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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 18, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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him moderate advice. give him good political advice. going down a path that i think is even more devastating for democrats as they come in to the midterm election. cat his mic. >> todd: voters want compromise. that right there is not compromise. >> todd: sean duffy we appreciate you as always, sir, have great day. >> i appreciate you guys. >> carley: "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> biggest primary night we have had in years. >> todd: pennsylvania republican primary still too close to call to call. >> carley: it will go to automatic recount. >> we see a path ahead. i see victory ahead. >> i am confident we will win. >> ted budd won the north carolina senate primary to succeed richard burr. >> everybody wants donald trump's endorsement. >> there may well may be a increase surge in migration. >> alejandromakers made another
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trip to the southern border. >> end title 42. >> the administration taking another stepping of throwing our border wide open. >> four air force academy cadets may not be allowed to graduate for refusing the vaccine. >> all applied for a religious exemption. it's not about the vaccine it's about their religious freedom. >> 18-year-old living every pearl jam fan's dream. he got to play in the band. >> you are leading the band, brother. ♪ ♪ going outside to is have ice cold beer in the shade ♪ going to listen do my 45s ♪ ain't it wonderful to be alive. >> steve: might be early for an ice cold beer in the shade. right now it's 60 degrees in greenville, north carolina. 6:01. 85 degrees later today. and friday they are going for 96 so that ice cold beer in the shade is probably a good idea. >> ainsley: you might not be
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able to afford it's $18 at the pga championship. >> steve: one of five states that had primary and today we are your post game show. >> brian: a lot of people want to drink beer in the shade snoop dogg does not sits in a shade in a chair building up corona. i'm pro-corona not the virus. putting a different celebrity next to him each time. sits in the shade in a lounge chair. >> steve: is this a podcast. >> brian: 30 second commercial i believe they pay on our channel. >> ainsley: jerry seinfeld different comedians in cars? used to drive somewhere? >> brian: some people can have beer in the shade. other people want to be in the sun. >> ainsley: are you a shade or sun person? >> brian: sun. i'm against trees. i like trees without leaves. >> steve: in the sun these days
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i wear a great big hat. my determine toll just you got way too much sun out in kansas. >> brian: 70s the sun got too close to the earth. push it back a little a little too close to call. >> ainsley: big news, elections. let's start with the coverage. >> steve: absolutely. yesterday was primary day and today we start in pennsylvania where the razor thin republican senate primary is too close to call. i know you tuned in to see who won. can't tell you yet. >> brian: two great candidates no doubt about it dr. mehmet oz slight lead over businessman david mccormick who is a veteran while kathy barnett falls behind but still got over 20%. >> ainsley: lucas tomlinson joins us from d.c. with the latest. >> late last night the department of state set up print errorrers delaying 22,000 mail-in ballots in lancaster county because they had the wrong identification code. vendor is being blamed doctor oz holds a slim lead over dave
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mccormick less than 3,000 votes. pennsylvania law requires a recount if the margin of victory between the top two candidates is point 5% or less which is where we are right now. here is david mccormick, a former hedge fund ceo. >> now we have tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that have not been counted are going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow. so that's -- unfortunately we will not have resolution tonight. but we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead. all because of you. [cheers and applause] >> dr. oz received donald trump's endorsement. >> when we win the battle is here in pennsylvania it reflects on the entire country. if the soul of pennsylvania is thriving and healthy, so will the soul of the nation. my friends, we are a role model to the world. >> kathy barnett is currently in third. she has no intentions of supporting her rivals if they defeat her.
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>> from day one i made you the main thing. you didn't see me run an ugly campaign. you didn't see me put out an ugly ad. i a made the main thing you. >> on the democratic side the current lieutenant governor john fetterman cruising to an easy victory. he celebrated in the hospital where had a space maker installed after he suffered a stroke. ted budd one won the north carolina senate primary to succeed richard burr who is retiring. >> now it's on to november against joe biden, you know, sheriff beazley will will being a joe biden rutgers stamp in washington, d.c. republicans need to unite. i think they will and get those unaffiliated reagan style democrats on board and win this and take back our country. >> cawthorn failed to hold on to house seats after the senate
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said 26-year-old brought too much negative attention to his district. steve, ainsley and brave? >> ainsley: that's a polite way of saying it. in the history of scandals in politics, who has weather a storm like madison cawthorn has in the last month. one bad thing and followed by something else, by something else. you know. >> brian: it's his behavior. >> steve: he was endorsed at the last minute once again by donald j. trump who said, you know, give him a second chance. but ultimately the voters there that district in north carolina said, you know what? we have had enough of him and they moved on. >> ainsley: trump said recently he made some foolish mistakes which i don't believe he will make them again. he posted this week let's give madison a second chance. lancaster county, they opened first batch of mail-in ballots and they realized there was a significant number of these ballots are not scannable. they are not readable. >> steve: they weren't printed right. >> ainsley: 1/3 of these ballots
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scanned properly. two thirds the staff is going to have to go through them and manually tabulate these ballots. >> brian: i will tell you what, dave mccormick dr. oz both very talented people. these are the type of people you want to run for office democrat or republican. doctor, businessman, successful tv by in dr. oz. dave mccormick a combat veteran goes west point. actually a wrestler there. then he goes and serves at the treasury. then decides go into business and has unbelievable amount of success and wants to give back. originally the intent of service was service. it wasn't supposed to be 60 years in office. is they are both extremely strong. oz was trailing most of the night and see how this goes. what is it if it's .5. >> ainsley: have to win by .5 if you don't a run off. >> brian: mccormick said whoever wins we got to unite behind them. fetterman very confident guy. very, you know, great story.
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>> ainsley: very progressive. >> brian: you could not be more opposite and pennsylvania is very purple. this is going to be fascinating along with the governor's race, too. you are going to find out how much power donald trump has as masttree on know. willing. >> there are state stated republicans feel he will be problematic come november because of some of the things he has done in the past and might have problems with suburbs around philadelphia. ultimately, when you look in pennsylvania. it's coming down tone doorsments and money. the big endorsement. all the candidates, well, the top three candidates, i believe, all went to mar-a-lago and asked donald trump for the endorsement. and dr. oz. ultimately dr. oz got it. when you look at the amount of money spent, super pac
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supporting mccormick they spent $17 million on a bunch of commercials. meanwhile the super pac supporting dr. oz spent just 3 million. so you got the endorsement and then also for mr. mccormick who is right there right now. i had the support of hope hix, mike pompeo and kellyanne. >> this is a reflection two political parties. everybody wants donald trump's endorsement. that does not happen on the democratic side. john fetterman the democratic nominee, thank god he has recovered. he doesn't want joe biden. joe biden went to the state and he was nowhere to be found until the bridge collapsed and he showed up in shorts and sweated shirt. they don't want joe biden and kamala harris campaigning with them. it tells you the tale of the two parties right now. >> steve: the story, when you think about joe biden, high prices. and they impact everybody. why would you want that guy standing next to you. >> ainsley: dave mccormick had
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said negative things about trump. so trump backed oz. a lot of voters said this yesterday with lawrence at the diners. saying they are not sure -- you know, he originally went on the breakfast club and he seemed like he was pro-choice and now he is saying that he is pro-life. donald trump did the same thing. remember when donald trump was the big celebrity before he became president. same thing. when he became president he said no, i'm pro-life. >> steve: ronald reagan was a democrat for most of his movie career. >> ainsley: exactly. >> brian: by the time trump was running he was pro-life. george bush 41 famously was pro-choice. he became pro-life and he said later in his life he had a different evaluation of that. that's where the republican was and is that is a top issue. roe v. wade is a top issue. also the fact is you can't get baby formula in the united states of america. that is the top issue. the supply chain is a top issue. the fact that gas is $4. we will talk about that next. in all 50 states and in
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california over $6. i mean, those are the issues. maybe the only thing i wonder if oz gets the nomination he has got the mccormick ads have done so much damage to dr. oz saying about his links to turkey. mike pompeo has a press conference about it it's going to be hard for them to go back only kidding, i will back you. >> ainsley: he moved here. his parents moved here from turkey. >> brian: listen, i understand. i'm with you. >> ainsley: legal immigrant he came here and his parents brought him here and they are from turkey. to your point yesterday in the diner. everyone lawrence interviewed they said all three candidates there are negative things about all of them who could choose no one could choose because the ads have been so effective. they have spent so much money on negative ads. >> steve: that's what happens in the primary get so bloody. >> ainsley: one thing you said a long time ago and they run with it. >> steve: that's politics. whoever the winner is has got to square off against the democrat. what's interesting, and brian
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you were talking about joe biden and the myriad of problems he has got with prices and stuff like that. there was an item in politico yesterday that said that joe biden has tried for the last year and something to work with republicans and now at the suggestion of jen psaki and jill biden, who has been talking about you -- they don't want to work with you, joe. so now, officially, joe biden does not want to work with the republicans because he tried and he can't get anything done. well, you know what? so far he hasn't gotten anything done. >> brian: please don't buy the fact that he tried. if he ran like a moderate there would be a lot different story. they would have fingerprints on ridiculous moves. don't tell me republicans i'm going to let everybody in on the southern border. i talk to republicans, i want to bring build back better. that will bring republicans back to my side. i have a great idea leave afghanistan on a whim and ignore all my military aid. the republicans didn't want to
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work with him on any of those things. what were they thinking? unbelievable that he would actually even say that by the way, his whole thing now is just i'm not great but republicans really suck. that's how he is going to be saying for the rest of his midterms. >> ainsley: ultra maga? >> i'm not really good but i'm so much better than the alternative. don't compare me to the almighty. >> ainsley: mediocre. stay in the bad. >> brian: go it the gas tank what was better two years ago and what was his fault and what isn't. he had the vaccine and the tail end of the pandemic and sitting here with 8% plus inflation. what does he want to talk about? i don't know. he wants to talk about who should be on or not on air off air on this channel. >> ainsley: any word on when lancaster county will count all of those mail-in ballots? >> steve: i would imagine they will be at work 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. >> ainsley: at work right now. we need to know. >> steve: come on. these are public jobs. they are government jobs. >> brian: if you are going to do
3:14 am
this i appreciate you don't do it for the glory. if you are going to do it you have to stay up all night and get it done. >> ainsley: i agree democrats and republicans counting the ballots. if you can't stay up all night. please. >> steve: the problem is they're calling these other offices where nobody is there. so, generally what they do is they try to get a good night's sleep get up and it gives us something to talk about. >> ainsley: we have had elections forever. why can't we find machines that work? why is there always a problem? there is always a problem. >> steve: as lucas said in his report this was a printing problem. ains ain't the identification good. >> steve: probably a scan code was a little screwy. >> brian: as someone taken our control room hostage no one is yelling at us. haven't got yelled at yet. let's blow the commercial. >> ainsley: 14 minutes after the hour. we are supposed to be in a commercial now. will twitter's deal why senior
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employees are quitting the company. >> brian: pain at the pump and pga championship. one champion's message to the tournament. think about the fans. the beer cries are crazy. ♪ like diamond rings and football ♪ get torn apart ♪ like a neon dream ♪ if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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santa anita steve 6:20 in the east president biden visited new york state after saturday's grocery store shooting which left 10 people dead. >> brian: president and first lady laying flowers before the president spoke at the scene and talking with the families of those victims. >> ainsley: todd piro joins us this morning.
