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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 19, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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water tower, the silhouette ofst johnny cash in a sensitive area. >> a guitar, and 50,000-gallon water tanks all over. >> and vote for the water to be discolored. >> laura: johnny cash is relieving himself. oh, my goodness. i can't see anything else about that. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, dhs abruptly holding president biden's disinformation government just three weeks after its launch. the second the mic spearheaded in and blaming this information for the israeli launch. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning, i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. and to suppress a free speech with history that included left-wing narratives and later found out to inaccurate. ashley strohmier and the studio
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with the crazy details, ashley. >> dhs reportedly decided to cancel the border and written up in a letter to resign. although given the option to stay, nina said with the board's future uncertain, she will be leaving dhs and the board has been put on hold. backlash from republicans and democrats, and what it would mean for free speech. questions have also been raised over her past social media and particularly her tiktok videos. nina jankowicz has been subjected to unjustified and vital personal attacks and physical threats and congressional hearings and media interviews. the secretary has repeatedly defended her eminently qualified and underscore the departments information work and will continue to do so. speak with the board has never
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convened. the board has intentionally mischaracterize. >> but this port is shut down because of disinformation, is that it is what is happening here? >> mischaracterizations with outside forces. >> nina jankowicz speaking out last night, list them listen. >> all the sensationalist marist about what the board what people thought the board was going to do was completely wrong. it was a coordinating mechanism. it was meant to come if you know, the very large agency with the department of homeland security, people were talking to each other. >> many republican leaders are calling the holt of the program a win for free speech but others like senator josh hawley don't just pause the board but ended forever. speak to ashley thank you ashley moody led a nationwide tour to ban the board and she will join us later to weigh in on the breaking news. >> todd: looking forward to that but first let's bring in former dhs deputy assistant
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secretary and ice director and former federal prosecutor, jonathan, after all this backlash, this is the white house only option, was in it, jonathan? >> it really seems to be the only thing they could have done because at some point the dhs secretary got tired of having to embarrass himself every time he was going out to defend this. everything about it, the irony which i think you pointed out quite well and the opening is they are claiming it is disinformation coming out about the disinformation board. so this board had merits to stand up the board and fight back against the so-called disinformation. but they knew it was silly to begin with. they had a person that was completely nonserious put in charge of this and who had shown a commitment to censorship. but i don't think people should declare this as a way for free speech or other than just a win shutting down this board. if you see president biden
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speech the other day, the shameful performance in buffalo, he shows their commitment to shutting down speech, censorship, the same old tricks of calling anyone that disagrees with them racist, trans-phobic, xenophobic, phobic phobic, whatever it is. disinformation sort of the catchall for anything that doesn't fit under that umbrella. they are committed to censorship through social media, through using the government to intimidate people for speaking up for what they believe in him. >> carley: sean hannity talked about the disinformation board last night. take a listen to what he had to say. >> as it turns out former disinformation czar nina jankowicz was one of the biggest perpetrators and purveyors of disinformation in the entire country. she prays russian this information off dossier christopher steele and she referred to the hunter biden laptop scandal as a debunked campaign product and like many
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other prominent democrats, nina jankowicz is a conspiracy theorist who wants all americans to believe her twisted opinions analyze the facts. speak to you know what, jonathan i was thinking a nail in the coffin for this board, could have been jeff bezos 'tweet, the disinformation board needs to review what the biden administration. the biden administration realizes if they do something inaccurate or something wrong, the critics will say you have to get the disinformation board on it. it just became a political liability for them. >> i think you are right. i think jeff bezos point is a terrific point because if you have lost jeff bezos and the democrats, you are done. because he is fully on board with the leftist agenda and when he says there's something wrong here, they will not stand up and listen. again, they are committed to censorship. they are wedded to shutting down
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political opponents but this certainly was a mistake on so many levels here the rollout in the defense, like i said before, downright embarrassing for everyone involved. >> todd: in the meantime dhs warning of a new summer of rage that may turn violent as law enforcement agencies investigate social media threats. this isn't a rumor. this is an actual memo that reads as follows "summits to make some of these threats burning down or supreme court and murdering justices and their clerks, members of congress, and lawful demonstrators." jonathan how worried are you these threats could possibly be carried out? >> i think we should all be worried about this and what is really shocking how the white house is responding to things like the protests at justices home. they basically condone this behavior. frankly, encourage this behavior and it is concerning also that the white house, you know, i
