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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 18, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: i actual eye feel like. i appreciate infrastructure and art and all those things but you have to make sure the subways are clean and safe first and then more people will want to ride it. i know this has been on your mind. >> i'm walking down there this afternoon and let you know whether i consider it. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: well, it looks like former president trump was right about a lot of those candidates in those primary races last night. but it is not over in a key race that could shape the control of the senate. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". trump still showing his clout as the republican king maker. 23 of the 27 candidates he backed won. the former president's support was not enough, though, to push a few notable candidates over the finish line including north carolina congressman madison
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cawthorn who faced multiple scandals leading up to the primary. newt gingrich on trump's influence on the gop. >> there is no question that whether you like trump or dislike trump as a matter of just history, no modern political leader has dominated his party outside of office on the scale that trump has. and he has a following in the republican party and has brought in an entire generation of people who were not republicans six or seven years ago who now are part of the republican party. >> harris: let's go to the senate squeaker in pennsylvania. mehmet oz holds a slight edge over david mccormick and it is considered too close to call. and whoever wins that race will face lieutenant governor john fetterman. he is far to the left. he crushed moderate congressman conor lamb last night in the
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democrat's senate primary. here is dr. oz to his supporters. >> when all the votes are tallied i'm confident we will win. [cheering and applause] we are making a ferocious charge but when it's this close what else would you expect? anything about this campaign has been tight. >> harris: bryan llenas is with us from new hope, pennsylvania. interesting last night you saw such a bigger day for people showing up the day of of the polls. could have been a trump effect. oz could have benefited from that and we'll see how it shakes out. >> we will have to see how it shakes out. i'm in bucks county, a suburb of philadelphia and this county that put dr. mehmet oz in the lead, a very slight lead late last night and he has done better than expected in this area particularly. currently dr. oz is leading by
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about 2500 votes statewide with 95% of the vote tallied. the oz campaign says they're optimistic the lead will hold. the campaign for former hedge fund ceo dave mccormick says they feel confident that thousands of uncounted mail-in ballots will break their way. >> we will win this campaign. we'll win this campaign. [cheering and applause] we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and it is all because of you. so thank you, pennsylvania. >> mccormick unleashed negative tv ads against dr. oz that seemed to be working by president trump endorsed oz in april. last night oz thanked trump. >> president trump, after he endorsed me, continued to lean into this race in pennsylvania. he knows all the -- and he
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advised i do town halls. a brilliant idea. >> conservative commentator kathy barnette all but conceded in a distant third place but she had an impact on this race thanks to a late surge fueled in part by her endorsement from doug -- he is an anti-establishment candidate who believes the 2020 election was stolen and took part in the january 6th rally. if the senate primary remains half a percentage point or less an automatic recount will be triggered and candidates will be given a 24 hour notice. the recount must start by may 26 and end by june 7th. harris, we're waiting on results from 31 precincts in allegany county, mccormick's hometown and counting those. we won't expect to see results for that until next week.
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22,000 ballots in lancaster county that were misprinted and that will take some time, too. >> harris: right now 2500 votes separate them and you mentioned that recount trigger. we'll be watching to see how far apart or close they stay. bryan, thank you very much. congresswoman stefanik chair of the house pub ln conference the third ranking house republican is in "focus" and is part of the armed services, intelligence committees. she is busy and time to stop by. you had quite a dialogue going on with the american people. let's start with last night and your top line thoughts. >> my top line thoughts was this was a big night for the republican party. here are some important statistics that haven't been covered but really an indicator of how big this red wave will be this november. this is the highest republican turnout across the board in a primary in over two decades. also if you look at the state
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of pennsylvania, 62% of unaffiliated voters broke for and voted for the republican party. so you can see the energy is there, the enthusiasm is there. we have to continue to work to make the case about how we will save this country from the destruction we're seeing under unified failed far left democrat government. another important takeaway is joe biden's first endorsed candidate shrader lost in his primary in oregon. an indicator not only of joe biden's plummeting support but you can see the democrat party whether the pennsylvania senate outcome for that oregon race lurching further and further to the left. >> harris: it's interesting quickly to compare kind of king maker status, if you will. president biden is somebody who is underwater in everything you poll in terms of what people say is important to them. voters say. his overall approval rating is very low as well. what do you make of him versus trump and their ability yesterday in moving forward to make a difference in the mid-terms for their teams if
