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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> kayleigh: the biden administration controversial disinformation governments board is reportedly caught. this is three weeks after its rocky rollout. the woman to lead it is said to be out. this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost emily compagno and harris faulkner. joining us a share agreement is joe concha. it is on hold following concerns
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that the board would a police speech it did not like an outrage over the chief who pushed debunked russian collusion claims and called hunter biden's laptop a trump campaign tool. "the washington post" reporting now three weeks after its announcement that the deaf information governance board is being paused. according to multiple employees in dhs, they decided to shut down the board and by tuesday morning, she had drafted a resignation letter in response to the board's dissolution. big news. joe concha, i immediately thought what lasted longer? i decided to count and disinformation board was three weeks and 21 days. cnn plus was 24 days. bad ideas and bad hands for both. >> joe: either way, three scarbrough cheese. if you can't make three scarab of cheese, that's a problem.
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they thought that the pollutant price hike would resonate with e voters or blame donald trump foe at the border. or did not see coded variance coming or did not see the taliban coming. all of those miscues, gaps, visions, this is the worst of those ideas. when they said their hang paws on it, you do not hit pause. you take the vcr and you throw in the garbage. this needs to be in the trash heap of history because government should not be monitoring free speech. i think it's going to be weaponized. this is the blowback that it got and it forced them to do it. nina jankowicz, joy reid of washington, d.c., in terms of misinformation, the last person they should've picked to run it. alejandro mayorkas should be focusing on other things. should not be taking on other responsibility for it it's and kamala harris more
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responsibility. it's awkward and well. >> kayleigh: it's not. my favorite is how "the washington post" reports this as if they encapsulate the term at its vast right-wing conspiracy. listen to how they report it. it is a prime example of how the right wing internet apparatus operates with five great influencers attempt to identify a target and repeat across social media with the aim of discrediting for those who want to find them. and here's what you left out. we have a wall and she's not someone who's totally innocent. schnapps was nonpartisan. here are some of the things she has had. she called hunter biden laptop a trump campaign product. this is her view on the first amendment. i shudder to think about of free speech where absolutist or taken for more platforms. the christopher steele dossier and she says it provides great historical context about the evolution of disinformation paired the petrone presidency would embolden isis, russians
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ukraine would be much worse. >> harris: let's give it up on the big wall. i looked at one of her tweets. listen to this last night. chris steele, yes, that chris steele, provides great historical context about the evolution of disinformation. worth a listen. she was a fan of the man who was peddling lies. a fan! but she wanted to help us. i use are in the past tense because i don't agree. if they do realign it, she will not be part of it. if they make it go away, they will save themselves some headaches before the midterm elections. i do agree with you, they may not make it go away. but when you look at that, you better understand how there is this fabric among some of this administration that it is okay to hire something like this because they are on the same page about how to use politics.
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she was using that all crabs christopher steele. we don't was a person that the fbi deemed not the best stores. that was before they got everything out of him and he has become part of the russia hoax. you can never take a tweet down, but i never heard her clap back on anything she was being accused of. she never clap back anywhere. it was time for her to go. i disagreed with you on one thing. >> joe: what is that? >> harris: not seeing the taliban coming is a bigger deal in this. that cost us lives last year. i know you were toying with ideas there, but we should've seen them coming because they have been coming for so long. >> joe: they took over kabul in the time it takes to order a pizza. >> harris: we bought a lot more people during the war there. >> kayleigh: you're exactly right. what happened in afghanistan, the worst wonder of the
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administration. i'm prepared for that, unprepared for the ukraine and patient, unprepared for inflati. when you read the washing to impose peace, going to "the washington post," you can see where they said the white house, they did not tell legislative staffers and congressmen and women. they did not defend her enough. as if the white house was not prepared. >> shannon: the interesting thing is that this was written by taylor lawrence who has her own issues when it comes to information and being online and have it all plays out. in the piece, she says that was a derogatory or was 1984 because it felt that way to a lot of people. neither of them had any power to declare what is true or false, so what was the point of the whole thing? after reading this article, i am left completely confused more than was before but that this information governance board.
