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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 18, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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because i do. okay, that was awesome. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> we're out of time. thanks to emily, jimmy, t.w., tyrus and kat timpf. i'm greg gutfeld. have a great night. >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news @ night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the white house is backtracking on plans for that disinformation governance board through the department of homeland security and the new disinfo czar tapped to lead the fight is apparently out. in pennsylvania, the vote counting is far from over as trump backed dr. oz and dave mccormick remain deadlocked in the gop primary. we'll update you on where
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the race stands at this hour. plus the nba player who took a stand quite literally from the national anthem. jonathan isaac of the orlando magic joins us to talk about his new book on the inside story of what was really happening in the nba. trace gallagher is on the case tonight. good evening, trace? >> reporter: the white house and the department of homeland security both noted today with a straight face that the dhs information board was shut down because of disinformation quoting the board has been grossly and intentionally mischaracterized. it was never about censorship or policing speech in any manner yet that was exactly the worry of so many republican lawmakers who felt the disinformation board or ministry of truth as many conservatives who refer to it wasn't nearly as concerned as foreign information threats as domestic opinions. utah republican senator mitt romney called the board a terrible idea that "communicates to the world we are going to be spreading
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propaganda in our own country." and just hours after resigning, former disinformation governance board director nina jahnkewitz, the mary poppins of disinformation, went on msnbc to define the word disinformation. watch? >> disinformation is information spread with bad intent. we have foreign adversaries like china, iran or russia spreading the stuff. >> critics say instead of policing bad actors like russia, nina was more interested in joining liberals in blaming rush shah for something that turned out to be not disinformation maim namely hunter biden laptop story. she said we should view it as a trump campaign product. it's not just conservatives taking swipes. jeff bezos who owns "the washington post" went after president biden for tweeting this quoting you want to bring
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down inflation? let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. pecos responded quoting again the newly created disinformation board should review this tweet, or maybe they need to form a new nonequitytor board sted-- nonsecretor board instead. taming inflation is critical to discuss. pushing them together is just misdirection. misdirection which shouldn't be confused with misinformation which is no longer being monitored by the board of disinformation. shannon? >> shannon: they had no power to decide truth or false. not sure what they were supposed to be doing, but, listen, on another front, homeland security is bracing a potential surge they say may happen in the violence from the supreme court ruling. they could. late today, the attorney general finally getting through these threats talking about what they're potentially going to do
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to protect the justices. what do you know? >> reporter: dhs obtained by axios says they're brace for a surge of violence from both sides of the roe v wade issue and multiple agencies mobilizing to get ahead of any potential unrest but the dhs is committed to protecting americans' right to peacefully protest. big part of the worry is social media threats to burn down or storm the supreme court, and in the meantime, two weeks of protesters gathering outside the homes of conservative justices and now attorney general merrick garland has finally called threats against the justices "unacceptable and dangerous." though garland still has not acknowledged the federal law that prohibits protesting a judge's home with the intent of influencing or obstructing justice, so he's getting there, but not quite. >> shannon: already on the books might be a good place to start. there's plenty of scrutiny.
