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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the stakes are high. too close to call. dave mccormick versus mehmet oz. we have 53% of the vote in. stay with and the fox news channel for continuing coverage. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city. in moments, my angle will lay out the next steps that conservatives and frankly all americans must take no matter what the result of tonight's primary election. first, we go to pennsylvania, this is a knock-down drag out in pennsylvania. we have yet to declare a winner. we begin with a candidate who has seen the most momentum coming into tonight, that is
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kathy barnette's headquarters. 90 miles west of philly. alexandria, what can you tell us? >> things have slowed down here. kathy barnette and her supporters in a prayer circle. a short time ago, they were engaged in dancing. so it's been a night full of hope, especially here at the barnette camp. unexpected things have happened in this race. namely barnette's rise to her popularity. that happened earlier this month. that came from the supreme court draft opinion leak of roe v. wade as barnette really points herself to be the pro life candidate. so she saw a lot of momentum there. the question is now did that lead to turnout at the polls and that remains to be seen. a lot of hope in this room right now from elizabethtown.
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>> laura: thanks. and now to bryan llenas at the headquarters for dr. oz. he came in tonight loading most poms. what can you tell us? >> they came in with momentum. they believed that they had momentum especially after the president's endorsement in april. the big question is whether enough voters showed up today for the day of vote to support dr. oz. that endorsement from president trump was sought after by pretty much everybody here in the state including top three candidates that were trying to attach themselves to president trump and the maga movement. but at the end of the day here, it's going to be about whether or not dr. oz was able to get that kind of momentum. remember, he has been at the bad end of dave mccormick's relentless ad attacks. $35 million worth of negative advertisement that have called him a hollywood liberal and
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fraud. they believe the trump endorsement made all the difference and now it's about turnout. they looked at northeastern portions of this state, looking at bigger counties as well like burkes and montgomery. they're looking at these counties and hoping and waiting to see if they can counter act what has been dave mccormick strength in western pennsylvania. so 900,000 mail-in ballots in this state. a lot of people made their decision before the endorsement. we'll see how it shakes out. everybody is holding tonight and waiting to see if the turn changes in the hour. >> laura: thanks, bryan. finally to pittsburgh where rich edson is at the headquarters for dave mccormick who is trying to mount a furious comeback. he's up in the numbers right now by 10,000 or so votes, rich? what are we expecting? >> yeah, that's right, laura.
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their team said that they knew they would have a tight race. they feel good about where they've been, where they're going. again, in a race this close, you won't find my campaigns at this point of the night saying otherwise. you have dave mccormick, western part of the state. the only top tier candidate running in the republican party for the evening. it's a good indication a lot of the votes coming in from this side of the state. right now feels good. they're hoping that they can hold on. on the one hand, you have dr. oz with president trump and his endorsement on the other hand, kathy barnette and her surge. david mccormick touting the backing of former secretary of state mike pompeo. they went to westpoint together and also that of senator ted cruz. hoping all of this will come together and be enough to put him over the top. a good bit of news here in the last 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours. the democratic side of this race has been called. john fedderman, the lieutenant
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governor, the more progressive of the candidates beating out conor lamb, the congressman running as the centrist. they feel good about that in a matchup. first say say they have to get through this first clearly. back to you, laura. >> laura: thanks, rich. we'll check back. now unite and fight. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now whatever the outcome in this gop primary tonight, it's time to put aside differences, shelf the petty squabbles and nipping at each other and come back together to take back the senate in november. now, under one party control but the schumer-pelosi socialists, america is going broke, woke and becoming a joke. it's time for real oversight of biden's run-away federal agencies and time to slam the brakes on his inflation-stoking agenda with a republican controlled congress. but the left, they're not going to go down without a fight. no way. they're going to try to hang on to their power by any means