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what was the purpose of it and what functions was it going to perform? is completely harmless and there is nothing to it and it wasn't going to do anything bad to anybody or make calls about what is true or false. so what was the point? >> harris: why do they need a violating it? >> kayleigh: i have a sinister reason why i think that was an angry article. critics widely compared this to the ministry of truth karam george orwell's novel. the board itself had no power to make decisions. we heard it from "the washington post" when the board first came out. it's because the government cannot regulate speech. it would be unconstitutional, so this is cover for exec and what they were doing. >> emily: exactly. for the censorship that they engage in. we know it is entitled to a free republic and also unconstitutional. to me, this is such a fail and such a joke. she was the chief of spreading
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disinformation and misinformation and outright lies. you name to tongue. and now she is a victim? she can dish it and can't take it. going to fold like a deck of cards. something that they thought was so important. it became a campaign pillar for the firmament. all of a sudden, just kidding. it was nothing. we did not mean it. all of this is such a representation of what the administration is at all times which is exactly that. they can dish it out and put out the narratives and stand behind it, they can protest on the steps, but the second in any way that there is pushback, they totally fold. >> harris: this was the disinformation governance board/cancel you if you don't do what we want you to believe. >> joe: a quick point. think about who was the overarching entity overlooking the administration. the white house. the biden administration. what tweet that they put out a
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couple of days ago? there were no vaccines when joe biden entered office. there are photos of him getting vaccines. >> kayleigh: and plus he did not state of the administration. but last i checked, that tweet is still out. >> joe: 1 million people in the vaccine and twitter not doing anything about it. >> kayleigh: they had 21 days. coming up, new warnings about another summer of rage courtesy the left. dhs is warning of nationwide violence over the expected ruling on abortion coming next. ♪ ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar.
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>> harris: we could be looking at a repeat of 2020 summer of rage with violent protests expected from the left. why would you say that? the department of homeland security is now bracing for trouble over the u.s. supreme court's expected ruling on abortion. not good trouble. the icon of civil rights, john lewis, he was to for it. at that kind. the leaked draft of the opinion have sparked social media threats to burn down the court and murder justices. protesters even going to the justices homes and attacking pro-life groups. all of this is leading to dhs with a wording. "the volume of violent threats hurting supreme court justices, members of congress, clergy, health care officials, providers, and others associated with the abortion debate are likely to persist and may
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increase to an leading following the issuing of the court's official ruling." you cover this so closely. what is your first reaction to it? >> shannon: at the dhs wants to signal that they are on top of it and enforce the federal law that's being broken by the protests. you clearly cannot parade or picket at a judges home while the case is pending with the purpose to influence them or influence them. those are easy rest to make. show up and say you stop the protest or you're going away in handcuffs. they have not done at once. there are people's homes and have children and family members and loved ones there. some of the justices do not live at their homes anymore because they can't. if the dhs is serious to say we are going to cracked on the summer, if you started by dragging the people in handcuffs simply by enforcing the current law on the books and clearly worded. >> harris: how would that go? we didn't see that in 2020 when they were burning down businesses. >> shannon: exactly. when you give people the way, they take it.
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we see that around new york city. you see with crime and with people being immediately bailed out or not prosecuted at all. people are well aware of what they can get away with. we know the laws in the books, it is been the headlines of news programs for weeks. if it's not enforced at all, what is taking protesters were a question mark >> harris: your comments made me think that there is more than one law. 1503 means you can't show up, 1507 means you can't pick it. they are utilizing any of it. >> emily: ideologically, the rage has been blessed. they have a right to be angry because they are part of the progressive left. can you imagine if the pro-life protesters promised a summer of rage? if they smashed one window? to your point, protesters in the name of blm looted, smashed officers in the head, murdered law enforcement officers outside of the federal courthouse that i used to work at.
