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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on to galvanize global action. so if you take a truckload of cliches and put them in as blender, that's what you get . congratulations, kamala harris. we'll see you tomorrow night. the ones you loveamal. and welcome to hannity. it is the night before the all important pennsylvania primary and coming up, the candidate and that i and president trumpat endorse the senate. dr. mehmet oz will be here. plus we will continue our investing into his opponent, ve kathy barnett, who is backedst by a shadowy swampy never trumper group names club for growth. i know they used tonymo be republican. they're not anymore. nowys tonight , the mystery surrounding kathy barnett gets stranger and strangernd. there are still more questions than there are answers
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tonight about barnett, her background, her rhetoric, political beliefs, her tweets beyond controversial whether or not she could even compete in a general election. that's straight ahead. but first we. turn to the horrific shooting in buffalo, new york over the weekend. a deranged racist monster opened fire at a supermarket murdering 10 innocentre americans. tonight we all doo pray for all of the victims and their p families and the entire city of buffalo. everyone impacted o by this despicable act of violence. sadly yet unfortunately, predictably, many on the left almost immediately startedg exploiting their pain, their suffering for political gain. in fact, after the shooting itok took democrats just three hours to start blaming republicansca and conservatives and talk show hosts and fox news. of course, it's the same terrible smear tactic that liberals have been using for years now in the 90s0s youl might remember former president bill clinton tried to blame rush limbaughcl and talk radio for the oklahoma city bombing.
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he letters he later said, quote, so the instrument carrying this forward was basically the right wing radio talk show hosts and they understand clearly that motionn was more powerful than reason most of the time. and now you might remember in 2007 then senator joe biden remember he blamed george w. bush, newt gingrich for the virginia tech massacre. rem you might remember in twenty sixteen the new york times blaming 2 the entire republican party for the pulse nightclub shooting in twenty nineteen democrats blaming president trump for the el pasob shooting. and just today, democrat eric swalwell blaming house republicans for a shooting in california where apparently a chinese man opened fire on a taiwanese a congregation. swallow referred to the shooter as the gop's quote, boy,. whatever that means now we can go on and on . democrats always play the blame game unless of course,unle doest benefit them politically. almost no one in the media mob
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is covering the thirty three people that were shot in chicago. their nameshica right there over the weekend. did youei hear their names? did you hear any reports? did you hear any outrage? you did you hear any blame? we as per usual, this program we've done this since two thousand s nine. we scrolled the names of thousands and thousands of names of people shot in chicagoi that you've never heard about. and you might ask, well, why is that ? why every weekend 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 people shot. we never hear about those people shot. democrats can't blame republicans. they can't blame conservativeses and they'd have to look at their policies. let's see on crime defund dismantle a no bail lawss so not a peep from the democrats about the ten people shot in baltimore duringt a single day that any of you hear about the thirty four people shot during one week in los angeles. does joe biden ever talk about the daily violence gripping america's cities because a democratic party policies defund, dismantle no bail out
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tomorrow biden will pay a visit to buffalo, but keep in mind, he didn't visit wisconsin but keep in mind he didn't visit wisconsin last fall after darrel brooks murdered six and injured sixty two during an attack on a christmas parade. he didn't visit new york in april after a black nationalist named frank james opened fire in a new york city subway shooting ten in fact, democratse didn't play the blame game after either of these attacks, by the way, never m mind the fie hundred and seventy four riots that let's say killed dozens of americans, injured thousands of cops, caused billions in property damage. ie their silence was deafening. they called those protests mostly peaceful. they weren't even close to mostly peaceful in twenty seventeen after a far leftie bernie sanders super fan and according to the dailydo caller, rachel maddow lover attempted to massacre republik lawmakers at a congressional baseball practice that's one where steve scalise nearly lost his life and no blame game
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there either. this was a politically motivated act of violence from a guy who openly declared his love for bernie sanders and rachel maddow. butg following the shooting, democrats didn't smear matto. they didn't they didn't goie after bernie sanders and nor should they have no one to be held accountable for the evil actions of a depravedir individual. whatever their political leanings may or may p not be , everyone's responsibler for their own conduct. in fact,uc right here on this program, when these incidents came up, it turned out to be big supporters of liberals. i have been saying it for years. take a look. let me make one thing clear . we believe that every individual they are responsiblee for their own actions and theirs own decisions. i did not blame bernie sanders on this program. i went out of my way not tola blame himme for the fact that oe of his supporters was violent against those those people playing on the ball field. now earlier i said the sameab
