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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 16, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'll defend the constitution for micah detectives who have a religious objection. now he has broken his word. that's why we held the rally and we are asking people to call general richard clark and we have the phone number on the screen 719-333-4141. >> todd: chaplain, we have got run because "fox & friends" starts right now. thank you for your time because "fox & friends" does start right now. >> active investigation. >> one person dead five hurt after a shooting at a california church. >> shooting comes after 10 people were killed by a gunman at grocery store. >> joe biden'sable opinion poll continues to tank. >> no surprise. >> durham trob heating up as the trial of michael sussmann begins. >> should be the biggest scandal if not the biggest scandal in political history. >> vladimir putin is reportedly threatening to deploy tactical
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nuclear weapons. >> the occupiers still do not want to admit that they are. >> if trump were to return to the white house as president, would you want to stay on in your post? >> well, no. [laughter] >> secondaried into the end zone. bobby holy making an impact. straight to a fox news alert. one person is dead and five others are hurt after a shooting at a church in southern california. >> pete: this coming just 24 hours after 10 people were killed in a grocery store in buffalo. >> will: todd piro joins us with the latest. todd? >> shooting taking place laguna woods 1:30 in the afternoon. 30 to 40 church goers inside the presbyterian church at the time of the shooting. some used extension cord to hog tie the suspect and take two weapons from him before police
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arrived. >> group of church goers displayed what we believe exceptional heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. >> todd: police have only identified the suspect as an asian man in his 60's. this shooting comes just one day after 10 people were killed and three others injured by a gunman in buffalo grocery store. fbi agents searching the suspect's home. first degree murder charges white supremacist manifesto days before the shooting. the doj hate crime racially motivated extremism. he wonder went a mental evaluation after making similar threats last year. the suspect is on suicide watch and he planned saturday's attack months in advance. buffalo releasing the names of all 10 victims among them a retired police officer who was working as a guard is at the
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star. hailed as hero for attempting to stop the buffalo shooter. >> one of the individuals inside the star is a bee loved security guard retired. hero in our eyes. engaged the suspect. fired multiple shots. struck the suspect because he had heavily armored plating on that bullet had no round. the suspect engaged our retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene. >> president biden and the first lady will visit buffalo tomorrow in response to saturday's shooting. back to you. >> pete: thank you, todd. >> ainsley: oldest victim was ruth whitfield substitute teacher. she had gone to visit her husband in the nursing home she was his caretaker. she is the matriarch of our family and raised four kids. they had to go and tell the dad that she died at the grocery store. she went to visit him went to the grocery store and normally takes the bus back home.
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substitute teacher. the son said they were waiting for the sister to arrive and four go and tell the father and break the news to him. >> pete: there are more questions about what law enforcement knew. he was on the radar. he had gone for mental health >> ainsley: stayed in the hospital for a day and a half. >> pete: parents were aware of troubles there. we will continue to try to get answers. >> will: looks like it could have been months in the making, months in the planning. as you say we will keep up with this story throughout the morning. >> ainsley: he said there is extensive research, i guess on his computer the fbi found of the 2019 mosque shootings in immediately to and a man who killed dozens of shootings at a summer camp in norway. he had been researching how to do this for a long time. he traveled 200 miles and targeted this predominantly black community. >> pete: that's why it's a challenge to cover these things. obviously you cover them for what they're and the tragedy of the human toll but you don't want to give any more prominence to an individual like this at all. >> ainsley: the hero in this the
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retired officer andrew saltser. he worked as a security guard. the suspect was wearing a protective vest. the suspect shot back and killed the officer and his friends and loved ones say he went down fighting. he ran toward the gunfire to save others. one mom and his daughter worked inside the grocery store. of the 34078 said if it were not for him drawing attention to the gunman. she or her daughter one of them was working the cash register and they would not have seen them. she worries what would have happened to them without this hero. >> will: always a good place to start these terrible stories with honoring the victims and the heroes in these stories. >> ainsley: police officers were there in one minute. >> will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends." it's not the weekend. your television is not fooling you it is monday pete hegseth and i along with ainsley earhardt. >> ainsley: excited to work with
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both of you. >> will: more than a year in the making. inflation cost of living in the united states of america. best marked by national gas prices which today hit yet another record. $4.48 as you wake up this morning up a penny from yesterday. and up well over $1.45 since one year ago. >> pete: with the summer coming and people out and about and even more flights, folks are predicting that could hit as high as $5 by the middle of the summer. over the weekend we hit a record. feels like every day we are pushing the envelope. it doesn't seem to be any reprieve or help on the horizon. no policies or answer from the administration. >> ainsley: funny you say this. pete buttigieg was asked about on this the sunday shows. he says we are not asking americans to drive less. we are upping the fuel economy standards the 2026 model cars are more exand more affordable. right now they bore $60,000 now.
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we need this now. we don't need it in 2026. we need now. we can't afford to make it to 2026 if the gas prices keep going up. >> will: pugh poll came out inflation is the number one worry. and americans have made it absolutely clear. this is their top inner. this is the number capital one. >> ainsley: not abortion, right? >> will: not abortion. it is the cost of living. with 22% saying this is the number one issue. followed that by the way another 18% say it's the jobs and the economy. not obviously disconnected. i think it's fascinating also 1% say voting rights and election integrity. that has been played, pete as though it means we need more voting integrity laws coming from congress. i will bet you anything that reflects americans who are concerned about the integrity of their election. >> pete: that cuts to people to ho say why don't we have voter ids.
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reign in all those drop boxes. 22% a year ago cost of living? maybe zero? if you look at what inflation was when joe biden came into office, it was not a concern for anyone you had that 22 percent with 18%. 40% of americans. add that to what you pointed out the voting rights and election integrity over half of americans concerned about things in this white house has completely abdicated. >> ainsley: are you better off now than the last administration. things were different with the last administration. cost of living was down. when that's your top concern, it means that just the price to live your life is so expensive. there is a tax on everything. if you go to the gas station, that effects everybody. and it is considered basically a tax. because you are paying so much more. already taxed on it and now taxed again. look at biden's approval rating, only 39% of our country approves of joe biden and his performance. 56%.
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almost 60% of our country do not approve. in april of 2021. it was much different. 53% of our country approved and 39% did not. >> will: perhaps a mark of how bad it's gotten is he losing the billionaires and elite jeff bezos. >> pete: was he very politically involved before recently? >> ainsley: he gives money to the campaign. >> will: obviously he owns "the washington post" politically involved newspaper. he helped donate, i think, large sums to black lives matter. jeff bezos was somebody you could reliably say existed on the left. >> pete: as part of the establishment of the left. >> will: when he tweets the following, it is eyebrow raising. he said this is in response to the biden administration bragging about deficit reductions. the biden administration brags about cutting $1.5 trillion from the deaf at this time much more than their predecessor and a record in deficit reduction. more on that in just one moment as we will give you some context. but bezos jumped in and said in fact the administration has tried to inject more stimulus into an already overinflated
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inflationary economy and only joe manchin of west virginia saved them from themselves. as you are pointing out, ainsley, inflation is a regressive tax that most hurts the least. affluent bezos doesn't help the country. >> ainsley: make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. andrew bates the white house deputy press secretary he said to fox news this it doesn't require a huge leap to figure out why one of the we89est individuals on the earth opposes economic agenda for the middle class cuts some of the biggest costs families face, adds to the historic deficit reduction and the president is achieving by asking the richest taxpayers and corporations to pay their fair share. also unsurprising this that this treat comes after the in the met with labor organizers including amazon employees. >> pete: that statement says absolutely nothing. complete washington speak and there is nothing inside that
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that gives any indication they care or have a plan to address inflation. bezos breaks it down in one tweet. you inflation and spend more money. time and time your plan is to still more of our taxpayer dollars. >> will: with you but for joe manchin. >> pete: you are tout ago deficit reduction. not a single person who says i would like to vote for that guy because he reduced the deficit after he pointed out context we spent trillions because of a china virus that we then pulled back on and you are counting that as your deficit reduction. >> will: show really quick what that looks like in pictures. they are bragging about $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction. that's what your deficit looks like over time. >> ainsley: not going to reduce it. >> will: largest line which was, okay, let's help them a little bit in the lies they are trying to spin to america. the deficit is down this year from last year because last year was at historic proportions because of pandemic stimulus
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spending. look at last year's compared to deficit over the previous 15 or some years. look at the deficit they are bragging about on the far right-hand side of your screen. that is what the white house response is to joe biden. that drop? that's big time. >> ainsley: who are they talking to? because every economist we talked to talks about how we are heading possibly into a recession. more than most say that we are. heading into a recession their idea is to spend more money? you don't spend what you don't have. they are talking about paying off student loans for college students? we don't have that kind of money. >> pete: tax billionaires at 10a dent in that deficit. >> ainsley: probably right. >> pete: noens a, lots of questions and poll numbers under water. no surprise why. all right. coming up. it is a fight to the finish in pennsylvania as the top three republican hopefuls remain neck in neck heading to tomorrow's primary. we are live with the candidates' last pitch to voters. >> will: a. lister paying
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takeover offering $30 per share in cash in tender offer. the major airline said it would be open to paying the initial offer of 33 per share if spirit comes to the negotiating table. this comes as other major airlines experiencing trouble keeping their loss in the face of a pilot shortage that some executives warn could take years to solve. the ceo of united airlines saying there wouldn't be enough pilots to operate at peak capacity for at least five more years. nashville's reiman auditorium packed to honor passing of wynona judd. her daughter passionate performance. >> love can build a bridge ♪ love and only love ♪ to ease your heart and mine ♪ between your heart and mine ♪ love can build a bridge. >> oprah winfrey, reese
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witherspoon all attending that event. wynona making a surprise announcement saying she intends to go on tour. it's what her mother would have wanted. guys, honestly, i think it probably would be what she' would want. aption. >> ainsley: she struggled with mental illness for so long i watched that interview with ashley judd and diane sawyer it says she shot herself with a firearm in the house. >> pete: the day before being inducted into the hall of fame. >> ainsley: that tells you how much pain she was. in. >> pete: too bad. beautiful contribute. tomorrow is primary day in several key states including pennsylvania where the three top republican senate contenders are in for a nail biter. >> ainsley: senate candidate dave mccormick vying for the nomination. he says the stakes are incredibly high in this neck in neck race. have these two candidates. dr. oz endorsed by the president and kathy barnett. alexandria hoff is live in paste with more. good morning. >> good morning. perhaps the biggest story of this day.
