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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 17, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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out to some of these u.a.p.'s and get some help there. thank you very much. really serious topic and i'm glad you spent some time on it. good to see bipartisanship, right? i want to thank everyone for watching and make sure you catch me on the fox business network 2:00 p.m. making money, the market was up big today. for now, here comes "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with emily compagno, geraldo rivera, greg gutfeld and this is "the five." america is reeling from a surge in violence across the country. the president in buffalo, new york today after the tragic mass shooting there that claimed the lives of 10 people. biden honoring the victims while condemning the hateful attack and calling for more gun control. >> what happened here is simple and state forward. terrorism. terrorism.
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domestic terrorism. white supremacy is a poison and it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. we need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can, that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. there's certain things that we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we've done it before. i did it when we passed the crime bill last time and violence went down. shootings went down. >> dana: comes amid an enormous surge of violence over the weekend. 17 people were shot in a single incident in downtown milwaukee. in chicago, at least 33 people were shot and five fatally so. chicago mayor lori lightfoot banning unaccompanied minors from millennium park in the wake of a 16-year-old's fatal shooting there and gun homicides reaching their highest level in 25 years during the covid pandemic. so lots to get to on this particular topic and the rest of the show. jesse, where do you land on
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there's a crime that happened, the massacre in buffalo and then there's this additional crime that we see across the country. i'm not saying they're the same. but you have this story that is so tragic up there and the president goes to visit and then you have these other stories where you don't get a visit. >> jesse: he plays peek-a-boo with hate crime, right? if it's a black supremacist closes his eyes, white supremacist, he goes beast mode and campaigns on it. same thing with street crime. if it's black on black crime, he ignores it. if there's a white police officer involved, he's getting the bullhorn out and in campaign mode. i was walking to work today, beautiful day here in new york. and i saw these junior high school kids. black kid, white kid, spanish kid and they're all just holding each other's shoulders walking down fifth avenue across from the park. and it's just a nice thing to see, and, you know, they graduate and go to college and they get in the work force and their minds just get poisoned by these politicians and pundits because that's what's happening. joe biden tries to make black
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people scared and white people feel guilty. it's this emotional grip that he tries to put on the country because it's good for democrat party politics. and american people are waking up to this. i think we see the more we study these crimes and how they're covered and how they're exploited by politicians that these politicians are just trying to chop us up into different groups, pit us against each other and get away with everything they can for political power. we're done with it. i don't like to be lectured by a guy like joe biden whose son uses the n word that pals around with segregationists and klansmen and had every position on crime that you could possibly imagine. he swoops in and now the soul of the nation? give me a break. on this whole thing about how this could have been stopped, new york has this red flag law so this guy says he's going to shoot up a school and he's suicidal and they interview him at the school and then they send him to a psych ward and the police interview him. i don't know. and they release him and he goes
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and shoots up this shopping center. they didn't take away his gun. they didn't look at what he was looking on at the internet. i mean, bang-up job. their red flag laws aren't even effective. their gun laws aren't even effective. so you got to really just take a broader look at these things. this guy was radicalized on the internet during the covid lockdowns. during these stupid fauci lockdowns that did nothing. and his family missed it. the school missed it. the police missed it. we all missed it and he's an ugly killer and i hope he gets fried. >> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: they don't fry him in new york. >> jesse: they should. >> geraldo: can i tell you about a dinner i had with president trump the day after the parkland school massacre? he and the first lady had just visited the victims in the hospital. he came to the dinner. he was rattled. it was a private dinner. eric and don jr. were there and laura. but it was just us. and we were really head to head. the president asked what can i do? those wounds were horrible.