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necessary. when they're not blowing up the economy, they're shifting blame, blowing up race relations or distracting with phony narratives. >> the american experiment in democracy is in a danger like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it's in danger this hour. hate and fear are being given too much oxygen by those that pretend to love america. >> it's for no purpose, no purpose except profit and/or political benefit. it's wrong. >> laura: he's harkening back to trump. my lord is this playbook dog-eared or what? most voters know that january 6, buffalo, charlottesville, they're biden's greatest hits. they're not america's greatest
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hits, this isn't going to work what is next for the democrats? i'm going to call it the populous pivot. democrats will try to claim that they, not republicans, republicaning challenging are the true populous. they're the ones fighting for the little guy. they're i'm relatable ploy is the go-to desperation move. >> i'm glad for everybody who is joining in on this video. great to hear from you. hold on a sec. i'm going to get me a beer. hey. my husband, bruce, is now in here. you want a beer? >> i'll pass on the beer for now. >> laura: oh, my gosh, i forgot about that. then there's senator john tester with his flat top buzz cut, tough guy former look. he tried the same thing in 2018. >> washington forgets that they're working for us. with some bureaucrat back there
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stands in the way in montana, i let them have it. if that's what it takes to get better schools, i'm wired to fight anybody. i'm john tester and you're damn right i approve this message. >> laura: you're damn right. you vote with schumer all the time. he's just another big spending liberal. >> we have to do things in a positive way to lower inflation. we did with it a bipartisan infrastructure deal, we did it with the rescue plan. >> laura: what? the fact is that the so-called moderates like tester and raphael warnock, the only voice concerned about issues like border or inflation when it was obvious that the issues are hearting their party in the mid-term. where were they in 2020 or last year? in the big open senate seat contest, two more liberals are attempting this transparent branding. congressman tim ryan trying to
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beat out j.d. vance in hall of fame. now ryan who voted with nancy pelosi 100% of the time according to pro publica is now pretending to be donald trump on the china issue. >> defunding the police is way off the mark. we need more cops, not less. my party also got it wrong on the trade deals that sent your jobs overseas. i've always fought those working against you. >> laura: yeah, this complete nonsense, believe none of it. a vote for ryan is a vote for chuck schumer. on important issues, chemoments, he will never challenge his party's leadership, never. as for john fedder man, we wish him a speedy recovery, but pennsylvanians shouldn't be fooled by the sweatshirt, jim shorts look. it's sloppy and unconvincing. just like this ad. >> there's a lot of great towns in pennsylvania that feel like their community's best days were a generation ago.
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nobody deserves to be abandoned. all of these communities deserved to be helped. >> a democrat with backbone, does the right thing no matter what. >> no matter what? the right thing for fedderman will always be keeping chuck schumer happy, always. with the occasional exception of joe manchin and kristin sinema, there's no such thing as a really independent-thinking democrat. take senator mark kelly. arizonians voted for him because how can a former astronaut be a rubber stamp for liberalism? doesn't commute. in fact, that is exactly what he's been. voting with schumer 96% of the time. now, he must really think his own voters are stupid though. because suddenly after a monk-like silence, kelly says he
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cares. >> we've taken action for lower costs at the gas pump. >> laura: there's no oxygen in his populous act. zero. now, any voter that wants to turn this economy around, wants to end the madness at the border simply cannot fall for the democrat faux populous pitch. why would george soros donate money to senator mark kelly or tim ryan if they were going to take on the establishment? here's what we know about soros cash pouring in. he's seed ago super pact with $125 million. an enormous investment that will aid democrat groups and candidates for the 2020 election cycle and beyond. soros knows what time it is in the democrat party and it ain't the populous time. it's all globalists all the time. so pay no attention to the democrats predictable masquerade unfolding months before the
