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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 17, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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joining us . we thank you for making this show possible. we hope n to set your dvr so you never missod an episode. don't forget tomorrow nightge full coverage. pennsylvaniani primary going on big. a lot of lot at stake anyway. don't forget fox news .com, hannity .com. in the meantime, it's not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham the ingraham angle is next . we hope you have a great nightng . >> i'm laura ingram . this is the ingraham angle livem from new york city. tonight . the real accomplice's that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now when ccp sees dissent building anywhere inside chinana ,it moves really quickly to o shut it down, scrubbing allf ofh it from their social media, such as what happened over the m weekend when more than two t hundred students protested all those harsh covid measures that are in place at peking university. the brave kids, because if b
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the offender's views are deemed to be a danger to the communist state, a real danger, they'll be arrested and if released, their passports confiscated, well, that's what they did. remember that poor cardinal joseph zen and hong kong the reflex to silence opposition voices in a totalitarian state is one thing. but now it's also the impulsevo ofic democrats here with a november blowout looming and a party on the ropes, they'reem acting more like president. gee, than president kennedy or bill clinton. they'rent their new motto seems to be ifms you can't beat them, use your corporate shills to. censor them. with somem. horrific shooting or a protestro that goes wrong. and if the facts line up just right for them, they tagh republicans for it and they did that . of course, at this weekend's horrific attack in buffalo by ab horrific attack in buffalo by ab platforms that need to be monitored and shut down
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the second these words arehese espoused out there in theseow platforms, it has to stop obviouslyhe has the balance of free speech issues. but freedom is soo important to us that that freedom also carries a public safety with it and we have to balance those. oh , thanks, nancy, because it's always portrayed, isn't it? aysas a noble endeavor when the left, of course wants to limit your speech. it's only a few key words key words show up. they need to be identified. someone needs to watch this and to shutd it down the second it appears and short of that i will protect the right to free speech. but there is a limit. i >> perhaps she thinks i don't know, we're stupid w as her party in albany is a corrupt but we're not. the angle as always, condemnsio all violence and believes in the most stringent prosecution of all violent crimes. like the overwhelming majority of law abiding americans, we
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find racial and ethnic hatred whether white on black, black on white or chinese on taiwanese to be repugnant underck any circumstances. if the first amendment exif to protect speech we don't like not just speech, we agree with the only narrow exceptions to the near absolute right to political free speech in america such as a clear incitement to violence. for instance, if we're any differentt, the party in power will find any excuse to stifle free expression in order to insulate itself from accountability and criticism. hi now hochul thinking is so warped that she thinks there should be limits on speech. but none on abortion. in fact, the woman just committed thirty five million atmmitted thirty five million her state's abortion. of these people are true humanitarians rather. and look, we don't need to belabor the point that the
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so-calledd liberals never move to circumscribe expression when a killer is a neo marxist, an msnbc fan. no, no. in those cases the carnage is the act of a disaffected lone wolf. that killer always has complex motives and a hard to pin down ideology. >> you read the stories, but the truth is the twenty nineteen daytona mass killer connor betts tweeted support for antifa and extreme t anti police protesters. but the media took great pains to describe him as just a deranged nut who is obsessed . guns and mass shootings move right along buffalo authoritieso confirmed that the buffalo killer was a lone wolf. the gonzo journalist at rollingr stone say no,ol no, no, no, no. there are accomplices here. the republicans it's so i didn't want to talk about it.e i guess it's so predictable. it's. so lame because the real
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accomplices are in the media, the media that are propping up an administration that has brought this country to its knees with policies making american families poorer every single day. and they've tried this tax soth many times they tried toey censr opposing views during covid including ours. they tried to criminalize their political opposition after january six and none of the anti free speech tactics ever work. eventually what happens ishe the truth comes out. most of the covert protocols were counterproductivema and highly damaging to children. we said that almost from day one and americans just don't think that january six define the gop. in fact, most americans think j that joe biden is a complete and total disaster on every level. think about it this way. we've had the equivalent of twenty buffalo shootings in chicago just over the past five months.