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he died protecting an actual justice, not condone violence misrepresented as just a what breaks my heart is that the enforcement is not even. what we can expect is not only for those to suffer, and i'm truly worried about that, but the suffering is blessed because it is on the "right side ideologically" which is the wrong side of the law. >> harris: beautifully put. every word. i want to get to this and we can pop this up and watch it. media excusing attacks on pro-life threats to justice holmes. there's some in the media who say it that's just fine. let's watch. >> it feels like it misses the mark. justices have security. so far, protests have been nonviolent. >> women feel at this point that everything has been pulled back. everything that has ever fought for. >> it shows what it's like to
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lose your freedom of choice. he can't the house so easily, so maybe that's a good lesson for him. >> their argument seems so delusional to me because as you just pointed out while we were watching that, they are breaking the law by showing up. they are breaking the law by picketing. yes, they have security. a lot of people have security. but that's not the point. think how they have security because that's not the point. you can't go there, you can't intimidate, you can't show up to their house. i don't think that the people we heard from our reading u.s. code with team zero three or 1507. >> joe: a lot of these justices live in virginia. what happened in virginia with five years ago? steve scalise. shot and a baseball field with several others. the capitol police was only there because steve scalise was minority. that gave him security. congressman ron desantis was there and if steve scalise was
9:19 am
not there, no capitol police, and it could've been a shooting gallery before police actually arrived. you would think after that happened, the whole excuse of it they have security so everything is going to go fine, all it takes is one guy, one gal come up to take the law into their hands and try just change the face of the supreme court. i read the pelican brief. if you murder a sprinkler justice, joe biden can replace and it changes the whole ball g. that's what we're going to go to. we have a media that should be cooler temperature, the white house should be cooling the temperature. instead, they are endorsing this and i'm going to lead it there before i say something bad. >> harris: and they should be cooling the temperature and they are not. they are adding fuel to the flames and they are certainly doing that by covering this evenly. as emily was talking about with law enforcement treating it evenly.
9:20 am
it is not the cops who aren't. it is what they are allowed to do in the cities when the people were marching in 2020. hands back. remember customer they need room to riot. your thoughts on this? >> shannon: jen psaki, i would like to give you one of her quotes. so far, protests have been peaceful. "we certainly continue to encourage outside of judges homes in the president's position." to encourage peaceful protests outside of the justices homes which is a crime. i never thought i would hear a crime condoned by the podium. i don't know why or a will be to that statute. maybe they will today. at 1:30 p.m., we will get another briefing. i hope this is an opportunity to denounce lawlessness, denounce crime to make a new press secretary. maybe we will denounce crime. now that the dhs of the biden
9:21 am
administration has said that they anticipate violence and they have seen murderous threats, i anticipate a full-fledged condemnation. stop the action. i don't think we would hear it, but i hope we do. if we don't, they're not concerned about the threat. maybe they should be concerned about the politics. 76% say protesting outside of a justices is wrong. 52% say biden's refusal to condemn it could lead to more violence. care about the politics at least. care about human life. be on it quickly have done that. i jokingly say that i want to give her tabs are her big binder because she seems to be reading the wrong answers to the wrong question. it boils down to one question. what matters to you? do these supreme court justices not matter because they voted differently than you wanted them to vote because you think you know about them because her conservative? that's what i want to know. is that fair? you've been in their shoes.
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>> kayleigh: it's fair. there's a statute criminalizing what is being done but number two, you have a publicized actionable threat in the hand of the department of home and of security it changes how you approach the game. >> harris: we already knew about the mansion. but newly unveiled tax documents show exactly how the blm organization was spending millions. at some point, the cofounder was lying cash to her family. ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: the organization is facing backlash after tax documents showing how the nonprofit spending money.
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the organization as filing for fiscal year 2020, 22021 is showing nearly $1 million going to the cofounders father. her brother was paid $840,000 for security for the group even though he had zero law-enforcement experience. $200,000 was given to the trave on martin foundation. they had this to say about tax filings after the organization's purchase of a $6 million los angeles mansion was exposed. watch. >> i did not know before all of this. something being weaponized again says that many people don't know and don't care about. it is such a trip now to hear the word 990s. it's triggering. >> kayleigh: triggering to have to comply with state and federal law. >> shannon: they have pushed back saying that the criticism
9:28 am
is deeply rooted in racism or sexism. one of the most interesting and exposing articles came from a black author who talked about how he was raised by single black woman and how he himself has had guns of the police trained on him. he said i did not want to go where the facts were taking it, but i had real concerns writing this. he was not a right wing conservative person writing this. what gets me is that we find out the average donation was about $30. think about the person who thought i want to help. i want to help the families i feel were wronged and i want to stand in the gap it good. those are tiny little donations that ended up at $90 million. there was a piece by a black female columnist over at the post and she said the lack of transparency is a serious betrayal and we cannot defend a blm national leadership that arrogantly refuses to be accountable to black victims and community. a lot of the criticism is coming from within the black community which is we need to stand behind us, but you are putting us in a position where we can't.