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you will? >> it's the exact opposite. joe biden, no democrat in a swing district wants joe biden to campaign for them. no democrat facing a tough primary wants joe biden to campaign for them. joe biden's approval continues to plummet among democrats as well as, of course, independent voters across the country. president trump provides energy, support and his endorsement is the most sought after endorsement for any republican candidate. i've been proud to earn the support of president trump. he knows how important it is to win these races, to flip the house, flip the senate to make sure that we can save this country, as i said, from these policies that are failing hard working americans that we're seeing under joe biden, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> harris: a former versus a president. the president has the bully pulpit and struggling to help others. house speaker nancy pelosi suggesting there could be criminal charges now in the ongoing baby formula crisis
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which has parents scrambling to feed their little ones. let's watch together. >> i think when all of this is done, i'm not associating my colleagues with what i'm going to say right now i'm just saying it myself. i think there might be a need for indictment. >> harris: not associating herself with her colleagues, okay. her remarks came as house democrats have put forth a $28 million aid bill to address the baby formula shortage. a federal judge yesterday signed off on a deal between the fda and baby formula maker abbott labs. that's the company the white house has been blaming for the shortage after its own fda cleared it to reopen. the deal lays out steps about abbott needing to take to restart production. but it could be months before the product is actually on store shelves. meanwhile it is reported that two young children in tennessee
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are hospitalized with intestinal problems. the doctor that's treating them says they both suffer from those issues and need to eat a particular formula that apparently is in short supply. congresswoman stefanik, i said you have been having a conversation with the american people. you are in the nomenclature with some of the things going on and some of the ideas to make it better. please expound. >> well first of all i'm a new mom. the proud mom of my 9-month-old sam, formula fed. nothing more harrowing than a parent desperately trying to find the right formula to feed their babies and finding shelves empty. what's really disappointing is yet again you have the president of the united states and democrats attempting to pass the buck. they weren't paying any attention to this issue. they dismissed this issue with laughter just one week ago, harris. they had no plan. it was republicans and i was proud to lead this that in february we demanded from the fda accountability and a plan
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to address the supply issue when the decision was made to shut down the plant in sturgis, michigan. do you know how long it took for the f drk a to respond? not until last week, mid may, because i blasted them from the capitol steps it was a crisis for families across the country. joe biden was forced to change his schedule to get on the phone with formula manufacturers because house republicans had a press conference on this. democrats have been asleep at the switch. nancy pelosi is again trying to point fingers but it is the fda. she is talking about criminal indictments on the manufacturing formula makers. i think it will be a huge government controversy and there must be accountability on the failures of the fda. this is joe biden's fault and their incompetence. >> harris: we took your news conference with all of your republican people in the house and i don't know if there was a senator there or not or if it was all house, whatever it was,
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it was within minutes that we heard from the white house that he would be having that virtual call to be announced exactly what time. so to spend $28 million on a shortage right now from what we learned from congresswoman cammack earlier this week, we had 130 million in the federal food fund, right, through fema for emergencies and what not that went to busing aflying around illegals from the border. 28 million versus 130 that they might have had their hands on for an emergency. we'll move on. homeland security secretary mayorkas with some words for would be illegal immigrants during a visit to the southern border. let's watch. >> do not place your lives in the hands of individuals who only seek to exploit your lives. we are building safe, orderly
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and humane pathways to access the benefits that the law provides, but traveling from one country to another in the hands of smugglers is not the way to achieve relief. >> harris: congresswoman stefanik. >> secretary mayorkas, they have no operational control over the border and what's very concerning about what he said is the way to stop this humanitarian crisis and security crisis at the southern border is to secure the border. this is the reason why the american people are so frustrated with the absolute failure and dereliction of duty not only of secretary mayorkas at the department of homeland security but joe biden the president of the united states who has yet to ever visit the southern border in his entire career in public service, longer than i've been alive. i've been to the border. i went to eagle pass, texas, a
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horrific humanitarian crisis. the border is wide open and impacts every state and community across america. i represent border patrols in northern new york who have been transferred over and over and over again and we see fentanyl flowing freely across our southern border into communities across the country leading to fentanyl overdoses being the leading cause of death for adults 18 to 45. mayorkas is not doing his job. the president is not doing his job. house republicans are going to run on securing the border, we are going to immediately put legislation on the floor of the house to secure the border and return to the effective trump policies. >> harris: you brought information that i didn't know. that they were taking resources from one border to put them down at another border and you know people who don't like us might be watching that sort of thing. wow. congresswoman stefanik, thank you so much for being in
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"focus." thank you. the trial of a former clinton campaign lawyer is continuing after a fiery first day. the team accusing michael sussman accusing the f.b.i. as a political tool to hurt then candidate donald trump months before the election. and a new report says president biden's controversial disinformation board was just put on hold. is it at risk of being shut down? was all that backlash too much for them to take? maybe it's the woman on the right who is running it. you know jason chaffetz will get into it next. i thought new phones were for new customers. we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan.
