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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> gillian: i was late for work today, stuck in putin's traffic jam. [laughter] can i tell my boss that? will it work? >> john: that's a good one. >> gillian: thank you. thanks so much for being with us today. we had a great time. we hope you did, too. >> john: i'm john roberts. >> gillian: gillian turner in for sandra. i'll >> martha: thanks, guys. thanks, everybody. breaking right now on "the story," we want to turn your attention to another big story that we haven't heard about today. a d.c. courtroom where john durham's team has former clinton lawyer mark elias on the stand. keep in mind he's one of the most prominent advisers in the clinton inner circle, or he was for a very long time. he's a witness in this case as the prosecutors are making the
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argument that the plot against trump was "designed to inject the fbi in to the election", which would be a no-no if they can prove that. so it's the trial at hand of former hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann getting out of his vehicle in washington at the courthouse. now, at issue is whether he lied to the fbi when he brought them what he claimed were links between trump and a russian bank called alpha. they say, the prosecutors are saying that sussmann manipulated the bureau in to an investigation in hopes of prompting a big problem or an october surprise two months before the 2016 election. that is what they're efforting to prove here in this d.c. courtroom. who better to talk to about this than andy mccarthy here on day two of the government's case against sussmann. he just wrote a brilliant piece about this.
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it came out an hour ago. first to david spunt who is live outside that d.c. courtroom watching it all for us. hi, david. >> hi, martha. good afternoon. a lot of names and a lot of allegations. this is an important story as you mentioned. mark elias was the general counsel for the clintons during their campaign in 2016. he took the stand behind me here at d.c. federal court late this morning. he's still on the stand right now and will be on that stand for some time facing cross examination, which has not even started yesterday. mr. elias told jurors about when he personally hired fusion gps, the opposition research firm to dig up dirt on donald trump and then candidate trump in april 2016. as we know, fusion gps worked with christopher steele to create the steele dossier. elias says he kept the hiring of fusion close to the vest.
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we know that he and one other person in the campaign knew of fusion by name. today in court, mr. elias told jurors given who i represent, i tend to not want more people to know about it than have to know about it. while elias as you mentioned is not on trial, his former law partner michael sussmann, another clinton campaign lawyer is charged with lying to the fbi. the government is trying to press elias on e-mail communications between elias, fusion gps and sussmann. federal prosecutor told the jury that sussmann tried to use the fbi, manipulate the fbi by walking in and saying he wanted the fbi to investigate something an average citizen just typically cannot do. two months before the 2016 election, sussmann said he had information about a secret back channel where trump organization servers were talking to servers in russia with alpha bank. that information turned out to
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be bogus. sussmann said he was a concerned citizen when he went to the fbi. the government said he billed the clinton campaign for that meeting. jurors told them that the complete opposite arguing that sussmann a well-respected cyber attorney would never mislead the fbi. again, we're waiting for mark elias to be cross examined. another big witness that may come up tied but likely today given the lateness of the afternoon hour, james baker, the man that michael sussmann said hey, i have information about donald trump and russia. we know that mr. baker did not take notes of that meeting. so that should be interesting, martha. >> martha: this is getting interesting. thanks, david spunt. with that, we bring in fox news contributor and former prosecutor andy mccarthy. a lot of questions. i'm going to fire away here. mark elias, as david spunt just
12:05 pm
so clearly reported, he said he hired fusion gps. >> as we know, they hired christopher steele and that's where the dossier was created. he said he didn't want people to know who hired him. when you're in my line of work and you're working for hillary clinton, you don't want to share who you have hired to share who you do oppo research. what do you think about this? >> i think what is happening, martha, basically they got caught concocting a narrative, a political narrative that they thought would be dangerous or damaging to donald trump during the campaign that he was in cahoots with russia. so now they're sort of covering their tracks and explaining the secrecy is not anything that we should see as sinister. it's just the sort of thing that you would do if you represented the kind of people that i represented. that's the pitch he's giving in