3:20 am
>> todd: the president not hesitation to call saturday's shooting at the buffalo supermarket an act of terrorism. >> what happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism; terrorism. domestic terrorism. white supremacy is a poison. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. >> todd: investigators say 18-year-old peyton green done purchased a gun hometown radicalized online. was posting the details of premeditated attack after visiting the store multiple times to learn the layout. authorities confirm the shooting was racially charged and the suspect planned to carry out more acts of this kind until law enforcement stopped him. the president calling for more gun control as a response there are certain things we can do. we keep assault weapons off our streets. we did it before. i did it when we passed the crime law last time. violence went down, shootings
3:21 am
went down. >> todd: president and first lady laying flowers at memorial before his private meeting with the families of the grieving victims. the suspect remains on suicide watch and due back in court on thursday. steve: such a sad story. thank you very much. >> ainsley: headline teoscarly. >> carley: police in atlanta are under attack. officers saying they were pelted with rocks in an apparent molotov cocktail during a protest. the clash is breaking out at police training facility which is under construction. many protesters are calling it cop city. demonstrators claim the building will destroy a forest and escalate tensions in the community with police. officials say most of the protesters were not local. at least 8 were arrested, no one was injured. two vice presidents and another senior employee at twitter are leaving the company for, quote: new opportunities as the board says elon musk has to complete
3:22 am
his $44 billion takeover. the social media giant's board saying in a statement we believe this agreement is in the best interest of all a shareholders we intend to close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement. musk is calling on the fec to estimates as audit reveals half of 22 will million of president biden's followers are fake. amber heard on the stand johnny depp trial. facing cross-examination about potential infidelity james franco. video her and franco appearing to ghuddle else ventilator the night before she filed divorce. heard questioned about a recording. dispute between the couple. you call a sell out. >> i called him a lot of ugly things. >> called him a joke on that recording?
3:23 am
you called him a washed up piece of. >> i think we both called each other that on that occasion, yes. >> heard was also questioned about her own drug use during their relationship. she denied using cocaine but she did admit to taking mdma and mushrooms with depp. abc is considering making chris rock the host of next year's academy awards. abc entertainment president commenting on this year's oscar performance where chris rock was, of course, slapped by will smith saying my assessment of the oscars was that it was really a successful year for the show. obviously there was a lot of controversy which overshadowed a lot of the positive things but i was really happy with the program. the 2023 oscars is set to return from the theater in hollywood on sunday march 12th. so mark your calendars if you are in to that sort of stuff. if you have a 2023 calendar. >> steve: sure. everybody is going to watch to see if something crazy happens again as they always do.
3:24 am
>> ainsley: mark your calendars. grain brian vetting line which celebrity is most likely to charge the state sure they will have bet on. that was. >> steve: probably have a bouncer. get tie rus. have tyrus stand right there next to the presenter. >> carley: that's a good idea. >> brian: he would be a really good bouncer. >> steve: excellent and a good writer. >> brian: he does some damage if you are in a club and see tyrus. >> ainsley: he is the guy you want next to you. >> brian: hands off. number two is i think the award shows are getting back to entertainment roots. >> steve: if i am at a club next to tyrus first of all why am i at a club and two why is he here? if i want to see tyrus i go down to the gutfeld show downstairs. >> brian: writer's meeting. >> ainsley: it all happened again record prices at the gas pump and now every single state is seeing gas prices go above $4. sunday that wasn't the case.
3:25 am
but yesterday kansas, georgia, and oklahoma they hadn't crossed the $4 mark yesterday but yesterday they hit it that threshold. >> steve: 4.456 yesterday. look at the cost of diesel once again a new world record 5.57. speaking of high prices. the pga championship is in southern hills country club in tulsa this week. and one thing that everybody is talking about is the prices. when it comes to the concession stand because justin thomas, the great pga golfer tweeted out a picture of the concession stand with the prices and the prices are absolutely jaw dropping. >> ainsley: crazy. look at this. most everything -- look on the top line is above $15.19 for
3:26 am
souvenir cocktail. michelob ultra maga. >> steve: ultra delicious. >> ainsley: $16 chicken caesar lettuce and parmesan. >> steve: don't discount it at $16. $14 the butcher's grind cheeseburger. $13 for wine. $7 for hot dog. $7 for gator raid and $6 for water. >> brian: scoring points for the every man and every woman. and every pronoun but justin thomas says this. $18 for beer, what? got to treat the fans better than that i understand that. but when people go there well i want to go there to drink the beer because there is a discount. one thing that that's an example of what his twitter page looks like. but one thing that comes to mind, you do get a season near. you have that beer you get to keep the glass. that's part of it. >> steve: you get to keep the can. brian, the can is a nickel when you recycle it.
3:27 am
>> ainsley: they always pour the beer into some sort of a cup and you can take that i do have my plastic master's cup i still have those. >> steve: it's interesting. apparently the pga championship director brian explained to the sporting news why the prices are so high. and he said you know, we looked at this is a premier event. we looked at what other stadiums are doing. this is like the super bowl or one of the largest sporting events in the world. and so that's why we jacked up the prices so high. well, hey, i got news for you brian carnes, look at the masters. the masters actually charges i think 1.50 for an egg salad sandwich or pimento cheese sandwich. rather than talking about how high prices are talk about how low it is. you can buy one water for a case. look at that you can question fiona. >> ainsley: my mom refuses to buy water. use it out of the faucet. >> brian: that's why we have a
3:28 am
hose. >> ainsley: go outside, ainsley. >> brian: we used to always drink out of the hose. i don't know how i survived. >> steve: they don't have a hose you can use in tulsa. >> ainsley: the point is in tulsa everything is expensive. gas prices are expensive. going to cost you more to drive that golf cart. >> steve: everything is too expensive. bringe brian the golfers don't want drunk fans. brian. >> ainsley: one said good thing i don't drink allot. salad i get to eat my salad watching tiger woods. >> brian: playing better than ever i guess. >> steve: justin thomas tweeting why he tweeted out the beer prices yesterday in tulsa. >> yeah. i mean, i just saw it and i was blown away, sorry, julius, it's just a bummer. you don't want -- you want people want to come to the tournament. i mean, if i'm on the fence and looking at that concession stand, it's not the greatest thing but at the same time people aren't like coming to a tournament to necessarily like
3:29 am
oh i'm going to buy a michelob ultra. i just was blown away i have never seen a beer $18 or $19 in my life. guys have been talking stand up for the fans. i thought it was right. >> steve: is he absolutely right. >> ainsley: what you are taking the whole family? >> ainsley: all the kids want beer? >> ainsley: they could be in 20's. >> brian: kid with make i.d. go up there and ask mom and dad for 20 bucks to buy one beer. >> steve: this is in tulsa. you know, there is not one place in tulsa i would imagine that sells a beer for more than 6 bucks. i'm just saying. and the other thing is a lot of sponsors and advertisers they get a block of tickets and they give the tickets to their employees and they don't make big money. when they go to the concession stabbed and see those prices. they are going to be thinking oh, pga stands for price gougers of america. >> brian: or you eat before you go and then you eat after.
3:30 am
>> ainsley: drink and eat before you go. >> brian: that's why they have funnels. >> steve: how much is the funnel? >> brian: have a funnel outside the gate. >> steve: what tournaments do you go to? hose and funnel. >> brian: i'm trying to give people options. i'm giving people options i want them to be resourceful. we are continuing to follow the pennsylvania g.o.p. primary race because we do not have a winner. two close to call. a live report as we await the result and where the ballots are still coming in. >> steve: plus homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas visited the southern border. probably for a photo op. his state braces for the end of title 42 that's around the corner. upixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves...
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- let's get into the numbers. - why would a company do that? especially with hr and payroll software. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today. >> brian: we are following the latest out out of the republican senate primary in pennsylvania. still too close to call. lucas joins us with the results so far. lucas, when did the numbers start changing? >> well, brian, good morning. another delay getting election results in pennsylvania. sound familiar? last night state officials say a printer error is delaying 22,000 mail-in ballots in lancaster county due to identification code. dr. oz holds a slim lead over dave mccormick by less than
3:35 am
3,000 votes. pennsylvania law requires a recount if the margin is .5% or less, which is where things stand right now. here is dave more core mic, a former hedge fund ceo. >> now we have tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that have not been counted that are going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow. and so that's -- unfortunately little we are not going to have resolution tonight. but we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and it's all because of you. [cheers and applause] >> heart surgeon tv personality dr. oz received donald trump's endorsement. >> when we win the battle here in pennsylvania it reflects on the entire country. if the soul of pennsylvania is thriving and healthy so will the soul of the nation. my friends, we are a role model to the world. >> kathy barnett is in third she says she has no intention of supporting g.o.p. rivals in the
3:36 am
election. current lieutenant governor john fetterman cruised to victory. he celebrated in the hospital where he recently had a pacemaker installed after suffering a stroke. seat vacated why two term g.o.p. senator pat too maniy. ted budd won the north carolina senate primary to succeed richard burr who is retiring. madison cawthorn last the primary in his home state. steve, ainsley, and brian? >> brian: lucas, quick question. do we know where the ballots are that still need to be counted where the districts are coming from and do we have a sense who might have the advantage? >> lancaster county is one of the major areas to focus on just because there is 22,000 ballots. and if mccormick is down by 3,000 votes, he could be winning just in lancaster county alone. certainly bucks county 5% of the vote needs to be counted. statewide is about 8% of the vote that still needs to be counted, brian. >> brian: i'm wondering why they don't try to get this done in one night?