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the rifle that cruz had used to kill these 17 kids was these wounds looked like war victims. and i said, you know, the kids, you know, underaged. why don't you pass a juvenile assault weapons ban? a juvenile assault weapons ban. if you can't buy a beer, you can't buy an a.r. if you can't drive a semi, you can't have an assault weapon. what's wrong with that? the president liked the idea. he said i'm not afraid of the n.r.a. couple of days passed and it turns out he was afraid of the n.r.a. i think that it is impossible now to get any kind of meaningful gun control legislation passed. i think the country has gone crazy, drunk. we're hooked on weapons. more weapons now than there are americans out there. what surprises me isn't how frequent these incidents of mass killings are, it is how infrequent they are given the fact that there are so many weapons out there and the opportunity to put extended magazines and wear body armor
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and have a helmet, you know, ballistic head to toe. >> dana: i think, though, that emily gets to the point, that we have these processes and either the family or school alerts authorities. he goes to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. nothing is put in his file. we know that from -- during the covid lockdown he was increasingly isolated. he didn't even want to go to school when it opened. he decided to stay home and then he goes and buys a gun when the owner of the gun shop does the background check, nothing comes up. >> emily: right, i think what actually was the area in this particular situation with the opacity of the hospital records. to this day refuse to confirm or give transparency to. if anything, given the high stake consequences, possibilities of such, it doesn't matter if he's a juvenile. those records should be available for law enforcement or those running a background check. geraldo, you're saying there's
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more guns than people, we should support those lawfully owning them and those putting their life on the line every day to control crime rather than regulate it and take it away from the law abiding citizens. i aglee with you, jesse, this president has been all over the place. even now when he's talking about issuing an executive order for police reform and criminal justice, he's absolutely in the wrong arenas when 7 in 8 are young african-american men, why is he only focusing on the gun regulator being for racial biassed hate crimes? if you care about the minoritys in america, you would care about the black on black crime that's plaguing our inner cities that the d.a.'s that are incompetent are doing nothing to try to prevent because they're staying with service to this progressive woke left that don't know what they're talking about. >> dana: do you want to zoom out about the way that crime has approached, the way that people look at it. >> greg: zoom out. i shall zoom out. there are 330, 340 million people in america.
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there's only one president. and this president says that american democracies is its greatest danger in 80 years. who's president? he is, you know, he has the white house. he has the house. he has the senate. and we have the greatest threat to american democracy while he's president when he was claiming to unify us and to create a sense of normalcy. what is going on? why is there a statistic of 78% of america thinking we're going in the wrong direction? it's him. he's created, he's replaced patriotism with identity politics. we're not having it anymore. this has nothing to do with the crime in buffalo. this has to do how people are so frustrated so what do you see after buffalo? or any of these major mass murders? you don't see the failed policies that led to the crime, right, the buffalo shooter was predetected and imprisoned and let go. so why is that in common with all the other crimes that we mentioned? we put a lot of these people
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behind bars and they're out. he's just like all the other criminals. all of the other benefactors of the no cash bail. and the media and the democrats lack the ability to handle multiple variables because they lack a mental dashboard. they're like a pilot that doesn't fly by the controls. so whenever there's a problem, they only see what's around them, right, they only see their peers in the newsroom. those are the people that they listen to. the reason why "the five" has been consistently successful in predicting almost every major issue is because we possess a mental dashboard. we have -- we're able to understand statistics, probability, law enforcement experience. so when we saw no cash bail come out whether it was four or five years ago, we said this thing is going to suck. you know why? because of recidivism and the probability of someone recommitting crimes. statistics show this, right? law enforcement experience tells you this. none of the progressives and media actually looked at these statistics because they don't
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have the mental dashboard, right? they're a plane flying blind with one variable and that variable is only what can be construed as racism. what they do is let criminals out. keeping them in is racist. they justify riots as a form of protest because if you don't say that, that's racist. what you have is a ferguson effect that causes the decline in arrests and increase in smash and grab crimes, murder, gang crime, all these things result from an inability to see the root causes these variables. we have been talking about this for so long, we understand this. the problem is when you operate by one statistic or one belief and one belief only and one filter, you are going to be wrong. people should be behind bars aren't or institutionalized, they aren't. justify riots as retribution that ultimately leads to so much more crime. but the worst thing about it is biden is incapable and incoherent to understand this. he doesn't even have a single variable. the only variable he operates
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now is on the identity politics, race and that's all he can say. and that's why when people listen to him, they don't listen. they don't listen. 80% of the country says dude, he's taken us to a cliff. and i think tucker was pretty damn good last night when he talked about rwanda. where can identity politics take you? doesn't take you any place good. that's my -- >> geraldo: can i say one little thing? >> greg: here we go. >> geraldo: i think what about-ism leads us nowhere? what about chicago, 33 shot over the weekend, five killed. what about philly, two pregnant women. what about the bronx, the 11-year-old? what about? what about? what about? that does not alter the fact that what happened in buffalo was a white racist mass murder of mostly black people. and everything else is true that you said, greg. >> greg: i didn't even say that. that isn't there. you're redefining what i said, geraldo.