3:20 am
we have been focusing so much on the republican side. now we are turning towards democrats because yesterday it was revealed that current lt. governor and frontrunner in the democratic senate primary john finnerman had suffered a stroke. it was at the encouragement of his wife that he sought treatment. he went to go get checked out because he wasn't feeling well. then the doctors found that he had indeed suffered a stroke. he added a clot was removed. is he feeling much better and doctors told him he did not suffer any cognitive damage. the republican side the race is still very much on. undecided still candidate dr. mehmet oz, kathy barnett and david mccormick. most capable facing off against fetterman in the general. he said i'm the best candidate to beat john futurerman who is basically a tall bernie sanders. been called the most liberal statewide official in america. oz earned the endorsement of president trump in april. it didn't give him more that are
3:21 am
a marginal boost. mccormick feels his leadership experience gives him a crucial edge. >> the stakes are so high because it determines not only pennsylvania but the direction of the country. >> but a wild card entered the equation far less known political commentator kathy barnett began surging in the polls in recent weeks and with that comes criticism about past social media posts deemed anti-muslim and homophobic. who said this on "fox news sunday." >> i can't provide a lot of context because again it's almost 10 years ago. that's how far they have to go back to try to find anything on me. you. >> know, guys, we talk about a virtual three-way tie here. there is really a four-way tie going on if you have each of those top three candidates polling at about 20% according to the latest fox news poll. you then have undecided voters pulling at 18%. so this race really still could
3:22 am
go anywhere on the republican side. guys? >> will: thank you alexandria. 18% still decided we understand why. this race has so many different complexities to it. kathy barnett largely seems to have earned some enthusiasm and passion on the side of the base and with that she has earned a lot of targets as well coming after her. dr. oz, who has had questions about his condition sis tenancy on various conservative positions from gun control to trans issues to abortion though has earned the endorsement of president donald trump. and then mccormick on the far right of your screen seems to be the chamber of commerce business minded republican but all three of them wants to inherit the mantel of the america first trump agenda. >> ainsley: some worked on president trump's is staff in the white house now work for
3:23 am
david mccormick but trump endorsed oz. >> pete: attacking each other at the same time kathy barnett has been running for over her year. her name is well known amongst republicans in pennsylvania. if you are looking are at two candidates beating each other up and then with the abortion issue in roe v. wade she has talked very passionately about her mother's own choice to not abort her and talked about her strong pro-life distances which at this moment among republicans in pennsylvania is something they are quite passionate about. this feels a lot like ohio a couple of weeks ago when i was at a diner there and had josh mandel and j.d. vance and you had even more undecideds in ohio. what was interesting is that a lot of voters that we spoke to in the diner and played out based on how they voted ultimately gave the nudge toward the trump endorsed canada. voting for that candidate you are supporting america first donald trump's agenda. we will see whether mehmet oz benefits from last-minute break.
3:24 am
>> ainsley: we were all watching that race in ohio and woke up to see who won because we got to go to bed so early. the person that trump endorsed won j.d. vance. we were wondering if that would happen in pennsylvania. the latest poll is up a few points. still 18% undecided. >> pete: huge surge for kathy barnett. >> will: trump's endorsement for j.d. vance quite clearly was the difference maker in ohio. >> pete: absolutely. >> will: vance didn't have the questions around him that oz does. >> pete: he did though. remember he came after trump really really hard in 2015 and 2016. >> will: maybe not on the positions that oz has carried throughout his career or been unclear on throughout his career. what comes down for a lot of voters do you follow the trump endorsement? which will be a big factor again versus do you trust oz? >> ainsley: oz has name recognition. and the black community loves him because he got -- he became famous on oprah's show. and he has trump's backing.
3:25 am
>> pete: it's not clear the base likes this argument of elect -- you should vote for the most electable guy which is often code for the establishment. not necessarily in this case but we will see. >> will: we need to hear from voters and we will tomorrow morning. lawrence jones will be at the milford diner in pennsylvania in the area. go visit lawrence and we would love to hear your opinion what goes down tomorrow in that primary. nancy pelosi says the former president trump made the supreme court dangerous. next guest couldn't disagree more. is he here with an exclusive announcement. >> ainsley: good morning. >> how are you doing? ♪ >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed?
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♪ >> ainsley: as pro-abortion protesters rage across the country speaker nancy pelosi lashing out at conservative justices and the former president who put them on the bench. >> who would have ever suspected that a creature like donald trump would become president of the united states? and appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court. the fact is, this is a dangerous
3:30 am
court to families, to freedom in our country. >> ainsley: arkansas senator tom cotton sits on the senate judiciary committee and he joins us now to react. good morning, senator. >> good morning, ainsley. good to be on again. >> ainsley: so good to have you here. what is your reaction. >> i think it's funny that nancy pelosi calls this an anti freedom court if the justice do rule along the lines of that opinion that was scandalously leaked a couple weeks ago it would simply be allowing the american people to make choices for themselves govern themselves instead of by nine eunelected lawyers in washington. comment seen outside of the justices' home keeping with the democrat approach if they don't get their way then they try to destroy an institution. totally unprecedented to have an opinion leaked in the middle of deliberations. then you have protesters outside the homes of justices in direct violation of both federal and state law. the department of justice is not arresting them, is not charging them with violating that law.
3:31 am
the democrats with whom i work in the senate talk about eliminating the filibuster because they don't like the results in the senate and then they want to use that to say pack the supreme court something not even franklin delano roosevelt could do. keeping with the democrats' practices trying to destroy institutions if they don't produce the results they want. in reality it's simply giving choices back to the american people. >> ainsley: right it goes back to the american people. they try to lie and say. they will probably it change the rules to have abortion up until birth more conservative states they might roll back a little and say 15 weeks after that you can't have an abortion. they are spreading this lie fearful, making a lot of americans fearful that you are not going to be able to get an abortion. >> same kind of rhetoric you saw in the past few years not just abortion but other cases. chuck schumer the democratic leader in the senate. he literally went to the supreme court of called out justices by name. reason we don't have people
3:32 am
protest in front of the homes of judges or jurors or prosecutors is that courts are supposed to make decisions independently of political current. based on the fact and the law. the constitution is simple on this. it's a choice that the american people have to make through their elective representatives. >> ainsley: three years since john durham started investigating the russia collusion story. is he going to be in the courtroom. a show down with michael sussmann hillary clinton's lawyer. >> this is democratic lawyer who represented to the fbi who was he representing and gave them phony claims of more russian collusion. it's part of the broader russian collusion hoax. john durham has been investigating this three years. very important first step to try to get to the above of what was bottom of what was happening. used the fbi to starting donald trump's campaign. >> ainsley: did the fbi know this dossier was debunked? >> i think it's clear they did know in the campaign from testimony we have seen in the congress and just public statements as well.
3:33 am
>> ainsley: what does that say about the fbi? >> goes to show the senior leadership on the fbi under james comey and the obama administration was willing to use false information as a pretext to target the nominee of one of our major political parties. one of the biggest scandals in american history. >> ainsley: we brought you on because you have a big announcement this morning. >> i'm exciting to be announcing on "fox & friends" my new book "only the strong." how democrats have sabotaged american power the last 100 years and made america weaker in the world. i first conceived the book after the collapse of afghanistan. so many kansans asked me how did this happen. where did it come from "only the strong" consistent what you see going back decades bay of pigs, vietnam mowing dish show. they are not accident bad luck. unfortunate democrat presidents they get back to the roots of democratic weakness. they don't believe in american
3:34 am
power and american leadership in the world. this is intentional choice by democrats to lead our country into decline. the book provides a road map of how we can restore american strength. >> ainsley: we are coming up on election primaries tomorrow. americans are looking for strong candidates. >> americans look aren't world and see nothing but disorder. see tonight streets with crime. they see it every time they go to the grocery store and gas pump. see it around the world as well with a naked invasion of russia by ukraine. they see it with iran continuing to undermine interest and. china threatening americans all around the world undermining our jobs and prosperity and potentially our freedom here at home. americans have always believed in strong confident, proud leadership in the world. democrats don't believe in this. and only the strong will tell the inside story of how democrats going back 100 years to woodrow wilson have intentionally tried to undermine american power and inside story about my time working with the
3:35 am
trump administration or working against the biden administration to try to rebuild american power. >> ainsley: only the strong. what great title. congratulations. where can we buy it. >> go online today and preorder it out this fall in book stores near you. >> ainsley: wonderful go. reserve your copy today. thanks, senator. coming up, with title 42 set to expire in one week. 18,000 illegal immigrants are poised to cross the southern border every day. we are approaching that deadline, aren't we? florida attorney general ashley moody fears that they will flee to her state down to florida. she shares the internal warning she uncovered only after suing the biden administration. ♪ ♪ at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today,
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♪ >> will: seven days, just seven be days until the biden administration plans to move forward with their plan to end title 42. leaked cbp documents show the president and homeland security chief alejandro mayorkas were warned last year that repealing title 42 could have, quote: significant safety implications. our next guest obtained these documents after suing the biden administration over their border policy. florida attorney general ashley moody joins us now. good morning mrs. attorney general. >> good morning. >> will: thanks for being with us. you got these documents. you've capable of getting them in hand. seemed to contradict something we heard from mayorkas not long ago. i want to play this for you and get your reaction. stop e. watch. >> you stopped building the wall and 2 days title 42 goes away do you think that's encouraging people to come to the border. >> congressman the increase at the border is the result of a number of gak torres regional
3:41 am
phenomenon. >> asked about those specific actions your policies? >> i do not. >> will: he does not believe their policy also lead to a significant increase in immigration or expanding upon the problem. is that true? >> it's absolutely false. this has been a fraud from the moment he started testifying. those of us that are in the top law enforcement positions in our states working with law enforcement are terrified when this title 42 order gets revoked shortly and, of course, we are fighting in court to make sure that it doesn't. mayorkas came out as soon as he took office and said he would fundamentally change immigration policy in this nation. now, remember, he is the top law enforcement official charged with protecting our homeland. charged with protecting the american people. and now we have found documents based on litigation that have shown they know that the mexican drug cartels, the transnational criminal organizations are being
3:42 am
fueled and funded and violence spreading because of this administration and because of their policies, we know they know that their policies are affecting this surge. and we also know that they understand if they lift title 42. there will be significant safety implications. now, i have been trying to find out why in the world they would think they had any lawful authority start on their own changing immigration policy. so we have been demanding documents when they started releasing criminals back into the community. shutting off programs. and when we finally got documents, this is what what he see, it's blacked out but we can at least tell he is lying to the american public and working harder for the cartels and unvetted illegal immigrants and this than he is for the american people. >> will: he says the administration's policy also not exacerbate the problem. that's what we heard from him from his own words. we heard this administration has been warned by cbp and i think you held up the document.
