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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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for 100 days. visit >> we are out of time but we thank all of our guests as well as our studio audience. i love you, america. [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ people and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we ar hearing more about this gunman that left 10 people dead in buffalo, new york. prosecutors are considering federal hate crime charges. just hours away from polls opening and some major primaries, pennsylvania, north
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carolina, showing a world of trouble for democrats. the panel is standing by live to debate. and also courtroom questions about amber heard and jonny depp. plus she answered some of the most salacious questions. we have more with a correspondent who is digging in, kevin? >> that's right, chris ray is calling the shooting in buffalo left 10 people dead and others wounded in extremism. they believe he was prosecuting latin americans. an obvious signs were missed it
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is said that the teen in custody was not added to a list that may have kept him getting a weapon. 2 that's right, they lawfully was sold a firearm, i can understand the anger from family members because he slipped through the cracks and it is unacceptable. >> unacceptable from family members and many others around the country. meanwhile in washington, no surprise that finger-pointing has begun. >> racially motivated views are coming out increasingly into the open and given the legitimacy by cable news pundits. >> the wyoming republican liz cheney is jumping in on twitter saying that the house gop
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leadership has enabled white nationalists and white supremacy and anti-semitism. history has taught us that what begins with words ends up far worse. gop leaders must reject the views and hold those individuals accountable. in the meantime there are other republicans who are weighing in like josh holly, he said what chuck schumer says is a violent aim at scoring points. marco rubio called in sick. also this is new, the top democrat says that he will still be holding hearings on the domestic terrorism and he is calling upon congress to address it. there is a push to tighten the gun control regulations, there have been acknowledgment that there is an evenly split undivided group.
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shannon: for the police say that racism is also to blame at a deadly shooting in southern california at a church. a chinese immigrant was upset about political tensions between china and taiwan when he targeted the taiwanese worshipers, injuring five others and killing one. congregants were able to prevent further carnage, hitting the suspect in the head with the chair. others grabbing his guns and tying him up into law enforcement could get there. the suspect that has been identified will face one charge of murder as well as five felony counts of attempted murder. and the saturday shooting in buffalo has been called a hate crime and a targeted attack. given what we are learning about the suspect in history, many are wondering how could this happen? bringing in our crime panel, we have john iannarelli and richard marianos who with the responders for columbine and sandy hook shootings. it's so great to happy with us,
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gentlemen. >> thank you. >> you have so much personal experience with this. so i will answer your reaction, we know that this young man was spotted last year and taken for a mental health evaluation and yet he continued to post things online signaling what he was planning to do. can you tell me how this happens? >> how it happened, i wish i had a crystal ball to know. but what they mention, which is articulate and correct, he purchased the guns legally, he was on a convicted felon, so it enabled him to buy guns and tires at an auto parts store. what is disturbing is that his mental capacity is diminished and in my 30 years of law enforcement, i have never seen so much carnage. >> "the wall street journal" had a piece out yesterday about the massacre in buffalo, saying that mass shooters have had many
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motivations. we talk about the white supremacy, his ranting, that his mental illness seems to be the most common denominator to the expression that there is one. >> these issues that we have seen, the common denominator aside from the hatred that was displayed, issues with mental illness continued that we see consistently in all these cases, politicians want to talk about gun control and i know about having rules in place, but new york has some of the strictest gun control laws around. we need to have a conversation about the mental health crisis and what we can do. treatment and having laws that allow law enforcement to intervene when somebody is exhibiting these kind of science as we saw previously with the subject a year ago at his own high school. >> and we mentioned the gun laws as well as how he's got a lot out there. can you talk about how he chose new york because of some of
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this? because in a section about why he chose the buffalo market, they explained that new york has heavy gun laws, so it would ease me if i knew that any legally armed citizen was limited to 10 round magazines or performance firearms and he seems to have made a very specific calculation error. >> oh, yeah, he was a calculated criminal. one of the biggest problems we have at this time is crime control, everyone is screaming gun control, but this administration is driving me crazy with all of their talk, all of their rhetoric from defunding the police to now banning menthol cigarettes instead of coming out with a tactical plan to deal with the criminal activity. every one of these instances was a criminal act and we are not having any tactical plan whatsoever to deal with this. and who suffers? well, law enforcement and the citizens, public safety should be paramount with the economy, and it is not.
