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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 18, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the right track. congratulations. it seems like a fantastic idea and we will be rooting for you professor. all right, that will do it for us. fox business 2:00 p.m. listen, this market is in serious, serious trouble right now. take a peek of what we're going to do to market in the meantime, here comes the five. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, i am jesse walters. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ primary battles setting the stage for what is sure to be a blockbuster midterm election. it is still down to the wire in pennsylvania where dave mccormick and dr. oz are not, and neck and only separated by just a few thousand votes.
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both candidates are confident a victory. >> when all the votes are tallied those tallied, i am confident that we will win. >> we are making a ferocious charge. but when it is this close, what else can you expect? everything about this campaign has been tight. >> we knew it was working. we knew our message. >> we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead. >> it was a big night for other trebek candidates in pennsylvania, north carolina, which is a contrast to president biden. john fetterman and tim ryan have kept their business from the big guy. kellyanne conway knows why. >> this is the reflection of what is going on with the two political parties. everyone wants donald trump's endorsement. john fetterman and that
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democratic nominee, he does not want joe biden. joe biden when to the state and he was never to be found and he showed up in his shorts and sweatshirts. they don't want them campaigning with them. and it tells you the tale of the two parties right now. >> that comes as mr. unity those negative. claiming president biden is finally going to try to stop working with the gop and instead go on the attack. he looks to create a contrast between his job performance and ultra maga candidates. dana, what was your reaction? >> dana: how much time are you going to give me here? one, if you look at that senate race in north carolina, the trump backed candidate there ran away with it. i mean, the can't rent away with that spoon. there was no question that that was going to go in 10 but's way.
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medicine comfort losing, that is something. this is a young man who may be heat -- see where he is in five years. does he take this experience and decide to do something different. one of the things he said he decided to hire mostly communications people. if you don't have that, you don't have victories to rent, accomplishment's to run and you end up getting viciously attacked. i'm not saying -- but he is no longer there. i think the pennsylvania race is something that is just so interesting. one on the republican side, if i could comment on the democrats with quick. john fetterman, also the cat ran away with the spoon in that one. conor lamb was considered that you would think that perfect candidate. perfect a moderate democrat in a state like pennsylvania. you could also rub elbows with the tech guys that want to build more companies and in pennsylvania and pittsburgh and he just could never get any traction. so john fetterman, lieutenant
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governor text ends up in the hospital. this guy, though, absolutely destroyed conor lamb. this tell you -- tells you where the democratic party is going. he is an original bernie roper he wants medicare for all and he is going to be tagged as a socialist. i'm telling you that republicans should not sleep on him because this race is going to be really tight. pennsylvania will remain tight. on the republican side of things that there's only one candidate presidential candidate that has one pennsylvania since 1988. and that was donald trump. and he ran a race that was different. it was wild. people -- he created this amazing base of support. and any republican who is not him has to run a near perfect race. mitch mcconnell said he believes who our wins intensive unions that they feel strongly that they can win in pennsylvania. i would tell you i think that
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they will make sure that they have this and they might have a recount. john fetterman's campaign is already off. >> oh, fetterman. he is about your size, i think that 6'9", shorter. he does not like suits. he wears sweats. >> i like him in the sense that he is different. looking at what i saw was a fever of just battles from republicans who had votes going 3d. which means the numbers get when you look at who was showing up to vote, that members of republicans who were coming up to vote, i don't hear if you are separate meant. should be afraid because yes, your campaign is getting started early. but the sheer numbers, third place is running strong. which means that when all of them come together and i think they will come together. i think the republicans gets it. they know. they have seen what is going on. they want race. back. they want to get inflation down.
