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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 18, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> todd: here we go, carley shimkus let's do this. pennsylvania republican senate primary and tromped back dr. oz with a very, very narrow lead over dave mccormick peered over 2,000 votes with 95% of ballots counted so far. election wednesday following election tuesdays are always fun. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro.
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>> carley: i'm carley shimkus and a nail-biter. an automatic recount in one of the candidates is able to capture at least a lead half percentage point and dr. oz him mccormick projecting confidence last night. >> when all of the votes are tallied come i'm confident that we will win. [cheers and applause] >> of course, we will not have resolution tonight but we see the path ahead with victory ahead. >> carley: a life in washington with a round up of election results, what an exciting night. >> sure was, good morning 3,000 separating dr. oz and dave mccormick in pennsylvania. 94%, here is dr. oz hear it again. >> when we win, the battle is in pennsylvania. it reflects the entire country. so if the soul of pennsylvania's thrive and healthy, my friends, we are a role model to the
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world. >> mccormick is hopeful at the ballot box and the mailbox where he thinks he can pull ahead. >> we have tens of thousands of ballots that have not been counted that are going to be counted beginning tomorrow. and unfortunately, we will not have resolution tonight. but we see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and all because of you. >> kathy barnette surprised many with campaign and third. the democratic side, cruised to an easy victory and celebrated a victory after suffering a stroke and he seeks vacated by retirement two term g.o.p. senator pure joe biden tweeting congratulations with assessment of the republican primary? they fought malicious chaotic campaign to be the most extreme. and doug will take the primary
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to be pennsylvania's next governor. tromped back ted won the g.o.p. senate primary and richard burr. >> now november, joe biden, will be a total joe biden rubber stamp in d.c. the republicans need to unite and i think they will to get the unaffiliated's and reagan style democrats and we can win this for the state and help take back our country. >> hawthorne's the youngest congress failed us to mike after brought too much negative attention in the district in north carolina, carley and todd. >> todd: thank you very much. former kellyanne conway said a stark contrast to what is going on within the republican and the democratic parties. >> this is really what is going on with the two political parties. everybody wants donald trump's endorsement.
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that does not happen to the democratic side. john fetter meant the new democratic nominee has recovered and i hope he makes a full recovery of a stroke, he doesn't want joe biden. joe biden went to the state nowhere to be found and showed up in shorts and sweatshirt. they don't want joe biden and kamala harris campaigning with them. it tells you the tale of the two parties right now. >> carley: wow, he knew it would be tight. i don't know with the new would be this tight. i think a lot of people thought we would have gotten elected to my collection results last night. dr. oz is in the lead by just over 2,000 votes right now. you heard david mccormick talk about mail-in ballots. that is because former president trump endorsed dr. oz a little bit late. so, the thinking is mccormick might be able to get a lot of votes with milling count and day of votes a swing for dr. oz. we will see how this plays out. >> todd: you know i don't like disagreeing with you but i will
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disagree with something you said. >> carley: what? >> todd: we expect of the results tonight. i don't think going forward in this age mail-in voting for everyone, no excuse, mail, mail, mail my don't think we can expect results wednesday. >> carley: i'm thinking old school. >> todd: in a race somewhat close, this is going to be close and looking like a three way but now more of a two way. but if anything goes to mail-in ballots, the point you expressed as a problem going forward. what if something happens in those two weeks right before the actual election day? there are situations where people come of the votes have been locked in four weeks and it will not matter. >> carley: one of the most interesting things as everybody was talking about kathy barnette yesterday leading up to the election. she had this massive surge and what really work for her was the fact that the roe v. wade draft opinion came out and she had
