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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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michael you may remember dave appears on fox quite a bit. congrats to my buddy dave thanks inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balance and unafraid. election coverage all night. every show has it. "jesse watters primetime" is next. >> jesse: i will have it as well. thanks so much, bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: when america is faced with a tragedy, americans expect a leader to step up to the plate and bring the country together. not fuel the flames and make things worse. joe biden ran on being that guy. in 2017, in the midst of charlottesville, biden emerged to tell americans that there was no better guy in washington to unite the country. he promised he would fight for what he called the soul of
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america. and he would fight for every american, regardless of party or race. but what we're seeing coming out of this white house is the very last thing joe biden promised he would do. today, he made it clear it was never about you. it was always just politics for him. in his first visit to buffalo, new york, a city mourning after a racist in the job went on a shooting spree, joe biden treated it like it was just another campaign stop. where instead of uniting a broken city, he used it to blame america for being complicit in white supremacy. >> white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. [applause] running through -- it really is. running through our body pliblegs. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. i mean, no more. we need to say as clearly as forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has
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no place in america. [inaudible] failure in saying that is going to be complicity. silence is complicity. >> jesse: so if you don't talk about white supremacy all day like democrat politicians you are complicit in white supremacy. got it? you are the reason america is failing. >> the american experiment in democracy is in a danger like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it's a danger in this hour. hate and fear are being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love america. but i don't understand. >> jesse: gutfeld made a great point on "the five" today which he almost never does so i'm happy to relay it to you. joe biden is admitting that democracy is at its greatest danger point in 08 years. while joe biden is president. and while democrats control the senate and the congress. and after he got elected on a promise to unite the country.
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is biden just reading words on a teleprompter or is he confessing that his presidency is a failure? we have no idea. but does this sound like someone who cares about actually healing the soul of america? if joe biden really cared, he would go out there and talk about what really fueled this rampage. and why it wasn't stopped. he would talk about the failure of school closings. that isolated this kid and allowed him to slip into the dark crevices of the internet where he was radicalized. he would talk about the failure of his own red flag laws. this kid was investigated by his school for being a wannabe school shooter. he was sent to a psych ward and was investigated by police. but he went on a mass shooting anyway. biden doesn't talk about the real issues. to him, it's about how he is going to spin another tragedy into a political cause ahead of the midterms. >> as president of the united states i travel the world all
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the time. and other nations ask me, heads of state and other countries ask me: what's going on? what in god's name happened on january 6th? what happened in buffalo? they ask. >> jesse: that's obviously a lie. joe biden hasn't left the country in since march. i'm sure poland is not worried about january 6th. seem a little more upset with russia. but did you hear what joe biden was trying to say? he is trying to link the buffalo shooting with january 6th. he is trying to say trump supporters are marching to the same tune as the buffalo shooter. if you are ultra maga or you are a mass shooter you are basically on the same side. he sees his polls in the gutter, the media has turned on him, his own party has turned on him. he is facing a bloody midterm. biden is feeling desperate and using this tragedy to go back on offense and chip away at your second amendment. >> look, i'm not naive. i know tragedy will come again. it cannot be forever overcome.