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the democrats seem to care dohe they look into the root causes? what to do about it? not really, no. and no. i'd say it's all becomeic a political game to them and always has them governing matters. n. policy matters, the economy matters. education and the border matters. and you bet crime matters too. o and the democrats are 100%pp incapable of stoppingin. ov instead they're using the federal government to canonize their sic narrative and elevate their selective concern for life. >> so your system provides superb extremists the most lethal threat we face in the homeland today. mr chairman, i do believe that the intelligence reflects the fact that indeed that is the caseth. okay, we had a hundred thousand
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drug overdoses in the last year. alone. it was said largely by china and mexico the cartels. but white supremacy is the problem to him. if that's the case, that is horrific. it's terrible. but it's weird though that whenc recentlyen pressed for specifics on this urgent threat, my came up >> how many cases involving white supremacists and domestic terrorists have you referred to doj for prosecution? . congressman, let me let me simply do not have the number. no, you've made some profoundly inaccurate statementsra. ss no,ma i would like the opportunity to correct congressman. i will provide ha you with that t information. you don't have to gohi intoav this hearing. i do not have. so youe - can't name one case yet. according to a new report from a the u.s. department of justice ,almost half of all the criminals prosecuted in federal courts in twenty eighteen were aliens charged with crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder into the secretary ofrder into homeland security. a serious person.
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has zero credibility on any threat assessments. after all, he presides over the massive inhumanity and criminality taking place and every night aterg place our southern border. democrats are losing america, including their once unshakable grip on minorities as well. and voters know well what matters most right now it's baby food, it's gasoline, it's the border. it's wasted money and foreigned wars that we haven't. even declared and they want killers no matter what their bizarre ideology prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. and we know now why today's liberals love china so much, don't we? because when things go bad,ey they'ree they can just shut down entire cities round up and silence political opponents and even even make them disappear. am but were the united states of america and not falling for their games of distraction and demonization ?
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and that's the angle. joining me now is michael balboni, founder and managing partner of redland strategies, former deputy secretary forep new york's office of publicf safety. michael, good toli see you t tonight . i know to you've been talking au day long tor your sources in lal enforcementaw, the federal and state level. and state level. this buffalo shooter? is what is very chilling about this event is that when you take a look at an 18 year old who does this kind of preparation travels 200 milesep picks a place nowhere near wkn where he would knowow and goes out and kills innocent people like this , what it's chilling.t then you read the manifesto where you realize that he wanted to do more , want to kill other groups as well, just didn't have time. and what you see is that this is somebody who is truly evil but somebody who is so hard to a stop. that's the thing that is suched a tragedy for everybody. everyone expects that we have this system where we can pick out people just right. weim have just the information just in time to stop them. >> and unfortunately that's
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really not the case, was it? you show up at school and comments at school that were shockingly deranged and talking about suicide and shooting and soo forth is not a bit of a red flag. it is absolutely red flag. but but so, so many other casesi like the orlando shooting, the chelsie bombing, the, the marathon bomber people had>> information the fbi had there were missed signs. there are signs lgn and have whether or nott that's part of the challenges you get so many of them i can remember talking to fbi agent when i first began a job and he saidob the amount f tips you get you spent allpe your time tracing and tracking them down. dse you can do anything else. well, the democrats would say,t look, it's time to just limit u speech in the united states. certain words pop up and shut down those websites or shut down those facebook pages. is that the answer? unfortunately, tsw we never recovered from being on thatal little things like incitement. but you know, that's the thingha you can't draw that connection. youpi can certainly have youio can be inspired by a millionon different things from what you c
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saw on that and that i hateal even calling it a manifesto. i think gives too much credence. i think npr was right when it said that it's just a ranting. it is most of it taken from that church shooter.. but when even looking through that, it's a mishmash of copyevenhr paste from all over the place. so what doac wee take in the enm anythingeo so is the rantings of someone who really was w not in reality. and when you when you mentioned the new zealand shooter sow the same exact m.o. putting the camera on the helmet going into this event, shooting people becauses of a racist motivation that he took outm right from the playbook from new zealandoo. ot and sohi there's nothing original, nothing inspired about this . a former fbi officialia on msnbc earlier today. this is so much bigger than politics, cynical politics. about politicsal politics. for me it's about national security. and yes,on it's about a party who's identified themselves clearly as aligning with conspiracyms theories lies, violence. yes, we get that..