3:37 am
>> that's what happened in 2020. >> brian: in florida they opened up the mail-in ballots on election day. so they're all counted ahead of time. what does pennsylvania do? >> well, that's the thing. delayed and certainly mccormick if you are looking at western pennsylvania he holds an advantage there in terms of pennsylvania. this is exactly what happened back in november of 2020. they did not do what florida did. of course, it took days to get an answer. >> brian: all right, lucas, thanks so much. we look forward to those numbers changing. steve, to you. >> steve: thank you brian and lucas. meanwhile a department of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas visited the southern border committing to end title 42 despite his own department predicting 18,000 migrants could cross into the united states once it happens. each and every day. >> it's very important to note that while, of course, we are preparing for the end of title 42, based on the centers for disease control and prevention's
3:38 am
decision, that it will end on may 23rd does not mean that the border is open beginning on may 23rd. we continue to enforce the laws of this country. >> steve: the press also given rare access to a flight deporting more than 100 migrants back to guatemala, a move critics call a photo op. as the administration's border agenda faces growing outrage. republican texas congressman tony gonzales joins us now from our nation's capital area. tony, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve you know, the secretary says the border won't be open after title 42 ends. it's open right now. >> that's right. yeah. no, secretary mayorkas is a moron. we are tired of the shows, you know. this is about the democrats are getting crushed in every poll and they are trying to put on a show for the hispanics along the border. you know, they rely on the
3:39 am
hispanic vote without showing the responsibility of their failed policies. you know, secretary mayorkas has come several times. every time he comes somehow the situation gets worse. we don't want him to come to the border anymore. we don't want him to talk. we don't want him to show his different areas. we wants policy changes. and that starts with the white house. >> steve: sure. ultimately, congressman, what this comes down to is, you know, whatever, you know it, depends on a person's political ideology whether they see an open border or however you want to depict it ultimately, when the people come into the country, they wind up going somewhere. and that's why these three or four states through the federal government that's why this louisiana judge is looking at it right now. because the states are on the hook for the social services at the state level for these people who come into the country. the joe biden administration is
3:40 am
letting all these people in but they are not giving the states the money to support these people if they need help. >> right. look, it is 100 percent an open border. anybody that lives on the border, works on the border, has traveled to the border will see it firsthand, you know. it is not getting better only get worse. we are five days from a terrible situation going nuclear. i haven't given unjust yet. there are at least seven democrats in the house who are willing to support title 42. that's enough to prevent any legislation from coming over, covid package or something along those lines. title 42 has to stay in place. we saw the numbers come out for april. you know, over half of those expulsions were due to title 42. >> steve: final quick question that is in april we set a new record about 2 '4,000 migrant encounters. that's a new record, it was something like up 6% over the
3:41 am
previous month. here's the thing, half of the migrants are not from mexico or the northern triangle country. so that means they are from the balance of the country -- countries around the world, congressman. this is a national security issue that the administration doesn't -- you know, they are trying to process these people as quick us a possible. here's a cell phone, keep it in your pocket so we can keep an eye on you. >> it is 100 percent a national security issue. and everybody, regardless of party, should be focused on it last thing any of us would want to see is another 9/11 street-type occurring in the united states due to our failed policies. i was speaking to some agents in el paso. and they are telling me, look, we are seeing cubans, we are seeing venezuelans and seeing people from turkey. these are the large -- the three segments of population that are the largest and it's for people from turkey. the reality is people from all over the world are coming into our country. they are unvetted and they are
3:42 am
going to all 50 states. they are not staying in texas or arizona. they are going absolutely everywhere. and it's dangerous. >> steve: no kidding. representative gonzalez thank you for join us today. >> thanks, steve. >> steve: three cadets could face expulsion for not getting the covid shot. one will join us with his fight for medical freedom straight ahead on this wednesday "fox & friends." ♪
3:43 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
3:44 am
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my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director take on your wild world in style. and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down to the root without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. (vo) with armor all, a little bit of this... this is roundup for lawns. protects you from a lot... of that. armor all. minimum effort. maximum protection. three cadets facing expulsion not only would they not be allowed to graduate or commissioned they are also on the hook for a 6-figure television bill $156,000. the cadets must meet the requirements necessary for a ready force by getting the shot. first class cadet jameson
3:47 am
barnard and his lawyer mike rose join us now. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you for the opportunity to shine some light on this situation. >> ainsley: you are welcome jameson and thank you for serving. tell us how this makes you feel and why you are not getting vaccinated. >> the main reason i'm not getting vaccinated is due to the religious nature or based on like my sincerely held religious belief in regards to the covid vaccine. the main reason is this vaccine is under the aua emergency use authorization involves informed consent and i believe that my body is a temple and belongs to the lord and i want to do things that glorify and bring honor to him and so in doing so i don't believe that this is something i should be experimenting with. or my body should be experimented on. involves informed consent at this point we do not have informed consent the military and fda are reporting
3:48 am
information regards adverse effect in regards to this vaccine. >> ainsley: you are the attorney. and you represent is it three clients? there were four one decided to get vaccinated because of a fear of punishment? do you represent all three of the ones not getting vaccinated. >> i represent three but one of those three did get vaccinated. he got vaccinated. he was left the academy for a year to get cancer treatment. he told me got vaccinated because he can't afford to leave the military because he doesn't have insurance that will pay for his continued treatments. >> ainsley: bless his heart. what is the -- what happens next? you are suing. you ever hoping that you win this lawsuit and then the gentlemen can graduate? >> we are going to bring a lawsuit. they are being told they cannot graduate. they cannot get commissioned. they got to go home for the summer without pay. and if they don't get vaccinated by august the 1st, they will be discharged from the air force
3:49 am
and have to pay 165,000s. now. this is not just happening to the academies. it's happening all over the world. that military members are being discriminated against for their religious beliefs. and it's not just me saying that. two federal courts, one in tampa, one in cincinnati has already issued injunctions against the air force saying that what their process regarding religious exemption request is a sham. not in good faith. there is thousands of people in the military that have not taken the vaccine and functioning just fine. medical exemptions or still pending with their religious exemption request. these cadets have been functioning at the academy all along without taking a vaccine. the pandemic is over. let me tell you one of the number one reason that they oppose taking this vaccine and i want to inject that on behalf of jameson his comments were his
3:50 am
personal comments and not -- do not reflect the department of defense. i want to give that or the air force. i want to give that disclaimer. the number one reasonable they oppose taking this vaccine is that while it gets almost no benefit because it does not prevent getting the disease, it does not prevent transmitting covid, and at this age group, there is -- doesn't keep them from being hospitalized. they be not going to be hospitalized or die anyway so they don't need it. however, there are severe adverse effects and they have asked for what those effects are and it's not been disclosed to them. they cannot give informed consent unless they are informed. >> ainsley: jameson, i want to know what are the other cadets saying about this and are you able to pay back $165,000? we only have 30 seconds. >> so i'm actually not age to pay back the money. it would be a long stretch to do
3:51 am
it. as far as the cadets at the academy they have all been super supportive of me through this whole process. again with regards to this vaccine and what's coming down from our commanders. >> ainsley: jameson thank you so much for your service. i hope this works out for you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: still ahead we have more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through the blizzard of '96...
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>> janice: good morning, earn. it is a beautiful day in the northeast. do you like it hot? because it's going to get hot this weekend. take a look at the maps and i will show you what is happening. right now temperatures in the 50's but we will have temperatures in the 90's by the end of the weekend. so there are your daytime highs for new york and then we get into friday and the weekend saturday and sunday, that's when we push the 90's and we are going to definitely set some records. potential record highs for saturday, philly, d.c., richmond binghamton feeling like the dog days of summer. get used to. all right? then we have the potential for severe weather for the lower ohio river valley in towards the plain states okay see some hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes heavy rainfall. across the south that's where it is really hot and it has been for the last couple of weeks. temperatures well over 100 degrees with the humidity and you can see abilene and del
3:56 am
rio over 100 degrees. southeast and then the mid-atlantic on saturday and sunday. so, if you live across the northeast, and you have been complaining about the weather, we are going to get hot over the next couple of days. point out all of the active large wildfires which we are watching over $580,000 burned that's the another big story over the next couple of days we he will be following to with fox i hear i'm supposed to toss to someone named brian kilmeade. >> brian: feel somewhat reluctant for that i feel terrible. >> janice: no you know i love you. >> brian: appreciate it back at you. scrambling for baby formula not kidding. could threaten safety. regent tech industries is one of five companies in the u.s. facing significant delays in getting materials from suppliers. the owner joins us right now. helen, what are the supplies you need? where do you usually get them from? >> our suppliers are throughout the u.s. and also international.
3:57 am
and we rely on it the supply chain to get our materials come in. so, this is going to be an issue. and i don't see it coming to an end any time soon. >> brian: i mean, just looking at this. looking at your situation. you got, okay, you got to get it shipped in. once it hits the docks move off the dock staying too long. then we are short on truckers. >> the truckers are taking forever. now we find out how much diesel is it's going to cost more. by the time it gets there. it is late. caught everywhere you go the costs go up. this is an example. give me an idea of how much more your product costs now. >> well, we have increased our prices at least 10% every 45 days. we used to be able to guarantee pricing for 90 days, now that's not the case. >> and the costs of shipping inland costs is just exorbitant.
3:58 am
we rely on our customs broker. our consultant for importing, exporting to at least give us a headway into what we should be expecting. so, this is a global issue. and we are in the middle of it we are not different from the auto industry or the pet supplies industry. we are just trying to mitigate some of these exorbitant costs. >> brian: a couple of things. i know you think about this the ports that you see in florida and in new york and in california, there is still a huge back-up as of may 16th, there are 35 ships backed up in california. the average karen was as high as $11,000. it's still at 8,236. that is still near an all-time high. and then it sits instead of four to five days, 8 to 10 days. and then the truck drivers show up. if you can get them and they drive across the country in your case in shelter island. they literally have to drive across the country. what is your message to lawmakers out there?
