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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 18, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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pencil from pennsylvania. the stakes are high too close to call. dave mccormickto versus mehmet oz. we're going to watch it. we have what , 53% of the vote in stay with fox and the fox newss channel for continuing coverage and we'll have more tomorrow. in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble. laura ingraham takes off from here. have a great night t laur. i'm laura ingram . this is the ingram angle from new york cityle tonight . in moments my angle w is going o lay out the next steps that conservative and frankly all americans must take no t matter what the result of tonight's primary election. >> but first we turn to pennsylvania where this is a knockdown, drag out fight in the senate republican primary polls closed just about two hours ago and we have yet to declare a winner. reporters standing by across the state ato the headquarters of all three the top contenders. but we c begin tonight with a candidate who is seeing the most momentum coming into tonight . alejandra hoff is atnt kathy
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barnett's headquarters in elizabethtown, pennsylvania, some 90 miles west of philly. alexandra, what can you tell? l allura, things have slowed down just a bit here as a barn headquarters. kathy barnett and her supporters engaged in a prayer circle right now behind me. i and a shortn time ago the crowd in the candidateci, they were engaged in a dancing the macarena. so it's been it's been a night full of hope, especially here the barnett camp because unexpected things have happened in this raceesd, namely garnetta rise in popularity that happenedrn earlier this month and really that came from the supreme court draft opinion leak of roe v. wade as it really points herself to l be the pro-life candidateif. so she thought a lot of momentum there. the question still now, didid that leadn turnout at the polls? th and that is remainsat to be seee but as you mentioned, still a lot of hope in this room right now for volusia county. laura alexandria, thanks for
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that . and now to brianiz yoanna standing by at the headquarters for dr. oz who came in here tonight leading in most polls. brian, what can you tell us ? yeah, that's right, laura . they came into tonight with momentum. the campaign believe that they did have the momentum on their side, especially after president trump's endorsement a in april. the big question now is whether or not enough voters showed ups to w the precincts and to the polls today for the day of vote to support dr. oz. that endorsement from president trump was sought afterment by pretty much everybody herete in the state, including the top three candidates who were trying to attach themselves to president trump and the maga. movement. but at the end of the day here it's going to be about whether or not dr. oz was able tore get that kind of momentum.meas remember, he has been at the bat end of dave mccormicks relentless ad attacks 35 million dollars plus worth of negative advertising that have called him a hollywoodd cal liberal and a complete and total fraud.
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but they believe the campaign believes anyway that trump t endorsement made all the difference. i nowt' it's just about really turnout at this moment. turnout.looked at the northeastern portions of this state looking at bigger counties as well like montgomery and birks and they're looking at these counties l and hoping and waitg to seeng that they can kind of counteract what has been dave mccormick strength in western pennsylvaniami. so 900000 mail in ballots in this state. ir a lot of people made their decision before that endorsement. so we'll see how it all shakesde out tonight . but right now everyone here juste ha kind of holding tight, waiting to see if that turn happens and that lead change happens within the hour. >>ge very close. brian, thanks so much. and finally to pittsburgh where senior national correspondent richard cohen is standing by at the headquarters for dave mccormick who is trying to h mountea a furious comeback, although he's up in the numbers right now by 10,000 or so votes richard. what do wewh expecting?
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yeah, that's right, laura . and look there teams always knew that they were going to have a tight race.e.ut whe they say they feel pretty goodbe about where they've been and where they're going. but again, in a race t this close, you're not going to find so many campaigns at this point in the night saying otherwise. mccormick, western part of the state, is the only top tier candidatee is running the republican party out here for the evening. soing. that's a good indication a lot of the votes coming in from this side of the state right now feel pretty good.e they're hoping that they can hold on , but he's trying to thread that needleon. on the one hand you've got dr. h mehmet oz with president trumpis and his endorsement. on the other hand , you have kathy barnett and her surge. david mccormick going with or touting the backing of former secretary of state mike pompeo.. they went to west point together, were a year apart and also that of senator ted cruz hoping all of us will come together and be enough to put him over the top. if you get ar t goodhe bit newse in the last hour, hour and a half or so and that's atha the democratic side of this race has been called john
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fetterman and lieutenant governor , the more progressive of the candidates beating out conor lambti, a congressman running as a centrist, they feel good about that and a potential matchup first they say they've got g to get through this first. clearly spectacularcl bridge. thanks so much.we we'll check back and now unite and fight. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> well, whatever the outcome in this latest gopop primary tonight it's time to put aside differences shelve the petty squabbles, lot of nipping atip each other all come back together to take back the t senate in november. now under one party controlledme by the schumer pelosi socialist's, america's going broke , woke and becoming a joke . it's time for real oversight of biden's runaway federal agencies. it's time to slam the brakesen e on his inflation stoking agendag with of course, a republicanhe controlled congress. but the left, they're not going to goo down without a fight. no way they're going to try to h hang onto their power by any means necessary now without
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blowing up the economy. they're blowingssar up raceam relations. they're shifting blame or as we all know, they're distracting with phony narrative america experiment democracy is in danger like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it's in danger this hour. hate and fear being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love america. i believe anybody who acts as at replacement is to blame for this for the crime, but it is for no purpose, no purposece except profit and or political and it's wrong isit always harkening back to trump ,right? the ghost of trump is always hovering over by my lord. yb is this playbook dog eared or what ? most voterst know that charlottesville or january six buffalo they're all biden's greatest hits . they're not america's greatest hits . this isn't going toe work.