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thing about al gore. remember the unabomber radically far left anen environmentally conscious terrorist who was apparentlyvi n avid reader of al gore's book earth in the balance ofn' the unbalanced. but i didn't blame al gore for the psychotic actions of ted kaczynski either. we've been remarkably consistent. we condemn all riots, we condemn all violence and we don't blame people that did nott cause people to act this way. take a look . were always called by the left. never blame the victim for example, you had the unabomber in his hut. al gore's book earth in the balance was in there that al gore inspired the unabomber. that wouldn't be fair.ny or you can take any number ofpl exampleses where left wing words do not cause people. op you cannot say that words are causing people to be violent, ve but that's the narrative on this show.s we condemn show all violence. we deplore all acts of hatred, all acts of bigotry. we stand up against racism where we see it. wewe refuse to exploit horrific
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loss of life for political gain . democrats, liberals, the media mob should be ashamed of themselves but sadly they have f no shame they will do anything for power. they'll dothey anything to lie, smear, besmirch and slander conservatives. and by the way, for the record,r no one spews more violentas rhetoric than the left in case r you need a refresher course. >> here you go. you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you standde for, what you care about. but i like to debate this gentleman. ld take i said no. i said y if we were in high a school i'd take yound behind the gym and beat the hell out of you. i'd be ready to take a punch.ote i think i'd be throw a punch. you'll get out and you out and then you will go.ot >>e everyone should take note of that on both level. >> >> they're not going to let up and they should not. i want to tell both sidesll i want to tell you, cavanaugh,
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you really a whirlwind and you ride get up in the face of some congresshe. does you any good running away from donald trump? i think i need to go back and punch him in the face. i dare you say the things he does. of course want to punchto himunh in the face. yeah, i have thought an awful h lotav about blowing up the white house last time nitrogeniv assassinated the president. michelle says that when they go low they go low. we can go they go low, we kick them magin us for a second. that was rhetoric coming fromm c conservativeson, donald trumpne supporters or this news channel. what would the reaction in the country be anyway? here with reaction now, foxh news contributor joe conchaut along with fox news contributor leo 2.0or hero leo 2.0 tomorrow.
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we'll start with you tonight very specifically. dardi this double standard has existed for a long timest . fed up with it. it's a big lie. they get away with it. i neverhe blame rachel maddow. , i never blame bernie sanders. i never blame anybody forny violent actions except blame ale gore for the unabomber. you blame u the peoplenabomber.e involved in the actions. but the left doesn't play fair like no, they never will. they it's done. you've done this for years. you scroll the names of those black victims. it's going to be very clear tomorrow joe biden is going to buffalo to playo the whites of privacy card because the democrats exploit black americans for one reason for power. for the black on black crime. you will see joe biden going to chicago or l.a. or any of these democratic cities if because they use black is americans for power and control, do they do help black americans? look at the school, look look
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at the crime? absolutely not. but they played this rhetoric. they played this game. ki young know what if not working as much, if not having the samec effect that it had years ago because people are wise to that's why you have blacks and brown leaving the democratic party . i and what they're trying to do now is do whatever they can to create a new base because most people want liberty and freedom. the democratic elites want that control over people's lives. the best example is legal to point outxa because with joe v biden said ifot you vote for trump, you a black and they're fighting to please black americans, people of all o color was liberty and freedom and that's what they don'tra get from the democrats. the democrats are only masters of the race card when it's black and white. all right. let me bring in the media angley . joe concha, probably the best media person on tv todayay. you pay very close attention to this . the doubleub standard i don't
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what the examples i use areof only the tip of the iceberg here, joe . you can give many more and go on probably for the next hour giving examples of the hypocrisy. yeah. and in the end the focus shouldl be on from those in this mediaun accountability should begin and end with the person pulling and we should mourn the victims. but some of this business completely skipped that partny and rush to judgment beforeon anyone really knew anything about the shooter or his motives. here are f the facts, sean,ac the shooter in this specifically attacked this network and conservatives in general in his crazy manifesto no matter because this horrific shooting is being exploited to push broader narratives and agendas. in this case, it's twofold. it's gun control and it's censorship in no particular order. and by playing a blame gamese and pointing the finger at those not remotely involved, we missed nd, the bigger storyth that overall when you look atat it from a macro level, the u.s. murder rate in this country rose to a twenty five year high .t year. mr biden's first year 16 cities