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court. that it was basically trump's fault that he even had to do this. because trump is so litigious that he had to evaluate his litigation risks. he needed fusion gps so he could figure out how much can we say and stay on the safe side, the libel line. a lot of backtracking going on. you know, it's a little complicated because it's a big frame work for what is a narrow simple crime, which is did this guy, sussmann, lie to the fbi when he claimed he wasn't representing anyone including obviously the clinton campaign when he brought them this information. >> martha: yeah, that's a great point. what we're hearing around all of this is obviously fascinating. mark elias is talking about what they were doing and thought was a problem and how they approached it as part of this campaign. here's the actual text that sussmann wrote to jim baker who
12:07 pm
seemed to be on pretty friendly terms or open communication terms. baker is the top attorney at the fbi. he says jim, it's michael sussmann. i have something time sensitive to discuss. i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. i want to help the bureau. in this case, he will say i was unsettled by these things and wanted to make sure that the fbi knew it. how will that go over in a d.c. courtroom with a d.c. jury? >> the d.c. jury, martha, is the biggest problem that durham has. they're sort of presumptively trump hostile. but that having been said, he went into the fbi billing the clinton campaign after spending
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a lot of time consulting with the clinton campaign, which he was also representing about the package of information that was being brought to the fbi. what he did to get in the door was capitalize on the fact that he's a former justice department official that had a prior relationship with jim baker, the general counsel to the fbi. they both worked together in the justice department for years. so if a mere more tall wanted to get a meeting with the fbi to report information, you know, you have to call up and get whatever agent happened to be on duty that day. most of us are not able to pull out our cell phone and say oh, let me call the general counsel of the fbi and get a meeting the next morning. >> martha: it's very interesting. they have to prove to this jury that he was able to separate the hats completely. that even though he was working on this campaign, which was just a couple months away and this
12:09 pm
information would be detrimental if it get out and went to the press, which was part of the engine that appears to have rolled out from this thing and this was separate. so we'll see how they do. andy, great piece on this today. he's written about three of them in the past few days that i recommend you look at. good to see you, sir. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: so remember this? ♪♪ >> martha: the disinformation czar does not appear to be taking on that mantel. the white house confirming that nina jankowicz has resigned and the ministry of truth that she was tapped to run now appears to be on a back burner. we heard peter doocy pressing karine jean-pierre on what has happened to this entity that is not really going to be played
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>> martha: a lot of ugly numbers out there. gas prices are one of them. then in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen with about 45 minutes left in the trading day, the dow is down 1,161 points right now. national gas prices on a roll now. $4.57 a gallon. everybody sending each other these pictures of what they're
12:15 pm
paying at the pump. it's extraordinary. up 50 cents the last month. more than $1.50 from a year ago. these are simply unignorable in anyone's life. gas buddy's patrick dehahn joins us with a moment on where this is going. for to grady trimble live at one of those gas stations in chicago for us. hi, grady. >> hi, martha. national average went up about 4 cents overnight. this station here in chicago, price of a gallon of gas went up 14 cents since yesterday. the drivers we talked to heading in to the busy summer travel season say they have not changed their plans because of the high gas prices yet but that strong demand of travel this memorial day and beyond could drive up prices even more. take a look at this map. for the first time ever, the average in every single state in the u.s. is above $4 a gallon. six states out west including
12:16 pm
washington, oregon, california, nevada, they're above $5 a gallon. according to some analysts, the rest of the country might not be far behind. analysts say the national average for a gallon of gas could reach $5. some saying $6 a gallon in the not too distance future. drivers are frustrated. listen. >> it's to laugh. a lot of people can't afford that. it's not good. doesn't look like it's getting better. >> i'm always driving around that really hurts us, especially when we're trying to live and work at the same time. it's a battle. >> crazy to pay that much for a gallon of gas. i'm going electric myself. >> a lot of people have had that thought. electric cars are also very expensive. hate to be the barer of bad news but looks like prices will keep climbing, especially as we head into summer, martha. >> martha: okay. thanks, grady.
12:17 pm
interesting to hear those folks out there. they sound like us and our friends who are having to same experience. we have patrick dehahn who is the head of petroleum for are these numbers peaking or going higher from here? >> thanks for having me that is the million dollar question. for now, we could go higher yet. americans not really responding in kind to the high prices. demand for gasoline according to gas buddy data rose 3% in light of the facts that you shows, continuing record levels every day and the national average at $4.58 a gallon. i don't see any break any time soon as the imbalance between supply and demand continues. it could get worse as the government reported gasoline inventories fell by 4 million barrels in the last week along.