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so you have to ask yourself what's next for the democrats? well,i' i want to call it tonight the popular pivot. democrats are going to try to claim that they not republicans, that were republicans challenging them are the true populistre. they're the ones out there fighting for the little guy there. i'm relatable ploy is their go-t to desperation move on blame for everybody who's joining this video. it's great to hear from . hold on a sec. i'm going to get me abuse case . my husband brison is now in here so i'll pass the beeror for now. >> oh my god.ra i forgot about that . another senator jon testeroh in montana with his flat top buzz cut tough guy farmer. g look, he tried the same thing back in 2018. >> washington forgets all the time that they're working for us when some bureaucrat back there stands in the way of
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montanara, i let him have it because that's what it takes to get better schools. well, i'm wired to fight anyone who isn't doing their job for us . i'm jon tester and you're right i approve this message. right you vote with schumer all the time. >> t of course, in practice he's just another big spendingg liberaler. >> we need to start doing some things in a positive way to lower inflation . weh did it with a bipartisan infrastructure deal . wede did it with the rescue pla. >> what the fact the so-calleded moderates like tester and georgia senator raphaelike warnock, he's up for reelection. the only voice concern about issues like the border or inflation when it was obvious that these issuesti were hurtinr their party in the midterm, what wereti they in twenty , twenty or last year in the big open senate contest, two more liberals are attempting this transparent branding. congressman tim ryan trying to beat jd vance in ohio and john
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fetterman taking on whoever wins tonight in pennsylvania. nown hfa, ryan, who voted with y pelosi, wait for it 100% of the time, according to propublica is now pretending to be donald trump on the china issuee. funding the police is way off the mark. we need more cops not less. my party also got it wrong on the trade deal to send your jobs overseas. i've always thought those working against you yeah, of course this complete nonsense believe noneet. . a vote for ryan is a vote for chuck schumer remainingya a senate majority leader on important issues at key moments he will never challenge' his party's leadership, never. and as for john fetterman, we wish him of course, a speedyy recovery. an but pennsylvanians shouldn't be fooled by the whole sweatshirt. bhejimmy shorts. look, it's sloppy and unconvincing just likehe this ad. there's a lot of great towns in pennsylvania feel like they're community's best days
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were a generation ago. one deserves to be abandoned. all these communities deserve to be helped. he democrat weifang does the right thing no matter what , no matter what i meano the righthi thingng for fetterman will alwas be keeping chuck schumer happy always now e with the occasional exception of joe manchin and krysten sinema, there's no such thing anymore as a really independent thinking democrat pick senator mark kelly. now arizonans voted for him because after all, how can a former astronaut be a rubber stamp for liberalism doesn'tha compute. but in fact that is exactly what he's been votingch with schumer. 96% of the time now he must t really think his ownhi voters ae stupid, though, because suddenly after a month like silence about biden's failures, kelly claims he cares. >> arizonans are paying some of the highest gas prices that we've seen in years four months. i push this administration to take actionle to lower costs at
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the gas pump. it's time too send we' him backo orbit. thank god there's no oxygen in his populist act zero now any voterze wants to turn t this economy around and wants to end the madness athe b the border simply cannot fall for the democrats faux populist pitch. why would george soros donate money to peoplee like tim ryanor after all our senator mark kelly, if they were going o tohm take on the establishment? here's what we know, by the way, about soros cash pouringsh in . billionaire mega donor george soros is feeding a super pac with one hundred and twenty five million dollars an enormous investment that willen aid democratic groups and candidates for the twenty twenty election cycle and beyond. so soros knows what timecy it is and the democrat party and it ain't the populist time. it's all globalists all the time. o so pay no attention to the democrats predictable monthsade unfolding before the midterms.