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i love how he says it's not political . then he goes on to say this is all republic that health reform and law enforcement is trying to put all these piecess together t, you know, drinkingom from a fire hose of alls this information out there. he what does that do to advance the narrative so any investigator worth their salte. will tell you that you don't prejudge any type of incident you take. you gou., the evidence takes yo. and so there's still a lot ofw. things that are being processed right now. a but to blame a party or any a political party for an act of violence that doesn't help. in fact, it's it's already you're saying that this iss as a result of a divisive culture of a society like this and yet you're pointing to blaming somebody else. how does that help? has l that lessened the temperature as it bring people back together? au well, tora say that al political party as an accomplice to a mass shooting event when we have we have w mass shooting events almost on a weekly basis in major urban america, major cities in urban america today which
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get almost no coverage. and the. big problem again is how do you lessen p the temperature? how do you get people to recognize that everybody has a right to say what they want but then raise t the flags, try to stop, come together as a community and say, well, we we'll have this personer w get these guns that anybody knows what was going on andd alsols where's the family that obamagate community? i mean, there's a lots inputs there. michael, great to see you tonight . nice to see you too. thank you . and speaking of shutting down z speech, zach krugman was the former director of dataci the former director of dataci that was until he got fired. his job, as he put it, was to sift through reams of numbers and figure out what they meant . he decided to take a look atin police involved shootings police involved shootings deployed more frequently against black suspects versus white. one . he says the data wasai unequivocal and cut against the prevailingd narrative being proffered in the summer of 2020. joining me now isfrom former daa scientist at thompson reuters. explain for the audience
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what happened when you brought the data to your boss. yeah, thanks for having me on , laura . so basically what happened was i had been following this the c research coming out of majoro universities and i had compiled it into a summary and i posted that to our internal collaboration platform to start to try to build some kind of discussion around the fact that , you know, what we were reporting to the publicad and what we were know and the assumptions that we had within the company just did not match the data. and when i posted that on our internal message forums to try to get that conversation g started, what happened was it immediately made me the targetge of a barrage of really intensely hateful and ultimately racialized attacks . and then the company's reactiont and then the company's reactiont shut down to censor everything
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that i'd written, censor anyd kind of criticism of the black lives matter movement and shut downsm o the conversation. so you were you were just bringing the actual facts.e so were you editorializing on the facts ? were you telling them this was the number that i came up with without a political commentary? no, it really wasn't a political commentary. it was really just focusingta on the facts. so i took i looked ats statistics from the government. i looked at the best studies probably the best one comingmo out of harvard by one of the most a very famous and well-respected researcher, roland fryer, that still stands is probably the best studyn on police bias in lethalho shootings. and i was a really just trying o put together the whole t the whole picture that's coming out of these researches institutionse and yet no
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one wanted to hear it. i want to play for you finallym, allowed the movement said todayg addressing her mounting financial scandals. >> watch the way that the right wing media specifically has characterized such mistakes are truly antiblack. they are about this ideawo that black people, especially black women, don't know how to manage money, how to manageta funds and what to do with money and the reality is if any organization receives tens of millions of dollars and one to twoen months time, everybodyou would be trying told figure out what you do with it exactlyhe their of circling the wagons for blm when this news startedn to trickle out and it seems to happen in corporate america as well. yeah, i mean it's really it's really not surprising in a
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sense like the ethical sort of t failures that would lead to sort of spreading these lies about police bias seemed like the exact same ethical failures that would lead to these massive financial scandals whereefa million some people arn saying billions of dollars are unaccounted for in the variousd organizations. but you know, in a in sense it'i not surprising that you would have activists i think there's activists of allsi political stripes who are probably unethical. what's the problem to me is, is that our media institutions and our other socialhe institutions raise these activists upseit and promoted their messages without questioning that without exactly listening accountability. i mean, what is that going to interrupt you? actually were bringing data to the equation wer, the science and data people. right?sc they don't want to heare the science and data. they're not interested in it unless it advances their particular narrative. bo i'm really sorry about what happened to zach.