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criminals are plotting, gathering weapons, you know that we have a problem here. and we don't have any solutions. if you give me one politician right now in this area code with a solution to the problem i will give you my pension. >> and you know, they talk about prosecutors not actually prosecuting people, people being bailed out quickly. and there are other assessments of what is going on behind us, the los angeles times talked about a new generation of white supremacist killers, saying that they are radicalized on internet memes and misinformation, apparently inspired by convoluted ideas that the white race is under threat from interracial marriage to immigration. so john, we know that he started out with a live stream, he wanted people to see what he was doing, what does this internet community, the growing connection with other people that share the thoughts and
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think that they are going to go out in a blaze of glory -- is that what is going on? >> we have seen some of this before, live streaming attacks. communication of the 21st century where they want everybody to see what they are doing. it's one of the reasons that i never mention the subject's name because i don't want them to have that kind of publicity and shannon, we are seeing this across the board. we had the attack in wisconsin with the vehicle at the christmas parade, the attack with the church that involve the chinese community versus taiwan. it is not just white supremacy. mental health and violence is everywhere in our society at this time. we have to be prepared by letting the police do their job, prosecutors prosecuting individuals as well. >> and being willing to speak up if somebody is exhibiting signs that we do believe are dangerous. many are uncomfortable to do
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this, but you have to know that there are warning signs. thank you both so much for your experience and for sharing it with us. 2 thank you, shannon, we appreciate it. >> a new york city man is recovering from being hit in the head multiple times with a firearm. video shows a 24-year-old being pistol whipped in broad daylight walking home in the queens neighborhood at 9:30 a.m. the suspect is still at large, $4200 were taken during the struggle, no word on when you had a large amount, robberies have risen 44.5% year to date. according to the nypd. the police are asking if you have information to please call the crime stoppers hotline with more information. and video shot shows a migrant crossing into uncontrolled private property from mexico. more than 2000 over the past
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eight days, joining us is a snapshot of the crisis at the border and title 42 that is set to expire one week from today. we are told violent encounters reached a new record number in the department of homeland security says that more than 200 30,000 migrants were encountered last month, and without title 42 it could hit 558, nearly 2.5 times the current record, as we just that. and 22 nbc news pools have bad news for the president and democrats probably ahead of the primary contests between moderates and progressives on tuesday. we have the dream team panel with us, richard fowler and our gentlemen are joining us now. >> it's good to see you. >> talking about some of these
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polls. president joe biden and his handling of the cost of living. 23% approved 71%, in the same they had people rank how do you feel. the democratic party was at the bottom. they were negative 19 points, kamala harris just above that, donald trump was followed from the bottom. that puts the republican party ahead and john, i feel like it's going to be an interesting midterm. >> yes, i don't know who the 20% are in favor of inflation. >> i mean, are they going to vote when they get about 15%? i mean, anybody that thinks that the president is doing a good job like this, i bet if you ask the president privately he would admit that he is not doing a good job on the economy, which you see reflected on the other
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pool davis because people want to make a change. and this is why the democratic party is at the bottom, they are in control of the house, the senate, and the presidency. if you are hurt by this kind of inflation you are getting in a% pay cut and you might as well try the republican party put somebody else in charge that has a different program that will switch directions that could break inflation. >> can the democrats turn these numbers around? number three, and then at the bottom, the president, the vice president, donald trump thrown in there as well. can you tell me, democrats are likely going to put him, as we have talked about, on the ballot, but what do they do with the numbers? >> first, thank you so much for having me. looking at how people voted over time, i think there is a general disdain for what is happening in washington dc or what is not
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happening which is the passage of bills, people coming to work on policies. and i think that we have a couple months to go before the general election and the general midterm that can also tip some things. i think it is too early to tell, but right now they've got to start having a real conversation about the issue that people care about. and then also what they have done and what they will do given the keys that are running the government. >> the white house, the house and the senate, what do you mean about that? >> well, my point is that they get it. >> the democrats are also latching onto the issue of choice and abortion. but it all comes back to the supreme court, if it remains the
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opinion would be overturning roe versus wade, we don't know about that. but john spoke with the justice this weekend and i would like to play a little bit of the conversation. >> one of the things i've talked about in the media, especially early on, about the way i did my job, i said that i will absolutely leave the court when i do my job as you do yours and that was meant as a compliment. >> not a lot of people are used to seeing or hearing this, he's very gregarious, he took a stab at the media. >> well, one thing is you have a much harder job than i do. i didn't know it was difficult to ask questions, goodness. but he came wanting to speak, giving a message of how it is
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undermining which it is to legitimacy of the court, but he's not angry, you see comments like that and throughout the interview he's having a good time, he's relaxed and optimistic, he was there for a conference on solutions for the african-american community and focused on how to improve schools, how do you reduce crime and i think he came away feeling much more optimistic and more upbeat, except when it came to the court and the internal operations. >> yes, they are still talking about the leak over there, and you know, there have been pickets, demonstrations, we expect that things may heat up. but what do you make of it? >> well, i think that we have to see if this draft is a precursor to what it will look like and i do think you will have see if they will galvanize the base.