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we've seen all this before. they're sending the same people who are going to be spending your children's and your grandchild w or future squandering it the same people willing to do the biddingngringf the teachers unions and blm and the same people t who have only strengthened china's hand and made you poorer. so t when you head to the polls this november, your choice is clear . >> do you want more of schumer and pelosi then go ahead. vote for the populist fraud's otherwise it's time to unite and fight and that single. all right. joining me now is missouri senator josh holly, senator ,in we're watching these results.ry come in very close atth this moment in pennsylvania. your reaction to the angle specifically putting the petty squabbles of the primaries behind us andri moving forward o win in november? i would just say laura , that i think you've got it right and to all of those in the when it comeshe to the squabbles who have tried
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to gin up tha some kind of a waw between the trump or populistin wing of the party and toim establishment republicans, it's time to admit defeat on thate .v the voters in theot republican primaries have made very clear what they want. they want an agenda that is focused on their needs. there is no war in the republican party . the republican voters have madem it veryad clear and now it's tip to unite behind that populist agenda and to ride that tory victory in well, meanwhile, we do have a bit of a twist with mitch mcconnell who has come out and has used the i word it's not ingram but itt is isolationist senator holly, when he was describing where i guess you and others obviously people like myself and tucker perhaps at fox, they just don't they don't want to send billions and billions to ukraine. so is the isolationist labelfa fair orir a good idea? ri i would say that what
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i describe myself as laura and i think we're the american is we're nationalists and my concern with the ukraine aid package 40 billion dollars to ukraine is that it's not national security, it's nation building. t i mean,o this is right back to the failed policy in afghanistan and iraq where we are literally funding the ukrainian government. this aid packagedi would write a check for nine billion dollars directly to the ukrainian government. that's in addition to all of the other money.or so listen, i'm not for nation building. i'm for putting the national security of the american people first. that's nationalismti. it that's's the best tradition of the republican party and it's time we got back to it. and like that really is the message t from these primaries to at least so far that people are focused home. they're they're focused o on their families gasn prices, food prices, the border crime want the best for ukraine.e but we're out of dough. i mean, i said we're we're broke. we're broke and we're becoming a joke.
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. mean, iran but it also sadly happens to be true. well,o the thing about the ukraine aid package, when you're talking about 40 billion, if you could buildpa the border wall twice over laurer with that money and it's time that we got serious about these pressingwa priorities. and by the way, we've got othere pressing priorities abroad as well like china, foror instance, which is a massive national security threat. so the time has come to be realistic here and to put the national security interests. of the american people first. and that means securing ourf borders. that means taking care ofhi the crime wave here in this country and it meanss getting tough on china. well, the trump tariffs on china are a really big deal . that was that took a lot of work on his part. his bob lighthizer, the u.s. trade rep who endorsed dave mccormick ,i might add , along with mike pompeo in the pennsylvaniano race. i think lighthizer knows a lot about who's the real populist perhaps in this race, but p it's too close. we don't know what's going to happen. butow f on on this front on chil the people want to f focusuk on ukraine. o where is the focus
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on the biggest threat to the united states, which isgg the ccp? you never n hear them talk about that as much. that's's absolutely right. and this t is not the time. can i just say to go soft on china and repeal those china tariffs, which is what the biden demonstration t s doing, you've got the president out there saying, oh yeah, rollingubing at back these tariffs. unfortunately, some republicans want to go alongli with that. don't do it.he this is not the disaster we need to protect our industry. the total disaster, the total wrong move. we should be screwing downn the restrictions on china. we should c be getting tougher on china. we shouldbu be building up our own industry and bringing those jobs back to this country. i mean, i know t that baby formula thing. itau doesn't really have anythih to do with china, but it just brings the point home hammers t home. we have to make essential elements to our daily lives for our daily life here we can make more stuff here. and you know, i know the free trade is like all this free trade, free trade, but we'rein seeing what's happening as a result. we're seeing shortages, cars,
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everything that we can't get here now parts i mean for cars we've got that playing field has tothat be leveled. and one of the best ways to bring down inflation, laura , is to bring back those supply chain so that we're notck dependent on overseas supply chains in particular, we're not dependent on china. why in the world would we want our critical goods, our critical manufacturing, our critical drugs and other in china? be made it's absolutely insane. so this is the kind ofe nationalist foreign policy we need something that's going to focussome on building up the und states that's going to get tough on our enemies and our opponentes opponentsil and it's going to putl national security of the american people first. ng i haveth peace through strength. we have to have our strength renewed here in the united states. h u senator , thank you so much. now we want to go to the billboard where america's newsroom co-anchor bill hemmer standing by .nding bill , this is a squeakers in pennsylvania. what is happening? right.exactly a it's getting tighter and tighter as we go along. good evening too you.