3:59 am
>> it's difficult to express my message because i'm in this little bubble. i'm affected like everybody else is. whether you are a consumer of products in the grocery store or you are a consumer of manufactured goods like our products. this is something that is beyond my realm and my expertise. so i'm hoping that a group or some type of technology comes in to play so we can mitigate this. we have never seen this before. it's been i mean my husband is in manufacturing for over 35 years. and we have never experienced anything like this. so, we need to get some solution coming through. >> brian: yeah, just amazing. again, we are depending on a company overseas to make product that we just don't make here anymore. it comes here. it comes cheaper until all of a sudden supply chains break down and we have nowhere to turn
4:00 am
except for china where it takes 104 days from goods from china to get to the u.s. now compounds itself. helen, thanks for telling your story. we hear your frustration. it helps explain to the american people why everything we see costs more. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. meanwhile the final hour -- not the final hour. we got two more. the next hour of "fox & friends" starts r right now. >> biggest primary night we have had in years. >> pennsylvania senate republican primary still too close to call. >> nail biter race will likely go to an automatic recount? we can eis the path ahead. i see victory ahead. >> i'm confident we will win. >> ted budd won the north carolina senate primary to succeed retiring senator richard glur no modern political leader has dominated his party outside of office on the scale that trump has. >> we are preparing for the end of title 42. >> homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas visited the
4:01 am
southern border yesterday committing to end title 42 next week. >> five days away from a terrible situation going nuclear. >> that's jeremy pena's home run which the guy catches on the ricochet. >> this one he catches on the fly. he has got two souvenirs. >> that's unreal. ♪ can't get enough of you, baby ♪ i can't get enough of you baby ♪ beautiful shot of philadelphia. 57 right now. but we are going to get a 75-degree day today. it's going to be pretty. >> steve: a good day to be down there by the river. all the colleges. got all the crew team that practices right down there. it is a beautiful waterfront and we are delighted we could bring it to you at this 7:00 hour here on "fox & friends" on a
4:02 am
wednesday. >> brian: did the showdown there a couple of times see where the bill of rights is and you see the liberty bell. >> ainsley: the rockie steps right up there with the liberty bell. >> brian: the founding fathers ran up the rocky steps? i did not know that. >> steve: the bill of rights? you mean the bill of rights? isn't that in the national archives. >> brian: declaration of independence. instance ains that's right. >> steve: they have got a copy. >> brian: see where they were and stood at. >> steve: independence hall. >> ainsley: speak of philadelphia or pennsylvania, brian? >> brian: i will take it from here, ainsley. straight to pennsylvania where the top republican senate candidates remain in a neck in neck in this primary. this impactful primary party primary. >> ainsley: dr. mehmet oz, dr. oz is what we know him by, clinging to a slight lead over businessman dave mccormick while kathy barnett falls behind. >> steve: kathy barnett has not yet conceded lucas tomlinson
4:03 am
joins us live from d.c. lucas, it's too close to call. and there are still a bunch of ballots that they have not yet counted, right? >> that's right, steve. tens of thousands of ballots. officials say a printer error is delaying 22,000 mail-in ballots lancaster county because they had the wrong i.d. code. the vendor is being blamed. dr. oz as you mentioned holds a slim lead over dave mccormick by less than 3,000 votes. pennsylvania law requires a recount if the margin of victory is .5% or less, clean-up is where things stand right now in the race. here is heart surgeon and tv personality dr. oz who is endorsed by donald trump. >> when we win the battles here in pennsylvania it reflects on the entire country. if the soul of pennsylvania is thriving and healthy, so will the soul of the nation. my friends, we are a role model to the world. >> former hedge fund ceo david mccormick backed by trump's former secretary of state mike pompeo. >> now we have tens of thousands
4:04 am
of mail-in ballots that have not been counted that are going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow and so that's -- unfortunately we are not going to have resolution tonight. but we could see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead. and it's all because of you. [cheers and applause] >> kathy barnett is currently in third. she says she has no intentions of supporting her rivals if they defeat her. >> from day one, i have made you the main thing. you didn't see me run an ugly campaign. you didn't see me put those ugly ads. i made the maim theme you. >> lieutenant governor john fetterman cruising to an easy win in the democratic primary. he voted from the hospital after suffering a recent stroke. vacated by retiring g.o.p. senator pat too maniy. ted budd won the north carolina
4:05 am
richard burr who is retiring. >> now on to november joe biden beazley a total joe biden rubber stamp in washington, d.c. republicans need to unite. i think they will. and also get those unaffiliated and regular style democrats on board and we can win this for our state and help take back our country. >> madison cawthorn the youngest member of congress lost his primary in north carolina. steve, ainsley, brian? >> steve: lucas, going back to pennsylvania, where three of the four big races had been called. but it's that senate race that all eyes are on. so there is that lancaster county the problem with the printer. the p&a liberty it way the ballots were printed. and then because the way the state operates mail-in ballots.
4:06 am
a. >> state of 12 million people. since there is going to be run off where did those 320,000 votes that kathy barnett, where do those go, guys? >> steve: in november, that's right. >> brian: lucas, if i'm right didn't dave mccormick say i will endorse who wins? it's important republicans win. kathy barnett not doing that. >> be that's correct. >> ainsley: she says i don't support globalists. whoever wins the republican side, i'm not supporting them. >> steve: all right, lucas, thank you very much. go back to canvassing the results. would you? in pennsylvania, they are one of a minority of states. i think 37 states allow the counting to start before election day. >> ainsley: right. >> steve: pennsylvania hanging on to that tradition where they start first thing in the morning, unfortunately here we are 24 hours rarity. they still have a bunch to count. >> ainsley: act 77 state law prevents the opening the ballots until the morning of the election. i heard your interview with lucas earlier. in florida they all count them
4:07 am
early so they're already done. >> brian: do you know how quick florida got the results. if you aren't going to open up ahead of time then have you got to work all night. >> ainsley: i agree. >> brian: can't put in 8 hour day. >> ainsley: they might be. >> brian: there is no results. >> ainsley: they might still be counting. >> brian: if you are sleeping right now within a election worker. wake them up and send them back to work. hit them 2349 side. kick them in the obliques. >> steve: maybe joss sell them. anyway, still too close to call in pennsylvania. nonetheless, last night david mccormick and dr. oz both confident maybe too close call but they both feel they can win. watch. >> we knew message was resonating with the voters of pennsylvania and showing it today. so incredibly grateful thank you so much. we are going to take back this state and country and it's
4:08 am
because of you. got bled you, god bless america. >> my parents were immigrants in this country. recruited to come here because we needed doctors back then. they saw the shiny city on the hill that ronald reagan spoke of. i know many think that that city is a little dim these days. that's not what i saw when i was campaigning. i looked in the eyes of pennsylvanians and i traveled across this beautiful commonwealth and i saw that light as bright as ever. >> steve: there you have got dr. oz he was endorsed full throatedly by donald trump. donald trump had a really good night for the most part. a couple of his endorsements did not pan out. >> brian: idaho governor. steve: and madison cawthorn in north carolina who over the last month has had one scandal revealed after another. ultimately though at the end of the night last night he didn't say i'm going to ask for recounts or anything like that. he said i lost.
4:09 am
>> ainsley: donald trump has endorsed 70 different candidates who have won. in idaho 2. kentucky 6. north carolina 8. pennsylvania 7. texas 23 even though donald trump's name not on the ballot he still dominates the republican party and newt gingrich was talking about that last night. listen. >> there is no question whether you like trump or dislike trump is a matter of just history, no modern political leader has dominated his party outside of office on the scale that trump has. and he has a following in the republican party. he has brought in an entire generation of people who are not republicans. six or seven years ago who now are part of the republican party. >> brian: you know, that is true. i will tell you, the most amazing thing i saw is when donald trump doesn't endorse you, the republicans said okay i
4:10 am
still like what donald trump has done. they don't say i don't like donald trump and it's me against trump. they don't say give me that hogan momentum. they say okay, we still believe in what donald trump believes. in we like the way he governed. >> ainsley: kellyanne did she hear what she said about it the three top vote gertz in pennsylvania wanted his endorsement. dr. oz got it the other two were touting their connections to president trump throughout the race to the american first agenda time with him and photos with him. posting photos with him. she says that doesn't happen on the democratic side. leo terrell said everyone wants the trump endorsement. if he is the only candidate that really means something in the party. >> brian: no question. because there is no moderate voice. there is no anti-trump voice that has any type of resonance that i know of. i think it's interesting. the trump team is divided. look what is happening next week in georgia with the governor's race. chris christie is kind of off that team. vice president pence is for
4:11 am
kemp. and obviously president trump is for perdue. >> ainsley: so is president bush for kemp. >> brian: ted cruz for mccormick and pompeo for income core mic hope hicks for mccormick. >> ainsley: people who used to work in the white house are supporting mccormick but trump is supporting oz. >> steve: that's going to be really interesting when we see the head to head in georgia where it's essentially trump vs. george w. bush. brian kemp is leading in the polls. and when you look at last night, you had dr. oz supported by donald trump, but then you had david mccormick supported by kellyanne. and mike pompeo. and hope hicks part of that team. >> ainsley: what does that tell you? either one if you are a trump supporter either one who wins would be a good candidate? >> brian: that's one way to look at it. >> brian: it's not a situation where the president is lashing out at former staffers and calling them rhinos. >> steve: that's what you don't want. you don't the former president,
4:12 am
particularly if you are a candidate for him to blow you up. >> ainsley: more congress mic started this big hedge fund he is very wealthy and married to dina powell who worked in washington and that's her circle hope hicks and stephen miller. >> brian: i was flipping around. stay on one. most of the time i pay for like 120. amazing. >> ainsley: so true. >> brian: i don't need to see the officen every channel. >> ainsley: don't stop paying your cable channel we need you. >> brian: the office keeps playing. more on this. they keep want to say mastery an know the most interesting race. governor of pennsylvania, republican. he was there january 6th. he was there during the raid on the capital, whatever you want to call it insurrection, whatever you want to do. that's going to be the big thing. president trump would be smart to back off and not talk anymore about 2020. anybody should and just look
4:13 am
forward. >> steve: so when you see that number from mast industry on know he was supported by donald trump. look, it was a run away. the interesting thing is in the same state you have donald trump endorsing dr. oz but that race still too close to call. we will keep you posted. we have another hour and three quarters left. maybe we will have some answers. >> ainsley: hopefully. >> brian: roe v. wade will play a major role and january 6th major role and people want to talk about who is in control of the election. >> ainsley: inflation. >> brian: governor of that race make sure every governor republican governor got to make sure the republican wins in 2024 if they are in charge. they want to make it seem as though they are going to flip. not count ballots if the republican wins in pennsylvania. >> steve: but the number one issue is. >> ainsley: inflation and cost of living. the national average price of gasoline reach as new record high of $4.56 per gallon. that's 4 cents more than it was
4:14 am
yesterday. >> brian: right. for the first time ever, all 50 states now have an average gas price of over $4 a gallon. >> steve: peter doocy knows that because he drives my what is that 2007 car to the white house and you fill it up on the weekends and what did you pay last time? >> oh, no it's an '05. >> steve: it's an '05, sorry. >> it's a lot. gas is now costing more per -- more money for more people than ever before. it is over $4 per gallon in all 50 states and it's 1.50 more than it was a year ago, rising from just yesterday. at least people can get gas. more than 50% of baby formula shelves are empty in texas, arizona, and nevada. and the problem is so bad that nancy pelosi thinks it may not just be a supply chain thing, it maybe criminal. >> when it comes to babies, it's the here and now and in this moment. i think that when all of this is
4:15 am
done, i'm not associating my colleagues with what i'm going to say right now. i'm just saying it myself. i think there might be a need for indictment. >> pete: inflation is what is listed as the president's top domestic priority. so now he is teasing a tax hike on businesses to bring it down without explaining exactly how that would work. >> but how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas and food for every day americans. >> look, i think we encourage those who have done very well, right? especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code that doesn't change -- that doesn't charge manufacturers, workers, cops, builder as higher percentage of their oh, that the most fortunate people in our nation and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this existential
4:16 am
problem. >> the new press secretary will brief again today with the national security adviser. it will be the last time we see them before the president leaves for south korea and japan tomorrow, back to you. >> steve: you are going to leaving tonight to go to the far east. no doocy has been in korea since uncle phil in the 1950s but that was different circumstances. >> yes. we hope much different circumstances. what they are trying to avoid. >> brian: war on the peninsula. >> ainsley: is your passport up to date. >> pete: it is up to date. somebody from the white house already has it i show up and show my vax card and find my seat. >> steve: that's right. because the way the press pool operates is you give your passport and somebody somebody from the white house is the custodian of it the entire trip. >> yep. >> ainsley: i hope they have a safe in their hotel room. >> pete: otherwise i can go
4:17 am
peter alexander. >> ainsley: you sit next to him a lot. >> steve: thank you. i feel bad he puts that the car he is driving used to be in our driveway is 17 years old. >> ainsley: it's free. gave it to hill. grateful when parents give a car. >> steve: good car. >> brian: car shields where any repair is taken care of. >> steve: absolutely not. when the warranty was up, what, 14 years ago that was it. he is on his own. >> ainsley: you can have your car, you are on your own, pay for gas, insurance and repairs. >> steve: 7:17 in the east. carley joins us with terrible news from california. >> carley: that's right. got update on one of the tragic shootings we have been following. the man accused of opening fire on taiwanese church in california killing one and injuring five others may face the death penalty if convicted. orange county district attorney charging david chal with one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. the da's office is also working
4:18 am
with federal authorities on potential hate crime charges. a fox news exclusive, a parent is -- parent group sounding the alarm on a far left organization that is urging kids to walk out of school today to protest the leak supreme court draft opinion which signals a reversal of roe v. wade parents defending education generation ratified lured hundreds of virginia students out of school last week part of what they call mass youth mobilization to defend abortion. more school walkouts are planned in at least a dozen states today. ukrainian president zelenskyy calls on filmmakers to confront dictators in a video address at the ceans film festival,. >> great dictator charlie chaplain did not destroy the real dictator then. thanks to it we need a new
4:19 am
chaplain joined military alliance. one finland brewery launching a inspired beer to mark the occasion. the beer blue nato compass logo on the can. you can see it there. the yellow stone prequel called 1932 will introduce a new generation of duttons with a casting of helen mirren and harrison ford. two big names there. this will be ford's first tv return since his last cameo in an episode of the young indiana jones chronicles in 1993. miren a tv series legend won a prime time emmy role elizabeth and i and passion i ran. the pair began filming for season five of yellow stone in montana in march. those are your headlines guys, i'm watching 1883 right now. i tried to get into the original
4:20 am
yellow stone. >> ainsley: you were the only person in america that's ever said that. >> steve: tim mcgraw? >> ainsley: 1883 one is tim mcgraw. >> ainsley: faith in it too? >> carley: brian you don't. >> brian: is kevin costner watching. >> steve: he does watch the channel. >> brian: hmmm. >> carley: choose your words wisely. >> brian: i will say it to you i didn't really like it that much. >> ainsley: why? how could you not like it? it was so good. >> carley: i watched two episodes and i said i could watch other things. >> steve: says a lot about harrison ford one of the biggest movie stars in the world is going to do that. >> ainsley: kevin costner stole my heart a long time ago. he has. remember when we had him on the curvey couch? i couldn't even talk. >> brian: i know. did i carry that. >> ainsley: the daughter in the show steals the show. >> carley: i will give it another show.