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it cannot be fully understood either. but there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we have done it before. i did it when we passed the crime bill last time and violence went down. shootings went down. >> jesse: citings cracking down on guns are actually seeing a rise in crime. you must know that. crack down on all the guns you want if you don't crack down on the criminals using the gun crime will stay high. he wants to use guns a problem so he can blame republicans for violence when we all know the real violence day after day, night after night is happening in the inner city. this is also about connecting people who are mentally unfit to carry a gun to responsible gun owners. then biden focused in on the shooter's ideology his manifesto about the white birth rate. all and all of you reject the
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lie. i call on all americans to reject the lie. i condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain, and for profit. we have now seen too many times the deadly and destructive violence this ideology unleashes. >> jesse: this is what joe biden said about this very thing in 2015 when he was vice president. will watch. >> unrelenting stream of immigration, nonstop, nonstop. folks like me who were caucasian, of european dissent for the first time in 2017 will be absolute minority in the united states of america. absolute minority. fewer than 50% of the people in america from then and on will be white, european stock. that's not a bad thing. that's a source of our strength. not only our muslim communities but african communities, asian
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communities, hispanic communities and the wave still continues. it's not going to stop. nor should we want it to stop. as a matter of fact, um, it's -- one of the things i think we can be most proud of. >> jesse: the media obviously doesn't want to cover record gas prices, crime, inflation. the only thing the media loves to cover is trump. and reverend al sharpton, one of the deepest thinking democrats on msnbc managed to blame the buffalo shooting on trump. >> with donald trump as president this young man 18 was 15 years old then. and as he was reading and was radicalized it was not that radical to him when the president of the united states says there are fine people on both sides. the mainstreaming of this hatred. the mainstreaming of when we will not be disgraced this kind of mainstreaming of this opens
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and broadens the whole pathway to people like this young man to feel that they are standing up for something. >> jesse: biden tees the media up to play the race card. like i said last night the left going to use this tragedy to make republicans feel guilty. >> make -- almost guilt them. guilt the republicans. >> no that is the party. that's what you are voting for. you don't get to pick and choose. you don't get to say. >> i like think fiscal responsibility. not 10 people that got killed in buffalo you own that okay? that's the way you got to talk to people. >> jesse: you own that. so that's the playbook if you are white or republican are just as guilty as the buffalo shooter. the only way to absolve your guilt is to vote democrat. is this how biden pictured the soul of america? a country more divided a media talking down half the country? more hate crimes? more black-on-black crime? people struggling to buy baby formula? joe biden hasn't healed the country at all. he has made things worse.
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and, according to nbc, 75% of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction. well, guess who is leading us there? his speech in buffalo just proved to us he doesn't care about the soul of america. it's just a line that one of his staffers put in the prompter. just like ultra maga and whatever else the white house is trying to spin. but americans aren't going to fall for it we know when we're being divided and conquered. so how about this? how about we worry about our own soul and joe biden can worry about how he can stay president. and kamala can worry about how to become president. let's turn to laura ingraham, host of the ingraham angle. >> wishful thinking how she can become 'president. >> jesse: what she is thinking about all the time. >> my goodness. >> jesse: wretched horrible hate crime the president flies out there, clears the schedule and tees this whole rage fest up for the rest of the summer into the
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midterms. do you think this is going to work? >> they tried this so many times. this is a tired, old dog-eared playbook. and, jesse, the fact of the matter is, there is horrific violence occurring every day in our country. you've discussed it. i have discussed it, whether it's in chicago or oakland or st. louis or baltimore. it is horrific. and it's being perpetrated by criminals of any persuasion, political ideology, manifesto, no manifesto. they don't care about it. they care about crime that advances a political narrative. and they think this works. but, they have tried it before. they tried it during covid. they are going to silence people. take away their freedom of speech. it didn't work. they tried to do the same thing after charlottesville and january 6th. it doesn't work. they keep trying it meanwhile people keep saying 38%, 37% approve of bidenens performance in office. so i guess they could keep doing this the answer for them is always less freedom for you and
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me. >> jesse: right. >> less freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. second amendment rights, all of it has to go because joe biden is in political trouble. well, that's just not going to fly. >> jesse: do you think people do feel guilty january 6th. the into this caldron. you own this, you are guilty of association, ultra maga caldron. >> i think people are insulted by it: i think they are insulted by it. it has the exact opposite effect of what perhaps they think it will do. not like a mom in detroit who is choosing between medicine or fuel for her car is going to suddenly say okay, wait a second, this horrific shooting happened in buffalo, i must -- biden must be doing a better job. it doesn't work that way. again, this is -- what else do they have? >> jesse: they have nothing. >> their agenda is more spending. now more spending for i guess restaurant bailout. they want more for ukraine. they want more for covid.
