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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 16, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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weaken the court in this institution. >> trying to intimidate any court particularly the supreme court is very scary. john great work, congratulations. that'll do it for me folks make sure you cost me on fox business making money particularly in this market environment things are pretty topsy-turvy but i got your back. in the meantime here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: president joe biden to batten down the hatches because is it about to get rough. the president is getting rocked by more brutal poll numbers. try to get into campaign mode and try to avoid making the midterms about his job performance but time to be running out because his approval
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rating is still in a nosedive hitting a new low of just 39% and house democrats are also sounding the alarm on staggering inflation. as fears as midterm election losses loom loom. even some in the media chiming in on some of the serious troubles that democrats face in november. >> their views about the economy hard and around may. democrats are in some serious trouble right now in our mb msnbc poll 60% of the country thinks to to. in the past have singled big losses for the party. >> dana: also getting a celebrity check from jeff bezos. corporate tax rates to soaring inflation and tweeting administration tried hard to inject even more stimulus into an already over heated inflationary economy and only managed to save them from themselves. inflation is a regressive tax that most hurts the least
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aspect. at this direction doesn't help the country and today peter doocy ask about that very issue let's take a look. >> how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of food for everyday americans? >> look i think we encourage everyone who've done very well especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code that doesn't change or charge manufacturers workers, cops, that the most fortunate people in our nation and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this problem. >> dana: i don't know if that really answer the question. >> jesse: that's the only part of the day that i saw. >> dana: it's the first day. >> jesse: i hope she gets better than that because reading everyone can read. this nbc news poll was really
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important because it nbc. this is like the inside the beltway pristine peacock poll everyone puts it up on sunday morning meet the press. that is really scary at 39%. it's almost 75% in the wrong direction, another poll had 80% in the wrong direction has been that bad since right after january 6 and the impeachment? that's pretty startling numbers. joe biden said that he is instructing to get tough for the midterms, no he's not. they are instructing joe biden to get tough. he has a puppet and everybody knows that why is that? he came in with all this political capital. he was supposed to be the healer, but now the people feel like it's been false advertising. he hasn't healed anything everything is gotten worse he's like the doctor you go in and you like herds and he says put some cream on it and you like falls off. it is gotten worse at least donald trump you know what you were getting when you put them in office. you're getting up a feisty
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rabble-rouser. it feels like third world vibes. high crime, high inflation, you can't get stuff their shortages and anti-shelves. this is not the america that people love and respect. now, if you go in and you blow up the border and the divide the country with vaccination mandates and then scrub afghanistan, everyone is to be like whoa, whoa, what is going on? when you add to that lack of vision he didn't see two covid waves coming. you're seeing a guy that she was hapless as a leader and you can either be a poor leader and a good politician or a poor politician and a good leader. joe biden is bad at both and the american people not realize that. >> dana: i want about this idea that he's now getting his staff in a campaign mode because her member it was early on when the georgia voting law was passed in member he called republicans who voted. the campaigning never really
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stopped on either side. >> greg: i like them to be in campaign mode all the time. [laughs] i wish they worked as hard on the problems that we faced that they work when they fear that there to lose power. generally people in america don't have campaign modes that's called work right? if our job was to care about crime and the police and inflation of the border these are things that you would care about year-round as opposed to six months prior to a midterm. i think that most political leaders it would be nice to see what happens if they were forced to campaign year-round right? because we have a job right? we just don't get a job and wu were in, yet the prove yourself every day. whether it's sales, or's customer service you've job reviews, bosses, deadlines. once politicians win an election is like they stop working. they get in and then they unrolled her sleeves i think that's why donald trump was so unusual and so hated because he