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please don't do that. please don't do that. what i'm talking about is context. if you don't like context, that's your issue. >> geraldo: if you don't like to talk about white racism, then the rest of it -- >> greg: what did i say? no, no, no, no! i'm talking about how a crime could have been prevented and all of these could have been prevented. that's the string in all these. i never disowned the fact that the guy is racist. >> dana: i think the fact that is frustrating and why you have 75 or more people in america saying the country is going the wrong direction. billionaires going to battle. elon musk and jeff bezos slam president biden over inflation and his failed leadership.
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>> geraldo: billionaires calling out president biden for calling the blame game on the economy.
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the world's richest man elon musk ripping the president for passing the buck instead of figuring out how to help america. >> real testament is whoever controls the teleprompter, you know, it's like what -- the path to power is the path to the teleprompter. this administration just, it doesn't seem to get a lot done. the current administration, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done. so this administration seems just to not have like the drive to just get it done. >> geraldo: and the white house getting pushback from the world's second richest man, billionaire jeff bezos while trying to claim greedy corporations that don't pay enough in taxes is to blame for inflation. bezos tweeting look, a squirrel. this is the white house's statement about my latest tweets. they want to muddy the topic. they know inflation hurts but corporations aren't causing inflation and neither are
2:19 pm
wealthy people. on bezos, he owns "the washington post." musk, hasn't he become more of a person with a bully pulpit now, much more preachy, much more publicly opinionated? >> greg: i think he's showing people how to use twitter. yesterday was this long threat from the twitter c.e.o. explaining how hard it is to estimate the number of bots and went on forever. and then musk responded with a single emoji, very gutfeldian because it was poop. it was like, you know what? that's how you do it. >> geraldo: or amber heardian. >> greg: very much so. he said he was a democrat his entire life until now and he's kind of emblematic of a lot of democrats forcing themselves to make a choice whether they try to maintain -- he's moderate to me, a centrist or become part of the woke joke. and i think, you know, as joe, you know, when he said that joe biden is mainly just a
2:20 pm
teleprompter, what he's saying is joe's controllers have picked the cult. and that's why people are leaving which i happened to agree. >> geraldo: so do you agree, dana, that musk is saying biden is not responsible for the bad things, that it's the operators behind biden that are really responsible for what's going on. >> dana: i don't know. the president has the ability to also edit what's in the teleprompter. and he could give the people who work for him better direction or clearer direction. and in some ways, i think that he is the one that -- look, i don't like blaming other people that work for him for doing all of these things because he is the president. the buck stops with him. you can't impeach the chief of staff, right? if you think they're going in the wrong direction, to me, that is a joe biden problem. the issue with this one which is really interesting is bezos is no right wing critic either and
2:21 pm
neither are larry summers and morgan stanley came out yesterday and specifically said the 40-year highs in the inflation are due to the american rescue plan and excess stimulus. that's what larry someers was saying for a long time. they've written off their right wing -- and i say from the middle, right, all the way to the far right. they've written off all those people. but they're not even listening to the people who want them to succeed. and that is why they have these blind spots. try to claim they're cutting the deficit and they got laughed at by liberal fact checkers. >> geraldo: bezos, though, particularly and amazon, what do they pay? they avoided $5 billion in tax. they pay a 6% tax on $35 billion. you know, bezos, buffet paid 3.4%, emily, in taxes. it seems that the rich guys who biden -- the biden administration's credit, the rich guys are skating when it comes to paying. >> dana: that doesn't have anything to do with inflation. >> geraldo: that's true.
