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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 19, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert. dhs abruptly halting president biden's disinformation governance board and white house blaming disinformation for derailing the launch. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimku nina jankowicz says -- later found to be inaccurate.
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ashley strohmier live in studio with the crazy details. ashley, good morning. >> ashley: dhs decided to cancel the board on monday and the next day the woman pegged for the position had written up a letter. the board is uncertain and she will be leaving dhs and the board has been put on hold. there is backlash from republicans and democrats over the board's inception and what it would mean for free speech. questions raised over her social media, tik tok videos. nina jankowicz has been subjected to physical threats in congressional hearings and media interviews and the secretary repeatedly defended her as imminently qualified and underscored importance of the disinformation work and he will continue to do so.
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>> the board has never convened, the board has been mischaracterized. >> disinformation board is being shut down because of disinformation, is that what is happening here? >> it is going to pause, there is mischaracterization from outside forces. >> ashley: nina jankowicz was speaking out last night. listen to what she had to sap. >> what people thought the board was going to do are wrong, it was coordinating mechanism, meant to make sure the very large agency, the department of homeland securities, that people were talking to each other within it. >> ashley: republican leaders call it a win for free speech. others like josh hawley say don't pause the board, end it forever. >> todd: good news for nina jankowicz, more time for musical theater. >> it is great news for united states and cnn, disinformation
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board means something died faster than cnn +. they claimed supposed disinformation shut it down, which is like if there is a new fire department that was set up in your town and you had a fire at your house and you call the fire department and they said, screw that, we're closing, that is the reason you're here. first piece of disinformation you should be able to shut down is disinformation about the board itself. we know when they say disinformation, they mean not disinformation, but information that is inconvenient to them. >> todd: florida attorney general ashley moody led a push to disban the board. she will join you this hour to react to the breaking news. >> carley: white house prepared for violence against supreme court over the intent to overturn roe v. wade. jonathan joined us earlier with his thoughts on the unrest.
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>> the white house, i think they are looking back to the summer of 20twenty, politically all the riots were politically beneficial at the time. it is destructive and we're paying the price from the 2020 riots with rising crime and everything else. >> carley: supreme court justices meeting with merrick garland on new enhanced judicial security. garland says threats of violence directed at those who serve the public is unacceptable and dangerous to our democracy. president biden set to meet with prime minister of finland and sweden as the two push for nato membership. >> todd: mike tobin is live. >> mike: finland and sweden into the arms of nato. the two have formally applied
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for nato membership. the application is not on the fast track. turkey opposes them from joining, saying they are consider -- membership of the nordic nation to nato would rearrange the security map of europe and draw nato up to the border of russia. vladamir putin said there will be consequence if that happens. the last hold out in mariupol, azovstal steel plant, sea of azov and land bridge connecting crimea. many are wounded and being taken into custody by russia for pre-trial detention. many with the azov brigade, president putin said those are
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nazis creating pretext for invasion. in the meantime, a russian soldier pleaded guilty to war crimes. he admitted he shot an unarm 62ed-year-old man on a bicycle. he says he was ordered to shoot the man out of fear he would report their position. charge violating custom of war and premeditated murder. ukraine -- $40 billion aid package up for vote in the senates, it has encountered some opposition, it is expected to pass. back to you. >> todd: mike tobin, thank you. more secret migrant flights taking off. who is footing the bill? you are. the new bill that would force the white house to fess up. >> carley: did you hear this? >> do you believe that men can become pregnant and have
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>> todd: it turns out one of president biden's federal judicial nominees once said voter id laws are grounded in white supremacy. director of litigation at the naacp. she said it is -- being challenged on the statement at a nomination hearing last month. >> do you believe that if you are against white supremacy, you have to be against voter id law? >> i believe there are circumstances where photo id laws can be constitutionally implemented. >> todd: being questioned on how her views on racial equity will affect her role in new york. the biden administration using
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taxpayer dollars to fund secret migrant flights and bus trips from the border across america. >> carley: a bill demanding answers. congressman, good morning to you. tell us about this bill, what is the goal? >> good morning. the goal is simply to provide miconstituents and the american people transparence and he notification as to how hhs is moving is moving illegals and flying them to different parts of the country. in pennsylvania, there are flights known as ghost flights that are filled often with children or young people, adolescents, and often with adults, as well, without any notification, coming in with full flights, arriving in the dead of night literally and
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being put on shuttle buses and sent to different parts of a region, like for instance they were flying into wilkes-scranton, harrisburg and lehigh county and white plains. it is outrageous and i've met with hhs twice and they didn't tell me the truth what was going on. they told me it was coincidence the flights were coming in in the middle of the night. they are trying to mitigate the horrible policies of the biden administration, where we have 5000 to 7000 illegals a day coming into the border and turning all states, including pennsylvania into border states. >> todd: your bill aims to expose this further. why is the white house so afraid of local leaders knowing who is in their communities?
