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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u do it all. one dose of ubrelvy, quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ♪ ♪ ♪ tomoko. ♪ >> welcom, every, i am shannon bream in new york with special election coverage for tonight. race results continue to pour in, including from north carolina and pennsylvania. we are taking a look at donald trump's pics, the too close to call race in pennsylvania were a
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result is awaited. they are making thousands of mail-in ballots by voting machines forcing workers to count the votes. in north carolina a bit of a upset, madison cawthorn will reportedly not be reporting to congress. chuck edwards saying that he's already called earlier this evening to concede that race. we will have the latest on all the races that we are tracking and joining us from washington dc with analysis we have the headquarters of mehmet oz. we have rich edson. >> he said we are going to win this race. there are outstanding mail-in
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ballots that need to be counted tomorrow they say that they believe that they are going to count the mail-in ballots and that it should add to the very small lead, but they feel that they are confident as they go into this counting process for the mail-in ballots. and the point is that david mccormick did not receive the endorsement of president trump but he was running on his policy to talk about the policies, to talk about the former president, but not have his endorsement. it was just yesterday that the president leased a robo call,
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knocking david mccormick and kathy barnett. and they promised us going into this and going into election night that this was going to be a very close election. and this is a very, very close election and the lieutenant governor was a progressive, running away with it, conor lamb, he said if they go on to win this primary, they say that they do prefer to run against john federman, they believe that they have a better ability than they would against conor lamb. so that is what they are feeling right now, that's up to the moment. it is a tight race, depends on the mail-in ballots. shannon: thank you so much.
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rich edson, we appreciate your reporting. let's check in with brian again. >> that's right, doctor mehmet oz came out and said hey, we are not going to get a result tonight, but we will win and there will be a ferocious charge that will eventually put him at the top of this race. and he said it is a brilliant idea to have done the town halls across the state of pennsylvania, and he praises him for that. he came out doing that first rally to kick off the election for doctor ours.
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he also said and he said they are a bellwether state, that he saw hope in light in their eyes and he believes that is the kind of message that have been pushing throughout this campaign. and they have until the third wednesday and we had this discussion in 2020, there were 70% of belts that were actually turned back in before, they cannot, however, began to count them until 7:00 a.m. on election day, it is an arduous
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process. we hope to make sure it's the signature and the date and completed and sometimes they are challenging campaigns to those ballots. in some counties do not begin to count in the mail in ballots and you can understand why they are feeling little bit more optimistic. and before president trump and they were very hopeful about that in person vote that was going to happen and they were banking on that. they sought better margins on what people were expecting in the southeast and i guess at this point they are hoping to recount will lead to that ferocious charge to put doctor oz on the lead. and according to the nonpartisan organization, out of 31 completed statewide recounts and
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the optimism continues for doctor r's as we go into what is going to be a days long process. shannon: absolutely, brian, we appreciate the information on the recounts. let's turn over to bret baier now, the guy that knows everything you need to know about politics. you were at the board, what do we have to talk about? >> it is amazing. this is the senate race for this nomination in 1.1 million republican votes cast and there are now 1477 votes separating
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them, dave mccormick and doctor oz. .5% or fewer in there. and you can see how the state lines up pittsburgh, allegheny county and 39.3 in the state itself, you can see a lot of green which is mehmet oz. bucks county, the numbers are smaller, picking up an advantage on these different small counties. what we don't know is which counties have decided to count the mail-in ballots where they waited. we don't know if they are green or red or yellow.
