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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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8:00 p.m., the show that is this one and totally sincere and hopefully cheerful enemy of smugness, pomposity, groupthink, all the other bad things. have the best night with the ones you love. we will see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. tonight we are tracking primary results in five different states, voting is still underway in the states of idaho and oregon, but at this hour, the polls are now officially closed in kentucky, north carolina, and in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. which is suffering a town of election irregularities. we can report at this hour. in berks county, a judge kept the polls open for an additional hour because of "widespread problems" they are having. in lancaster county, a significant number of mail-in
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ballots are not able to be scanned electronically because of "printing problems." we will get to my monologue in just a moment but first joining us live, he is the man, he used to be the "hannity" big board, now it is the hemmer big board, 8% of vote in the senate race in pennsylvania and everything else going on tonight? >> a big spin around and take you to pennsylvania, sean, what we are seeing right now, live voting, some of this is going to change as we go to the board, that i will take you to north carolina and show you what is happening there. the biggest primary night we have had of the year and we have been watching this now going back to the 1st of march in the state of texas. this is where we begin now, sean, the republican senate primary, with 9% of the vote in, donald trump, remember he endorsed dr. mehmet oz, about 25% of that 9% share of the vote. david mccormick, however, off to a pretty good run at about 32%, as you see the vote come in. kathy barnette trailing by about 12 points down there at the bottom.
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where is the vote still to be tabulated? i can tell you, sean, if you are to look at the state of pennsylvania, i will show you in a moment, you can draw a t and find out where the republican voters vote and where the democrats vote in just a moment. however, this is pittsburgh, allegheny county, the hometown of david mccormick, well, okay, there it is. it is the second-largest of 67 counties. that gives you an idea of how many votes there are in allegheny county, in the city of pittsburgh, and about -- it is still early in that part of the state. down in the southeast, this greene county right here, that is the county and the city of philadelphia. there are a ton of votes here that have yet to be counted. number one populated county in the entire state out of 67. i was mentioning where you find votes in the state of pennsylvania. this is what pennsylvania did less than two years ago. joe biden, the official winner over donald trump by about
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80,000 -- about 82,000 votes, in 2020, if you were to draw this -- a lot of times when you study the state of pennsylvania, you draw the t, take away the middle county here, and you can see the red counties across the top and the other red counties that fill in on the sides, and we have seen election after election, sean, the red counties get redder in pennsylvania and the blue counties get bluer. that includes pittsburgh over here, erie in the northwest, and also the area of philadelphia down here in the southeast. come back to real action in the senate race, okay, we are at 10% of the vote, sticking pretty much mccormick at 32.5 and oz at 26% at kathy barnette who really made a charge in the last 14 days or so of that election trailing right now at about 21%. what is happening on the democratic side for the senate? john fetterman is in the hospital. john fetterman cast a vote today from his hospital room.
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john fetterman had a heart procedure today. he has been declared the winner based on the tally so far in the associated press, so he is well on to taking on whoever comes out to win the republican senate primary and will be get a winner tonight, will we find out tonight? remember, the state of pennsylvania starts counting their ballots after the polls close, and that was just about an hour and 4 minutes ago, so we've got a ways here. just checking on the republican race for the gubernatorial primary in pennsylvania, dog mastriano was endorsed by donald trump and he is now a leader with about 24, 25% of the vote in, that is a bit of a change as we watch the tallies come in throughout the state, take you down to north carolina and show you what we have seen so far tonight. pop down to the tar heel state, this is ted budd in magenta, we will call it, sean. he was picked within minutes by the associated press, and early
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winter, endorsed by donald trump a year ago. ted budd was an easy winner in north carolina tonight. what is happening on the house side? draw a little something for you. if you were to go to the far western reaches of north carolina, this is bochum county, where asheville is located, draw a line, this would make up congressional district number 11. this is a hotly watched now, especially by republican observers of this campaign, because madison cawthorn, a first time, freshman republican in the house, is in for quite a challenge right now, and i can show you a little bit of what is happening there in cd 11. chuck edwards, a state senator, is hanging on right now, over cawthorn, who a number of republicans in washington and throughout north carolina, they did not want cawthorn to win. they openly campaigned against him, and look at this, 77% of the vote now is in and chuck edwards is hanging on right now with a little less than 35% of