2:22 pm
but what about? ok, ok, ok. ok, that's two strikes against me. >> emily: it still doesn't take away from the fact that inflation is the greatest tax on poor. jeff bezos and jeff -- elon musk is one of the largest employers in the country. when the government looks at what they can claw back that are thriving the economy because of the amount of health care they're providing and insurance and the likes through their companies, that to me is absolutely a shell game they're playing. and to your point about elon musk voting democrat, exactly. and yet the democrat party has called him both a robber er baron for him to get to the root of this social media platform that hides behind a algorithm that humans created that provides angst in this country.
2:23 pm
i think it's ridiculous. they both got it right when they said inflation was underneath joe biden's purview. it's 100% under his watch. >> geraldo: isn't it ridiculous that bezos and musk are trying to make people feel sorry for him? >> jesse: you're ridiculous, geraldo. >> geraldo: what do you mean by that? >> geraldo: your -->> jesse: greg called biden lazy yesterday and he came out and said the same thing today, that guy has no drive. that's very interesting. >> geraldo: i think that's a bit of a stretch. >> jesse: maybe. there might be -- poop emoji. only if i could use it on "the five." >> geraldo: we're dictating the whole policy of the administration. careful what you say, emily. >> jesse: it's very significant that these two men, bezos and
2:24 pm
musk, two guys that are admired by the left, bezos got us through covid with amazon. where would we be without on-line shopping? and then musk is doing all the electric cars. they're both going into space. titans of industry and these guys have turned on the president of the united states. ben came out yesterday and said they just blew it with the spending and the rates. j.p. morgan, again, wall street is turning on him. these liberal billionaires, independents, whatever you want to call them, biden was supposed to be the establishment and supposed to get us back to normal where everything goes back to normal. and now these guys that wanted biden, that installed biden, bezos installed biden, no doubt about that. "the washington post", amazon, the donations, silicon valley, wall street, they sent all the money to his campaign. now they're having buyer's remorse. this guy is not what he said he was going to do and they're calling him out for all of his lies. >> geraldo: ahead, masks are making a huge comeback.
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>> geraldo: mask madness making a comeback in liberal blue states. new york city moving to a high covid alert level. urging people to start covering up indoors. but stopping short of requiring it. two new jersey school districts are bringing back mask mandates and california could be getting close to reinstating mask rules and restrictions. dr. fauci questioned on whether more lockdowns will be coming. >> if you're going to lock down, you've got to use it temporarily for a reason to prepare you to be able to unlock down and get
2:30 pm
the public prepared for that. right now, looking forward, i don't see the need of lockdown in the future unless something really very, very unusual happens. i don't like mandating things. i don't like punishing people for not doing something. as a public health person, i would say why don't we all pull together to get people vaccinated? we won't have to worry about essentially putting what appears to be and is in fact a penalty if you don't? >> greg: you know, dana, i'm thinking this stuff is going to be with us for a long time. thank you whoever created it. i'm actually amazed that we have not made a single arrest. this has killed millions of people and no one is going to hang. that just blows my mind. you know what i'm thinking? is that weird that like this is bigger than world war and no one is going to hang. >> dana: also, you could collectively get the 79% of people who say they're on the wrong track. you could get 75% of the people to agree to be, you know, collectively focused on making sure it doesn't happen again. >> greg: who did this?