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also the legitimacy of the court. we rarely ever see justices speak clearly and openly about how they feel about various issues because often times they will come in front of the court. the fact that they are out there speaking, it sort of raises eyebrows, what will this legitimacy legitimacy look like. >> if you have read his opinions or his dissension, we will wait to see as we always do, what is the ultimate opinion going to be and is this the opinion? well, we will know sooner or later. we thank you so much. thank you, shannon. >> coming up, the news roundup. a warship protest was led in front of disney orlando today. many spoke out against what they
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called the disney woke agenda. and also starbucks announcing employee costs, traveling for abortion or gender affirming procedures. a list of companies like tesla, microsoft, amazon and apple. and eight transgender professor that resigned from old dominion, following the use of minor offense of persons instead of the use of pedophile. we have more. what they call perpetration prevention research. okay, let's talk about that. and also student training on ideas related to critical race theory, compiling a list of the top medical colleges who say 39
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have some form of coursework. and sexual harassment charges for using incorrect gender pronouns when referring to a student. a mother it describe the allegations she was getting. >> i thought that it wasn't real. i thought that okay, this has to be a joke, a gag, one has nothing to do with the other, and parents are demanding that the charges be dismissed after title ix violations. and plus, how old this lady is, plus, the wedding gone right or very wrong? we have met with viral videos coming up next.
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shannon: in new york, a woman was trapped inside her car. the car started sinking, submerging the driver with the fire chief still inside. well, the trooper climbed through, trying to avoid the driver's head, then they dragged her to safety. and she is doing fine, hats are off to them, how amazing. and this is what it looks like to be in the middle of a dust storm. coding the streets and sand, school closures and even breathing troubles in this blood moon is named when it appears
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largest in the night sky and thanks to its red color. and these two stock doubles exiting their wedding they were outside. to work as stunt doubles and they couldn't resist the opportunity and the platinum jubilee. re-creating moments from royal history and celebrating her 94th birthday at the zoo in oklahoma city and the gardens.
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she is a tortoise that can live to well over 100 years old. amazing, that is pretty cool. and tonight, amber heard is back in the hot seat quite a bit of potty talk, you can say, trace gallagher has all of the details that they may not even want to hear. >> good evening, shannon. amber heard testifying resulting in her using makeup to cover bruises.
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>> nothing that i did change the violence towards me, nothing called him down and i am constantly juggling that. what kind of version of johnny what i get. >> she said she went on because she worried that she would not survive the abuse. that he tried to put cigarette stubs out on her. >> jonny depp previously testified that she was the aggressor and that he was constantly trying to calm her down. also claiming that amber heard, jonny depp says that he left feces in his bed after his birthday.
9:29 pm
and today amber heard said morris. >> i had been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband with who i was desperately in love. and i don't think it's a funny joke, i think it's disgusting. >> he is suing her for 50 million, claiming she defamed him by saying that she was a victim of domestic abuse. and amber heard is counter suing for 100 million. shannon: thank you, trace gallagher. and kevin cork is back. before we go into it, the adults have quite a sweet tooth, it sounds like. >> 52% of you out there eat more candy now than you did as a kid.