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they have spending or they have demonization or distraction. >> jesse: did you go and look at the history of this guy, how come new york didn't pick up on this guy? he was mentally institutionalized. the police looked at him. the school looked at him. he was wearing a hazmat suit when they came back from the covid lockdown like a is psycho path. yet, is he still allowed to go all these mechanisms the government and democrats put in place to stop this they don't even work. >> a lot of us are so busy or focused on our own lives. all this chaos and all the decay that's around us, i mean. it all slips away because people are trying to keep their own lives together. i think it's really hard for regular people -- i think people are just under so much stress today. the stress they are feeling about a failing economy and dangerous streets isn't made less so by the demonization game of they are coming out of it with the tiki torches with charlottesville and january -- that's the greatest hits. those are biden's greatest hits. those aren't america's greatest
4:13 pm
hits those are his greatest hits. >> jesse: 10:00 what do you have tonight? >> i thought you were coming on. what i have a show at 10:00? we are going to head to pennsylvania. i thought we were all going out to dinner? i keep getting these false promises from jesse. obviously be on the pennsylvania race. we will have fun with that and north carolina. and the message tonight is unite and fight. >> jesse: i like it. good message. >> great to be here, jesse. >> jesse: while you struggle to pay your bills, nancy pelosi is treating herself to a new york city shopping spree. look at her flash the amex and twitter employees expose their left wing bias. >> there is a difference between twitter's definition of free speech and elon's definition of free speech. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: we always knew that people that were working at twitter were libs. we didn't know they were lunatics. thanks to the folks over at project veritas they have been exposed. some undercover producers spoke to a senior engineer at twitter who admitted that the company is totally biased. watch. >> there is a difference between twitter's definition of free speech and elon's definition of free speech. >> twitter does [inaudible]
4:20 pm
>> jesse: it explains why they are so terrified of musk buying twitter. the company is corrupt to the core and it's about to be exposed. musk himself is beginning to find his voice during this twitter takeover and took a couple shots at joe biden last night. watch this. >> it's hard to tell what biden is doing to be quite frank. [laughter] the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. you know, it's like the path to power is the path to the teleprompter. you know, i do feel like if somebody would accidently lean on the tell prompter it's going to be like anchorman. >> jesse: here at "primetime" we like to trust but verify. is joe biden like ron burgundy from anchor man? let's go to the tape. >> we have always found ways to come together we can find that unity again and the message said end of message. >> i'm ron burgundy.
4:21 pm
dammit. who cut the question mark on the teleprompter. for the last time anything you put on that barometer burgundy will read. >> musk isn't the only rich guy turning on the president. amazon founder jeff bezos who owns "the washington post" and whose company don't united states tons to democrats has been pretty critical of biden lately. and inflation has a lot to do with it he doesn't think taxing major companies is the solution and tweeted this, quote: remember the administration tried their best to add 3.5 trillion to federal spending? they failed. but if they had succeeded, inflation would be even higher than it is today. and inflation today is at a 40 year high. so biden can keep blaming inflation on covid and putin all he wants. but, it's not fooling the likes of bezos or the bankers on wall street who also put biden in the white house. morgan stanley saying inflation is due to, quote: excessive
4:22 pm
fiscal stimulus provided during the pandemic, particularly the last $1.9 trillion package at the end of march 2021 just as the economy was already emerging from the lockdown. and that's not all. even former fed chair ben bernanke is blaming biden for inflation. this is bad news for the president. he is losing the big money establishment, the people that got him elected. now they are circling him like sharks. a significant development for a lame duck like joe biden. kevin mccarthy is the house minority leader, soon to be speaker. so,. [laughter] kevin, you see what bezos is saying you see what musk is saying. you see what wall street is saying. do you think this is a significant development in the tenure of the biden presidency? >> oh, it is significantly beyond. beyond staying classy san diego. think of what elon musk is. these are some of our greatest
4:23 pm