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the tally, and again, the 11 congressional district in north carolina. show you another one. we just looked at this, this is congressional district number 4 in north carolina, the raleigh area, this is a race we are watching because nita eli -- need all mom was endorsed by bernie sanders, a progressive, and she will go on to lose tonight in her bid to take cong, with 99% of the vote in, she will be a loser in north carolina. the state of the race right now, if i were to go back two years ago at the presidential level, you think about pennsylvania, just remember, sean -- boom. with donald trump beating joe biden, right, the tally was so close in north carolina just like it was in pennsylvania, so something to track there. now i want to show you while i can, we started, what, the
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1st of march, the first week of the war in ukraine, there was not a lot, a ton of attention that was given to the texas primary, that it was significant, as we watch and try to track each primary here in the season. what we try to do here, sean, is detect turnout, so we showed in the two biggest states that have voted so part in the primaries, ohio was one of them two weeks ago tonight, 2022, more than a million republicans voted. democrats about 510,000. this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. every state is different. they have different levels of interest, depending on whether the senate is up for the governor's race or they have some good congressional races, but watch this, sean, in 2022 when you compare to four years ago in 2018, republicans are up 22%, democrats down 29% in ohio. then we went back to march 1st in the state of texas, 2022,
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just shy of 2 million republicans and 1.1 democrats. there are some pretty good races in texas on both sides. this is what we found out when we compared to 2018, republicans are up 27%, democrats are 4%. again, it is not apples to apples in every statement clearly the energy and enthusiasm so far in these primary races are on behalf of the republican party, so we will see again how that works out tonight. how are you doing, are you still with me? >> sean: i am still here. i am watching and great fascination. all right, the real race tonight, the real drama is going to be in the senate race in pennsylvania. we are going to be checking in all throughout the night with you and updating, it looks like it is slightly tightening a little bit. it's getting interesting. stay with us. bill hemmer, we will get back to him many times throughout the hour tonight. we might get my monologue in if we have time, we're going to try, but first we check in our very own bryan llenas, he is at odds campaign headquarters tonight. bryan, what is the feeling they are?
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>> sean, good evening, just go to the campaign for dr. oz, they are confident and feel like they have the momentum coming in. they are not concerned so far with the early numbers, pointing to the fact that david mccormick is from the allegheny county area, as well as the fact that these votes they believe are mostly those early votes, the mail-in ballots that have come in. they are going to wait to see what the turnout is on primary day, when those precincts are coming out, particularly interested in looking at the northeastern part of the state. that is where a lot of the blue-collar workers are. we're talking about wayne and pike and monroe counties, those areas are where former president trump did well and that is where they believe dr. oz can do well tonight. so that is what we will be looking for there. speaking of the former president, it is hard to understate the importance of the former president to the dr. oz campaign. as a matter of fact, they said it is extremely important to the dr. oz campaign. in fact, you look at all of the
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signs in and around pennsylvania, they have been -- many have been replaced with signs that say dr. oz and in bold, endorsed by trump. the poles were not looking great for odds leading into about april, but then the president chose and endorsed the doctor, and that is when things started to take a turn, at least allwise, and we went out today and spoke to voters, we found most people we spoke to, who were in between, they were really in between dr. oz, as well as kathy barnette, and those we spoke to that voted for dr. oz, said they thought about two things. one, president trump's endorsement. and the second, electability. listen. >> my main purpose was to come out for odds because trump supports him and i am a trump fan. >> i think he is in america first candidate, all the commercials that i had seen, i
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think, were not right, i don't believe he is a rin no. >> it was a tough choice between dr. oz and kathy barnette. the one thing -- i want somebody who is going be electable. mehmet oz certainly has the name recognition. >> the former president, he took part in a tele- rally last night. he called in, we are told it was voluntary, he decided he wanted to do everything he can to help dr. oz win, so he called in and told everybody that the doctor is a loyal maga person, as well as somebody who is strong and a friend of his, and he obviously went against david mccormick and kathy barnette. you were talking about allegro irregularities, kevin update. berks county in pennsylvania reported there has been widespread problems, just got off the phone, electronic poll