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they want to get america back. i'm just looking at how many people are showing up at the ballot and it is a huge difference. i think the only ones who are showing up for the democrats are the progressives because moderates are going, you know what? we are better off with the other guys. >> you think the republicans are going to coalesced around mccormick or whoever it is? >> i do. i think that john fetterman probably does not want to go up against mehmet oz because not only is he in a really tough primary, he has name the condition and if your talk about socialized medicine, heat, better to dissect what the government has done to ruin healthcare in this country than a doctor who has enriched himself in the free market that not only in medicine but in entertainment as well. so he really cares about that issue and i hope he pins john fetterman count on this because what inflation where it is at and taxes, tax hike on the
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horizon, you compound that with medicare for all, we cannot afford that. the healthcare industry cannot afford that. so yes, i do think it is going to be very tough. i thoughts was interesting because he had been polling ahead. i thought perhaps the former president's endorsement of him last minute might help. but he so far lost only by a couple percentage points. there has to be something there. it has to be substantive. there has to be policy behind the person. we can no longer become attached to people because of their characteristics or their interesting life stories, how they lead and how they -- is far more important. >> geraldo, looking at the endorsement, does donald trump still have that magic touch? >> geraldo: no doubt about it. my stage in ohio, everyone was looking for donald trump to endorse him and very, very -- he
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had a couple of misses here and there. but i must say, quick points. john fetterman is enormously charismatic. and i believe that he will cross over. it is not just progressives. psaki is a very cool guy. i like him a lot. i endorse him. if i could endorse dr. oz, one friend of mine. wonderful people. they agreed on tv. and i was very disturbed by how he was slimed by dave mccormick. dave mccormick was also a very attractive guy. self-made multimillionaire. he is a bronze star. going up with mehmet oz. a lot of it was muslim hate. family born. parents were from turkey. oz served in the turkish army. i found that extremely
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distasteful. i felt very bad that he had to endure those attacks but very unfair attacks but i. i want to see one other thing. when i was a kid, election day was a day. one day. you go to vote. most people when in person to vote older or disabled people now i am probably among them takes that absent the -- absentee ballots. that night, you could gather around the tv and you knew who won because the absentee ballots, the provisional ballots, all these pallets were -- after the disaster of the hanging chad, now you get the account. you keep the running tally of the people who felt fairly and election day, you do it, this torture makes people lose late in the system. >> and we get better ratings. >> even when it is in that middle of the night.
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>> between 11:00 and 12:00 p.m. >> oh, right. >> very upset. chester butterfield. >> he is always upset. >> coming up, get ready for a summer of rage. what the far left is planning if they don't get their way at the supreme court.
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♪♪ i don't our want to wake up looking in someone else's eyes ♪♪ >> america, be in for a summer of rage. the department of homeland security now bracing for violence ahead of the supreme court's expected ruling over trending row versus wade. protesters are showing up outside of justices' homes. a new memo revealing that the agency believes there will be more threats targeting "justices members of congress and others associated with the abortion debate are likely to persist."
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the white house went -- was pressed on this issue earlier. >> are you worried if roe v. wade is overturned, the code the violence against there's been court justices. are these threats from pro-abortion activists or antiabortion activists? >> the president is clear on this question but he believed the right to peacefully protest in this country is fundamental. he also believes that violent threats and intimidation have no place in political discourse anywhere. it seems like to s, it is a very one sided on what we call out as intimidation or as violent. so we. so we want to make sure we are calling out on both sides of what is happening and what we are seeing. >> that is what she is saying. dhs has obsolete until an information or something telling them that they need to put up this memo to safe or the left is
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intending to commit violence if this roe v. wade decision comes down the way we expect. >> now they will telegraph before we dropped the ball. whether it is afghanistan, dealing with hitting baby food, it is always the same thing. there's always a plan after the effect. this time they are trying to get in front of it. again, what would curtail this step would be adding -- providing more security for justices, which would mean, what? marks police officers. which dates fundamentally have gone against and completed and disrespected. so this is not going to have the same effect where you will see people on tv, oh, it is a mostly peaceful protest. americans are sick of this. they will see it standing outside of that supreme court justices' house will only inspire more and more americans to vote right. and you have seen what happened before. you have seen and the best thing you're telling us is look out, it is coming. where is the plan? what are you doing? national guard?