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worried a about a point one poit one between david mccormick and dr. mehmet. it is right now a two person race in the state of pennsylvania at about three quarters of the vote in . so where are you know, laura , right. where is the remaining vote to where are they ? what arere we waiting on ? well, here in pennsylvania, philes down here in the counties, pittsburgh's over here in allegheny and iri's up here, the lake in erie county just looking at the numbers here a moment ago on the computer screen there, laura , as what was that it was 10 16 east coast time you had allegheny, which is pittsburgh. they had 90 you know, the city of pittsburgh. a lott of votes out there right at 91% of the vote reporting in pittsburgh, allegheny that mccormick's hometown that's where he's located. and in fact, pick it's easy in that county anywayd with about 40% of t the vote we pop over here in the southeast philadelphia as county in aub city notli a lot ofhe republican votes in the city or
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county of philadelphia c, but these collar counties around in the suburban counties, what are they going to doo? a i was l just looking at this a moment ago. this is bucks county. a lot of folks live here. laura . it's four out of 60 population wise. it ranks o fourth out of sixty seven in the state of pennsylvania. they have still well in bucks county they've reported 18% of the vote. so itt t gives you an idea how many votes are still toco be counted. just pop on down here to montgomery county toun m this is three out of sixty seven and they still have. 60% of the vote in montgomery county to be reported thus far tonight . sorry about that in delaware county to five of sixty seven . you s see where the population s right here in southeastern t.j. they're only at 10%. so you got a lot of votes still, in those collar counties, the suburbs of philadelphia. you to go so far tonight on the governor's side, this has been called by the associated press. doug mastriano, who was backed by donald trump, has been
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declared a winner. he was in a microphone a moment ago in pennsylvania. pe so he will now face off againstc the democrate josh shapiro,rn who's the attorney general in pennsylvaniaey. they will face off come november, come back to the senate race here now try to show you this .john john fetterman is in a hospital . he was given a heart procedure earlier today, laura .y. he voted from the hospital and he won tonight on what was the last time you're able to l say that about an election for a statewide racee? youu know, fetterman in the hospital tonight is an easy winner. it's 60% ofer the it was called hours ago now laugh i got a moment here to take it down in north carolina to show you s what happened. it was a closely watched senate race down here in northe carolina. this was another trump endorsement on the democratic side. en say sherry beasley was an easy winner with more than 80% of the vote she now advances on the democratic side. here is what you haveou on the republican side.
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she'll face off against ted but endorsed by donald trump, an easy winner tonight called really early in the night as well. hoere's a on the house side, however, there is a race that is super tight and the far western reaches of north carolina districtonall 11 madison cawthorn is in a really tough race here against you. find it right here for yeah, ra congression this wrigglesworth against chuck edwards, a state senator . and this is really tight. tight i mean we're looking at 99% of the vote now counted, laura , and it looks like hawthorne could lose his seat in then house. he's a freshman in the house. they hadn a lot of republicans in washington lined up againstik him and it looks like chuck edwards just may turn the trick on cawthorn tonight , still leading by a little less than two points late in the game here. so that's what's happening there. and if you gotif y a a moment h let me just take you out to the west coast because y youor know, we're going to see more polls closing here. >> i say think about two things
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on the west coast of the great governor's race in idaho kind of got pretty nasty here. so we'll see how that turns down a good congressional racesg in the state of oregon too. but they will be laterons this evening, laura . and we will let you know if pennsylvaniaia breaks one way or the other real soon. i think anyone who thought this was going to somehow break one way or another and beot really clear that's you know,hed that's the time for those folks to eat the humble pie. this is this is close. fascinating. we'll check back with one point at the moment, laura . and as bill mentioned just a moment ago, the big winner in north carolina tonight is three term congressman ted, but who more than doubled former north carolina governor and former mayor of charlotte pat mccrory in a crushing victory getting well over fifty five percent of the vote now but secured the endorsement of both former president trump and the club for growth while the head turner duringmp the campaign endorsements that kind ofai in some ways at odds with each other. j congressman ted poe joins me
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now. congressmanoi , congratulations. your takeaway from tonight . you've got both the open border free traders and the maga crowd on your side. >> you must have done something right. and national border patrolde council counsel and ted cruz. we have a long list of endorsements including over 50 state legislators and i just w want to thank them. they worked really hard in ourpp state capitol and i'm grateful for their support, grateful for the sheriffs that came behindort and endorsed me and we had a decisive victory tonight . but i also want to thank the other the opponents that were other republicans that i have great respect for and i appreciate the spirited campaign in which they ran and now ite to win in novemberr against joe joe biden shared beasley will be a total joe biden rubber stamp in washington, d.c.. >> well, i was going to ask you, congressman, because wecote started off tonight by saying the democrats when they don't blame shift or they blame putin ,it's always someone else's fault when something goes south. but whenso that doesn't work,