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books. that means there were longer lines of the check in, so they had problems with these new electronic poll books, had to wait longer to get in, nothing to do with the actual vote tally, but as a result, the polls now were open until 9:00 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m. that is berks county. allegheny county, there was a report there that there were issues looking into whether or not they had enough ballots, that there was a report out there they had ran out of ballots in allegheny county. we now know that is no longer the case, they say they were looking at the situation and upon further review, those ballots were actually delivered, so that is good news there. one last issue we are getting out of lancaster county, the odds campaign tells me here at about 8,000 votes were affected there. with an incorrect -- ballots cast with an incorrect election identification number, which made it very difficult to scan those ballots, but they are working on it over time and the dr. oz campaign tells us they
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are not concerned about that county as of now but we will keep you updated, sean, throughout the evening. >> sean: thank you so much, bryan llenas, we will get back to you throughout the night. we go now to alexandria hoff, a kathy barnette campaign headquarters. alexander, what is going on there tonight? >> hi, sean. a lot of energy here in elizabethtown. the candidate kathy barnette was behind me just minutes ago dancing with supporters, so it is a lively affair, and you have to look around and think how much last-minute planning went into putting on an event like this considering just a month ago, it was largely considered to be a two-man race. early in the month, kathy barnette had a sudden surge in popularity, and really, sean, it coincided with the leaking of a supreme court draft opinion regarding roe v. wade, right after that, barnette came out and said she was conceived of a product of rape when her mother was 11 years old and she would
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be considered the most pro-life of all candidates, so that gained a lot of momentum there, but within the increased gains, she saw a lot of criticism, including over the past tweets per critics have labeled homophobic and anti-muslim. people within the republican party, such as former president trump, say this has made her -- her history largely on a unappealing. moderates and independents that a general election would really rely on. that is something we know voters have considered. i did speak to a vote earlier today wearing a trump 2020 shirt, and i asked him if he had made up his mind, he said he just did before going into the polling location, and he said he ended up casting his vote for kathy barnette. he felt she was the true conservative here. and sean, i also want to talk about because we have been in lancaster county today, that issue bryan was just referring to with the mail-in ballots that
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have a scanning i.d. on them that apparently did not properly ingest into the system, they could not be scanned. we spoke with barnette's campaign about that, they were concerned about that initially. they wanted to make sure it would be conducted properly and they did tell us the campaign has been welcome inside the county headquarters to oversee the process of those scanned ballots being transcribed onto new documents so they can properly be counted. sean? >> sean: all right, thanks for that report, we appreciate and will check back in the north evening, alexandra, thank you. we go to rich edson at david mccormick's headquarters, campaign headquarters tonight, what is the feeling there? they came out of the night with a significant lead. it seems to be getting closer as the night goes on. how are they feeling? >> they are feeling pretty good here, sean. this is the view here from pittsburgh, from western pennsylvania, the top-tier parties out here in the western part of the state. david mccormick talked an awful lot about president trump,
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president trump's policies, but he did not get the nomination, the backing from the former president of the united states, but he still said, look, this is an issue set i have been focused on since my time at west point and the u.s. army and he continued to push that. there was a real multimillion dollar fight between dave mccormick and dr. mehmet oz, the last few months, this nomination, trying to get on board, trying to make some headway between the two. kathy barnette slides right in over the last week and created real issues here and in the odds campaign with the message from the mccormick folks over the last week or so, even from dave mccormick himself, more of a positive one, he really didn't specifically comment on the number of issues we have seen from kathy barnette, some of the previous tweets she had come out with, some of the questions about her military service, even as an army veteran himself, david mccormick really refused to go there and was more of a
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positive message of that came on. some of the areas we have seen early returns, good for dave mccormick, more of major cities within pennsylvania, the pittsburgh area and suburbs around pittsburgh and cities of eastern pennsylvania, so they are feeling pretty good about that, as well. also feeling pretty good if they go up against john fetterman, remember, there is another party going on not too far in pittsburgh, john fetterman. he is not there, he had that stroke and is in the hospital right now but he is the one who is going to be running according to the associated press on the ripped democrat side. they are feeling good, he has more of a bernie sanders type democrat, but a long way to go. from the mccormick side, they are hoping the undecideds would break -- a lot of them decide in the blowing up until the last minute, they were hoping folks would go their way, a lot of folks go their way. still early on watching and waiting, sean. >> sean: great report, checking back and throughout the night, thank you. former senior counselor to