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mid-term. they're sending the same people that will be spending your children's and grandchildren's future, squandering it. the same people bidding the work for the teacher's unions and blm. so when you head to the polls this november, your choice is clear. you want more of schumer and pelosi? then go, ahead, vote for the populous frauds. otherwise, it's time to unite and fight. that's the angle. all right. joining me now is josh hawley, missouri senator. we're watching these results come in. very close at this moment in pennsylvania. your reaction to the angle specifically putting the petty squabbles of the primaries behind us and moving forward to winning in november. >> i would just say, laura, you got it right. to all of those in the republican party when it comes to the squabbles that have tried
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to gin up a war between the trump or populous wing of the party and the establishment republicans, it's time to admit defeat on that. the voters in the republican primaries have made clear what they want. an agenda focused on their needs. there is no war in the republican party. the republican voters have made it very clear. now it's time to unite behind that populous agenda and drive it to victory in november. >> laura: well, meanwhile, we have a twist with mitch mcconnell who has come out and has used the i word, and it's not ingram, but it's isolationist when he was describing where i guess you and others obviously people like myself and tucker perhaps at fox, they just don't want to send billions and billions to ukraine. so is the isolationists label fair or a good idea? >> i would say that what i describe myself as, laura, and
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where the american people are, we're nationalists. my concern with the ukraine aid package, $40 billion, it's not national security. it's nation building. this is back to the failed policy in afghanistan and iraq where we're literally funding the ukraine government. this aid package would write a check for $9 billion directly to the ukrainian government. that's in addition to the other money. i'm not for nation building. i'm for putting the national security of the american people first. that is nationalism. that is the best tradition of the republican party. it's time that we got back to it. >> laura: seems like that is the message from these primaries, too, so far. people are focused on home. focused on their families, gas prices, food prices, the border, crime. want the best for ukraine. we're out of dough. we're broke, we're woke and we're becoming a joke. it rhymes but sadly happens to
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be true. >> the thing about the ukraine aid package, you can build a border wall twice over with that money and it's time that we got serious about these pressing priorities. by the way, we have other pressing priorities abroad as well like china. a massive national security threat. so the time has come to be realistic here and put the national security interest of the american people first. that means securing our borders. that means taking care of the crime wave here in this country and getting tough on china. >> laura: well, the trump tariffs on china are a really big deal. that took a lot of work on his part. bob lightheiser and mike pompeo, they know a lot about who is the populous in this pennsylvania race but we don't know. but on this front on china, all the people want to focus on ukraine. where is the focus on the
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biggest threat to the united states, the ccp? you never hear them talk about that as much. >> absolutely right. this is not the time can i just say to go soft on china and repeal the china tariffs, which is what the biden administration is doing. the president saying yeah, we're looking at rolling back these tariffs. some republicans want to go along with that. don't do it. this is not the time. we need to protect our industry. a total disaster a total wrong move. we should be screwing down the restrictions on china and getting tougher on china, building up our own industry and bringing those jobs back to this country. >> laura: the baby formula thing doesn't have anything to do with china but brings the point home. we have to make essential elements to our daily lives here. we have to make more stuff here. the free trade is like oh, free trade. but we're seeing what is happening as a result. we're seeing shortages, cars,
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everything that we can't get here now, parts, we have to -- that playing field has to be levelled. >> and one of the best ways to bring down inflation is to bring back the supply chains so we're not dependent on china. why in the world would we want our critical goods, critical manufacturing, our critical drugs and other devices to be made in china? it's insane. this is the kind of nationalist foreign policy that we need, something focusing on building up the united states, going to get tough on our enemies and opponents and will put national security of the american people first. >> laura: peace through strength. we have to have our strength renewed here in the united states. senator, thanks so much. we want to go to the billboard where bill hemmer is standing by. this is a squeaker in pennsylvania. >> it's a good race. >> laura: what is happening? >> it's getting tighter and tighter. good evening to you.
