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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 17, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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remember what he said, if it is less then than 12.5% between them, goes it goes to an automatic recount. .3% lead for dave mccormick looks like this is headed to an automatic recount in pennsylvania unless there's som drastic changes. shannon bream is going to take over. >> welcome to special coverage tonight, election coverage on fox news that night. i'm shannon bream in new york. >> breaking tonight, we are watching as racing results continue to move and tonight, including pennsylvania and nort carolina, which could reveal th winner has already been declare on the democratic side of the
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battle for senator and the keystone state which could prov to kick off the midterms of a chance to flip some were publicly held senate seats. that races too close to call on the republican side that's according to the secretary of state. a printing error on thousands o ballots forcing electoral -- election workers do the task of counting those results. and north carolina, madison cothran, the current member of congress will not be returning. he called already to concede. we will have the latest of all the races that we are following parapets get what is going on i the keystone state. >> i'm doing some math over here
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, shannon. you promised there would be no math. 325,952 and subtract 323617 and you get to thousand 335 votes that right now separate dave mc cormick and dr. osby is that is where we are at, .2% of the keystone state i will put this on for the viewers. based on some of the estimates, we think the boat is still outstanding. and taking it eastside here. out here in philadelphia, pittsburgh is over this way and here is philadelphia and southeast this is ox county and it has half the votes still out as reporting about 53% of the vote here. i heavily populated part of the state in the southeastern corne of pennsylvania. montgomery county rank third ou of 57 we just got dunked there
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about 85% of the vote is now in in montgomery county, which boosted up a lot from where we were about 30 minutes ago. that's a lot better over the edge over the city of philadelphia and delaware county . 5-67 here delaware is that 27% then so there's 3-quart of the boat and that still has to be taken into account here appeare we will pop on up here. i apologize dr. oz leading mc cormick but northampton again, there about half the votes so, shannon, what i want to tell you is that this number that you see in the upper right-hand corner, 99%, that is
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the estimated vote in on this particular election. and based on turnout, if you ge more votes income in, that number can drop down, depending on how many votes might be out there. if you are with us in november, if that was the case the state of virginia and we moved to virginia come, it was heavy turnout in most states and it looked like pennsylvania's doin something very similar tonight on the republican side one more thing i'm showing you, you wonder why is there read. potter county doesn't have a to of people. it ranks 63 out of 67 total population as the last census was 17,457 per soul potter county as of tonight at 11:05:0 outstanding so too much make is this race between mccormick and dr. oz at .2%.
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>> you know i married into the bream family and they are all over pennsylvania and as recently as today i'm still getting text from them asking m questions about the various candidates pick they felt like this race had gotten so confusing with the late surgeon kathy burnett. they just were asking me questions still. these people have been campaigning for a year or more and they're down to having to g to the ballot box today and still unsure of what to do. >> did they like the race on th commercials? >> you know, we were in pennsylvania over the weekend and i expected there would be a lot more signs everywhere but there really weren't. you know how it gets to the end where you seek all these people and they've been in your diner and everywhere i think that the felt a little bit overwhelmed come almost too much informatio and in the end, i don't know what they decided today. >> go home already pay her.