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this tragic, compelling abortion story, a strong pro-life advocate. her mother was raped at the age of 11 and she was the product of that. she has spoken out aggressively on that issue. it spoke to a lot of conservatives. that her in the polls. she is now at 24.5%. so what is looking like she is definitely going to be the third-place candidate. you know, out of all of the candidates, though, kathy barnette really does mirror the america first trump agenda of the most pure of the only problem is she did not get the trump endorsement. dr. oz did. who out of all of the candidates the least tromped like because he flip-flopped on abortion, guns. then you have dave mccormick who is a veteran and got a bunch of other endorsements from kellyanne conway and secretary of state mike pompeo and of course the trump endorsement is the most important one in the conservative party. >> todd: i think you highlighted something very
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important, america first is leading the day and all of these races. somewhat regardless of whether the trump endorsement is there i'm obviously trump endorsement has led the way so far. but there have been a few races overall, not just yesterday but overall there hasn't been a trump endorsement but the candidate has followed america first agenda and they have won. i think that is the big difference. kellyanne conway alluded to it. trump is a major factor in this race, regardless his name or america first committee is leaving party. i have beat him first and i have to follow exactly what joe biden did. >> carley: they are running away from him. you heard what kellyanne conway said about john federman who easily defeated carter lame and he's more bernie sanders and that is interesting former president trump candidates have won their primary so far. >> todd: we were talking about john federman and he doesn't look like a politician. i think this election cycle even
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more so than previous, we want to see people that don't look like politicians because the politicians that we elected that look like politicians, they don't get anything done in d.c. >> the polls, we will bring at the latest as it comes in let's get to stunning new real appellation and john durham argument against clinton campaign. the special counsel alleging sussman to weaponize the fbi against donald trump in the final stretch of 2016 presidential campaign and largely succeeded. >> todd: brooke singman in that hearing, brooke. >> good morning, guys federal prosecutors in an opening argument say excellent campaign attorney michael sussman and the fbi to open an investigation into funny trump russia ties of october surprise right before the 2016 election and they say sussman presented data to show over communications between the trump organization and russia
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but upon investigation the fbi found his data was bogus. >> of the fbi's cyber investigation who leads a team of cyber investigator said they looked into the allegations that president trump was secretly communicating with a rush and bang made sense they were so far out of reach. the fbi counterintelligence unit, which at that time led by peter strzok picked it up and decided to move forward with the investigation. >> sussman charged with making a full statement to the fbi telling the agency he was not doing work for any client of the time of their meeting, but prosecutors say he was, claiming he both the clinton campaign for his sit down the fbi. sussman defense of the fbi was aware that he worked for the clinton campaign and still set the meeting. the trail begins with another former clinton campaign lawyer and council james baker at the center of the sussmann meeting expected to testify carley and
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todd. >> carley: we will dive deeper in the case with former acting attorney matt whitaker 4:30 a.m. eastern time just 20 minutes, more than 100,000 emails reportedly from hunter biden's abandoned laptop or online in a searchable database and daily mail reporting trump aid garrett ziegler is behind that release and called biden laptop calling it a modern day rosetta stone of white and blue collar crime. but appearing to lay out intimate details of hunter biden's do you do make details overseas the mexican billionaire sent how got into the white house to discuss a business deal with joe biden. >> todd: new irs shows black lives matter paid out nearly five times more money to patrrisse cullors son and
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trayvon martin foundation, the blm, "the new york post" said the lm paid her father-son entertainment company over $960,000 during pistol coming fiscal year 2020, light production design and media. during the same time donated $2,000 to the trayvon martin foundation here trayvon martin shooting death sparked the creation of black lives matter but the donation to the foundational accounts for a small fraction of its $25 million in donations that year. and the board says they will enforce elon musk deal to buy twitter after he threatened to pull out of the agreement until twitter approves less than 5% of users are spam accounts. >> carley: marianne rafferty joins us live with the details, marianne, good morning. >> twitter's board to force elon musk agreement to buy social media platform after he threatened to cancel the deal over concerns the company has grossly overestimated the number of accounts it holds.