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could it be the truth is simply wildly unpopular? the white house knows it and they are trying to cover it up? >> that's exactly it. there is no other rationale reason for it, why wouldn't we want to know if these are adolescents for the school to be made aware. asking for notification to truly help. hhs needs to help mitigate awful policies because the border, detention center along border in texas and arizona are completely overwhelmed. we could help if local officials are aware, if the governor is made -- aware. the customs and border patrol agentss are taking information off of a young person's arm with a phone number or an address making contact with that phone number and sending these people, young people often, to that
2:15 am
destination with no more information than that. i've had a cbp look me in the eye in the middle of processing and says, i sometimes feel like a link in the chain of human trafficking. that is how -- >> carley: that is why they are demoralized, they feel like they are essentially working for the cartels, feel like the link in the chain. do you know how much the migrant flights are costing taxpayers? >> a lot, in the neighborhood of $350,000 and i'm sure that is low and that is just for the hhs flights that take over for the minors, not department of homeland security. numbers show about $350,000 of tackpayer money for the flights to take place and shuttle buses. absurd. >> carley: congressman, dan meuser, thanks for shining a light on this.
2:16 am
record gas prices and no food for infants, whoopi goldberg appears to have an alternative view of reality. >> gas prices aren't bad because of anything biden did, it is just what he's going to absorb. people want baby food, baby formula, that is not on him, that's on abbott. >> todd: intellectualism. walmart handing down bucks to upon college graduates fast tracking them to store manager. what a fascinating story. two people joining the big money program when we come back. my a1c stayed here, money program when we come back. money program when we come back. g money program when we come back. big money program when we come back. lktwo people joining the big money program when we come back. intwo people joining the big money program when we come back. gtwo people joining the big money program when we come back. ttwo people joining the big money program when we come back. otwo people joining the big money program when we come back. two people joining the big money program when we come back. better than a leading branded pill.
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>> todd: you may think it is not happening, but it is. an abortion rights nonprofit director making shocking claims while testifying before the house judiciary committee yesterday. watch. >> what do you say a woman is?
2:21 am
>> i believe everyone can identify for themselves. >> okay. >> do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions? >> yes. >> todd: let that sit there for a moment. she said yes. that witness was called by democrats to address concerns for those against overturning roe v. wade. >> carley: turn to this. walmart new program to combat staff shortages, new college to career program promises to fast track employees to management condition offering wages up to $200,000. aleah moreno joins me now. good morning. tell us why you are interested in joining this program. >> i'm very interested in joining this program mainly because of the opportunities it will give me in the growth that
2:22 am
it will put me at such a young age. >> carley: tell us about yourself, you've been working for walmart since you were 17, is that right? >> yes, i starts at 17 as cashier, if you asked me where i would be now, it wouldn't be here. i had no idea that age i would go so far, i mean endless opportunity walmart has to offer are insane. >> carley: i read the salary when i was introducing you to the segment, you could make up to $200,000 a year by becoming a store manager. that is a lot of money. i'm sure this will really take off. >> yes, it is a lot of money and i have a lot of goals, talk about the goals with people i work with and my market team, they have shown me these opportunities and things i have at my fingertips that salary will help me achief what i frpt life and i'm excited to get
2:23 am
started. >> carley: what are some of your goals? >> i really want to build my own house one day and i know anybody that has done that knows there is a lot of money you need to do that. that is just my biggest one right now and walmart has led me to the highest they can to get me there every single day giving me opportunitys and showing me how to reach those goals. >> carley: that is great to hear. we have different things college to career program does for participantss and what you learn, mix of classroom lessons, individual mentorship, hands-on experience and store management and you are expected to be placed as store managers within two years, how rigorous is this program? >> i mean, it is very quick, fast-paced. it is 12 weeks, first off. after that, jumping into the next program and i've never been more excited. i know being 20 years old and
2:24 am
thinking of being a store manager in two years is insane to me. i'm excited and can't wait to see where i go from here and they will help me get there. >> carley: we wanted to have you on because there are so many young people who don't want to work right now. you were working at walmart while going to school. you have a great work ethic, what motivates you? >> really my goals in life. i mean, i strife to do the best that i possibly can everyday and with goals i have set for myself, i know that i'm not going to get there unless i keep that motivation and mind set of hard work will pay off in the end. it is a lot to juggle between high school and sports and walmart and started college and working full time. what motivated me and kept me going is knowing the goals i have set, i will achieve those and have people to back me up and get me there. >> carley: i'm sure your parents are proud of you.