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we'll keep watching and see. trace, thank you very much. with vote counting far from over, former president trump is urging dr. oz to declare victory tonight in his too close to call republican primary race ahead of gulf war veteran dave mccormick. kevin corke is tracking the latest twists and turns as some of the counties in the keystone state continue to count mail-s in, provisional, overseas and provisional ballots. >> this happens all the time in pennsylvania. for political observers, we kind of expect this. i can say this for you tonight, shannon, while the lieutenant governor in the state coasted to the victory in the democratic primary tuesday night, it's still anyone's race technically on the republican side of the ledger with celebrity surge of dr. oz and david mccormick separated by a few thousand votes frankly in the gop primary that, yes, appears destined for a recount. over 95% of the vote tally, in
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fact over 97% now in, and dr. oz is still out in front. we'll have the very latest as we continue to monitor that speaking of monitoring, we're also taking a look at the upcoming georgia gubernatorial race, brian kemp leading senator david purdue by a 32-point margin in the primary race according to a fox news poll. that actually triples his advantage from march. really incredible when you think about it. 60% preferring kemp. the other 40% preferring purdue. herschel walker dominating the field in the republican senate primary race leading that race by 58 points. i'm a big football fan as you know. anytime these athletes and coaches get involved in politics, i think it can be a good thing. some people disagree but it's
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always fun to see what happens. i remember how good he played on the field. we'll see if he could match his exploits on the field, shannon, in the arena of politics. >> shannon: i think it's always interesting when you have someone who was really well-known for one strength and skill set to try to cross over into politics. sometimes it's fantastic. sometimes it doesn't work, but we're going it track every bit of it. >> reporter: you bet. >> shannon: kevin, we'll see you in a minute. >> reporter: an interesting segment coming up. it has to do with sweets. stick around, folks at home. >> shannon: one of our favorites. kevin, see you soon. what is happening with the pain at the pump tonight? gas prices hitting another record high ahead of one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. the national average price for a gallon of gas is now $4.57. with georgia, kansas and oklahoma now surpassing the $4 mark, prices in all 50 states have now topped that milestone for the first time ever. j.p. morgan also warning today the national average could top
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$6 a gallon by august. after a pair of hospitalizations in tennessee due to the national shortage of baby formula, the biden administration is invoking the defense production act and ordering the use of commercial defense department aircraft to try to import safe formula from overseas sources. correspondent ashley strohmeyer has details for us tonight. good evening, ashley. >> reporter: hey there, shannon. the baby formula crisis took a very scary turn after two tennessee children were hospitalized due to the shortage. now, according to their doctor in memphis, tennessee, they're young children with special needs and they have specific dietary requirements. they were given a different type of formula and their bodies didn't react to it well leaving them on iv fluids and in the hospital. the doctor told fox news digital, this was the worst ever in my career that i've ever seen. this is like a pull your hair out scream at the ceiling crisis. now, meanwhile on wednesday, the president invoked the defense production act. >> the defense production act
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gives the government ability to require suppliers to direct immediate resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good. >> reporter: biden also announcing operation fly formula which ensures infant formula from overseas meets u.s. health and safety requirements and then gets to the shelves quicker. and late wednesday evening, the house passed a pair of bills to combat the crisis. $28 million will be sent to the fda to boost formula supply and help fill back the shelves. they also passed the access to baby formula act that ensures families in need can buy formula from federal programs. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: ashley strohmeyer, thank you so much. is the white house now hanging the pause to disinformation governance board out to dry? finally tonight, also taking some action to try to help mitigate the baby formula shortage crisis, let's talk about how the white house is doing on numerous fronts with tonight's bream team, richard
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fowler and horace cooper. gentlemen, thank you for being with us tonight. >> good evening. >> good to see you. >> shannon: taylor lawrence writing in the "washington post" about all of this disinformation board, it's now paused and how it went down. nina jahnkewitz says she was unfairly targeted by right wing ghouls essentially who ripped this whole thing apart. she says jahnkewitz is an example of how the right wing operates how far right influencessers identify a target and repeat misinformation from the media and websites with the idea to. [indiscernible] horace, they say this is the perfect example of what they're trying to stop. >> ok, this administration failed to explain why they were creating this agency. they failed to explain what this agency is going to be empowered to do. they failed to explain its scope, but the problem here as we're just being told is it's
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right wingers who have created a narrative. the onus on government whenever they create anything whether it's a new social program or government agency, they have the duty of explaining what it's going to do, how much is it going to cost, what are its responsibilities? they failed abysmally here. >> nina jahnkewitz spoke out tonight and said i fully understand americans are concerned. they don't want the government involved in policing speech but richard, that's what it sounded like to us they were going to do. that was the plan. >> that was. i agree with horace. the government didn't do the best of job creating a narrative exactly on what they were supposed to do. there's no question we as the american people and more importantly the american voters continue to suffer from misinformation and disinformation in the electoral system. much of the disinformation in 2016 and 2020 came from foreign governments who tried to engage in our election through bad, crazy facebook ads, ads inciting division in our country.