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said homicide recordss in twente twenty one . and there also isn't enough focus on the heroes here eithero . and that laguna beach shooting a primary care physician, is dr. john chang.hi he sacrificed himself to save others. ohe attacked the gunman and was able to subdue have long enoughs while injured for othern parishioners to come in and hang time before the police arrived. dr. chang saved god knows how many lives in that church and throughout his life in this profession, he's an absolute hero and may he rest in peace, say his name again. dr. john chiang. here, let me go to you, joe . stay on the media for a second, then we'll get a comment from leah and leah brought it up. we have scrolled the names of thousands of people that have been shot in thee city of chicago. we started in two thousand and nine. that was barack obama'ss homee city and they have not lifted a finger to stop the violence in that city. the names go on every weekend xw numberee 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 , 60, maybe even as high as 70 people
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shot 30 people dead. whatever the number is, youea never hear a word. i thought every life mattered. why is that ? we never hear a word from anybody on the democratic side about fixing violence in cities and towns that have been runts by liberal democrats now for decades. >> it's accepted as as the new the new normal, i suppose, sean, you know, when i mentioned before that sixteen cities saidef homicide records, all of them were run or are rund by democratic mayors, mostly in states that haveem democratic governors. so the narrative suddenly becomes very inconvenient when it comes to reporting these stories. and yeah, you mentionedgo the shootings in chicago. wein know what's going to happed this summer as the days go longeray and more people are ou, you're going to hear numbers that rival thosese that you hear about only in other countries. you say, well, no, that'she happening over there. no, it'ss happening here in chicago, my favorite city and you're rightic, the national media just yawnsns at this point
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because i guess they feel it isn't a story because it happens so often, sean, and they can't blame conserve s there's and they can't blame fox news and talk radio and republicans leo, they can't because you know what's like for the last year since i've been a contributor, systemic racism doesn't existstraci excee in the minds of democrats. you see the democratic playbook nineteen sixty. you talked about crime in democratic city. they run b the city but there's still systemic racism stillri systemic discrimination because it's the only card they have. and again president biasbi can drop everything and run to buffalo and he's going too play the race card as much as he a can to distract us . but the american people are too wide for. that gate. >> all right, leo, thank you . joe , thank you . a right now to the all important gop senate primary race in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. that will happen tomorrow. full disclosure, we've been honest we always are. i endorse dr. oz and the primary president trump has
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endorsed him as well. recently another gop candidatewn has drawn a lot a of latett attention after only the last week, the 10 days all seemingly out ofmi nowhere. she hasn't been vetted up to t this point. kathy barnett is now facing a massive and evolving scandal over her past beliefslv or past comments or past tweets and her actions and inconsistencies that she seems unwilling toto answer. we tried to call or contact w her team and we can't make contact at this point. look at your screen. here is barnetttt marching alongside us just broke today. radical proud boy storying jan a six. she claims she had no idea who they were and that she breached the capital . and look at this on twitter. barnat frequently spewed i mean, not just once, nott one day, not occasionally. quite a bit of hateful rhetoric against gay people, people that are muslims. she once asked her followers to pray for her because she was about to board the plane tobo
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california and there was a homosexual female on the flight all right. and she also insinuated obama was a muslim. i this will alln come up in ael general election. she called for islamec to be banned in the united states. kathy, we have something called freedom of religion in this m country. what part of that are you not understanding when asked about these incendiary remarks and other issues, kathy barnetts doesn't ever really seem to have an answer. >> takewe a look. >> where were you an adjunct college professor? yes. you know, and in fact, let me just make this really short form you into your list and to your viewers. you can go to my website at barnat for senate .com. we've placed right there on the front page you'll see my family and around my family is i a will and we place rightyo there the things you want tou know about happy barnat, overwhelming majority of the tweets that are now being presented are not even full of thoughts. they're not even fullr sentencet
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and yet people take it and they begin to build their own narrative around it. so i can't provide a lot of context because again, it's almost ten years ago. whyyear is a where is your acco hacked? i'm very curious about this . yeah. regarding that regarding those particular tweets, if you look y at the tweet, they are not evens a full stop. it's n not even a full there's o it's not even a full sentence. s and so there is more to follow and because this is seven, eight years ago, i don't w know what you did and when presented initially i had no idea it would just put in my faceus ambushed. >> okay, and when asked about it she says i it doesn't sound like me. whyim is that on your timeline? do you sher t wouldn't answer t your question if she thoughtar she was on twitter. she's also hadhy a hard time explaining why she led an effort in twenty twenty toff a massive statue to former