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they try to pretend they're the real populace they care about the little guy that lookso like it's going toks happen in yourr race as well. what do you say to that ?? i think north carolinians are going to buy that . cheri beasley is an americaca a first democrat don't actually exist. the democrats here in north carolina realize that their party has long since left themef look forward to reaching out to those that haven't become far left. and i want to ask them to support me. maybe it's there's still some reagan democrats here. the nonaffiliated the republicans. we have to unite. actually the republicans need to unite. i think they will and also get those unaffiliated in those reagan's style democrats on board and we could winou this for our state and help take back our country. noww your primary opponent, pat mccrory was just msnbc streaming platform just moments ago. >> what are you going to endorse him now or are you going to campaign with him? will you support him? well, you know what i need to do. that's a great question. qu what i need to do is
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get assurances from the current leaders in my state party that i haven't been canceled six years ago, the left saysy was a radical t right wingo, extremist. now this year i'm told by my own party , a liberal rinos had his response on that have to look into it apparently events when we were all together and we were asked w by moderator will you support the eventual nominee? all of us raised our hands and offered to support the other. i hope he'll live up to that pledge. but i would just say, look, he was a great he wasat a governor, appreciate his service to our state.ime and i think it's time for all of us as north carolina republicans to pull together and let's go take back our country because we know what would happen with sherry beasley in there. you thinkere. inflation is bad now? you think things are bad now just wait until she was there. r northol carolina is an incredibe state and we congratulate you, congressmanib, you fought hard
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and we really appreciate it. thanks so much. all right. kathyy barnett assisting the state's elizabethtown, pennsylvania. we'reiz going to go to check in, see what you think. i mean, i see so many familiar faces. i mean, i see him all the time.a i you know, do mike lindell around, you know, when to come up here, you know, living in a county i think i remember a story sitting down talking to you where i met you how i think you havew how long i've known a guy we have put up a good fight. i amam so grateful to the peoplr that i have met to have this common well, the republican party we havet some of the best people we have some of them black peopley. in this party . i walked into a room and you make me feel like family. i have friends that i know
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fauci forever. thank you so muchth for all of your hard earned uavs. i appreciate it so much. they haven't called it i'm not conceding so don't report. i want to take the time to justa saynk thank you . thank each and every one of you for all the have with my team overwhelmingly over only we are volunteers. i mean how many of you took petition for me? a lot of volunteers and the infrastructure has been amazing. people just give me and julie and calling and texting and beating the pavement. mucho my story is as muchut about yous as it is valuable. i could not have done what it is that we have done and we will continue to do if it
12:28 am
wasn't for you. i'm so grateful. so do not be discouraged because we have a country toe say the last has shown that they are not playing with when they say they want to fundamentally change this country and also not have the last minute they voted over time to lie to sow disinformation, to suppress my vote in order to steal the election away from me. they lied and they did a lot of it. we know that . but listen, our country i love this country. do y'all know we are standing on the shoulders of giants t in this nation, hiboth black and white people who were born here to people who have come here and now call this country their home. we are standing on their shoulders. the people who are sacrificed so much so that our little
12:29 am
black girl who grew up will no longer economic life to be able to say here has been this is the greatest country that has ever existed. uavs what we did by the grace of god, a nation of people who callht our god their god hae come together to create such ani amazing country. but our countryng crumble. our country is wounded, our country is divided and i believe our country is divided intentionally. so we got to do task. we have the best story to tell
12:30 am
what the left is telling. that's not our story. we got to be bold. we got a llenas to the long knives coming at me and you saw me leaving and still way you didn't bring me back or you didn't see me go i feel you because i know what it is that i'm fighting for. i knowr. who i am so no one can define me. i know who i am. learn who you are this nation>> is about we're going to monitor all the headquarters for the news tonight as these votess still come in . but joining me now isjo tom bevm ,co-founder and president of real code politics. steven miller, former senior adviserr to president trump, founder of america first legal and monica crowley, former trump treasury assistant secretary of public affairscr and host of the monica crowley podcastf. monica, this really has been m one of the most fascinating primaries that we've seen in some time in pennsylvania. yeah, i have a lot of people who are impressive in their own right. i mean, obviously mehmet oz is unbelievable force
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on television for so long. he's a household name. kathy barnett. n a lot of people hit her . you know, she speaks fromm the heart. don'tot likele her , but many people found her very authentic and dave mccormick, the army ranger, t obviously big career in finance comes across as kind of a nice what's what's your thought right now? yeah. you know, the top three candidates. you're exactly right. all brought something differentr to this race and different to a table. what made this race particularly fascinating was the fact that there was a real split in maga world. right. president trump obviously endorsement with us. but you had james mccormickcc whose wifeor powell served as te deputy national security adviser in the trump administration for a while. so you and you have a series ofi advisers split and series of s endorsements split among these candidates. i actually think this is incredibly helpful and i think it's healthy for the republican party , for the america first movement to have this kind off competition between a couple of extraordinary candidates all bringing different things to the table. a real nail biterwe
