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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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all of the proceeds go to shoreland soup kitchen and pantry is for the freedom matters t-shirt awesome for the summer.. great for father's day coming up. call for the beach. thank you for watching. remember it's america now and forever. we've got greg gutfeld to come he takes it all from here and will be here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> a big primary election day kicking up just hours from now in five states across the country. voters in idaho, kentucky, north carolina, organic, and pennsylvania gearing up to catch it on my cast their ballots in th bie midterm election day so far. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this. i am speed 19. >> and i made todd piro. three contenders are jockeying for the senate nomination. gearing up to be one of the highest profile races of the
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season. >> today is the day. political commentator kathy burnett and david mukwonago fine for the republican spot on the midterm to get and what will likely be a tough rice to keep the pennsylvania senate seat in g.o.p. hands. mccormick sang last night g.o.p. voters or pick a candidate who can stop the democrats. listen. >> there's lots of people who are still figuring out who they are going to vote for. they are zero dead and they are asking themselves three questions. who is going to represent him to fight for the conservative values i hold dear, who can win the general election in november because the stakes are so i, and who can get to the senate and make a big difference on day one. >> outspoken commentator kathy burnett surging in recent weeks and becoming a surprise top contender. she credits her rise in popularity to her authenticity. >> we spent less than $2 million and they are mad. they are mad because i didn't ask for permission to be in the
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space, i just walked in. because this is my country and our country is in trouble. i don't believe we have any more room to elect warm bodies with an r next to their name and say check republican win. we don't win. is not working out for us. >> and become a dr. oz giving the coveted endorsement of president trump president trump early on maintaining is a true outsider candidate, dismissing criticism that some of his past, still much the platform. >> president trump warned me that they can have a lot of insider establishment types coming after you. but the good news is pennsylvania are smart. they know i'm strongly pro-life and pro-second amendment. >> the polls open in about three hours and 7:00. carly, back to you. >> let's bring an pennsylvania congressman fred keller. congressman, what you make of how this race is tighten down
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the stretch here? >> it's really gotten tight here in the ad ad who we are going succumb as dr. oz, pennsylvanians are smart and they're going to pick somebody that's going to put america first. and really make a difference for the lives of pennsylvanians and americans. >> this phrase has really split the republican party. you have dr. oz endorsed by former president trump, david mccormick endorsed by mike pompeo and senator cruz and kathy burnett comes out of nowhere and endorsed by the susan b. anthony, which is a problem in the pro-life group. the problem with kathy burnett is her social history. she said some of the egregious things like is the cornerstone of islam and then you president trump saying that she wouldn't be that she is unelectable in the general election. he think he has a point? >> i think the best person that we can put forward in this
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election and primaries dr. oz. he's the america first candidate, i've set on with him and spent many hours with them and really cares. that's what we need. when somebody's gonna put america first, shares our values, is pro-life, pro-second amendment, believes in the constitution and dr. oz is going to come out on top i believe. >> when we are analyzing the results 24 hours from now, congressman, well trumps endorsement of dr. s be deciding factor? >> i don't know if it will be the deciding factor but it certainly can be part of what people are going to look at it. because they are going to trust the president vetted the candidates. everybody's been going after the endorsement and president trump's gotten some of that right, most of them right. part of the when i think people act with dr. oz. and as i mentioned when you are playing the three candidates, dr. oz is the one person i realized what i realized government pennsylvanians are smart. is the only one that said that
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for the smart of them make the right decision. >> let's talk about the border because these numbers come of the g8 dhss there were over 234,000 migrant encounters in april commenced the highest number in the history of the department. dhs also said that without title 42 in place there could be -- listen to this number, 558,000 migrant encounters a month for the majority of americans said that they do what title 42 to remain in place many of them because, like democratic mayor thing please keep this in place because it's the only toll we have left. the biden administration is not listening. why? >> well i'm not sure why they are not listening. they've been putting america last when it comes to many of their policies. and assist another one. not that you don't want to help their people, but my colleague, kat chemic, mention how they are skids of baby formula at the southern border but if there is a 40% shortage and we have