12:18 pm
>> martha: to put this up from j.p. morgan. u.s. retail prices could surge another 37% by august to $6.20, a national -- this will change a lot of people's summers plans in terms of road trips across the country. what is the single most significant thing that the government has within their power to tap into or to do to start to turn this thing around? is there anything? >> the government has no significant tool. they have small tools. things like gas taxes and the type of gasolines that are used in the summer months. beyond that, any government whether it's the u.s., japan, germany, they're powerless to overcome global supply and demand. a lot of this has to do with the fact that russias 10 million barrels a day have been sanctions due to the war in ukraine. without that oil hitting the market, we'll see the high
12:19 pm
demand and low supply play out through the summer months. >> martha: so what about the supply issue that you mentioned? are there things that could be done to signal that there's more future supply that might come online, that might impact these prices as people betting on these prices take that into consideration as well for future prices? >> you know, a lot of that -- sure, there's optical illusions. everyone knows that promises made today won't improve things for years down the road. whether it's allowing more drilling or bringing pipelines online. there's a lot of imbalances that won't be fixed even in the next year or so. so, you know, there's some soothing that the president could do and the president has gone after oil and gas. that has certainly an impact on the way those companies operate. nothing in the near short term that can be fixed. >> martha: patrick dehaah, an
12:20 pm
outlook for a cool summer. thanks for weighing in. >> thanks. >> martha: after a record-setting year for fentanyl poisoning in america and the discovery that we told you about yet of this six football field long tunnel that was a massive drug smuggling chain from mexico, you know where it came up? right in san diego at the end of the tunnel. president biden's dhs facing tough questions about what we're doing about this and why it's taking the lives of so many americans. were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks.
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>> martha: right now homeland security, the border patrol and immigration officials are facing questions about the drugs flowing into the united states and poisoning a record number of americans after the feds say they found a drug smuggling tunnel the length of six football fields running from tijuana to san diego. popping up in the middle of san diego. complete with a rail system, ventilation, electricity and reinforced walls. a very sophisticated operation. they seized almost 2,000 pounds of cocaine, meth and heroin. all of this as overdose deaths here in the united states hit a new high last year. having killed almost a million americans over the years.
12:25 pm
geraldo is here. he's covered the opioid epidemic. first to chad pergram on capitol hill. >> good afternoon, martha. there's a nexus with illegal drugs and illegal migration in the united states. the republicans use the hearing to highlight hour the border crisis fuels the drug threat. >> 2.4 million illegal crossings last year. 500,000 got-aways is a stout young men and a lot of them have backpacks with drugs in them. >> democrats say most immigrants seeking political asylum are not bringing drugs with them. but still many wants enhanced drug surveillance for those entering the u.s. >> much more work needs to be done. 2% of private vehicles and 15% of commercial vehicles are screened for narcotics at the southwest border. >> the argument is that a hardened border would diminish the flood of drugs, especially
12:26 pm
fentanyl. >> a single pill-pressing operation in mexico can produce 50,000 a day. then they're staged in stash houses along the border. once in the country, synthetic drugs have given to a distribution hub like los angeles, atlanta and new york. >> and drugs are pushed e commerce, which reaches a broader market. today kevin mccarthy accused democrats of what he called incompetence and radicalism on the border. border security is a key issue in the fall's mid-term elections. martha? >> martha: joining me now, geraldo rivera who has covered the drug crisis over decades. it's great to have you here, geraldo. we talked about this tunnel. you have experience covering and uncovering this extensive web of
12:27 pm
these tunnels. >> that's always been the argument against a wall, martha. the drug professionals, the cartels will fly over it, boat around it or tunnel under it. they're expert tunnelers. this is a relatively modest tunnel the one between tijuana and san diego. in 2015, i saw the tunnel that el chapo gusman, the one that escaped the super max. it was a mile wrong. it had a railway in it. it went under a railroad. it was so precisely navigated that came out in his bathroom in the one corner of his cell that was not under 24 hour surveillance cameras. they're an expert at it. i'll say this as a counter narrative. as long as americans are willing to spend billions of dollars to get these elicit substances, that's the pull.
12:28 pm
the cartels pushing and the americans are pulling. it's absolutely outrageous. fentanyl is changing the dialogue. 107,000 overdose deaths last year alone. 107,000 overdose deaths. that is a massive amounts. that is more than twice as many as car crashes. we have to do something. >> martha: it's clear that the country has a poisoning problem with fentanyl. it comes in in little traces in a pill that is supposed to be something else and people can have one of them and die. i just want to bring this in to a larger perspective here. we saw the president in buffalo yesterday. obviously emotional about the horrific killing that took place there at tops and took the lives of ten innocent people that were there trying to buy groceries and gunned down by a crazied young gunman. and here's what he said at that event yesterday. >> white supremacy is a poison.