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>> okay. up what can we expect? >> well, as you've been telling me about your family come out w bumped up the .3%. the role in pennsylvania is tha there's an automatic recount of .5% or less. and potter is still outstanding shannon. >> we are waiting on you and we are counting on you you alert us , bill. >> okay, bill, i'm told that we are staying with you. i was looking at bret baier right there. >> that we heard that bret baie is coming. he's not quite ready. >> i was talking too much. >> on election day coming you can never talk like that. we want to know what you're thinking. >> this is the democratic resul it wasn't easy when a projected to be a winner. he was now projected to be in the hospital and that is where he was today when he filled out
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his ballot. he had a heart procedure today, and easy winter just shy of 60% of the vote so fetterman advances and he will be the democratic nominee and likely a progressive. we will see how it sells in places like pittsburgh and fetterman is going to take on m ccormick or oz, depending how this turns out. on the governor's race come on the republican side, donald trump endorsed -- he is projected to win and he did that today. it was an easy win earlier tonight. just about 23 points right there . if i have time, shannon, i do want to show you down here in north carolina, because this is something we put on our radar months ago. we started to hear the rumbling stop republicans on capitol hil they put cawthorn on their site and he's that freshman republican from congressional district 11. if he were to take, let's try
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this, if you were to take a lin and cut off this part of the state, this is congressional district 11. and madison cawthorn has conceded to the state senator, more than 33% of the vote right there. in north carolina you have to get a minimum 30% pay her neither mentally face that because they were both over 30% but edwards just about a two-point winner over cawthorn. and his run in washington will now and let me just show you this up i could hear. this is the republican senate primary and this was called a long time ago. ted bock box was endorsed by donald trump. cawthorn was endorsed by donald trump and he lost tonight. end of the state of pennsylvani come as it stands right now, let's check in one more time fo you here, dr. oz was endorsed b
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dr. eyes but he trailed mc cormick 5.3% at this moment in the night. >> it is a tricky one we have t know that the north carolina race like every phrase spends o the canvas and the issues. congressman trent that -- cawthorn has been in a storm of controversy about what's happening up washington and he couldn't explain know she's had all kinds of things going on in his personal life. he said he think he could hang on. he certainly kept his name on that, congressman cawthorn. to look like some of that other stuff that was beyond -- there are some big heavy hitter in north carolina who endorsed edwards tom tillage, the republican senator appeared the got behind his campaign on that must've been the difference night when you consider how close that race was in the end. >> it was. it sounds like the concession i done in the primaries decided.
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bill, don't go far now i want t check in with bryan llenas who is checking our primary many races tonight. or brian, how is it where you are tonight? >> shannon, all i've got to say that when bill hemmer showed up on the billboard and talked about bucks county, there was a huge round of applause in this room and allowed as the stream is gotten all night actually. and they are excited what their understanding from the campaign they are seeing from what we understand margins from the southeastern part of the state, that is those counties around philadelphia. and manchester in delaware and montgomery counties. they can't believe that they're seeing better margins for dr. o therapy or they've been feeling this resurgence over the last hour and it's about a one
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percentage lead down to less than half a percentage point an this is how fueled optimism in this room. remember going into this campaign, shannon, we knew that dr. oz was, for better or worse and yet the worst on favorability rating up everybod actually. and a part of that was because of the mccormick advertisements that were on television and relentless ads that were going against him. remember they started to see th change of the numbers after president trump's endorsement. at that same moment in the last couple of weeks, you add and barnett's resurgence and you didn't have any idea which way this race was to go. and wealthy. he knew how to talk to the medi
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and how to relay a message to win in november and that is wha the campaign has been pushing a 35 town halls across the state. it's the message that they hope is an optimistic message of being able to win this race and of being a true conservative, thanks to the blessing and endorsement of president trump and hopefully that will carry him all the way to an exciting finish tonight, so we shall see. obviously everyone is waiting t see what will happen and we all now it's a pennsylvania law tha the automatic recount is puttin into effect if there is a half percentage point or less so we will continue to follow that tonight. again from here, this is the most optimism that we've seen all evening as results come in better than expected in the counties like box and montgomer and chester. >> we will check back with you. it could be hours then weeks an
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days before we get the returns. thank you very much. bret baier, basically our in-house expert on all of the critical things this evening what is your take on what we've seen so far as things tighten u expects as bill mentioned, it's a tap dance and he does a bette than anybody. .5% or less is an automatic statewide recount in the state of pennsylvania. it looks like we are heading that way on their still votes out there that could separate these two candidates. cathy kathy barnett going in, i was like that as the polls that she was going to be strong either 1- 2-3 throughout the night as we got that real vote total and we saw that boat diminish. you're going to see her the nex few minutes, some of these counties finish some of the vot