2:31 pm
anyway, i went off. shouldn't covid be treated almost like mundane as the cold and the flu now even though it wasn't. but now something that is part of our lives. >> dana: i think that's partly because we are not where we were in march of 2020. there are vaccines that you can choose to get that are effective. there are boosters that you can choose to get and now if you're over 65, you can get yet another one. that might become something like people who choose to get a flu shot every year. i decideed to do that. it's helped me. other thing is there are treatments. there's antibodies and a lot of things. there's also the issue that viruses mutate so you have to keep up with things. that's what you do with the flu shot. that's what pharmaceutical companies do every year. i asked united airlines if masks were coming back. they said you do not need to be masked to be safe on a plane. >> greg: might have been joshing you. >> dana: i don't think so. i thought he was very earnest actually. >> greg: part of the challenge
2:32 pm
assessing risk, right, people have -- some people can't -- they just -- >> geraldo: i have an idea. i don't mean to interrupt your question. having lived in l.a., have a smog alert thing. have like a covid alert where it's a mild, medium, moderate, severe, extreme, you know, have it so the weatherman tells you in the morning. it's 25 degrees today. it's going to be snowy, and covid meter is on -- >> greg: that makes total sense! >> geraldo: it's up to you of what you want to do. >> jesse: that's the smartest idea you've ever had! >> greg: so emily, what do you make of this? are you going to go back to masking? >> emily: definitely, especially while on air. so i think the biggest thing that we have in terms of risk assessment and in terms of the tools under our belt, that for example, mayor eric adams referenced is data, right? that's why we know that what is
2:33 pm
most important to protect is the vulnerable. when dr. fauci is talking about the lockdown is a penalty, he's right in that regard because the purpose of it was to flatten the curve. now we have all that data that knows exactly who is vulnerable, who is at risk and the fact for the most part, those that are vaccinated and the anti-bodies and everything else that we have, leads to the point that it won't be a major attack on the hospital system, everybody can calm down. especially dr. fauci and especially whoever runs the masks that go into schools. >> greg: you know what's funny, the idea of risk, there are people that will wear masks. they'll engage in risky behavior. you can see it when people are on electric bikes without helmets wearing a mask. why do you have to bring that up? >> jesse: you do run quickly, greg. very proud of you. you brought up in the beginning why hasn't anybody hung? well, because we were collaborating in the lab. scientifically, financially, it's like you don't prosecute
2:34 pm
the mob if your wife is a mob lieutenant. you let it go away. that was a good idea, geraldo and yeah, i'm never wearing a mask again except where, greg? >> greg: where? at our eyes wide shut party. >> dana: am i invited? >> jesse: yes. we'll explain what it is later. >> greg: yes, yes. >> geraldo: one more thing. >> greg: get to the e block. all right, next up, b.l.m. corruption exposed. we just found out what the group did with all of its millions. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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>> emily: the drip, drip, drip of scandal continues for black lives matter. and it's not just that swanky $6 million mansion. tax documents show how the group's embattled co-founder
2:39 pm
patrisse cullors used the piles of cash paying her brother $840,000 for providing security, and a company owned by the father of her child got almost a million to help "produce live events." do you think producing live events is worth a million? >> geraldo: i absolutely do not. i think the real reality came out when they admitted that the group was a wash in white guilt money. you know, white corporations or corporations were so aafraid of reaction from their employees or their customers that they deluged black lives matter with money. i said before on this program, it reminds me of my street lawyer days in the 1960s. these are poverty pimps. they are people who pimp out to get poverty money rather than helping the poor. black lives matter is a great brand. think about it.
2:40 pm
you try to go all lives matter. you know, it struck out. black lives matter really, it's a great slogan. sharp. had meaning, big meaning was to collect money and spend it on these mansions. >> emily: on things like creative services, jesse, which we have yet to find out what exactly that was. >> jesse: that's a lot of money for creative services and it went to the baby daddy so i think there was other people that could have been just as creative besides the baby daddy. that's how they roll. hunter is probably thinking i should have been a black lives matter trustee. it is an easy money. they spread it around like the biden family. if you look at every member of congress, they do the same thing. they pay their spouse and uncle. it's the easiest game in town. this is so swampy even the clinton folks that came in to wrestle this thing together left last week. they know this thing stinks. i love how she gave her brother head of security about a million
2:41 pm
dollars. he's never done security ever in his life. was a graffiti artist. the reason they couldn't hire real security because real security guards are too associated with law enforcement and they wouldn't trust them. so they had a guy that had never done security at all do security for black lives matter. and they did a few private plays and said that was because of covid. another number that really shocked me, they only gave about 200 to 300 grand to the families of mike brown and trevon martin but spent $6 million on a mansion. think about that. a couple hundred thousand for the real victims of actual violence, and then they spent $6 million, 10 times that, on a mansion. and they put $32 million into the stock market. for people that hate capitalism, a lot of money to put in the stock market. >> emily: lot of hypocrisy in their expenditures, dana? >> dana: i read about their security piece, what do they have a moat and live tigers around the manning? i also think it's very interesting because if you are -- let's say you are a conservative group and you want
2:42 pm
to do a fundraising effort. the amount of hoops that you go through, the paperwork, the extra scrutiny that you get. and i have to ask, you know the biden administration, is there going to be an i.r.s. investigation here? >> emily: that's right, this is actually the tip of the iceberg and this is the investigation dealing with their charity designation. this is nowhere near an i.r.s. civil or criminal investigation. i'd say yes, because it's pretty inevitable it's coming. >> greg: yeah, you know, my problem with black lives matter right now is they kind of make me look bad. i make a decent salary and i do not share it with my siblings. i don't share it with my relatives and i'm sure when they hear about this stuff, they're like wow, greg, 800 grand. give me a job. no, that's not going to happen. it's not going to happen because i'm wholesome. i'm not mad about this because i wasn't a sucker. i'm more disgusted about the effects that this movement had on urban centers that was not helped but destroyed.