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president barack obama next to a lincoln statue in washington dc. what republicanta i conservativo you know that would lead an effort to build a statue of barack obama? one personon't knoww and get this in 2015. didn't support president trump at all. she slammed him on her twitter account regularly, didn't vote for him in the primary. she attacked me for supporting then candidate trump. meanwhile, her ties to the club for growth t is even more disturbing now make no mistake about it used to be a good group. steve moore started it. he's a good guy. he's out of it. seventeen years. but this group hasro now evolved into a never trumper shady swampy washington group that is now sending millions and millions of dollars into her campaigner. and according to the new york times, the group is supporting barnett as an act of revenge against trump and they have
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given barnett millions of their donors dollars donorsee don't give to the club for w growth unless you agree with them. they're supporting a candidate. you agree with the candidates tweetie. so how should we interpret this ? is the club for growth willing e to lose a senate seat because they want to stick it to donald trump who they neverk supportedrs in the first place? oft course, the club for growth denies the allegation seems m pretty obvious to me. that's my conclusion now according to barnett, she loses the primary. she's not going to support whoever the gop nominee is. >> not a good idea. take a look. if you do not win tomorrow, do you intend to support the republican nominee? whoever does, i have no intention of supporting globalisten. i believe we have ran out of room on this one race and this patient i believe we have very h little rope left to just roll the dice and see how it all works out. on the other hand , i cannot even put into words how critically important this race is.
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as i've said many, many times, it mightht well decide the balance of power in the us senate after this midterm the late great william f. buckley jr. once stated be for the most conservative or right viable candidate one that couldy win. i like kathy barnett.he i think she has a great life story but she has not been vettedhe and she does not seem o meet that criteria at all in any way, shape or form. pennsylvania is a must hold senate seat and if you look at real conservatives when you will hear from next that will a in fact have not only a great chance i predict will win the general election if he wins the primary tomorrow. we'll hear from dr. ozil a as we continue straight ahead after the break. >> please stay with us. foxtail forever grateful to those who put this great country first to show our
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visit bonaly .com today but as i
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said tomorrow pennsylvania voters will head to the polls and what is a high stakes primary battle especially surrounding the republican nominee for the u.s. senate where a newte poll shows from emerson, by the way, shows dr. mehmet oz, who i have endorsed along with former president donald trump with a five pointr lead over kathy barnett and ale six point lead over dave mccormack of the polls haveve the race tighter. i amr a believer that inpo politics you always fight like your five points down until the very end like i havehi in saying the two most important things in this race for me have been the candidate has too be in an america first proud ultra maga i'll use joe's focus group termm. we just learned over the weekend a focus group that word those words for like six months conservative and that is dr. oz and you have to be america first. second william buckley was right. electability is critical.
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it's crucial because this is a must hold seat if republicans have any chance ofha taking back control of the u.s. senate after the midterms and earlier today, the forty fifthy, president of the united states, donald tited trump was on my rao show. here's what he had to say. look, i'vee>> known f him for ag time. you've known him for a long time. he's a verye good man and ise think he'll be a great senator . i think he'll also be able to win the election. and i'm not sure that the other people i'm pretty sure that the other people will not be able to win. >> joining us now, pennsylvaniat senate candidate dr. mehmet odyssey's with us. so in the last seven, eight, nine days, whatever it's been,al cathy bougnat, alll of a sudden nobody was paying attention because she wasn't polling well and all of a sudden the polls rise. and i want to get your thoughts on this. the comments that she's made, that she's put out,as the things that she has said about muslim, ,donald trump attacked donald trump viciously
11:27 pm
and repeatedly but now claimseg to be maga. i wasi told in her book she i think she bragged not voting for him and i'm trying to understand how it is that we got to this point in the raceow and now that she is being scrutinized, what impact is itin having on the race in your opinion?g what's causing her major headaches? g a lot of folks are realizing she's not what she painted herself to. this comment about wanting to build an obama statue while at the same time criticizing g george washington has really gotten a lot of conservatives upseteoa. but the good news is i've got a lot of momentum behind my campaign. i just finished a bigig rally, s electric, hundreds of people there. callede. trump wasn't in to the rally to speak to's the audience. and here's the message i delivered on and we've talked about this and i'm just going thisay it out. this is why pennsylvania is w why we'reehind me going to win tomorrow. i have fought for americans against powerful insiders my entire career, most recently duringser. covid shutdown.
