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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 16, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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usa gear goes to the soup kitchens and pantry, awesome for the summer, great for father's day coming up, all the tumblers we love this stuff cool for the beach. thanks for watching remember it's america now and forever and we've got greg gutfeld. he takes it from here. we'll be back tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> greg: it's beautiful. all right. happy monday, everyone. i hope you had a lovely weekend. i sure did. can't say the same thing about kat timpf's hair extensions. not joking. heres the french bulldog carl
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enjoying an afternoon snack. ♪♪ [laughter] ♪♪ >> greg: you know i hope ultimately the extensions come out okay. either way i think kat's going to be a brunette for a week. disgusting. which reminds me, do you know what it's time for? send the writers home, this next story writes itself. seriously you're all fired. pack your things and get the hell out. >> greg: this will make your blood boil if you have any blood left after it shoots out of your eyeballs. this is an unbelievable story yet somehow believable these days from the new york post. wisconsin school district has filed sexual harassment complaint against three middle schoolers for calling a
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classmate by a wrong pronoun. i know, i know. how are these kids supposed to even know what a pronoun is when they're too busy being taught how racist they are? priorities people. this isn't some looney left wing city on either left coast. this is a school district in kyle wisconsin, a city of just 3600 people. talk about small. larry kudlow can fit that many people in a steam room. and he's tried. have you got a court date for that yet, larry? anyway, apparently school administrators charged three eighth graders from the middle school with sexual harassment after an incident in april where the kids refused to use they to refer to a classmate who switched pronounce a month before the so-called incident. i'll say it before and i'll say it again. the only time you should refer to one person as "they" is if they're over 400 pounds. as if they love pancakes or are
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blocking the fire exit. won of the accused kids moms or birthing person to democrats, gives us the scoop. >> i received a phone call from the principal over at the elementary school forewarning me letting me know that i was going to be receiving an e-mail with sexual harassment allegations against my son. he said, he's being allegedly charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronounce. i thought it wasn't real. i thought there this has got to be a gag, a joke. >> greg: you and me both. but her son braden was, indeed charged. with what? having a low tolerance for bs? this feels so made up because it's so on the nose in terms of fulfilling our own criticisms of wokeness. like the government sending out free crack pipes after i already paid full price. but it's real, that's the world we live in where the par dis we created are now suddenly real. in other words the far left is
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so insane they're now predictable. it was five years ago jordan the canadien professor was threatened with punishment for not adhering to pronoun guidelines. he refused to comply and he became a hero. which is easy in canada where your only candidates for hero are peterson or black face. and he predicted it would end up becoming a crime. people laughed mainly because he was right. meanwhile wisconsin ininstitute for law and liberty offending the accused students claiming misuse of pronounce is not covered by title 9. >> tilt nine sexual harassment typically covering things like rain, dating violence, questioned pro quo sexual favors, egregious stuff. nothing even remotely close to that alleged in this case. the charge against students for sexual harassment is extreme abuse of the title 9 products,
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totally inappropriate and being totally mishandled by the school district. >> greg: totally. very informative tape there. we're almost like a news program. almost. now the district sees the refusal of a student to use pronounce as a form of bullying and they prohibit all forms of bullying and harassment. so all forms of bullying is enforcing students to say what they don't believe a form of bullying? let me save you from mental debate and tell you yes. of course if the student had been teased the student or school principal should address it but not with sexual harassment that can a joy. it shows you why so many parents around the country are freaking out. now they not only have to worry about crt, drugs, social media, they have to worry about some left leftist a hole administrator cancelling a
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reputation before they have a chance to wear one. now you're hoe mow phobic if you don't want them teaching they them. you're domestic terrorists if you don't believe in the mask mandates. parents are now told you're a bigot if you feel it's inappropriate having drag queens do story time in class. and i agree. keep that class out of the schools and where it belongs. my house on a saturday night. look, i don't have kids. they smell. but i am so pissed, i'm thinking about adopting. but just imagine when it moved beyond the classrooms. [phone ringing. >> hi, yes, i would like to speak with debra about her extended warranty. >> her? my pronounce are dirt and bag. >> oh, well, anyway i'm calling about your 1996 geo prism. >> my car identified in a volt,