9:30 pm
>> it's tough to control. >> picking their favorite treat right around the age of 11 on average, roughly four in 10 of those surveyed say that they gravitate now toward the fun side of candy than they did then. if you like sour candy, it is possible you just might be an extrovert. 59% spoke about it. and you know who you are. chuckle lovers say that they are optimistic. and 67% say they are shy, which i think is hilarious. >> 75% say they eat candy every week. and others, 75% more say that they eat candy every single day.
9:31 pm
>> did you pick something early and you stuck with it? >> yes, i always liked score bars, that sort of stuff. >> i am definitely more of a chocolate person than a seller person. >> not that i'm suggesting you taken. shannon: coming up next, we have information on russia. we will be right back after
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shannon: breaking tonight. corporate force to be ruled as unconstitutional. in the golden state, talking about having at least one female member on the board by 2019. saying that it violates the right to equal treatment, the clinton campaign lawyer has been charged with a single count of lying to the fbi. the first trial after the john drayman investigation. it's been going on for three years as to whether or not there was misconduct. and he has pleaded not guilty. and the first of its kind hypersonic missile test.
9:38 pm
five times faster than the speed of sound after separating from a b-52 bomber on saturday off the california coast. the successful launch in mid-march was initially kept quiet to avoid escalating tensions with russia, the department officials say that russia has used the hypersonic weapons in the recent past. in ukrainian forces. some surprising critics say that russia is performing badly. we have more from peter in lviv. reporter: it was a long night for the people here in lviv, thunderous explosions across the sky, not far from where we were standing, the air raid sirens going on and off.
9:39 pm
so the governor here says the area defense system shot down at least one missile that was intended for a military target, only about 10 miles from the polish border. we also heard that more missiles were launched in the area, we will keep you updated. also major developments in one of the most pressing ongoing stories here, hundreds of ukrainian fighters evacuated from the steel plant in mariupol, taken to russian -controlled territory. fifty-three heavily wounded, 200 more evacuated. they will be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. it's unclear how many are left in the plant. they have been on a standoff for more than a month. they are essentially dying. russia has essentially leveled out and wants full control of. and also, human and trafficking
9:40 pm
is more than 5 million refugees have fled, more than 250,000 children were deported to russian territories as well, fox news spoke to this trafficking organization of rescue, operation railroad. they are using a team using the dark web two identify human traffickers and identify them to hand them over to the police. >> this is a minefield that feeds off of chaos human trafficking. reporter: so many reports of rape and harassment and assault from russian soldiers. the prosecutor here gathering evidence to prosecute the war crimes and we will keep you updated on that as we go forward. shannon: thank you so much for your reporting on that.
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coming up next, sitting down with the police captain leading the investigation when it comes to the infamous traffic stop of gabbie petito and her boyfriend who was found guilty of killing her. we will have that next the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. [sfx: fighter jet flying] [tom cruise] tower this is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪
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shannon: gabbie petito wentmissr fiancé, brian laundrie. it quickly spread across social media and beyond. with detectives latching onto all the clues until her body was discovered and wyoming. in part of our series this month, laura ingle sat down with the police captain in charge of the independent investigation which provided critical warnings. good evening, laura. >> that's right, shannon, it came when two bystanders told police that they had witnessed a violent exchange between a young couple outside of a grocery store, a month before gabbie petito was found dead. police immediately searched out the pair drove off in a white van and pulled them over which led to them heavily examining body camera footage and it was
9:47 pm
seen around the world. the traffic stop. >> why wouldn't he let you in the car? >> i was brought in to determine into how they needed to handle the traffic stop. >> we talked with this captain of the police department. the independent law enforcement agency in utah which was closely examining the police handling's of the domestic violence incident involving gabbie petito and brian laundrie. >> you know, you don't have a history, you don't know what is the truth, you have to base your actions on what they are determining the evidence. >> the captain said that they
9:48 pm