11:28 pm
so which we did together during the pandemic, i fought against the mandates made no sense. you and i got a lot of flak for arguing schools shouldn't be closedd. to be part of the reason i want you to be fired is he actively stop us from talking about these things. and that's a refrainin iat that resonates with a lot of conservatives here in pennsylvania, the same twisting of scienceeia, by the way, is happening outside ofid crtv. it is happening, for example, with our kids with all these gender studies, arguments with first graders. we don't teachh calculusra to first graders because they don't get it and you can't teach complex gender issues youh don't want toer without the parents being there to love them. so i've asked pennsylvaniansan o be brave to say what you see. and right now, for e example, we're sayingve biologic mentionw play women's sports that everyone gets. that's not rocket science. good news here. this is all fixable with strong leadership on that bold voice, president trump calls out that we need to dc to represent our pennsylvania values. we got to be pro-life, prorepr second amendment, pro energy. i want to make us the land of plenty again by reducing y regulations and incompetence so we don't to worry aboutou o
11:29 pm
affording gas or my goodness,oo finding baby formula. he and president trump said this i think he was right and kind toi' say it that i'm smartm, i am tough and i will never let you down because sean, you know, we get into this stuff. you have to understand the actual science underlying reasonson why the democrats say what they say. we've got to be tough so don't get wilted. the witheringn wh attacks that happen when you stand up for what you believe in which conservatives have to dove is part of our culture and you never want to let your people down. you go to bed at night, put your head and hats offu below. you know, oz will be doing exactly what you want him to do if you were there next to him. you know, it's very reminiscent when i supported donald trump very early in twenty, fifteen, sixteen whenever i went through i'd known him a long time. we were very friendly like youio and i have been very friendly for a pretty long period of time now and i didn't supportng him and i'm not supporting you y because you're a friend. we had long, serious discussions. i wanted somebody a that pointt to fix't the
11:30 pm
i keptg saying i don't want w anything from you. i want you to fix the country. and we talked about borders and energy and the economy and the bureaucracy and foreignu policy and trade and you name it judges. we talked about it all and i put my conservative credentials. i've been on radio m thirty five years, twenty six and a half years here on fox and i told my audienceat a truth he will govern conservatively. i would argue he governed as the most conservative president by far in the modernn era. before i supported you we had s ours hours and hours long discussions about the issues. just because i know you and i'm friends with you, if you were n notot america first, if you woud not right on the issues, if youe would not maga if you will, if you would not save america, if you weren't a fighter i wouldn't support you and i got attacked when i supported trump. i'veor gotten attacked forti supporting you. do i don't regret one second supporting trump and i don't't regret supporting you and i'm
11:31 pm
pretty convinced the problem i think i've seen in your race is the ads i see about you make you unrecognizable to me and they're all full of, most of them. but that's a different issue. that's politics, right? blood sport is what president trump warned me because anve outsider like he was they're going to have a lot of insider establishment types coming after they got really aggressive after the president's endorsementhe. t the goodha news is pennsylvanias a sport they've seen through these ideas. they knowsmey that i'm strongly pro-life and pro second amendment. they also know that i've got a game plan for how we can getiv our commonwealth full speed. i'll give you one example energy. outhe new deal is a live shot as a scientist, a doctor, i can tell the science on merit what they're saying about it on the left and it cannot be done a timeline that's been outlined. but what does work is natural gas underas my feet right here in pennsylvania and folks sitting in a diner serving coffee and educate you on how badly biden has bungled the energy policies here we were losing high paying jobs. we're not driving down