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counting and you're going to se some of those numbers drift. and i don't think you're going to see at one moment a big dunk because we're in the process no of different counties going through the rest of their vote and it depends, we have about five different counties that were up and about 60% of the counting, now they are in the process of going through that. what does this mean? it potentially means a runoff o the republican side for the nomination for this senate race. on the democratic side of it as a walk away. and the person who won is actually the person that republicans wanted to win. the republican government -- governor was much more aligned with bernie sanders and the moderate democrat said that thi race on the democratic side given to you connor lamb if we want democrats to win pennsylvania senate seed pick the voters in pennsylvania on
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the democratic side chose differently. they chose lieutenant governor fetterman, who is in the hospital currently having a pacemaker procedure today. he is now the democratic candidate and it is coming down to dave mccormick and dr. oz. and it looks like at this hour it is going to go to a recount of the keystone state. >> it just keeps getting tighter , the more information and none more numbers we get, the tighter the race is. if it is and i have a percentag point, this could take a long time to get answers. and it's interesting because those two, dr. oz and mc cormick have been an in this late surge by kathy barnett, sh has not conceded. she's wrapping it up for the night and no one has conceded. what do you think of her late rally. you and i have both interviewed her with them the last few days. there was a role hope and momentum within our campaign that she could pull off something rather stunning. >> i think that she was coming in and the other to candidates
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were caught offguard by her success. i said earlier tonight going in judging by the polls, it was anybody's ballgame. dave mccormick could come in third at the beginning of this night as going into election da but as we know the only poll that matters is the election poll and people voting. kevin -- kathy barnett had an interestin run and she had some controvers in the final days in both campaigns realize the threat that she was and spent some tim going after her, even the forme president having a robo call specifically mentioning her in his endorsement of dr. oz in a phone an event. and i think it is going to come down to that she was a major factor in this race and without her in the position, what she i getting now, 24-25% of the vote there would be a different result by far.
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>> let's talk about north carolina because that has has been an interesting one as well and the sitting congressman sor of had the presidents endorsement but it was the presidents take on congressman cawthorn. he's lost tonight after lots of hubbub about his personal and professional life. >> nothing a lot of people are looking at that said that he wa destined because of multiple scandals that have problems but when the former president came in its habits give him a second chance, people make mistakes, the thought was maybe he could pull this out picks senator tom tellis of north carolina endorsed the state senator they are in this race and he put out a statement saying that edwards is one that is positioned to move forward i think the other big story in north carolina is the senate race, walking away i
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that republican race and that should be a position where republicans are in a pretty goo space pick if you think about the overall environment, publicans heading into november looking at inflation and crime and immigration and big picture issues are well positioned but in these individual states it really doesn't matter who they choose to be the standardbearer appearance state of pennsylvani on the governor side, there is candidate that gives heartburn to traditional republicans here in washington and in pennsylvania in mastriano. he wins and that governors race in the republican side and ther is a real edge of the about the possibility that they are going to a real battle in that governors race in pennsylvania. i think that now either one of these candidates, david mc
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cormick or mehmet öz are well positioned in a general election but he was the actual final candidate, i think it may take a few days to find out. >> and sell the presidents endorsement, there's a lot of focus on that as well where he has named candidates that he ha stumped for them and done thing for them there was a lot of focus on the fact that he decided to pick dr. oz in that senate primary in pennsylvania and as you said, he had grave concerns about barnett. i think she's got a great teacher but is a lot we don't know about her. she has not been vetted in the same way and there's been a lot more questioning of her over th last few weeks that she has begun to surge but there's some that felt that he's covering hi best thereby picking mastriano, who easily won the nomination for the gubernatorial race in the primary in pennsylvania. he knows that people are watching where he puts his name and where he puts his time in
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his effort and really trying to look to see if this is a litmus test for how much control there is with the voters. >> the late endorsement may hav been a mehmet öz edge. you have to take it to the real estate realm of the former president and how he thinks about things. his tremendous record as of tonight, think it is more than 7010 out 2 and i inc. we will see how it goes going forward. does a lot of focus on analysis about how he does with those endorsements and what that portends for 2024. i think that we should put our horse blinders autofocus on eac individual state because those states have different issues an those candidates provide different answers to those issues. >> has a lot of democratic primaries as well as we are watching it and many of those i progressive versus the moderate. does the primary crowd go with the progress of left-leaning ou there candidate or do they stic with somebody he was a little bit more moderate?