2:43 pm
their kryptonite was you could be called racist if you didn't back the organization. you see cities in this crime infested distopia because their mayors were cowards and they were too scared of this organization. this fraud, i hope they go to jail about it. man, if you look at the cities, still haven't recovered, you know, minneapolis is still a mess and it's because, well, that was part of the deal, i guess, destroy. >> emily: that's right. meanwhile, people in seattle are skipping in the streets wearing black lives matter t-shirts have no idea their money went to her brother. the pentagon asking this question, are u.f.o.'s real? stay with us. ♪ well, the stock is bubbling in the pot ♪ ♪ just till they taste what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ] when owning a small business gets real,
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progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ] [sleep app ] close your eyes. now, where were we? deep breath in. i mean, obviously, let it out. ghaa. yeah, i'm not really sure if this is working either.
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>> jesse: the pentagon says u.f.o. sightings are frequent during the first congressional hearing on the topic in more than 50 years. officials also declassifying photos and video of unidentified aerial phenomena. one shows small object appearing to zip past a military pilot.
2:48 pm
and in a separate video, glowing triangles can be seen in the night sky but apparently, those were just unmanned aerial vehicles. top pentagon brass asked to explain exactly what's going on. >> there have been no collisions between any u.s.s. in one of these u.a.p.'s, correct? >> we have not had a collision. we've had at least 11 near misses, though. >> have we attempted to communicate with those objects? >> no. you know, obviously, something like this can be a national security challenge for us and no doubt about it. if they're developed by an adversary, through some breakthrough technology, they can be very disruptive to our military actions. >> jesse: you were watching all day, weren't you, emily? >> emily: glued to the screen. here's what all viewers need to know, number one, apparently there's some sort of block happening between the oversight committee and the d.o.d. and as an unnamed official says
2:49 pm
anonymously sourced there are people in control of all the information that are sort of hesitant to release it. what we did learn today was the tip of the iceberg, geraldo. naval pilots, astronauts, those are the ones that believe. final point, the top naval intelligence person has not ruled out alien influence. >> greg: are they aware that congress is the appropriate body to investigate this? >> geraldo: i've sailed around the world and seen a lot of clear skies and satellite that are kind of spooky, weather balloons, stray aircraft. only time i ever saw an u.f.o. was stoned on ecstasy. >> jesse: what do they look like? >> geraldo: like a great big -- brighter than the north star. it was on the horizon and i tried to avoid it. i steered around it. and i went back the other way in the bahama banks right in front of me. it just tracked me everywhere i
2:50 pm
went. >> jesse: greg, you probably saw the same one. >> greg: yes, i did. i don't want the alien coming here and messing up our culture. by the way, i do not believe there's anything out there. i don't think we would have known by now, we have aliens among us like viruses that i'd be more concerned about. i'm only interested in aliens if i can eat them. like if there's a low carb, high protein snack with big adorable eyes, like a cinnabun with eyes that builds muscle and swallow it whole. you come in peace? i'm eating you, sorry. >> jesse: when you were at the white house, did you ask the president what the deal was? >> dana: one time i asked him if he ever asked for the roswell files, and he said i'm not going to tell you. and i was like i don't know, i think he was teasing me. but i don't know. we did go to roswell, new mexico probably because there was an energy situation. but no, i don't know. in this hearing, the pentagon people said there were 11 near misses, ok, but to emily's
2:51 pm
point, there was this hearing and then immediately following today's hearing, there was a classified hearing where all the good stuff got out. >> greg: just saw adam schiff. if adam schiff is involved, do not trust it. >> jesse: he's going to leak it and it will be a hoax, right, emily? >> emily: well, i just think what we saw was like the g-rated version and what we really need is the meat, the classified stuff, stay tuned. >> geraldo: the meat. >> greg: won't be stay tuned. i'm not going to waste my time on this crap. >> jesse: greg is very hungry, obviously. i recommend nature made vitamins because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing. i will go first. there was an 18-year-old living every pearl jam fan's dream.