11:32 pm
inflation, which is numberig one cause of it. it's high energy costs and we're also not providing a national security to ourselves. and here's the basic refrain. the only thing joe biden's building back better is the republican party . we're a strongerte party . we're going to unify afterer the primary tomorrow. in november against a democrat. that should be should be capable in our for our party and we will keep this republican seat that i'mbe confident because the democrats have no agenda for prosperitycas they're not taking us anywhere. and the republican party, we . ve better ideas it's those better ideas to win me this election tomorrow because we should be a land of h plenty. and there's been a lot ofas things said about you and i want to give you one last chance to correct the record. y i got to give you a tip of the hat. i understand you called the likely democratic nominee fetterman today because he had had a stroke, an area of expertize medically for you, which i thought was a pretty classy thing to do to try to help him. medicine obviously and help transcendsds politics
11:33 pm
occasionally. i know it's a horrible blood sportsisi , but i want to give you you are pro-life. you're pro second amendment. you're pro energy independence, you're pro fracking. any other issue you want toll clarify in light of the forty five million or so dollars that were dumped on your head ? well, let me clarify. i like this .ib i'm for life,er liberty and thep pursuit of happiness. life starts at conception.n. as a heart surgeon, i've seen a life when its first coming out of the . butt i know nine months earlier those beautiful sacred hearts are still in there with those babies and so life starts at conception. those babies have to be protected through their formative years in school. get themrm educated career tech go tech however you want to get them into the workforce and then give them health careey when they're adults so they cana play in an even playing field. liberty to me about the first amendment, which is the first for a reasonnfi and the second amendment because it's there to protect all the other amendments. and finally pursuit of happiness for me that's about happiness tobout be able o pursue whatever you want to do a life which i would call capitalism. it's the system that provides the most amount of freedom ever
11:34 pm
developed and it also allows us to support individualism, which is the key american trait that allows us to excel if we are a brave people. i play football college on the last words i'd hearfi before i ran in the field our home of the brave if we own that , if we are brave people,ha we will say what we see. we will celebrate ourin individualism. we support ourdual capital , we'll support the first and second amendment and we will protect life. that'sis what i stand for. that's's why i will win this election tomorrow and i look forward celebrating you with you afterwards. this time tomorrow night to a close the polls will be close to full hour and thirty four minutes. mihewe'll be watching the resuls coming in . beingow's thanks for with us. >> good luck tomorrow night. straight ahead, clarence thomas spoke out on the recent supreme court leak with harsh words for the leaker and the media mob. m and tedob cruz got a big victory in the us supreme court today. he will join us next. he will explain straight ahead
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when you can get the latest news business news headlines on sirius any time anywhere on fox news sunday on sirius xm america is listening now the supreme court continues to address the fallout from the leak of a draft opinion overturning roe v. wade, a leakt that is undermining the court's judicial independence t and undermining the court's integrity. here is justicehe clarence thoms reacting to the leak along with his message for the media. >> i kind of like it. take a look beyond anyone's a understanding or at leastt anyone's imagination that someone would do that and look where we are we're now that trust or that belief is gone forever. you begin to look over your shoulder. it's like kind of infidelity. i do think that the the what happened at the court is tremendously bad.