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>> harris: the trial against former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman is on right now. it is in its second day and
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special counsel john durham's team is arguing that sussman lied about his motives when he came to the f.b.i. with what turned out to be bogus information trying to tie donald trump to russia. durham says sussman was setting up a quote, unquote, october surprise for hillary clinton's opponent and using the f.b.i. as a political tool. sussman's defense claims the bureau knew he represented quote partisan clients. >> he clearly lied regarding a very important and key fact and that was that he was representing the clinton campaign when he reached out to the f.b.i. in order to try to get them to investigate allegations about mr. trump. >> harris: david spunt live in washington with the latest. >> good morning. this trial is about michael sussman. one of the clinton campaign attorneys but we're waiting testimony from the general counsel of the clinton campaign a name we're familiar with, marquee k -- mark elias.
8:21 am
one of the people responsible in the clinton campaign for hiring fusion gps, that opposition research firm which eventually procured that controversial steele dossier. this trial is about michael sussman who worked at the same law firm a mark he -- elias. prosecutors say it's simple, sussman tried to manipulate the f.b.i. to open and investigation into donald trump, something an average citizen just simply could not do. sussman is charged with lying to the bureau two months before the 2016 election he went to the bureau and said he had some information linking the trump organization via a computer server to a russian based alpha bank owned by associates close to vladimir putin. the f.b.i. investigated and
8:22 am
that allegation was bogus. he claimed he was a concerned citizen worried about national security but the government says wait a minute, he billed the clinton campaign for that f.b.i. meeting. the jurors yesterday said that sussman had a top secret clearance and would never hide anything from the f.b.i. i mentioned mark elias. he worked at the same law firm. we expect the government to -- someone else expected if time allows today is james baker, the former general counsel at the f.b.i. who sussman meant with to relay those allegations about the trump/russia server which turned out to be completely bogus. >> harris: as you are showing evidence of they have in this investigation with durham encircled him with lots of people who can speak to some of the same moments. it is how you get to the truth. david spunt, thank you very much.
8:23 am
jason chaffetz fox news contributor, former utah republican congressman and former oversight committee chair. good to have you in "focus", jason. when you hear that potentially the f.b.i. would have known that sussman was bringing partisan politics rather into play here with a partisan client, hillary clinton, why didn't the f.b.i. do a better job then in making sure that that information was what it should have and could have been? or is that too harsh on the f.b.i.? >> i don't think you can be harsh enough on the f.b.i. the reality is they started this look into trump back in the summer. it happened months before this. and so there was that already going out there. i think this is actually a very strong case against mr. sussman because sussman went out of his way in a pro-active way to say to his buddy, hey jim, i want to come over. i'm not working for anybody but
8:24 am
hey, i'm just here to just relay some information because i'm concerned about the country. the defense will be that the f.b.i. is incompetent and it's a good defense, actually. but i think the case is pretty strong against sussman as long as they can keep the jurors who are probably more prone to be pro-democrat in terms of their politics, if they can keep the trump derangement syndrome out of that jury pool, i think they can do pretty well. >> harris: the presentation is simply this, to get everybody on board as an american and flip the switch. would it matter if the f.b.i. didn't look into things brought to them by anybody democrat or republican, when they knew there was an election coming up? certainly somebody has a dog in the fight. might have been michael sussman. we'll see. let's get to this. >> remember, the goal was to get the press. all they wanted to do is get the news headlines. to that extent they succeeded. >> harris: this is true.