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we should as a nation should be looking out to make sure foreign governments aren't pushing misinformation into our waterways of information so voters cannot make educated decisions because they're making decisions based on fake news, false news or stories perpetuated by a foreign government that would cause them to stay home and not go to vote. >> shannon: let's talk about the baby formula crisis. this shouldn't be a partisan issue. there are children and families who are suffering because of this situation. tonight, the president says he's invoking the defense production act to help get this formula where it needs to go and bring it from outside. change the regulations at least temp make sure it's safe but gets to people where it needs to go. horace, will that solve the problem? >> i hope so. this is, again, yet another example of gross incompetence. when this problem was first brought to the administration's attention back at the beginning of this year, some action should have been taken. the secretary of hhs should have been empowered.
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the secretary of agriculture should have been empowered to act affirmatively. now what we're seeing is a blame game. oh, it's not me. it's the guy behind the tree. i hope that we see some action soon, but we've already had two children hospitalized. how many more before they get this problem behind us? >> shannon: "washington post" editorial board tonight has a piece where they say this, the nation needs a full and rationale accounting of this mess and the troubling questions about why it took so long for the fda to look into the abbott plant after a whistle-blower came forward way back in october. richard, do you think we're going to get answers and accountability on this? >> listen, i hope we do. i'm the biggest proponent of government accountability and transparency so americans know exactly where their money is going with that being said, look at this problem and lap it at the foot of the president and it's all joe biden's fault and his incompetence, that's a simplified way of looking that the problem. major problems in the abbott
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factory. instead of we're looking out for mothers we create a system where there's one or two corporations in america, only in america, that produce baby formula for our infants and for america's future. maybe the talk that should be rehashed in washington d.c., how do we create for suppliers of baby formula in america? how do he un-- how do we ensure all races can afford baby formula. $13-$14 for a bottle of formula? there has to be a conversation about the costs as a parent? >> if any of that were true, shannon f any of that were true, why couldn't they start that in the summer of last summer? >> shannon: they did. there were people that were warning, but it's obviously headed to a crisis point at the beginning of this year. we can only wish the best to
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this administration, the fd park ands anyone else who will try to solve this problem for the babies out there of america. i know we agree on that so we can end there. richard and horace, thank you. >> violent crime in the city increased 38%, much being driven by young people including a shooting last weekend that left a 16-year-old dead. a 17-year-old was arrest ford his murder. memorial set up in the bronx for an 11-year-old girl named kierratay with balloons and stuffed animals now marking the spot where she was shot and killed monday. her family is begging for information about a gun man who was riding on a moped apparently aiming for someone else, though he missed and hit the girl a half a block away. police are looking for the gun man and another suspect. across in manhattan, another street gun fight last night
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shortly before 3:00 a.m. as five suspects ran down the sidewalk shooting guns and hitting parked cars and taking off the way they came. police want them for reckless endangerment. they're offering $3,500 reward. an attempted robbery caught on camera also in manhattan as the suspect approached a man on the streets, brandished a gun and tried to take his cell phone. victim high tailed it and escaped. check it out, police say. if you know anything that will help, please let them know. bullet hole in this water tower in a sensitive area of the johnny cash silhouette painted on the side makes it appear the music legend is performing a human function on the kansas town where he was born. whoever shot up the water tower is costing the tiny town $200 a day in waterloos and not to mention the $5,000 repair. with the nba playoffs down to the final four teams, one orlando magic player has his sights society a much more impactful title. why i stand, a new book about one player's decision not to
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kneel for the national anthem when the league restarted in 2020 in the midst of nationwide black lives matter protests. let's bring in jonathan isaac now. jonathan, great to see you. >> thank you so much for having me, shannon. >> i want to read an excerpt on the book. congratulations on this. it says my love for america or lack love to didn't influence -- lack thereof didn't influence my decision. like any country filled with people who aren't perfect, america isn't perfect, so there was pressure to do what everyone else was doing but you said i'm going to stand for the national anthem and do something different. how hard was that? what did you feel in carrying that out? >> it was extremely difficult, and i've got the book right here, shannon, called "why i stand." really it is my journey and how i got to the point of standing in the first place, but what happened to george floyd was obviously tragic but what i tried my best to do is take a step back and figure out what was the best decision for me to take and what course of action
9:18 pm