9:29 am
>> emily: last night, geraldo was talking about this. he called it poverty pens. they are groups that he is seen throughout his journalist creel that would capitalize on the need of others to help affect change and groups would seize on that. we thought that the expenditures are mind-boggling. $9 million for private jets. $1 million to her baby daddy for event production. persian is selling $145 sweatshirts on his website and people were donating an ave. families has received $200,000. it's not about the money, but it's the blatant hypocrisy between the two and that there was no compassion, no generosity extended whatsoever by the group that now refuses to be held accountable and hides behind labels like racist and triggered. >> joe: poverty pens are a classic con. it's like the lincoln project.
9:30 am
made off investments right now. all with the purpose of making the top of the organization to rich. it begs the question, does black lives matter, did it have a positive effect on the black unity? when you look at the numbers here, the murder rate in the black community jumped 30% in 2020. that is the same year that they raised $100 million. how many jobs can they water-ski behind? how much is enough? now i wonder, all of those people that you mention for what they donated, i would be pretty angry and i would be calling my lawyer and saying it's time for a lawsuit because my money is not going where i thought it was. >> emily: an organization that is separate from the movement affecting awareness for social justice causes. >> harris: to get into who has been harmed by this, think about the local organizations who thought that they were part of something. let's face it. the national organization has not done much. they were not organizing against
9:31 am
all of the young people who were shot and killed over a couple of summers. not just in the protesting, but crime in chicago has been crazy and quite violent. and deadly. where is blm the organization? where are the protests in chicago saying no more black lives taken? where are they? that would be a top-down situation, but then you have all of these other local arms of the organization and how disappointed they must be. i would imagine they have to defend it. i'm sure they will be looked at as well and they will have some of the receipts to show what did not get spent on. they will be part of the story of the money grab that the people at the top of the blm organization were making. baby daddy got a shop, but come on. at one point, in that same interview i believe because she's wearing the same thing, she says that her family members, some of them have skill sets and that's why she gave them $1.2 million.
9:32 am
>> joe: those are big skills. is there going to be an irs investigation? >> emily: to harris' point, from this your long, eight of every ten homicide victims in the city of chicago are young african american men and we have heard nothing from that national organization. to joe's point, this is the tip of the iceberg. this is then complying an audit to maintain the nonprofit status. this is not touched the irs civil or criminal division, but based on what we know it thus far, i would not hold my breath that there would not be one of those investigations because i think when it's coming. >> kayleigh: i imagine there will be. $970,000 to the baby daddy. $840,000 to her brother. and then we learn from the daily mail, her sister, mother, and brother were all employed by the organization. it's a family affair and totally separate from the story that we talked about before with the academic "new york post" on the
9:33 am
12 man dollars spent on luxury property in toronto in los angeles. an $8 million grant 2 out of country expenses. $1.7 million unaccounted for. i would like to know where that went along with all the other money. these are serious questions and should be investigations. hopefully, there is. people gave $30. it was a sacrifice for money and unfortunately they were betrayed by an organization. >> emily: we cannot expect and organize the stomach investigation but hopefully there will be some accounting for it. up next, a new pool that suggests companies should keep their politics to themselves. ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: new poll showing that voters would stop using companies that pushed political agendas they disagree with. 87% of voters from both parties say they would stop using the products or services of that company. 84% of democrats, 93% of g.o.p. voters, and 82% of independents. all saying that they would give companies the boot if they pushed a different political agenda than their own. shannon, let me drink my coffee and eat my hamburger. i don't care what you think about abortion, voting rights, et cetera. don't put it in my face. >> shannon: i think a lot of these companies feel that there is a small but very vocal minority internally at the company or externally that is going to shame them and call them out if they don't align with the more progressive ideas. and most cases, we know it leads in that direction. you're right. a lot of consumers who have these numbers, they're going to think twice about it. from a business standpoint, wouldn't you say it lets remain neutral. you shareholders to serve some stink at the bottom line.
9:39 am
as my husband says, a famous line from michael jordan, republicans buy sneakers two. their real life americans that are going to have their own opinions and would like to go to stores and eat food and do thins without having to decide if the company has completely disavowed and insulted my beliefs. >> kayleigh: we have seen some reticence on the abortion issue when it comes to companies, but then i saw stories about starbucks covering travel insurance for employees that want to have abortions. why way into all of this? just let us drink or coffee. >> emily: i was part of a skit forgot filled where i played someone going into a fast food joint saying what comes number three? bacon, avocado, and my thoughts on transgender voting. what would be? no thanks. just give me the werner, please.