3:43 am
i think we have a little bit of an example of what was said in that document about significant safety implications and it showed as you began to point out that the cartels control large swathes of central america and along the southern border and that if title 42 is lifted, we will see a massive influxion of immigrants the. illegal immigrants. the question is why? why say one thing? why pull off this ruse on the american people? why? >> because they don't want the american people to understand that every action, every decision that mayorkas and biden is making is undermining and jeopardizing our safety. look, i have been to the border twice. biden has never been there. when we went there, we sent our own law enforcement officers. they said to us those people coming over are saying seven out of 10 are saying they are headed to florida. this is national police week. our law enforcement officers are dealing with the effects and the safety implications from this border daily.
3:44 am
they are intercepting human smugglers. intercepting drug smugglers with w. heroin killing people. national record making moment for drugs killing americans. their policies are directly undermining our safety. this is what we see around the nation with these radicals that get in offices for top law enforcement positions. and then immediately day one they stop enforcing the law. that's mayorkas. that's biden. and this order gets lifted, we are all in jeopardy. >> will: may 23rd that's when it's planned to be lifted. cbp warned the administration 18,000 illegal immigrant encounters per day if this is lifted. the warning has been issued. now we will see what the policy will be. attorney general ashley moody, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thanks so much. will. >> will: ashley strohmier, over to you. >> we will start with this. ukrainian president zelenskyy says the russian invasion of ukraine is quote a dead end.
3:45 am
this comes as russian agent vladimir putin sending a stern warning to neighboring countries and russia could deploy sweden and finland moving forward with nato membership. mcdonald's planning a major exit. after 30 years in business the fast food chain begin selling russian business. dr. anthony fauci if trump wins back the white house in 2024. is he going to head to the exit. >> if trump with to return to the white house as president, and covid is still a threat, or some other public health emergency, would you want to stay on in your post. >> well, no to the second question. >> former president trump frequently clashing with fauci during the first year of the pandemic. trump calling fauci an idiot in 2020 saying americans were tired of hearing from him. and it was an extremely rare blood moon gracing the sky overnight. appearing to be full with a faint reddish glow.
3:46 am
the flower blood moon marks the super moon and blood moon as a result of a lunar eclipse. if you missed it next chance to catch ellipse november 8th. i tried to catch it where i was and where my house was it was rainy, cloudy so better luck next time. >> will: i have never heard of that flower blood moon. i bet you janice dean has she is our senior meteorologist. have you ever heard of that. >> several different kinds of blood moons that happen. i can give you a whole list if you like, will, i promise during the commercial break i will bring you file. all right. let's take a look at the weather here in the northeast. we are going to see some showers and thunderstorms all along the east coast. 68 in new york. look how warm it is across the south. temperatures are going to soar well over 100 degrees with the heat indices. showers, thunderstorms, severe weather. stretching all along the east coast. especially this afternoon into the evening hours. for parts of the i-95 corridor. and that means some of the big
3:47 am
cities from washington, d.c. all the way up towards boston. we could see hail and damaging winds. heavy rainfall flash flooding and isolated tornadoes. there is the forecast today. a lot of red on the map. you see the pink? that's where we will see temperatures soar over 100 degrees especially with the heat index not only monday but tuesday and wednesday. things are going to be really hot feeling like summertime and people are urged to stay inside, take care of your pets, the elderly and set some potential record highs today especially for areas across texas and louisiana. all right, will, i know you know it is hot across texas. >> will: speaking of i know what a comanche moon is do you know what that is? >> janice: i don't. >> will: commit the raid and everybody in texas full moon scary, be careful. comanche moon. >> janice: i love it wonderful. thank you for the new fact today, will. >> will: i'm on my way to get that list of blood moons.
3:48 am
>> janice: list on the way. >> will: latest efforts to get baby formula back on store shelves across america as americans become desperate to feed their children. and biden's ultra maga nickname ultra backfire. >> together we were ultra maga. they gave us that name the other day. great king. and i said that's a good thing, isn't it? >> will: our next guest says if trump is the great maga king then who is the loyal subject? ♪ ♪ ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> joe biden catching backlash new catchphrase and supporters. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. i never expected the ultra maga republicans to have been able to control the republican party. >> and what did the magdalene md want to do. >> my predecessor the great maga king. >> peter: one voter firing back if trump is the great maga kings
3:53 am
then i am a loyal subject. that california resident and trump supporter ellen bad very much joins us now. thank you for being here. did they think this would be insult to you and others who have been called far worse like deplorables and other names over the years. >> apparently he did. but it backfired big time. >> big time? >> it's an honor, actually, yeah. >> pete: does it surprise you they took six months poll test this before coming one phrases like ultra maga and great maga king? >> everything they do does not surprise me because it's backwards. they do everything upside down and backwards. they are always behind the curve and this was a great opportunity to omake a satirical response and i. did you. >> pete: you did. let me read a portion of the op-ed. i and fellow subjects thrived under the four year reign of this king as we hadn't respect
3:54 am
for authority, a thriving economy, his successor is a court gesture named joe biden. this new king and his court are causing ruination, open borders, raising inflation be you you slipped into medieval speak quite well. unfortunately our country is suffering under a different reign right now. >> it certainly is suffering. every morning in a new disaster that we wake up to. it's sad. it's truly sad and very difficult to find humor in anything. so this was great opportunity at least to make an effort. >> pete: how energized are supporters of donald trump in this election cycle in 2022? there is a lot of opportunity. what do you see? >> i think they are energized but not completely content with the fact that he is going to run in 2024. i think he, you know, a lot of people really, really liked his
3:55 am
policies and not necessarily his personality. i would be one of those people. my husband would be as well. and i'm hoping that he can pass the torch to a younger group of -- we have a deep bench in the conservative party. and i think that the country needs to come together as opposed to having him be as divisive as he can be. because he lives in so many people's minds. and they can't seem to get over it so i think with his support for younger people, i think it would be a great thing to have happen. >> pete: to that point you wrote i compare myself to a subject who had the opportunity to live under a benevolent though temperamental king. >> pete: so temperamental. joe biden said he was going to unite the country. doesn't seem that did not happen. >> it did not happen. he keeps separating it more and more on a daily basis. i think 2022 is going to be a
3:56 am
huge red wave unless the abortion issue becomes a major, major thing, which it already has, obviously. so, it should be interesting. but i think most people vote with their pockets books. and their pocketbooks are empty about now. >> pete: covered that earlier in the program inflation, gas prices, it's not good picture for democrats and joe biden. >> it sure is. >> pete: ellan, loyal subject, thank you for being on the program here. >> i appreciate being here. we love you all. keep up the good work. >> pete: we love you too. appreciate it firefighters work to save an american flag outside a southern california home as flames engulf the property. the other special belongings they were able to protect and the meaning behind it coming up. ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it. 10 people killed in grocery store in buffalo. >> good morning. >> speaker nancy pelosi ramping up attack on conservative supreme court justices. >> who would have ever suspected that a creature like donald trump would be appointing those anti-freedom justices. >> a.a.a. reporting record high gasoline prices again. >> $4.48 as you wake up this morning. >> things are going to get worse, and the biden administration has done nothing. >> the white house faces increasing pressure over the baby formula shortage.