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we're at about a point, 1.1 with mccormick and oz. it's a two-person race in the state of pennsylvania. about 3/4s of the vote in. so where are -- laura, where is the remaining vote? where are they and what are we waiting on? philly is down here. early -- erie is up here. and looking on the computer screen. as of 10:16 east coast time, you had allegheny, pittsburgh, they had -- city of pittsburgh, a lot of votes out there. 91% of the vote reporting in pittsburgh. allegheny. that is mccormick's hometown. that's where he's located. he picked up easy in that county with 40% of the vote. pop over here in the southeast. philadelphia, a county and a city, not a lot of republican votes in the city our county of
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philadelphia. the collar counties, what are they going to do? this is bucks county. a lot of folks live here, laura. it's four out of 60 population wise, ranks 4 out of 67 in the state of pennsylvania. they have -- in bucks county, they have reported 18% of the vote. so that gives you an idea how many votes are still to be counted. pop down here too montgomery county. three out of 67. and they still have 60% of the vote in montgomery county to be reported. so thus far tonight. delaware county, too. 5 of 67. you can see where the population is here in southeastern p.a. they're at 10%. a lot of votes still in the collar counties, the suburbs of philadelphia to go so far tonight. on the governor's side, this has been called by the associated press. doug mastriano that backed by donald trump was declared a
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winner. he was at the microphone in pennsylvania. he will face off against the democrat, josh shapiro, the attorney general in pennsylvania. so they will face off come november. come back to the senate race here. i'll try to show you this. john fedderman is in the hospital. he was given a heart procedure earlier today. he voted from the hospital room. he won tonight. when was the last time you saw that about an election for a statewide race? fedderman is in the hospital. an easy winner. i want to take you to north carolina. a closely-watched senate race here in north carolina. this was another trump endorsement on the democratic side. beasley was an easy winner with 80% of the vote. she advances on the democratic side. here's what you have on the republican side.
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budd endorsed by donald trump. an easy winner. calderly in the night. on the house side, however, there's a race that is super tight in the far western reaches of north carolina. congressional district 11. madison cawthorn is in a tough race here against chuck edwards. a state senator. this is really tight. we're looking at 99% of the vote now counted, laura. it looks like cawthorn could lose his seat in the house. he's a freshman in the house. had a lot of republicans in washington lined up against him. looks like chuck edwards may turn the trick on cawthorn tonight. leading by less than two points. if you have a moment here, let me just take you out to the west coast. we're going to see more polls closing here. i'd say think about two things
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on the west coast, a great governor's race in idaho. pretty nasty here. we'll see how that turns out. a couple of good congressional races in oregon. later this evening, laura. we will let you know if pennsylvania breaks one way or the other soon. >> laura: anyone that thought that this was going to break one way or the other and be clear, that's time for those folks to eat the humble pie. this is close. fascinating. we'll check back. as bill mentioned, the big winner in north carolina is three-term congressman ted budd that doubled pat mccrory in a crushing victory, getting well over 55% of the vote. bud secured the vote of trump during the campaign. endorsements that were at odds with each other. ted budd joins me now.
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congratulations. your take-away from tonight. you got both the open border free traders and the maga crowd on your side. you must have done something right. >> and national border patrol council and ted cruz. we have a long list of endorsements including over 50 state legislators. i just want to thank them. they work really hard in our state capitol and i'm grateful for their support. grateful for the sheriffs that came behind me and endorsed me. we had a decisive victory and i want to thank the opponents, other republicans that i have great respect for and i appreciated the spirited campaign. now it's on to november against joe biden, sherry beasley will be a joe biden rubber stamp in washington d.c. >> laura: i was going to ask you, congressman. started off by saying the democrats, when they don't blame schiff or blame putin, it's someone else's fault when somebody goes south. when that doesn't work, they
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pretend they're the real populous. they care about the little guy. that looks like it will happen in your race as well. what do you say to that? >> i don't think north carolinians will buy that sherry beasley is an america first democrat. those don't exist. the democrats here in north carolina realize that their party has long since left them. i look forward to reaching out to those that have not become far left and ask them to support me. there's still some reagan democrats here, the republicans. we have to unite. the republicans need to unite. i think they will. also get those unaffiliateds and the reagan-style democrats on board and we can win this for our state and help take back our country. >> laura: your primary opponent, pat mccrory was on msnbc's streaming platform. >> are you going to endorse him now or will you support him? >> what i need to do -- that's a great question. i need to get assurances from