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your story is an important one to tell. thank and remember, if you can't watch us alive, make suree you set a series record on your dvr so you don't miss us every weeknight at 10 pm. a but up next , the hottest election in the country, the republican senate primary in pennsylvania is in pennsylvania is speak to candidate david mccormick to who's trying to mot a last second comeback. >> will he stay on piers morgan? and i'm uncensored. they tried to silence one of television's biggest voices, but now he's on fox nation. now i'm back to the nightly forum. the fabulous guest this debate and yes, some fun, a show where opinions are welcome , gleeful they've got rid of i don't care if they make me so mad . i was told to give my opinion a very old place for it's the modern day mccarthyism i . i find the whole thing completely hypocritical to show where freedom of speech is encouraged. the free speech is supposed to
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be the bedrock of any real democratic society and our political system can't seem to guarantee that . what is the opposite? the bottom line is we have to keep it fair and to show where council culture gets canceled uncensored. you can say whatever you like. i know i can and i'm talking to you. remember arsenide of my love for the e street. piers morgan uncensored now weeknights on fox nation. this is a no fly zone. hi, my name is hank norton. i'm a veteran of both the iraq and afghanistan wars and a managing partner with the napoli's gulik law firm. if you were a loved one , lived or worked at a military base and been diagnosed with liver disease, a compromised immune system, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, a thyroid disease or or kidney cancer, your illness may be the result of exposure to contaminated drinking water at a military base caused by pigface, a toxic chemical used for firefighting and fire suppression. at these bases, lawsuit are now being filed against the manufacturers this fall and my firm napoli's skutnik is
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by next morning .com post code eleven five states tomorrow have senate primary contests but there's one race in particular that hasan captivated the nation. pennsylvania's gop senate voting begins gop senate in the keystone state in just over eight hours or so, but it's still kind of anybody's race. and emmerson poll released today shows that despite having the highest unfavorable among republican voters, dr. mehmetrs oz is leading with twenty eight percent very likely voters. kat kathy barnett is second with twenty four percent. dave mccormack is close behind at 21% now most importantly. fifteen percent of likely voters still say they're undecided who now isan republican . pennsylvania's senate candidate david mccormick. dave, you have the highest favorable in this race. wait a second. can be that nice guys really finish last or if you're goingre
12:24 am
to makent that a different stor, what are you going to close that gap if indeed that poll is correct? atlaura. >> well, listen, it's been a great day. laura , thanks for having me . ura , thanks for having me i had three big rallies today. i started in harrisburgn and thenento went on in my homen of bloomsburg where i valueoo my and my high school where i grew up. and then i had a final rally tonight in pittsburgh and there were hundreds and hundreds of people at these rallies. whople at these rallies. and i think what it indicateseo is the point you made, which is there's lots of people who are still figuring out who they're going to vote for and they're going to vote for and they're themselves three questionsns who's going to represent and fight for the conservative values that i hold dear who can win the general election in november because the stakes are so high? this is really to push back ones the quote of a weakness that'ss going in the wrong d direction under chuck schumer and joe biden and nancy pelosi and then who can get to the senate and make a big difference on day one . and i'm feeling great, justth great support. there's many voters who are coming my way.