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american families they can get bored baby formula. is this another thing with the president doesn't put americans first and when you look at the encounters so far, the ailing encounters so far since president biden has been in office commits more than the population of 15 individual states. and what the dhs is saying is it could be as much as 18,000 illegals encounters a bit of illegal aliens. listen, we have to take care of americans for us, not that we don't care about other people, but we have to take care of americans first. and when we look at drug overdoses and you look at all the things of been happening since the biden administration dismantled the trump policies that were effective and working and quite frankly were better off for the people trying to get to america, they weren't seeing the humanitarian crisis we were seeing. i was actually to the border. the president was not for the vice president hasn't spent any serious time down there. and we talked to the border patrol agents, we talked to the
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intake facilities and they don't feel appreciated. write it we need a stamp element gives a little thing do their job could not sit late dismantle it because it's a policy put in a place by president trump. president trump's policies were working for their better for people they were trying to get to america. they are better for people on the southern border and they are for everybody other way around. >> congressman. how telling is that the joe biden on the date had a 42 is set to expire. >> you know i don't know if he's trying to do with her normally don't deflect from the issues that are important to the american people, not that it's not important that we have a good relationship with countries in asia, but here's the whole point. the point is that we need to make sure they were putting america first and not trying to -- would be hard to do. only to have to do is reinstate the remain in mexico policy, support of the agents, finish
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the wall. we could really see a difference. the president doesn't seem to want to take on these tough issues. president obama's secretary of defense was set up best. evidence of this changing at all at all. >> you know yesterday there is this massive tunnel that was discovered is fully operational from tijuana to san diego likely being used to smuggle heroin, meth, and fentanyl. you can see in your screen were talking to parents who allow stepparents the fentanyl leader in the show. what can be done on a congressional level to solve this issue? >> well what we need to do is we need to make sure that when were sitting policy were actually funding the things that can make america safer and really putting restrictions into the administration so they don't
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have the flexibility -- so when we need to hold them accountable because i didn't think were good to see that in the midterm elections. americans want to help people. but first we need to take care of herself. i used the example when you're on an airplane and the flight attendant as telling you about safety procedures they say when the oxygen meant mass comes on take care of yourself first. it's not that we don't help other people as americans. written questionnaires nation on the face of the earth. the fact is we need to be safe i'm good with people coming across our border that are on the terror watch list. we have fentanyl coming across the border at record levels. we need to take care of our southern border and take care of americans first know we can take a look at gallipolis is tell people in other countries. but right now need an american first mitt administration and were going to do everything we can then force them to do that. whether it's through administration, we can highlight some of these things and force them to change their policy. >> congressman, brad keller stealing my airplane analysis
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for his own purposes. that's my night on that one. give it to you for this -- thanks, congressman kelly. taking over twitter is on pause for the billionaire tweeting overnight 20% fake spam accounts while four times what twitter claims, could be much higher. my offer was based on twitter's sec filings being accurate. yesterday twitter ceo publicly refused to show proof of less than 5%. the still cannot move forward until he does. must covering 24% to take to the private. speak all right fake news they are all right yesterday president went in the white house on podcast. speed of the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter, you know? it's like the path the power at the path to the teleprompter. this administration doesn't seem to get a lot done.