2:25 am
you will definitely be a success. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: you're welcome. >> todd: $200,000 by the time you are 30. >> carley: you are 24 and making 200 k. >> todd: speaking of numbers, meteorologist -- is here. i promised awkward talk and i delivered. >> i'm so excited about that, i will take it and fully embrace it. we love numbers, for sure. i will throw so many numbers your way, todd, a lot for 5:25. we have a lot going on. take a look across the nation. we have rain in the northwest, that is the only spot where it is cool. we have a lot of heat out there. with that heat, we're driving thunderstorms through kansas and oklahoma and it is a wet mess. inconvenient weather. many are getting ready to get
2:26 am
out the door. waking up to rain across the 95 corridor. get ready for the headache to start your day. in oklahoma, severe storms are north of tulsa, couple severe thunderstorm warnings, just the beginning. this morning it is isolated storms in oklahoma, later today threat of severe weather that is more widespread. especially from the carolinas to kentucky and tennessee. another spot, iowa, southern portions of minnesota and wisconsin highlighted in maroon, highest potential thunderstorm producing hail and isolated tornados. watch that this afternoon. the southwest, fire concerns remain high. we have a critical fire outlook for new mexico, arizona, colorado and northern california is getting in on the mix. elevated mix for the north valley. don't do anything that could have an outward spark. we are tracking largest wildfire in new mexico history.
2:27 am
this is a big deal, do your part. i spoke about the heat, todd, 81 degrees is just for thursday. friday, we're at 88. it peeks with temperatures in upper 90s. this is triple digit necessary 95 corridor. in the west, cold in denver, winter storm watch in denver, this is unbelievable. could see 6-12 inches of snow, most above 6000 feet there is a chance we could see snow in the denver metro area in may. that is where i grew up, middleton, it happens, it is special when that happens. >> carley: it is almost spring. >> todd: summer and winter, no spring. britta, thank you. appreciate it. elon musk making more news with a major announcement about who he's voting for in the midterm. >> carley: joe concha is up next.
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>> carley: new evidence coming to life against exclinton lawyer michael sussmann. text message puts michael sussmann's lie in writing. >> todd: brooke singman joins us now. >> brooke: that particular message coming from the central witness in this case, general counsel, james baker. his meeting with defendant michael sussmann in 2015 sparked allegations of connection between the trump organization
2:32 am
and russia. message reads, jim, it is michael sussmann, i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss, do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow. i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a company. i want to help the bureau. michael sussmann provided data and white papers allegedly linking trump organization to the alpha bank. the fbi found the data to be bogus. michael sussmann claims he came forward not on behalf of a client issue but as a citizen worried about national security. durham says they have -- billed the clinton administration for that meeting. and mark elias telling jurors he personally hired fusion gps to dig up evidence on donald trump. fusion gps discredited the trump
2:33 am
dossier, offered by christopher steele and paid for by the clinton campaign through the law firm. >> the allegations against this particular attorney, i believe are the tip of the iceberg, it is troubling, how could this be going on and somehow they miss the memo that they were working for the clinton campaign, it is beyond belief. >> brooke: james baker isset to get on the stand today. request for a mistrial before that can happen. the judge said he is not inclined to grant such a claim. >> carley: thank you. president biden department of justice is clearing the lobbying firm linked to hunter biden over foreign dealings saying it found no wrongdoing. >> todd: joe concha joins us to discuss this. knock me over with a feather.
2:34 am
there will be no real investigation of anything hunter biden until republicans take over. >> joe: wait, todd, you are telling me the merrick garland justice department may not be pursuing an investigation into hunter biden and those affiliated with him? shut the front door. this is sorry, it's a family show, carley, this is the same justice department, by the way, that declared not long ago, parents who attended school board meetings were teamed potential domestic terrorists. like eric holder with barack obama, remember eric holder said he was barack obama's wingman while he was attorney general. the merrick garland justice department serves at pleasure of this president and not independent any way, shape or form, this is no surprise, todd. >> carley: we've been talking all morning. elon musk said he is switching parties. he said in the past i voted
2:35 am
democrat because they were mostly the kindest party they have become the party of division and hate red, i will vote republican. political attacks will escalate dramatically in the coming months. i have a feeling he is right about that. >> joe: my phone melted in my hand yesterday and i was wondering what was going on. like in "raiders of the lost ark," no surprise there, elon. he is elon like shaq or madonna or carley. he said the democratic party left him going far to the left. he shared that meme, you may recall. when you consider the democratic party on inflation or crime or the border or education or being uber woke in general, elon is not the only one leave thanksgiving party.