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the current leaders in my state party that i haven't been cancelled. six years ago, the left was right wing extremists. now i'm called by my own party a liberal rino. >> laura: ted, your response on that. he has to look into it apparently. >> vince, when we were all together and asked by moderators will you support the eventual nominee, all of us raised our hand to support the other. he was a great mayor, a great governor. i appreciate his service to our state and it's time for us as north carolina republicans to pull together and let's go take back our country. we know what would happen with sherry beasley in there. you think inflation is bad now? you think borders are bad now? wait till she was there. >> laura: north carolina is an incredible state and we congratulate you. you fought hard and we
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appreciate it. kathy barnette has taken the stage in elizabethtown. we're going to see what she's saying. >> i mean, i see so many familiar faces. i saw it all the time. there's my brother. you know, you mentioned a county, i remember sitting down, talking to you, where i met you, how i met you. how long i've known you. guys, we have put up a good fight. i'm so grateful to the people that i have met throughout this common wealth. the republican party, we have some of the best people. we have some of the best people in this party. i have walked in to rooms and you have made me feel like family. i have friends that i will keep
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forever. thank you so much for all of your hard work. i appreciate it so much. they haven't called it. i'm not conceding. don't report it. i just want to take this time though to just say thank you. thank each and every one of you for all of the hours. overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly our volunteers. how many of you took up petitions for me? a lot of volunteers. the infrastructure has been amazing. people just giving and doing and calling and texting and beating the pavement. my story is as much about you as it is about me. i could not have done what it is that we have done and we will continue to do if it wasn't for you. i'm so grateful.
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so do not be discouraged. we have a country to save. the left has shown us that they are not playing with us. when they say they want to fundamentally change this country. ya'll saw the last minute that they put in overtime to lie, to sow disinformation, to suppress my vote in order to steal the election away from me. they lied. they did a lot of it. we know that. listen, our country, i love this country. do ya'll know we're standing on the shoulders of giants in this nation? both black and white. people who were born here, people who have come here and now call this country their home. we're standing on their shoulders. people who have sacrificed so
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much so a little black girl who grew up below the bottom rung of the economic ladder, to stand here and say this is the greatest country that has ever existed. this is the greatest country. both black and white, both black and wait, we stand on their shoulders by the grace of god. a righteous nation of people who call our god their god. have come together to create such an amazing country. our country is in trouble. our country is wounded. our country is divided. i believe our country is divided intentionally. so we have to do our part. we have the best story to tell. what the left is telling, that's
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not our story. we have to be bold. we have to lean in to -- yeah saw the long knives coming at me and you saw me leaning in to it. you didn't see me back off. you didn't see me go on my heels. i know what it is i'm fighting for. i know who i am. no one can define me. i know who i am. learn who you are. this nation is -- >> laura: we're going to monitor all the headquarters for the news tonight. joining me now, tom bevan from real clear politics. stephen miller, founder of america first legal and monica crowley, host of the "monica crowley podcast." this has been one of the most fascinating primaries. a lot of impressive people. mehmet oz, on tv so long.
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a lot of people don't like kathy barnette. a lot of people found her authentic. and david mccormick, the army ranger. comes across as a nice guy. what is your thought right now? >> the top three candidates all brought something different to the race. what made this race particularly fascinating is the fact that there was a split in maga world. right? president trump endorsed mehmet oz and dave mccormick whose wife served as a deputy national security adviser in the trump administration for a while and a series of advisers split among the candidates. i think it's helpful and i think it's healthy for the republican party, for the america first movement to have this kind of competition between a couple of extraordinary candidates bringing different things to the table. we've'a real nail biter on our hands here. we'll see how it shakes out.