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on our hands here. we'll see how it'l s shakes out. but i think the voters of pennsylvania here were alsoet very split obviously between these two top candidates and kathy burnette who profess to be america first and thee authentic candidate. i thought for a while that she might have a lean she created lane, but it's not enough tonight . all right, tom, here's: how msnbc's favorite former republican framed the midtermd in today's gop or not or not where portman or jeb bush or any of those others, mitch mcconnell frankly in many waysss would represent that traditional almost chamber of commerce main street republican line. if you take barnett and oz's numbers, well over 50 percent of republican voters who still believe that trumpism is. the future. if these are their nominees, they're going to go down pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia and elsewhere come november. tompelvan, mr. jolly is not so y about the populous turn of the republican party . but isn't that where the party has to move some time ago
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and continues to moveag? absolutely. i mean, listen,i in the populism, the strain is in the democratic party as well. i mean, you see fetterman, who is a candidate who youkn know, is trying to be sort of the working class populist as well. and that's that's what bernie sanders campaignni was on . i think, you know, in this senate race, it, looks like the last minute sort of attacks on kathy barnett really didr. hurt her . if you believe her surge in the polls was real and that some of those folks, you know, may have pulled back and ended shifting back to mccormick. but this is going to be this is a very tight race going to come down to just a couple of thousand votes and it has been a fascinating race to watch and it's going to be a fascinating general election to watch as well both at the at the senate level and the gubernatorial state. >> we were talking a few moments ago to senator john holley about this populist america first again now back when you worked at the senate and you and i were on the radio together all those
12:34 am
years ago, i mean, we were pushing these issues of the border in china and trade and other only a few out there who did president trump thenhe and obviously not in politicsn with pushing these as well. but. there's some in republican leadership we just haven't caught up and you know, they're throwing the isolationist label aroundis and i just don't think that'solk working anymore. the smallest share ofic the american electorate isan jeb bush electorate. people that want corporate chamber of commerce republicanism or the tiny sliver of american voters candidates are runningf across the country tonight and winning on the popularar trump america first platform strong borders, safe communities, no politics, o no indoctrination in our schools, men, men, women are women. law enforcement is wonderful
12:35 am
and we want low inflation and a strong dollar. these issues are going to carry us to victory in november if we unite as you say. and i will also add to this there are no more democratn populists.s. everyrydemocratnies single one of them backs big tech corruption. every single one of them that's big business, open borders, every single one of them backs big business, woke corporatism, populismbu dead in the democrat party if you want a populist candidate, republicans are the only game in town. >> well, that's what we said on the angle and monica, again, this idea of open borders open trade with china, endless war , young people don't want it. i don't think the people of pennsylvania want it. people in north carolina don'tn seem to be cheering it, but it kind of the top four guys in the republican party are still like it's 2004 all over again. yeah. i mean they're acting likes in s just 20 years ago. ai you're exactly right. but they don't recognize or refuse to recognize is
12:36 am
that donald trump so smashed the paradigm of what republican base voters wantns and expect. he listened to the republican base. he respected that's right. and hehe spoke to their economit insecurities above all. and alls of these issues are linked whether it's the borderig or national sovereignty, the ccp so all linked to economic insecurity. donald trump looked at the forgotten men and women of this country, laura andnd he said, i see you, i hear you and i will be your champion. ub successful republican candidates need to adoptt that mold. and those that do are the ones that are successful on primary night. now, tom, when you see this nailbiter in pennsylvania tonight , i'm going to go back to the board in a moment. it's 1% dividing the candidates the top two nowth mccormick and 1% now after this race iss called whether it's ause or r mccormicks, the republican party hasepas a choice to make, does it not, to unite and fight to november or to keep picking at each other.
12:37 am
>> and it'ss like death by a thousand cuts. that's exactly right. look to the to win elections you need to have a united party and you need to be able to have a message that will win over swing voters. those are the two things that's w have t to do. and this has been a contentious primary. there's no question about it. no doubt has shown that the sche within the republican party and so we'll see whether they're able to to patch things up and move forward as a united party. they're going to need every v single vote in november again at the senate level and the gubernatorial level and it looks like all congressmen cawthorn, one of the youngest or the youngest republican to win and ever i believe and thepr house of representatives has conceded his seat. any lessons learned there? well, he suffered a great s personalat tragedy and i wish this all all wish him well. he is is a bright future if he wants to have it and he's been through a great ordeal.fu but been i just want to say aga, laura , you areur 100% right
12:38 am
about where the heart of the party is and where the heart of the american people are. we want our jobs here in the united states. we want our manufacturing here. we wantfacturing ourur jobs he. we want our wealth here. we don't want globalism. >> >> we want america first. and monica, in the end after d this night is done and everyone puts their you know, piece of humble pie away, whatever that results are, are you confidentov in november this could be a real change election as a midterm not just a regular m midterm but a real rout? de the democrats lost to 1000% and i think that the republican voters understand the stakes, laura , and they understand that this needs to be an extinction level event for the democrats like that .au now back to the real board where america's newsroom co-anchor bill hemmer standing by with all the latest.y it gets closer and closer. t bill does automatic recount laura statewide if it's less than point five percent? okay, you got that's where we begin this year, okay, because look where we are.