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and the mccormick campaign believes that they have an advantage on early boats headed in. and as many as 20 or 30,000 votes are still yet to be counted. that's a big number, that makes a difference. taking out out of .5%, not likely but then you go to the recount and that's the decision. taking a look at another race and this is the congressional race as well and it's just automatic for him and trying to
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continue the house race, that is in the area that we spoke about. and he runs away with this on the republican side and setting up a big race and people make mistakes, and then conceded to chuck edwards and the congressional district 11. desperately trying to show you that this washington dc board is not as good as the bill hemmer
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board. [laughter] shannon: i think the bill hemmer does a little something. so when we talk about that i have the same problem. [laughter] and he's in bed now, so he won't know we are talking about him anyway. [laughter] but so much of what we are talking about it highlights the importance of the timing of those and people who have already sent to then, you that that does factor in that they have to be opened and the timing is everything. and a lot of this race in pennsylvania decided the day on both sides. lieutenant governor john johnfetterman had a pacemaker pt
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in. there would be tons of democrats that say it has to be conor lamb. that's what we need to talk about in pennsylvania. all of these democrats talk about donald trump in pennsylvania, that is why it is so crucial to be on the other side of the senate race. and so they will see what will happen. shannon: that's right, and as brian was stating, they can't start counting until 7:00 o'clock a.m. on election day. and some don't start until tomorrow and it looks like
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through almost all of our estimations it is going to be in that gop senate primary, situation with state law triggering that recount, 31 of those in the state in the last 20 years, only three of them have overturned what appeared to be the result when the recount had begun. so there's a lot of work to be done. >> we may not be done with regular counts. finishing the vote that they are dealing with, so you're talking about drips and drags. >> and we also have what democrats are doing and whether they go progressive. and they have democrats that are
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on the far left, they are challenging saying that president joe biden is in getting things done, we want to thank you for shaking things up. so out west that's going to give us a good picture in the democratic party as well. i am asking for the lead endorsement there, getting the nod for the nomination, you know,reporter: the democratic nominee is josh shapiro. you know, it's interesting because this is sort of the democratic machine in pennsylvania, he wins unopposed and yet on the senate side and
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this is sides of the democratic coin. so as you go out west, it is going to be fascinating for us. here in idaho, the democratic senate primary and then we will go further out. this is the primary there on the map. obviously running away with that because he's an incumbent and a vote for the gubernatorial primary. shannon: schrader is being challenged from the left, but it looks like -- and i don't know if the word right there wants to cooperate. i don't know if it needs a snack
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or nap or what is happening. [laughter] you think that they can draw any conclusions, because he's been tainting a very good endorsement. >> yes, they are looking at madison cawthorn. we will see how this progresses and he is keeping track, don't think not. >> that georgia race is going to be very interesting.
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goodness gracious. we met just making sure moved here. shannon: one percentage point. okay. well, bret baier, i'm going to let you have a talk with the board. have a heart-to-heart. thank you so much. shannon: turning to the other headlines. president joe biden visiting buffalo on tuesday in the wake of the deadly mass shooting. decrying the existence of white supremacy in the nation calling it a poison and telling americans reject the lie. that includes dwindling poll numbers. our correspondent is joining us live. >> it is a fairly simple political formula. energy prices rise and yes, some ratings came to drop. in many ways it is that simple.
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given the surging prices for fuel it is no wonder that americans are fuming. many of them are driving on fumes. gas prices continue to go up and up, reaching a record high with every state averaging at least $4 per gallon, the national average for a gallon of gas up to $4.52, that according to aaa. and a shocking 15 cents since just last week and 35 cents since last march when the national record was first that between now and those of you that are wondering, yes, it is difficult when these prices are high. because when they are on the road, they are trying to get you what you need, up to $5.57. and it is a confluence that it's happening at once. you have runaway inflation, nationwide baby formula
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shortage, staggering border crisis that we've all seen play out on tv each and every night, and a surge in violence cross country and in major cities including the mass shooting in buffalo, so devastating over the weekend. it has made it next to impossible to sort of cut through the noise and so the administration on the ideas which up to this point tend to not be working so well. so that weakness, i should point out, is also in poland with numerous national surveys showing the approval rating of joe biden hovering in the upper 30s. that is devastatingly low and does not portend well for the midterm. shannon: thank you, kevin. we will see you later. a quick hit with our dream team channel. thank you for joining us, gentlemen. okay, guys, we are up against a lot. i want to get your reaction.
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you heard all the reactions, what the president is up against, all kinds of tragedies like inflation and gas prices. combined with what we are seeing, does it change your perspective at all? >> i think that the democrats are in trouble, lurching further to the left, looking at the pennsylvania senate race, their candidate is much more in favor of bernie sanders in the art of joe biden. that does not mean that they are listening to the voters, they are in for a big red wave that is going to overtake them and the primaries, particularly in pennsylvania, is early enough that we know it will be a contentious race and by the time the summer comes around they will rally around the idea about this. shannon: we have some more
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resultant. every group including those that voted for him, women, young people. african-american voters, latinos, these are double-digit drops for the president's approval. how does that impact things? 2 it could impact the president negatively, but when we look at how some are not embracing the way the democratic party is handling things, or what jason is talking about in the campaign, when you look at john fetterman, he may have been supported by bernie sanders. but this is a guide that is a gun owner, he's a guy that does not wear suits, he's very working-class, blue-collar people in pennsylvania, he is very pennsylvania and i think that that is what we are seeing here. also an independent. we saw what the democrats are
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doing here is looking at candidates and the persona, not just the policy. so i would disagree with jason on that. shannon: and i think that it means races individually are very important. okay, thank you so much. we are right back with more coverage after these messages [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey!