12:25 am
i hear that throughout the dayco and throughout the last couple of weeks and i'm optimistic that tomorrow we'll have great results. but it's it's verybuy much, a mu said, it's very,ve very dynamic. everybody has to get out to vote if they're interested the country're interested .on now, i was on "hannity" tonight and he's saying he's and real outsider second amendment guy, pro-life guy in this race . td me watch. president trump warned me because i'm an outsider likebe he was. they're going to have a lot of insider establishment types coming afterstab pennsylvania's peming afterstab pennsylvania's they've seen through these ideas. they know that i'm stronglynnsyn pro-life. i'm for life, liberty i'm for life, liberty pursuit of happiness. happinptionnlife lib. as a heart surgeon, i'vees seen a life when it's first coming out of the . i know nine months earlier those beautiful sacred hearts are still in there with thosered babies. that's a beautiful statement about life. well, the one thing that mehmet oz and i do agree on is that pennsylvanians are smart and they and they'll seere and they and they'll seere series of positions that arehe absolutely opposite of
12:26 am
absolutely opposite of he's truly flip he's a hollywood who's flip flopping on all these major positions. he held a series offl positionsp in his own words that are pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-choice, gender transitions for kids, anti fracking, pro obamacare. care and pennsylvanians know this . and that's why despite t, that's why despite manman hasme not gotten more momentum in the polls. and so i think that's where the debate is happening with voters right now and they are saying who is trulyva conservative and who's not? listen, i've beenee america fird my whole life from the time i volunteered for the militarynd and served under ronald reagan at the age of 18 and and who can win the general election and know what kathy barnat, david. so again, you see what oz is doing and he has a lot of name recognition. you have the favorability.he lat kathy barnett had the late surge momentume she was on . she's been doing the rounds on tv in the last few days. this is what she said while they were attacking one another on television. i was out here. with the peoples
12:27 am
we spent less than two million then they're mad . permiss they're mad because i didn't ask for permission to be in this space. i just walked in because this ise t my country and our country is in trouble and i don't believe we have any more room to elect warm bodies r within our next to our name. >> david, would you considerin having barnett work in some way, shape or form and your e office or for your effortss office or for your effortss won tomorrow?w? oh , listen, i respect kathy k and i've gotten tono know her on the campaign trail but has beenh tested. kathy was tested eighteenhe twenty four months ago when she ran for the congressional seat in pennsylvania, lost by . gpennsylvania, lost by and now what's happening is there's a lot of focus on she has t a spotlight on herst because people recognize the stakes are so high as she's being askedak ask to answer ques that are the very same questions i answered on the first dayhe about my background, my military experience, all the things totally legitimate
12:28 am
questions. timate and the reason that those questions are so important iss whatever , you know, back and forth is going on in the primary or whatever you tough attacks are happening. it's going to be ten times worse in the general election because this is like the super bowl. this is the racewl..this is thes chuck schumer packing back to new york on his zealotry with a suitcase to move back to new york. so we got to have the right a person that can that can marshal a team credibility,is resilience to win this this matters for our country. tk so listen, i think we shouldut all be scrutinizedin and i've certainly undergone that scrutiny and i understand it and i appreciate it. kathy n, do the same thing. you know, she needs to answer these questions are being askedi . this is i thinknkhe voters are discerning. i think they're discerning on valuess thinkre. that's why i think they're discerning on credibility. and that's why i think in the i end that pennsylvania voters will go my way. we'll see tomorrow. i'm pretty optimistic aboutw it. >> well, we'll be here tomorrow night sitting right here waiting for those returns. dave, we really appreciate it. a
12:29 am