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was in work mode. he was in campaign mode all the time and people were like... it's exhausting. there are always political solo problems don't exist until they become political and then they're ill-equipped to fix them because are not used to fixing problems. only causing them. >> dana: what he think of americans when they say 75% of americans say that the country's going to the wrong direction. that's a pretty good bipartisanship right there. 75%. >> judge jeanine: i never thought of it like that. what you have when you have a president a commander in chief who can't see things when their right before his very eyes? jesse you said he didn't see covert coming and inflation coming. donald trump told us that inflation was coming. donald trump told us that the prices were going up and now six months prior to a midterm he decides will g we better get
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into campaign mode. no, the truth is you don't know how to do anything to get into it or to get out of it. so what are they due? they have nothing to talk about in terms of what they have accomplished so they pick on the republicans. they say you know what, those republicans are terrible and they think that were stupid. if they pull the rug over our eyes while they were really terrible. inflation was 2%, notes 8.3. they did think that were just stupid enough to buy what were selling and were beyond that were absolutely beyond that. american families are anguishing and they are hurting their hurting for baby formula, he knew that was coming and he did nothing about it. helping her human services. and then afghanistan he knew that we had to get out of afghanistan it was the worst get out of the country we've ever seen. he should've taken the weapons
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that he left there and given them the ukrainians would be better off. >> dana: one of the things that they have been doing in the white house is having to deal with the far left so in some ways they've also been campaigning internally for a long time because they know that they are basically helping protect them from bad votes, but they still continue to try to drive that messaging to the left. be five if they drive for title 42 to be abolished a week from today they will have helped destroyed the joe biden presidency. >> geraldo: i think to be a monumental dimension and the reverberations might result in a rowdy november and more importantly 2024. i think with inflation and immigration, with crime, the democrats are doomed except for one thing.
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this leak and the supreme court of the abortion decision has changed the political calculus in this country and i think we don't address it we don't deal with it in a straightforward way because i see it already in little cleveland over the weekend. thousands turned out in hundreds of places around the country, i think with the supreme court has done is ignite the suburbs and they could change the entire dynamic of the election despite inflation and immigration and crime in ukraine and so forth. it is so emotionally brought that it has the capacity of changing the conversation. >> dana: coming up the white house is trying to dodge blame for the baby formula crisis so they have an excuse that will have parents fired up that is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: the white house makes more excuses for their failure on the baby formula shortage as parents across america struggle to feed their infants transportation secretary pete buttigieg is taken the don't blame us route. >> the administration acted from day one after the recall taking steps like creating more flexibility for the wic program to do the availability and the states. the government does not make baby formula nor should it. companies make formula and were those companies, a company which seems to have 40% market share messed up. it is unable to confirm that a plant, a major plant is safe and free of contamination. >> greg: and the administration contradicting what president joe biden just said it when they first learned of the problem. >> president biden: if we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us.
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>> we have been moving as quickly as we can. >> we have been working on this since we learned about this back in february. it's important to understand that the shortage exists because they close the facility because of safety concerns from the fda. >> greg: they have entered an agreement to restart that close to baby formula plant in michigan. there's no timeline of when it will be open. judge you were talking during the break he would no interest and talk this. [laughs] [laughs] >> judge jeanine: i was on the prowl looking for formula looking for my baby and i'm so sick of it. >> greg: how you feel about mayor pete? >> judge jeanine: she said when we first heard about this in february did she not say that? that was a lie. they said we heard about it last year. we know that in september, october was when the whistle-blower called and the