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think they are looking back to the summer of 2020, which politically all the rights and things like that were politically beneficial to them at the time. they will encourage protests and not that they will encourage violence but they will and we are paying the price from the 2020 riots, the rise in crimes and everything else. but going back to disinformation and it is ironic because the democratic party aunt white house put out disinformation about what roe v. wade actually said and actually what overturning roe v. wade would actually mean and it does not mean abortion is illegal in the country as most of the viewers know. but most of the american public may not know this. it means the states get to decide what laws that are appropriate which is democracy at its best. the people get to decide policies that affect other people. but, it really is disturbing
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against that the white house encourages and has encourage this type of behavior instead of taking a mature approach to it. i think they are doubling down on like i said, censorship and social unrest. if they are politically astute, wanting stuff over the white house would say maybe we should take a good-faith approach to solving these problems like inflation, crime, immigration rather than playing games or shutting down political opponents rather than trying to create racial division. and they would probably be a lot more effective politically. it is surprising they keep doubling down on these things. the american people don't want social unrest. they don't want racial unrest. they want to solve the problems that affect them. they want a better economy and safer streets. speak to the biden administration actually needs to get ahead of this, because the department of homeland security there is -- it can be beneficial for the president to make a
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speech and say this decision isg to come down in june 1 side will b. violence is never the answer. that could be one of the solutions to mitigate some of the violence that could happen here jonathan, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> todd: no words for this next story. did you see this? and abortion rights nonprofit director the shocking claims while testifying before the house judiciary committee yesterday. watch. >> what do you say a woman is? >> i believe that everyone can identify for themselves. >> do you believe that man can become pregnant and have abortions? >> yes. >> todd: wow! that hearing to address concerns against overturning roe v. wade appeared that witness was called by democrats. let's get to this, the campaign will your michael sussmann, john
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durham revealing a text message that puts assessments illegible i and writing. >> carley: brooke singman joins us live, good morning. >> the text message coming from the witness in this case former fbi council james baker. his meeting with michael sussmann 2,016th is what sparked allegations of a connection between the trump organization and russia. the message reads "jim, it is michael sussmann. i have something time sensitive that i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. i want to help the bureau." they agreed to a meeting where assessment with white papers linking the trump organization to russia and after an investigation, they found the data to be bogus. sussmann claims he came forward not on behalf of a client but as a citizen worried about national security but durham and his team
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seem to have record showing sussmann build the clinton campaign for that meeting. another stunning former clinton campaign mark elias. telling the jurors he personally hired fusion gps to take operation research on thin candidate donald trump. you remember fuson gbs with the anti-trump dossier offered by intelligent agent christopher steele and paid for the clinton campaign and dnc through elias and sussmann's law firm. and today james baker is set to get back on the stand. sussmann intends to request a mistrial before that happens, but the judge is "not going to rent a request and told the defense to be prepared for more witnesses, carley, todd. ">> carley: the important revelation from yesterday's testimony. >> one of the things that came out today as plain as day my
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testimony in washington, d.c., there. you have, we now know journalists who are meeting directly with the democrats, taking this horrible story and willing to go and put it out there just to destroy republicans and destroyed president trump with the allegations. >> the allegations against this particular attorney, i believe for the tip of the iceberg. it is troubling, how can all of this be going on and somehow they missed the memo that they were working for the clinton campaign is just beyond belief. >> carley: from john durham's investigation into the origins of the trump pressure probe. in president biden to address the baby formula shortage after weeks of outcry from parents across the country. >> todd: lucas tomlinson live from washington. >> good morning, guys, president biden said u.s. aircraft will fly baby formula overseas back to the united states to help families. >> i know parents all across the