12:29 pm
it's a poison running -- it really is. [applause] running through our politics. it's been allowed to fester and grow in front of our eyes. >> martha: there's a lot of poisons to deal with. you talked a lot about the number of deaths in inner cities, in gang warfare. we've lost 150 people in manhattan in new york city over the course of the past year. a lot of different forms of poison. fentanyl is another one that we don't hear a lot about from this president. he chose this moment and i get that. there's other things that he does not choose to talk about that are extremely significant in terms of the poisoning that is happening to the american soul, as you put it. >> i absolutely agree with you. i don't like what abouts. what about the -- >> martha: it's not what about. it's and. >> it's and. this president is incompetent when it comes to his priorities
12:30 pm
for -- this white supremacist mass murder was horrible. so are the two -- the killing of the two pregnant ladies in philadelphia and the 33 shot in chicago. i get that. he needs to direct his rant to something like the 107,000 that overdosed. families -- we lost 50,000 in vietnam. so you have twice vietnam now just last year alone because of fentanyl. we've got to struck our kids -- i talked about the pull of demand for drugs. we have to instruct our young people particularly that they can't take anything. they can't -- they must suspect everything. they can't take anything at face value. when you go to a street dealer, a pusher and you get something and it says whatever it says on it, xanax or whatever, it's not. look at prince. you have the most amazing rich connected people making the
12:31 pm
fatal mistake of using one of these poisons. this is poisoning. >> martha: obviously the president is one man. you see him hugging these individuals. i'm glad he was there for them. i'm glad that he gave them that support. we would also like to see that with families that lost a child to fentanyl. we would like to see that with families in our cities that have lost their children to horrific gun violence in the middle of urban violence. it's a huge problem. you call at this time civil rights issue of our time. i agree with you. we need more attention on it. thanks, geraldo. >> thank you. >> martha: so this woman came into our consciousness in a big way and appears she's not going to get the job that was discussed. she called the hunter biden lab top a trump campaign tool, which we know it wasn't. it's been written about a number of different journalistic venues in a more serious way. she was tapped to fight disinformation by the biden
12:32 pm
administration. now she's resigning her post. bret baier on that and other politics that is in the news right now when we come back. >> so why play a role at all in whether it should be paused or what should happen? >> first of all, like i said, this is what is happening. there's a pause. we didn't not have an investment in this at all.
12:33 pm
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anyone could ever give. i had been giving koli kibble. it never looked like real food. with the farmer's dog you can see the pieces of turkey. it smells like actual food. as he's aged, he's still quite energetic and youthful. i really attribute that to diet. get started at >> martha: the new disinformation governance board at the department of homeland security is now on pause and the woman that was running it is stepping down. that is according to nina jankowicz. mark meredith joins us with the back story here from the white house. hi, mark. >> good afternoon. a lot to unpack here. the big headline, the woman that was chosen to lead the department of homeland security disinformation board is resigning from her post. the work of the board is being paused.
12:37 pm
nina jankowicz, a self-described expert in disinformation says she's disappointed in the attention this board has faced. in a statement she says with the board's work paused and few churn uncertain, she's decided to leave dhs to return to work in the public sphere. the white house says it will not involved in the decision to pause the board's operations but that it stands behind its mission. >> it was never about censorship, policing speech or removing content from anywhere. its function was to keep homeland security officials aware of how bad actors including human smugglers, trans national criminal organizations and foreign adversaries could use disinformation to advance their goals. >> republicans have revolted against the idea of this board from the start. some comparing to it the ministry of truth from george orwell's 1984.