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>> elon musk thing you got the impression left by biden like the drive and hit the president on this administration contribution to the inflation crisis. jesse watters says many americans agree with elon musk. >> here are the numbers for the biden administration and for democrats as a whole. like this, 75% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. i guess biden is unified america, we all agree the country's in bad shape. under his leadership. the democrat party is past the point of resuscitation and they know it. they are no longer worried about passing their agenda. to me this in the back slab for himself got into the white house and failed to move build bike better. now the american people are getting a word in crime, inflation, corruption and the president is left with limited options. is now turning the name calling and race baiting and supreme court leaks. >> and president biden's approval rating reflects this
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heading another new low in the latest round of nbc news polls. only 35% of americans say president biden is doing a good job listing the cost of living in the economy is there top concerns. >> 11 minutes after the hour set to begin today in the durham assessment showdown. the first trial into the trump in russia pro. >> even as summer is about impartiality in this case. joins us live and this from washington. good morning. >> good morning, guys, this is the first full day of the trial involving michael sussman, the former clinton campaign attorney. his under trial for making a false statement to the fbi. john durham is the special counsel. he was in court yesterday for the entirety of the jury process. >> it's really important that no longer how things go with us
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already in pretrial situation we've learned that hillary clinton was responsible for this russia collusion holds that her camping was deeply involved with the spirit about how things go will learn a lot more about that credo play as much as we need to. >> sussman is charged with making a full statement of the fp effort telling james baker he was not doing work for any client when he presented evidence that allegedly demonstrated ties between the trump organization and brushes of pink which assigns to the government. sussman has pleaded not guilty. meanwhile after opening statements durham steam is set to call to fbi special agents to testify us both former clinton lawyer mark elias. elias worked with sussman at law firm perkins going now the 2016 clinton campaign and the democratic national committee front of the anti-trump dossier for the same law firm. no opening arguments are said to begin here in washington, d.c., at 9:00 a.m. eastern. todd, carly? >> all right thanks more to come in that story for sure.
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fox news special alert authorities have identified the man killed in the shooting at the laguna woods church on sunday. 52-year-old dr. john chang died when he charged the shooter, who opened fired on the congregation of 40 people. chang's bravery gave time for the average church goers to hog-tie the suspect before police arrived. chang leaves behind a wife and two children. police said the suspected shooter, his name is charles, his hate for filmic hatred for the town's people think he was upset about political tensions between china and taiwan. >> presidential biden meets with victim's family in buffalo following the horrific shooting on saturday the left ten people dead. her family speaking out on the tragic loss. >> my sister survived breast cancer and three aneurysm surgeries to go to the
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grocery store. >> he's my most langley grounded he went and reloaded and shut my mom again. >> just horrific. it's now reported that accused shooter 18-year-old on march 8th, 2 months before he allegedly carried out that attack. "washington post" report claimed to be clinching census data during the visit when is presented, confronted by a security guard. leo ty rausa's black americans -- >> joe biden's going to buffalo out of play the white supremacy card. because the democrats explain black americans are one reason, for power. the black on black crime to me you won't see joe biden going to chicago or l.a. or any of these democratic cities. it is because they use black
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americans for power or control. do they help black americans? look at the crime. people are wise to it and of blacks in brown's leaving the democratic party and what they're trying to do now is still whatever kit they can to create a new base because most people want liberty and freedom. the democratic elite want that control over people's lives. >> baby formula manufacturer as a lever reaching an agreement with the fda to reopen its shutter plant in detroit in an effort to ease the ongoing formula's shortage. mark meredith's lives in washington with more. >> hey, carly, good morning to you. for before miller remains hard if not impossible to find. i would love since it is close to a deal to reopen the michigan plant which hopefully should alleviate some of the shortages. we have a statement from the company where in which it says is number one priority is getting in fits and family behind quality formulas they need and it's a major step
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forward towards reopening our service facility so that we can ease the nationwide formula shortage. but officials warn even with the plant reopen this is going to take some time for these inventory to reach store shelves. some lawmakers calling it a matter of life and death. while the blame game already is underway the white house as americans should not be pointing fingers at president biden. >> getting more safe and sick formula onto shelves across the country is one of the president's top priorities. it's something he's focused on very acutely. it's important to remember the shortage exists because avid close the facility because of safety concerns from the fda. >> some lawmakers are pressing f8, the fda command the federal trade commission for more details on what went wrong and democratic congress with rosa laura says there's plenty of blame to go around. she was telling her constituents that she was looking at a company this but profit over people and displaying wrong. the company's aware family and they attempted to hide the
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information from the fda and the fda just drag your feet making this public. in the meantime avid says that is trying to ease shortages by flying formulate and from facilities in ireland but here and i'm beginning to the luck of the irish to try and find it on short store shelves. speak of the story resonates with mark in may because -- >> is bad, buddy, comeau we search every day. >> is affecting you and your family as well, mark? >> i get text from my wife every two hours on and cigar. hopefully we'll get there soon, mark, figure it out. thanks for your report. amber heard facing blistering cross-examination yesterday and her ex-husband johnny depp's defamation trial against her. she was questioned about "the washington post" op-ed in the center of this case. >> what if anything of this op-ed was incorrect? >> nothing, every word of it is true. it's not about johnny.