4:21 am
>> brian: i'm sure is he going to plug kevin costner since he watches. the biden administration likely empowered the enemy when pulling troops from afghanistan. no kidding. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher is incensed by this joining us in a matter of moments talk about holding the white house accountable. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body.
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4:26 am
reading the report one is that we demoralized the afghan army by repeatedly announcing withdrawal plans purely political purposes. timelines that weren't conditions based they were politically motivated. the second is our decision to release 5,000 taliban fighters in the summer of 2020 and the fall of 2020. further demoralized the afghans. and then finally, you know, over the course of a couple decades, rebuilt and trained afghan army but we made them entirely dependent on the support of u.s. contractors in retrospect that seems like a massive, massive mistake that we didn't think from the outset okay. what are they going to do? how are they going to fight when we inevitably have to leave? a lot of just really troubling claims in this report. but our work has only just begun in terms of the oversight and investigations we need to do here in congress. >> brian: if we just gave them air cover. they would still be there. right? i mean, if we just let the contractors gradually go out and
4:27 am
we let the nato have a presence and there was a gradual release we would not have the issues we have now. assess the taliban will likely loosen these restrictions over the next 1 to 24 months aliving al-qaeda greater freedom of movement and travel and train and everything else and potentially establish external capability. they are going to be part of the government. we already know that we have the haqqani group with official positions in the government. the women are kicked out of schools. they are in full burqas this is like i'm going to put that in your face for 20 years you wasted your time. >> and remember the lies that the biden administration was telling us during the withdrawal. this fiction that oh, well, al-qaeda and taliban are at war with each other. they are enemies. okay, these groups compete from time to time but they are aligned in their desire to kill americans and our allies and, you know, your mention of over the horizon counter-terrorism, over the horizon
4:28 am
counter-terrorism has enormous flaws if for no other reason as i say this as a former intelligence officer you need humans on the ground to generate the intelligence in order to guide your targeting and your strikes. i'm very worried about a resurgent terrorist threat that could impact our own homeland. >> brian: we left a lot of humans on the ground and left anyway. maybe we will ask them to work for us. the dodd came up with this conclusion without a presence on the ground the dodd relies on aviation assets to collect intel, surveil terrorist targets and carry out airstrikes. 49 of the dodd require overflight agreements with another bordering nation to enter afghan airspace. this is the conclusion. over the horizon airstrikes don't exist. all right? over 50 years had a briefing on ufo progress and things we don't know. what did you take away from the conference, from the hearings yesterday. >> i'm glad we did it i appreciate the fact that dod is
4:29 am
taking it seriously. i appreciate the sincere effort to destigmatize the discussion. but i'm afraid we did not get any closer to the truth. i asked them basic questions about certain high profile claims that are out there. and our witnesses couldn't answer and basically said to me they weren't aware of these claims. that was very troubling to me. to me it suggests that they haven't done certain basic homework. so we have a long way to go. and for those that are skeptics of some of the claims that are out there. i just would say any time you have things that are coming on our training ranges that our pilots are visually seeing, that presents a safety issue to our pilots. even if you want to rule out, you know, the extraterrestrial hypothesis, we still have to figure out what's going on on our ranges in order to protect the safety of our pilots. >> brian: i hear you, congressman, thanks so much. appreciate it please, hold these guys to account when it comes to afghanistan. that's an american embarrassment we're just not going to forget about.
4:30 am
thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: still head, new research shows terrifying hepatitis outbreak children could be linked to covid cases? a pediatrician joins us next with what you need to know. and we are continuing to follow pennsylvania's g.o.p. primary race. it is too close to call. we have no winner. a live report awaits. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. hi. we're zerowater. and we believe everyone deserves if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor the purest tasting water. that's why we strive for zero. you see, to some it means nothing.
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♪ ♪ steve all right. we're back with the latest out of the republican senate primary in pennsylvania. if you just woke up, you are wondering which of those three candidates, oz, barnett, or mccormick won? too close to call. lucas tomlinson is live from d.c. with the results so far and lucas, we are still waiting for some ballots to be counted and there are some problematic ballots as well. right? >> that's right, steve. it's going to be a photo finish. another delay in election results in pennsylvania. last night state officials say a printer error is delaying 22,000 mail-in ballots in lancaster county due to a wrong i.d. code. dr. oz holds a slim leave o'er dave mccormick out of 3,000 votes out of 1.3 million counted so far. automatic recount if the margin
4:35 am
is .05% or less where things stand right now. here is dave mccormick a hedge fund ceo. >> we have tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that have not been counted. that are going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow, and so that -- unfortunately we are not going to have resolution tonight. but we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and it's all because of you. [cheers and applause] >> heart surgeon and tv personality dr. oz received donald trump's endorsement. >> it reflects on the entire country. so if the soul of pennsylvania is thriving and healthy, so is the soul of the nation. my friends, we are a role model for the world. >> kathy barnett is currently in third. she says she has no intentions of supporting her g.o.p. rivals in the general election. lieutenant governor john fetterman easily won his democratic primary. he celebrated in the hospital after undergoing surgery to have a pacemaker installed after
4:36 am
having a recent stroke. ted budd won to succeed richmond burr who is retiring and tarheel state freshman congressman madison cawthorn lost his g.o.p. primary, steve. >> steve: he did. of course he has been in the news a lot in the past month. lucas, with these 20,000 ballots with the wrong i.d. code, people are going to try to figure out ultimately who did that. it's probably just a local election officials, right? >> that's right. it's going to be very split and also going to be very interesting in this run-off where kathy barnett's votes go. she received over 320,000 votes. but many republican insiders are worried that if dr. oz wins this election, they could lose a seat in the senate. of course, this seat is for g.o.p. senator pat toomey who is retired. >> steve: all right. lucas thank you very much. stay tuned. all right, ainsley. >> ainsley: all right. thank you, steve. a pediatric hepatitis outbreak with his tierous origins is now
4:37 am
growing as more states investigate cases of children developing the liver illness without a known cause. and now research finds coronavirus might be linked to cases of severe hepatitis in our children. dr. freda fisher is certified in pediatrics, neff rolling and internal medicine and joins us now. good morning, dr. freed danchts good morning. >> ainsley: how do we know or do we know is this connected with covid? is it connected with the vaccine? >> we do not know if it's connected to covid. but there is a theory. we do know that it is not connected to the vaccine because most of the children who are falling ill are less than 10 years of age the majority have not received a covid-19 vaccine. we do not believe there is a connection. there is a difference. >> ainsley: go ahead. i'm sorry. >> we know there is a connection with the adeno virus. most of the cases have been tested for adeno listed in the gastroenterology especiallyizing in liver disease. the theory is that some of these young children could have will
4:38 am
covid-19 and not known it and been asymptomatic but the covid could have primed their immune systems to be hyper reactive to adeno virus leading to the severe hepatitis. that is very plausible. >> ainsley: how will we know if our children are affected or infected with hepatitis? what are the signs? >> you have to watch for vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, pail stools, and jaundice which is when the eyes turn yellow or under the tongue is yellow or the skin color changes to be yellow or if your child is of a darker hue, change in color. you have to watch for those signs and symptoms. >> ainsley: so you will know something is wrong. children all around the world are facing this or feeling this. what do they do about it? do they have hepatitis for the rest of their lives? is it curable? >> well, in some cases it's not curable because we know there have been something like 400 cases globally and over two dozen liver transplants. meaning that this hepatitis is so severe that it has caused
4:39 am
many children's livers to completely burden of proof out. they have required transplants. we have even had five deaths right here in the united states we have had over 109 cases. so the cure for absolute liver failure is liver transplant so indeed it is very serious. i don't want parents to panic. i just want them to really pay attention. watch the signs and symptoms and be proactive and ask your pediatrician test your child for hepatitis if you are suspicious. >> ainsley: how old are the children that are affected? >> they are young children. definitely less than 16. but anywhere from ages one month is two years is where we are seeing the majority of the cases. that's quite serious if you have kids don't talk yet proverbial you have to be on the lookout for what the symptoms are. >> ainsley: anything we can do as parents to prevent this. >> hygiene is the only thing that's in our hands. good hand washing. some of the hepatitis viruses in general can be passed from people not washing their hands when they prepare food. especially after changing a diaper. and then also, if indeed there is a link to covid-19, we have
4:40 am
some studies to show us that being vaccinated could help to prevent some of these post covid inflammatory syndromes. but as that misc. multi system inflammatory syndrome we have seen from from children. infect your children as best can you. >> is it contagious? >> the hepatitis in and of itself if indeed it? a virus which we think adeno virus absolutely contagious. common, cause cold, pink eye a little stomach upset. adeno virus don't cause acute unless child is immunocompromised. the kids have been previously well but the viruses themselves are contagious. >> ainsley: okay, dr. from it that where is your practice? >> ainsley: i know it's dr. fisher but you go by dr. frita your first name, right? >> yes, dr. frita. >> ainsley: thanks, dr. frita.
