank you for sharing. an update with the viewers excited to hear from you and all of the efforts on national foster. >> ashley: fox & friends weekend pete hegseth joining us on the set, good morning, pete. that was amazing just hearing from her and especially the first interview after leaving the white house. how was it and what is she doing other than what we heard? what is she doing right now? >> she is still a mother of a tenth grader and very committed to baron and his development in school down there. when he's in school and work on my business and my business now is both an cryptocurrency side of things to help fund which he does in foster care. an extension which you did in the white house focused on kids and children. if you look at foster kids and their vulnerability, she feels there is a gap that her profile can help address.
2:41 am
she wanted to talk a lot about the future, of course i wanted to ask what was it like to be in d.c.? are you thinking about going back and, you know, she said you never know. never say never. but we will be grateful to melania and the first team for that opportunity. >> todd: what is your one big take away? >> one big take away i don't know whether she likes d.c. or not. i saw her answer on the entry talks about the privilege and the responsibility of being the first lady. she took seriously but does she want to go back or not? i think she's more politically astute than people give her credit for it. she understands what they would be up against. but it was not a "no" by any means. it was a willingness to look at the reality of what our country is facing. she talked a little bit about that, baby formula, the border, leadership or the lack thereof. so, she may not like it, but it
2:42 am
is an openness and willingness to go back as people are interested to see. >> ashley: you said openness and willingness. that is interesting to see. >> may be openness. if that will be a conversation between the great magnet king and queen whether they want to do that or not. >> obviously has someone who has looked up to melania, what was your reaction? what did you feel that she felt when you brought up the whole cover of "vogue"? you were talking about that and she was not salty or whatever? >> boom, i know these people and i know this industry. of course, they will not give me that opportunity. she was on the cover before she was first lady. but the point of the question was, look, fashion is your thing. you are beautiful. joe biden is on five months into the presidency -- she said it and summed it up it is biased and doubles standard. >> todd: just to clarify you
2:43 am
look up to melania not pete. guantanamo bay. >> ashley: i love her fashion. >> green or brown. >> todd: peak headset we will will -- pete hegseth, you will talk a little bit on the big sh. gas prices just another record high on the eve of several primary rates is. they just hit a record high. we spoke to pennsylvania voters who said this is the deciding issue for them. >> i think that what is the most interest to parents right now are the prices of gas, prices of groceries, the ability to get certain items at the grocery store. >> ashley: brian brenberg is here to break down the economy and the state impact on the midterms. stick around.
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>> todd: gas prices hitting another record high at $4.48 per gallon. not just the pump but across the board most americans: inflation the top priority. a big priority primary day tomorrow. >> ashley: fox business, cheryl is with us.
2:48 am
>> a new poll showing americans are suffering another crushing blow of inflation. just release nbc news poll the top issues facing the country are the cost of living and the economy. an overwhelming 40% responding that it is a top concern. this is the number two continue to climb especially energy. as you mentioned overnight gas prices hitting $4.48 a gallon. that is a new record and remember we are heading into all-important summer driving season where prices normally on a regular year may hit higher due to demand in the summer. gas prices have jumped 43%. airline fares up 33% used cars 22%, electricity up 11%, and government report on consumer prices for april. this as slow primaries on the books for tomorrow. idaho, kentucky, oregon and
2:49 am
pennsylvania. will they a vote based -- control in the house, and we spoke with the voters to say the issues on their minds are clear. >> i think what is most interest to parents right now are the prices of gas. prices of groceries. the inability to get certain items at the grocery store. >> i think energy is the key. who will support that and expand that bring down prices both in electricity bill and the pump? >> i think we need someone to stand up and fight to make a change. >> remember, guys $4.48 the record this morning is just the national average. in new york well over $5, happening in california and several other states. >> ashley: we will bring in brian brenberg, brian, $4.48 a
2:50 am
gallon for regular, used, premium, diesel above $5.56 in most areas. it cost $40 to get half a tank. that is insane. and almost unheard of. so what is the deal here? when is this going to level out? do you see any end in sight? oh, gas is still kind of cheap them under $5 where i am in places like connecticut. that should be a no-go. >> that is not cheap! that is not cheap! we are nowhere near cheap and things will get worse. it is fairly obvious. we are coming into summer driving season. people want to get out, get into their cars and go places. demand is going to be high. they biden administration has done nothing, absolutely nothing to increase the supply, which means prices will go up. we will probably see $4.50 average in may and may be sooner
2:51 am
than that. we will be $5 in july when the driving season starts. unless something radically changes and china shuts down the economy again. but this is not going to get better anytime soon it would and political self sabotage with the biden administration. i cannot believe people have been in d.c. this long who understand how much gas prices matter to they were electoral prospects are completely cutting themselves out because everybody in america knows this administration has done nothing. it has been all fanfare, no results. >> todd: they were willing to sacrifice their political lives for the green new deal and makes no sense. elon musk says twitter is accusing them of violating nondisclosure agreement. legal will to complain i violated by the bot sample size is 100. this actually happen. using the bot sample size to price out the deal. i will not do the deal.