would have brought the most change? as i looked at my life, i said you know what? the gospel of jesus christ has changed my life for the better and i cannot think of any antidote or greater message for the times we see than that message. i decided to stand and not go with what everyoneless -- stand up and not go with what everyone else was doing and share that message. >> shannon: did you get a blow back? were you surprised by the reaction you got? either positive or negative? >> i got blow back. it was an emotional situation. anxiety was so high. at the same time, i did get so much encouragement and people emboldened and courage to stand up for what they believe in as well. >> shannon: there's been a lot of conversation about whether fans were turned off about what was happening in that time in the league. the ratings are better right now in the nba. they say based on the ratings, seems as though a third of viewers abandoned the nba during its woke phase but sense returned now it's over indicating they never stopped loving the league, just the
9:19 pm
constant social justice lecturing. clearly unwoking works. the nba decided to entertain its fans this post season with actual basketball not soap box speeches about systemic racism and it worked. do you agree? do you disagree? where do you think the role is for a player who wants to speak out on important issue but also providing what many people feel sports is which is sort of an escape from the worst things and kind of a way to unify about something? >> well, i know that we have a very diverse country and so when you have an organization like the nba or any other that tailor their messaging towards one side of an issue or any issue, it could cause, you know, blow back and people not necessarily wanting to watch, but even with me writing this book "why i stand" i think it gives a platform outside of the league for people to hear what other players have to think, what i think about what is going on in society, so i don't think it necessarily has to be on the nba platform but we can use our platforms individually to speak out on what we believe in.
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>> shannon: i thought it was very classy i was looking around today and saw orlando magic was approached for a comment about you and some of the recent things you've had to say in the book and then promoting it. they basically said you're a very faithful young man who has done a lot of work in your community and that you're using your voice, and it sounded very supportive of not taking sides on anything you're saying but respecting that you are a person of faith and that you're doing the best that you can to help your community. >> i think that's -- that's the way to go for anybody who is deciding to speak out. i think everyone has their own opinion and ultimately you should stand up for what you believe in and be free to do so. >> shannon: so what is life like for you now that -- listen, tensions are still there, divisions are still there, but we're out of the fiery, hot place we were in 2020 with so much hurt and so much pain. we have a lot of healing to do and a lot of ground to make up. what is life like for you now? and how do you think we get there? >> life is great, and what i'm doing right now, again, is just pushing this book, because i
9:21 pm
know what's in this book is the antidote and has the answer to change the world for the better and so right now, the world is so divisive and heated but i know the one thing that can bring us together is the love that was demonstrated by jesus christ and if we're willing to share it and walk that message out, we can change the world one soul at a time. >> shannon: it seems to give you great strength for living by your convictions. >> thank you so much, shannon. >> shannon: jonathan, i think the "book is why i stand" a fascinating -- the book is "why i stand" a fascinating read. thank you so much. great to have you. >> thank you so much for having me. again, please, y'all, support this book. it's not something for numbers or just pushing the book. i know this book is going to encourage the next generation to stand up for what they believe in and give them the tools to do so. >> shannon: i know you write from the heart. jonathan, god bless you. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> shannon: after the break, a young girl loses her shoe at the start of a race but she's not giving up. you will be inspired.
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how would you react to seeing this in the sky during your evening commute? spooky. the day's best viral videos are next. (all): hail, caesar! pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. i was thinking like... oh hi, caesar. we were just talking about you. ha ha ha. yeah, you should probably get out of here. not good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪
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>> shannon: first up in tonight's viral videos, a young girl is having a bright, competitive future ahead after losing her shoe after the start of a 200-meter race. her dad, terrence crawford, posted this video to instagram. his daughter taking a moment to put on her shoe and coming from behind to win the entire event. proud dad said on the post that his daughter demonstrated heart and grit and the quote she let it all hang out even when she was hit with adversity. that's a lesson to all of us. pick yourself up, keep going. impressive. skies over nebraska spooky
9:28 pm
earlier this week. residents of north platt witnessing a storm cloud formation with an eerie face. the formation happened during a severe thunderstorm. i think it looks like casper the friendly ghost or pillsbury dough boy. brings to mind ghostbusters. tweet me. let me know what you think about that. if you've had a puppy, zoomies very good. this is a large byrd suddenly getting a burst of energy running and flailing all around their enclosure. the zoo claims the hostages were -- the ostriches were excited to celebrate the ostrich egg breakfast. people come and serve them a breakfast made with ostrich eggs. florida residents are undoubtedly used to seeing alligator appearances but not waking up to a guy like this in their pool. a family did it with a 550-pound gator.