4:41 am
thanks for coming on. you are great. john durham's investigation faces first test as exclinton lawyer michael sussmann goes on trial. brett toll map breaks down the case and the key players next. ♪ me you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work.
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4:45 am
steve all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." opening arguments are underway in the trial exclinton lawyer michael sussmann the special counsel's team accusing him, mre fbi to create an october surprise they referred to it yesterday against president trump -- against donald trump before the 2016 election. former federal prosecutor and executive director of right on crime brett tollman joins us right on time to talk about this. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: over on the big wall we have five faces.
4:46 am
you are essentially going to tell us about each of these five people so we can figure out how it all begins. obviously, michael sussmann is on trial for lying to the fbi. tell us about it. >> michael sussmann is a former federal prosecutor. imagine what it must be like to be on the other end of a case. he is now the defendant. being prosecuted by john durham who is a federal prosecutor. so, it's got to be a surreal experience. but is he there because he clearly lied regarding a very important and key fact and that was that he was representing the clinton campaign when he reached out to the fbi. in order to try to get them to investigate allegations about mr. trump at the time. >> steve: that's right. because, mr. sussmann took a bunch of stuff, turned out not to be true, to the fbi and said hey, i'm not working for anybody but you should look into this stuff. trump is so dirty he was working
4:47 am
on behalf of the clinton campaign next over on the big wall marc elias the general counsel so hillary's campaign. >> that's right. and he is a law partner of mr. sussmann. it's pivotal. you can imagine he doesn't want to directly contact the fbi. he will be a key witness in durham's prosecution. he is going to be perhaps a hostile witness, allows the prosecution to push and press him to reveal information so he will be a very credible witness to a jury that is listening to him meanwhile center stage everybody knows his story fusion gps to put together this dirty dossier turns out to be a bunch of made up stuff. >> this is that character in the james bond vernacular this would be him. he was in charge of the mi 6 office and he left and he established his own intelligence
4:48 am
firm. and from there was hired. hired by allies to come up with opposition research. which, you know, we know as the steele dossier that was later proven to be very inaccurate, unreliable. >> steve: next person over andrew mccabe, he got fired from the fbi over lying to the fbi. which is very embarrassing. >> well, it is. and he lied four times. three under oath. he is the individual that at the fbi, i mean, he was in charge at the time. comey, you know, eventually got dismissed and he became the center of an inspector general investigation and he was one that also acknowledged that the steele dossier was the reason they went to the fisa court and got those secret fisa warrants. >> steve: and the final person we are talking about is john durham. he is the special counsel. and unlike robert mueller's investigation, brett, you know,
4:49 am
the mueller camp leaked every day. john durham has had a virtually leak-free prosecution. >> he has. he is very accustomed to these sensitive public corruption type investigations. he led an investigation in washington, d.c. on the cia destroying evidence. he is 35-year federal prosecutor. the team around him consists of asas from around the country. some of whom i know and they are very, very serious attorneys. >> steve: all right. let's see where it depose because the testimony starts today once again and let's see if they continue to talk about how it was an october surprise as they did yesterday. all right, brett, thank you for joining us today from utah. >> thank you. >> steve: still is ahead on this wednesday a school board cuts a mom's mic as she reads the graphic material taught to her
4:50 am
daughter out loud. apparently they didn't like that. roll the tape, bleep parts of it as the school district responds. >> we're not using profanity. this is a public meeting. i ask for decorum. >> if you don't want to read it to you what was it like for my 15-year-old daughter to have no-to-memorize? oh, that's why we're tired. it's because we're doing it every single day, all day. how do you like learning at home? i kind of don't like it. i kind of don't like it either. i just want you to have everything. everything that you want in life. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
4:51 am
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4:54 am
♪ kicking back with some headline starting with this. a freak accident leaves two teens dead in separate family did incident for the first happening in new jersey where a 18 -year-old was killed when a 10-foot hole he dug at the beac caved in on him for the second in utah as 13 -year-old died from his injuries a day after six and a half feet of sand fel on him at the sand dunes state park. he was also digging a hole when it collapsed and trapped him. over 128,000 e-mails reportedly from hunton bidens abandon laptop are now online in a searchable database for the daily mill reporting former trump aid is behind the release the site by did laptop e-mails .com calling it a modern day rosetta stone of white and blue collar crime per the e-mails include one exchange detailing an apparent quid pro
4:55 am
quo with a mexican billionaire son outlining how hunter got hi into the white house to discuss a business deal with joe biden. transit union workers planning walk walkout in two key underground stunt stations during the queens platinum jubilee celebration. also workers announcing the strike a day after queen elizabeth opened a new group called the elizabeth line according to the union the walkout is in direct response t a toxic work environment. its expected to cause significant disruptions during the jubilee celebrations. let's check in with your meteorologist with our fox weather forecast. >> good morning it's a wonderfu day with friends. what your name? where are you from? >> ohio. >> what are you doing here in the ark? get my granddaughter is graduating from barnard. >> what is your name? >> caroline. i know sometimes that tv makes
4:56 am
you forget stuff. me to come up my friend. let's take a look at the maps and we will check the forecast. it's going to be gorgeous in ne york for a graduation 58 right now, 53 and chicago. we have showers and thunderstorms moving across the ohio river valley. there is the rain forecast over the next few days. would you believe we have some snow across the rockies. the big story is going to be th big-time heat across the south and that's going to creep up toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast as well. they hide your granddaughter. >> hi, caroline. you know how it is on tv, you see the big red light and you forget everything. that's everyone's biggest fear, speaking in public? >> thank you. in about a mom is fighting afte blasting the school board over the racy graphic material that she was assigned in class.
4:57 am
>> i'm going to redo an assignment given to my 15 -year-old daughter at the local high school. this will be horrifying for me to read to you, but that will give you perspective. i don't love you, it's not you, i just don't like your leap or anything. it did, joe. >> forgive me, we're not using profanity at a public meeting. i ask for decorum. >> if you don't want me to read it to you, what was it like for my 15 -year-old daughter to hav to memorize pornographic material. >> case in point. here with reaction author of th war on the west, the mom was reading it and was clearly upse that her daughter had to do that . the daughter had actually had t read that allowed in front of her class. >> and it was too hard-core for the sensitive years of the school board, but it was fine for her 15 -year-old daughter. that's amazing, isn't it?
4:58 am
one thing that just strikes about this is you have a school board pretending to listen to the parents, but really isn't interested in parent feedback. they really don't seem to care. they cut this mom off. they pretend that oka met you'r using profanity, we can't have that spirit any excuse other than accountability. >> so the mom says she doesn't want the teacher fired fred she said i just want her to be told we can't do this again. it's over the line. but what teacher in their right mind would think it's okay for the children to memorize this and acted out? >> in remember, american students apart from having a like california and los angeles are not by any means getting th world's best education. if you see americans presence o the league tables in literacy,
4:59 am
when they leave american schools , this country is not leading the way. years in the boards think the student should learn things the don't need to be learning in school. they need to learn how to be competitive in the marketplace very tough to be competitive in the workplace and again and again you see these very radica highly ideological teachers and teaching unions thinking it's the job of schools to have kids playing role-play like this very . >> it's insidious and almost seems intended to destroy us from the inside and for the generations to come. here's the statement from the school prayer the clark county school district is consisting o a student generated writing exercise to produce content not conducive to student instruction . really? the district doesn't comment on individual employees. of policies and procedures are being followed. you feel better?
5:00 am
>> once again, they are just amazingly distracted from the task they should actually have in hand which is to teach the students what they need to lear to go out there and be competitive in the workplace in the world, and again and again we don't see that in american schools. the highly ideologically motivated teachers teaching things they don't need to know, and the school boards don't wan to hear when it is played back to them. >> that's one of the things you talk about in your book, the wa on the west. thank you very much. or going to step about one minute because our three of a fox and friends start right now. >> the biggest primary night with head of the year. >> the razor thin republican primary is too close to call. >> slight lead over dave mc cormick. >> i'm confident we will then. >> causing pain at the pump and at the pga championship straigh just in thomas tweeted out a
5:01 am
picture of the concession stand and the prices are absolutely jaw-dropping. >> federal prosecutors say campaign attorney manipulated the fbi to open an investigatio into only trumped russia ties bear. >> this is one of the cases that . >> 18 -year-old living every pearl jam fans dream. ♪ >> that's what michael jordan i doing, he worked nine to five trying to make sure for the nex 40 years. didn't grow up in north carolina ? >> yes, he played for unc and that's where he started parity goes back home with washington
5:02 am
with the wizards in than he goe back there. >> that is a beautiful shot of charlotte, north carolina. on this wednesday may 18th of 2022, if you are working 9-5, you have one more hour. but in one hour, we are done. >> in new york city, only 8 percent of the workforce is back five days a week. 8 percent. 35 percent are back two or thre days a week. so people working 9-5,. >> why is traffic so bad? >> good point. >> he took away lanes and meet them bike lanes, that's wiper it . >> that's true to. the 8 percent they do have to show up still have to show up a eight or 9:00 a.m. currently, there are red lights and that is why the traffic is now going across street rather than up there that's part of th
5:03 am
elite 8 percent. the mayor is also saying i need all the ceos and executives to start using the subway going to clean them up or at. >> when they clean them up or make them safe, maybe they will break let's talk about the election yesterday. straight to pennsylvania where top republicans and eight that may not connect in the party's primary praise. >> too close to call. dr. because holding onto a slight lead. >> lucas tomlinson joins us fro with essentially the day after. kathy barnett is way behind them , but she has not yet conceded how she? >> that's right, she trails mc cormick by about 75,000 votes. one county to watch is carbon county in the eastern part of the state were only 80 percent of the votes of been counted so far and also lancaster county where state officials say a printer error is delaying 22,00 mail-in ballots from being counted because they had the
5:04 am
wrong id code. doctor oz holds a slim lead ove dave mccormick by less than 3,000 votes out of 1.3 million counted so far. pennsylvania law requires an automatic recount if the margin of victory is .5 percent or les here is heart surgeon in tv personality dr. oz who was endorsed by donald trump. >> when we win the battles here in pennsylvania it reflects on the entire country so if this'l pennsylvania is thriving and healthy so will the soul of the nation. we are a role model to the world . >> former hedge fund ceo is backed by tribes transformer secretary of state mike pompeo. >> now we have tens of thousand of mail-in ballots that have no been counted that are going to need to be counted beginning tomorrow. unfortunately we won't have a resolution tonight, but we see that path ahead, we can see victory ahead.