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as in revolt. >> are you having trouble with your electrical systems. >> [bleep] system. >> okay. our warranty comes with a free tire iron and jack and those come in handy. >> handy? you ableist bastard. also, it's not a car jack, it's a car jill. >> okay. thanks for your time, sir. >> greg: yeah. [cheers and applause] >> greg: apparently they like dirtbags better than they like kat. so we'll keep an eye on this story. maybe the charges will get dismissed? maybe it will turn out there's more to it than meets the eye. one thing for sure just because it sounds absurd that makes it falls. today's world the absurd is the norm. no wonder parents are pissed. don't wonder allowed or merrick garland lp get with you in the
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pay tree on act. tonight's guest she furnitures shops at fisher price. cohost of america's news room and the five, dana perino! [cheers and applause]. >> greg: he's so rich his 401-k has its own 401-k. fox business host and former director of the national economic council larry kudlow! [cheers and applause] >> greg: he has audiences on the edge of their seats as they prepare to leave. actor, writer and comedian jamie lissow! [cheers and applause] >> greg: and she's like your appendix. you can live without it but has the potential to kill you. fox news contributor kat timpf! [cheers and applause] >> greg: so, dana, i was like, i didn't believe this story. but it's like, it's true.
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it's true. >> dana: i thought it was something from the babylon bee and it is disturbing. i know somebody who recently is an adult -- well, is an adult, college, and was required to put his row nouns in the signature of his e-mail and he refused. they were going to fire him. >> greg: really?. >> dana: so now you see it's coming down to this middle school level. it seems absurd but i'm glad we're talking about it on your highly rated show so people see it. here's the other thing when the guy defending them talking about title 9 and what title 9 does, you think about women's sports, that's -- title 9 was supposed to also be about women's sports and who is defending women's sports now? no one. very few people. even women who are in sports are not defending women in sports. so the chipping away of title 9 is underway and we have to be aware of it and do something
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about it. >> greg: yeah, title 9 has flipped it's no longer protecting women it's about protecting the next oppressed group which is men who have become women in sports. >> dana: with their nine tilts. >> greg: exactly. by the way i just got, virginia school district is considering suspension, suspensions for malicious misgendering. you know what my pronoun is? f-u. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> greg: that was easy. go to break on that one. jamie, do you have pronounce in alaska? >> jamie: we really don't. and i'll tell you something, this is a real they said they said situation. [laughter]. >> jamie: i'm so relaxed from larry's steam room. my son is exactly this age, and i feel like i know him and his buddies and i would say, dude,
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my pronounce when i was in middle -- this is the nicest thing you could be called by a middle schooler is possibly he or she by mistake. literally my pronounce were like weirdo. when they would use my actual pronoun they would go, he is a little bitch when they used it correctly. it's like you said i thought 100 percent babylon bee. i thought it was fake. and in general it's grammatically incorrect it's plural. so hey either call someone exactly what they want to be called. also this reminds me in alaska did you know moose is the plural of moose? >> greg: right, yes. >> jamie: isn't that crazy. so they had like a meeting and they were like what should we make the plural and they said what if we make it the same word and then we can all just go drink. the problem is you don't get enough information because you could be walking down the road and someone can be like oh my god moose.
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and you're like that's fine, it's a moose. and you turn around and it could be a thousand moose. >> greg: that's funny because the confusion could be reversed. like you're telling kids to be grammatically incorrect when they're in school. call them they. ugg, larry, what's gold on with this world? you know what's interesting? do people ask you to respect these pronounce when you're not actually using them. like if you and i are talking, i would say so what are you up to? oh, nothing. me i'm doing this. i don't say he to you. i'm only use those pronounce when i'm not talking where you which means you wouldn't even hear it which means it's all a manufactured pile up poop if you'll pardon my ps. mr. kudlow. >> larry: well, it's the pronoun and if the pronoun changes they're going to throw this kid in jail or the kid's going to have a sexual harassment for the rest of his or her life.