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i think the voters of pennsylvania were very split obviously between these two top candidates fanned kathy barnette who professed to be america first and the authentic candidates. i thought for a while she might have a lane. she created a lane but it's not enough time. >> laura: tom, here's how msnbc's former republican framed the mid-term. >> today's gop is not where the republicans were like the main street republicans. if you take barnette and oz's numbers, well over 50% of republican voters who still believe that trumpism is the future. if these are their nominees that will go down in pennsylvania, north carolina and georgia come november. >> laura: isn't that where the party has moved some time ago?
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continues to move? >> absolutely. i mean, listen, the populism is in the democratic party. fedderman, a candidate who, you know is -- tries to be the working class populous as well. that's what bernie sanders' campaign was on. in this senate race, looks like the last minute, sort of attacks on kathy barnette really did hurt her. if you believe her surge in the polls was real and some of those folks may have pulled back and shifted back to mccormick. this is going to be -- a very tight race. will come down to a couple thousand votes. it's a fascinating race to watch both at the senate level and the gubernatorial level. >> laura: we talked about this populous america first agenda. now back when you worked at the senate and you and i were on the radio together all of those
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years ago, we were pushing these issues at the border and china and trade. only a few out there that did. president trump and then obviously not in politics was pushing these as well. but there's some in the republican leadership that haven't caught up. you know, they're throwing the isolationist label around. i don't think it's working anymore. >> the smallest share of the american electorate is the jeb bush electorate. people that want corporate chamber of commerce republicanism are the tiniest sliver of american voters. candidates are running a cross the country and winning on the populist trump america first platform. strong borders, safe communities, no poke politics, no indoctrination in our schools. men are men, women a women.
7:35 pm
law enforcement is wonderful and low inflation. this will carry us to victory in november if we unite as you say. i will add to this, there's no democrat populists. they're phonies. they back big tech corruption, open borders every one of them. backs big business, woke corporatism. populism is dead. if you want a populist candidates, republicans are the only game in town. >> laura: that's what we said in the angle. monica, again, this idea of open borders, open trade with china, endless war. young people don't want it. i don't think the people of pennsylvania want it. the people in north carolina are not cheering it. the top four guys in the republican party are like 2004 all over again. >> they don't recognize or refuse to recognize that donald trump so smashed the paradigm of
7:36 pm
what republicans want and expect -- >> laura: he listened to the republican base. he respected them. that's right. he spoke to their economic insecurities above all. all of these issues are linked, whether it's the border, national sovereignty, ccp, all linked to economic insecurity. donald trump looked at the forgotten men and women and he said, i see you, i hear you and i will be your champion. successful republican candidates need to adopt that mold and those that do are the ones that are successful on primary nights. >> laura: tom, when you see the nail-baiter in pennsylvania, it's 1% dividing the candidates, the top two now. mccormick and oz. 1%. now, after this race is called, whether it's oz or mccormick, the republican party has a choice to make. does it not? to unite and fight till november or the keep picking at each the other and death by a thousand
7:37 pm
cuts. >> that's right. you know, look, to win elections, you need a united party and have a message that will win overswing voters. that's what you have to do. this has been a contention primary. no doubt about it. i showed the schism within the republican party. we'll see whether they can patch things up and move forward as a united party. they need every vote in november again, at the senate level and the gubernatorial level. >> laura: steve, looks like old congressman cawthorn, one of the youngest republicans to win ever, i believe, in the house of representatives, has conceded his seat. any lessons learned there? >> he suffered a great personal tragedy. we should all wish him well. he's got a bright future. he's been through a great ordeal. i want to say, laura, you are 100% right about where the heart
7:38 pm
of the party is and where the heart of the american people are. we want our jobs in the united states, we want our manufacturing here, our jobs here, we want our wealth here. we don't want globalism. we want america first. >> laura: monica, in the end, after this night is done and everyone puts their piece of humble pie away, whatever the results are, are you confident in november this could be a real change election at the mid-term? not just a regular mid-term but a real route of the democrats? >> 1,000%. the republican voters understand the stakes, laura. they understand that this needs to be an extinction level event for the democrats. >> laura: now back to the billboard where bill hemmer is standing by with the latest. i it gets closer and closer. >> it does. automatic recount, laura. statewide if it's less than .5%. got it? that's where we begin here.