4:01 am
>> this has been ongoing for months. why has this taken so long. >> there are more actions underway including looking at imports. >> and the billboard music award goes top country male artist morgan wallace ♪ >> pete: we begin with a fox news alert. one person is dead and five others are hurt after a shooting at a church in southern california. >> will: , this of course, coming just 24 hours after 10 people were killed at a grocery store in buffalo. >> todd piro joins us live with the latest. todd, these are everything things we all do. we go to church and the grocery store. so tragic. >> todd: who are risk. shooting taking place lagoon i can't woods. 30 to 40 church goers inside the giovani presbyterian church at the time of the shooting. some used an extension cord to hog tie the suspect and take two weapons from him before police
4:02 am
arrived. >> that group of church goers displayed heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. think undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. >> police have only identified the suspect as an asian man in his 60's. but the shooting comes just one day after 10 people were killed. three others injured by gunman at buffalo grocery store. fbi searching the suspect's home and interviewing parents yesterday. 18-year-old peyton jendren who faced charges. posted a white supremacist manifesto. identifying the crime hate crime. he underwent mental evaluation after making similar threats last year. authorities say the suspect is on suicide watch and that he planned saturday's attack months in advance. buffalo police also releasing the names of all 10 victims. among them a retired police officer who is working as a security guard at that store. aaron salter jr. hailed as a
4:03 am
hero for attempting to stop the buffalo shooter. >> one of the individuals inside the store is a security guard, a bee looed security guard who was a retired buffalo police officer a hero in our eyes, engage the suspect, fired multiple shots. struck the suspect. but because he had heavily armored plating on, that bullet had no round. the suspect engaged our retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene. today president biden and the first lady will visit buffalo tomorrow in response to saturday's shooting. back to you. >> will: thank you for that, todd. suggestions this individual might have been in the planning of this horrific act for month. he had made previous threats at his school. he had been somehow referenced for mental health issues as well. a lot of disturbing suggestions that this might have been able to have been identified before this tragic day. >> he was on -- i guess they confiscated his laptop that he
4:04 am
had been researching for years about what happened new zealand at the mosque. what happened in norway at a camp for children and he was obsessed with these individuals that would go in and take out a big group of people. and he researched this community. he knew it was a predominantly black community. he was racist. they that manifesto 180 pages online. i think he lye streamed this event as well. he went into that area. they say he did a reconnaissance the day before, right? to kind of scope out the area. he drove 200 miles to find this community. >> pete: a lot of red flags and thankfully a hero on the scene. a former police officer who was -- who shot at him and engaged him and saved additional lives. so much loss of lives. >> ainsley: he was deputy or he was a police officer in that community for a long time. i think he retired or quit that job and then he was working in the grocery store just to provide security for them. he shot at the guy and the guy was wearing a vest. so the bullet ricochets and he
4:05 am
was shooting turned his gun on the officer answered cass i would a lady who works in the store with her. her daughter she said their lives were saved. one of them was working the register. and she turned around when she saw the commotion happening with the police officer. and that alerted her, i guess, to get counsel or to run for cover. >> pete: the names have been released the names of that like that gentleman aaron salters the name we should remember from an event like this as well. well, guy, over the weekend will and i covered the protests that are going across the country on abortion. because of the leaked supreme court decision, which we still don't have the name or know who the leaker was. >> democrats don't care about it. they don't want to find out. >> pete: they also don't care that protester are not just protesting in public places but outside the homes of justices in washington, d.c. you also have an activist who we covered yesterday, will, who said they -- at the women's march activists we want a summer of rage and we are going to make sure this country is
4:06 am
ungovernorrable. well, you know, those sentiments are in keeping with the top leadership on the democrat party who is also up their rhetoric as it pertains to a potential decision on roe v. wade. one of those people nancy pelosi. talking about well, donald trump's influence on the court and what sees happening there listen to nancy pelosi on cnn yesterday. >> who would have ever suspected that a creature like donald trump would become president of the united states appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court. so this is not about long game. we played a long game. we won roe v. wade a long time ago. we voted to protect it over time. we have elected a democratic house of representatives that is pro-choice. let's not take our eye off the ball. the ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country. beware in terms of marriage
4:07 am
equality, beware in terms of other aspects of it. the fact is this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. >> will: what a revelation. what an open book is nancy pelosi in two important respects. first of all, as she is speaking in there is video coming across your screen, ainsley points out the nature of the signs at these protests. >> ainsley: hard to read some of them. >> will: radical and open movement that has gone from pro-choice which apparently they paid consultants to tell them to move from pro-choice to pro-decision. >> ainsley: look at these signs. >> you can hear lawmakers chanting my body, my decision. this is part of the pr burn calls donald trump mawlg. the truth is these respects not pro-choice or pro-decision. it's increasingly pro-abortion.
4:08 am
>> ainsley: i don't regret my abortion sign she held up. so pictures on posters, you can think however you want it's too far. >> pete: safe, legal and rare to how far. talked about in the break democratic candidates talked about where should abortions stop unwilling to say at any point up to the point of birth. this is a radical movement on the left which i believe is at this point pro-abortion. and nancy pelosi, i don't know, if is he a creature or a king? they have got to get their talking points right. nancy pelosi says descrawmp creature. biden says he is the grace maga king. will donald trump listed the justices. has there ever been a more transparent candidate. said if you vote for me, these are the people and their judicial philosophies i'm going to nominate. there is nothing anti-freedom about that. that's wide open about how are
4:09 am
going to nominate to the court. >> will: other part of the revelation i'm talking about they are being open about. undermining institutions in the united states of america. talk about democracy, democracy, democracy while undermining the foundations of the public like the supreme court. i think it's increasingly the story we need to focus on. so little interest in finding this leaker. it cannot be a difficult investigation. incredibly important to the supreme court. how do we not know the name of this person that leaked this potential document and potential opinion. whether or not it's the supreme court. or whether or not it's packing the supreme court. or within whether or not it's proposed federalization of elections? there is not a single institution in the united states of america that doesn't undercome the boot heel of their own agenda. not a single one. write to tom cotton about that earlier. but undermining america's institution. >> i think that leak and some of nancy pelosi's comments. some of these protests we have seen outside of the justice's homes though in keeping with the democrats' approach that if they don't get their way.
4:10 am
then they try to destroy an institution. totally unprecedented to have an opinion leaked into the middle of deliberations. then you have protesters outside the homes of justices in direct violation of both federal and state law. the department of justice is not arresting them. is not charging them with violating that law. the democrats with whom i work in the senate talk about eliminating the filibuster because they don't like the results in the senate. then they want to use that to say pack the supreme court. something not even franklin delano roosevelt could do. keeping with the democrats' practices of trying to destroy institutions. if those institutions don't produce the results they want. even in reality it's simply giving choices back to the american people. >> nancy pelosi invoked her catholic faith. a woman's right to terminate pregnancy lies between a woman and her god. went on to say she is a catholic. she had five children in six years. she said i don't think it's up to donald trump appointees on the court or any politician to make that decision for women. well, to be honest with her, they are not making the decision. they are just saying it's going
4:11 am
back to the states. it is a lie when they say that abortion is going to be illegal. it is not. it is going back to the states. the states can decide. we talked to mark levin about this. and he said it might be an inconvenience, you might have to drive to a different state depending on the laws you can still get an abortion if you so please. it's a lie when they say it's not going to be legal. some states will change laws and allow abortion up to the end even after the end like the virginia governor wanted to do or was he the governor or a.g.? >> pete: yeah. >> ainsley: governor. pull back on their laws and say there is 15 weeks. >> will: can i say if they choose to do that and we will cross that bridge and debate when we get to it, for example, the governor of colorado suggested it should be legal up to the point of birth that would put the state of colorado and the american democratic party in the same league as north korea and china. let's be very clear about this rhetoric. the united states of america has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world.
4:12 am
your honor, progressive europe is largely more conservative on abortion than is the united states of america. mississippi's law that was the impetus behind this repeal of roe v. wade is at 5 weeks. the vast majority of europe is at 12. france, france just moved from 12 to 14. >> ainsley: poland you can't have an abortion. >> will: this is what coloradoens, the democratic party want to be in league with north korea and china? >> pete: they yell about democracy to your pointed, ainsley, scared of taking the power away from nine judges and giving it to state legislatures who are representatives of people in those states. we talked about them shifting messaging from pro-choice to pro-decision and maybe even pro-abortion. that was obviously poll test you had. another line which we originally told by jen psaki was just an idea by joe biden. we now know took six months from a left wing polling firm to determine this is going to be an effective gotcha line against trump supporters. here is the new line of
4:13 am
argument. have you seen it but it's worth watching again from joe biden. watch. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. i never expected the ultra maga republicans to have been able to control the republican party. and what did the maga crowd want to do? >> and the ultra maga republicans. under my predecessor, the great maga king. >> brian: he says maga. >> steve: couple more months of research we can nail that down. >> will: ultra maga is what powelled well according to the democratic party. >> ainsley: pete had a great interview in the last hour he interviewed elanbatavick. if trump is the king i'm a loyal
4:14 am
subject. are we going with this now? i messed it up. sorry. this is the headline from that article from that op-ed and pete interviewed her and this is what she had to say oh, this is trump responding to it. >> over four incredible years we accomplished more than anyone thought even possible. together we were ultra maga. they gave us that name the other day. [cheers] biden did. and do you know with the ultra maga. the ultra maga i said boy, that sounds good. he said ultra make america great again. i like that better. change the name use ultra. we would never get rid of maga. maga. but, then they called me the great king of maga. [cheers and applause] >> i said the great king. great king.
4:15 am
great king and i said that's the good thing, isn't it? >> ainsley: that's what i have been saying going to backfire with the democrats. is he running with it. >> pete: people are paying money. they sat in a room and looked at each other, a team of people said where are we going to go this year, guys? i think we should go with ultra maga. >> will: was it a multiple choice? great polls at 34%. super 38%. but ultra will get us all the way to 40% approval. let's do it. >> ainsley: so strange. so bizarre. ultra. >> pete: it's not a word you ever use unless you are talking about beer. >> ainsley: right, exactly. michelob ultra. >> pete: think of another term or moment when you use ultra? >> will: ultra always means good. >> pete: and the great maga king? did they think there was one thing donald trump would want to be called more than that? >> ainsley: didn't they learn
4:16 am
from the deplorable phrase? not good optics for their party because then the republicans run with it. >> pete: donald trump on truth social with a people he might make a good return of the great maga king. >> will: joe concha talk about this trawl maga message. >> ultra maga is the new putin price hike, deplornls. brainchild the jen psaki herself. she was the white house secretary. she led the communications team. they continually come up with her messaging in her case jen psaki or karine jean-pierre resonate with the people. donald trump seems to be to todd's first question their only crutch at this point that, okay, don't look at us, don't look at the people that are responsible, the people that should be held accountable. the people who are tasked with solving problems. look at the guy out of office
4:17 am
for 17 months. when that's the message they are in big, big trouble. >> ainsley: the lady's article is so interesting. definitely point it out. compares and contrasts joe biden to president trump. she is basically saying if he is the king then i'm the loyal subject but she calls joe biden the court jester. respect for enforcement. energy independence. parental rights and education. equal opportunity, thriving economy with jobs and real wage growth. when she talks about biden, open borders, raging inflation, unaffordable gas prices, high crime, culture wars and many other mall ladies currently affecting us. >> pete: well done. amazing joe concha points out nancy pelosi said at the top of the hour to joe biden. they can't get away from talking about trump. if you have nothing positive to talk about yourself you keep going back to that. >> ainsley: so worried he is going to run again. >> will: we have ashley
4:18 am
strohmier over there. >> ashley: good morning. we are going to start with this fox news alert. two suspected shooters are dead and three more wounded after exchange of gunfire scrambling for shelter at a houston flea market yesterday. police say thankfully no innocent bystanders were hurt. after two groups opened fire on one another. now, one additional suspect was arrested and police say they have recovered at least two guns. three parents of middle school boys are giving a wisconsin school district until friday to drop shower. charges against their kidsed. students facing the acquisition is for ignoring another student's preferred pronoun. one parent saying at first they actually thought it was a joke. the family say if the students' records aren't cleared by friday they can pursue legal action against the district. walmart leadership shortage. some samurai for the open positions topping the whopping $200,000 a year. the nation's largest private
4:19 am
employer already taking steps to retain workers and promote them from within. about two thirds of the company's store managers hourly employees, 200 k to work at walmart. they might get some hits on. that was. >> pete: i think so. fantastic. thank you very much. appreciate it come up, our exclusive sit down interview with former first lady melania trump. >> ainsley: first, the effort to jump start production of baby formula as parents become desperate to feed their children. south dakota senator john thune is here with his plan to restock store shelves. we need it. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop.