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what are you doing to protect our justices? nothing. they will make a website of where you can report someone protesting. that is probably what we are looking for. >> websites are very helpful. as we have seen. >> i don't take a lot of stock in government warnings, whether it is hurricanes or covid hotspots. but i don't think that left, if they do -- is going to do anything to clamp down the virus and someone like that let's sake to get outside their house. they will get indicted. four -- for just trying to protect themselves. they are not going to go in the fbi and infiltrate that radical left wing pro-choice movement like they did against the gretchen kidnappers. i guess they were not kidnappers. that was a set up. so it looks like if you are renting a supreme court justice in the -- into hiding, that is return to normalcy.
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because that is what they said they were going to do. you are going to see, because i think it is a very emotional issue. and a lot of people don't understand it. there are women who aren't past their prime who can't even get pregnant but you will see them out there, screaming at the top of their lungs almost resorting to violence because that is just, it is a religious intended to these people and we have to understand that. i would stay away from these people all summer if you hear about a protest in your city, i would not engage. i would go to the beach. even on a social level, if it is not your friend or your family, don't end -- involve yourself with that very, you look at turbin in conversation about it. it is really not worth it. i would give advice to these protesters if this box the late it -- we think it is. there is a democratic process. you can run for office if you want to. if that does not work out, you can move the state. that is the great part about this republic. totally different left. if it does not work out for use in the state you are living
2:20 pm
right now. >> geraldo? >> geraldo: you may be that last present in america that that group will take advice from. i think jesse is right. i think there is a storm coming. i believe that this issue is very central to the identity of tens of millions of women and others. you know? and their partners and these are folks who believe that a constitutional right -- how would you feel if the second amendment was stripped away after 50 years? i think that it is impossible to belittle. going to be energetic. there's going to be suburban, multiethnic, multiracial, it is -- i do think it is going think it is going to be necessarily violent, i pray that it will not be. but i think it will be very, very straight out, villages, suburbs, cities. >> kennady, what's lost in this
2:21 pm
is any sort of conversation about you can have a conversation with graciousness and dignity and facts and merit and understanding and a willingness to listen. but telegraphing and dhs is picking it up. they have no intention of that. >> kennedy: no. there's no curiosity. there's nope polite discourse. is probably the most emotional issue that faces society and faces women. but this is not the way, having -- throwing a cultural tantrum is not the way to come to resolution on an emotional issue. it is just not. and i know a lot of people, a lot of democrats who sake, i am pro-choice. but i don't believe that we should be killing babies after 15 weeks. i certainly don't think that we should be performing these procedures and celebrating them at 28 weeks. a lot of democrats saying, you know, use to hear us face -- you don't hear that anymore. you hear people chanting about
2:22 pm
how great abortion is that regardless of how you feel about whether or not the court or congress should be involved that is not something to be celebrated. and we have lost the plot as if -- a society to don't be surprised when there are mass casualty events at the hands of sociopaths and we have so little regard for human life and that start with asic decent conversations where we have mutual dignity and curiosity. we have to find a way to get back to that place even when we disagree. >> do you think that people who seek abortions are sociopaths? >> kennedy: no, i'm saying that math tutors are sociopaths. they are raised to have very little respect for human life. and i think we have to get back to a place in society where we do have respect for each other, where you don't have people going on the subway and shooting people and trying to kill dozens of people, where you don't have people moving into a crowd of innocent people at a parade, where you don't have a guy who
2:23 pm
targets old people in a black neighborhood at a supermarket because they don't have basic respect for human life. that is a very different question as to whether or not i think abortion is a personal issue. and you know whether or not thae conversations. but the lack of respect for life life, it is so massive. it is so pervasive and that is one of the things that is pulling us apart at the seams. >> preach. next, the president and dems neglecting blame. two children have been hospitalized. we will have an update. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone.
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>> the baby formula crisis maybe getting worse as parents scramble to get the food their babies need. the net mention it earlier. two young children in tennessee reportedly hospitals for intestinal problems because their parents were not able to obtain that specific type of formula they needed. the kids were fed inappropriate stuck and got sick. democrats are looking to blame somebody not named by 10. house speaker nancy pelosi raising eyebrows to day after synchro no charges, criminal charges may be warranted for the fiasco. >> speaker pelosi: i think when all of this is done, i'm not associating my colleagues with it. i'm going to say, i'm just think myself, i think there might be a need for indictment. >> indictment, criminal indictment. some indymedia are rallying around the president.