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president trump, kellyanne conway and former chief of staff rents previous. before we get to this particular race or any specifics of the race, here is an amazing statistic. donald trump came into this night 50-something and one. as of tonight, he is 75-1 in terms of people he has endorsed. kellyanne, that is a pretty incredible and impressive record, and i know groups -- they through millions into kathy barnette's campaign, not the organization that steve moore once founded and is not a part of anymore. >> [laughs] you know, sean, this is really a reflection of what is going on with the two political parties and their heads right now. everybody wants donald trump's endorsement. the top three vote getters in the pennsylvania senate primary, mccormick, oz, barnett, they want donald trump's endorsement. has got it, the other two were still touting their connection
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to donald trump and the america first agenda, that does not happen on the democratic side. john fetterman, the new democratic nominee, thank god he is recovered and i hope he makes a full recovery, god bless you, sir, i'm sure he is watching your show from the hospital, he does not want joe biden, joe biden went to the state and he was nowhere to be found until the bridge collapsed, showed up into shorts and a sweatshirt. they do not want joe biden and kamala harris campaigning with them and it tells you the tale of the typical parties right now. fetterman endorsed bernie sanders and fetterman was endorsed by bernie sanders last time he ran. this is a man who said abortion any anytime, fracking never, which brings billions of dollars to pennsylvania and tens of thousands of jobs. you are looking at a very radical -- a radical democratic nominee, huge win for president trump tonight in north carolina. ted budd is now the republican nominee for senate there. it is huge because he was numbea long time, president trump
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endorsed him. here is the deal of what happened there. budd won a 17 way primary, little-known congressman, wins that primary tonight with the president's endorsement, shows you the power of the trump political currency. >> sean: yeah, i mean, i think that is a great analysis. they all ran as maga candidates, and only one eventually got it. one of the things -- two things that took place in this race, reince, one i don't think it's healthy or good for republicans, when they kill each other. the ad war, the amount of money, for example, i supported dr. oz in this race, is over $40 million. this was a brutal campaign on all sides, and a lot of mud, you know, flying back and forth, it got pretty ugly at times from my perspective, i never think that helps in the end, and out of
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nowhere, eight days ago, incomes kathy barnette, nobody had even vetted her, and she comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden we find all of these controversial tweets, all of these controversial statements, i think my favorite though, is she wanted a statue of barack obama built, and it gave the primary voters very little time to sift through all of this and absorb all of this, and i can't even say confidently tonight that it is fully in the bloodstream in terms of republican primary voters in pennsylvania. what are your thoughts on both of those issues? >> well, it is a big topic, sean. i have to deal with this question all the time. i am personally one of the people that think primaries are good, and let me tell you why, because number one, it energizes your entire party. number two, you get data --
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>> sean: when it gets ugly, that ugly and personal? this got pretty ugly? >> personally, i just don't think it matters in the end, i really don't come i think by the time november comes, as long as the party comes together which is the trick, it is the unity breakfast, bringing everyone together, having the winner be magnanimous, having that leadership within the party to make sure when the primary is over, the wounds heal. and me tell you why we're having all of these republicans on the republican side of the aisle, you know why? because all the opportunities on the republican side, when republicans think they're going to lose because the democrats are having a decent year in places like pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan, guess what? hardly any republicans run. but when it looks like a great year, because republicans are going to win, guess what? republicans coming out of the woodwork and they win. i will give you one quick example here of a look at wisconsin give everything a time -- i know wisconsin because that is where i am from -- but
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every single time an incumbent governor was beaten, the other party had a massive primary on their side of the aisle, they killed each other, and guess what, they won. when barack obama and hillary clinton killed each other through june and practically gouged each other's eyes out, barack obama went on to win when he was at 37% a year earlier. primaries really don't cause a big problem in either party as long as the party comes together. >> sean: amazing, amazing stuff, and i do agree with that in the end. this is a must win seat. real quick answers from both of you and then we head back to bill hemmer, knowing now, all of the controversial tweeting, comments, et cetera, kathy barnette, if she gets into the general election, she is now in third place, it is a three-point race as i look at the board right now between oz and dave mccormick, if she were to come through and pull this, could she
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win a general election, in your view come or will she get hit very hard with all of those controversial statements and have to answer a lot more questions, real quick, kellyanne? >> well, first of all, she is not going to win tonight, it does not look that way at all. but i think she is far better than fetterman, who is a complete radical come abortion anyone, anytime, anywhere, and you know, sean, just to say what reince said and we were all there in 2016, pennsylvania was a reach state, we won wisconsin with president trump partly because we turned electability on its head. i am not a big fan of the argument for a very simple reason. as president, you do not win on electability, electoral college is how you do or do not win. the same thing goes in the senate race. i think anything is better than john fetterman, who is the democratic nominee, he is a socialist, he is -- he was going to kill fracking and oil and gas. look, with barnette, i think this begs a bigger question which these multicandidate