4:20 am
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4:24 am
>> supply chain issues already then you have the issue with this one plan abbott. whistleblower in september. february the recall. it's may. why has it taken so long. >> the administration acted from day one after the recall taking steps like creating more flexibility for the wic program there are more actions that are is under way including looking at imports. >> they responded on day one he says. transportation secretary pete buttigieg pressed on why it's taking this administration so long to fix the shortage on baby formula as parents are struggling to feed their babies. >> pete: here to react is senator john thune. why has it taken so long? why are at this place. >> again they didn't catch it on d.a. day one.
4:25 am
typical in this situation blame somebody else blaming abbott and the other manufacturers. the fda should have known about this and reacted a lot sooner. this is another in a long list of examples in the biden economy of products that people can't get or paying a lot more for this is the inflationary issue that they have created and this shortage is another example, i think, of basic government incompetence. i have said this before. disagreor agree with him on policies or ideology. there is plenty to disagree with there. on a basic level, this is a government that just doesn't do things well. they are not a competent government. >> ainsley: he went on to say we are looking at imports. i thought they were already shrink in formula from other countries. they should have done that in february when the fda did know. the fda is the one that shut down abbott. they knew this was going to be a problem. this company, this one facility produces 40% of the formula for all of america. >> right. they should have surged imports.
4:26 am
like i said, you saw in this was a tsunami coming. like so many other things in this administration. they always seem like they are caught off guard. part of it is because they aren't paying attention to the signals out there. they aren't reacting quickly enough. they aren't putting, you know, solutions and mechanisms in place to respond to a crisis like this. this is a crisis for american families. they are paying more for everything, and in cases like baby formula, which, you know, basic survival items, when you can't get it, there that is a major crisis and one certainly that they should have anticipated a long time ago. >> will: just to follow up on your indictment of the incompetence of the administration it does lend to the idea absolutely zero leadership so many different problems and angles at the same time. there is a lot of people that wonder or is this a very competent push on an agenda. so, in other words, when you respond to every crisis with well, inflation is another reason why we should have, you know, easy access to abortion or whatever it may be, you start to wonder is this people who don't know what they are doing or
4:27 am
people who are going to do what they will do regardless of the effects out there in society? >> i think part of it, will, is this is an administration that is bent on an ideological agenda. and they seem intent on pursuing it no matter what the consequences. gas prices are a good example. why would you shut down energy production unless your goal is to get everybody in electric vehicles. >> ainsley: people can't afford. >> they don't care about high gas prices because it fits that ideological agenda. what i'm hoping they are going to find out in the midterm elections. that's a really bad strategy. we need a check and balance against these guys. if you leave them and their administration to their own devices, you are going to get a lot of left wing policies that are going to cause a lot of pain for a lot of american people. >> pete: real quick, the balance of the senate may be at stake. political question. what do you see happening in the republican primary in pennsylvania tomorrow? >> well, i think right now it's kind of a toss-up. a jump ball if you will. and but, you know, there are so
4:28 am
many undecided voters. i think they are going to tip the balance of this. three candidates duking it out. equally more but three emerged at the front of the pack. you still have a big number of undecided. i think when it's 18 to 20%. how those undecided voters break is going to determine the outcome. and i think right now suspects beings, like i said it will be really interesting, if you are a pundit. following this. if you are a candidate that's in that race you are hating life right now. you got to do everything you can. execute, get your voters out on election day and hope that you get across the finish line. >> lawrence jones our reporter is going to be at a diner there he was at the diner in ohio. when j.d. vance was running. he was asking all the voters why are you supporting him? many of them said because trump endorsed him. it will be interesting to see if the trump endorsement. >> i think it does it matters to a lot of people. and particularly these people who are listing themselves as undecided how they break. that's where that trump endorsement really comes into play.
4:29 am
>> ainsley: senator, thanks for coming on. i didn't realize you were this tall 64: nice to have you here. >> pete: chicago's mayor lori lightfoot on social media for dison texas. >> ainsley: how the fight for live is responding to this warning from pro-abortion activists. >> and it is day one of a summer of rage where we will be ungovernorrable. out all the vaccines your teen might need
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> chicago mayor lori lightfoot issuing a curfew for millennium park after the fatal shooting of 16-year-old boy. killed near the iconic bean saturday night. the curfew bans unaccompanied minors from the popular park after 6:00 p.m. from thursday to sunday. and as violence raged in her own city mayor lightfoot is being hassled online after posting a it sarcastic tweet about banned books during a trip to texas. the depp heard will continue
4:34 am
today. heard hours of testimony from depp, heard and the couple's close acquaintances. stories from the stand included stunning allegations of violence, drug abuse and cruelty. now after a week's rest, depp's legal team will cross-examine heard over her accounts of the couple's troubled marriage a lot to come out of that still. back to you, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you so much, ashley. thousands of abortion activists taking to the streets nationwide in protest of the potential overturning of roe v. wade. and one pro-choice group leader warnings this that you see is only the beginning. >> today is day one of an uprising to protect abortion rights. it is day one of our feminist future. and it is day one of a summer of rage. where we will be ungovernable. ungovernable. >> ainsley: what does the biden presidency mean for the pro-life
4:35 am
movement. here to react is ryan bomberger and live action president lila rose good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> >> ainsley: lila, what does this mean for your organization? >> it means that our work has just started. we have so much work to do to educate america, to spread the pro-life message. there are already so many people who are pro-life. need to be activated. the movement is only growing. and i want to just note that you know, the largest demonstration from the bans off our body pro-abortion side was in d.c. over the weekend only 20,000 people showed up in comparison hundreds of thousands marching every single year over the last decade. the majority here and really passionate and just getting started in our work to serve women, to pass laws to protect preborn women. one other thing, there is a lot of abortion regret in our country.
4:36 am
loot of trauma. i think that is motivating some of this rage that we are seeing because there are a lot of hurting people. we need to also be encouraging women and families to get the abortion healing that they need because there is many traumatized women and men walking this country from abortion. >> ainsley: ryan, what are your thoughts when you hear them say ungovernable and they warn of a summer of rage? >> you know, i feel like they have appropriately dubbed it summer of rage because they believe in violence. i mean, abortion is violence. and the activists are actually out there acting in violence to protect, you know, the reproductive inequality. it's interesting that they fire bombed and vandalized pregnancy medical clinics, pro-family organizations and have terrorized church goers. when they say ungovernable. are they saying that they are going to be terrorists? and the problem is the biden administration seems perfectly fine with this. and so we are seeing this whole manifestation of the brokenness that lila talked about. we are seeing that acted out in
4:37 am
public. and ungovernable is not a good thing. we went through the summer of blm with a lot of people ungovernable. it's straight up anarchy and it should not be tolerated here in america. >> ainsley: thank you, ryan. why is the administration or democrats more concerned with this leaker? >> i mean, they are not concerned because i believe the leak of the supreme court decision on dobbs was an attempt act of intimidation this rioting, this summer of rage, the showing up dressed up as hand maids at the justices homes is to try to intimidate them to reverse their decision, the draft decision on overruling led to the death of over 60 million children. listen, pro-life america will not be intimidated. we are standing on the side of protecting children, of actually advancing women so that we don't choose violence as a solution to problems that we may face and we
4:38 am
are going to be passing pro-life laws across the nation. serving women and actually helping them instead of sending them to abortion clinics and eltd caghtd them with the crucial information they need on human development in the womb. that's the bulk of live action's work. we are just getting started. lots to do. move forward with compassion, strength and resolve. >> ainsley: thank you for all that you are doing. you have something going on in washington this week, right? >> there is a lot going on in washington this week, yes. we will be holding a press conference to launch new abortion series. stay tuned for that. >> ainsley: thank you so much. both of you. it's national police week. hear from phoenix's first female police chief about the state of law enforcement in america. that's coming up in the next hour. plus, president biden isn't on the ballot this midterm season, but some of his endorsed candidates are former house speaker newt gingrich on how the administration's policies will spark a red wave in november. that's coming up next. ♪
4:39 am
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about rybelsus® today. >> will: tomorrow is primary day in several key states including oregon. this election season is locked in a tough race as voters express anger over crime and inflation. congressman kurt schrader is facing pressure from constituents on his left and his right who are eager from political shift. democrats nationwide are facing resistance amidweek approval numbers president biden and a party as they seek to keep control of congress. a perfect guest to discuss this and other big races. newt gingrich author of upcoming book defeating big government socialism and i joins us now. good morning, newt. >> good morning. how are you? >> will: i'm good. start with democrats. start with oregon as an example, here is joe biden's endorsement, his first endorsement of the election season. i'm sure this is going to say a lot about the power of his
4:44 am
endorsement and also a lot about issues where oregon is one of the primary region where we have seen crime play out, i would assume in the way voters cast their ballot. so how do you see that playing out in oregon? >> okay. my apologies i thought for a second you were going to play a clip of biden. look, i think that the challenge in oregon is that the portland has been such total disaster that people really have gotten tired of the level of crime. they have gotten tired of antifa. of nightly riots and as a result, the whole tone of the state has turned pretty sorrow r democrats. the challenge in this case for example, you have a moderate democrat who i suspect biden endorsed early because they wanted this democrat to survive. instead, the real challenge for them now in the primary coming
4:45 am
from the left have the very people repudiated as being too radical and if he loses the primary. i have a hunch the republican also pick up that seat. so, all around the country you are seeing this play out. the hard left wants more of the policies that fail. meanwhile the moderate democrats find themselves trapped between voter unhappiness and their activist base's unhappiness. i think they are getting squeezed from both sides. >> will: joe biden has a proxy. survive a general with this quality of life issues that are impacting everyone across the nation but acutely in oregon. and i do want to ask you about this as well, newt, pennsylvania, on the republican primary, is absolutely fascinating. you have got a donald trump endorsement with dr. oz. questions about oz's consistency on conservative principles. you have got kathy barnett sort of, you know, capturing the paptions of the base, and then
4:46 am
mccormick which seems to be more in the establishment lane they're all vying for sort of the trump agenda. what do you make of pennsylvania? >> and they have all been beating each other up. i actually have a bias here because i did a call for carla sam's who is the former ambassador to denmark who is also running. she may end up emerging tomorrow night just because she'll be the least beaten up candidate. barnett is now being beaten up by a super pac that is saying that she is a never trumper. you have had oz really beat up mccormick for his investments in china. everyone has been beating up oz for a variety of things. and i been a long time where the primary where all three of the top people have been so badly battered there are still 30%, to 40% undecided. who that race in new jersey last year where you had a republican trucker win for $2,300 because people walked in the booth and
4:47 am
said not the state senate president. they didn't know who the new guy guy was they didn't want the old guy. i think it's very, very much in the air. i'm going to watch will pennsylvania tomorrow night with real fascination. >> will: whoever it is. the democrats' candidate from the far left. pennsylvania is the one to watch. newt, great to talk to you this morning. thanks for breaking it down. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> will: check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: we have sunny skies out there. severe weather that's going to happen across the northeast. i'm really glad that primaries are happening tomorrow in pennsylvania because we're going to see the potential for hail, damaging winds, even some tornadoes. so that's the temperature right now. we are going to get up into the 70s today and cold front moves through. look at some of those thunderstorms so, coming in the dinner time hour, the afternoon rush hour and lasting into some cases the overnight. so very likely we will see severe storms all along the i-95 corridor. we need to watch for that know
4:48 am
what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area, fox help you out. another area of severe storms that could pop up for new mexico and texas. look at those temperatures. really hot for the south. above average where we are going to set some record temperatures later this afternoon. will, my friend, over to you. >> thanks, janice. as flames engulf coastal communities. family's prized possession. they join us live to say thank you to the first responders coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> will: firefighter still working to contain the devastating coastal fire ripping across southern california as it has destroyed at least two dozen homes including this one. build log the stroman family who watch to their house burned down on live television. but when they thought all was lost, and returned only to find firefighters and save their american flag, a 9/11 mugger, and her mother's iron. terry anderson join us now. terry and max, thank you for being here. i'm so sorry for your loss on this. terry, let me start with you. i can imagine watching my house burned down on live television.