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we will be tracking those as well. thank you very much. we will be back with much more coverage including live reports on the ground from pennsylvania. stick around.
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we have got some new results coming in in pennsylvania let's go right back to bill hemmer at the board. >> this is potter county. potter county is accounted for. their income is 63 of 67 in pennsylvania. they went to barnett in the northern part of the state. here is where we yard, .2% between mccormick and dr. öz. again, it is bucks county and delaware county, where are they? the southeastern corner. 53% of the vote is then, so
8:26 pm
you've got about 47% outstanding . down here in delaware, this is delaware county here. there reporting 27% of the vote. that got three quarters of the vote. you don't know, shannon, whethe or not the difference between those two counties can make a difference. now it is .3%. we get them at the moment to go. so can mehmet öz make up 2500 votes? it is tough to say. it really flicks at the moment that this is definitely going t be an automatic recounts and that is the rule in pennsylvani and that appears to be the case between these two here tonight. i do want to show you this because we are coming up at 11: 30 and let me get you the right one here pick the
8:27 pm
governors race in idaho is fascinating. you've got him being challenged by the lieutenant governor. any time that the governor left the state of idaho during the pandemic, the lieutenant governor took over and she woul change the covid rules for idah so he would have to come back and change them back again. this is ada county down here pick it just gives util taste right now, the most populated county of idaho. population about 450,000 and in boise, almost 2-1 in that race. also congressional district here , congressional district to make the is up for grabs tonigh in oregon there's three different congressional races that are very interesting and i will show you one of them right now and that is because in this particular race, let me find it here. this is oregon number 5. this is kurt schrader, who was
8:28 pm
endorsed by joe biden, even though democrats accused schrader of tearing apart build back that are not advancing it in washington. joe biden back schrader. jamie mcleod skinner has up 2- 1 edge right now in the early returns are she is progressive right now she is turning the drift in district district number 5 in oregon. all share this with you. >> to more numbers, the better. >> i don't know about that. we have several primary so far and two of the biggest were ohi and texas and this tells you both the energy and end doozy i my behalf up the parties. in 2020 to million recover -- and you have half of that numbe of democrats. if you compare that number to four years ago in 2018, you can
8:29 pm
see that deference. republicans up 20 to% democrats 29. you cannot take each day and go apples to apples on these primaries matter. whether they are senate races, governor races. you can't do it for every state but we wanted to look at ohio because of the population base that we want to look at texas because the population base out there as well and this is the first of march when they were looking at the war in ukraine. they're pretty interesting. 2022 you've got republican turnout is to million, democrat a million pick compare that to 2018. look at the deference. republicans are up 27% in the state of texas compared democrats. and democrats just about a 4% bump appearance of the tells yo that the energy and a lot of these races and on the republican side and we've seen that consistency and a lot of the races. one less chance here and i'm going to say good night pick
8:30 pm
this is important. you can see the board behind me. i told you about this about a half-hour ago, 99% and it is drop down a little bit and they suggest that there are votes ou there. we said this number could chang throughout the night because that is an estimated vote. it was a projected vote of its gone from 99 down to 95, the margin and you can do the math at home and it's roughly 3,000 between all of those between mc cormick and because. on the calendar i will show you may 17, we've been looking idaho , and north carolina, oregon, pennsylvania their. what comes next week from now commute got five more primaries on the board come alabama, arkansas, texas and georgia in the middle. it's going to get all the media on tuesday a week from now. >> phil, it is time for you to go home to your nap.
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what are you going have for breakfast rex dana is going to have to bring that. >> she's going to bring breakfast and carry the show. >> get out of here. thank you, bill. >> we are going to go check-in with rich edson, who is -- we will come back to you after the break. >> they are gathered here and david mccormick is rocking up the starship here. they've been holding on and the are hoping, hoping, hoping that they will see some of the returns come in north into lehigh valley, they'd think a lot will come in that regard. uc some of the cheers right now. areas right now, david mc cormick. >> david mccormick!