2:52 am
very confusing. later he said never thought it would be cheap. never try to acquire social media companies. what is next in the saga? >> i think elon musk wants a lower price for twitter. what he is doing is pressing on twitter soft underbelly. i don't think the people you think are on twitter are actually on twitter. this is bot, spam account, fake account. he wants to show that number is higher than twitter admit so he can pay a lower price for this thing. he knows he's buying a fixer upper. he doesn't want to buy something rotten to the core as he wants to get to the bottom of the user numbers. >> ashley: okay, brian brenberg, thank you to the take for that. hopefully you are wrong and you say we will seek gas over $5. listen -- >> i don't think i am come i'm sorry. i used to be right on this one. spooked dome asked >> ashley: thank you so much, we appreciate it.
2:53 am
air force academy cadet may not be allowed to graduate because -- >> todd: a rally to fight for their religious freedom. he joins us next. his ♪ ♪ shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free . .
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>> ashley: four air force academy cadets may not be allowed to graduate or commissioned as officers for not taking covid vaccined to and pay back thousands of costs. goes against their religious freedoms and held a rally over the weekend in support of those cadets. thank you so much for being here. these students are willing to risk their lives for our freedom. why can't we respect theirs? >> well, thank you, todd and ashley, good morning. my name is chap millennial gordon schmidt,dr. chance. i was advocating for religious freedom. they i lost when i could not pray in jesus name.
2:58 am
i'm a legislature and air force academy graduate. i care very deeply and i led this protest outside of the south gate of the air force academy. here is the front page of saturday's newspaper, cadets face expulsion for refusing the vaccine. this is not about the vaccine, it's about their religious freedom. and their first amendment rights. all of them applied for a religious exemption to the vaccine because it was tested on aborive baby parts and that violates their conscience. the three star general, richard clark at the air force academy rejected their applications here is his signature on his memo saying i deny your religious waivers and then he made it worse. four of the firsts, that's what they call senior graduating cadets were brought into his office on tuesday you will not be allowed to graduate. a letter of reprimand forced to
2:59 am
pay between 200 and 400,000 back scholarship and denied from the air force academy. this is a violation of their religious freedom. >> ashley: gordon, how are we still in this position? there is supposed to be freedom of religion in this country. air force academy, only military still barring seniors from graduating because of vaccination status. so, when i say there is supposed to be this religious freedom, why is this still an issue and how do you foresee this happening with these four? >> well, there is a religious purge against christians in the military and it starts at the top. the biden administration is allowing this dod policy but you ask the white house spokesman no, that's an air force problem i went right to the source. as a graduate, i interviewed the three star general superintendent richard clark at my class reunion in september september. and on stage before eyewitnesses on video he said absolutely i'll protect religious freedom.
3:00 am
i'll defend the constitution for micah detectives who have a religious objection. now he has broken his word. that's why we held the rally and we are asking people to call general richard clark and we have the phone number on the screen 719-333-4141. >> todd: chaplain, we have got run because "fox & friends" starts right now. thank you for your time because "fox & friends" does start right now. >> active investigation. >> one person dead five hurt after a shooting at a california church. >> shooting comes after 10 people were killed by a gunman at grocery store. >> joe biden'sable opinion poll continues to tank. >> no surprise. >> durham trob heating up as the trial of michael sussmann begins. >> should be the biggest scandal if not the biggest scandal in political history. >> vladimir putin is reportedly


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