4:53 am
explain that experience to our viewers. >> it was absolutely surreal. we had about 10 minutes to evacuate. we were able to get our pets out. we all came back and watching three hours of our whole neighborhood go down. our neighbors at our house. >> will: you had 10 minutes? >> 10 minutes. >> will: why was it so quick for you? >> that gagnon -- it just came that fast. i thought about an hour before that starting. by the time they started evacuating, they cam down the street. we had 10 minutes to get out. we were able to get our pets out and grab a couple of things. >> will: terri, when you arrived at the home -- excuse me, max, when you arrived at the home, did you expect to find anything? >> we had no idea essentially if
4:54 am
they would be anything. our neighbors were able to visit a few hours before. they let us know that there were some things left in our mailbox. but we really didn't know. we had no clue if they would be anything. so it was pretty crazy that only two things where the american flag on this 9/11 memorial mug which was actually in the dishwashing. >> pete: terri, those items, what did it mean to you and i have something? the loss is incalculable. you have your lives and talk to me about those special items. >> honestly, we felt like he had actually us a lot of hope and gave us some strength. because just what they represent. they are such strong symbols obviously, the flag in a month from 9/11. and also kind of helps keep it in perspective because we're so grateful like you say. we are all alive.
4:55 am
and obviously, the flag in 9/11 represents so many lost lives. so it helps us look forward and be hopeful and feel like we will all get through this. the houses that house house. but we are all alive. the neighborhood and people in the outreach has been amazing. so we've got a lot of strength from the warmness and the spirit -- i would say this spirit of the community. >> pete: you bring a lot of perspective to us this morning as well. part and by the fact that what was done on 9/11, it was rebuilt. we know you will do the same. thank you for that heartwarming story out of a tough situation. god bless you both, max and terri strohman. >> thank you so much. >> pete: i'm gonna take a quick moment of personal privilege and i want to mention my new book that's coming out, "battle for the american mind."
4:56 am
i wrote it with my coauthor who is an expert on classical christian education. if you enter our classrooms got so loony, the only way to really get to the depth of the problem is to understand where it came from. that is what we're doing battle for the american mind. it comes out in the month. you can preorder now and considering those pesky supply chains, it might be a good idea to do it. battle for the american mind coming out june 14th. coming up, joe biden's approval rating plummeting to a new low. the backers on his failed agenda. piers morgan joins us live with this uncensored reaction. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion,
4:57 am
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a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. >> an active investigation. >> one person is dead. 500. >> they should income just days after people were killed at buffalo grocery store. >> 39% of our country approves of this performance. >> gas prices keep breaking records. >> it is a fight to the finish in pennsylvania. neck and neck. >> iran are a far superior campaign. >> mistakes are so high. >> just seven days until the
5:01 am
biden administration blend of the end two. >> working harder for the cartels then he is the american people. >> touched down, pittsburgh. they are going to get their first victory of the season on the final three of the game. >> fox news alert. one person is dead and five others are heard after a shooting in a church in southern california. >> this coming 24 hours after people were killed in a grocery store up in buffalo. >> good morning to all three of you. yesterday shooting taking place in laguna woods. 30 to 40 churchgoers inside the geneva presbyterian church at the time of the shooting. some used an extension cord to hog-tie the suspect and take two weapons from him before police arrived. >> bravery in intervening to
5:02 am
stop the suspect. they undoubtably prevented injuries. >> an asian man in his 60s about the shooting, just one day after ten people were killed part of the others injured by a gunman in a buffalo grocery store. fbi agents interviewing experience yesterday. police say 18-year-old faces first-degree murder charges posted a white supremacist manifesto days before the shooting. the doj -- mental evaluation after making similar threats last year. authorities say the suspect is on suicide watch and that he planned saturday's attack month in advance. buffalo police also releasing the names of all ten victims. among them, a retired police officer who is working as a security guard at that store. hailed as a hero for attempting to stop the buffalo shooter.
5:03 am
>> the individuals inside the store as a security guard, blood security guard who was a retired buffalo police officer engage the suspect fired multiple shots, struck the suspect. he had heavenly armor plating on, that bullet had no brown. the suspect engaged a retired officer, and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene. >> president biden and the first lady will visit buffalo tomorrow in response to saturday shooting. >> we honor that police officer that died. he confronted the suspect and shot him. he was wearing body armor and it deflected the bullet through the man turned the gun on the officer and his friends and family say he went down fighting. he ran toward the gunfire to save others. he's a hero. >> on the flip side of the hero, the evildoer, the villain in this particular case that multiple reconnaissance on this
5:04 am
location exactly where he was going and was plotting at four months. >> even though he lived 200 miles away. >> who might've had a sense? he had been through mental evaluations were similar threats. obsessed over other attacks like this. sick and evil stuff. >> left behind a ton of evidence. 180 page manifesto that reveals motivations. suggesting he got bored during the pandemic and fell down internet robert knowles with increasing radicalization. a lot there to sift through to make sure nothing like this happens again in the future. >> the fbi interviewing his parents as well. there was one lady that was killed and i was reading about her. her name is ruth whitfield. she's a substitute teacher. i think she was 89 years old. the ages range between i wrote it down here somewhere. let me get to that. the ages range between 32 and 86 years old. she was 86. she had her husband in a nursing
5:05 am
home close by the grocery store. she goes to the grocery store. she normally stops there after she visits her husband on a regular basis. and she gets on the bus and goes home. her son said she was a matriarch in the family and ask four kids and they were waiting versus to get there. and they were all going to go to the nursing home and tell the dad that she did make it. >> tragedy. sad story. we go to additional headlines. >> we are going to start with this. the national gas price average hitting another record i today $4.48 per gallon. this is $1.44 from just one year ago. billionaire jeff bezos slamming president biden for the soaring inflation saying "the administration tried hard to inject even more stimulus into an already overheated inflamed -- inflationary economy and only save them from themselves. inflation is a regressive tax. in most parts the least affluent.
5:06 am
misdirection doesn't help the issue. mcdonald's is selling its russian businesses. the company operating for more than 30 years in the country with over 800 locations. continue paying 65 employees until a buyer is secured. joining dozens of other western companies pulling businesses out of russia over its invasion of ukraine. special counsel of john durham's courtroom showdown with benton complain lawyer starts today as the probe ends of the origin of the russian collusion investigation. senator tom cotton joins us with what he expects. >> i think the comments, the protesters outside of the justice sotomayor just in keeping with the democrats approach that if they don't get their way, then they try to destroy an institution. totally unprecedented to have an opinion leak in the middle of the liberations. you have protesters outside the homes of justices. >> he worked for clinton's
5:07 am
presidential campaign faces accusations of lying to fbi about donald trump's connection to a russian bank in september of 2016. a lot's going to come out of that. i'm looking forward to it. >> no cameras in there. >> is anyone hurt? >> you are looking like -- >> i don't know either. >> is fascinating. >> this is hillary clinton's lawyer. i want to hear woody as to say what he knew. >> diving into that all throughout the next couple of weeks. now, we dive into this news of the day with piers morgan, host of "piers morgan uncensored on fox nation." probably afternoon where you are. what is it over there? >> good morning to you. good afternoon to any brits who are longing for the homeland. >> we have huge ratings all across the world. we often talk about a ratings in america. we should talk about the people all across the world watch fox.
5:08 am
big numbers over here at fox. not big numbers were joe biden prickly disapproval rating shows 39% with a 56% disapproval rating. essentially inverse from where he was one year ago. yet flipped. it is tanking, piers, why? >> it is a complete disaster as a presidency so far. is running out of time to fix it. joe biden was supposed to be this great unifying resident replacing the chaotic drop era as a democrat saw it. he was going to calm things down and bring the country together. i don't think america has ever felt more divided. he failed on that, that first admission that he had. secondly, the way that he is running the country both domestically and internationally i think is deeply flawed. you can see from this poll that it's being hammered on the economy and the inflation.