11:40 pm
i think it's i wonder how long we're going to have these institutions at the rate we're undermining them. one of the things i'd say in response to the media ise when they talk about especially early on about the way i did my job, i said i wille absolutely leave the court when i do my job poorly as you do yours. and that was meant of a compliment really. he's always had a greatmp sense of humor. now while the court has yet to release their opinion on the abortion case, earlier today the supreme court did deliver senator ted cruz c a massive win on campaign finance,ru a six three decision. the court found that a law limiting the useon of post-election funds to reimburse candidates who lendfu funds to their own campaign is unconstitutional. na texasto senator ted cruz explains. now first of all, i think people need to know how many
11:41 pm
times did you argue before the supreme court 90% okay, how many times you hit five ofk them? okay, but you took on tough cases to be fair to you, alan dershowitz, some of the biggest landmark cases in the countryes alan dershowitz, harvard professor, said you one of his best students he's ever hadd the opportunity tohe teach. you guys don't agree on a whole. lot. all right. let's go to this case specifically. >> why is this such a big wet? well, listen, if you look at federal campaign finance law, what what congress has done, p the number one priority for congress is to prevent anyonegrs from beating them. and so this law, it limits the ability of a candidate to make a loan to his or her campaign and then pay himself back . and the reasont that incumbent politicians want to do that is they don't want anyone to challenge them. they don't want some pesky challenge or let's saysi some small business owner to a make a loan to put their life savings in and toif knock out
11:42 pm
the career politiciann. g soap they put this cap in place that said, all right, if you loan money, your campaign, o you're out of luck. we're goingut to limit how much you can pay yourself back andin everything above that tough luck. it's a gift to the american people and what the supreme court said in this caseein six three. i brought a lawsuit challenging this andha six three, the supree court agreed with me and said this is unconstitutional, t this abridges free speech and the consequence ofhihi thats this is going to make it a lot easier for challengers to take on career politicians. the existing rule benefited incumbent politicians and it benefited the super rich. is and the result of this decision today is it becomes a lot t easier for citizens to say, all right, i'm fed up with the direction our country is going and i'm going to go campaign. and throw the bums out. and the more of that you have, the stronger our democracy is. clarence thomas, leave
11:43 pm
the court when i do my job as fully as you do yours, you've got to love clarence thomas. he's always hadaysat a great see of humor, smart as . o i think one of the great justices of all time and i love that answer. what's your reaction? wallace and justice thomas is a great american hero. i know him the left is trying to demonizee him and attack him. one of the things i love about justice thomas, he's got that big boomingthom laugh. it's almost like santa claus. oh , he, he is not intimidated by the leftists that are coming after him. and you know what he just said there that you aired a second ago is is this leak at the supreme court was the radical left trying to destroy our supreme court? it went right to the heart of the trust in that institution. and by the way, i i'm convincedt it was a leftist law clerk who leaked it in order to bully and pressure the justices to change their vote. why do you believe philip?
11:44 pm
because it's consistent with the democrat patterntent fr years of y politicizing and undermining and attacking the judiciary in the supreme court, trying to politicize it and you looksu who celebrated the leak. it was the hard left that celebrated the leak the instant it happened immediately after the leak you saw i ir t left wing groups publicizing the home addresses of the justicece and we're now seeing angry left wing protesters going to the justices homes tried to terrorize them, trying to threaten them. listen.ono someone t comes to your home. that's wherere your children are. that's that's where youle and your spouse sleep and you know, there is a federal statute that makes it a crime to protect the home of a judgeec while a case is pending because they don't want people threatening judges in the administration of justice merrick garland, joe biden's attorney general refusedrr to prosecute these left wing prosecutors and the white house
11:45 pm
is is is giving the green light to threatening and trying to intimidate the justices, as justice thomas said just a minute j go. st it's hardit to think of an institution in our country. rythe left is not trying to destroy and we need to be bringing back theseti institutions to protect our constitution and to protect the bill of rights. it's just like the democrats only care about one riot butig call five hundred and seventy four of them in the summer a of 2020 mostly peaceful billions of property damage. dozens of dead people, thousands of injured cops. obviously we all care about buffalo, but they never mention every weekend violence in many major cities like chicago never very selective moral outrage. nk senator , thank you .ng wit appreciate you being with us. when we come back over the weekend, fake news cnn they misrepresented a segment on this show from last kayleel correct the record.d. and kayleigh mcenany and laura
11:46 pm
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11:50 pm
right now the media mob caught in yet anotherob fake fact check tonight involving yours truly after a fake news cnn humpty dumpty newsletter misrepresented our segment on baby formula being sent to the border and falsely claiming that we were trying to gin up false outrage. here's what happened. look at your screen. there is in fact pallets ofh baby formula at the border which we aired on thursday hurs night show. we also showed subsistent photos provided to us by florida congresswoman cat kamikwi showing pallets of a powdered milk nutritional product for babies over one years old now. bottomly. is there is a baby formula being sent to the border while parents