innovators of our time. but elon musk is also the largest taxpayer in the history of america and upset they watched however they have gone. gone too far beyond the realm. elon musk went after bernie sanders with a tweet that he forgot he was even alive. elizabeth warren attacking him for not paying enough taxes. i think he paid $11 billion. think about it, if the america wants to go up to the international space station, they can't go to nasa, they go to elon musk who is the only person who developed a rocket engine only built in america? everyone else buys one from russia. he has lost it because this is how far policies have gone. inflation is so painful. people have to go this far to point it out to them and then they tweet back at him. this administration has totally lost. >> jesse: they have lost bezos who owns the post basically installed biden since they covered up the hunter laptop
4:24 pm
october surprise. i was surprised today when i saw this i would love to hear what you have to say about your friend nancy pelosi. americans struggling, can't find baby formula, filling up their tanks halfway because they can't afford a full gallon of gas. she went on a new york city shopping spree. and here she is in a very expensive salmon colored pants suit flashing her amex i'm sure that's platinum amex making it rain. do you think that's the kind of image you want to be showing to the rest of the country in a time like this? >> well, think about what else she showed during the pandemic inside her very expensive kitchen with a very expensive refrigerator buying ice cream that i have never been able to afford in the past. but what she is saying to the rest of us. think about this: why does she have all this money? her husband trades in the stock market makes $5 million in one month by doing calls on technology stock while we're doing the legislation and she is the speaker that could determine
4:25 pm
whether it comes to the floor or not? she doesn't even know what's happening in inflation. this goes not just to her but to the rest of the democrats in congress. you know, just a couple months ago, their democratic conference hakeem jeffries says no one in their conference has even mentioned the gasoline prices that it's a problem. everybody else in america is mentioning it. this is how out of touch this party is. it's not just joe biden because they are not writing it on the teleprompter for him to say it. it's because nancy pelosi doesn't believe it she is walking back in with her amex going to saks fifth avenue purchasing things she doesn't think is hard to do while everyone in america is struggling to fill up tank costing $2,000 more. and with the inflation costing every family $5,000 more. so in touch with america they think the people who work at twit remember fair people. it's proven they are not. >> jesse: i think you are right this is paul pelosi rewarding
4:26 pm
nancy with a shopping spree for all that pillow talk tawas so helpful in the stock market. thank you very much, soon-to-be speaker and hopefully we can get that stock act passed again and make it stick. thank you very much. >> i promise you this if i'm speaker it will happen and you stay classy, jesse. >> jesse: you too ron burgundy. what does black lives matter and hunter biden have in common? oh, we just found out. plus, it's primary day and the polls close in less than five minutes in some states. and pennsylvania is on deck. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. when i'm on my hands and knees and i'm digging through the dirt, i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing.
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. the polls just closed in north carolina where republicans are looking replace richard burr and where madison cawthorn is battling to hold on to his seat. we are less than a half hour away from the polls closing in
4:32 pm
pennsylvania. a big primary race between dr. oz, david mccormick and kathy barnett. stay tuned for those results. >> after the death of george floyd, black lives matter raked in an unprecedented number of donations. co-founder, patrisse cullors recently told msnbc why. >> contrary to what, you know, has been reported, much of the funding that came in was from individual donors. that was a lot of white guilt money. a lot of white folks being like we just got to put the money -- >> jesse: the after the summer of love, black lives matter wound up sitting on auto $90 million war chest, that's a lot of white guilt. and a lot of that money magically disappeared, poof! millions of dollars up simply just evaporated into the wind. now, thanks to newly released tax filings, we know a lot of that cash went to family. not the families of victims. just the family of patrisse
4:33 pm
cullors. makes sense why they wanted to keep their finances a secret. turns out patrice took all that white guilt money and employed her sister, mother, brother, and baby daddy. that's right. i said baby daddy. the blm paid her brother paul colors nearly $900,000 for, what? security. he has a company called cullors protection llc wasn't created until the time blm started employing him just a coin dense. blm hired paul to run their security detail because they couldn't trust former police officers because, you know, all cops are bastards. we also found out that paul is an accomplished graffiti artist and has been tagging walls around california for decades. who does this remind me of? these guys are like the black hunter biden, artists, making their families rich, no