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primaries, if people are only focused on the clash of the titans, somebody else can run in there at the last minute and voters will say, you know what, i am tired of all of the mudslinging, who else is there? i think she is going to come up short tonight because of the last minute vetting, and last thing, the record turnout in these republican primaries, 2 to 1 democratic primaries, when the democrats on washington, they control the house, the senate, and the white house, they have the smallest majority in the house of representatives since world war ii. this is going to be a monster fall, and you see it playing out in the primaries. great men and women -- you think dave mccormick or mehmet oz needs to run for the united state senate? they already have great lives. they are doing this because they love the country and love pennsylvania and you are seeing many candidates like that -- >> sean: let me get an answer from reince quick, if she wins, can she win a general, real quick? >> yeah, she can win a general comment i will tell you, i hear all the things you have said and i agree with you, that her past could be problematic, but the reason she blows up the media
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narrative, though, is she was acting extremely maga through the entire primary, so even if she did win, which it doesn't look like she will come of the problem the media would have is the person who would have won, was the person acting extremely trumpy throughout the primary. donald trump losing his grip on the party -- not going to work. not going to win but nevertheless it is an interesting dynamic. >> sean: all right, thank you both. fascinating. donald trump so far this evening with candidates he endorsed, you go back 50-some odd wins and one loss, he is now up to 75-1. reince, kellyanne, thank you both. we go back to bill hemmer at the big board. we've got, from what i can see, 26% of the vote in, things are tightening between oz and dave mccormick. kathy barnette a little bit further behind. where you see this? >> pretty good, spot on. it is about 2.5 points, last
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time we talked it was more like five, 4.5, five. the lead for mccormick continues to shrink ever so slightly. i will however caution viewers at home, we could be a ways away from this because there are a lot of votes outstanding up here in erie county, erie, p.a. i was looking at the numbers over the computer, 237 -- these are real votes for mccormick, 235 dr. mehmet oz, kathy barnette 224, so in this county alone, which is 15 of 67 in terms of size and pennsylvania, there is a lot of votes still out there. i look at pittsburgh, remember allegheny county, they are talking about two in population out of 67, and we got a ways to go there, too, talking 6800 rob votes, 40 to 100 dr. oz, and you see the difference here, grew up in washington county to the southwest. pittsburgh, the collar counties,
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suburbs, the excerpts, to the farmlands, energy is a big deal in that part of western pennsylvania, especially as you move to the east, as well, the issue of fracking. pop over here, this is lancaster just popped up, it is the first i have seen, but we are still talking fewer than a thousand votes, fewer than a thousand votes come about 800 votes down here, lancaster county, the susquehanna river comes down here, that is where the democratic candidates calls home and that is where he is resting, they are in lancaster county. this is philadelphia, by the way, this -- this helps determine votes and outcomes statewide in pennsylvania all the time. the population in philadelphia, the city itself, these collar counties around here that we talk about every election cycle, right, bucks county, mccormick has an edge of their peers will come down to montgomery county, a lot of people, 3 out of 67
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here. cathy barnette, slight edge, or part of the state, likewise dr. oz. let's check it is early, 759, watch that. while i have you, let's see what is happening with the republican governor's race. but either way, remember trump endorsed dr. oz and they went down here, if i can do it for you, this is -- let me see if i can reset that. this is west moreland county where they had that rally a week and a half ago and trump got behind dr. oz and right now you see he is trailing just a bit therapeutic on the governor side, trump got behind doug mastriano early on. it was about a week ago when lou barletta, the congressman who is now in second place here, came out very forcefully over the weekend and said to the former
6:30 pm
president, i gave you your loyalty, where is your loyalty in return to me? he was not happy because he did not get trump's endorsement. mastriano however he did and he has pulled into first place, denoted in orange, and you can see how many counties he is running up the score and it looks like some news organizations already called it for mastriano and we will see whether or not the hold up. if he wins, he would go on to take on josh schapiro, the ag in pennsylvania, but we are there yet, we are still in the senate race, 31%, sean, mccormick is hanging on, okay, but still, what are you, the quick math tells you you are 2.5, 3. different right now depending on what county checks in next. could be a long night. >> sean: i'm fascinated by it. interesting, donald trump, in terms of his endorsement was 58-1, as of now tonight, 75-1, let's see if that holds up in the senate race.