5:05 am
>> kathy barnett is currently i third but leading in lancaster county where those 22,000 ballots i've yet to be counted. she is down 75,000 votes to mc cormick she says she has no intentions to support her gop rivals if she loses. >> from day one i made you you didn't see me running an ugly campaign. you didn't see me put out an ugly add. i made the main thing you. >> the governor just cruising t an easy and the primary. he celebrated in the hospital where he recently had surgery t install a pacemaker after suffering a stroke. the senate seat being vacated b pat toomey. trump backed had bud succeed senator richard burr who is retiring. >> now it's on to november against a joe biden will be a total joe biden rubberstamp in
5:06 am
dc. the republicans need to get those unaffiliated in the reaga style democrats on board. we can win this for our state and help take back our country. >> the youngest brother of congress lost his primary in north carolina. >> lucas, they started counting the mail-in ballot yesterday at 7:00 a.m. there we're over 1,000,008 when you look back at the last election of course it was a presidential and the turnout wa bigger. how long did it take them to count all the ballots? >> it took days and many people were looking at florida insein, florida had their election results on election night so many people are wondering why i it still going on? >> florida counted all of the mail-in ballots before the election night, so they already knew that number. and in pennsylvania can't do that, act 77 prevents them from doing that so after the polls close, then they start counting. that's why we are in this mess.
5:07 am
some of those ballots are unreadable. wasn't like two thirds of them were unreadable? >> it's all because of the id code. it's a real mess right now pretty. >> we have to find out who put the wrong id code on there and talk to them. lucas, thank you very much. >> watching this all night long. dr. oz didn't eat until the ver end and then i was still watching laura last night and h was still trailing by about 5,000 votes and then he started to come in a little differently. one thing pretty amazing on the democratic side federman has a stroke still wins. so whoever emerges, you're goin against a candidate that is weighted to the left. you had kevin lam connor lam. he was considered the future. that's what it's going to take for a democrat to win in pennsylvania, someone who is centered left, but that's according to the democrats of pennsylvania.
5:08 am
>> he is really left, he's progressive. >> connor lam one to years ago when he ran for the house of representatives because essentially he ran as a republican. >> and he didn't vote like a republican. >> no, he didn't. let's interesting though is going in the polls had it so tight at the top, dr. oz was ahead by a little, dave mc cormick was a little behind and then kathy barnett was a little behind him. ultimately what has happened an you know, the results on election night are always whoever reports it first gets reported on tv, but they got that part right. not in that between them, but kathy barnett was 75,000 votes behind mccormick is the we just said, so the polls got tha part of the equation wrong. >> the issue was, we saw lauren yesterday in the diner talking to all the voters and each of them have said something in
5:09 am
their past or tweeted something in their past that made the voters say i don't know which one i'm going to choose because some of them have flip-flopped some of them have said things o twitter that i don't agree with. or some of them have said negative things about donald trump. donald trump endorsed dr. oz. some that we're on his campaign are on the mccormick team. the race could go either way an this is the next day. >> we knew our message would resonate with the voters of pennsylvania. they showed us today and we are so incredibly grateful. we are going to take back the state. we're going to take back this country and it's because of you. god bless you, god bless pennsylvania, and god bless america. >> my parents were immigrants t this country. they saw that shining city on the hill that ronald reagan spoke of, and many think that city is a little dimmed these
5:10 am
days. that's not what i saw when i wa campaigning. i looked in the eyes of pennsylvanians as they traveled across the beautiful commonwealth and i saw that flame as bright is ever. >> up all of the endorsements that donald trump has made so far in this election cycle, the most important one so far is obviously doctor oz because he picked dr. oz over david mc cormick. it is markable that they are that close. donald trump for the most part all of his candidates one excep a couple out in idaho and in north carolina come after all the scandals, he will not be returning to congress. in there you see some of the candidates endorsed by the former president who won last night. that's why for so many republicans it's important if you don't get donald trump's endorsement, then at the very least, just don't have him come out and blow you up. you don't want that.
5:11 am
>> think it's nice for he was supposed to win after he got th endorsement and was really clos for a while. really for republicans they think they should be in control of pennsylvania. when he lost the governorship last time around youth at this time will get it back. and is going to be dramatically different they will pay him paint him is an insurrectionist because he was there january 6. he's also going to look to limi when it comes to roe v wade if it goes back to the states. he is not somebody that's going to say you can have an abortion up to nine months like many democrats our saying now which is unbelievable even to say tha out loud, but he's going to be somebody we will keep an eye on. also, you look at ted budd winning by 30 points over in north carolina. that is significant because tha was some of the controversial endorsement from president trump . >> his name isn't on the ballot but it might as well be because most of the people he endorsed
5:12 am
ended up winning their races an they are albay, all the republicans are vying for his attention and they want him to endorse them because there are so many voters that say i can't make up my mind, but i trust president trump great if he likes them than i like them. >> this is a reflection of what is going on with the two political parties. everybody wants donald trump's endorsements. that can happen on the democratic side. the new democratic nominee than god he's recovered, he doesn't want joe biden. joe biden went to the states an he was nowhere to be found unti the bridge collapsed and he showed up in his shorts and sweatshirt. they don't want joe biden and kamala harris campaigning with them. >> it does commit nobody is asking joe biden for the most part, and people throughout the campaign cycle have been asking do you want joe biden to campaign with you and it's like well, and they don't answer because right now you look at
5:13 am
his opinion polls as inflation goes up, joe biden ratings go down so it's like why would you sure he's the president he's go the big air force one that you can have an address and a rally but what does that. >> remember when abrams went to atlanta and stacy abrams was supposed to meet with him and then she said she had a conflic with the president sverige had something more important. i think they're avoiding. don't you think it hurts them even more because he says he's from scranton, so he's from pennsylvania. certainly he definitely raise money. i know that. 15 minutes after the hour of th national average price of gas i going up, but it's hit a record. $4 in all 50 states. $4.56. >> all 50 states now have an average gas price of more than $4 a gallon which we just said. >> peter ducey is live at the
5:14 am
white house with more. when we talk about primaries an midterm elections the number on issue that is always in every cycle at the top of the list of things voters care about would be the economy. right now gas is costing more for a single gallon of four mor people than ever before. the national average more than $4 and all 50 states $1.50 more than it was a year ago also rising from just yesterday. at least people can get gas, more than 50 percent of a ab formulate shelves are empty in texas, arizona and nevada. the problem is so bad that nanc pelosi thinks it may not just b a supply-chain thing, it could be criminal. >> when it comes to babies, it' the here and now in this moment. i think that when all of this i done, i'm not associating with my college, but i'm going to save myself i think there might be a need for an indictment.
5:15 am
>> president biden trying to fi the formulate shortage also trying to fix inflation and he is a tax hike on businesses to bring it down without explainin exactly how that would work. >> how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of food for every day americans? >> think we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code that doesn't change, that doesn't charge manufacturers workers, cops, builders, a higher percentage of their earnings, that the most fortunate people in our nation and not let that stand and the way of reducing energy costs an fighting the existential problems right. >> so not a direct answer there about raising taxes on businesses with lower inflation but this president said that inflation as his number one
5:16 am
domestic priority. >> now the president is going t be flying to south korea and japan, is that right? >> he leaves tomorrow at some point during the day and he wil get there because i think of th way he will get there on friday. >> and you are going too south korea too. is there a possibility this president will go in to the dnc? >> it's a possibility because it's so close to seoul where he's going to be going first, but there's nothing like that o the schedule at this point. to get your when trump did that? peter, stay out of north korea, okay? >> i will do my best. >> thanks, peter. that is their choice, 60 minute after the hour.
5:17 am
>> starting with this, presiden biden visiting buffalo, new yor after saturday's grocery store shooting. left ten people dead the president not hesitating to cal that shooting an act of terrorism. investigators say the 18 -year-old suspect legally purchased a gun and his hometow where he claims to have been radicalized online in response, president biden is calling for more gun control. to vice president in another senior employee at twitter our leaving the company for new opportunities it comes as twitter's board claims that plans to enforce the $44 billio takeover must get calling on th sec to investigate how many spa or bot accounts are on this sit before it varies as a newsweek article half of the 22.2 millio followers are fake. and an adorable cat burglar. mother in texas as her two-year-old son spent nearly
5:18 am
$60 getting 31 make dollars cheeseburgers delivered to her home through jordache without her knowledge. the mother posting this adorabl photo online of her son surrounded by burgers offering burgers for free to anyone wanted to pick them up. you got to do something with th food after the two-year-old get a hold of your phone. >> how many did they get a. he did it not through alexa. he did it through jordache. so that tells me he opened the apt, he pressed some buttons an then the burgers came and he looks like he's having a good day there. >> i wonder if there were some icons or images it's almost lik a videogame. i like that i'm going to push that button 21 times for it. >> can you imagine being the mc donald's delivery driver.
5:19 am
thank you. still ahead on this show, unles i read the friend on long, afte dies from brain cancer fans are convinced a ballpark is to blam for a phillies pitcher they reactivated veterans stadium theory. that stories next. air force, e years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years.
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5:24 am
the former phillies pitcher larry anderson and mark siegel join us now. larry, i know it's tremendously tragic. we knew these players as players , you knew them as friends. how do you feel about this? >> it's devastating. starting in 2003, with kim bret and followed by doug mcgraw the following year in then it's devastating. really that's the only word for it. >> there were pitchers and catchers, and they were all great players, they all played there. deal look at this is something that should be examined or coincidence? >> first of all, it's a cluster and it needs to be examined. in the amount of incidence of deadly brain cancer about three out of 100,000, this is three o four times that were more. larry anderson, it's an honor t be on with him. he was a great picture. in his late 30s those we're
5:25 am
his best years, and tug mcgraw you gotta remember where the miracle mets. when you look at that the brain cancer for a second, tom mcgraw and unbelievable picture inspired new yorkers here. and phillies. one thing about the medicine of this, they are saying veterans stadium because of the astrotur or because it was built on march , but i want to add because of david west that five out of the six players are pictures ar catchers and the military has done research on microwaves tha are given and very high-frequency and lots of exposure. the radar gun, you get hundreds of incidences of the radar gun being used during the game. i'm not saying that's what it is , but in addition to the astroturf because the old astroturf had a lot of chemical they have to look more at the radar gun. >> tug mcgraw and, all with brain cancer. when you guys talk to each other , i remember at the meadowlands, something similar happened and they said welcome at this was built on swampland
5:26 am
and they stopped using any type of water fountain and started bringing the water and other stuff in. what you guys talk about is you are hit with this? >> right now, because there is no way to figure anything out because the veterans dating is now a parking lot. it's hard to figure anything else out. i think about the ground crew that was there all the time. they were on the field more tha anybody on the grass in the dir and they had no incidences of i which is why it's so confusing. you just kind of sit back, guys that have coached there and played when it first opened. he played with a lot of these guys and coached with them, and for him, i've got to believe it's like is heat next. is he going to be next? you don't know. it's just so hard that there is no way to put anything together. >> larry, you had two students there are you getting yourself checked out?
5:27 am
>> people have questioned that lot with me. for other reasons, but no, i don't know what to do. i guess i mean without any feelings of headaches or anything like that, you just kind of wait. there's nothing really more you can do. just pray that that's the end o it. >> absolutely. >> brian, the incident is low enough that he probably doesn't have to worry, his regular doctor can check in. one other thing to add to larry's point, the philadelphia eagles have not had a problem with this so that goes against it as well that it may not be the stadium although it's a possibility that has to be investigated. >> it would be interesting to see what football and baseball did differently. he said i know there were a lot of pipes that were exposed we played there and we had that astroturf at the field turf we have right now. larry, doctor siegel, thank you so much. larry, great to see you.