8:25 am
i want to get to the fox news alert that is happening. the "washington post" today has just reported that the administration's controversial disinformation governance board is being paused. just three weeks after the dhs secretary mayorkas announced its existence. the head of that board is considering bowing out amidst backlash. critics called her out. the post reports the board could still be shut down. not just on pause. your reaction to the breaking news. >> this was ill conceived from the beginning. the democrats know they can't sustain this going through the next election. the idea there would be a subjective disinformation board put together by somebody as
8:26 am
partisan as this person. they didn't do the basic research on the internet and tiktok videos out there with this person which just made her -- it just -- the jokes wrote themselves. look, the department of homeland security instead of going out and securing the border this is where they are spending time and they botched this one as well. >> harris: you know, you mention the stuff that she put up on social media. it's unbelievable we have a government that wouldn't vet her. >> i think it will be a huge generational challenge. the young people growing up have video and you know i try to teach my kids, i'm sure you do the same yourself, you put it out on the internet it will be there forever and you may not be able to pull that thing back years later. and i think it is a generational issue.
8:27 am
but at the same time this was just bad, stupid policy from the biden/harris administration and they are paying the political consequences of it. it should have never happened and i'm glad they're pulling it back. >> harris: her politics and the explosion nature how she weaponized them that got her in the crosshairs with so many across the country. jason chaffetz. great to have you in "focus." thank you. critics going after democrats once again after more of them claim abortion access is good for the economy. president biden going hard against so-called maga republicans. >> i think it has to be the only strategy they have is deflection. they aren't taking responsibility for what they've done. the american public see right through this. >> harris: the unifier seems to be wearing the inviceability cloak today. a new report on what changed his mind and he just didn't want to be that anymore. he wanted to divide us.
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>> harris: news coming in now from the white house covid response team holding its first public briefing in six weeks. cdc director walensky says the united states has seen an increase in daily covid cases over just the past month which is three times what it was and a steady increase over the past five weeks. the seven-day average for hospitalizations was up 19% to about 3,000 per day and the total deaths are sitting at 275 per day. americans will take this information and use it as they need to. we will bring you as much of it as we get when it happens. democrats still linking abortion access to the economy
8:34 am
despite being slammed by republicans and other pro-life critics. we heard from california congresswoman katie porter last week and now arizona representative greg stanton is on the band wagon. >> has anything done more to help women gain the footing in the workplace and advance professional careers and advancement gait for the american economy? roe v. wade benefited everyone in america whether they appreciate it or not. >> the fact that things like inflation can happen and become more expensive to feed your kids and fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they will have to feed. >> harris: that sort of language is really offensive to the senator on the right, senator tim scott. we had an exclusive with him on the "focus" yesterday as he was
8:35 am
reacting to the exchange between the senator and the treasury secretary janet yellen. she claimed abortion helps poor black mothers so that they don't hurt the economy. >> her response was to in my opinion provide a callous approach and a solution, remedy, for blacks living in poverty being abortion. and as a guy who was raised by a powerful, positive black woman in poverty in a single parent household, i know that sometimes broken places is where you find brilliance. so to put the face of abortion being poor women making a choice so they can increase the labor force participation rate? it is just unbelievable. >> harris: power panel now. fox news political analyst and richard fowler fox news contributor. richard, i will start with you. when you see congresswoman and the arizona representative
8:36 am
stanton and secretary yellen, is this a trend that we need to prepare for in america just in terms of the economy being the reason to have access to abortions more than anything else? you heard the senator scott there saying it's callous. >> listen, for me i don't think it's about the economy or anything like that. i think it's about women being able to have privacy when they go to their doctors. my mom i was raised by a single woman. i don't think i'm from a broken home but appreciate when my mom goes to the doctor she has privacy between her and her physician and the u.s. government isn't in there >> i will take it a step further than senator scott especially with yellen's comments. i think it's racist. i don't use that word lightly. racist to assume that a woman because she is black and may not have much, that it is a better idea for her to have an abortion so you can relieve any potential stress in the future.