1:19 am
the only one who thought it was about johnny was johnny. i tried to protect johnny and i tried to hit the deck the history of what we had and i tried to protect him. >> amber heard was also saying depp refused to look her in the eye. heard said she didn't recall this. there you have it. it's because that's proper reaction. another molotov cocktail attack in the pro-life group, this time in oregon. were top democrats have refused to condemn it. our next guest is a republican running for governor the deep blue state and she's here to sound off of the politically motivated attack. >> and former first lady obama's entering the chat about roe v. wade raising eyebrows with awoke spelling of the word woman. we'll be talking about that with tomi lahren, plus all here alive on this very busy tuesday morning off "fox and friends first." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back may pro-life offices attacked with cocktails during the felt break-in attempt but organ democrats decided they don't want to talk about it. interest in running for governor of oregon committed primary election is today.
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thank you for joining us on which are to be busy and exciting day for you. why want democratic leaders come out and even initiate the slide a statement like is bad? >> you know this is par for the course here in oregon. we had writing in frozen streets and democratic leaders stood not push back against political violence. we've got here in oregon real problem was leadership. the radical left it's amassed leaving their state right now. we know that when we see something as egregious and shocking somebody during the molotov cocktail at an organ rights to light for the office attempting to break in and are democrat leaders stay nothing stay nothing. >> aren't these so-called leaders essence encouraging violence when in this kind of a situation where it's so simple for them to step up and condemn it that they refused to do so? >> yeah this continues to be the pattern. this continues to be the
1:26 am
problem. they are not actively enforcing the expectations we have of our society, the political violence is bad. that's not hard to say. i've said it, political violence is wrong and we should expect that if our leaders. >> stepping into a nation as a whole. >> i said no we were in high school i would take a binder a gym and the hell out of him. >> you get out and you push back on them. >> ever want to take note of that. on both levels. they are not going to let up and they should not. >> in italia amount to tell you, cavanagh camilo released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. >> as it always easy for
1:27 am
democrats to condemn republicans for every single thing that they do and sometimes don't do, but then in a situation like you just saw openly promote violence or the illusion thereof? >> you know that is dangerous. that's dangerous for all of us. and that is the most pathetic effort to hold on the power i've ever seen. we know here in oregon that democrats don't have the support of oregonians and this is an opportunity for change here locally and we know that nationally across the nation americans are ready for change. >> but to the point you are in the primary today. you stayed pretty blue. you just said oregonians don't support democrats. on the past i have. you think anything is going to change, are oregonians ready to put those people ready to the dustbin of history like some malone like he was going to keep this violence from being the public discourse? >> oregonians recognize we need lou leadership.