12:39 am
we're at point nine percent between dave mccormick and dr. oz. kathy barnett, you heard her speech a moment ago dropped off well over in the thirdch place a short time. ago. so you ask yourself now, w laura , where arehe the remainig votes? them do you find throughout the keystone state and the 67 counties on the board here just just tood reminder, this is pittsburgh over here in the west, philadelphia down here in the southeast , harrisburg in the center part of the state. if you look at the outstanding vote that remains now, you go southeastt pittsburgh, westmoreland county, that is, by the way, the place wherere donald trump went had the rallya with dr. oz about a week and a half ago in pittsburgh here. this is westmoreland county right now a decentla county, you know, outut of 67 counties statewide, laura , it ranks t number 10 in terms of population. they have about 60% of the voteo reporting, which means 40% of the vote is still outstanding. pretty simple math , right? even this late hour we can do that . that'sn westmoreland now want tt
12:40 am
take youo across the state and show you what we're getting here in the southeast ishe philadelphia down here, the green area i showed this a short time ago, bucks county strong population four out of sixty seven a moment ago it was reporting that only 18% of the vote was in if that's the case and they've got a ways to go. let me pop around here a momentc here.ou 3 montgomery county, three of. sixty seven . they were reporting less than half of the vote in at 40%. w so still a ways to go there as well down here in delaware county, five of sixty seven . these are a lot of folks live down here in southeastern p.a. they were at 27% of the vote. so a lot there in southeastern pennsylvania still outstanding . that may make up the difference again between mccormick wi determine really the outcome, the ultimate outcome here. pop up here. this is north hampton county and you see leading mccormick in this specific county. havemccorm justuou about half of the half of the vote is in . so there's more ballots to
12:41 am
be counted out there. come down here too lancaster, pennsylvania here. yes, got it. so they're around the same areas, north hampton on the susquehanna river here, lancaster. you got the farmland hereto. amish territory is amish country as well in southern pennsylvaniasout right along i the southern border there, lancaster is reporting aboutsti 54% of the votes in . so there is still so i guess in summary, laura , what i would tell you as of 10 forty one p.m. east coast time in pennsylvania, you're really waiting on this part ofta the state here to clock in and we'll see how much this changes. and since we've been talking here, we've reduced the count to point eight percent. this number says 95% of i the vote in that that is the estimated vote in begin the beginning of night based on what we believe through the associated press. now,as this could be the projected that number can change and go higher, can go lower dependinghi on when the votes are tallied, when they come in , if youet
12:42 am
get a good turnout, this number could as we sawut in virginia last fall, that number start number one higher and higher than started, drop down i a little bitig. se that's o because the turnoutth and that could be the case in pennsylvania tonight . >> but we'll just have to wait and see here. but as as we stand right now, you're at point eight percent. no, i said point five . i think i did. y i think i told you you did so, well. i'm just saying that right now. mccormick is up eight and allegheny county, which is a significant that's a significant difference and allegheny for him right now, is it about. yeah,, you're right. yeah. good man.. yeah, that's right. well, that's also key, but we're still missing key areas of philadelphia. b and aroundtie this game so many times, why is it that philadelphia seems to always come in late rather i mean, it depends where you are with me if you're talking about color counties run philadelphia for pretty well the city of philadelphia, which is also the county philadelphiar
12:43 am
right here. the reason we haven't talked about that a lot a is because if you go and read this a little bit here, laura , you're not talking about a ton of votes. if this were a democratic primary and the between let'sen say fetterman, okay, i mean you see the difference. fetterman today picked up almost thirty five thousand votes on his own.e conor lamb came in third in philadelphia, got twenty five thousand. okay, on the republican tally auseub is a seventy five hundred , mccormicks at five thousand. so you see philadelphia, the city of philadelphia is that it's aboutoc eighty five fifteen democrats to republicans. sora there's just a slight distinction there. but your point is well taken about the collar countiesoi her bucks and montgomery and delaware and it looks like in bucks county the numbers coming in for mccormick are also i guess decent.rr
12:44 am
correctec in bucks county, yes. >> in bucks county? mccormick's out of the vote that's tallieded three thousand roll votes. dr. oz has twenty three hundred and the difference is seven percentage points. got that . okay, officially, laura ,ur back to pointa, nine percent. >> wow, bill , it's so great to be on the air with you at the billboard is awesome. thank you so much. belichick maga you all right? tom bevan again this so razor tight.r we love nights like this because it's really l. htngtight. final thought on where this stands and how this might then go on and affect other primaries as the time goes on before >> yeah, i meanve youmber. lookt the raw vote total. i mean it's been it's about because it's been holding steady at about seventy seven hundred vote lead and onas although he's ticking t up in terms ofer the percentage he might end up running out of runway here because there just aren't that many votes leftre ot
12:45 am
and this is goinges to be very, very close. i suspect that it may get intoou recount territorynt. we wou that would be we wouldn't knowld who the winner is for potentially, you know, a fewhe more days. stephen miller, my final comment tonight is republicans in november run against uncontrolled crime, uncontrolled migration, uncontrolled inflationat and strong families and you will win historic f victories. monica, you know so many core democratic constituencies are just falling away from the democraticst party .rh they're hemorrhaging african-american voters, latino votersrs, women voters, youngers voters. they're all coming to. the republican party because what we're seeing under unified democratic control and the by the administration, laura , is an historic catastrophe. so while republican voters know what they want to do in november, i think more andem more core democratic constituencies are also coming on board and you are going to get an extinction level event. as i said,l for the democrats come november.