8:37 am
this is the insanity we're seeing from the democratic party day in and day out right now. they are looking to conflate multiple issues because they know that they are in trouble this coming mid-term. the problem is they are doing it in such a way that if it was the other side of another issue they would be calling it racist. this is unacceptable and not what we stand for as a country. >> harris: let's get richard's reaction to you. >> unacceptable is we have a conversation between a woman and her doctor. i'm somebody who is pro-choice but not pro-abortion. i believe it's -- women deserve privacy. if you look at many of the supreme court cases passed during the same time that roe v. wade was passed it was all about leveling the playing field for women and making them equal citizens in the law. what i mean when i go to the doctor i have full autonomy over my body and if this decision is overturned and many states across the country women won't have the same rights. there will be parts of the body
8:38 am
controlled by a supreme court case. >> harris: quickly, is there any kind of a slippery slope though? during the pandemic we saw maybe we don't have the choices that we should have as americans. mandates put on us, vaccine mandates put, the idea of it's between you and your doctor slid off the table. quickly and we'll move to the next topic. >> i will say this. margaret singer will be proud of what the democrats are saying about abortion and black women. >> harris: senator scott said something similar in the "washington post" op-ed yesterday. i'll let you finish that thought. >> that's completely and totally it. these talking points are abhorrent. we shouldn't be having these kind of conversations. i understand it is a decision between a woman and her body but you are actually saying, democrats are articulating black women have no choice but to have an abortion because they're black and poor. >> dana: i don't think that's what the democratic is
8:39 am
articulating. it is your interpretation. what the democratic party has articulated what they always articulated equal, high quality healthcare no matter -- republicans won't say the idea you can go to the doctor and don't have to worry the bill. >> there are three black people right now. >> harris: when you bring up eugenics by sanger and take a look at what happened at the beginning of world war ii where jews were blamed and their choices were blamed for harming the economy. it is something that a killer used the words of. we're not equating this to that but let's make sure that's not where we're going in terms of this conversation on a larger level. so you ask why would yellen go there? we invited her to come on the program and tell her why she went there, to target one group
8:40 am
of people, you guys will hurt the economy if you black women don't get abortions. it is a fair question after what she exactly said. let's move. president biden is finally hanging up his unifier hat and will no longer try to work with republicans. "politico" with this headline. biden starts conceding that the bygone era of d.c. may be gone. it goes on to say to the frustration of many democrats and some of his closest advisors, president joe biden has steadfastly spent more than a year in office insisting on trying to work across the aisle with republicans. now biden no longer believes that most republicans will show a willingness to engage. he himself admitted he was wrong. we certainly have seen a shift in his rhetoric with recent attacks on the ultra-maga crowd as he calls it. a far cry from his promises on the campaign trail to bring americans together.
8:41 am
>> president biden: my whole soul is bringing america together, uniting our nation. under my predecessor the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. i'm running to unite the country, bottom line. this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's ex itioned in american history. i'm an american president and represent all of you whether you voted for or against me and i will make sure you are represented. >> harris: well if republicans and voters who vote republican are reacting as a proud badge of honor to be called this. do you think it's working for the president? >> it's not working for the american people. what we've seen in this country is division as a way of doing business, right? there was once a time in congress where democrats and republicans worked together. the education law that we celebrate in this country orrin hatch and ted kennedy said
8:42 am
let's fix public education. sadly those days are long gone. republicans want to create obstruction for democrats. mcconnell wants to make obama a one-term president on top of that in redistricting you have districts drawn so they aren't swing districts left in the country where democrats and republicans can compete fairly. >> we need to get away from the talking points. bipartisanship and joe biden doesn't go in the same sentence. he wanted republicans to do what he wanted. get on board. that's not bipartisanship. this is a farce in my opinion that he said he was really trying to push that issue and bipartisan way, any issue. >> harris: heated but good conversation as it always is. nice to see you. see you soon. elon musk raised the alarm on false followers on twitter.
8:43 am
as it turns out nearly half of president biden's own followers are bogus. they're bots, gas prices keep breaking all time records. everything is costing more as you know, americans are hurting. and critics say the white house just doesn't have quite the answer to solve the problem. raymond arroyo in "focus" next. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful
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>> we know how people are suffering and we have the tools and resolve to get inflation back down. and no one should doubt our resolve in doing that. what we need today is we need inflation coming down in a clear and convincing way and keep pushing until we see that. >> harris: inflation causing americans more pain every day. he can talk about it but action would be better. a huge part of it is gas prices. the national average today $4.56 per gallon. now let's look at this total picture. the price for a gallon of gasoline has been rising for the past 20 consecutive days. for nine of those days in a row it has broken a record. the white house with a messaging mess after president
8:49 am
biden tweeted that the rich should pay more taxes to ease inflation. now new responses over this flat footed reaction. >> how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a car or food or everyday americans? >> we encourage those who have done very well especially those who care about climate change to support a fairer tax code. >> what does it have to do with inflation? >> that cuts some of the biggest costs families face and fights inflation and lowering inflation here and adds to the historic deficit reduction the president is achieving by asking the richest taxpayers and corporations to pay their fair share. >> harris: i didn't even understand that. okay. a few social media users said it looks like she is maybe just reading the wrong answer from her written talking points. i had considered that as well. i want to give her tabs to go to the right place.