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alright. thank you. thank you also much. we've had a pretty good day today. [applause] i want to thank you all so much for your support, for what happened across pennsylvania today. there's been a huge outpouring of support. we knew it and we pelted on the ground. we knew it was working. we knew our message to take bac this country and we knew that our message was resonating and they shouted today that we are so incredibly grateful. thank you all so much. thank you. thank you for the supporters in this room. it's been an outpouring of support to be feel such friendship and love for the people in this room thank you for everything that you done.
8:34 pm
we felt incredibly blessed to have you with us all thank you so much. we are going to win this campaign we are going to win this campaign. and tomorrow right now we have tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that have not been coun at that going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow and so that, unfortunately not goin to have resolution tonight, but we can see victory ahead and it is all because of you. so thank you, pennsylvania. , thank you for our great friends and supporters in this audience. we love you and we are going to take back this state and we going to take back this country. god bless you and god bless pennsylvania. god bless america. thank you so much.
8:35 pm
even listening to dave mc cormick, neck and neck in this battle in the senate race in pennsylvania we want to chec back in with the host a special report, bret baier. he's not conceding or declaring victory but he does see a path to victory and he feels good about it. he talks about the mailing ballots that have to be counted. >> listen, david mccormick is in a great spot. he has outperformed were some people thought it was going to be going in. is the strongest candidate from the conservative traditional republicans who are up on capitol hill saying we bought this person and one president trump put his endorsement on mehmet öz, it change the dynami and it seemed like like he was talking about, some counties choose to hold back and not ope or cut their mailing ballots
8:36 pm
until they have to. that's the statewide rule that triggers a recount. and then those counties look ou those ballots and that starts tomorrow morning. but it does not look like whatever is out there is going to take either candidate beyond the .5%, at least we don't see that right now as we flicked click a county by county at wha is left out they are. what does that mean? it doesn't mean that it's another vote. means a legitimate recount of the boats that were cast will b done and the winner of that is declared based on that recount. so i think that you have a number of days still ahead but dave mccormick is someone is really on the western side of pennsylvania outperforming thos numbers and in the wake of not getting an endorsement from the former president has performed very well and could be in a position to be the nominee.
8:37 pm
>> this sparks a lot of questions about how much kathy barnett and her late surge pulled away from these two top contenders because she's been a force on the map -- in the last month or so and has shaken up the rays. like i was talking to bill abou earlier, there were a lot that were still scrambling today and asking all kinds of questions about the various candidates saying that they could make up their mind so it seems like our polling is showing such a tight race of the three in the last week or so perch you've got to wonder how much, kathy barnett looks like she not be in the final decision. 100%. and talking to some people as they saw the barnett surge, the were kind of licking their chops , saying this is a possibility and split perhaps i the crowd, the crowd that was not embracing. the mccormick campaign say i'm all in on the trump policies.
8:38 pm
all three said they gave a lot of praise to donald trump, but there seem to be at least in ou anecdotal talking to voters, bryan llenas and others, being split between the mehmet öz and barnett voters, many going to mehmet öz because of the presidents endorsement coming in . 90 to% and 2500-foot lead for m ccormick in the outcome depends on the final vote in bucks county. this is according to somebody following this very closely at the margins here. you know, you are looking at hundreds of votes if it keeps going this way. cue could have a split when mc cormick picks up some and maybe dr. öz picks up a thousan i may be the significant part o this is the early vote, which dave mccormick really did very , very well. you so early in the night those numbers are really high for
8:39 pm
david mccormick. for some of the dr. öz votes come they knew that the day of vote was going to be very stron and trump people felt really good about it but as the night went on that margins shrunk and we are looking at probably something in the .2% range by the time we get through with this. >> now we have questions about how long the recount takes and how long the state has to do that. were trying to get answers from them porters dead deep roots in pennsylvania had they've been covering this race, boundary to boundary and county to county. we talked about this in recent days, people who were huge trum fans. you said that they are make all the way a down with policies al the way and the rolling governments the same way that president trump did and does there were some that were confused because i felt like dr. öz was an outsider and he was not, he didn't have the sam roots in pennsylvania and even
8:40 pm
saying on the ground with people , even president trump -- even his most loyal supporters were very confused about where to go with their votes. >> exactly. and that is something that you heard from even the most staunc trump supporters that they were concerned about when this nomination, this nod came that it was the right one and there were a lot of those folks who said that it could've gone to david mccormick. i don't even think that they ha kathy barnett on the radar in the early race and then they looked at her as possible vesse for trump going forward. and i do think that you're looking out .2% as you look at these numbers. this is pennsylvania being at the center of the firestorm fro 2020. now in a recon situation potentially on the republican side is quite something.