9:40 am
the point is, no your world. that's what those poll administrators drive. people want you to be there for your services and products and you stand behind it. it is separate than politics. those are separate buckets. as americans who relied on sports and entertainment to unify us to be separate from politics, now we are so exhausted by the fact that those really animus conversations dealing with politics have bled into those realms. i'm not a fan of boycotting anything, but i certainly stopped eating ben & jerry's ice cream for example. i was over it. >> kayleigh: and it's really good, unfortunately. there's a lot of leftist political activism you see in corporate america. you think they would learn when they saw disney. that was a huge blow back in disney's face. they lost money, they watched the protective status in florida. >> joe: the don't say gay bill that did not have the word gay
9:41 am
in it at all. don't eat my kindergartner or second grade about sexual identity? that one? there's a lot of parents who we think are taking their kids to disney and some, not all, but some are saying i'm not going to give you my money now. if you are a company, make a great product, provide good customer service, treat your employees well. those are the only three things you should be doing. you take aside, you lose half of the country. with inflation where it is now, that could be devastating because we are already having enough trouble and terms of passing cost onto the consumers and consumer saying i can't afford this. why do this now? as coca-cola what happened in georgia for voting rights. >> kayleigh: remember mlb, georgia lost it. i looked up the headline because a thought on the way here. one year ago, and called george's reflection reform bill jim crow and the state's primary vote is up 155% from the
9:42 am
2020 cycle. an all-time high in voting turnup and yet they lost $100 million. because mlb people became. >> harris: i remember when he pulled stomach visited that state. stacey abrams, who had been right by his side politically, deciding not to meet him on the tarmac. we reach out for her team for two days straight. other things on her schedule. can you tell us what they are? no, we can't. there were a lot of poor neighborhoods who felt the loss of that $100 million. it was tough to talk like that. netflix took us in a different direction. they decided to tell their employees that if we are not woken up for you or you see something we are streaming that is part of our services, you can leave. we don't want our customers to leave, we want you to leave. can you imagine if you went in to get your cup and sit in starbucks on the person asked
9:43 am
you how do you feel? if you are at the same, you can shop there? if you agreed with whatever it was politically, do you get a free cup of coffee? this is a slippery slope for the corporations. it puts them in a bind. what happens when people move around like any other cat stomach class action lawsuit question work you gave privilege to employees with you politicalu shun the rest of us. i know 20 lawyers that will take them. >> kayleigh: going back to the first part of your answer, wasn't it georgia that biden compared segregationist to promote legislation and voter turnout is up. >> joe: and it's easier to vote in georgia than it is in new york or in delaware. >> kayleigh: a controversial author it's twitter after backlash for his plus size swimsuit model. are we entitled to an opinion,
9:44 am
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>> joe biden may be shutting the disinformation board before got up and running. the left-leaning right wing
9:48 am
influencers for its demise, but wasn't ever a good idea in the first place? senator john cotton here to discuss. another big night for trunk backed candidates and others not family doing well. why is the biden administration looking to buy oil from venezuela question work i'm john roberts, sandra's off. join us at the top of the air for "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> harris: controversial author jordan peterson says he has quit twitter after being blasted over comments he made about a plus side model on "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover. here's the tweet that set off the woke crowd. "sorry, not beautiful, and no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that." his departure raises a question. are people entitled to an opinion, especially if it is a
9:49 am
publicly consumed product designed for creating opinions or is it better to say nothing? >> kayleigh: i'm going to be a little bit of a contrarian. he was not censored. he chose to leave the platform. he tweeted something that was very controversial and an insult to this model and in turn, he received a vicious insult. what to expect? he then fled the platform by his own choosing and changed password. this is not censorship. this is insults and return to your vicious insult so you fled the platform. he should've predicted it. >> harris: i love that. that's what we call a data point. she loves those. emily? given that, can he complain or should he go away question work >> emily: he should go away. he is the same type of coward that this administration and our disinformation czar is where they can dish it, but they can't take it. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but are you entitled to share a question mark may be, but you have to read the consequence is.