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i'm afraid to put a pronoun in front of it. it's not clear to me. that's a serious thing pronounce change. so at the beginning of the year you can call me basically whatever you want to call me. but then three months into the semester, i might want you to call me something different from what you called me earlier. and then you'll get violated. this is joe biden's woke america. this is how crazy it is. there's not one whit of common sense. and by the by, does anybody care about the kid who's, what, 12, 13 years old? does anybody care about --. >> dana: right? >> larry: i mean, parents, very important, merrick garland the attorney general doesn't like parents, they're all domestic terrorists. how about the kid? and the kids as they interact with each other. you can really scar them for life. i don't know if anybody cares about that but i do. >> greg: and the worst thing you do is give a young person the power to like, you know, well, i don't know, let's call her pat,
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or they pat. pat, they just got charged with sexual harassment and pat now goes, that's pretty awesome. i can do this to everybody. if i had that power when i was a kid, i would have changed my gender 12 times. you know? speaking of changing genders, what, dirt bag deb, how's she doing? she doing all right? >> kat: i don't know her. i don't want people to know i can be that ugly. >> greg: i just want to know how you get both ice going in opposite directions >> kat: i couldn't see anything. i almost passed out. >> greg: so what if these guys were just being jerks >> kat: right, that's possible. it is possible that they were -- we don't know. it could have not been as simple as using the wrong pronoun but maybe they were being mean about it. it's still not sexual harassment to be mean to somebody. when i was in eighth grade everyone was mean to me and --
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like i agree with you, i almost wish i could go back in time and become the richest child in the world by suing people. >> greg: right, yeah >> kat: i missed out on that. it's horrible for this kid. one thing you are a bullying you're in trouble, go the principal's office. another to have on your record as a 12 year old you're a sexual harasser. >> larry: you could, if you had a good 401-k >> kat: yeah, nobody talked to me about that when i was 12. >> larry: just saying, greg's a capitalist. >> greg: you have to get the f u money so they can't cancel you. >> larry: and the great thing about market economics is there's no pronounce. >> greg: that's true. that is true. all right, we've got to roll. what a great a block and what a great night. who pal a i talking to? you. up next workers take a hike if it's their contracts they don't like. customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today.
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>> greg: if our content has you annoyed then consider not being employed. the new policy from netflix offended workers, hit the bricks. in a refreshing change of heart netflix is telling people to quitted if they're offended by the content. that's the same thing i tell my employees when they complain the nude polaroids i leave in their in boxes and it works. company memo titled netflix culture seeking excellent reads in part, quote, as employees we support the principle that netflix offers a diversity of stories. even if we find some titles counter to our own personal values. depending on your role, you may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful. if you find it hard to support our content, netflix may not be the best place for you. yeah! [cheers and applause] >> greg: all of this comes after
8:21 pm
some employees staged a walk out after dave chappelle's latest stand up special complaining it contained trans phobic content. of course after they walked out they walked back in and now netflix wished they hadn't. but netflix ceo ted serandos sounded fine telling his minions to toe the line. elon musk praised the memo tweeting good news by netflix. remember earlier he said the woke mind virus is making netflix unwatchable. and he might be right they recently lost 200,000 subscribers which is not a big deal since they all share the same password. larry, larry, larry, their stock is down over 40%. i like to see this as a very good move independent of let's say desperation but you see that there's a business reason for this. >> larry: yeah they're going to clean house and probably have a better work force.