9:29 pm
sheriff's office releasing photos of the 11-foot-long gator. had to be removed from deputies a trapper. law enforcement has to be trained to deal with alligator break-ins as well in florida. new jersey residents getting a large animal sighting of their own. this bear climbed up and clinged to a utility pole in a busy enter selection and stayed up there for -- intersection there and stayed up there and then came down after 15 minutes and went to a local pond. if you have local vid -- videos to share, hits up on social media. heard's sister testifying wednesday that she witnessed depp abusing her sibling. senior correspondent laura ingle has the story for us tonight. good evening, laura. >> reporter: shannon, courthouse brought out a sea of supporters for johnny depp and
9:30 pm
occasional jeers for amber heard as they come and go during their defamation trial which is now heating up with key witnesses, some who appear to be backing up amber heard's claims of physical abuse. people have come from near and far to stand in line at the courthouse hoping to get one of the 100 seats inside the courtroom to watch what has quickly become must-see legal theater. but the allegations of abuse and contents of the testimony are anything but glamorous as jurors listened to testimony from witnesses who are sharing stories about what they say was heard's abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. among them, her former friend and her sister. >> occasionally, i would see bruising, cut lips and split lips. weird marks, burns or i don't know on her arm, scratches on her arm, things like that. >> reporter: then testimony came from rerecorded depositions
9:31 pm
including that of heard's former best friend pennington and pennington's former fiance josh drew. the one-time couple lived debt-free in one of depp's apartments. drew alleges after depp beat up heard in 2015, he took pictures of her alleged injuries and once a restraining order against depp was in place, heard began dating elon musk. >> elon musk was a gentleman that amountber dated intermittently following the restraining order. i want to say it was about three to four weeks after the restraining order was filed. but while mr. depp and miss heard were still married. >> reporter: then the jury listened to the makeup artist and former heard associate who was tapped with getting her ready for a television appearance after the alleged incident in 2015. the witnesses denied the photos of heard's injuries were photoshop ed. meanwhile, depp's team has accused heard with the help of her friends of faking the physical abuse.
9:32 pm
testimony continues thursday. shannon? >> we'll stay on it, laura. thank you very much. 10 minutes after midnight snack. some things don't go together like sweets and healthy but someone is going to try to force this, and i have a warning for them. >> what are they thinking? this is actually happening over in the uk. say it ain't so. >> shannon: keep it over there. >> keep it over there, right! giant of the chocolate industry, mars, announcing it'll bring a range of "healthier" -- they say it's healthier sweets to the market next month in the uk in an attempt to tackle obesity. health epromotions won't be featured in key locations such as checkouts and entrances. the healthier offerings by mars will feature new editions of snickers and galaxy bars.
9:33 pm
some of the new sweets will be made of date paste, raisins and they'll be covered in chocolate. >> anything covered in chocolate -- we might try bugs is -- bugs and stuff. >> what are they thinking? they do chewing gum, too. who knew? it'll be hfsf, high in fat and sugar and salt. they want to be anti-hfsf. >> i'll have nothing left to eat. >> i won't eat candy in the uk. >> they'll want us to send them a care package. >> it starts there and ends up here. >> shannon: as long as they offer both versions. >> or i'll have to bootleg. >> shannon: we'll do what we have to do to get it on the market over there. kevin, thank you. we have good news to talk about. >> yes, we do. >> shannon: coming up, we'll take you live to ukraine, the latest on ground there and pivotal testimony today in the
9:34 pm
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anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. >> shannon: former fbi general council james baker on the witness stand wednesday providing pivotal testimony in the trial against former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. sussman is accused of lying to baker when he handed over now debunks information attempting to link the trump organization to russia. correspondent david spunt reports tonight from outside the u.s. district court in washington. >> reporter: central witness in the case, former fbi general counsel james baker took the stand late wednesday afternoon. he met with defendant michael sussman september 2016 about allegations of a connection between the trump organization and russia. baker said he became friends with sussman and the two kept in "frequent contact." he recalled a text message central to the case. baker said it was sent to his personal cell phone and he was surprised.