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look where we are. we're .9% with david mccormick and dr. oz. you heard kathy barnette and her speech. you ask yourself, laura, where are the remaining votes. where do you find them throughout the keystone state in the 67 counties on the board here. just a reminder, this is pittsburgh in the west. harrisburg in the center part of the state. if you lack at the outstanding vote that remains now, you go southeast of pittsburgh, westmoreland county, that is, by the way, the place where donald trump went and had the rally with dr. oz about 1 1/2 weeks ago. pittsburgh here. westmoreland county. right now a decent county, out of 67 counties, it ranks number 10 in terms of population. they have about 60% of the vote reporting which means 40% is outstanding. simple math. that's in westmoreland. i want to take you across the
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state and show you the southeast. this is philadelphia down here. the green area. i showed these a short time ago. bucks county, strong population. four out of 67. a moment ago it was reporting that only 18% of the vote was in. if that's the case, they have a ways to go. >> montgomery county 3 of 67. they were reporting less than half the vote in at 40%. still a ways to go there. in delaware county, 5 of 67. these are -- a lot of folks live here in southeastern p.a. they were at 27% of the vote. a lot there in southeastern pennsylvania. still outstanding. that may make up the difference with mccormick and oz and determine the outcome, the ultimate outcome here. pop up here. this is nor hamilton county. you can see oz leading mccormick. there too, you have about half of the vote is in. so there's more ballots to be counted out there.
7:41 pm
come here to lancaster, pennsylvania here. got it. they're around the same area as northampton. the susquehanna river here. amish country. southern pennsylvania. right along the southern border there. lancaster is reporting about 54% of the votes in. so there is still -- i get in summary, laura, what i would tell you as of 10:41 east coast time in pennsylvania, you are really waiting on this part of the state here to clock in and we'll see how much this changes. since we've been talking here, we've reduced the count to .8%. this number says 95% of the vote in. that is the estimated vote in beginning the night based on what we believe through the associated press. that number can change, go higher or lower depending when the votes are tallied. if you get a good turnout as we
7:42 pm
saw in virginia, remember it went higher and higher and dropped? that's because of turnout. that could be the case in pennsylvania. we'll have to wait and see here. as we stand right now, laura, you're at .8%. remember i said .5? i think i told you .5. >> laura: bill, i'm seeing that right now mccormick is up 8 in allegheny county, which is a significant difference. allegheny for him right now. >> 8%. >> good math. >> laura: that's key. we're missing key areas of philadelphia. bill, you've been around this game so many times. why is it that philadelphia seems to always come in late? >> depends what you're talking about here. >> laura: or is it just me? >> the city of philadelphia, which is also thecounty of
7:43 pm
philadelphia, the reason we haven't talked about that a lot, if you read this a little bit here, laura, you're not talking about a ton of votes. if there were a democratic primary and between let's say fedderman, okay? you see the difference? fedderman today picked up 35,000 votes on his own. conor lamb came in third in philadelphia. he got 25,000. on the republican tally, oz is at 7,500. mccormick is 5,000. so you can see, philadelphia, the city of philadelphia is about 85/15 democrats to republicans. so just a slight distinction there. your point is well-taken about the collar counties here. bucks, montgomery, delaware. >> laura: looks like in bucks county, the numbers coming in for mccormick are also i guess decent, correct?