1:28 am
unit are covert shutdowns were among the longest in the nation, had harmed our kids. our failed democrat leaders respond to the portland riots for months on end and impact of the core of our largest city. our economy was impacted by that. we have a crisis in our street that is unmatched. oregonians deserve better. they recognize that the only way they are going to get better as if they don't vote for more the same. democrats will be more of the same. this is a real opportunity for us and it's a real opportunity to lead oregon and the new direction. >> we will see. best of luck today. thank you for getting up with us early in your big day. carly come over to you. >> did you see this dish of michelle obama believes overturning roe v. wade will strip women of the right to health care. she was sure to echo politically correct spelling. cheese's post of the slide of the voting rights organization
1:29 am
which reads state lawmakers will have the power to strip women, replacing the e with a x come of the right to make decisions about their body and their health care. the term intended to cast off a suppose that patriarchal association of the correct spelling for the former first lady spelling the word correctly in the caption on the post. oh, boy. black lives matter cofounder patrice kohler is now insulting with people who made donations to her organization. phyllis was asked about the influx of cash that came in after george floyd's death in 2021. >> it was a major shock committed was also a lot of weight, i did not see that coming. you know contrary to what has been reported much of the funding that came in. those lot avoid guilt money. >> according to the ap
1:30 am
consultants among other expenses. >> 6 million of that nice mansion. this photo was shocking. a massive drug smuggling tunnel between mexico and california feeling the lethal frontal crisis here in america. two parents who lost their children say it's time for the white house to treat overdose deaths the same way they did covid-19 deaths. they're going to join us to explain. >> plus -- >> i will leave the court when i do my job as poorly as you do yours. [laughter] that was meant as a compliment really. >> burn from the silent guy. supreme court justice clarence thomas is a message for the media. here are his speedy to his critics. ♪ ♪
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>> fox news alert. elon musk says he has still to take over twitter is paused. the building and tweeting about an hour ago. he said 20% fake spam accounts. my offer was based on twitter's sec filings being accurate. yesterday twitter ceo publicly refused to show proof of less than 5%. the still cannot move forward until he does. musk offering $44 billion to take twitter private. the social media giant previously as saying spam and fake accounts make up less than 5%. >> so what elon musk is saying is that if there are over 20% of users that are fake it's not worth $44 billion of my money. my question is why didn't this happen before he said he was going to buy the company for that amount of money? it seems like something that should've happened during the
1:37 am
negotiation process but whom i to criticize elon musk's way of doing business? >> it could be part of a long play. he saw this along the way he knew this was going to be the case. thought to himself if i can hook the shareholders into a big payday may be if i have to lessen the payday they're still going to be mentally onboard thinking to themselves we can get out of this twitter stock. somebody wants to buy it and even if it's a little less we still want to get out of bed. i do think that i could be the case. but again whom i? >> you're saying he's doing all of this as a negotiating tool to drive the price down? i don't think he can get out of the deal without paying a billion dollars. >> but i am a billion dollars? it could be like one of these things for if you let unilaterally -- it's like a home inspection in the situation. if during your preconditions using there's a problem with the company the both sides can get out of nobody has to pay the billion dollars. >> i think is right -- if you ever gone twitter there is no
1:38 am
more way that just five or less than 5% of counter bots. it seems like it's like 50, you know? you never know who is real into his fake. i think there's a lot more than 5% of twitter users that are fake and the platform so that it would be worth that massive amounts of money. i think donald trump even set is not $44 billion even if all of the users were actual people. >> you know it's funny is when we started talking about the story when elon musk looked into the company with our he's finally going to left the belt veil off for a few purchases. it is in the veil off of twitter? were starting to see more of how they work and more the shenanigans and how they calculate pods. >> because he posted something on twitter recently there was so interesting. use talking about how the algorithm bins to its oats the tweet right on the top of his profile pretty said is very important to fix your twitter
1:39 am
feed pretty said you have to tap the home button, he gives a list of instructions on what to do. the point of this is a senior being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don't realize. easy to switch back and forth to see the difference. so interesting how he sort of exposing twitter for what a lot of people thought it was. he saying that you're being manipulated. they are showing twitter users things clearly to support one political perspective as opposed to another. that's what he wanted to buy twitter in the first place to make it a free-speech platform so that everybody has an equal voice on twitter. it's never been like that of the history of the social media platform so far. >> i think is playing us all. that's how you get to be the richest man of the world. >> it's a political story and it's a very interesting one at that. he says the deal is on pause for now. >> another big story of the fox news alert. less than 10 miles away from the polish border.