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certainly it is close. it is tightening now, dramatically actually. anyway, bill hemmer at the big board, we will be back to you. >> update you on this one in a moment, the host for madison cawthorn. b1 okay, what happened in that race? >> it is razor tight. you are looking at 98% of the vote based on the projected votes and when we do this, now, there is an estimated vote in at the beginning of the night, okay? that is based on estimates for turnout, okay? when you see a projected vote on the screen, the top corner or down here in the bottom, that number can go high or higher or lower depending on turnout itself, okay? this is, 90% in, chuck edwards has a two-point advantage on madison cawthorn, and cawthorn got trump's endorsement, so we will see whether or not this holds up. it is coming down to the wire in the final precincts, in the way
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western part of congressional district 11 in western north carolina appeared to be all right, bill hemmer, amazing job as always at the big board. fox news contributor's leo 2.0 terrell and joe concha. leo, it is tight very significantly as we look at this race, very interesting, donald trump starts the night 58-1, now 75-1, if he loses one race i'm sure the media, he has lost it. that is a pretty good record by any standard. this has tightened significantly. we are 34% of the vote in an dave mccormick at 32.1, oz rising, closing the gap very steadily at 29.6. what i have gotten anecdotally is oz is getting more and day of voting votes going his way, breaking his way. that is true, there's a lot more votes available coming to him as the light would unfold. we will see as the night goes
6:33 pm
on, but your take, leo? >> no problem peter let me be clear, the whole world knows i am a trump supporter, diehard trump supporter and i will tell you right now he is the only cae endorsement means something. trump has the republican party in its back pocket, but the problem is simply this: no matter what happens, you just said 75-1, if he loses one or two, the left wing media is going to claim there is division within the republican party. the crazy for trump endorsement runs throughout the entire department, except for the rinos, which we all know exist, this is his party, and what happens in the midterms and 2024, it is going to be determined by what donald trump wants the republican party to do. what we have right now and what bill hemmer mentioned is a crazy republican enthusiasm throughout the country. >> sean: joe, only because we are up on a hard break, we have about 75 seconds for you, go.
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>> okay, i wonder how many democratic candidates out there are clamoring for the joe biden endorsement, right, we see them running in the other direction. please don't come to my city. >> sean: a joke, right? >> completely. either way, watching hemmer at that board, that was like watching the late great john madden work is telestrator. it is a pleasure, believe me. as you said, all eyes are on pennsylvania and that senate primary race because of trump's endorsement of dr. oz, because it was so surprising, that many thought he would go with dave mccormick and here we are, that is his biggest bet of all the endorsements you can argue, and as we mentioned, we're talking 6000-7000 votes separating between mccormick and oz and i agree with kellyanne conway, it looks like kathy barnette, for all the momentum we heard that she had, it would take quite the miracle for her to come back, but still it is early. and as you mentioned, trump's endorsement means so much on the governor side, dave masse triano endorsed by donald trump, he is
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running away with that primary,o this is the state of the republican party right now, that donald trump is still the kingmaker and if he runs in 2024, certainly it would be impossible almost to beat him in the primary, no question. i hear the music from a got to go, bye. >> sean: thanks, leo. thanks, joe. back to monitoring their election results, bring them to you live, g.o.p. primary race in pennsylvania is tightening. stay with us. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, a fox news alert, we check in with brian yannis at oz campaign headquarters, where they have closed the gap significantly, as this race goes on and develops tonight, what is the latest there? >> hey, sean, the energy in this room has picked up ever since
6:40 pm
they saw the broadcast we have here and you and your show talking about how that gap has closed as bill hemmer showed us on the billboard, so there is a sense of energy that has picked up, we did hear from the campaign, as well, they believe the day of vote was going to go towards dr. oz and a big part of that is because frankly, the trump endorsement came kind of late in the game, so if you imagine there is some 900,000 mail-in ballots that were sent out throughout all of those months before the endorsement came in april, and you can imagine obviously people made their decisions before then for people like dave mccormick and kathy barnette, les kathy barnette, more for dave mccormick, so obviously the day-in vote is what they were banking on, they felt like they had the momentum that we will see if it is enough to carry it through. one must think, you talked about the advertisement and how brutal they have been, especially from dave mccormick, his super pac