9:50 am
you have to realize that the vicious insult you levied is going to get you some back i'm sensitive to this because as a former nfl cheerleader, i was part of a mechanism that furthered a specific image, a specific body image. i know the point of this conversation is more about the public accountability for your opinion, but i feel so strongly that this woman, to me who is incredible and gorgeous, does not deserve his insult. he certainly deserved the insults and accountability that came. >> harris: shannon? i think i know where you will go. >> shannon: "sports illustrated" is brilliant. they do nontraditional perfect them before. they have different body types because it provokes conversation and it makes people want to see what's going on over there. it is a very specific type. but for now, for them to say we are going to put all kinds of people in here and body shapes and it's going to be interesting
9:51 am
and everyone's going to end up talking about it. bravo to them because it worked. but if we are talking about more broadly the idea of speech, if you are going to put it out there, you can't take it back periods free speech and return as free. if it is stifled, there is an inability to resolve contact them at conflict. who wrote that? "the new york times." america has a free-speech problem. they talked about how there's so much of wanting to shut people down and since everybody, but it's dangerous because the bedrock of american society is free speech. to both of your points, it works in both directions. >> harris: can be physically dangerous because when people feel that they aren't heard, they will do all sorts of things that they shouldn't be doing. like going to a u.s. supreme court justices house when his families there and breaking federal laws. >> joe: never talk about a girl's age, weight, shoes, skin. he did this so he could play the
9:52 am
victim. people think i get paid by the word but i have nothing else to say. it was a stupid thing to do and he was smart to remove himself. let's finish up this puppy. >> harris: when joe tells you, you have been told. more and just a moment. ♪ ♪ hield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ veteran homeowners. home values are going up and up. home equity is, too. it's your turn to cash in with a cash out loan from newday usa. the newday 100 loan could get you an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash
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9:57 am
ounces for 2.50, but now cracking down on concession prices calling them totally indefensible, and repaying people who paid for that. >> colt 45? or the mad dog 2020. yeah, of course. >> take you for an old -- >> i love this. >> i'll date myself. in college, may or may not have been in charge of bringing the kegs to the party. one keg equals seven cases of beer. 168 beers in a keg. i could get them for $30 each and now i could only buy one beer for the same amount i used to get 168 for. i went to a yankee game, it was $12 for warm beer by the time you park and get the tickets. i mean, for this -- >> ridiculous. >> where is the justice department, where is merrick garland on this. >> harris, they are saying it
9:58 am
was a clerical error and what they are going to do, hire more executives to oversee, it's not going to go down very much. >> he have the panel that looks at the stuff and this got tipped off by 27.85 summer ale by sam adams, so they had to refund some of the money to the customers paying all this. i mean, first of all, who is in charge of hiking the price of beer and then hiding the receipts? wouldn't you have to do that to keep people from knowing, and you know the people who are getting on a plane cannot complain, they are in a hurry. they are at the airport. they are having a beer before they get on their flight because they didn't sit in first class or don't want to pay for it on the flight, whatever it is, and for a while during the height of the pandemic you could not drink on the flight because they thought we would all get unruly and not wear a mask. when it happened, oh, that person will not complain, they
9:59 am
will not be here but they got busted. >> and part of the circumstances of airports, they can charge up to 10% over local prices and here in a city like new york, prices are high to begin with, 10% over, why in part it's astronomical, but not $28 astronomical. >> it's insane. i order a little pizza and glass of wine in the airport it's like 60 bucks, it's crazy. but when you are desperate and you are delayed, i have had seven-hour delays at airports. how much would you pay for a beer in joe biden's america on top of inflation, when you have a seven-hour flight. >> wait a minute. >> how much would you pay for a beer in joe biden's america. >> i'm not a beer person, but maybe a glass of wine, i had the travel story from hades last week, and i was like here is my wallet, please give me an adult
10:00 am
beverage. $7 for a bottle of water. >> you don't have an option, you can't leave. >> if you are stuck there, you are there. >> issue with kayleigh, wine with pizza? >> leave her alone. >> no, i like my wine. >> emily's dad likes wine. >> you were in charge of the keg. give me a break. >> don't listen to him at all. thank you to everyone, here is "america reports." >> emily, thank you so much. more economic pain. stocks extending losses over fears of a global slowdown and out of control inflation. the dow tumbling about 800 points but the market not the only thing that's making wallets lighter. >> gas prices are breaking prices the ninth consecutive day. senate engine ranking member john barrasso


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