9:40 pm
on september 18th, 2016, sussman texted, "jim, it's michael sussman. i have something time-sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau, thanks." sussman had a badge to get into fbi head quarters and offered baker information linking the trump organization via a computer server to a russian-based bank. the fbi investigated. nothing to it. sussman claims he came forward not on behalf of a client but as a concerned citizen. federal prosecutors say they have evidence showing that sussman billed a clinton campaign for the fbi meeting. also on the stand, clinton campaign general counsel mark elias who told jurors he personally hired fusion gps, opposition research firm to dig up dirt on then candidate donald trump. fusion gps in turn worked with former british spy christopher steele to create the steele
9:41 pm
dossier, collection of bogus information about candidate trump. elias kept the hiring quiet within the campaign telling jurors "given who i represent, i tend to not want more people to know about it than have to know about it." sussman's attorneys asked elias if he was aware of sussman's plan to go to the fbi. he said he was not and would have not approved the idea. prosecutors say sussman tried to manipulate the fbi to open the investigation into donald trump with the hopes of planting a story in the news. sussman's team insists he would never mislead the fbi intentionally. james baker will take the stand again thursday morning. in washington, david spunt, fox news. >> shannon: a russian soldier has pleaded guilty to murder charges in ukraine's first war crimes trial. the 21-year-old soldier admitted shooting an unarmed civilian just four days after the russian invasion began. senior correspondent mike tobin is live on the ground in lviv
9:42 pm
early thursday morning. >> reporter: the guilty plea is remarkable as it's the first one of this war. keep in mind, ukrainians claim russians have committed thousands of war crimes since the invasion began. but in a ukrainian courtroom a 21-year-old russian tank commander admitted that he shot a 62-year-old man on a bicycle in the head. that's a tank commander. he and fellow soldiers abandoned their tank, stole a car and were trying to escape when they came upon the man on a bicycle. he was ordered to shoot the man to prevent him from reporting their location. his charges are violating the laws and customs of war and premeditated murder. the charge in guilty plea could impact the fate of the last fighters in the steel plant. after a long struggle, remaining fighters there are struggling. many are from the brigades which russia claims are far right extremists and nazis. russia made the allegation these fighters have committed war
9:43 pm
crimes while ukraine has attempted to broker a prisoner exchange. the surrendering fighters are being held in pretrial detention. the surrender of the plant marks the surrender of mariupol. russia gains control of what is now scorched earth. they control the port of the sea and a land bridge connecting donbass to crimea which russia has been fortifying since 2019. and the u.s. embassy has now reopened in ukraine's capital of kyiv. two former flight attendants are suing alaska airlines after they say the airline canceled them because of their religious views.
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>> shannon: on the docket tonight two former flight attendants are suing alaska airlines claiming they were canceled for their religious beliefs after they commented on a post on the airline's internal message board where the company announced its support for a bill being considered lawmakers say was aimed at ending discrimination surrounding sex and publicked aty -- and identity.