4:34 pm
qualification. patrice also made sure baby daddy got richard she paid damon turner's company trap almost a million dollars to produce live events whatever that means. damon may have helped use that money to launch his singing career. listen ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: patrice peeled off $120,000 for herself for consulting fees. consulting herself. paying off your brother, the parent of your child, appealing off some change for yourself, this is straight out of the biden family playbook. but that's not all. remember the 6 million that they spent on that mansion for themselves with a pool and all those amenities where they threw parties at? well, candace owens went to one of patrice's mansions to ask questions as many reporters do,
4:35 pm
and patrice sobbed and said she was harassed. but here's how things actually went down. >> i was looking to speak to whoever who is at this property. >> the fact that she came outside my house and demanded things, harassed me, is unacceptable. >> i'm not trying to harass you. we will gladly leave. we are wondering if we can speak to anybody. >> i need to be safe. i need my child to be safe. [crying] and this -- this what happened this morning is not safety. >> thank you, sir. have a great day. >> jesse: where was black lives matter head of security? apparently he took the money and didn't do the job. last year they also invested $32 million in the stock market for a group that hates capitalism. sure a lot of money to invest in wall street. still, blm finished the year with $42 million in assets.
4:36 pm
42 million. with how much of that money actually went to the victims' families? very little. the foundation was created for george floyd and trayvon martin and oscar grant? they only got a couple hundred grand each. disgusting. this organization is so crooked that even crooked people had to jump ship. remember we told you about the clinton team that went on board when things were getting rocky? hillary's election lawyer marc elias and another one of her top allies minyon moore left the board of blm right before they released this toxic tax filing. it's even too swampy for the clintons. that's how bad blm is. clay travis is the co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton show and outkick founder. clay, what strikes you from this recent release. >> man, i should have gone into the business there of trying to raise money so i could buy myself a $6 million mansion like everybody who is watching right now instead of trying to do
4:37 pm
honest work. i mean, what strikes me honestly, jesse, and thanks for having me on, irs investigation unfortunately the irs only investigates people with the word patriot in their tagline when their 501(c)3's. look, this is to me elm policemennatic of the larger story that almost has told us and why it's such a fraud. the numbers, if you look at every city, where black lives matter has been active in, the overall number of murders and violent crime has skyrocketed. because the truth of the matter is this: black lives being protected in overwhelming numbers by police. all of a sudden when we decided based on a few police officers who were behaving in a criminal fashion and they were charged with a crime jesse you couldn't watch cops on television anymore they were offended all the blm
4:38 pm
minions that paw patrol had a police officers young kids. did you watch that? they were demanded that be ended. this was all wildness. we wildly overreacted. enabled people who i believe may well have committed fraudulent tax returns and felonies and should be investigated by the irs to get for thatly $100 million. nobody benefited. the people in these communities who needed the protection of the police the most lost it and overall death skyrocketed, ironically and awfully black lives matter protests and the people that they ploy like this led to more black lives being lost. we have to rectify this situation and hold the people accountable who profited off of this disaster. >> jesse: if you are the family of george floyd or trayvon martin or any of these young black men or individuals that died in a controversial police or, you know, white-on-black situation, regardless of the facts of the case, they are dead. and you want money for the
4:39 pm
family afterwards, obviously. and black lives matter was supposed to be the group that sent them the money. when they are only getting pocket change, and they are sitting on 43 million and they are getting pocket change. do you think that the families of these victims are going to actual do something and speak out about black lives matter? because this is a straight rip off job. >> yeah they should. you are right, jesse, they are the families that actually had -- that suffered in this process and then you have these other people buying $6 million mansions, living behind gated communities. spends money as you ran through. millions of dollars. 840 k i jotted it down for brother security. 970 k for the baby daddy? come on, this is an insult to anyone who actually believes in the concept of remunerative justice which is why you sue. and so they should be, of all people, the most furious about the lies that are being spread by this group of blm.