8:41 pm
we will say that there were not that many novelties tonight and there were a couple that were open a little bit longer but we are going to see how well they bounced back from 2020 dealing with vote tabulation in the nex couple of days. >> and i think one of the interesting things that showed up in polling last week specifically in pennsylvania, people were asked about what th most important factors would be for them in the primary and the ability to win in the fall is huge. that was a big number and i think for a lot of folks who were sort of scared away by questions they can feel like kathy barnett had answers to, i seems like that may have been one of the things that push the away from her today because it showed up in the polling is suc a primary focus for folks in deciding their votes and it's a very big field. they want somebody who has a chance on the ball appears. >> that's right i think that this is real as far as numbers on how the polls go today.
8:42 pm
that may have transpired just i the past few days in coverage o her campaigns and answers to th questions that she was being asked. both. campaigns are targeted -- and i will say that republicans are well-positioned, no matter what in their mind, if mc cormick or mehmet öz link about they feel like they are i well-positioned. and then governor fetterman is popular figure, but he is super progressive and does not want joe biden in pennsylvania. he is not a big joe biden person . is a bernie sanders person. and that lines up as far as the election that we are looking at right now pretty well for the republicans. expect that a lot of average folks on the ground in pennsylvania and these are salt of the earth hard-working people . on not sure how well that berni
8:43 pm
sanders will play there but he in combination with the governo are interesting characters and democrats will have to decide how far they want to go on the progress of train and tonight they said he is our guy. >> you cover abortion, that is factor in pennsylvania and it i a factor on the progressive side . inflation, how they answer the question about inflation. if the answer from democrats an specifically progressive democrats in pennsylvania is we should've spent more, that is going to be a tough thing for them to defend and the administration is trying to do things to get them out up the dark cloud that they are under on inflation. this race is going to be fascinating for political junkies in pennsylvania, ground zero, even the governors race now, with mastriano, who is the trump backed candidates and the democrats feel like they're in better position against that candidate on the republican side . so it's almost a flip on the
8:44 pm
governors race in the senate race appears. >> we love election years. we know that our viewers do too. thank you for the time. were going to be back with more special election coverage on th primary next. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ready to turn your dreams into plans and your actions into achievements? explore over 75 programs and four-week classes at national university. your future starts today at >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system,
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taking you now to document guy speaking in the gop senate primary fight. >> participate with tele- town halls, which he advised i do it was a brilliant idea. he participated in a massive rally outs in westmoreland county. god bless you, sir for putting so much effort into this race, will make you proud. i want to thank sean hannity. sean is like a brother to me kimmitt when he punches through something, he really punches through a. he understands how to make a difference and has been doing that this entire campaign. much of it behind the scenes give me advice on late night conversations. the kinds of things that true friends do for each other.