1:40 am
the strikes happening after finland's ambassador to the u.s. does fox news while the country wants to join nato. >> good morning to you guys. it was a long way for the people here in the levee of region. there were thunderheads exposing the loose kind not far from where we stanley green up. this morning the governor says three missiles were shot down and one did strike a military target less than 10 miles from the polish border and an explosion damaged railway infrastructure here in the lviv region once again. buses with -- it's a major development. 53 were heavily wounded but over 200 more evacuated. in exchange for russian prisoners of war. it's not clear how many ukrainian fighters remained in those tunnels, we will keep you updated. also fox news polk one one-to-one with finland's ambassador about why it's people are now in favor of choosing to join nato.
1:41 am
>> how do you explain the change in public sentiment? >> the major change of course was the russian attack. it was unprovoked. i think it shocked the fans in a profound way. >> also here in ukraine the severe threat of human trafficking with more than 5 million displaced refugees. to create also assessed more than 250,000 children were evacuated to russian territories. fox news spoke to the american traffic rescue and operation underground railroad. tim ballard says the chaos of world wars her time for trackers. they've also helped save 1,000 missing children in ukraine right now. right now they are treating undercover teams and using dark web technology to identify human traffickers and turn them over to police. carly and todd. it's because cycling. the fact that people are taking advantage of a horrific suit situation. homeland security but he more
1:42 am
than 200,000 migrants tried to cross the border of the last month. this is the highest number of encounters have reported in a single month. the time more than a hundred and 70,000 migrants were released into our country. the new dhs report comes as a shocking new video shows smugglers leaving a massive group of migrants across the river into the u.s. those migrants heading to eagle pass, texas. also at the southern border authorities discovering a massive hidden double used by migrants to smuggle drugs in the u.s. this total stretch of more than 70 notable oils from t1 san diego. authorities say it was fully operational and likely used smuggle heroin across the border. six people have been arrested an end asks who an estimated $65 million worth of drugs seized in connection with the tunnel. >> many families jump into this grace is that fenton maclean's life oats of our youth. including bruce snodgrass who died last october.
1:43 am
his mother trying to snow with the founder of families against friend malcolm who also lost his son to fight no poisoning in 2015. good morning to you both. jim come all-star with you because you are asking the biden administration and as you wrote a letter to the administration asking them to track the number of people who have died from fat loathsome with attract covid-19 deaths. why do you think that would be beneficial? >> families against panelists heard from cdc data that shunned most of the number one killer of 18-45-year-old americans of all types. we had to come through that test data defined that sadistic. the cdc was not forthcoming with that information. they have the information coming in the list extremely basis those showing the rapid growth of this material. as pinned in the united states in just two years in triple and
1:44 am
come up five black teens. student reporting it in a timely manner which is causing a greater lag information and help fast this is taking. where do we feel that democrat i've already widened from 18, 45, 13-kilo 50. number one killer of americans. we connect can't pinpoint that deborah and the faces scrutiny because we can't erode that data from the cdc and were also not getting any of the information on them wanting their the theater to have this is growing. this this material is expanding at an exponential rate. you know it's a fish is a loss
1:45 am
of their responsibility for the speakers hooked when jim, what you're saying is that if cities get data will be able to sue the house phosphorus is limited and people in that field accordingly what to save lives. >> absolutely funerals who sings with frozen events. this is indicative of his crew crawls through distances or because i've used. he'd just seen me remain as workers who've been poisoned for residents of outside and refined
1:46 am
as -- the louisville iphone >> you will usher 2-year-old son with him while bruce was a fun low. have a october. tell us what happened. >> my son died in october and he will influence -- i hundred% fencing mill in anchorage, alaska, for use of spillover of that program louisville from mexico to anchorage, alaska, is unfathomable and have a fit of the borders were -- that's low in fat most of country. the police told me he will be
1:47 am
tough smith just to further what my film like other parents said come blow have a serial and angry was andrew sue is a puzzle over dress whether using the house for a serial able to make contact with it and this time it appears one of the other, went to our truck, realty numbers physics two months so you would have allergy roof over the distributors for the long administrative 92.