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fda heard about it they said october they decided to show up in december or to make an agreement to go in january the going february they shut it down. they help poor people access the other brands that they might not be able to access. the border peeper of people they have formula but the middle-class at the formula. pete buttigieg this is the same guy who they believe road to work on a bicycle except the suv pulls up and take the bike out of the suv and puts on his helmet and rides to work. [laughs] he is a fool. when he says that there is nothing more urgent i know that he is lying he is lime because opening up the abbott plant which is only being opened up it still has to be signed by a judge is the country goes crazy and geraldo your talk about this suburban women i'll tell you
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what. dollars for doughnut. you've got suburban women who are fighting with the teachers and the school boards, you've got suburban women who can't get mothers and grandmothers who can't get formula for babies, i'll put them up against the abortion women any day of the week. >> greg: care to respond? >> geraldo: i think it's shocking how conservatives will not blame big oil for the price of gas when they are reaping and record profits. if there is such a thing as big baby formula. there are just 3 baby formula companies. [laughs] [laughs] abbott shut down is real thing. now to the fda under hhs secretary response quickly enough? i doubt it one of the ever. to blame joe biden i don't know blame you for everything that happens, okay, okay. someone screwed this up why
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don't they import more baby formula? that is a secret they could do it tomorrow. sweden, anglin, they have just a strict laws do let's import what the hell are we waiting for? why is it that were ignoring the obvious solution? >> dana: the shutdown is a real thing but they knew about the shutdown months ago so why didn't they do anything until americans started going. he's like in witness protection he's like the only cabinet secretary you never see any does have a responsibility here and for president joe biden to not only say well as if were mind readers, that's so insulting. if the administration could just once just say with do better on this am on top of it and when you get this agreement done. in the meantime i told the fda to fix the regulatory thing get a formula from europe, get from canada, moms i hear you. there's none of that is only blaming republicans for not
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fighting against big oil? that is so insulting to the folks there i think when pete buttigieg said they were acting front since day one it means that it completely totally failed. i don't believe that the people who said oh, my gosh, it's is a great job on a sunday shows. wiki speaks a lot better than someone else or not talk about later in the show. but he said nothing and they've offered nothing to them i think this is an absolutely atrocious thing. it was the one thing that they could've gone right. >> greg: it is kind of disturbing jesse here's mayor pete and he was a young dad on paternity leave and he doesn't lactate as far as we know. [laughs] he has a government shouldn't he have been on top of this? it's a must kind of like he should have known this. >> jesse: he can't get baby formula and joe biden's america. and mayor pete is even a fan of joe biden so it's stupid. luckily for me and god jesse jr. is a food's not because we went there about 3-4 different baby
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formulas before he finally found the one he liked. he was persnickety i feel bad for you and all the mothers out there because sometimes it takes a long time to get it right. pete says of the they don't make baby formula doesn't make anything. one is that ever stop the government from getting involved in everything? [laughs] geraldo, the fda has through regulation and oversight where the democrats constantly whining about? more government oversight, the one opportunity they had to go in there and do regulation everyone's like they absolutely blew it. this is unlike oh there was an outage. okay, okay baby the fda, know this is baby formula. >> geraldo: they moved under a glacier pace. >> jesse: they work speedy geraldo. >> geraldo: relatively speaking it was a glacier pace we were waiting. >> geraldo: what took him five months geraldo?
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>> geraldo: i merely saying to ignore the structure of the baby formula industry is to do it a disservice. >> jesse: wasn't joe biden import. if this it happened under donald trump. helping families and now he starving families. imported. >> greg: all right. >> judge jeanine: the cdc made a decision that nothing and that contaminated the baby formula and they made the decision a while ago so this is a bunch of fake garbage on their part. joe biden and the other one saying that they heard about it. >> greg: we definitely don't have strong opinions on this. all right, pressure building on president joe biden treat poisoning deaths the same way he does for covid. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: president joe biden is urging to treat fenton all overdose deaths the same as covid. it's made in china and smuggled into this mother southern border it's devastating our country and feeling in large part a record hundred thousand americans died from overdoses last year. an organization called families against fenton all is asking the joe biden administration to count fenton all poisoning the same way that accounts covid-19 deaths. they claimed the data could help medical officials pinpoint hot spots and search resources to save lives. and that's something to get a deal right? >> greg: you can deftly solve a lot of these problems by just