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without exact numbers, the deal cannot go forward. he said 20% are fake or spam accounts while four times what twitter claims could be much higher. my offer was based on twitter filings being accurate yesterday twitter ceo refused to show proof of less than 5%. this deal cannot move forward until it does. but twitters board wants to hold elon musk to the current deal, saying the statement, they upgrade to a transaction at $54.20 a share and we believe this agreement is in the best interest of all shareholders. we intend to close the transaction and force a merger agreement. twitter urged shareholders to support the deal but meanwhile elon musk posting on twitter, twitter claims greater than 95% of daily active users are real, meaning humans. does anyone have that experience? and then to options, option one laughing emojis, who, me, robot
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emoji. meanwhile the filings of conversations between elon musk and dorsey supports must plan an april 5, 2022, mr. dorsey shared his personal views twitter would be better able to focus on execution as a private company. mr. musk further inquired with would stay on the board and decline but notably, after becoming the biggest shareholder back in april. musk has hinted he could seek to renegotiate the deal as it stands. if approved and, fake accounts then twitter has disclosed. back to you guys. >> todd: mary and we will be watching purity flip before twitter, elon musk made himself a target after democrats on the economy. house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> elon musk is also the largest taxpayer in the history of america. they watched how far they have gone, too far, have a combi on
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the rail? elon musk when after bernie sanders and his tweet and he forgot he was alive. and elizabeth warren attacked him for not paying enough taxes. i think he paid $11 billion. this has helped for the policies have gone. inflation is so painful that they have to go this far to point it out to them and tweet back at them. this administration has totally lost it. >> todd: elon musk is not the only billionaire taking on biden and the democrats. jeff bezos, the guy who owns liberal post weeding in part "they understandably want money the topic. they know inflation hurts and they need us the most. remember the administration tried their best to add $3.5 trillion to federal spending." quite a series, president biden visiting buffalo, new york, to agree with the community after ten people are killed in a supermarket shouldn't. >> what happen here is simple
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and straightforward, terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorism. and a surface of hate. >> carley: some want to know where they refused waukesha, wisconsin, after six people killed in a christmas parade attacked there. our next guests, state senator, senator kapenga, they released a statement yesterday and said last year when darrell met del mike entered over during felt wa christmas parade the white house claim president biden couldn't go to waukesha because it would require too many assets and resources. within hours of the most simplest tragedy the white house planned a presidential trip to buffalo. these horrors deserve equal attention in the president of the united states and the media should be pointing out the disparity in his response. is that fair criticism? >> absolutely.
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it is extremely terrible what happened in new york. the president going out there in this type of tragedy is absolutely a appropriate peer the question is, we didn't hear anything from him when we had a black supremacist drive into a parade route and kill kids and elderly people. he didn't say anything like what you just said which would have been appropriate. it is very frustrating to see this double-sided conversation going on where he is ignoring the tragedy of domestic terrorism that took place in waukesha, wisconsin. yet, he can point it out on the other side. >> todd: peter doocy asked that very question to the white house. here is the response, watch. >> how can president visit buffalo after a sensible strategy there but he couldn't visit waukesha after six were killed and 51 injured? >> he has visited many other communities. buffalo is not the first community sadly that he has to go up to because of a violent
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attack. >> todd: not really answering the question, visited many other communities. kind of an odd answer. what kind of an answer is that? >> it is typical where they ignore and go after the narrative they are trying to create out there. it's not working. and i think the president needs to kind of get a grip on the reality what is going on in the mainstream. it shows one more time that joe biden is just not in touch with america and people are not respecting him because he does things like this. >> carley: you know there is a similarity between what happened in waukesha and buffalo. in both cases, the attacker displayed warning signs that were ignored. waukesha it is even more apparent because he had a lengthy criminal rap sheet but in buffalo, shooting up a school and detained by the police and then given a mental health evaluation. nothing really came of that. is there a lesson here to be learned? >> yeah, i think we need to look
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at the prewarning signs we are seeing out there and pay attention to that and maybe take a little bit more action. i know law enforcement, which unfortunately many communities have been on purpose by the left struggle with the resources to do this. again, it is a narrative pushed by president biden and now even our own governor is talking about this. some need to say, hey, if we deal this is seriously and realistically, we need to put the resources and law enforcement to dig into this. when they don't have those resources because they have been cut, they can't go after the problems. >> todd: it seems odd that fitting narrative always seems to come before doing what is right for this administration. but that is where we are. crisco pinker, thank you, sir. the police under attack and the officer saying they were pelted with rocks and an apparent molotov cocktail at the site of police training facility under construction. these questions breaking out
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when authorities to walk contractors through the construction zone with contractors are: cubs city. >> demonstrators claiming it will harm then escalate tensions between the police and people of color. but the police say most of the protesters were not locals and drove into that area for miles away. at least eight people were arrested. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> carley: todd, here's a question a lot of people want to know, is the truth and truth and fiction? congress holds first releasing a trove of new videos and evidence. >> todd: congressman brad wenstrup in the hearing and will be here to answer all of our questions. plus, sean duffy standby with live reaction to breaking postelection results. keep it right your own "fox & friends first." big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave.