12:46 am
are we going back to the mesozoic age? which age are we going back to our panel. great to see you all. a and we're going to take out g going to take out live to mccormick and headquarters on the other side of the break. plus, we have reaction to biden's divisive and predictable buffalo speech. stay with us. sthis is roundup for long' this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down toor the roof without killing your lawn. your lawn. this stuff works on dandelionso. crabgrass clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works l guaranteed or your money back . this stuff works on bigis small lawns and i guess you can call that a lawn launched. this stuff works without killing your lawn. this stuffthisil works without killing your weekend. this stuff works fors the rookies and kansas season pros. this stuff works in knoxville, bronxville, rockville, maryland . faslnothis is roundup for bonds. this stuff works.ndup for bonds. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? tunelessly formula combines five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster,
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>> laura: pencil via g.o.p.he right now is inside 1%. david mccormick leading dr. oz who came into tonight with a pretty decent lead. let's go to pittsburgh were senior national correspondent richardson is is standing by at mccormick headquarters. a contributing analyst at inside the elections said that the two biggest question marks at this moment is bucks and montgomery county. following leads i guessds pull out, pull ahead but he said mccormick is the slight favorite. is that the feeling that you are getting? do we have rich edson? all right, well, it looks like right now it is about .6% now. and again, i guess 99% reporting. so we will go to bryan llenas standing by at dr. oz's
12:57 am
headquarters, brian. >> laura, when you go to the billboard it was a hush silence in the room watching bill give the latest numbers. i know he mentioned the recount, automatic recount in pennsylvania does kick and if the difference is a half percentage point or less. so perhaps looking at that here. but yeah, people are looking at the situation right now. there were a couple of things we are wondering off the top of our heads with his campaign. david mccormick spent a lot of money attacking dr. oz. the big question whether trumps endorsement came in a little bit too late for people who mailed in their ballots. enough people come out, that is one of the big questions but also the reality, you are dealing with the situation here with dr. oz has, you know, this reputation that was attacked by dave mccormick as being essentially a liberal, somebody he was even attacked for having
12:58 am
dual citizenship. obviously those attacks take a toll as time goes on. so the reality now is whether or not he was able to change enough minds. the other thing you are looking at right now, kathy barnette, she hasn't just dropped out of the race yet but you are looking at her vote tally and you have to wonder how many votes would have gone to dr. oz went to kathy barnette instead appear that is one of those questions that we will talk about tomorrow and depending on the results of this race, kathy barnette a third candidate. we spoke to a lot of voters stuck between both dr. oz and arnett. how many votes did he lose there if any? and then you are talking about whether or not those advertisements, the kind of effect that had day after day, month after month as we await dr. oz to come out at any moment. we have no indication that he has, that he will at any moment. he hasn't come out yet. we haven't seen him at the watch party spirit so we will see,
12:59 am
laura. >> laura: 8.6% dividing the two candidates. let's go to rich edson now in pittsburgh at the mccormick headquarters. rich, it was at 3%, .2, .9 but now .6. what are we looking at now? what is outstanding? >> you are looking at, laura from a little excitement and we are getting closer and closer to 100% mark. it continues to hold onto the lead. it is getting smaller mama but they are getting r at the point where they are feeling pretty good appear itself cautiously so where this is headed. west moreland county, suburban pittsburgh, where president trump, by the way, had his rally a week and a half ago. then some of the counties out east, suburban philadelphia and you go up north to the road to the lehigh valley. >> laura: we have to wrap up and we will come back and wrap
1:00 am
this up. stay there. ♪ ♪ >> todd: here we go, carley shimkus let's do this. pennsylvania republican senate primary and tromped back dr. oz with a very, very narrow lead over dave mccormick peered over 2,000 votes with 95% of ballots counted so far. election wednesday following election tuesdays are always fun. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro.


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