12:38 pm
we saw a lot of reaction as the news broke including tom cotton. >> the government has no business refereeing disputes in political campaigns. if you don't like the solution, it's more speech. it's not to use the department of homeland security. >> this was not only a p.r. issue from the white house but facing legal issues. several attorneys looking to sue over this disinformation board. the board's work itself was facing questions about what was going on on a daily basis. as you heard from the white house, they think this was an important mission even if the person chose to do it won't be doing any longer. martha? >> martha: thanks, mark. reporting live from the white house. here's a number you don't want to look at. the dow is down 1,172 points right now with about 20 minutes left in the trading day. it's a brutal day on wall street after four decent days and a
12:39 pm
number of down days before that. we're seeing this decline, which has 3.61%, which is a large chunk as you look at the top number number, 31,480 on the dow jones industrials, this is a huge dive. it came after retailers reportle rising prices are taking a toll on their earnings and that has triggered fears that inflation could cut into profits. we'll keep an eye on the big board throughout the next 20 minutes as everybody hopes that this things closes better than it is right now. with that, we bring in bret baier, editor of "special report." great to have you with us today. obviously for holders of 401(k)s across this country, this is a rough picture. it really signals something that will continue to be problematic, which is just a potential for a global economic recession in the world. >> it does. it shows the power of inflation
12:40 pm
hitting these companies when they're talking about it what it means to not only their bottom line and passing it on to consumers there were a number of studies about how the u.s. economy is girded and in essence its doing well. that's what the biden administration points to. it's a solid economy despite the inflation. because of inflation, we have tipped over the line of optimism, any optimism about the economy when you poll people about how they feel personally and how they look at the u.s. economy overall. what does that translate to? it translates to an ugly environment for democrats if it holds anywhere near this in the next five months. >> martha: you have rising inflation, a war going on in ukraine. you have the supply chain issues which continue to increase pricing for companies across the country. we heard a lot about how this is the fault of large companies. they're price gouging and rising prices to hurt people.
12:41 pm
the reality is all of their underlying costs of transportation and materials, all of their costs have risen as well. so you know, how does the white house try to offset this to whatever degree they possibly can? >> there's not a lot that the president and his administration can do. physically do. congress is passed the point of no return when it comes to an election year of passing something big. even if they did pass something big, one would think it adds more to inflation than less. what they can do is look at the shiny thing. a couple of other big things they're dealing with or focus the president on doing other things that at least politically take the mind off of the moment that we're looking at. as you look at the numbers going down, everybody is not tied to the markets as much as everybody else. but we feel it when the country
12:42 pm
is slumping or companies are feeling the effects of inflation. >> martha: picking a fed chief is an important decision on the part of a president. looks like jerome powell is going to raise rates, do whatever he can to try to get this thing under control. probably 50 basis points in june and july. what that means for us is that the cost of borrowing money is going to go up for everyone, whether they want to buy a house or car. these are big considerations, bret. >> yes. every time the interest rates go up one points, we pay more on the debt. we pay with one point more than we pay in defense budgets on the interest on the debt. so you at up that, it's crazy numbers. it all factors in to how people feel about the economy. >> martha: thank you very much. late night last night watching everything going on in pennsylvania and still going on in pennsylvania and north carolina. we'll be watching on "special
12:43 pm
report." thanks very much. >> thank you. >> martha: speaking of defense and the pentagon, there are new details on the rise of isis-k. you have a lot to look at. ukraine, the president is going to south korea and japan. we have to pay attention to afghanistan. we left and there is aftermath that could be very concerning for global terrorism. following president biden's exit there that -- and during that exit we saw this tragic event that took the lives of these 13 young people that were serving the united states of america. one of the toughest things that we've seen in military action in recent history for our folks. general jack keane is here to update us on where this stands after this. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms.