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shannon: we are back with bret baier. >> taking over the lead in pennsylvania, mehmet oz. 813 votes, keeps on changing, but you can see statistically,
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31.2%, but there is a lead there, keeping on tripling, so where is that coming from? well, bucks county. there's a bunch of same-day vote in which doctor mehmet oz is well-positioned. he is in the green here. and we don't know which counties haven't done everything, some due at the end, some do at the beginning, telling those same-day votes, dumping another thousand or so, 813 vote leads for mehmet oz, and triggering an automatic statewide recount, that could take a few days. shannon: talking about what we
9:29 pm
did last hour, when people were going to vote before in pennsylvania, they said what is the most important thing for your candidate that they can win in november with 62%, it was clear in the way the most important thing for those that were going to vote in the primary. and so we have talked about how either of them, most of them are kind of the same type of matchup with john fetterman, some think may have a better chance is mccormick. so we do know that there is concern about doug mastriano matching up with his opponent in the fall, what is the take in the concern there? 2 i think that the concern is that he has painted it as being extreme. but pennsylvania is a place where different kinds of candidates are very successful. the lieutenant governor is a
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very unique candidate and he is progressive. but he does wear shorts, he identifies with the working man. so they say, the democrats say that they believe they can touch some donald trump voters just as donald trump did to take away the democratic voters in pennsylvania when he won the state. and i think if you look at this breakdown, 392702, 312236, you know, it's pretty remarkable all three of them had talked about in america first and even a maga-friendly stance. i think it was basically a single candidate going up against federman.
9:31 pm
>> as they had battled for the endorsement going for elite endorsements. that can shift this race aside, but most certainly them going for the recount which is also going to take time as well. there was also a lengthy timeframe of waiting and it looks like for a number of factors, different factors, that is going to be the case again and we will have to wait and see who ends up matching up against him, sounding very confident about their path to victory, being the ultimate one that gets them the head-to-head matchup and yet i still get the sense that a lot of viewers and voters were very torn about what to do in the last minute of these vote. >> oh, definitely. when you look at the map you
9:32 pm
know, it shows that they have one that county. you look at these places, nine out of 67 and she wins with 32%, well, those numbers are small for the republicans, if it was democratic it would be different in the suburbs of philadelphia, but she is pulling these wins out, 21,000 votes, that dynamic right there and how she has pitched herself as a major factor in this race and as we see it is still out about a thousand votes. shannon: as we wait upon that, we have looked at north carolina, oregon, idaho, it's going to take more time in the west until they close the polls and start to get us more of a sense of what is going on with the races as well. >> the race that i could not get before because we were on hold, this is the one that a lot of
9:33 pm
people were looking at. obviously we had a lot of controversial standards, chuck edwards, 31% to 31.9%, and tom tiller endorsing the sitting congressman, madison cawthorn, to endorse an opponent, it happens, he conceded and now that is a different dynamic and this is a republican area, there's no doubt about it. so as we tabulate where the house numbers are, this is not one of those. but it is interesting to see. shannon: this is a situation where madison cawthorn had to decide what district he would run in, some back-and-forth and questions about whether or not that impacted this and where he was going to put them.
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shannon: coming up next, a huge pile of this buffet. plus, this rescue call caught on camera. the viral videos are coming up right after these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ eam.
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great job to the medical team for saving that little guy as well as the officer. shannon: that is pope francis joking with mexican seminarians asking about his knee having a flareup. they said they would be sure to drop off a bottle of tequila for his flareup if they are ever at his home. and this new zealand youtube where wolf called us food down and 46 minutes. taking on eating challenges for her 300,000 subscribers, for different burgers, a mint shaken all kinds of fries and sauces and sodas. wow. okay, and this little guy as well, baby cutie born just a week ago at an indiana sue, it
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will be clinging to his mother until he gets strong enough. there is your smile for the night. if you've got viral videos, hit us up at shannon bream were "fox news @ night" on social media. and are we alone in the universe? top government lawmakers and officials are pondering this. they have details from capitol hill. >> that's right, no discussion of birds of prey or swings x wig fighters, they want to know what's out there. >> we get the questions not just from you but family members, not just others that we know. >> there are 400 unidentified episodes of aerial phenomena. some of it is positive. >> exactly as you described,
9:42 pm
there's a lot of information, and sometimes there's too little data to create a reason or explanation. >> the military to classifying two videos, one said was in effect from the video equipment. and it took years to figure it out. night vision goggles. >> in this video? >> this is one we cannot explain 3 i do not have an explanation for what this object is. >> some lawmakers wonder if they can be top secret weapons from rival countries. >> developed by an adversary some breakthrough technology, they can be very disruptive to the military action or serve as a destruction. >> the democratic representative andre carson says pilots sometimes spot strange things in
9:43 pm
the sky. they reported that many were treated as witnesses and not as kooks. >> this marks a serious probe, the first and half a century, in 1966 the house minority leader gerald ford called for a congressional inquiry into the ufos. back to you, shannon. >> we wish you the same and thank you so much. all right, time to bring back kevin. i'm in new york, kevin is in washington dc. and you have news on how we might just love our pets and news about that. >> that's right, shannon. chances are you love them or used to have them or have them now. and apparently and i mean, really, you must love them it
9:44 pm
says this. one third of americans, shannon, would choose their pet over their own house. 33% said not only that but they would choose their pet over their significant other. what do you make of that? shannon: okay, maybe because the pet has become your significant other. [laughter] i mean, if the house is burning down, go get your pet? of course he would, but i don't know that you picked them over your spouse. [laughter] on a third of the respondents, i think maybe they need some help. [laughter] >> there's a lot going on out there. 59% said they worry about their pets each and every day, their health, their long-term
9:45 pm
longevity, and all of that. i'm not married anymore, but if i were, i would hope that my spouse would choose me over my pet. shannon: yesterday we were talking about this video with a snake, i would jump in front of the snake before my pet though, that's for sure. >> yes, and i would as well, my dog lady was my buddy. and you know, i would protect her just like she would protect me. shannon: thank you so much for the good news. we have extended coverage coming up after this time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds?