2:56 pm
he actually got to play with the band. watch here. so what happened is he learned that matt cammeron, who is a drummer, tested positive and this 18-year-old's guy is buckeye nukerman he decided to text daughter. it worked. the band manager called him. he played the song mind your manners. he is only 18. great opportunity, right? >> emily: the lesson is give out your number. >> dana: that's the lesson. [laughter] >> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: our time for geraldo's news with geraldo fee turning geraldo's daughter sol. her sol food is wonderful. she does not only does she do a signature dish. she does a book about a country that she is featuring then she does the signature dish from that country. she reviewed indoor remarks a book and an about prepares 32
2:57 pm
yokes book review and biography. the chocolate moose. here my daughter does the chocolate moose from bernadine. all you have to do is go to youtube solfood geraldo and you will see sol food. tonight another banging show. tw shannon, kat timpf and tyrus. it will be great. let's do, this shall we? celebrity citing. i don't go out to dinner very often but i decided to go to a cozy little place in the east village. who did i run into david? david spade. private table. i think he was eating we believes. [laughter] >> he looks pretty much the same. very small little man but he seems very -- he doesn't like to be bothered by the paparazzi. but he enjoys his little worms.
2:58 pm
they were delicious. yum yum yum. >> geraldo: what did he ever do to you? >> jesse: small men making fun of small men. >> greg: i might be smaller for doing this. >> jesse: "primetime" tonight kevin mccarthy, larr. pennsylvania senate race. >> we? >> jesse: we are. also, feeding frenzy. [pacman music] is it. >> jesse: this woman nella, she showed off her iron stomach by doing the wendy's 10,000-calorie challenge. under 46 minutes. one bacon double mozzarella cheese burger. two bacon melted burger twos regular. two large fries two, medium fries. 12 chicken nuggets. 12 small bowls of chele. one large vanilla frosty to top
2:59 pm
it off. we decided to get it here. a couple calories. what are you going to start with? >> greg: can you imagine her toilet? come on. >> geraldo: i almost threw up in my mouth. >> greg: sorry. we need to know this isn't right. this is not right. >> emily: no way, shape, or form. go e. >> geraldo: i love my appetite. age. >> jesse: competitive eater. >> greg: can't go near her bathroom for a week. >> jesse: we get it, greg. >> dana: how is the shake? >> jesse: delicious. >> dana: emily? >> emily: a group of north carolina firefighters are showing the world saving lives is one of their many talents. take a listen. >> happy birthday to shirley. happy birthday to you. >> her cholesterol level? these guys responded though 93-year-old woman's house on her birthday. the poor thing had a pot she left on the stove too long that
3:00 pm
turned into a fire they serenaded with her happy birthday. 93 years young. >> greg: are you saying she did it on purpose? >> emily: it's an accident. you know who is not going to live to 83 is this young girl. >> dana: competitor. you could compete in just about anything. dedication and a commitment. that's it for us, everyone. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: does greg have any more bathroom questions? okay. all right. just checking. thanks. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are 175 days away from the country voting in midterm elections. that's 25 weeks. but today is primary election day in five states with voters still at the polls at this hour. former president trump's sway over the republican party will be heavily tested tonight in north carolina, in pennsylvania. we are tracking several key races in both states. but particularly in pennsylvania where the leading republican senate candidates are in a tight


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