8:22 pm
big win for elon musk and governor desantis and their attitude. if you move away from woke -- can i just say. woke is killing all these companies. they think they're very clever these ceo's. disney's stock has gotten clobbered. netflix, a lot have gotten clobbered which i think is terrific because they should be helping shareholders and their families and their wage owners and not playing to the joe biden progressive work world that's been so damaging. so i kind of like this. and may surprise you, makes me think of jimmy carter. >> greg: why? >> larry: i know it's a reach, but -- the finest line jimmy carter ever said in his presidency is, some things in life are unfair. so if you don't like the company you work for and the company is less woke than it used to be then you can quit. that's all there is to it. >> greg: exactly [cheers and applause] >> greg: jimmy carter was
8:23 pm
president right before ronald reagan '76, '80. you were only about 15 >> kat: right. >> greg: do you think the people who cancelled netflix might come back now? do you this i this will help hem? >> kat: i don't know. a lot of stuff on netflix just sucks, that's the issue. >> greg: really bad >> kat: but i can't imagine not agreeing with this and i hate when people say it's a matter of people being over sensitive that they can't handle it. it's not sensitivity to demand that every single thing that happens at the company you work for you personally agree with. that's being selfish. like that's being a jerk not a sensitive person. >> greg: exactly. look you know how i feel about fox and friends, and yet i still come to work every day. [laughter] >> greg: even though i find it dangerous. like it's dangerous to me. i find it incredibly hostile.
8:24 pm
the entire crew at fox and friends -- >> kat: makes the world less safe. >> greg: i walk down the hall and the things they say to me and they leer at me like i'm not wearing any clothes. it's disgusting. jamie. >> jamie: i did that once and you were not wearing any clothes. >> greg: that was different. how's the content on net friction from your perspective? you have to be careful because aren't you on netflix? >> jamie: i'm not but i would love to be, ted, if you're listening, i love you so much. [laughter]. >> jamie: i think ted's the man, but you brought up a great point. i've written for tv shows before, it's so hard to write a funny television show. it's almost impossible. if you look at how few hit shows there are and now to work within the parameters you also can't offend people, we'll change this joke to that joke, it makes it so difficult. so i love ted's move here. i love elon, too, i love both these guys. when they said at netflix about employees they were upset and
8:25 pm
walked out, was that one person? [cheers and applause] i'm so happy. i do think, though, maybe we're watching -- i think my kids are watching netflix too much. like i was face timing with my kids last night and my son tried to skip the intro. >> greg: what's funny is he also tried to press the button for the next father. are you ready for the next daddy? >> jamie: last time i saw him in person he tried to minimize me. >> greg: he's divorced. has to see his kids via zoom it's sad. but you're holding it together. >> jamie: i absolutely am but how fun a world with ted doing this and elon musk. what a fun world we get to see. >> greg: i thought that was a set up for a joke.
8:26 pm
>> jamie: no, just a set up. a lot of times i'll just do set up. . >> dana: fill in the blank. >> greg: dana do you think other companies will follow, leading by example? all it takes is one guy. >> dana: i think you already saw that. for example when the roe v wade scotus decision was leaked many companies put out statements saying we are not putting out statements they saw what happened to disney and ran the other way. nbc poll that came out over the weekend, disney used to be the most loved company in america and now it's 53% approval rating. and that quickly. so i think netflix and the shareholders said be more like yourselves, don't be like disney. >> greg: that's so funny because disney losing popularity is like christmas or santa. toys. like, have a kid rate a toy from 1-10 they'll just go 10. toys are 10s.