2:29 pm
>> whoopi: everyone is suffering. guesses prices are not bad because of anything budgeted. it is just what he's going to absorb. the -- >> there's also a war going on. >> jessica: -- >> whoopi: , there is a war going on. people want baby food, baby formula. that also is not on hand, but i noticed that when people talk about these things specific to what you were just think that no one our says, here's the cause of this and here's how we have to fight this. >> geraldo: if the whistleblower was right, that was a bloomberg on the baby food cooke on nutrition. if he is right, and they did falsify documents, high safety problems, unders -- inaccurately report them. there may be criminal indictments. >> she may be right. it may be worthy of an indictment and they will have to prove it in court. there should be countability for that federal officials who slept on this, did nothing, and then never want to country that this was coming down the pipeline.
2:30 pm
how are you going to notice months ago and joe never dropped the export controls, never boosted reduction here domestically. and never even told parents that this might be happening. that is a total failure and to state that he has been on this since day one is a flat out lie. it is like what he did with the taliban takeover. he never sees anything coming. and then it blows up in his face and he points the finger. if this happened during the trump administration, that family that was in the hospital for these starving kids would have been on the cover of time magazine. so that is the truth. you have to do be able to be honest about that. now, it is a good thing that people are focused on this baby formula stuff. i'm hearing the european baby for the is good stuff. not just powder and oil that they mixed together. it is good stuff in that regard. >> the third largest producer of baby form that has really
2:31 pm
accelerated efforts to get these imports to united states. i just wondered what takes them so long. >> you wonder -- do know what takes it so long? it is called the fda. there is a tariff on baby formula. it if you export may be formed from another country, if your instructions are not in english, it is not allowed to arrive in this country even though people who are getting baby food from other parts of the world, they know exactly what they are getting and they are able to use google translate. they could probably figure out pretty quickly and also kept they did not close their own facility. it is the federal government standing in the way of that. by the way, ab it and i learned this from a woman at the institute who is an expert on trade and she told me this incredible story how these big from the country those companies have paid contract with individual states and abbott is
2:32 pm
in 31 states. they go out because the fda has taken them out of business. 33% down on what you can produce. i'm sure they would love to reopen. >> nestlé's. in cleveland. does it seem to you, they not kept that president biden is lazy? is he lazy or lack of energy? seems to me that everything to get going, there's no urgency of the moment with president biden. >> i think one of the worst things is when you get labeled with the "i" word, incompetent. we know that the american rescue plan, the democrats insisted on passing has led to the extra inflation. putin is not to blame for that price hikes in your gasoline and we also know for example in this regard, then the president of
2:33 pm
the united states himself said, we could have done something about this. so for all of the at administration officials who go out and say, we have been working on this since day one, that melts on contact as soon as you have the president of the united states saying, i have no idea. the white house will not answer this question. when did the resident find out about the baby formula crisis? that tells you everything you need to know. >> let's just throw a bunch of money at it, maybe we need that money. but the points that kennedy made which is they shut down the plant and they did nothing to supplement it. they always talk about they have a whole of government approach. this is a whole of government failure. >> i agree and shutting it down without making some alternative to shutting it down, somebody must have as they shut it down for the four cases, somebody must have, must have said, will, what is going to happen now to
2:34 pm
the consumers of the product? >> my dear sweet geraldo, i'm going to go out on a limb here and say nobody did that because what you base your administration on who checks a box and who does not have expense to get jobs done, this is what happens. i never thought in my lifetime i would be using my celebrity to help our children, fed. we will have the united states that is going to need country to help feed our children. how is that okay? and the answer is we are going to give you money? no. do you know what we need? we need operation warp speed and get babies their food and lifting up regulations to get the stuff in here. that is what you do when you are progressing -- proactive and you want to get things done. >> the other thing for the biden administration is the media is so focused on donald trump who is no longer president. that they missed everything.