5:28 am
straight ahead, pennsylvania, gop senate primary race is stil too close to call. we have a live report as the numbers start coming in today. and dr. oz wasn't the only one that had endorsements on the ballot. what message they 23 trumped fact wins send the gop before the midterm and before georgia next week. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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>> you are waking up winning reach of one, all eyes and the nation on pennsylvania the primary, a razor thin race between dr. oz. david mccormick and kathy barnett. she's about 25,000 it's behind. joins us live from philadelphia with the latest, steve, i'm sur they're breathing as i ever leave because now the tv ads stopped, but the counting continues. >> i was one of those who woke up saying who was the winner an why don't we know the winner an here's the answer. i looked at my inbox i get an e-mail from the acting pennsylvania secretary of state who says unlike many other states, pennsylvania does not allow the counting up meal and
5:33 am
ballots until election day. out of the 1.3 million votes counted, a tent in the states 900,000 applications for mail i ballots and they couldn't count all 900,000 by election day being over. so here we are waiting. and we ask well when are we going to have these votes counted and then the next answe was within a few days that's wh these two candidates either didn't concede defeat or declared victory last night. >> when we win the battles here and pennsylvania, it reflects o the entire country. so the soul of pennsylvania is thriving in healthy. my friends, we are a role model to the world. >> now we have tens of thousand of meal in ballots have not bee counted, that are going to need to be counted beginning tomorro and so that, unfortunately we won't have resolution tonight, but we see the path ahead to, w
5:34 am
can see victory ahead. >> so here is the other quirky pennsylvania law besides not counting meal in ballots until election day. if the results are within .5 percent, less than half of a percent, then there is an automatic recount. right now, the numbers are .2 percent, so even when all the votes are finally counted, we won't get the official result likely until a recount so it could be a long time before we know who as facing the democratic candidate. if you're federman and you just had a stroke on friday, a pacemaker installed on election day, i think you want the heart surgeon standing across the debate stage from you, not the other guy. >> our absolutely right. on the streets of philly, thank you very much. >> yesterday's primary race is getting victories endorsed by former president donald trump. what does this say about the
5:35 am
power of a trump endorsement right-click talk to clay travis. clay, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> we had heard that kathy barnett, mister mccormick, dr. lago and they asked donald trum or his endorsements, he ultimately gave it to dr. oz. but right now it is too close t call in that one state what doe it say about how important a trump import stores meant is right now. >> donald trump endorsement is the most important thing in the republican primary and there's not a close second. you can look particularly when there are the multicandidate fields and there is a really donnybrook brewing in terms of who will be able to win. look at ohio for instance which we just saw. i don't think there's any doubt at all that the endorsement by donald trump gave jd vance that nomination, and rightfully, the fact that he's going up against him ryan is going to put jd fan
5:36 am
into the senate. in other words, without that endorsement he is not the senator from ohio. if dr. oz manages to hang onto this tiny lead to, then he is going to be their nominee for the republican in pennsylvania and the favor to beat because o donald trump rate if you look a how good of a campaign dave mc cormick ran, if trump had put support behind mccormick, this thing wouldn't been closed great if dr. oz wins this primary he's winning by about 2500 votes right now it will 10 donald trump endorsement. >> what's interesting is next week the big race will be in georgia and all eyes are on the governor's race rank him who currently has that job versus david perdue who was a u.s. senator. right now, mr. perdue has the endorsement of donald trump, bu mister matt kemp is ahead by 20 points and he has been endorsed by george w. bush in mike pence. what you make of that?
5:37 am
>> i think this is probably a scenario when you have a head-to-head battle, one endorsement doesn't matter as much as it does when you have three or four or five serious candidates and they are all trying to stand out there. plus, let's be honest, brian kemp is the incumbent governor, his response to covid meet a lo of people in georgia happy. i think there's a lot of nervousness about going up against daisy abrams given what we saw and the senate races in 2020, the runoffs, so i think a lot of georgians are thinking let's head our bets. we believe he can do it again. if you look at the primaries ou there very contested, misery fo instance, certainly arizona. i believe whoever donald trump endorses for instance in arizon and missouri and that republica senate primary, that will be th candidate who emerges and
5:38 am
advances to the election in november. >> now that we have the political stuff, go to at kit .com. steve is giggling because that' his company. >> that is. i appreciate that he's there. i hope people enjoy checking out . can get a just looked at it and it is great thanks, clay. >> thank you, steve. still ahead, amber heard his back on the stand today insisting an op-ed is not about johnny depp as she gets defensive when confronted with evidence during the cross-examination. watch this. >> correct? >> ended your testimony under oath that you did not write the text that says call carly simon she said it better. >> a criminal expert breaks dow the latest from the trial comin up straight ahead on fox and friends.
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>> amber heard finishing her testimony in the defamation sui brought by johnny depp. his attorneys claimed that regarding making the case heard was jealous making the case tha she was jealous of his success. no one does just 21 jump street when they're on their 20s. i'm the joke and the industry. >> criminal defense attorney joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have all been fascinated with this case. what is your reaction when the attorney cross-examined her? >> this was really something else yesterday. i think if she had any hope of prevailing in the trial, it wen out the window following what was a grueling cross-examinatio
5:44 am
by johnny depp team. it was really masterful and johnny depp's attorney was able to illustrate for the jury example after example after example where amber heard was most likely lying. not only was she able to demonstrate that, she was able to show us in pictures, making the jury its own eyewitness, fo example, she was claiming at on point that johnny depp broke he nose. 1224 hours later, there is a picture of her looking having a perfect face on the red carpet for example that picture was shown to the jury, they now hav the timeline they can see it fo themselves and this was just th first of many examples where team depth was able to show tha amber heard is not being truthful. >> the two of them had this lov journal a diary they both wrote in and at one point she wrote i have seen you in the true bones
5:45 am
of friendship and respect, but still more than ever want to ri you apart, devour you, and savo the taste. what is your reaction to that? >> you know, this was something. i found it almost humorous that they call it a love journal whe all we've heard over the last six weeks our examples of just how toxic this relationship was. you know, you got to remember this was a very short marriage. if you listen to amber heard, i was one example after another where johnny depp was an aggressive horrible abuser, but here we are looking at her own words again for the jury to see where she is basically telling him how much she lives him, she's constantly apologizing, and it really counters what she wants to portray on the stand. i really think one other way we noticed is that the jury has stopped looking at her accordin to reporters in the room. once a jury stops looking at you , it's pretty much game over a. that as a telltale sign that
5:46 am
they no longer believe you. >> she said they that she wrote in the diary, happy has been happy honeymoon. we will see, when will we know? >> i think it's game over now, but wait i want to say we have about 15 or so more hours because the judges with this trial on a timeline which is also strange, so maybe by the end of this week or early next week they jury should have this case i think. >> thank you so much. great to see you. let's check in with our senior meteorologist. it looks like you have some friends out there. >> what is your name? >> alice marie burnet. >> and where you from? >> and from florida. >> i'm from jacksonville. >> at a conference? >> everybody in jacksonville. >> very nice. very well done, you've done thi
5:47 am
before braidwood had the map, here in new york it's a gorgeou day. not like florida, you need a little jacket, but i will tell you later on in the next couple of days it will feel like florida. i think some of these temperatures will surpass miami on well into the '90s for philly and dc. watching the showers and thunderstorms moving toward the mid atlantic in the northeast o thursday. not huge deal. we could see some scattered dorms that could turn severe across the plains today in the lower ohio valley. that is an area we will keep an ion over the next couple of hours. still very warm across the south . say hi to ainsley rate. >> hi ainsley, we love you. >> hi, ladies great i love the southern accent. it reminds me of home. she sounds just like my mom. >> ainsley said she sounds like your mom. >> the way you say it it amelia allen. thank you. tell the ladies hello.
5:48 am
still ahead too. a jam session like no other. high school senior after the bands he is going to join us live next. what a dream come true. let's check in with dana on what's coming in on her show. >> i love that story about the pearl jam drummer and you have to ask him it's because he met girl so you have to ask him about that. >> it is tighter than a tick. when we had when will we have the answer. the big news from yesterday's primary races and robin mc daniel from the rnc will tell us what she learned from last night's results and still including from some infighting among the democrats to further help republicans in the midterms , the political news and analysis you need to be the mos informed in the room today starting at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
5:49 am
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>> the show must go on a california teenager saves pearl jam gig after their drummer got covid. he hasn't even graduated high school yet.
5:53 am
>> there you go. >> 18 -year-old high school senior got to take this date along with rock legends after texting their daughter olivia, who he met back in 2018 about the opportunity. hey, you need a drummer, i can do it and they said yes. >> he joins us now. build this up for us. the word went out they need a drummer, you know the daughter, people were texting you to do this. tell you how you got to the stage? >> on thursday night, i heard that matt cameron was sick and was getting a bunch of text fro people that were at the show that they needed a drummer, so
5:54 am
met her at an ohana festival an met her there a couple of years ago in 2018 and i text her and she told me that josh was filling in who was one of the guitar players who's playing with pearl jam right now and he's next guitar player for one of the ex- x guitar players for the chili peppers and so i went to bed and in school the next day around new, olivia text me and tells me to send her video of me playing a pearl jam song. i didn't know any pearl jam son so i left school and learned th song called mind your manners and i sent it to her and i gues they liked it. >> i guess so. >> you left school, but a very good reason. so the night of the show, after you had gotten the okay, you were in a little rehearsal room with pearl jam and you were leading the band how much did
5:55 am
that blow your mind? i love these guys, and now i am their drummer. >> it was crazy to see all thos musicians in front of me. it was pretty surreal. >> so they had the drummer from red hot chili peppers play most of the songs, but you got to come on stage and plate mind your manners which was the song that you had sent them. were you nervous? just was the guitar player. you have to know how to play th drums, but when i got on stage, when i started playing, i felt lot more comfortable. everybody is coming up to me at school, it's kind of a trip. >> doesn't make you want to do this more than ever.
5:56 am
you have songs on apple? >> l we have songs platforms. >> that is the name of his band. >> congratulations for joining us live and by the way, you are the coolest kid in your school. more fox and friends moments away. so you can mix things up. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪)
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>> that's florida/georgia line in michigan, i think. >> beautiful day. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. have a great wednesday and see you back here on the couch tomorrow. >> have a good one. >> see you on radio. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 here in new york. pennsylvania waking up to a cliffhanger. so are we. republican senate primary still too close to call as we say good morning back here in new york. ifm owe bill hemmer. hello. >> dana: i'm dana perino, "america's newsroom." the races in the last few years so interesting. it's the entire nation wondering. >> bill: midnight last night shannon bream says hemmer, you need to go. she said it would be breakfast soon. i said dana is buying. >> dana: i will also buy. >> bill: dana has


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