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>> carley: during a visit to the southern border, homeland security alejandro mayorkas insisting the southern border will not be open despite the upcoming title 42. >> it is very important to note that while, of course, we are preparing for the end of title 42 based on the center for disease control and prevention
1:25 am
decision, it will end may 23rd appear that does not mean the border is open beginning may 23rd. we continue to enforce the laws of this country. >> carley: the texas congressman says the discovery of 1700-foot drug between tijuana and san diego should be a wake-up call. 64 rested and more than $25 million of drugs received from the fully operational tunnel, todd. >> todd: carley, todd, michael sussmann manipulated the fbi to create a "october surprise against then candidate donald trump on the eve of 2016 election, matt whitaker acting attorney general under president trump joins me to discuss all of this. great to have you on the program but what was your main take away from yesterday? >> they will get right into it with the evidence today. but my first take away is the
1:26 am
interesting position of the prosecution proving a very simple case. that is a false statement to the fbi. the defense will have a hard time creating a smoke screen to cover up the fact that sussmann did make a full statement, said he was not representing a client, set up the meeting to represent the client but at the same time, when he got back to his office, he billed the clinton campaign for his time appearance time. >> todd: let's focus on the jury in this case because as you well know, juries are unpredictable. they are made up of humans and humans are fallible and they are at the end of the day. how tough are the prosecutors to continue this line of logic that they tried to be in the jury opening arguments that whether you like trump, clinton, that doesn't matter in this case. do you think they will be successful making sure they drive that point home continuously? >> having tried cases both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer
1:27 am
in federal court, what i know about juries is often time we don't give them enough credit for paying attention and listening but obviously, in washington, d.c., where the trial is based in the jury pool has been pulled from, the juries typically lean left. i'm a little worried that as soon as the dog whistles of trump/clinton were mentioned in the opening arguments that this jury has their ears up for anything that looks political or looks based on politics. so, i think it is going to be, obviously, most juries do their jobs and listen and apply the law but a left-leaning place like washington, d.c., it will be tougher jury not to be politicized and highly charged case and i'm watching this carefully. >> todd: that is obviously concerning bit in the meantime you alluded in your original answer defendants made argument
1:28 am
is this concept of "look, sussmann told the fbi he was there on behalf of the campaign. there is nothing to see here. but this little text that kind of goes against that." this assessment to jim baker, "i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. i want to help the bureau. but like you said, that bill lowery requirement get you in the end all the time purity put in the charge for the clinton campaign." does this case come down to more than that text in the following bill? >> it does because if you think about how this works, not only do you have that original text jim baker setting up the meeting saying i'm commenting and as a concerned citizen, but you also have baker's notes to reflect that he said he didn't represent his clients. you have another meeting, i believe with intelligence officials saying he doesn't
1:29 am
represent anybody. and reflecting that. so, i think there are several pieces of information. in fact my understanding is jim baker, former counsel of the fbi is also going to testify. he will be able to suggest and show that sussmann represented that he didn't have a client in this matter either. >> todd: we just played lawyer but let's play to the people. the american people are watching this at home. what should their take away be? should they trust our system with regard to the fbi and people who come to the fbi with tips? should they trust the overall system of government? >> well, this is a great question, todd appear the american people have to trust the system that we all participate in. but we have seen several things where it appears there is possibly two-tier system of justice. that just cannot be. this is one of those cases where the system needs to work here the evidence needs to be presented and if the law is broken a conviction needs to be
1:30 am
issued. if there is not and if it does appear in a partisan outcome in this case, then i think that is just another blow to the american people's confidence in the justice system. i think that is a shame because some of us work almost a decade in the justice system as a prosecutor and attorney general. i think the system has to have confidence of the american people and it's not sustainable. >> todd: rule of law has to come before anything else. matt whitaker thank you for coming on the program and we appreciate your insight, thank you, sir. in the meantime, this in d.c. the pentagon showing declassified photos here and video of unexplainable floating objects. the congress yesterday in their first congressional hearing on ufos 50 years. since the early 2,000s we have seen an increasing number of unauthorized and/or untimely down if i do aircraft or objects in military control areas and
1:31 am
training ranges and other designated air space. reports of sightings are frequent and continuous. >> todd: and a report last year the governor recorded 144 reports of unidentified aerial phenomena from 2004-2021 that they can explain. ohio congress brad wenstrup will join us on counterterrorism to weigh in. >> carley: if you are just waking up to the senate primary locked in a dead heat. the republican candidates dr. oz and david mccormick separated by less than 1%. we have the latest on the close context to my contest next. >> todd: the biden administration broke another record for all the wrong reasons. for the first time ever, gas prices $4 in all 50 states. but don't cancel summer vacation just yet. we are talking with experts with tips to plan your budget around it. ♪ ♪