5:09 am
he seems completely deluded and saying my policies are helping the economy. while they are not helping the economy. they are clearly making things worse on the international stage. i think ever since his catastrophic overnight withdrawal from afghanistan, i think america has been on the back foot for the first time i can remember probably in my lifetime. you see what happened with boudin invading ukraine. you get the sense that america is slightly rudderless. that is a very unusual position for the leader of the free world to find itself and it falls on joe biden. he's the leader in the president of the united states. people are not buying it. >> what is his reputation like in the u.k.? >> it's embarrassing. to be honest with you, i like joe biden personally. it is nothing personal at all. i feel quite sad about what i'm witnessing because he seems to be asleep at the wheel. that's me quite clear. when you watch joe biden performing a public, he is
5:10 am
nothing like the firebrand senator of 25 or 30 years ago. he looks like he's feeling and acting his age. i would compare him in a way to her majesty the queen who we all thought was very seriously ill after she missed the state of the opening of the u.k. parliament a few days ago. we were all really worried about what that meant. which she survived long enough to enjoy here is jubilee? last night she came out in the live event to launch the jubilee celebrations over at windsor. lots of celebrities. she looked absolutely on top of her game again. a remarkable indomitable spirit. you compare and contrast are too '96 with joe biden is 78. quickly, it is embarrassing. she looked out far more energy and life about than the president does. >> pete: let's stick with a clean put a lot of our viewers, i wasn't familiar before this segment of what the jubilee is. the queen will be attending a
5:11 am
platinum jubilee celebration. celebrities like tom cruise will be there saluting her 70 years of service. it has already happened. talk to me about what this jubilee is and what it means. >> pete: it hasn't actually happened. not wrong yet. it's the start of the celebrations of her platinum jubilee. there will be a four-day celebration in two weeks' time which the whole country will embrace. i think all the rest of the world will too. it celebrates her 70 years on the throne. that's 13 years longer than i have been alive. certainly a lot longer than any of you have been alive. in that time, she's met i think 14 american presidents and 14 british prime minister's. there was a moment last night where tom cruise and i guess is normally the most famous guy in the room. even he had to take a backseat. he attended in person this event pretty said something quite poignant. but she has achieved, her accomplishment is a story. she's met world leaders and
5:12 am
peoples from all walks of life. the dignity devotion and kindness that is what eye is always felt for her. some understand our position and held it to her history has been extraordinary the 70 years. i thought that perfectly encapsulated with the queen is about. he's not an elected official. she became queen when she was in her mid-20s. she has ruled for 70 years. making her one of the longest-serving british monarchs but one of the longest-serving leaders of any time, royal, secular, religious, political, that there is ever been in the history of planet earth. reaches towards the end of her life, health has been four it is a unique opportunity i think really world world to just go, whatever the thoughts of monarchies and the rest of it, this woman, this clean has been utterly exemplary edit template really into how to have what i call a stiff british upper lip. you never see her in public, she
5:13 am
never complains or explains or gives into interviews. she is the complete and to set this of modern-day public and celebrities they can't wait to tell us all their feelings all the time. she is just there with a constant presence that we find in our country very comforting particularly in difficult times. >> will: that is wonderfully put. in a world where we throw away yesterday like it is garbage, you're exactly right. you just piqued my curiosity. i hate to put you on the spot. 70 years puts her in what kind of context when it comes to the british monarchy? >> she is the longest reigning british monarch there is ever been. she is truly a story. the question really i guess is is she the greatest? i would argue that she is the greatest. along with sir winston churchill. he's honestly the greatest briton that has ever been. i think that is a testament to the remarkable fact that she
5:14 am
hardly ever puts a foot wrong. you literally could count on one hand anything that would constitute a vague error of judgment in her entire brain and entire lifetime. that is so unique for any public figure. you could compare to some great monarchs. queen elizabeth with the first to many think was perhaps the greatest. i would say this queen, elizabeth the second for a number of reasons. not least having to deal with the monarchy going through the modern world in social media and all these new pressures that come onto an institution like that. i think she's been completely exemplary. from all the american friends of mine that i have, even if they don't really believe and what a monarchy is, even if they find it a bit crazy that you have to bow and scrape to these people, i think there is a universal respect for this clean and what she's achieved. it does raise for us in britain a massive question mark about what happens when she is no longer with us and we have to think about that which we have
5:15 am
never had to do. she's clearly showing signs of her age. she has been in ill health. she came out last night smiling and beaming and making us all feel good, we know the clock is ticking to a time where we know longer have her. i think the whole future of the british monarchy after the queen passes is going to be a massively contentious issue. there are a rising number of people here and around the world i think that the monarchy is at its day, that it's anachronistic that you can't have it in a modern progressive world. there are others like me who think because it is so unique, we are very lucky to have this monarchy here. i happen to like prince charles and prince william who will succeed him. there will be big question marks about whether after the screen passes whether there should even be a british monarchy going forward. >> i watched a movie about queen victoria. while this story. what a love story. i don't know if this is accurate, but i watched the crown and the queen, her love
5:16 am
story, her love for philip was very apparent throughout their lives even as they struggled in a relationship a few times but how they overcame that. it was a beautiful picture. also someone who is so special, this morning we went to mention is your brother because you put on instagram a beautiful message to him. you say congratulations to my brother jeremy on his retirement from the british army today after 37 years of service to his country including numerous war zones, outstanding military career coming outstanding bloke. proud of you. >> he is 1.5 years younger than me. joined the british army and went on an extraordinary adventure around the world pretty served alongside american forces in afghanistan and iraq and other war zones. he has been decorated by the queen actually for his services to his country. he's an extremely gutsy and like
5:17 am
most people in the military very humble guy. he has someone that never complains about his lot even when he stuck in a tent and the howling winds for six months, he never complains. he believes in duty and service very like the queen in that regard. i'm very proud of him. we all are in the family. 37 years serving your country. i think it is always important to note these moments. you've got a big reaction when i posted that picture which i was thrilled about. mainly because when i checked the responses to what i posted, so many of my brothers former servicemen who worked under him where sort of queuing up to pay tribute to what a great guy he was. that actually meant so much to him as it would i think to anybody in the armed forces whether you are in britain or america or whatever. you go through these extremely tough times in the military. you risk your life or your country. i think to give you a day when he was able to read all these
5:18 am
wonderful tributes from people that he made on the scenes is the battlefield 20 years ago was a special thing for me to do for him. more importantly, a special thing for him to be able to read. i was really glad about that. >> pete: an ally of ours across the pond. >> ainsley: you look so much alike. >> i would say i got the hair, he got the balls. [laughter] >> will: that is good stuff. we will be watching "piers morgan uncensored on fox nation weekdays and for the pre p.m. eastern time. good afternoon. thank you. >> ainsley: thank you. always fun every monday. it is a fighter that finish in pennsylvania as the top three republican hopefuls remain neck and neck into the big primary. we are five other candidates last to the voters. >> stay tuned for our exclusive interview. here's what the first lady thinks about the media with the
5:19 am
state of the country revealed for the first time now. >> exclusive interview. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪
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5:24 am
important than the sizable dd already has. so much to him yesterday in a post chair that she encouraged him to get checked out friday after not feeling well. it was in the doctor's bounty and suffered a stroke. he had at the doctors told him that he did not suffer any cognitive damage and is going to continue to rest for now. given his sizable need to fill in the top republican candidates in the senate primary prove that they are the ones to beat him come november. kathy barnett and david mccormick are pulling in a virtual tie. oz said this yesterday. >> i am also the best candidate to be child who is a tall bernie sanders who is being courted by a bunch of periodicals as the most liberal statewide official in america. >> oz and the endorsement of former president trump in april created to give him more than a marginable boost.
5:25 am
he feels is leadership experience gives him the edge needed. >> the stakes are so high because it determines not only pennsylvania but the direction of the country. >> political commentator kathy barnett began searching in the polls in recent weeks and with that as come criticism about past social media posts that have been -- >> i can provide a lot of contacts because it is almost ten years ago. that is how far they have to go back to try to find anything on me. >> just a day left. a whole lot of drama on the republican side. expecting some pretty wild weather here today which could get in the way of candidates efforts to reach those skills on decided voters. >> thank you, alexandria. still ahead as national police week kicks off, phoenix outgoing police chief joins us on the
5:26 am
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>> ainsley: it is national police week. time to honor the men and women in blue. we are joined by phoenix very first police chief who is said to retire this summer.
5:30 am
chief jerry williams has made it her mission to stand up for our officers as bullies rhetoric soars through her tenure as chief. she joins us. good morning to you, chief. >> good morning and thank you so much for having me. >> ainsley: thank you for your service and what you do to keep your communities safe. first woman ever elected as president of the major cities chief association. you served for 33 years and six years as they achieve. what if you decide to retire? >> cost, there is never a proper or right time. in the five years when i started or six years, i really had a list of things i wanted to get done. making sure we had body worn cameras and making sure we reform the police department to make sure we communicated with our community members and police department. i know that i've done that. and your family says and makes the questions are the comments about eight, and we just travel? can't we see things we want to
5:31 am
see as a family? that is really the great time. really a great time to retire and ride off into the sunset. i will say i don't know where you all got that helmet picture. i think keeps coming back time and time again. >> ainsley: we are just so thrilled for you. we are glad to have this chance to travel with your family. how challenging it hasn't been being in law enforcement? i bet it was a lot different for their rhetoric was a lot different when you started. >> it was an extremely challenging time for the major chiefs association. being able to connect with chiefs across the country that are going through the same challenges and the same issues you are going to really create this unique dynamic of family and partnership. leading to those challenging times required a lot of tenacity, a lot of communication, a lot of cross communication as well as really looking at a police organization and its own and really looking at and adapting to change. >> ainsley: what does national
5:32 am
police week mean to you and your family? >> it really means honoring those who gave all. i was honored to be one of the name readers at the candlelight vigil. as you look out into the sea of those candles, he realized that you are not in this alone and that those individuals who have given all will always be remembered. we are blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity this week. >> ainsley: i gasped when i saw the videos. so many people in the crowd. when an officer dies in new york, every officer in the surrounding area drops what they are doing and they come to honor that fallen hero in front of the cathedral. it always blows you away and makes you realize how supportive they really are. they rhetoric seems so loud. here at fox, we definitely support the men and women in blue. i'm excited that you're going to be able to travel. what is the biggest accomplishment you have achieved over your tenure?