2:28 pm
with common sense but the problem is always good to be demand and if you criminalize the substance the mitt demand move us towards the criminal and a perfect world this drug would not exist who would need it and he couldn't get it anywhere but the fact is people make opiates in the criminal supply will always be there which is why you should be using restrictions on the pharmacy it just like during prohibition if you take, if you ban booze the stills have their hazards their slogan to get drugs of its zan at six or pot its counterfeit and it's filled with ventilatory don't call it overdose we call the poisoning. the best thing is the ease up restrictions don't drive people out of the street and perhaps start legalizing it i love to see an otc at some point but i'm not holding my breath. the other thing is he of the treated like mass murder. it's interesting to me because if you want to treat it like covid well, it came from china too if you bring that up as a racist? did it come from china and when donald trump had the idea of bombing drug dealers in mexico
2:29 pm
and everybody freaked out why? the terrorists. >> jesse: narco terrorist. its policy because you want to save lives it's great politics to focus on it like this. >> dana: but also because of these deaths is another major bipartisan issue. this is not discrimination other republicans were democrats there hurting everyone and then nbc poll that we referenced a couple of times emigration was still in the top five of the issues that means that it is really much on people's minds and part of that is the drugs are coming into the country. the administration has a week to decide about title 42 we 40 seen them reporting incredible waves of people coming across and we know from the governments own documentation 18,000 more crossings a day which means how many got away's will that be and how many drugs will be coming across? if you want to galvanize the country against something like china and fenton all in four
2:30 pm
americans into that very easily but this. it >> jesse: and because it is so small geraldo and we can bring it over it's very hard to detect. >> geraldo: i think while i generally agree with drag on the treatment of a lucid drugs i think there's some and called the prohibition mentality. as you restricted so the demand grows. he also greg said something that was different that was important that the distinction between fenton all and drugs is that drug overdose and then there was a poison. if there is a poisoning that is a crime. that is a manslaughter. i believe that what you have to do here is to treat this rose 170,000 overdoses got the poison from somebody. not talk about somebody who poisoned three people on the block. at the retail level let's have some high profile prosecutions it's a federal task force young
2:31 pm
aggressive d.a.'s and go after them don't go against the cartel which is unobtainable right now. go for the guy on corner. go for him and whack him with a manslaughter indictment. the circle around the junkie knows who gave him the dope gave him the poison in this case. they know that it was freddie mikey, or sammy and his notorious and they spiking the cocaine. whack him with a manslaughter indictment and let's see how many of those can alter some conduct if it's promoted in a bipartisan way will go one after them they'll stop the war on drugs is the war on the killers. as the manslaughter is. >> jesse: would you buy into that route? >> judge jeanine: i certainly manslaughter is appropriate in terms of my career i'm sure prosecuted manslaughter of someone who give somebody drugs who they knew were dangerous or they are the person would
2:32 pm
overdose that's nothing new. however this is the difference. [laughs] here's the difference. when you say you prosecute them for man slaughter that's great but that's not how i did it. i wouldn't end up with just a local guy i'd squeeze him until there was nothing left to squeeze. for going up that ladder until you get the big guy. undeclared war by china against united states and the number one age group of people who are dying of these fenton all poisoning out overdose poisoning our men between the ages of 18-45. if you have a war thing about even ukraine what are the ages of men who end up going to war, 18-45. there is an undeclared war that they declared against us and so i think the better in your idea i'm sure is good. we have to start recognizing
2:33 pm
that if you don't take them down title 42 but we have to do is recognize that it will be the end of crime the way we see it today it will flourish over the next decade of the end title 42 because the cartels are licking their chops they're getting money there money laundering and they are invading the united states. >> geraldo: i think of to make a distinction between fenton all and drugs. >> jesse: don't go anywhere kamala harris is serving up another version of word salad. this lady's embarrassment up ahead. ♪ ♪ this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down to the root without killing your lawn.