7:44 pm
>> in bucks county? >> laura: yes. >> mccormick of the votes tallies, 3,000 raw votes. oz has 2,700. officially, laura, back to .9%. >> laura: wow. bill, this is -- it's so great to be on the air with you at the billboard. thanks, bill. check back with you. tom bevan, again, this is so razor tight. we love nights like this. it's exciting. final thought on where this stands and how this might then go on and affect other primaries on the time goes on before november. >> yeah, look at the raw vote total. it's about -- mccormick is holding steady at 7,700 vote lead. oz has been ticking up in terms of the percentage, he might run out of runway here was there just aren't that many votes left
7:45 pm
out. may get to recount territory. that would mean we wouldn't know who the winner is for a few more days. >> laura: stephen middler? >> my final comment is republicans in november, run against uncontrolled crime, uncontrolled migration, uncontrolled inflation and strong families and you will win historic victories. >> laura: monica? >> you know, so many core democratic constituencies are just falling away from the democratic party. they're hemorrhaging african american voters, latino voters, women voters, younger voters. they're all coming to the republican party because what we're seeing under unified democratic control and the biden administration, laura, is a historic catastrophe. republicans know what the they want to do. more and more democratic constituencies are coming on board and you'll get an extinction level event.
7:46 pm
>> laura: are we going back to the mezaoic age? which panel are we going to take out live? to mccormick and oz headquarters on the other side and more reaction to biden's divisive and predictable buffalo speech. stay with us.
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7:51 pm
>> laura: the pennsylvania senate gop primary is inside 1%. mccormick leading dr. oz who came in with a decent lead. let's go to pittsburgh where rich edson is standing by at mccormick headquarters. a contributing analyst says that the two biggest question marks at this moment are bucks and montgomery county. odds needs solid leads there to pull pull ahead. he says that mccormick is the slight favorite. is that the feeling that you're getting? do we have edson? looks like right now it's about -- it's about .6% now. again, i guess 99% reporting. so we're going to go to bryan llenas standing by at oz's
7:52 pm
headquarters. bryan? >> yeah, laura. look, when bill was at the billboard, it was a hush silence in the room watching bill give the latest numbers. he mentioned the automatic recount in pennsylvania does kick in the difference is a half a percentage point or less. perhaps looking at that here. people are looking at the situation right now, a couple of things that we're wondering with this campaign. dave mccormick spent a lot of money attacking dr. oz. the big question here is whether or not trump's endorsement came in a little too late for people that already mailed in their ballot. did enough people come out? that's a big question. also, the reality is, we're dealing with a situation here with dr. oz has, you know, this reputation that was attacked byday mccormick has being essentially a liberal, he was even attacked for having duel
7:53 pm
turkish citizenship. the reality is whether he was able to change enough minds. the other thing is kathy barnette, she hasn't dropped out of the race yet. but looking at her votes tally, how many votes from dr. oz that went to kathy barnette. this is something that we'll talk about tomorrow. we spoke to a lot of voters are stuck between oz and barnette, how manyvotes did he lose there, if any. you are also talking about whether or not those advertisements, the effect that that had day after day, month after month as we wait for dr. oz to come out. there's no indication that he will at any moment. we haven't seen him here at the watch party. we'll see. laura? >> laura: thank you. looks like .6% now dividing the
7:54 pm
two candidates. we'll stay on this. let's go to rich edson now in pittsburgh at the mccormick headquarters. rich, it was at 3% at one point. 2.9. now .6. what are we looking at, what is outstanding? >> you're looking at, laura, a little more excitement here. we're getting closer and closer and closer to that 100% mark. he continues to hold on to the lead. it's getting smaller. they're at the point right now where they're beginning to feel good. still cautiously so about where this is heading. westmoreland county, suburban pittsburgh where president trump had his rally for dr. oz and then some of the counties out east. suburban, philadelphia. go up knot to the lehigh valley -- >> laura: we're going to a hard break. we'll come back and wrap this. stay there.
7:55 pm
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remember what he said, if it is less then than 12.5% between them, goes it goes to an automatic recount. .3% lead for dave mccormick looks like this is headed to an automatic recount in pennsylvania unless there's som drastic changes. shannon bream is going to take over. >> welcome to special coverage tonight, election coverage on fox news that night. i'm shannon bream in new york. >> breaking tonight, we are watching as racing results continue to move and tonight, including pennsylvania and nort carolina, which could reveal th winner has already been declare t


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