8:50 am
from the kamala harris and michael scoot school of communications where you start a sentence and see where it takes you. finally this is excruciating to watch. raymond arroyo in "focus." your reaction. >> how can you react? for all the cruel depictions of this i'll say one positive thing. the press spokesman is on brand for the biden administration. she is inarticulate, incoherent. no follow-up and nobody knows what the hell she said when it's over but so off point. people paying their fair share. working class people working two jobs are paying more than their fair share at the pump and everywhere else. this kind of class envy argument is wearing thin. you are very upset and upset with the people in leadership. >> harris: she is trying to land the plane she brought in climate change. >> it has everything to do with it. i'll tell you why.
8:51 am
that was the interesting tell, harris. she spoke about everything accept why these prices are rising. part of it is joe biden and this administration adherence to the green gospel that they're embracing. they shut down oil and gas leases all over the country and they did, and they alienated. we never hear about this. alienated the saudis and uae in a big way. they not only stopped taking biden's calls they stopped sending oil to us. they signed that iran nuke deal pushing that iran nuke deal that russia negotiated and when that rocket landed in abu dhabi the united states did nothing. all the goodwill trump built up through the abraham accords has been shattered. the middle east is in tatters and they sent kamala harris there on monday to mend fences. she was there for three hours. >> harris: a shocking number of sham accounts on twitter and
8:52 am
millions of them are following our commander-in-chief. fake accounts. the report from a software firm comes after elon musk raised the alarm about fake accounts on twitter saying his buy-out of the social media site is on hold until they figure out this problem. the audit found half of biden's 22 million followers and more than 70% of musk's 93 million followers are actually bogus. raymond. >> first of all look at the bright side. his bogus followers are higher than his approval rating. a plus for him. i don't know why everybody is freaking out over twitter bots. we've known that forever. >> harris: he is trying to buy it and it takes down the value if you don't have actual people you can say to the advertisers these are the people that you reach when you advertise on the platform. if they are fakie fake. >> what are you buying? elon musk is trying to drive down the asking price.
8:53 am
the stock has tumbled and it's falling. you and i use twitter. >> harris: i'm not emotionally invested in it. i know -- i have noticed a difference since elon musk said he wanted to buy it that the tweets have become -- he taught us all to hit the star. he taught us how to use twitter. now he will hear from everybody not just the people the algorithm thinks they can point in that direction. i'm taking fewer threats now which is nice. >> bill: what i like about it. it is a place for people to community but not a lifestyle destination. a lot of hate and grievance there. we can do better than twitter. >> harris: does he still buy it? >> he will but at a much cheaper price. >> harris: i wonderthe president will clean up his account. maybe he doesn't care. former new york city mayor bill deblasio says he wants to run for congress in the empire
8:54 am
state maybe. according to the "new york post," the ex mayor told the city councilman said he is committed to running. he hasn't confirmed it. new yorkers are already not having it. twitter speaking of which erupted at the news. one used all of her tweet characters to write no, no. we don't have time for me to read them all. another said some people just can't read the room. >> bill: talk about somebody who has pedalled grievance. he promised equality. look at the state of the ste. homeless everywhere, crime on the rise. restaurants closed. talk about a dumpster fire of leadership. for him to even imagine that new yorkers would give him a chance to represent them even a small district, forget it. my favorite take away of the today bill deblasio wrote a piece in the atlantic, how joe biden can profit from my
8:55 am
mistakes. he actually wrote that column, okay? i don't know if joe biden can profit from his mistakes but maybe -- maybe deblasio could be the next speaker, press spokesman for the white house. he is perfect in complete delusion. this is a sad moment. >> harris: raymond arroyo i love how you use all your words and they're all great. "outnumbered" after the break. fd my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent.
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