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: giving more fodder she's way out of her league this time miss kamala harris turning heads when talking about climate conference of the crisis there during a summit with southeast asian countries watch. >> vice president harris: that is especially true when it comes to the climate crisis which is why we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues to tackle these challenges and work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on. [laughs] >> geraldo: repeating herself
2:39 pm
word salad is not her only problem of course remember they are reeling from the major staff exodus and very low poll numbers are not sure who is lower the vice president or the president himself. i had an idea dana for the vice president. why couldn't she because she really made sense during talk about the buffalo mass murder and talk about racism, why can't she be in charge of fighting racism or be in charge of moderating our policing gangster rap that extended magazines and so forth? >> dana: gosh i don't know everything that they have given her she doesn't want to do. maybe she would want to do that and she could possibly be good at that for the vice president you through everything. you're not just as are one particular issue the fact that that word salad was actually
2:40 pm
written down because she was reading it was weird to me maybe was just bullet points and on an actual sentence i have to tell you it reminded me how i hated group work i was in high school so junior high, high school so i was headed to the work but there was always somebody who did the last minute for class presentation wasn't really much of a participant and would make stuff up to get the words out as sounds to me what you were doing there. >> geraldo: why not write out a speech? you do, i do. >> greg: how can she get people to work together which you can even get her senses to behave? she reminds me of me in my dreams when i have a file that are not prepared for. she is like that every single day what she put herself through this? i think though in that particular instance there was a point where you sought the work come up and was almost like a robot becoming cognizant of my gosh i am a platitude a vending
2:41 pm
machine at spitting out unconnected fortune cookies. i'm think she believes everything she says the certain arrogance because they know it's a bunch of b.s. that she will think that everyone will lap up because she's never had to try. she's never had to try she just spews i know that feeling. [laughs] [laughs] >> geraldo: you know what judge, i cheer her on i really want her to succeed. she is historic she is a person the history books will remember maybe unkindly. maybe unkindly. seem like they can't go a day. >> judge jeanine: i've said this before geraldo i feel horrible of a one young women and girls look up to her. as such a failure on so many levels is not just the word salad we are right greg and i wrote down what you said, she doesn't believe anything that she says. it's like she's not connecting
2:42 pm
and she is not in the moment she's not in the present, but when you add to that geraldo, you add to it the laughing and cackling. this just seems like a joke let's go slap a few and have a few together after this. it's very disappointing and it hurts women and hurts every woman coming after her. >> geraldo: what if she was donald trump's of vice president will we be as harsh? with the criticism be as cold? >> jesse: i don't think donald trump would pick her. going to play around with that? okay, i think it would be brutal. it would get very ugly. [laughs] [laughs] this is how it is and i feel sad and a sense that you said that women, particularly don't need this. because i think my daughters there ten years old they never talk about kamala harris. when we go out onto the streets
2:43 pm
we estimate about, all the time you don't hear the emotion behind how proud they should be about this woman. >> geraldo: would they like? wonder woman? >> jesse: don't like politicians geraldo i'll tell much. i know she is winging it or her people are putting these things in the notes and she's reading it and then greg said realizes that she spewing out word salad. i think she just lazy. and that's what it is >> geraldo: i think she's very angry and she's been doing so badly and people aren't appreciating her. >> jesse: that's how lazy people get angry. >> dana: no, here's the thing if you're the vice president of the united states and you're in a position of this opportunity to be nbc poll or the top five issues in america? nothing to do with rap music at all. which he could've done and
2:44 pm
should have done as stepped on that baby form of the grenade she should've done that that would be great. she can't solve anything. mr. president with the change these import rules right now. i go out there and do a press conference. >> geraldo: the huge bowl of cancer culture. what elon musk is calling a good move. ♪ ♪ ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that?
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion?
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early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: companies are finally fighting back against cancel culture, sorry about that. woke employees and their place. the company releasing a new culture memo that tells workers who are easily offended by the content that they put out to either suck it up or find another job. the world's richest man elon musk calling it a good move. all right dana is it a good move? >> dana: i think this also
2:49 pm
comes from one frustration by the executives also the fact that they have that terrible earnings report and so now the look and about how do layoffs anyway. i think there is this realization that these woke employees are starting to cost them money. it's a bottom-line decision you don't usually have a statement like this that's made public by executives is not leaked in a way that makes it very clear that he wanted a shareholders and subscribers and customers and potential customers that they hear you and they know that there's a million things on that folks that you don't want to watch and that they're on top of it. >> judge jeanine: they said if you're uncomfortable we love to hear from you the put it all these memos that they want to hear from you on ethical expectations they want everyone to feel a sense of belonging, but in the end they don't care if you like it you can leave. >> jesse: imagine some preuss stupid producer here at fox all of a sudden says you know what, i don't like jesse watters prime time. go leave.
2:50 pm
work somewhere else you have to stay here. no one is making you love my show, you can go work for cnn or msnbc right? you don't get to start some petition and try me on my own network. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: after this outburst i'm to get rid of you. >> jesse: anyone who doesn't like my showman come after them. >> judge jeanine: more people are happy about this pushback of these woke employees. >> geraldo: i think if the stop rewarding intolerance however i am very cynical about this netflix move it is what dana said the company was reeling they got some traction with dave chappelle said okay maybe we can remake ourselves with these lame movies and remakes as the tires of the first amendment and so forth. i don't trust the sincerity of it at all. >> jesse: there goes your netflix special.