8:49 pm
there so many others i could think, just going to toss out couple of names. mack, perry comeau carson, rowlands aller, ross. you all know who you are and yo know how i cherish each and everyone of you. my parents were immigrants to this country, they saw the shining city on the hill that ronald reagan spoke of freight they were incredibly patriotic about our nation. i know many think that that cit is a little dim these days. that's not what i saw when i wa campaigning. i looked in the eyes of pennsylvanians and they travel across this beautiful commonwealth and saw that light as bright is ever. reaching forth, all it wanted t be was unleashed, and that is why i'm running for the senate, to do just that. i'm running to allow us all to have this brilliance, it's out there we just have to believe i it we are a land of plenty,
8:50 pm
let's remember that and remind ourselves because we are a land of plenty, nothing can hold us back. even bond you think are unbreakable, they can be torn away. barriers, broken and pushed aside. we have the ability in pennsylvania to fight for the soul of this country. we are such a critical part tha when we win the battles here in pennsylvania, it ignites in the whole country. if this'll pennsylvania is thriving and healthy, so will the soul of the nation be when you go around the world, people ask, can you save america. can you make america a strong desire for? is a of course, but why do you care. they said we have issues here w look to america and we wonder m goodness if they figured it out we can figure it out. my friends, we are a role model to the world when our city on the hill is shining bright, others see it, and they make
8:51 pm
their cities bright as well. that is why am running for the senate, that's why i will be th next senator for pennsylvania and that's what i promised to bring to the united states of america. god bless you all. i will talk to you later. >> you have been given the stin to dr. oz, one of the gop contenders battling for that senate seats. he to is not conceding, nobody is in that race just yet. the gop primary battle almost a suit tight as it can be in thousands of mail-in ballots left to be counted after a printing error so we may not know for days. she joins us now to break down what we've seen tonight. selena, thank you so much great even on the ground going back and forth across the state and talking to folks. you're always so good at gettin the pulse on what is going on. what you make of what we are seeing tonight?
8:52 pm
>> what tonight tells me is tha kathy barnette research last week sort of out of nowhere, in part because of the negative attacks, and in part because sh had a very good debate. she has great one-liners, but however, in american politics you can rise really fast and yo can fall really fast. and it appears that that is wha happened with her. that she had her moments, voter forwarded with voting for her, but i think the most important aspect if by licking it any pulling is the fox full, it sai 63 percent of republican voters wanted to vote for someone who would win in november and that' what you saw them come home. the story out tonight as pennsylvania voters came home. right now, mccormick is in the lead, but will have an automati
8:53 pm
recount because it has triggere at half a percent, and that looks to be what it's now going to be give or take a few percentage points, but you know i think the overall story is that voters, republican voters came home tonight and while the flirted with in different candidate, they decided to go between either oz or mccormick , someone who could bring home the vote in november. >> do you know anything about the logistics of the timing of how this runoff or recount will work there in pennsylvania? >> i don't remember all the specifics to speak about it authoritatively, but i do know that it triggers almost immediately, and it's not a procedure that is stalled, they do it pretty fluidly. >> do you think either oz or mc cormick is an advantage against the other, you think ar
8:54 pm
just the head-to-head with the democrats. >> i think mccormick is definitely, if you're looking a a head-to-head, he gives republicans and i think he woul win more comfortably over and that's even talking to democrat in this state. they also think that oz would win, but they don't think he would win with as big of amount as mccormick would win. >> how does fetterman play to most folks. we know he is clearly the choic among democrats tonight. he's an unconventional guy and on top of that he's held the healthcare now, but policy wise how does he play with the folks you talked talk to crisscrossin the state? >> i have covered john federman and he won his mural race in by one absentee ballots. apparently pennsylvania is just crazy crazy right now. so the thing is political peopl
8:55 pm
tend to underestimate him because he has a unique look fo it, but he also has a unique approach. he grew up in a republican family, his family still our republican so he sort of understands what is the how to build a coalition, but voters right now aren't in the mood fo a democrat. we all know that november is going to be a very good year fo republicans. i would always say never underestimate him because he does have an interesting appeal especially in those counties that are often forgotten or overlooked by democrats because they haven't tried to earn thei votes.
8:56 pm
>> i don't know anybody who knows pennsylvania politics better than you do, south seen lena, thank you for helping out with us tonight. >> thank you. >> pennsylvania still hanging b a thread. we will keep tracking it, stick around for another hour of extended election coverage. it is primary night. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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