1:48 am
jim, sam to thank you so much for joining us thank you for joining us this one storage could also lead to a child care link grants of sanskrit's directory of preschool joneses is. ♪ ♪
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fairfax county public schools closing the idea of a part of an update of the student handbook. a spokesperson for the school district would fox news this is about the purposeful and deliberate causing harm. do not come over to you. >> parents demonic known baby formula will be back on store shelves. for the white house is not giving any specifics. >> senator kiersten generator to the branch should be invoking the defense production act to increase the supply of formula. as the president considering that? >> we were pretty much where we were before the dpa appeared were leaving no stone unturned. and every option is on the table for the president understands
1:55 am
pretty gets this. he gets how stressful it is for parents. >> that are the director of clerk preschool in arkansas trying to find now. thanks for being here. they really get it? the widows really understand this? is joe biden leaving no stone unturned? >> i don't know about that. what we are seeing right now is that -- i'm not an economist or politician but the formula shortage is striking families and so many different ways. you know a lot of mothers cannot formula because they can't breastfeed latching issues over the mother doesn't produce enough milk. some moms are having to look in other places. other than just can't formula's he could buy the store. >> and a focus on the prospect of. in many respects the actual
1:56 am
formula itself the comes from overseas is better than the american formula. i know my family, we used foreign formula for a time and it seemed to work. elise will receive a further one. why does the biden administration seem to be dragging its feet and it comes to importing the stuff face asap? >> i honestly don't know. this is something that is crucial to everybody in the united states. and every baby. so i don't understand why he is dragging his feet if that's the case. i honestly -- a model loss. i don't know. >> do you think it could be the fact that may be binders under pressure from domestic producers who feel embarrassed by the way everything went down so far? release is going down so hard to not allow these foreign producers to come in and save the day? you think that's possible? might being too cynical, megan? >> anything is possible.
1:57 am
i really don't know. but the effect it's having is just -- you know it's affecting the babies. mom should not have to worry about this. they have a lot on their plate. you know going through labor and delivery and a lot of moms have c-sections, complications with their birth and this is the last thing that we need to -- that they need to have to worry about. they are exhausted and recovering from surgery. the last thing we need to worry about is where can i buy my baby i cannot formula? >> terrific. the meantime i want to get down to something i was unaware of. it appears in arkansas there used to be a law that required day care is to have bottle preprepared by the parent because the parent wasn't allowed to do it. i understand based on what you said to our producers that's no longer the case but
1:58 am
organizations like yourself are still continuing the practice in order to avoid the liability that comes from preparing puddles at your facility. i explained how that's an extra bearing these parents were not? >> that is exactly right. we don't keep formula on hand. and we do not want our employees mixing. because you know if they happen to get it wrong then the baby doesn't get nutrients and vitamins they need. that's a definite liability divorce. also if we want to make sure the babies are giving every thing that they need. so if mom cannot produce a premade bottle with the formula that baby can i eat and mom cannot work. >> rock in our place for these parents. now they are facing disputes before i let you go you're talking parents every day. but their fear, their panic and the words for us, megan.
1:59 am
>> tell you one thing parents are very concerned about to come a lot of these babies have dietary needs like they might be allergic to milk so they are looking for soy-based formula and they can't find it in their baby cannot tolerate regular milk or regular former lives of my favorite writer more readily available. they are terrified. >> congress since have hearings listens to leaks. it doesn't like the urgency is there slides i see you saying the urgency is there. thanks for doing what you do for the parents. they need it. we appreciate it. carly come over to you? >> breaking news this morning pete elon musk and as incentives
2:00 am
occur further is part of speech when 70% as fan accounts yesterday twitter ceo publicly refused to show us the session we dig giants. argued with his michael wilson five days >> up big primary election taking after sour smell in five states across the country. voters in idaho, kentucky, north carolina, morgan, and pennsylvania gearing up to cast their ballots in the busiest midterm election base of far this year. you're watching brand-new hour of fox & friends. i'mar


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