we'll be watching this ballot in kentucky. a rising star in the gop has just announced his candidacy for governor in 2020 three and bashir is not uniting. kentucky governor does not reflect our values. he's never going to change. soor we. have to change our governor . g kentuckyover needs a governor who uses common sense.sens one bolde. enough to defendha innocent life. the governor understands that only faith can keep us strong.g. joining me now is kentuckyky a attorney generalttorney and cane for governor daniel kameron. daniel , great to see you tonight . a recent i think it was a morning consult pollsu found that andy bushier, the incumbent governor , is the most popular democratic governor in the country. did kentucky miss somethingis about the covid controls that were in place and europe and your state? what's that all about? well, yeah. well,, i think that look, when you think about what we're trying to do in terms establishing common sense and making sure that's in our's governors office, you look at
12:30 am
this governor who in the midst down shutrnor who in the midst down churches and shut down small businesses.s. he recently vetoed legislation that would ensure the integrityd of women's sports and then t he's vetoed and fought against pro-life legislation. i think the more that we're able more to share that message and people recognize the track record that i've had re general standing up for the values of the men, women and children of all one in 20 counties i think come november of 2020 three they'll be ready to make a change in our governor's office. nowfi laura: kentucky democratse terrified of you. the i thinky have i have been from the beginning now they filed an ethics complaint against you because apparently they say politicize the office by investigating a politicaley opponent. and we talk a lot about phony investigate ofns political opponents on the show. so your response to thosee allegations? well, look, i think you'rehi right. a i think as soon as i announcead
12:31 am
the democratic party here in kentucky had a game planle which is to a attack me and attack the role and the job that we've been doing since i was sworn in , i've told folks that i'm going to do my job in the ag's office without fear or favor. i will not be intimidated and i think the bashir team in the kentucky democratic party are going to find that out. find me and my wife mackenzie, we're and we're ready to make, we're sure that we're defending the values of the men, womenil and children of allco one hundred and twenty counties. again, i think i've shown over the courseun of almost three years that i've got a stiffoi backbone and i'm goingng to do t what's right regardless of narratives that are out there, regardless of what others mightr say in the national media, an we're going to dod what's right by the values in the men, women and children heree>> in kentuck. and bashir also vetoed an abortion bill . didn't see that ban a mostbo abortions after 15 weeks and the kentucky legislatureto override that veto. so he undermined its constituent with that veto. e
12:32 am
that's exactly right. no, you're exactly right, t laura .im he is again, time and time nots again, time and time in alignment with the values of the men, women and children of aboumen, women and children of and as i've talkedt about in my office and in my role as attorney general, i've been standing up for constitutional the rights ofr constitutional our citizens, whether it's from governor beshear or from the biden administration. we need somebodyio in the governor's office that will be an advocate for all the people here in kentucky and that's what i intend to do. mr. attorney general, great to gr see you tonight . thank you so much. and up next , some big surprises at a music showk you shouldn't miss and avoids boldly goes too far. >> raymond arroyo has it all seen on the next. t this is roundup for long's. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down top the roof without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions crabgrass cloverr. u
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12:38 am
there. well, it wasn't yellowstoney.y. ozarks lore. laura. lore. i overheard people talking about this all weekend and itbod says a lot about i the state television went afterio a whole week of hiatus. the johnny depp a amber herd trial is the most anticipated show of the week. you'll remembers jeff made the claim that amber heard lip will put it nicely fecal matter in his bed today heard blame the dogg she had eaten johnny weed when she was a puppy weed when she was a puppy forr her entire life and sometimes it's happened in that. laura , i wish i wish people p were this attentiveeo who covert relief bills, what their member of congress or their local city council are up to but they're focused on amber heard and johnny depp as if life and death depended on what was saidth in this trial and tabloit tragedy tv combo.