8:27 pm
but when people are going disneyland's not that great you are doing the worst pr because you're already starting at something people like. >> dana: and it was a creative community really that was pushing disney to put out that statement and so what netflix is saying to its creative community, you guys do your thing we will promote your stuff but you're not running the country. >> larry: great coalition between governor desantis who ripped disney a new one if you will and the investors in the company who agreed with him. and i think that's the reason that dana correctly points out, these other companies have pulled back. they don't want anymore desantises and the shareholders just ripped their faces off. >> greg: he just rang --. >> larry: he rang the bell. he really did [cheers and applause] >> greg: i'll take it. up next mcdonald's is pulling out while vlod fights a rumored cancer bout. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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>> greg: the clown is leaving
8:32 pm
town. the big mack hit the sack. the egg mcmuffin is had nothing. putin ain't so good and mcdonald's leaves the neighborhood. fast food giant leaving russia after three generations of spreading diarrhea and indigestion in response to the war on ukraine but now the company says that continued relationship is no longer tenable. that's worse than ninable. this despite the popularity of their russian happy meal, which is the one that includes food. mcdonald's says it will seek a local buyer and continue paying employees until a new deal is reached. sadly the unemployed hamburglar has pimping out at truck stops. in other news they passed the ukraine aid wednesday and more unverified of vladimir putin's
8:33 pm
health concerns reportedly very ill according to an oligarch close to him and if you can't trust an oligarch who can you trust saying he's very ill with blood cancer. however, like jesse watters recent back surgery it could also just be a front for yet another hair transplant. >> jamie: oh. >> greg: yes. >> jamie: ooof. >> greg: yumy you go on tour a lot and you're also a divorced dad where you probably only see your kids at mcdonald's when they're dropped off with their new dad in the corvette with their new dad. >> jamie: this won't end happily. just so frustrated to drive a minivan when he has a corvette. i'm not a fan of mcdonald's and when i read this story
8:34 pm
mcdonald's is leaving russia. i'm like why are they rewarding russia for what they do. my kids love mcdonald's. i buy them a happy meal and make them eat the toy and play with the fries. feel like that's healthier. not a fan. >> greg: not a fan. >> jamie: this is a great step. if we could just close the rest of them. >> greg: so maybe russia should invader country. >> jamie: yeah. there might not work out. mcdonald's leaves russia grows stronger and defeats ukraine. >> greg: because they get very lean. dana what's going on? you know what? it depresses me hearing mcdonald's went over there and kids would wait in line with money because the lines were so long kids would pay to wait in line like capitalism. >> dana: and the war, we have sports diplomacy and capitalism
8:35 pm
and we make great products and even though they might be terrible for you people love them. i do think if you want to turn young people against vladimir putin, this might be something that the pentagon suggests is like, mcdonald's, why don't you get on out of there. but also i think the shareholders, again, turn to the expert but i imagine the shareholders were also saying we have to make a move here, everybody else is leaving. >> greg: kat, i see the mcdonald's knockoffs. they'll be ordering like a big marks with cheese. did i really shoehorn that in there >> kat: yeah, that was really good. >> greg: thank you >> kat: it's never the same, though. try to make something like mcdonald's. mcdonald's is good. >> greg: no, you order it -- >> kat: several times a week. >> greg: yes >> kat: yeah. like i don't eat and then i do. yeah. so like, it's bad because i was going to go to russia but this is the thing where i'm like
8:36 pm
maybe it's not a good idea. >> greg: i'm not going to go. where pal a i going to eat. it is the best food in moscow. i've been there, russian food can be unusual. >> kat: yeah, i mean, now that there's no mcdonald's, that really is like a sign. you feel bad because, you know, not everybody living there is an evil hoc. >> greg: that's the problem and that's why putin is making everybody pay. larry you wanted to say something about the blond later over here said something about the shareholders? >> larry: i thought it was a fry short and a burger late. >> greg: oh, larry [cheers and applause] >> larry: i didn't want to say that. one of my producers insisted that i say that. that was a joke and i didn't want to go there but i had to. >> greg: they hung you out to dry there. do you believe he's really sick? i don't trust anything that's coming out but i mine do you think he's sick? >> larry: i think he's sick. lots of new york doctors who have russian patients have been
8:37 pm
saying he's sick. i think he may be sick, he may not be sick. it's all disinformation. the fact is, russia right now is getting its butt kicked in ukraine. that's the key point. [cheers and applause] >> larry: whether vladimir is dying from cancer or not, he is on his way out. he opened a pandora's box that he will regret and he's going to be pushed out of power. they may put him up against a wall and shoot him or not. and all of russia has made a huge mistake crippling this country. and i'm not shed i any tears about this. but the best part is ukraine, they are tough, glorious great people who just showed the entire world what they're made of. and russia is in deep trouble. and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch, in my view. >> greg:. >> greg: we're going to edit all of that out.