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shannon: brand-new tonight. captain john durham, against michael sussman, the prosecution says that the fbi to create an october surprise against then candidate donald trump, coming five years to the day that robert muller was reported as special counsel to investigate whether they did coordinate with russia to infiltrate the presidential election. trace gallagher is breaking down everything that happened today. >> the allegations are at the
9:51 pm
heart of the trial, a former hillary clinton campaign attorney two months before the 2015 election, going to the fbi and claiming that he had information linking the donald trump organization to a russian own bank with ties to the kremlin and of course the allegation was bogus. an opening statement, with the direction of special counsel said that michael sussman has a use of the fbi as a political tool to create an october surprise against then candidate donald trump with prosecutors adding that it was a plan that used as well as manipulated the fbi and one that they hoped would trigger the news outlets and trigger an fbi investigation and a plan largely that succeeded. the prosecutors went on to say that even though the claim was false, trump and russia were forever linked in the court of public opinion. and defense attorneys argued that he's a good man that's a family man that never tried to
9:52 pm
hide anything and that the fbi knew that he represented the clinton campaign. but the team of john durham arguing the opposite, introducing a text message that he senses general counsel requesting the meeting in 2016 saying that jim, it's michael, i have something time sensitive and sensitive that i need to discuss, do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow, i'm coming on my own and not in behalf of a client or a company. and baker agreed and the government says that then he build the clinton campaign for that meeting. here is the former congressman. >> that's going to make it difficult for him to say hey, no, i'm going in there for myself and i did not lie to the government, but it does appear that he did like to the fbi. >> the prosecutors plan to call the former general james baker
9:53 pm
as well as clinton campaign general counsel as well. shannon: thank you, trace gallagher. [cheers] [applause] shannon: jonny depp getting praise from fans when leaving the courtroom today, his ex-wife not so much. the actress got booed. she was asked why johnny can't look at her. >> he knows he's lying. otherwise, why can't he look at me. i survived. i survived that man and i survived and i'm able to hear and look at him. shannon: there were videos of her escorting james franco into the elevator of her penthouse apartment the day before.
9:54 pm
he shared a journal with jonny depp, saying that i can't promise you that i won't get physical. we will bring you details as the trial continues. and now it is time for good news before we say good night. school districts in south carolina giving a heartfelt surprise the teacher who turned 106 years old. the students and faculty planned this event for their former teacher, giving her a ton of sign cards, singing happy birthday and even a police escort to her party and a proclamation that is now a day named after her. shannon: wow, we need to know her secrets. sue met my great grandmother lived to be 93 and she ate fried stuff all the time, little bit
9:55 pm
of sugar every day did the trick for her. and congratulations to ella mae. shannon: and a kind and encouraging work to make all the difference when it comes to teachers. my mother was a teacher as well. okay, we will see you tomorrow night. that is it from new york, i am shannon bream. have a great but if i hope to be pretty sure that's not in fact barbecue buffet buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue is buffet and barbecue chicken ande the fear of one man's distraught master. but your staffing plan needs to come nsta besides you to hire y. indeed, indeed. do indeed. cpac instantly delivers quality kind of information. >> your job description visit indeed .com slash higher.
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driving when they get a crack t in their windshield. ld he wouldn't take his car just's anywhere so he brought it to safely. we replaced the windshieldsh and recalibrated their cars and safety systems. so features like automaticed emergency braking for workin properly i don't think they are safe. we're safe like you now let me take your seat like replace. this is a fox news alert. i pollsn have just closed in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. there's a very intensepe primary underway there on the republican side, you may have heard primaries in fours other states are wrapping up moment as well. we're going to have the up to the moment election results throughout the show and of course to fox news. but first, good. evening and welcome tot. tucker carlson tonight. last may, a 17" year old highle school senior payton gendron received an assignment in his economics class. drsignthe assignment asked whato you want to do when you retire? he answered commit murder suicide again. his teacher immediately reported


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