12:39 am
it's a tragic relationshipra and it's tabloid. well, i love well, the other piece of it is this is really the sixth pirate movie. johnny depp said he's not doing any more of those movies. this is pirates of the caribbean, the curse of the deck. just saying maybe they should have a new ride p doing so well. right.po we couldopy have this in my bede and time kn but now, youow w know,ha a showo really making ann impact when it's spawned spinoffs now a raven seimone video has rockfest the girl next to next to us right now is amber heard. oh my god, it's out of amber. why don't you go tell her that on the phone? cut it, cut my finger offim intuitional claim it. i >> oh my god. i really wish i could feel this right now he's crazy. y. everybody everybody sees celebrities getting in on the game. this is i'm telling you it's t become the television event ofhe the spring of the summer. but the dip her shoulder this is not the only reboot out there. star trek has a new show called
12:40 am
strange new worlds and it certainly looks that way. captain pikeks t of the enterpre warns a faraway planet about their future by recalling our past. r >> ourec recent conflict also started with a fight ford freedoms. we call it the second civil war in the eugenics war . finally just world war >> okay, well that's good thing there.thre that is good.e. oo and no mention ofd antifa oron the chinese enslaving. oh yeah. killing them for religion. but jan six that leads to armageddon. this is quite i guessut that whole thing about the nrcc million people in reeducation b camps and neck the thing forget all brandee in the rotunda. take selfies and this comes after you remember star trek laura , that reboot unveiled the president of earth president stacy abraham.ab now star trek isnow s all has ar been a point of unity for nerds everywhere. i don't know why they've
12:41 am
decided to divide b the audience by dropping these polarizing political figures into the voyages of the starship enterprise. imagine they cast sarah palin as president of earth. do you thinknk that would haveh. gone down? that well, no. h better put an actress in the role, but if you're looking for someone to really bring the world together really help them work together. there'sge a politician who has been rehearsing and practicing line isrs a daily we will work together and continue to work together to address thesesee issues, to tackle these w challenges and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules and agreements that we will t convene to work together on how we will work on this a together.ld >> look m atay obamagate certain areas like god. this isn't thank god this isn't a drinking game. i have been drunk every time, she said togethernkeru we're alo on second thought that will not work. laura , you'd have to set
12:42 am
your phaser to snooze mode. tasr i don't think it work and thede billboard music awards and i just happened last night. it'sust happene more like the b, the awards, the outfit. oh my goodness. i did notice there were a few high beams. yeah, few and dangerously plungg neckline. megan fox this beautiful i people. t but it's it'she like the challenge of the plunging neckline. that's what it was. >> i's what it was. yeah. who's going to win the wellses. i have some guesses buu there was one thingn that occurred there that this is an important note about the billboard music awards. morgan whalann i is the best selling country artist in the he not only played atuntry. musc awards, he also took home the award for best country t artist. he now this is a big deal becauseed he has been canceled. that's after he was caught using the n-word on he was talking to friends but still sean diddy combs produced and hosted the billboard awards . he not only lobbied for whalen to play but also for travis as well. and he said as a musicaly family, none of us are saints.
12:43 am
so one of the things i'm doing directly is i'm canceling b the cancel. ecople hav that's breaking news because people haven't been abouten canceling. canceling. that needs to stop.s is great >> laura , this is great.n this is the right redeem in the pop culture.punished look, you can't c stayorne in te punished corner forever. it's got to be a path to redemption not only for these music stars, for everybodyth in public life when they say something that crosses a line or it's a mistake now, especially when it's in our tweets from years ago. are you and your high school now play and you said a this i mean at some point i agree and it's so good to be in the studio with together againth working together. l we can work together allaura: rt .it. we couldn't believe this story when we read it. three eighth grade boysoys are being accused of harassment for using incorrect pronouns when referencing a classmate. one of those boys is mom here exclusively next .