should have obtained a statement from the original 911 caller and offered several recommendations to the department including giving officers additional training for domestic violence investigation so they understand state laws and statutes. >> that body camera footage was part of the investigation, showing officers struggling with the language of the law which led to the couple being separated for the night with no arrest or citation made. >> i think that there were mistakes. but ultimately i will not blame those officers for what brian laundrie did to gabbie petito. >> resulting in a report which ultimately the officer had a failure to follow the requirements of the law, leaving
9:49 pm
her defenseless resulting in a lost opportunity to avoid this tragedy. the attorney representing the family for brian laundrie has a different opinion. although they may not have followed the letter of the law and not citing gabbie petito, i believe they did the best they could given the responsiveness of both of them during the traffic stop and we reached out to the city of moab, utah, to ask if anything's been acted upon. they will be receiving ongoing training and testing to make sure that they understand state policies as well as procedures. >> violence attacks, tragedies like the shootings in new york and california often cause people to question god's goodness or even existence. talking to someone who has probably answered the age-old
9:50 pm
questions as to why god allows evil in the world, pastor jeffers. >> thank you for having me, shannon. shannon: we were talking about this yesterday and today. these precious people. these christians among 10 that were killed by racially motivated attacks. many were volunteers, they were faithful churchgoers, they had a love for god serving anyone and everyone and it is hard to digest how any of these people, those in the church and outside of the church, could have lost their lives the way that they did on saturday. >> it is a horrific tragedy and yet in a strange way it proves the veracity of the bible. the bible does not mince words, it says that evil is a reality. jesus attributed evil to satan and said tt he has been a
9:51 pm
murder since the beginning, and although evil strangles the world and it is real, it is also temporary, jesus also promised he is also coming back one day to vanquish evil forever. until that time people of faith have the hope that jesus is going to fulfill his promise and they are going to see their loved ones again. jesus promised that i am the resurrection and the life and he who believes in me though he were dead, shall he live again. that is our ultimate constellation and really our only consolation. shannon: last time you told the stories about one of the worst days that you ever had when a young couple had been killed in a car accident and the family asked you to be the one to talk to the young children and tell them that their parents were gone. it is a gut wrenching and horrible story, but i have to mention it, pastor, you have
9:52 pm
seen the worst tragedies, how do you walk through them? >> yes, and i think it's important that we understand that evil is real, but none of it is attributable to god. cs lewis said all of the evil in the world as a result of human beings with guns and bayonets, bombs and gas chambers. so we cannot blame god for this. why god allows it for a little bit longer, we don't understand, but one day we will know that god is going to make everything okay again. this world is not the world that god originally intended and thank heavens it is not the one that will be forever. god is going to handle the evil problem once and for all. shannon: one of my neighbor versus and i try to share with people when you don't know what else to say, psalm 34. notice close to the brokenhearted and saves those
9:53 pm
broken in spirit. what can we say, regarding evil intentions, evil forces that would make them hurt others for no reason, how do we fight that kind of evil? >> well, we ought to push back against evil. we ought to try to curb it through increased police presence, whether it is certain violent images order teaching our children and teenagers that they are not biological accidents but created by a god who loves them very much and whom they are accountable. but we have to understand that racism is not a political problem, it is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved with a spiritual solution. you cannot legislate it away, there has to be a transformation
9:54 pm
of the heart. shannon: thank you so much, pastor. we appreciate your words of comfort tonight. >> it is great to see you, shannon, thank you. shannon: talking about some midnight heroes tonight. a retired buffalo police officer is called a hero because of his efforts trying to save others during the mass shooting in new york. he lost his life in the tragedy, but officials say that he likely saved so many more. he was an officer for 30 years before accepting the security job in 2018 at the grocery store. the buffalo police commissioner said that he's a true hero. and in california. a man being remembered for his heroism at a church in orange county, doctor john chang charged directly at the attacker. he tried to disarm him, saving thousands of lives in the process. he leaves behind a wife and two
9:55 pm
children. >> yes, these folks died real heroes, and i think hopefully this will comfort some people, greater love has none more than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends. they were friends together and i want to say god bless them all. shannon: we will see you back here tomorrow. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ ♪
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