2:51 pm
[laughs] [laughs] >> greg: a medical joe biden am not a mind reader. all you need are a couple few brave people to stand up and share the risk. do your member the book publishing company won a book was coming out i can a member with the and they said were not gonna work and they staged a walkout you remember this? >> dana: american dirt, the immigration one where they say he wasn't hispanic enough? >> greg: it might've been woody allen's book i don't remember, but they actually went home you go home don't come back. that's the way it should be they should've done that with a walkout over dave chappelle because the great company get to work in netflix is a movie company we don't like it go somewhere else. netflix finally found their inner adult is probably for desperate reason but you know what it's like more people have to do this go find a will company because they won't last.
2:52 pm
>> dana: cannot say one thing about those people who worked at the publishing company i think you're right i think it was the woody allen book and they walked out. i guarantee you that the all out of office. they've never seen more out of office replies. [laughs] [laughs] >> judge jeanine: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪
2:53 pm
♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪
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deign time now for one more thing. jesse? >> jesse: take a look at these great baseball players part of the beat baseball association. so long island bombers. >> geraldo: backwards?
2:57 pm
>> jesse: softball team visually impaired. the ball beeps. so if you are visually impaired, can you still kind of play and they had a great time out there out in long island and raised a ton of cash congratulations. long island bomber, also. special happy birthday shoutout to the "the five,'s" biggest fan. finchy fire cracker. we don't know how old she is but we hope she stays here forever. speaking of staying here forever. we sent johnny out on the streets to ask for "jesse watters primetime" about proper manners. we will have johnny on the spot tonight asking about shaking hands, kissing on the chook, cutting in line. >> dana: looking forward to that one. all since the 1960s. come up with a song for your country and then you perform. it might not surprise anybody but the ukrainians won. what i think is pretty incredible they performed and then they left immediately to go
2:58 pm
back to fight and say goodbye to girlfriend and they were there, i believe, performing on the polish border today before they crossed back in in order to fight and congratulations to them. look up on spotify or wherever you get your might have been. also, everything will be okay broadcast dropped today. and my guest is judge jeanine pirro. >> geraldo: i will be watching that. >> dana: greg? >> greg: tonight a banger of a show dana perino, amy ludlow kat timpf, you can't get a better lineup of that than if you were in prison ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great. >> greg: so are edibles. i was thinking about that jesse you weren't the only one who had medical treatment. check out this fellow baby jerry wrath born with disorder in which it could not bend leg the right way. they made special little braces so the giraffe could walk.
2:59 pm
>> dana: his knees were backwards. >> greg: they had cap moldings on the giraffe's legs and now walk like every other giraffe. isn't that great? >> dana: so cute. >> geraldo: i would say. >> judge jeanine: that's so sweet. it's time now for another edition of roll it. ♪ >> judge jeanine: all right. this is happeny the elephant you can find her at the bronx, not me there she is. find her at the bronx zoo in new york city but not for long. lawyers were happy want the court to recognize the elephant as an entitled to habeas corpus want her released to an elephant sanctuary. being imprisoned against her will at the zoo. lawyers nonprofit nonhuman rights project have represented chimpanzees, dolphins. they argue this elephant should
3:00 pm
legal personhood. the question is can elephants be granted the same rights as people. >> geraldo: no. >> jesse: no. >> greg: yes. >> judge jeanine: yes you are right. hit it geraldo. >> geraldo: today we had geraldo's news with geraldo's golf classic the 34th edition. look at the generations. kids are aging out. >> dana: that looks good. that is it for us. hi, bret. >> bret: hi, dana. good evening welcome to washington. a targeted attack a hate crime, an act of racially motivated violent extremism that is how fbi director christopher wray described saturday's shooting in buffalo, new york 10 people dead and others hurt. the community in buffalo is in mourning after mass shooting grocery store. the suspect was targeting black americans and prosecutors are now considering federal hate crime charges. police are learning more about what the gunman had


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