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country are worried about finding infant formula to feed their babies. as a parent and as a grandparent grandparent, i know how stressful that is. what they call the defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home. this is one of my top priorities. >> in our final news conference press secretary jen psaki said the defense production act was on the table with the following caveat. >> the production of the baby formula is so special and so specific that you can't use the difference production act with a company that produces something else to produce baby formula. it doesn't work that way exactly. >> the baby formula shortage is the latest crisis for the white house with inflation a four year high and record-setting gas prices. a letter from 22 house republicans in state legislature, the lawmakers urging the attorney general to release the baby formula held on
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the southern border for migrants from mexico. "we asked the state leaders to do everything in your power to free up the federal stockpile of baby formula on the southern border so americans can find the products they need to be their children" appear the defense production act used during the height of the pandemic dates to 1950 the start of the korean war and gives the president to control domestic industry, carley and todd to. >> todd: it it's about time lucas tomlinson, peter pitt said parent should be warned much sooner of the shortage and joins us in about 15, 10 minutes. jpmorgan predicting the national average price of a gallon will surpass $6 by the hand of the summer but wait, there's more. the white house continues to say it is not their fault, it is vladimir putin's melissa end. >> the president has said president putin's is driving the price at the pump and the president is focused on doing everything in his power to
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address the putin price hike. >> todd: the finger-pointing is not solving the problem. the post-millennial gas stations and three washington state communities are out of fuel entirely. some of the stations reportedly taking the moment to read programmed the pump screens to make room for double digit numbers. this all in anticipation of gas prices reaching a whopping $10 or more per gallon. that is unconscionable. speak to the pennsylvania primary g.o.p. race possibly heading for a recount, 98% of the vote is in and trump and doris dr. oz still leading right now by a razor-thin margin. david mccormick not far behind but pennsylvania does require mandatory recount if the merchant is within .5 of a percentage point. but meanwhile, progressives are sparing no expense this season and showing a whopping $53 million has already been spent. that is more outside spending
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than the democratic house primary than all of their 2020 primaries combined. and georgia early voting numbers are shattering records, despite election reform. the election integrity act of 2021 require 17 days of early voting and strengthen voter i.d. verification. president biden was to compare the republican legislation to jim crow era policies but defended the law despite criticism and makes it more accessible. a new fox poll the leading challenger david perdue by 32% in the georgia republican -- >> todd: elon musk declaring he's not going to be voting for democrats but he will be voting republican in future elections. the tesla ceo in the past i voted democrats because they
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were mostly the kindest party but they are the party of division and eight so i could no longer support them and will vote republican. now watch they are dirty tricks campaign against me unfold. it comes after elon musk described himself as a moderate this week. dan bongino said democrats are threatened by elon musk because he's making it harder to control the public conversation, listen. >> i'm a conservative. i'm openly conservative. i'm not a journalist but an opinion guy. my principles have not changed. economic freedom, school choice, regulatory reform. but you only believe in a series of ideas so the way they try to win is by telling you don't vote for us but don't vote against the next guy because he is a racist. so they can't control the information stream, that doesn't work. and then people start to see and hear republicans. >> todd: need to highlight the
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magnitude of those spirits be to highlight it for us. >> todd: i will correlation because peer of the left is all about the green new deal. they are all about electric cars. who makes the electric cars? i know, elon musk. he should be there guy. he should be their hero. yet, they are so divisive. they are so hate filled as a party that they have driven their guy, they are green new deal god over to the republican party. if that is happening to you, if that is happening to elon musk, imagine what it is doing to the independent voter in the middle of the country who just wants to move on with their life here they care about all the politics crap but put food on the table not pay $10 for gas. >> carley: the interesting issue that elon musk is making his free speech. but i do think there is something interesting happening where you have several prominent
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deep thinking liberals that are moving more to the right. you have joe rogan with every passing podcast, he's getting increasingly frustrated with the democratic party. for him, it was the covid lockdowns and the government overreach. then you have bill maher i didn't leave the democratic party but they left me. the woke stuff that liberals are becoming a parody of themselves. and now you have elon musk saying on twitter that he's going to be voting republican for the first time in his life. at the strangest thing happened when he started to support free speech. they started attacking him as a racist. you could have called that one because he grew up in south africa. if you look at his history, he left south africa so we didn't have to fight in the apartheid military there. so there was absolutely nothing racist about who he is, but they are claiming that because he wants to give equal voice on social media.