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- retire better. ♪ ♪ >> carley: breaking this morning the neck and neck republican pennsylvania senate race remains too close to call. trump back dr. oz a very narrow lead over david mccormick peered over 2,000 votes separates a pair with 95% of ballots counted so far. >> and all of the votes are tallied, i am confident we will win. [cheers and applause] vehicle and fortunately we will not have resolution tonight, but you can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and it is all because of you. [cheers and applause] >> todd: john fetterman weighing the democratic primary for drug mastery on note-taking governor and in the meantime north carolina come back
1:38 am
congressional ted from a republican field and congressman -- challengers, and a busy night. the john fetterman/lam, conor lamb seems like one of those moderate democrats, you know he was in the military so the military vote. he was running in the special election a couple of years ago. he seemed like he was trying as much as the trump policies without being attached to trump because he is a democrat. but look at the outcome of that is not close. that is a whooping. so, that just shows me the democrats in pennsylvania are giving their canada aim mandate to be as far left as they want. that is setting up, currently a fascinating battle between david federman. >> carley: of course, john fetterman just suffered a stroke. he is doing much better now. he is going to get a pacemaker
1:39 am
put in, but he really released a statement said the stroke did not have any cognitive impairments. everybody has been nice and gracious sending well wishes to them as do we. you have to wonder if his health will become an issue during the general election. about going back to the republican side of the race, both mccormick and dr. all is, they victory ahead. then kathy barnette who really came in a hot at the end of the race when she left her election party at around 11:30 last night. she did not officially concede the race, but her campaign says she gets what's going on. she has somewhere 24% right now and dr. oz, david mccormick both in the 30s. it must be really disappointing for her because right at the tail end, it was looking like she received so much support. a lot of people see her as the true trump like conservative,
1:40 am
although she did not get trump's endorsement in this race. so, i'm sure she's feeling pretty disappointed that is going on right now. >> todd: yesterday, it looked like it was close in all three candidates were within a couple of points within one another. obviously, as you see over the course of the last 24 hours it has crystallized into these two. but going back to what you and i were talking about. we can't get results on wednesday after tuesday elections and close races anymore. it is just something we have to grow to accept because of all of the focus on mail-in ballots that really took off during the pandemic and despite often times republicans best efforts to make it one day, one vote, do your business and leave, it seems like the push to do mail-in voting and weeks prior to the election. it is something we have to contend with. this is reality. it slows down the process. obviously, a lot of people do not like that. >> carley: that is absolutely right. this also, even though
1:41 am
pennsylvania senate race, you do talk a lot about former president trump. he has given out so many endorsements. the reason he's really doing that is, obviously to see the strength that he has within the republican party leading up to 2024. if a lot of his candidates win, which they have so far, it gives him more street cred at i'm the leader of the republican party. 70% of the former presidents candidates so far have won their primaries. trump also said to "the washington post" recently, i'm thinking of endorsements. something very much like something he would say. one of the people who didn't win last night that trump did endorse was madison cawthorn, very young, 26 year old congressman. that clearly has to do with the fact he created so much controversy, so many issues for himself that even with trump's endorsement, they went with chuck edwards, the state senator
1:42 am
before he won this primary for the congressional primary. >> todd: to sum this up it is possible to win if you have the trump endorsement but not possible if you do not espouse the america first agenda wholeheartedly. 100% of the people espouse it. let's get to some headlines. no data reported by "the wall street journal" showing the china eastern plane crash in march may have been caused by an intentional nosedive. chinese authorities say there were no mechanical problems with the boeing jet with 132 people killed back on march 21st. u.s. officials reportedly looking into the pilot. people with familiar with the investigation telling "wall street journal" they are looking at the possibility of someone also breaking into the cockpit. the authorities are doing everything possible to rescue firefighters still trapped at a steel plant in mariupol overtaken by russian forces. ukrainian president zelenskyy sank the defense of the soldiers
1:43 am
completely "changed the course of the work." president zelenskyy addresses annual film festival calling for response to russian aggression from the film industry. >> tiktok, the great dictator by charlie chaplin did not destroy the real dictator then but thanks to cinematography seems to be done. we need a new chaplain who will again cinematography is no longer done. >> todd: zelinski ending those remarks, "i'm sure the dictator will lose in court. >> carley: big news here terrifying the department of defense said terrorist groups al qaeda likely will strengthen vice president biden with hasty withdrawal from afghanistan. the report from inspector general also predicting that the current taliban regime will likely loosen restrictions on al qaeda over the next two years. the report comes as many experts have warned of a potential rise in terrorism as a result of the u.s. exit from afghanistan last
1:44 am