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>> martha: a chilling warning to heed about the potential consequences here at home after the deadly u.s. exit from afghanistan. that chaotic evaluation led to the killing of these 13 u.s. service members at the abbey gait at the airport as they were guarding that area as people were leaving. a terror attack took place at that airport. now pentagon watch dogs are detailing what went wrong and sounding this alarm about the group behind that august attack. the defense intelligence agency assessed that isis-k could direct attacks in the west including against the united states homeland within the next year if the group prioritizes developing such a capability. general jack keane stands by with his assessment in just a moment. but first to jennifer griffin
12:49 pm
live at the pentagon. hi, jen. >> hi, martha. two separate inspector general reports paint a damning picture of the afghan withdrawal outlining why the afghan army collapsed so quickly and how isis and al-quaida are regrouping in afghanistan. the department of defense inspector general assesses isis-k is gaining recruits and could strike the u.s. homeland within a year and al-quaida could begin training in afghanistan within 12 to 24 months. the second report from the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction blames the failure of the afghan security forces on the u.s. military, replacing soviet-built helicopters and airplanes with sophisticated u.s. weaponry, building an afghan air force that relied on u.s. maintenance and contractors that were withdrawn in the wake of the deal signed by the trump administration in february of 2020 and president biden's decision to announce a full withdrawal in april of 2021. >> all of a sudden within days,
12:50 pm
weeks, the afghan air force started to collapse. we quote at number of afghan generals that said 60 to 70% of the blackhawks that we gave them were inoperable within a matter of weeks. >> the report outlines how the after again government grew paranoid about what was in the agreement and with drew u.s.-trained military commanders from the front line fear ago coup. >> the taliban knew what was in the peace negotiations. apparently the afghan government and the average afghan soldier didn't. the taliban actually weaponized that secrecy and used it to their advantage. >> which demoralized the afghan soldiers allowing the taliban to convince them to lay down their weapons and stop fighting without the taliban firing many shots. martha? >> thank you very much. with that, let's bring in retired four-star general jack
12:51 pm
keane, former vice chief of star for the army and a fox news contributor. general, great to have you with us as always. your thoughts on these reports. what do they tell you? >> well, certainly the first report dealing with the fact that isis-k and al-quaida had potential to grow again and attack the united states, that is one of the major basises that the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs, the entire u.s. chain of command and the director of the centralintelligence agency registered to the president of the united states with the recommendation we should keep this modest force in afghanistan. we don't want our adversaries to grow again and attack the united states and certainly don't want the taliban to take over from the afghans because that will just accelerate all of that. so here it is. another report saying that acceleration is indeed taking
12:52 pm
place and the united states is being threatened. that is so regrettable that the president did not listen to our advisers. >> martha: talks about the agreement that was struck under the trump administration and then the chaotic withdrawal as it has often been terms that was overseen by the biden administration. there was an anxiousness on the part of both administrations to end this endless war, general. >> there's no doubt about it. but most people wanted the conditions established to do that. when -- i'm very familiar with february 20th because i saw that report by the person that crafted it. the ambassador showed it to me in a hotel in town here. i was stunned. i told him, i said this is a surrender document. we were abandoning the afghans. listen, we did it in secrecy. we didn't tell the afghans what was in the report. they weren't sitting at the table. it was us and the taliban.
12:53 pm
we made a decision toe leave date certain in that report and we didn't have any tough conditions like let's make certain there's a cease fire first. let's make certain there's an enforceable peace agreement, which would make sense before we pull out. those can't weren't there. the conditions were there was well, the taliban and the afghan government have to negotiate. the taliban said we would do that. but then they weren't meaningful. all the taliban wanted in the outset with the trump administration was to get the united states out. once they knew the united states was out, they would have their . the second sense of abandonment came when president biden made the unconditional decision to pull out in april. then they knew they didn't have a chance. by the way, since the february secret report was done with the
12:54 pm
taliban, the united states stopped providing support for the afghan ground forces. since that time. back in 2020. they were being hammered. i had the president of afghanistan, he said i need help here. we're taking casualties on a rate that we never experienced before without u.s. support. >> martha: we know from the report what happened when there was no maintenance to all of the blackhawks and everything else when we pulled out that oversight. thanks, general. you've been ahead on this story for a long time and what you predicted is what has happened. thanks, general. >> great talking to you. >> martha: so long overdue honor for members of the merchant marines that served in world war ii. stay tuned. >> we gave up our yesterdays for your and their tomorrows. god bless the united states of
12:55 pm
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out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> martha: it's an honor long overdue. members of the merchant marines. they risked their lives to deliver supplies around the world. they weren't considered veterans for decades. but they also brought home the scars of war. >> they sank our ships faster than we could build them. an awful fight to pay right off of our coast of the united states. we sent our ships from iceland, we sent them in a convoy. they were knocked off one after the other. but we survived, some of us. >> martha: they kept going.
1:00 pm
more than 8,000 members did not survive the second world war. one in 26 gave their lives in the line of duty. more than any branch in the military. think about that. they got their honor today and we were glad for it. thank you for your service. that is "the story" for this wednesday. the story goes on. have a great evening. look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow. >> charles: fox on top of two stories that we're tracking closely this hour. on wall street, stocks getting hammered again with inflation fears gearing up. in pennsylvania, they're still counting the votes in the gop senate primary. dr. oz and david mccormick separated by a razor thin margin. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. lauren simonetti has more. >> it was a bloodbath. took out


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