1:20 am
>> todd: think of what democrats were just a few short years ago. they were the party that said, "rich people should pay more in taxes." that was kind of their main focus. to a certain extent, that is still what they talk about, but they never raised that because they are so focused on men to get pregnant and pronouns are the most important thing in the world and republicans are racist. they have gone off the deep end and it is shocking to me that the white house doesn't try to get in front of that and say, "no, guys, we have a election to win midterm. we need to backtrack and need to hear." but double down and look at these numbers. >> carley: it is so true and according to political the biden administration no longer to work with him and moving more to the left in the months to come. moving on to this hunter biden might have a new strategy to
1:21 am
flip a script on infamous laptop and hollywood lawyer with a massive counter offense against republicans. >> todd: speaking on money how many tax dollars on joe biden's migrant glaze? dan meuser wants to force the white house to give us the answer. he will be here live close jimmy failla with answers in the form of comedy. attorney general ashley moody, they will all join us on a very busy thursday morning. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: it turns out president biden's judicial nominees once said voter i.d. laws are "grounded in white supremacy." natosha murrell is currently a director of litigation at the naacp. during an interview 2017 she commented, "it is inconsistent but not repute voter i.d. laws." she's being challenged on a statement at a nomination hearing last month. >> do you believe if you are against white supremacy, you have to be against voter i.d. laws? >> i agree there are circumstances where vote i.d. laws can be constitutionally implemented. >> carley: she has been question on how her views on
1:27 am
racial equity will impact her role with the eastern district of new york. the white house did not respond to requests for comments on her prior statement, torta. >> todd: insisting he did not know baby formula shortage was coming even though his own hhs secretary says otherwise. >> have you taken those stand up stomach steps before he got into and parents couldn't find? >> had we been better mind readers, i guess. >> and last year, we had been moving quickly as we can. >> todd: someone is telling the truth, peter pitts fda official, peter, who is telling the truth in that sound bite montage? >> the fda is telling a truth, a real crisis in the white house chose to pay attention but we will never know. what they did know or didn't know, the white house chose to do nothing. >> todd: you are a very fired up in the commercial break. we were talking about the defense production act and president biden was referencing in that clip before he
1:28 am
authorized defense and we will for suppliers to give the supply to the baby formula makers over everybody else. you say, that is not the panacea biden want you to believe in. >> it is tough talk, smoking mirrors and you know what makes up they be formula rice starch, corn syrup and putting in cow's milk. there is never a shortage but one less view of baby formula because of a shortage. so the defense act is smoke and mirrors and insulting. the president saying he will fly them baby formula from where? there is no they be formula depot anywhere in the world. where will he fly up to? and how will it get distributed? american parents want to know when the palm will be solved and not sound bite ridiculous from the outside. >> todd: when you are sleeping one hour a night, you want answers. you don't want a detailed discussion of how supply chains work and defense production but you want the darn formula. walk us through what you would have done if you were in charge
1:29 am
of the fda, in charge of the biden administration response to the shortage. >> the fda, it was horrible, bad quality come up bad safety and regulatory malpractice so they did the right thing. they also reached out towards the other manufacturers nsaid rev up production to help them really don't like to mediate these prices. and upwards of 30% more than before. all to the good. and then fda stopped. and working to fix the factory but they should have put in place a really aggressive education campaign to tell american parents, listen, there might be shortages. be aware of it and understand what is happening. but dr. retail outlets to make sure there is no panic buying. here is what we are doing. but they didn't do that. but the result was make my parents go to the retail store and the shelves are empty and they panicked. >> todd: why?