2:35 pm
where is the secretary of health and human services? basically on the milk carton. can't find him anywhere. you have these reporters who are so focused on that issue. nobody is this issue. there's only so -- they are only so focused on donald trump and ultra maga that they missed everything. it looks like there might be a problem. baby formula in ohio? nobody raises the issue. >> these are the professional politicians. >> great question. >> elon musk, too. >> i said before the end of the year. next biden's disinformation board. the mary poppins singing leader getting shut down. details next.
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♪♪ >> welcome back. after weeks of backlash and concerns over free speech, the department of home security is pausing its controversial disinformation governance board. the ministry of truth and the mary poppins singer reportedly will be resigning. she should not worry. we have broadway back. ♪♪ rudy giuliani, ukraine ♪ ♪ covid can cause pain ♪ ♪ we really should take note and not support their lies ♪♪ >> the white house defending jake with. smears from right-wing actors.
2:41 pm
>> do you think the board was mischaracterized, the disinformation board is being shut down because of misinformation? >> the board was for a purpose, to make sure that we really did address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation. we are going to pause it and we are going to do an assessment. the work does not stop. >> dana, what would you like to say? >> dana: if you are pausing it, then those we all know what happened. they had we care about -- terrible roll out and they set this person up to fail. that is an anonymous democratic quoted in "the washington post." remember, mayorkas, he was like, i don't know what that board is for, but this is great. there was that. this board is never going to happen and they are going to ruin her reputation. sure enough, it said that dhs
2:42 pm
officials said she was not allowed to try to defend herself. she sits out there for weeks and now she has no recourse and this reminds me of remember the atf directors? they had to pull. and the communist comptroller lady they had to pull. they are not explaining to americans why they think they need such a board and that is why they take such a beating. >> there also might be some crossover with other agencies. they are already doing this and of the sleet they ruled this out after a long month, and there was this huge brouhaha on the left that free speech is not -- we should have content moderation. so that is essentially what this board was meant to do and they said this idea was put together under trump. well, a board like this is great when your guy is in charge and can squash any enemy who is putting out disinformation. but if trump or republican assumes the presidency again, they will --
2:43 pm
>> you know, disinformation trial going on right now in washington, dc, michael sussmann, the clinton operative, i wonder if this board would have busted him before he started the whole "russia russia" hoax that her the first few years of the trump presidency. i hope there's a responsibility there. one-man's disinformation is another man's warcry. let the ministry of truth exist in orwell's "1984 vote, not in real life. >> and they always start out small. no, we just want to inform dhs they are -- there are bad actors out there.
2:44 pm
but then all of a sudden they are spying on you. >> they are always spying on you. i love that word "because." -- "pause." we will have a pause of our program because this administration will never our say, you know what? we got this wrong. we are going to scratch it. no. they will pause it because evil right-wing said bad things to hurt her feelings and it is paused. i think we can posit this administration for a minute and reset. >> we need a break. peter doocy, trying to pin her down on raising corporate taxes. she cannot answer and now about that disinformation board being shut down because of disinformation. 's sheet doomed? >> i think she is. it is not going to be good. we will have radical protesters. you will have high gas prices.
2:45 pm
you might have blackouts. it is going to be a mess. don't you love when one side just takes a scalp? it is so true. you revel in it and i'm happy poppins got bounced. it would not have happened if she had not sung, saying, sung, i don't know. if she was mute and did not do that, i don't think people would have caught on. it would not have traction. if she would have shut her mouth could not sing poppins like that, she probably would have skated. >> she probably thought she was so clever it. so amazing. now she has to hear it endlessly on a loop. it must drive her crazy. >> her life is defined now. >> it really is. please don't go anywhere. an app offering to give millions of people free lunch.
2:46 pm
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♪♪ under my umbrella ♪♪ you can stand under my umbrella ♪♪ >> grubhub's offer for free lunch ending in mass chaos and some were very hangry. causing the website to crash and restaurants were unable to keep up. one business, slammed with a mountain of orders and a video appears to show dozens of abandoned orders that were never picked up and had to be thrown out. customers waited for hours and some never got their food. all right, speed round. first, what is your favorite food and how long would you wait for it? >> read by with less than 45 minutes. i used to where the kitchen and after i got fired two weeks later, but that time, it is like a pitstop at nascar. you got people moving things around and that is just for the customer's outside.