6:41 pm
has dropped over 45 -- $35 million on these ads, actually north of $40 million on these advertisements. one of these ads at one point literally called dr. oz just a total fraud, and they really were trying to call him a hollywood liberal and going after his ties, obviously, his celebrity and fame, and that was on tv countless times over and over again but the trump endorsement came in the last few weeks, they feel like they have enough to battle back against that, sean. >> sean: as we just speak, oz hit the 33 percentile of the vote range, 1.9 race with 40% of the vote in. we appreciate it. brian yannis, thank you. we go to alexandria hoff at kathy barnette's headquarters. what is the feeling there? >> well, sean, it has settled
6:42 pm
ever so slightly. just a couple minutes ago, the crowd and the candidate were dac no mike dancing the macarena, because night joe, things still lively in elizabethtown, pennsylvania, but a testament to the momentum, a few short weeks, a two man race, then the past couple weeks the momentum has picked up, that criticism only over past statements she had made, but over the potential she will have against john fetterman in the general. is interesting, kathy barnette made the statement she feels best equipped to face off against fetterman, cited a pass 2013 incident when fetterman mistook an unarmed black man for a shooting suspect and held him at gunpoint, barnette says she has a unique perspective that would allow her to bring up the situation more than the other candidates. there is still optimism in the crowd and there was a
6:43 pm
lancaster county issue with some of those scanned mail-in ballots for the campaign here told me that is something they were allowed to assist in overseeing along with the other campaign, so not a whole lot of concern right now, sean? >> sean: alexandra, thank you for that report, check in later. with reaction to the big election results that are breaking, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with cohost of "the five," geraldo rivera. it is interesting, geraldo, you poll people, this has been done many times, how do you feel about negative ads? people say oh, we hate negative ads, but the truth is, negative ads work, whether they are truthful, not truthful, doesn't matter, and in this race, i think in many ways, the primary with republicans has been defined by tens and tens of millions of dollars in negative ads, and i would argue dave mccormick is in a good fight with oz, right now it is a two-point race, in large part,
6:44 pm
they spend a ton of money and pounded oz with 40 plus million dollars worth of negative ads. >> that is why, sean, i think i agree with you, i want dr. oz to win. he is a friend of mine, a wonderful person, he was in the talk show business as i was, obviously, he is a good guy, good-hearted person, born in cleveland, i like dave mccormick, also, until those ads. he is a winner -- awarded the bronze star, the real deal, heads fund -- >> sean: incredible story, i agree. >> but he spent so much money destroying our powell or attempting to, and i think he did succeed in reducing dr. oz's boat, and for all his nobility, mccormick, they got this anti-muslim thing going on that i really found very
6:45 pm
distasteful, surreptitiously, kind of a trick of the tongue, going after dr. oz's muslim background. born in cleveland but his family is from turkey, he served in the turkish military. but he is a wonderful, wonderful person and he did not deserve the slander, the beating that mccormick really unleashed, and i think it was very -- there is no fairness in politics, i am not a kid, not naive about it. it seems to me, if you go down that route, that slimy route, what do you do then? if you win, you say i'm sorry, dr. oz, you've got mod on your hands. >> sean: let me go to gregg, a little short on time, gregg. >> what i'm going to look for in the days ahead is the total number of voter turnout of democrats versus republicans and their respective percentages. that will be a harbinger of what
6:46 pm
will happen in november. so many people on the democratic side have been pointing to these recent polls that show in the wake of the leaked pending supreme court decision on abortion, democrats, according to polls, are far more energized now to vote than ever before. that's true, but what they conveniently leave out is that republicans are even more energized to vote in november. why? inflation, high gas prices, biden's war on energy, his bungling of afghanistan, the chaos at the border, you mix all of this into the political equation, and it still looks to me as if republicans are going to run away with retaking congress come november, so i want to look at these polling numbers when they come out tomorrow and the day after. >> sean: all right, thanks so much, we appreciate it, geraldo, thanks for staying late, gregg jarrett, we appreciate you being with us. we continue our coverage of the