8:38 pm
we have a big russian fan base and they're not going to like that. >> larry: the russians here terrific. coming to the land of freedom and they're all kind of capitolists sort of. >> greg: they all hate putin. >> larry: and you have to say something nice about the italian navy who took putin's boat, $640 million boat. >> greg: there you go. all right. let's move on, shall we? coming up, are you a workplace wesle for teasing men with heads like vin diesel? . it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk
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>> greg: are your co-workers diabolical if they mock your lack of folical? perhaps not let your words be careless around a co-worker who's hairless. a judge in the uk, they have them there kat has ruled calling a man bald counts as sexual harassment. according to the ruling baldness is more common in men than women. they say so but i'm not
8:43 pm
biologist. using bald as an insult violates the characteristic of sex similar to commenting on the size of a women's breast. but anyone who thinks boobs are more common in women than men clearly has never seen brian stelter jogging. terrible. [cheers and applause] >> greg: actually, no one has seen brian stelter jogging so the joke doesn't even work. kat, this is the assumption that only men are bald but we know that's not true. this is actually reverse sexism >> kat: yeah, so if it's sexual harassment to comment on a man being bald because men are bald more often, women wear hair extensions more often than men so is making comments about someone's hair extensions sexual harassment? >> greg:. >> greg: look, baldy... >> kat: i'm just curious. >> greg: are you wearing what
8:44 pm
your dog was chewing on? >> larry: no those are old ones. i can't throw them -- i'm a hoarder. after that they should be thrown in the trash. i thought after that i could throw them in the trash but they're still on the counter. >> greg: he really enjoyed it >> kat: it's like he was killing a dead animal. >> greg: and in some ways he was >> greg: larry, what if a bald man identifies as a bald woman? then all bets are off. >> larry: it's very hard because of the pronoun issue. very hard. this is the second story we've had on sexual harassment and pronounce. i don't know. i mean, what happens greg, just thinking this through, sexually harassed, what a short people. >> greg: dude that's on my list. i had a question about short people. >> larry: i mean, i don't know how to deal with this. i'm very sensitive to this issue. >> greg: dude who does some high
8:45 pm
privilege on me jesse watters all the time has to make a comment about height. i never do that to dana. [laughter] >> larry: i'm taking a pass here. i'm in way over my head. >> greg: well, you know, dana, do you think that this is referencing somebody's baldness is sexual harassment? >> dana: i do not because this is the second story we've done about sexual harassment and it's nonsense. it's like when the left started calling everyone racist it just became a word with no meaning. and now sexual harassment, which is a problem for some people and some companies, is not an issue in middle school and bald men are not -- i can't imagine that this judge in the uk is like oh this is a very interesting case i'm so glad i get to rule on it. i would have just thrown everybody out of the courtroom. >> larry: was there a lot of money in the settlement? jevity curious >> kat: i was curious too >> greg: enough to get a hair
8:46 pm
transplant. jamie this won't be a problem for about a year for you. [laughter]. >> jamie: you know what's funny? >> greg: what? >> jamie: i read every word of the article like i do with all the articles. at the end of this he's angry because the guy called him bald but if you read it further i'll say it as clean as possible. his company worker called him a bald c word. it's true. and the guy was like, oh, my god, i can't believe you called me bald. [laughter]. >> jamie: that would be like somebody's like you're a fat pedophile and you're like, i have been going to the gym. [laughter]. >> greg: in england. go ahead. >> dana: they use that word a lot. >> jamie: one true story, after i go on your show sometimes you go on twitter and people say nice things. after the last show in the nude studio, i was trying to feel better about myself and people are like oh you did a good job i
8:47 pm
was like oh, that's nice, heart. and someone goes i love when the camera pans across and gives us a great view of jamie's bald spot. there it is. and so i actually ended up going to this doctor and i was like how much would it be to get a little -- and it's thousands of dollars. >> greg: yes. >> jamie: and he goes i can make you look 20 years younger with this and he just gave me a bald cap. that totally covers it. >> greg: literally it does cover it >> larry: i feel very self-conscious. >> greg: i'm sorry larry. i'm sorry larry. >> dana: are you offended? >> larry: well, depending on the settlement. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> greg: up next, if kamala's at the venue, word salad is on the menu. ♪♪ [cheers and applause] 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes!