4:40 pm
>> jesse: the baby daddy got more money than george floyd did. the baby daddy got twice as much money as the george floyd -- >> this is flying out for an irs investigation. if there was any decency in our tax code they should be diving into every one of these numbers and they should be considering prosecution. >> jesse: you will are right. we will wait on the irs investigation. >> yeah for a long time probably. >> jesse: clay travis, thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we go inside the courthouse day one of durham's case against hillary clinton's crooked attorney. and, later, what did geraldo see while tripping on a boat in the bahamas? we'll find out next. ♪ free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah
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♪ ♪ jess the michael sussmann trial is underway and it's already getting pretty dicey in an openings statement. john durham's team of attorneys laid out their case against former clinton campaign lawyer mike sussmann who they claim lied to the fbi in order to falsely ty trump to russia. learned new regulations about the role fbi lover peter strzok
4:46 pm
played in this whole deal and we learned that a clinton donor may be placed on the jury jeff murdock "washington times" reporter and has been inside the courtroom all day. tell us what you saw, jeff. >> it was a fascinating day of testimony, jesse. one of the key highlights was an fbi cyber investigator who leads a team of cyber investigators said that they looked into the allegations that president trump was secretly communicating with a russian bank and thought the allegations made no sense. they were so far out of reach his team punted and said we are not opening an investigation into this. they kicked it over and the fbi counterintelligence unit, which was at that time led by peter strzok, picked it up and decided to move forward with the investigation. now, the fbi agent that testified today did not say whether peter strzok was the one who decided to move it forward but he was leading the unit that decided to decided who move the investigation forward at that
4:47 pm
time. >> jesse: very interesting is it true that a clinton donor is on the jury? >> there is alternates and very possible one may make the jury. we don't know who is an alternate and we don't know who is on the jury because they have been spread out because of covid. so it's very hard. there are four alternates. but, the odds are that one of them made the jury pretty strong. i sat in court yesterday. it was incredible what we were listening to from some of these jurors. we had one juror said that she couldn't be impartial to the fbi because they dismantled the black panthers. another person got on there and slammed the durham prosecution as a political prosecution. we had people say they worked the phone banks for clinton. another woman said in 2008 her husband worked on the clinton campaign. another woman said she went to school with president clinton and she will always be on her side. so it was very hard for prosecutors to find somebody who did not have a favorable opinion of hillary clinton in the d.c.
4:48 pm
jury. >> jesse: the jury is going to be totally, totally nonpartisan, i'm sure. way to go, guys, d.c. swamp strikes again. thank you so much for paying attention to the trial for us. we really appreciate it. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: for decades, people who believed in ufos were considered weirdoes if you started talking about strange objects you saw fly in the sky people looked at you funny, they called you a conspiracy theorist. the only news coverage you would see on it was in the back of the tabloid in the supermarket next to the story loch ness monster. today things changed. congress held its first hearing on ufos since the 1960s. and they admitted it's time to start taking them seriously. listen. >> unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat. and they need to be treated that way. uap rose unexplained, it's true. but they are real. they need to be investigated.