11:51 pm
in america are desperateme struggling to find enough for their own for their children on store shelves last week we did our due diligence. we reached out to the white house. we did reach out to the department of homeland security for comment a and on friday jen psaki defended the decision ofd joe biden and the administration sending baby formula to the borderstra. now the question is when will fake news cnn correct their lies about the steele dossier, the russia hoax for, three years, jussie smollett, nicholas sandman orr any of their other nonstop lies over the last four years is the new president of cnn, the new owner, the president of discovery. his name is david zasloff. now he just bought the network claims the network will soongh return to straight news. no n, they haven't been for yeas and years. the new head of fake news, cnn is a guy's named chris licht. he's the former producer of the trump painting,
11:52 pm
stephen colbert. and he's also g the guy that created an animated seriesr called our cartoonie president likehorst of all, the colbert show, nobody watchesw,. and that cartoon show is all about smearing donald trump an attacking republicans and conservatives. so it seems obvious tru that the discovery ceo is as of tonight full of adam schiff and that they will continue to be fake news and as they've always been and humpty dumptyan can keep having one big fall and epic fail after another hit with reaction fox news contributor lara trump along with outnumbered co-host kelly mcinerney. laura , start with you. reality is they did have pallets of baby formula. our report was accurate and even jen psaki defended the policy it.. i yeah,s and it's very frustrating i think for americans to continue to see the line frome, the white house, from the democrats, from the mainstream media, even
11:53 pm
joe biden's. own hhs secretary today seemed to admittoth that they've known that there was going to be a problem with baby formula some time last year. so why now, sean? are we in a crisis situation? why wasn't anything proactively done to address this situation ? the only thing i can figure is that it's because the biden administration, the democratsts by and large are comprised of people that have never really had jobs. these n are people that have never solved a single problemy' in our lives. i meanve, after all, they got to run on something right? they don't really wa want to solve problems if you talk to themt and get deep down into. but you know, you think back to donald trump who has to deal with a global pandemic the likes of whichbal our worlds hasn't seen in modern timesn'n and what t he do when he found himself in a situation like that , he sprung into action.on we had operation warp speed which not only gave the vaccinen
11:54 pm
in record time but in both the defense production act partnered with the private sector in order toor ensure that everyev single americand who needed help could get it very different than the situation we see right nowul in america, not just with the baby formula, sean, but b basically on every single issuea in america we shouldn't be where we are now. it's because of bad leadership that we ended up here. but what do you have going on ?e it's a little bit like a failing sports team where they won't have a record atnd this point. yeah, they're at the endnd of their season. they've a got their fans t depressed and they're making their case too the management, which in this case is the american people why we should keep them in powerho, why we should give them another shot. the answer is michelle. yl we're just running out of time. kelly, you have young kids. it's a big problem for moms and dads. >> oh , it's huge. and i remember when jen psaki laughed off the supply chainen issues and called the tragedy
11:55 pm
of the delayed treadmill. no, it's the tragedy of babies who cannot eat now because unlike bette midler who said n women can breastfeed, in fact not all women can , myself included. i had a double affect me. some women, their children havee no protein allergies. there's any number of reasons a woman would need to use formula. so it's a tragedy is of no forma on the shelves and laura's exactly right. xavier becerra said he's been getting updates about this from the fda since last year . jen psaki saide they've been working on this for months. he put a upp by margaret brennan saying, hey, there were whistleblowers in september. e well, guess what ? joe biden said he didn't have a mind reader. so everyone apparently a knewel about this except the president. feel good about that truly. a thank you , laura . thank you both havee young kidso i feel sorry for a lot of parents anyway.k got to take a break. we'll come back for straight ahead right after your samarium ,sabot. no, at the moment pure demand
11:56 pm
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12:00 am
we have left this evening.g. as always, we thank you foror joining us . we thank you for making this show possible. we hope n to set your dvr so you never missod an episode. don't forget tomorrow nightge full coverage. pennsylvaniani primary going on big. a lot of lot at stake anyway. don't forget fox news .com, hannity .com. in the meantime, it's not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham the ingraham angle is next . we hope you have a great nightng . >> i'm laura ingram . this is the ingraham angle livem from new york city. tonight . the real accomplice's that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now when ccp sees dissent building anywhere inside chinana ,it moves really quickly to o shut it down, scrubbing allf ofh it from their social media, such as what happened over the m weekend when more than two t hundred students protested all those harsh covid measures that are in place at peking university. the brave kids