year. well, she's only been on the job for two days, but white house press secretary is already killing stumped by questions like this one. >> and how how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of food for everyday americans? >> todd: a lot of people saying her answer was too hard to watch. we didn't share with you then but we will share it with you next. th ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: congress will call baby formula makers affect gerber on the nationwide shortage. and house speaker nancy pelosi such as criminal charges could come down over this crisis. >> when it comes to babies, it is here and now. i think when all of this is done, i think there might be a need for indictment. >> todd: has congress gets more and more involved with the shortage, house democrats proposing emergency funding bill to give the fda resources to curb current shortages and plan for shortages in the future. as inflation affects the nation president biden the wealthiest corporations must pay their fair share to help bring down cost,
1:50 am
kind of a nonsecular. the white house press secretary responding to questions on inflation and giving an excruciating answer as well, listen. >> how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of food for everyday americans? >> we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code that doesn't change, that doesn't charge manufacturers workers, cops, builders a higher percentage of earnings that most fortunate people in the nation and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy cost and fighting exponential problem. >> todd: economic policy expert brian wright saying "not only is she answering the question from prewritten notes but she turned to the wrong page because she is not remotely addressing the question topic. more coming from matt whitlock,
1:51 am
kamala harris and michael scott communications, where see where it takes you regardless of the question you ask. of course, from the office kamala harris thing from the office of the white house. the vice presidency. and among those criticizing the white house for week response, impacting every american. >> i think the shelves being empty is something very disturbing to americans. we want to be able to have confidence the economy functions and we are able to fix the supply chain issues and respond quickly. this is something ultimately regardless of the people who eventually i think are called to congress on this issue is something the president has to deal with. >> carley: a fox news alert, average gas price in america hitting another record high this morning now clocking in at a whopping $4.56. the surgeon cost one factor hurting businesses in everyday americans, aaliya mccullough
1:52 am
the owner and director of robins nest early learning center and joins me now. it is great to see you. >> good morning. >> carley: you have an interesting story because you have a child care center and you say the price of gas is affecting your business. tell us how so. >> it is affecting my business and so many ways because we are a child care provider to her provider and i see children who struggle every day to pay tuition for people that come to our program and to put gas in their car to commute to work. it also hits my employees in a tough way as they have to make the same choices between basic necessities come up paying rent and all the things we have to do to survive and i'll be at at the pump and traditionally underpaid industry, child care industry is pretty underpaid industry. right now, what we are doing is we are using the american
1:53 am
rescue plan to actually pay the cost of our commute to our staff so they can get amazing, dedicated staff and parents who come in and pour their heart and soul into our center. it is painful to watch what is going on at the pump, allowing them to have problems with finances. >> carley: the covid friends been used to help battle inflation issue. that is very interesting. >> yes. >> carley: very interesting perspective that you have and what's going on in your life. you say you have all these field trips planned for the kids a summer. but with gas, you have to figure out how to entertain the kids. >> yes. i'm so disappointed about having to change up our plans for the summer. we are a robust summer program. we have a lot of field trips that is a huge part of what makes us a high-quality center. just to put it in perspective, we went to a pumpkin patch in
1:54 am
october and the cost of renting a school bus for our students was $250. we are headed to the aquarium, the same school bus is $760. >> carley: oh, my goodness! that is a headline right there. >> it absolutely is. >> carley: you said you were talking to a lot of parents who saying they were struggling right now but what are they telling you? >> they are telling me they have to make tough choices. a lot of people, the headlines that say summer travel may dampen. i'm talking to parents where summer travel isn't even a possibility. it is not even something to think about. that's is definitely canceled for a lot of families that are struggling just to make mincemeat. and paid child care cost and how a lot of parents are going back into the office to work. so they are relying on surfaces
1:55 am
businesses like mine to educate their children and also keep them safe while they go to earn a living. >> carley: aaliya mccullough, thank you for joining us this morning. you are such a light and i'm sure the kids love you. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me. >> carley: you are very welcome. all right, results still coming in from last night's blockbuster primary race inside dates, all eyes on the race in pennsylvania which could ultimately decide control of the senate come november. >> todd: sean duffy reacts to the election results breaking overnight and congressman brad wenstrup joins us live. ♪ ♪ ♪ (queen - we will rock you) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> todd: breaking this morning, pennsylvania republican senate primary still too close to call. dr. oz squeaking out narrow lead over mccormick, just over 2000 votes separating the pair with 95% of ballots counted so far. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. nail-biter race will likely go to an automatic recount unless they capture a lead of half a percent. oz and dave mccormick


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