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>> a story in five words. ♪. >> greg: we're short on time so here's a story in five words. kamala says something idiotic again. >> we will work together, and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together, as we continue to work operating from the new norms,
8:52 pm
rules and agreement that we will convene to work together on to galvanize global action. >> greg: you know, i think we should talk to the women here. you're both role models. i'll go to you dana >> kat: i hope not. [laughter]. >> dana: that's more dirt bag deb. >> greg: yeah, she's out of the picture. dana why do they keep putting her in felon of the camera? >> dana: they don't have a choice she is the vice-president of the united states and it's not like joe biden is out and about. >> greg: true. >> dana: so they have to have her out there and i think that you can't blame staff. it's just like with biden, it does go to the top and this is her issue. i can't imagine how she was in group projects. >> greg: yeah, that's right. yeah. you know they should just start sawing biden earlier in the morning, you know what i mean? just they always take them out, put them on the counter, just
8:53 pm
microwave them for five minutes, soften them up. >> larry: i love when dana rips into it like that. i mean, dana's such a nice person. >> greg: right. it takes a lot for dane on to get critical. >> larry: tears right into it. but looked to me like she was reading like some person that worked there wrote that stuff. that is over the edge. >> greg: do you think she looks down and looks up and looks down so she loses her brace. you know when you're riding sometimes and you read the same sentence over and over again? and then you fall asleep. >> larry: i learned and libbing from you, man. >> greg: i'm the king. kat >> kat: yeah, what's up? >> greg: do you feel let down by her as an inspiration for your own young lift you looked up to her as an historical first, vice-president female of color. do you feel crushed that she let you down as a young polish
8:54 pm
woman? >> kat: i am polish, that part's true. when listening to her it sounded very much like, you know, someone writing a school paper that had to be a certain amount of words and you had no nothing to say. i expected the next words of her mouth to be, in this essay i will -- >> greg:. >> greg: essay i will explain, attempt to explain. like you're trying to beat the word count >> kat: exactly. >> greg: everybody does that especially when you have 11 best sellers like i do >> jamie as a young man -- i don't know. as an old man, which makes more sense. >> jamie: did you change it because you saw my bald spot? >> greg: i did. i did. how could she be president if she can barely connect sentences? >> jamie: i don't know. i'm not blaming her i looked it up and the speech was written by john copy and bill paste.
8:55 pm
>> greg: that's funny. >> jamie: these are the same guys that write the signs in front of strip clubs that say girls, girls, girls. [laughter]. >> jamie: it is really -- don't you feel like communication is so important and you really can't blame the speech writers. for real. at some point you have to go i'm not making sense forget let me talk like a normal person. >> greg: right. and she can't do it. she can't do it because she could if she were prepping. like i'm not going to go off my notes let's talk about what happened today. she can't because she's doing other stuff i don't know what it is. >> dana: it's like she doesn't trust herself. >> greg: or is so ar gain that she doesn't feel she has to work that hard. >> larry: they all resigned. >> jamie: we need to work together on a new vice-president >> kat: yeah >> greg: all right. that ended awkward.
8:56 pm
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