9:49 pm
great to have you guys with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for having us on. >> shannon: there was a posting internally some kind of conversation about the equity act which there's been plenty of controversy about it. lacey, you posted the question -- this is in your complaint -- at 8:35 a.m., you posted you would comply with the commenting roles. you said as a company, do you think it's possible to regulate humanity? >> after hosting the question, basically they responded to the question but shortly after that, they paused all of my trips and called me in and questioned me about the post i had. the thing is everybody lives by their own value system, their own type of morality. mine just happens to come from god. it's a very traditional biblically-based christian belief when they brought up the equality act, i basically asked from that standpoint. my concern is they were going to start regulating my thoughts and opinions on that. i was right because after they
9:50 pm
called me in, they terminated me. >> shannon: we have something included in the complaint, this is the message or response from alaska airlines senior v.p. after you had posted this question. they said supporting the equality act is not about regulating morality. it's about supporting laws that allow our lgbtq+ employees and guests no matter what state they live in or fly to to be protected against discrimination. our -- harassment and discrimination won't be tolerated. stephanie, sounds like they took this as something that was going to be in conflict with their policies against discrimination. >> corporations do have a right to engage in social advocacy but what they cannot do is use their social advocacy as an excuse to discriminate against people of faith. what we're seeing increasingly is woke corporations like alaska airlines feeling empowered to root out anyone who disagrees with them, feeling empowered to
9:51 pm
root out anyone who holds traditional religious beliefs. federal civil rights law is clear, employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of their religious beliefs. so we hope with this lawsuit we can send a message to woke employers across the country that they absolutely cannot fire their employees because they disagree with their religious beliefs. >> shannon: in the complaint, you all also talk about alaska airlines terminating your employment saying alaska airlines responded to marlly and lacey's post by removing marley and lacey from their flight schedules, terminating their employment and disparaging their religious expressions and beliefs as discriminatory and hateful and offensively. lacey, what happened after this conversation? you say you were called in. was there any attempt at a conversation to say -- for you to reassure them i don't want to discriminate against an employee, customer or anyone else but i want to hold to what my personal beliefs are as well? was there any attempt at finding
9:52 pm
common ground? >> yeah, anytime you're called in to alaska airlines, it's always because they are upset with you for any sort of reason. so when you go in, you already know you're under fire from them. i feel like when you're in that situation as an employee, they definitely -- i feel like they target you and pressure you and they definitely wanted me to basically take back the question. that was something i wasn't going to do. >> shannon: alaska airlines online describes equal opportunity this way. they say at alaska, we believe every person deserves respect, to feel like they belong and have equal opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, age, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. stephanie, sounds like a good goal. >> there's one category that's very conspicuously missing,
9:53 pm
religion. employers are obligated under federal law and state law to protect religion as a protected class. they cannot single out religious employees for discriminatory treatment like they did with these flight attendants. so it's very clear, if you look at the notice of discharge, they wrote that even considering sexual orientation or gender identity to be moral issues, they wrote that that's a discriminatory statement in and of itself and that that is reason enough to terminate their employment, so this is an extreme position. countless people across the country hold to these traditional religious beliefs and alaska airlines is making a statement if you hold traditional religious beliefs that you're not qualified to work at this airline. that's an outrageous position! it's clearly discrimination because of religious beliefs. that's why we're bringing this lawsuit. that's what we hope to accomplish here is to bring justice for marley and lacey. >> shannon: i think it's a
9:54 pm
very interesting test case. we'll be following it very closely. stephanie and lacey, thank you very much for the update. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: good news before we say good night. bubba the dog has been reunited with his owners after being missing in three months. family in phoenix lost bubba in february after he ran off after a car crash. they posted fliers everywhere and were all over social media. no luck. may 7th, trucker spotted bubba not far from the actual crash site. he was able to coax him over with food and water and took him to the animal control center for a checkup. before mother's day, owners got a special delivery. bubba is finally safe and at home. look at him. he's so cute. >> cute little peppers, i love that. i think you'll love this too. to the state of georgia is where a team got to see his film dreams come true thanks to the help of georgia's make-a-wish foundation. 17-year-old zach is a filmmaker who thanks to make-a-wish was able to write, direct and cast his very own film which premiered at this year's atlanta
9:55 pm
film festival. movie is called "level 34" centering around a teen with a heart condition. it's a bio-pic loosely based on his life. he had a heart condition. i love zach's doing that. good stuff. >> shannon: looks like he's doing really well. >> doing great and making movies. >> shannon: congrats to zach. thank you for watching. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. he wouldn't take his car justce anywhere so he brought it tog or and recalibrated their cars and safety systems. so featuresni like automatic emergency braking for work properly>>. they say we're safe like now cpac we take your seats like we place. hello, i'm mike lindell. and as you know, my passion is
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