4:49 pm
and many threats they pose need to be mitigated. >> jesse: top pentagon officials said there have been around 400 reported military encounters with ufos, 11 of them came dangerously close to clydeing collidingwith u.s. aircraft. mike gallagher brought up an incident where u.s. ballistic missiles were apparently disabled as a ufo wizzed by. >> nuke lawyer icbms were rendered inoperable at the time a glowing orb was overhead. >> jesse: that sounds like a big deal. the pentagon was not able to say what happened. they released two newly declassified videos. took them years to find out green flashing triangles, were they unmanned drones? but they still have no idea what this orb start darting paths a military pilot is. >> there are a number of events in which we do not have an explanation, in which there are
4:50 pm
a small handful in which there are flight characteristics or signature management that we can't explain with the data that we have. >> jesse: we still have a lot of questions. our government doesn't have a lot of answers. during their next hearing, they should talk to a real ufo expert, somebody with firsthand experience. i know the perfect guy. the. >> the only time i ever saw a ufo i was stoned on ecstasy. [laughter] >> jesse: what did it look like? >> it looked like a great big north -- brighter than the north star. right on the horizon. i tried to avoid it i steered around it. >> you have been driving on ecstasy? >> the other ware in the bahama banks. right in front of me and tracked me everywhere i went. [laughter] polls in pennsylvania are closing in a matter of minutes. we'll break down the heated senate primary race with bill hemmer. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert, ted bud wins the republican nomination for u.s. senate in north carolina's primary election. we are moments away from polls closing in pennsylvania, as all eyes are focused on the heated republican senate primary there. let's turn it over to bill hemmer at the board with the latest. >> it is my job to call this race. >> jesse: i'm sorry, go for it. >> ted budd is in magenta behind me, okay? he beat his challenger pat mccoy the former governor in purple, beat mark walker in robin egg blue. why is this important? all kidding aside, ted budd was endorsed by donald trump a year ago and tonight with only 26% of the vote in, budd has been declared the winner by the associated press. another critical race in north carolina, several house races but the western part of the state, okay, madison
4:57 pm
cawthorn, congressional district number 11, see how this is going. copthorne is a first-time member of the u.s. house and under a ton of pressure from establishment republicans and also republicans in his own state, like senator thom tillis at the moment. he has a good challenge right now, about a third of the voting right now, cawthorn is just barely up 30%, chuck edwards the state senator is beating him in almost 37%, watch how that goes throughout the night but it looks like this is a pretty good race in the western part of the state. i will pop out because a moment ago you mentioned pennsylvania, this is a big one, a lot to watch in the state throughout the night. polls close in pennsylvania in . here is the catch: they don't start counting the ballots in pennsylvania until after the polls close purely lot of states will start counting when the polls open, say 12 hours ago, half a day had started, not pennsylvania, so a good three way race between kathy barnett -- let me go and
4:58 pm
call this up, kathy barnett, david mccormick, and dr. monette's vehicle remember, trump has endorsed oz, see whetr not that turns in pennsylvania. one thing i can tell you as of 8:00 eastern time, rand paul hao mike divided his seat in the primary race in kentucky. we will be here all night long, all of the twists and turns and let you know what happens between magenta and purple and robin egg blue. >> jesse: robin egg blue. bill hemmer got a way with words. take you so much. very important to rsvp promptly. you can't let that hang out, you've got to rsvp, it is the graceful thing to do. for the summer, plan ahead. i am planned ahead, i have plane tickets, train tickets, rsvp,
4:59 pm
weekends all mapped out, travel mapped out, i know i sound like o'reilly when i'm talking like this but summer goes by quickly and you've got to make sure you have a plan and execute that plan. because these summer weekends. time for texts. from austin, why hasn't al sharpton condemned the corruption at blm? that is a great question. nancy, new york, what for staff members of yours has to watch "the view" to get material for the show? joey watches "the view" and we consider it a form of punishment for him. he hasn't taken it up with hr but we expect in hr complaint momentarily. dusty, great name, why is everybody pushing for another speaker of the house from california? i don't know. jim, oklahoma, i would love to see joe answering questions off the cuff like donald trump did daily with the covid briefly's vehicle i would love to, too, but i don't think biden's people
5:00 pm
want that. remember how biden is always saying they don't want me to say this? "they" is president. that is not a pronoun thing. "they" is president of the united states. that is it for us. tucker carlson is up next. we've got a lot of breaking stuff in the pennsylvania senate race, and always remember, i am waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, polls have just closed in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, there is a very intense primary underway, republicans. primaries and four other states are wrapping up as well and we'll have the up to the moment election results throughout the night. but first, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last night a 17-year-old high school senior called paid in kindred received an assignment in his economics cla, what do you want to do when you retire? he answered, commit murder suicide. the teacher immediatelyor


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