1:30 am
babies are the most vulnerable population. why, why would they have not taken the steps you just detailed? >> also, they didn't put into place protocols implementation for baby formula which they did last week. so they could have done it earlier. as to why they didn't do it, there was no confirmed commissioner at the fda at the time. but it took the president a year to get fda commissioner to the senate purity was confirmed on the first vote. so no blocking of the nomination. dr. rob took over, it was in the middle of february and closed, and lots of things on his plate. i don't know when he was informed or how the center for food of the dhs to prioritize it but they didn't. >> todd: boy, this white house does not act fast unless pronouns are involved. peter pitts, fascinating stuff, great insight. >> lori lightfoot worried about votes while people in chicago being murdered in the street. 911 dispatcher issued a wake-up call after the murder of officer
1:31 am
ellen french said nothing is the mike has changed and another plea to city leaders, now curly. >> carley: disney to support lgbqt, and we will show you the new collection is their fight over parental rights intensifies. patience, and support through the reverse mortgage loan process. you are an asset to aag." this is from helen, a happy customer, who got a reverse mortgage loan from aag. you see, a lot of people aren't sure if a reverse mortgage is really right for them. so michael and all the experts at aag work hard to make sure you understand exactly what you're getting. they want to make sure you're happy.
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>> carley: a fox news alert, president biden set to meet with the prime minister of finland and sweden as they push for nato membership. >> todd: the senate will vote to send $40 billion ukrainian aid package to joe biden's desk. mike tobin in ukraine with moore, mike. >> good morning, todd and carley. for the first time in this war, russia soldier pleaded guilty to war crimes and that guilty plea could very well complicate the faith of ukrainian soldiers who are now surrendering at that steel plant in mariupol.
1:37 am
the tank commander met he shot a bicyclist unarmed in the head appear the name of that soldier sergeant -- he and conrad bennett the take and fling in a stolen car. they came across ukrainian man on a bicycle. he shot him on orders to prevent the man from reporting their position. his charges violating customs of war and premeditated murder. in the meantime ukrainian riders with steel plants are being taken into russia custody. many of them are with the far right extremist and. russia claims those fighters committed war crimes. ukraine attempted to broker a prisoner exchange but the surrendering fighters are being held in pretrial detention. the surrender of the steel plant marks the end of the bloody battle to hold that port city. russia gains control of the scorched earth and strategically important land to crimea where russia troops have been fortifying since 2014.