6:47 pm
pennsylvania senate race. when we come back, newt gingrich will give us his take. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: fox news alert, monitoring the senate g.o.p. primary race in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, it is tightening. here with reaction to all of this is the author of this incredible new book, "defeating big government socialism," never thought it would get this bath is fast but it has come a former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. we have a very tight race. it is fascinating, this race come objectively, all three candidates tried to claim the maga mantle, all three ran as trump candidates. 's got the endorsement but they all were clinging to the maga
6:52 pm
mantle, your thoughts on that? >> first of all, not much room in the republican party for an anti-trump candidates. i think just to survive, people are going to run somewhere in the shadow of trump, mostly hoping for his endorsement, which of course dr. oz got. i think there is also a big story on the other side, the democrats in nominating fetterman are nominating somebody who is a self-described senator sanders socialist, a man who as chairman of the parole commission released as many criminals as he could and felt that he could not get more criminals out of prison and a man who has promised to raise taxes on virtually every pennsylvania family, so the choice falls, whoever wins in the primary is going to be extraordinary stark and i expect the republicans are going -- tonight, what we are seeing so far is mostly western
6:53 pm
pennsylvania, that would be mccormick's strength, and we will see oz get stronger and barnette get stronger as the night goes on. the biggest single county for republicans in plurality is lancaster, and lancaster has had a mistake and how they counted the right in ballots, so they may take a day or two to actually report. it is conceivable this will take a few hours to sort out, but i think mccormick has done very well, particularly for not having been endorsed by trump. oz has come on strong and in all fairness, kathy barnette the last two weeks has had an amazing surgeon from a position no one would have expected. however we nominate i think is going to be such a clear alternative to fetterman that we will almost certainly keep the seat this fall. >> sean: do you have a problem with the number of incendiary comments of kathy, to me, i
6:54 pm
would find that in a general election very difficult to overcome but that is only my point of view. >> i think the general election, if she is the nominee, the question will be who is more extreme? fetterman has so many things already on the extreme left, it'll be a strange race between two people who each have a lot to defend. against either mccormick or against dr. oz, i think fetterman is just toast. either one of them i think we'll beat him and beat him pretty handily because the choice will just be so clear. i think of the two, frankly, dr. oz is stronger in a general election and i think trump's nomination, as we see the rural counties come in, we will see what happens. remember, in ohio just a little while ago, as the republican primary went on, some of the city counties went for somebody else, but the more small towns and more rural counties all went overwhelmingly for the trump
6:55 pm
candidate. and i think you may see the same thing happen here as the night goes on. >> sean: what does it say, donald trump came into the night 58-1 in endorsements, now 75-1, that is a pretty good record. >> well, there is no question that whether you like trump or dislike trump as a matter of just history, no modern political leader has dominated his party outside of office on the scale that trump has, and he has a following in the republican party, he has brought in an entire generation of people who are not republicans six or seven years ago, now part of the republican party, it is an amazing achievement. >> sean: 51% of the vote in, still a long way to go, fascinating primary, for sure. mr. speaker, thank you. we have more "hannity" next. ♪ ♪ th the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats.
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♪ what about my car? weathertech. >> sean: election results continue to come in from
7:00 pm
pennsylvania. the stakes are high. too close to call. dave mccormick versus mehmet oz. we have 53% of the vote in. stay with and the fox news channel for continuing coverage. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city. in moments, my angle will lay out the next steps that conservatives and frankly all americans must take no matter what the result of tonight's primary election. first, we go to pennsylvania, this is a knock-down drag out in pennsylvania. we have yet to declare a winner. we begin with a candidate who has seen the most momentum coming into tonigh