5:33 am
>> i would say service before others. i would say being a change agent. i would say being the strong hand of leadership when things are just swirling around you. being willing to be that steady leader in the midst of all those storms. >> ainsley: where are y'all going to go you travel? >> we have a list of american places to go. we do want to travel to new zealand and australia. those are the top lists of things that we would like to do first. >> ainsley: look at you. good job, and c. coming up next, she was snubbed from the covers of "vogue" when her husband was in office. in an exclusive interview, first lady melania trump is opening up about what she really thinks about the media. >> people always criticize me whatever i do. i'm used to that. i move forward. and i am here to help people. this isn't just freight.
5:34 am
these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. from prom dresses
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>> ainsley: in the "fox & friends" exclusive, melania trump sits down for a very first interview after leaving the white house. >> i had a chance to visit the former first lady. the state of the country and what i am a witch is national foster care month is so important. take a look. >> being your first lady was my greatest honor. thank you for your love. and your support. >> melania trump, thank you so much for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you for having me. >> this is your first sitdown interview since being in the white house. >> it is my first sitdown, yes. life is great. keeping it busy. and, you know, time flies fast. we are just everybody is doing very well.
5:39 am
omicron we are here in florida. what a -- >> it is time to drain the swamp. >> i like washington, d.c. i know it operates completely different than any other city. but i really like it there. i enjoyed living in the white house. to be first lady of the united states was my greatest honor. i think we achieved a lot in the four use of the trump administration. i enjoyed taking care of the white house. it was my home for a while. i understood it is a bigger house. it was a privilege to live there. >> pete: maybe it will be your home again. >> never say never. >> pete: having that time, what do you make of the state of the country right now? >> i think it is sad to see what's going on. if you really look deeply into
5:40 am
it, i think a lot of people are struggling and suffering. and what is going on around the world as well. so it is very sad to see. and i hope it changes fast. >> pete: as someone who loves children and is dedicated so much to their betterment, how do you feel when you see a shortage of baby formula and family still struggling to get basic items like that? >> it is heartbreaking to see that they are struggling. the food is not available for children. in the 21st century in the united states of america. >> pete: why is it happening? >> leadership. >> or lack thereof? >> opioids was part of your best initiative. watching the news recently, record amounts of drugs. we did little research. you are the only first lady to go to the border. you did it twice. >> yes. >> pete: what is it like to see the things you worked on so
5:41 am
hard change so drastically? >> is very sad to see change drastically. covid brought another struggle to the people who were having a problem before. but what's going on, it's unthinkable. a lot of people are dying from drugs. it is very sad to see. >> pete: how did you put up with the constant criticism? >> from the nation's capital wearing a jacket with a stunning praise on the back for clearing "i really don't care. do you?" >> pete: the media to grow for example. five months into you, joe biden is on the cover. kamala harris is on the cover before she sworn in. hillary clinton was on the cover when she was first lady. michelle was on the cover three times. with your business background
5:42 am
and your fashion background and your beauty, never on the cover of "vogue." while the double standard? >> they are biased. they have likes and dislikes. it is so obvious. i think american people. and everyone sees it. and what is their decision. i have much more important things to do. i did in the white house then being on the cover of "vogue." >> pete: it seems like anything you do no matter how well-intentioned it is, that criticism is constant. >> in initiative called "be best." forget that grammatical challenges there. >> down to the winter white house. >> the only thing she's working on as an escape tunnel. >> people always criticize me whatever i do. i'm used to that. i move forward. and i'm here to help people. and that is the mission.
5:43 am
and those people who criticized me, i would encourage them to help in their own community or maybe join my foster the future initiative. >> pete: what is fostering their future? i know that is an initiative of the best. why is working with foster kids such a passion of yours? >> i started working on visiting the foster care facility when i was in the white house. just last week, i visited the place of hope as well and met with the leaders of foster care community and some parents and children. and i met also with the adults who aged out of the foster care system. they need our support, resources, empowerment, to achieve their american dream. >> pete: you are using a new technology to help raise their profile funding initiatives. >> i have been working on my
5:44 am
project since i left the white house. my nfts are available on my website. and now we have a few of the nfts. it is a national park, beautiful 3d animated pieces. and they are pictures and animated videos from our time in the white house. and especially the one that i created for foster care is the rose, the meadow rose. some of the proceeds of these nft these nfts will go towards education providing education opportunities for foster care children who are aging out of foster systems. nearly 20,000 children are aging out of foster care a year. and now we have 407,000 children
5:45 am
in foster care in america today. so i will be proudly granting scholarships to the children to students who deserve it. >> pete: your first scholarship recipient, how about me surprise, surprise them together? if i give them a call and he doesn't know you're here. michael. >> yes, sir, how are you? >> pete: share your story in the foster system. >> i was born to a single mom and i became a foster child living in a different home until i was 17. >> i know you are aware of the scholarship you are receiving because of melania trump and the foster that future initiative. what does it mean to get that kind of scholarship? >> it is literally a dream come true. >> pete: let me just do it. she is hearing what you are saying right now. if i may, the first lady of the
5:46 am
united states. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you so much for your generosity. >> you're very welcome. i just wish you a great success. i know you're starting in the classes in the fall. and just make your dreams come true. study hard and send me your grades, okay? >> straight as, here we come. >> pete: thank you for sharing update with our viewers are excited to hear from you and all the efforts you are doing here as well. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: that was the best part of the interview. >> and genuine love for kids and children involved in kids and the size of the problem is massive. the impediments these kids face to have someone of their profile supporting it directly is very meaningful. >> ainsley: i'm sure internally she has --
5:47 am
>> pete: you could see the reaction in her face. >> ainsley: she's meeting someone that is a recipient of someone she's working on behind the scenes. >> thank you to the first lady and her team are making it happen. there is a larger uncut version of my interview with melania trump. the conversation went on much longer and we share at all with you right there. we will check that out. orlando magic jonathan isaak made headlines when choosing to take a stand while his teammate knelt during the anthem. he speaks out about his decision by faith gives them strength. first, let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> i bet i'm surprise here gentlemen. good luck to both of you. have a great monday. brandon seen in buffalo what we are learning about the killer this morning. >> john durham goes to court. the very highest level begins this morning. >> pennsylvania too close to call. we'll talk to one of the leading
5:48 am
candidates live to talk about why. >> and netflix tells its employees, like it or lump it.
5:49 am
i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
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couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> ainsley: good morning morning, everybody. we are going to see some severe storms today across the
5:52 am
east coast. 70 right now in new york. it's muggy. you can feel that thunderstorms are going to happen later on this afternoon. we still got cold air across the west and very warm temperatures for the south. we think around the dinner time hour is when we are going to see those strong storms move into the i-95 corridor's and west of boston. very likely we are going see strong storms. that includes hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall for some of these areas over the next couple of days. we also have the summer time almost no for the rockies. there's your forecast today. 92 in dallas. 100 in el paso. as the big story across the south today. watching all those wildfires burn across southern california. it got over 500,000 acres burning. and so weather watch we will be keeping an eye on as well. i will toss it back to will. >> will: admin orlando magic
5:53 am
and jonathan isaac refused to kneel during the league wide black lives matter protest them in a created a media wide firestorm. how is faith led to that decision in his new book called "wire statement." jonathan isaac joins now. great to see you again. i always love talking to you. we talked a few months ago. you were working on this book. we talked about that moment in time when you stood for yourself but for so much more. tell us in that environment why you chose to stand for the national anthem. >> thanks for having me come at appear at first what happened to george floyd was averagely tragic. what's happening to our country and our world is awfully tragic. i tried my best to ask myself what was the best way for me to respond in a way that i could bring change the same way that people who disagree with me decided what would bring change. for me, it wasn't. i look inside myself and said the love of jesus christ and the
5:54 am
gospel is what is changing my life. i can see a greater message in that message. i decided to stand and say that and remind people that we all fall short of god's glory. almost every single way. we all are in need of his savior. i believe it we could choose to love the way god loves us which is in spite of our faults and in spite of our mistakes, we could see real change. if we could choose the way to forgive in spite of our faults and differences that we could see real change. >> will: you said the following and why a stand, your new book which everyone could check out, he said i knew that harsh criticism of my decision would come almost immediately. there are defy somebody else's symbolism. i knew some of my teammates would cringe at my stance and some would question my character my motives. i do that from my moment on, people would begin to define me based on the stand without the story. i know faith plays a massive rule in your life to the conversation you and i had, you
5:55 am
took a stand and vaccination status in the nba. what is it that gives you the courage to stand? i mean stand symbolically when others are requiring or asking something else of you. >> i just know what has changed my life. it has been the love of jesus christ. i see myself go from a young kid who struggled with fear and anxiety to a man that is willing to stand up for what he believes in. i know what has made the difference. i know that i can create change and that's why i'm willing to stand up for the people who believe it as well. >> will: there's a lot of people looking for meaning and purpose. i think it might be well served to start with wire stand which is on sale tomorrow. jonathan and i come in a few months back and a long conversation where he laid out all his thoughts over an hour and i would encourage you to listen to that podcast. in an interview with jonathan isaac because i don't throw this around gratuitously.
5:56 am
incredibly impressive human being. i always love talking to you. i can't wait to look at the book. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> will: more "fox & friends" coming up just moments away. we are her teachers, her therapists, chefs... oh, that's why we're tired. it's because we're doing it every single day, all day. how do you like learning at home? i kind of don't like it. i kind of don't like it either. i just want you to have everything. everything that you want in life. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> white bear lake, minnesota. 10 minutes from where i grew up. they've been in winter storage. they're pulling them out now and getting them ready. >> a little bit of the weekend on the weekday. >> have a wonderful day, everyone. >> bill: thank you, guys, 9:00 in new york. act of pure evil what shorts say about saturday's mass shooting at the grocery store in buffalo as we learn more about the killer and so many of his victims. good morning. tough day to start. tough way to start on a monday. bill hemmer, good morning. >> dana: good to be with you. i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." police arrested an 18-year-old suspect in connection with the massacre and opened fire at a grocery score. he killed 10 people


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