12:44 am
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call the barnes firm now when that car hit my motorcycle, yoyou ght t beurprpris insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million get it free now while supplies last but extra money .com first code one . all right.>> is this next story is pretty hardbo to believe. three wisconsin middle school boys o are being accused of harassment. so what are the specific charges are using the wrong pronouns? i kid you not now here's
12:49 am
what reportedly happened in march. a student decided to start going ppened. by they them okay in april they accuseds the accused boys, got into some verbal argument over the whole issue. of the well, the mother of one of the boys that the student was screaming at one of them to use proper pronouns calling him a profanity. proper pronounce calling them a profanity. my son came up defending himen saying he doesn't have to use that pronouns. ng he doesn. . all right. the school then filed a titleal nine complaint against all the boys involved here exclusively a thirteen year old raising revenue and his mother rose and deputy counsel for the wisconsin institute for law libertytyco braden. how did this fight happen? so there was a student in my music class that came out as non binary and chose them as pronouns. the persons were extremely confusing to me. said t so i spoke to my mother
12:50 am
who said to call her by name. i tried to do that buted i accidentally slipped up and used the wrong pronouns and beforepr i knew it i wasas slapped with a letter that said that i was accused withau sexual harassment on my rose. h how did the school tell youoo about this ? hi laura . thank you so much for having us on the elementary schoolin principal gave meg a call for warning me that he was going to be sending an email over with the accusations and when as soon as i heard sexual harassment, i'm thinking ,oh my gosh, you know,sh i'm thinking the worst , can't be . inappropriate touching it. yeah,, cpac with something, you
12:51 am
know, crazy. horrible. yes. and whensaou i said what is this that my son did, he said he didn't use the right pronouns and i just i couldn't believe it. i was appalled. he told me i'd be receiving a letter and an email with a letter and i received the email and the letter was nothing more than a standard letter with a blurb that said sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns, no detail, nothing.or noww i want to read a part ofe the letter rose and your lawyer lukken responder the following allegations that potential potentially tha constitute sexual harassment after being informed that a student's preferred pronouns were they then redacted name engaged in conduct based on gender identity toward the student including using incorrect pronouns and conduct conduct that was harassing in nature. lukeke
12:52 am
using i guess they call it miss gendering do they thatnt sexual harassment is that typically. covered by title nine? i'm sure you can find c some lefty judge somewhere who would say no, not remotely. >> and this is this is really troubling on a lot of different levels. firstis, the schools cannot and should not be forcing their preferred mode of speech on their students, especially minor students. this issrred basic first amendmt 101 stuff and second, even ifd a school district could compel speech and they can't,h they absolutely shouldn't be using sexual harassment charges at the bludgeon a doest fit and it's wildly out ofdg proportion to what we're talking about. and third, the district's process here is also deeply troubling. they didn't provide any advanceo warning to the parents and they didn't even provide the details of the allegationsns beforeso they interrogated the students . so if there's an issuessue
12:53 am
with students, the first thing the school should do is reachch out to t the parentshe, get all the students in the room and work through it and none that happened to you, they just dropped tideline charges on these students and that's totally appropriate. >> and have you had any disciplinary problems in the past targeting other kids being mean to other kids ever? >> no, i mean, i i'm generally a really like a shy person. i'm more like to myself i don't really interact with other peoplehe i interact with on a daily basis. rothe b your son does pretty wel in school. i understandndetty he does. he has always done well. he started school early. he has straight a's. orward t he's looking forward to college. he wants to be a lawyere.s and he's very concerned about what this is going to do with his permanent record.
12:54 am
look, this can't stand this canb be gone on to something really great in life and this cannot>> stop him. >> yeah, this is totally inappropriate. and so we've asked the school district to immediately dismiss the charges, remove them from his record and make changes to makema sure that nothing like this happens again because this is totally inappropriate. middle schoolers should notur fear punishment for not complying with the current speech code, whatever that happens to be atve bradenhapp l we're going to be watching c this very carefully and this is why people havel to get involved in their local school boards. this stuff has to stop. s >> thank you all.we retur we have finaln. thoughts from new york when we return. so your home is expensive and stressful. so we created our smart solar system to sell your home for top dollar and save you thousands in commissions. i was amazed at the fact that my house sold in one day.
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