1:38 am
in the meantime $40 billion aid package has easily passed the u.s. house of representatives. advanced and the senate with some republican opposition. it comes up for a final vote in the senate today and is expected to pass. guys come back to you. >> carley: mike tobin live for us once again in lviv, mike, good to see you again thank you. number one dispatch on the front lines of the crime crisis is set up with the city of lawlessness. he is claiming they were lori lightfoot empty promises and calling on chicago voters to clean house as crime skyrockets 35% compared to last year. that chicago dispatcher keith thorton jr. joins me now. keith, good morning to you. it is great to have you on. being a 911 dispatcher, you're the first person to hear about all the crimes taking place across new york city. can you describe, can you put into words what the situation is like in chicago when it comes to
1:39 am
crime to crime? >> absolutely, good morning, carley. meet with my voice and nothing to do with chicago but my position as a 911 dispatcher, you put everything together, police, fire ems, and what i have learned behind the council amongst many of my colleagues is that it is crazy in chicago. it is done. the city is done. if we don't get new people within the positions to lead the city, this city is done. >> carley: 97 children have been shot in chicago so far this year. one of them is chantel holliday. he was murdered over the weekend. i was reading that he recently told his teacher if he makes it to 21 years old, he wants to open a music studio. why would you phrase it like that make it to 21? well, chicago, things happen to kids all the time. he didn't even make it to 17 years old. and i'm sure that is why you say
1:40 am
chicago is in a death spiral and quickly turned to a city that caters strictly to criminals who target the innocent. >> absolutely pure the kid was 17 years old, right at millennium park, which is a huge site for tourist to come and enjoy themselves to be. in the meanwhile, officers down there, there is no coordination and no structure, no leadership. the mayor was not in town for the weekend. it just went skyrocketing in downtown was off the chains. kids running around everywhere, dancing in the streets, shots fired, officer needs help. there was no structure or organization. it is all because of the mayor and her cronies who support her and who are right underneath her in her administration. >> carley: let's get to the solutions. what needs to happen to fix this question work >> we need to put someone in office who will support the officers. officers do bad things, get rid of those guys come up the mass majority of officers are wonderful people and they do wonderful things to allow these
1:41 am
guys to do their job and arrest people. we also need to get kim fox out of office within cook county. she is allowing these people to come in over and over and over again and the officers, right back on the streets. last week we had carjacking suspect takeoff and the mayor with her policies, without first server is not allowed to pursue these guys pure the guy came back around and shot and killed someone, not kill them but is fighting for his life now. so it is horrible right here in chicago. >> carley: you were one of the dispatchers on duty when two police officers were shot. one was french and one of the reasons you are speaking out, you never want to be in a situation like that again. >> absolutely. i promise ella god rest her soul come i will continue to speak out because of her brothers and sisters in the loop. i will not stop and i will not be intimidated. i will continue to do what i feel i need to do. i love chicago and many people
1:42 am
are here because they love it. this is where we come from. but the people who are leading the city, they are not leaving anything. they are leading us down to death. >> carley: who are one of the good guys, keith. todd to come over to you. >> todd: taken just hours before he made a violent escape from prison custody. gonzalez lopez being transported in restraints right before he allegedly broke free on the prism bus and stepped the driver. lopez fled on put my foot and got away. the manhunt for lopez is the largest concentrated effort and almost 20 years. and the police say the person who killed two young into unit teens and 2017 took souvenir from the crime scene and possibly stage their bodies. the girls bodies were moved after they were killed in state on a different property. the warrant said photos were taken by the killer to
1:43 am
"memorialize the crime scene." the police continued to search for that killer. in one small kansas town drawing national attention after reversing a decision revoking the term "in god we trust" from the police cars. voting 3-2 on the issue. the move as originally enacted to report a late separate church and state but caused an uproar from the community. this lady's vote will allow decals to stay on those cars. the state border will not be to science after a $5,000 prize to transgender competitor. we have that story coming up. >> carley: speaking of disinformation turns out half the president's twitter followers are fake. jimmy failla is the real deal and he is here to live.
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>> carley: here we go again amber heard sister backing assault claims against johnny depp recounting a site between the former couple that she says left her bruised. >> i hear amber shout "don't hit my [bleep] sister." she backs him, grabs amber by the hair with one hand and whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other. >> carley: the actresses
1:49 am
friend also taking the stand hearing and emotional testimony. >> i was worried for her safety. he might actually do something that was worse than amber intended to. >> carley: a former girlfriend of johnny depp is expected to take the stand as a witness in her defense with closing arguments slated for next week at the earliest. >> todd: for famous girlfriend, ellen. a hollywood worker recruiting more than 30 lawyers and investigators to probe the backstory with hunter's infamous computer to strike back. their efforts are focused on finding alternative accounts of how the computer fell into the hands of biden's political opponents. john paul macisaac with the laptop after dropped it off and never came back. hunter has admitted he doesn't know if the laptop was in fact, his. my goodness gracious.