2:51 pm
maybe you get a dozen take-out or delivery orders. if you tripled that or quadrupled that, you will have chefs committing suicide or homicide in the kitchen. >> doing weird stuff to your food. geraldo, favorite food and how long do you wait for it? >> geraldo: i like puerto rican food i don't like waiting at all. i also believe that there's no such thing as a free lunch. whenever there's something free, that is like getting in a car at rush hour. you know it is going to be a mob. it is like friday. trying to get to the hemp heaven's -- hamptons. >> kennedi, favorite food and how long would you wait at home for your order? >> kennedy: i waited an hour and a half for 5 guys. i was like, please, i will do anything was not even grubhub or or. i waited. they only catch the prize.
2:52 pm
the problem, there's never enough delivery people for that number of orders. >> okay. all right, dana, favorite food? >> dana: i won't way very long. i won't be hungry at all. >> are you grouchy? >> dana: i am awful. these pet companies have so much data and are so smart. and they have no common sense that this is going to crush these restaurants. that is irritating. >> i'm going to wait for nobody. "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
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caution. vehicle electrified. the anytime, contact results in rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, and a tingling in the extremities. serious thrills... may occur. the all-electric amg eqs. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. i don't like to praise red sox
2:57 pm
fans on principle. i will have to give a shoutout to this fan. he caught two home runs in the same game. >> geraldo: the same fan. >> jesse: same inning, the same guy, the same game, the same inning. now, the chances of doing that and we had the producer calculate this. one in 14 billion. all right? you have a better chance of winning a lottery being attacked by a shark or being struck by lightning. >> this is the luckiest guy i have ever seen except is he a red sox fan. let that slide. speaking of home runs, we have glenn youngkin on the show tonight at 7:00. i didn't think he liked me. but apparently he is doing the show. we have been trying to get him on for a long time, but we are going to have youngkin on tonight to react to a lot of hot topics. >> dana: liked or respected? you are respected because you have a great show at 7:00 p.m. you have a great show at 7:00 p.m. he looks at that and says i want to come. >> jesse: nothing to me with me personally. >> dana: maybe his children are
2:58 pm
big fans that happens as well. animals are great my edition. this is an elephant who started bellowing when she saw this antelope drowning and so she sent out an sos. and so the zookeeper ran and helped pull the antelope out and save the antelope. this elephant is 61 years old. she is at la aurora zoo in guatemala, being rewarded team work. >> jesse: animal caretaker is that a new word? >> dana: a proper word? i don't know what it was before oh a zookeeper. >> jesse: geraldo? >> geraldo: i love all five of my children one is in the spotlight this week. my dear daughter simone is graduating from yale law school. she is really a great kid. here we are at the roof top of the peninsula. we hang out when we can she is graduating northwestern. i love my girl.
2:59 pm
i love her. she survived a terrorist attack in paris in 2015. that's where she got her interest in foreign affairs. she has already got a clerkship. that's her mom cece. congrats to simone. we love you and we proudly when you graduate. >> jesse: o'reilly's kill talks about that surviving the paris attack in paris. kennedy? >> kennedy: i will do this pope francis suffering from strained ligaments in right knee. the thing that has healed him tequila i like that. [speaking spanish] >> kennedy: bueno. >> tyrus: always time for tequila. i always love this when promises made and promises kept jerome
3:00 pm
bettis after 28 years went back and got his college degree. always nice to see when an athlete goes back. i got a text from gutfeld i will be in salt lake city this week with greg at a book signing. >> dana: on saturday? >> on saturday, yes. >> jesse: sorry you have to travel with greg. >> tyrus: i don't travel with him. >> jesse: that should be a policy for everybody. that's it for us. "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: shots of tequila with the pope. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight, the economic hits keep coming. stocks went into free fall today led by retailers and technology on major inflation fears. major. the dow and the s&p 500 had their largest one-day point and percentage decline since june 2020. the dow lost 1,165. the s&p 500 fell 165. the nasdaq dropped 566. plus, gas prices today hit another record high.


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