1:50 am
hunter biden but like nobody's business. elon musk with a big announcement how he intends to vote in the upcoming election tweeting "in the past i voted democrat because they were mostly the kindest party but they have become the party of division and hate so i can no longer support them and will vote republican. >> carley: he also says he expects political attacks to escalate dramatically in the coming months, and jimmy failla the host of "across america." on fox nation. what do you make of this elon musk tweet? >> welcome here is the thing, elon musk getting past his business interest, if he wants to be cool and a guy that smokes weed on podcasts. he is making a lot of juvenile jokes on twitter. it is hard to align with the democratic party because it is just not cool. i understand they have abandoned all of their principles. it's not that the people have abandoned them but the democrats, the free-speech party
1:51 am
is a party of censorship, drugs, rock 'n' roll and the party of like social construct, the only drugs they want to take is a pharmaceutical vaccine. they don't like rock 'n' roll because a singer might have tweeted something offensive five years ago. no one wants to hang out with the party of the fence and outrage. carley and todd, you know this. you will never be with a party and hear someone go "oh, i can't wait for a guy that gets appended at everything that shows up." and you will never hear it. elon musk he doesn't want to be aligned with that song. so this has me on business but a personal branding decision. who wants to hang out with these people? >> todd: the ramifications for the midterms, you have lost the poster child of the green new deal. you are the democrat. if you have lost him how do you have a chance in the midterms? but again we will wait and see come november. i want to ask you about this, jimmy and audit one software company nearly half, nearly half of president biden's 22 million
1:52 am
twitter followers are fake accounts. you are a comedian. so many jokes, so many times, jimmy failla. >> it is kind of amazing his twitter account is suffering from inflation. it is not the article we thought it would be. >> todd: keep going. >> i was just going to say, you stop it, todd piro. i'm not apprised no one is following him. we know he's not in charge of his own tweets anyway. could you imagine if biden with the syntax of what he was saying? it looked like a cat walk walked across a keyboard. nine times out of ten. so i'm not particularly surprised, but i think the take away for people at home saying to themselves, if you think the following account is fake you should see the vote count. but i don't want to start this early in the morning, todd piro. nobody likes this guy. it was an easy joke. >> carley: so late at night, you might be able to go there.
1:53 am
what's up now? >> todd: i counted four jokes. i gave you an opportunity... be to i don't think it is just biden. this is the point elon musk is trying to make. there are so many band accounts on twitter, you go on and you never know who is real and who is fake? >> that is the thing, i was relieved to know half of twitter is fake. i don't want to know they are that many real living cycles walking around the world. [laughter] twitter, every time i log onto twitter, have you ever shown up to a social gathering where you walk on the door and realize everybody there has had 13 drinks and you will not catch up to this guy? that is where i walk in, yeah, i'm not in this headspace right now. these people are road raging and like a real housewives episode. >> carley: that is so true. the fact that there are so many bots on twitter. that is actually a good thing. thank you for joining us. >> todd: thanks jimbo.
1:54 am
>> you are the best. >> carley: you are the best, todd. some news, done being silent after losing to a biological male trans athlete in a competition. taking dominic taylor silverman posting on instagram, "total of $5,000 prize money and the female athletes come i deserve to place first. acknowledge my win and get paid." i reached out to red bull and got ignored. the athlete came in second to is lillian gallagher who identifies as a woman. outraged, being met by silence from red bull, yet to respond to her emails. >> todd: disney vowing new pride for kids, the rainbow pride on backpacks, t-shirts and created by lgbqt and all profits going to support lgbqt family spear that rolled out governor auntie sentenced to strip of special tax district over opposition to the states
1:55 am
parental rights law. the white houses pausing joe biden disinformation board because of wait for it disinformation. what comes next for the disinformation's are? >> carley: ashley moody is coming up, plus congressman dan meuser will join us live. ♪ ♪
1:56 am
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>> todd: a fox news alert. dhs abruptly halting president biden's disinformation governance board and white house blaming disinformation for derailing the launch. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimku nina jankowicz says -- later found to be


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