2:36 am
we see hispanics leaving in droves over border and education and crime, for example. this is the state of the democratic party. those who were democrats, obama democrat or clinton democrat don't recognize the blue team anymore. >> todd: whoopi goldberg ain't leaving, she's defending joe biden. listen. >> joe: good pivot. >> gas prices are not because of biden, it is what he'll absorb. people want baby food, baby formula, that is not on him, that's on abbott. >> todd: joe, look at the cover of today's "new york post." headline is joe's train wreck. but again, if you are not reading the post, if you are only getting news and information from the mainstream media that hasn't been telling the public about things like closed pipelines, regulations and the like, how do you know how bad joe biden has been since
2:37 am
january 21st of 2021? >> joe: well, fortunately besides "new york post" and maybe watching this show and this network in general and fox business, there is social media, where you can find this sort of news. more and more people get their news from social media, that is a good thing. i understand your general point on mainstream media in general, you see and remember whoopi goldberg is member of the abc news team because "the view" falls under that umbrella. you would think gas prices are high, it is not joe biden's fault. what about the keystone pipeline? what about drilling and this move to green energy? these are things that this administration declared and executed on and not so much green energy part, but they are trying. overall, that is what is driving gas prices to where they are now and why so many people are feel thanksgiving and blaming this
2:38 am
administration. whoopi goldberg is on an island right now and not among the majority opinion. got to go, they are telling me. everybody looks great. enjoy the rain. >> todd: joe concha. >> carley: confidence boost at the end. >> todd: the pennsylvania primary gop possibly heading for recounts, 98% of the vote is in. dr. oz leading by razor-thin margin. dave mccormick not far behind. pennsylvania requires mandatory recount if winning margin is half a percent and it is less than that. progressives sparing no expense on report showing whopping 53 million dollars has been spent, more outside spend nothing tuesday's house primary than in all, all of their 2020 primary combined. and early voting numbers shattering records despite the -- over election integrity law, criticized by president biden and democrats as "voter
2:39 am
suppression," with just days until the may 23rd primary election, new fox news poll shows kempe, leading perdue by 32 percentage points. herschel walker dominating in senate primary, latest poll has him up by 58 points. not a lot of voter suppression in peach state. gas station in washington has run out of gas and reprogramming pumps to include an extra digit. crazy story next. plus calling disinformation czar isn't singing anymore after leaving her post at dhs. >> carley: florida attorney general ashley moody calling for the disinformation board to disband and joins us live. ♪
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2:44 am
the dow and s&p 500 worst decline since june 11 of 2020. selling relentless as target missed estimates, worst day for target since black monday back in 1987. companies revealing the crush of inflation, higher interest rates and stalled supply chain just too much. the white house not paying much attention to the federal reserve or the numbers. >> you know, the federal reserve is independent, we leave them to make their own policy decisions, we do not get involved in that. nothing has changed how we see the stock market, that is not something we keep an eye on everyday. >> cheryl: i guess they didn't want to look at yesterday's numbers either. last year, president biden admitted as much. watch. >> president biden: i don't look at the stock market by means to judge the economy, like my predecessor does. stock market has gone up since i've been president, you haven't heard me say a word about it.
2:45 am
>> trump likes to boast single best measure of the economy is the stock market, i never thought that. >> cheryl: dell futures down 423. s&p 500 down 58. nasdaq down 200. today might be another rough day. >> todd: only people's retirement, the white house should pay attention. reaction from joe biden on the formula front, is it enough? >> cheryl: the administration is taking action to deal with the baby formula shortage, invoking the defense production act. >> president biden: parents are worry body finding enough infant formula to feed their babies. as a parent and grandparent, i know how stressful that is, defense production act ensures necessary ingredientss to make safe infant formula at home. this is one of my top priorities. >> cheryl: this as former fda official says the white house should have acted sooner.
2:46 am
>> smoke and mirror and insulting to american parents, you know what makes baby formula? rice syrup and cow's milk, there is no shortage, never been a shortage, there is not one less skew of baby formula because of shortage. defense production act is smoke special mirror and the president saying he will fly in baby formula. from where? he baby formula depot, where will he fly it to and how will it get distribute? ed american parents want to know when the problem is going to be solved, not sound bytes ridiculous from the outset. >> cheryl: shelves of baby formula on the shelves at the border, that needs to stop. we asks as state leader to do everything to free up the if the stockpile of baby formula at the southern border so oklahomans and americans can find products they need to feed their
2:47 am
children. >> carley: more bad news for gas prices. >> cheryl: according to research note from jp morgan, gas prices could rise 37% by august, hitting $6.20 per gallon, national average. white house maintains it is putin price hike. >> as the president has said, president putin's actions are driving the price increase at the pump and the president is focused on doing everything in his power to address the putin price hike. >> cheryl: there are reports stations are running out of fuel. in washington state we're getting reports stations are reprogramming pumps so they'll be able to display double digit price, that is in case gas hits $10 a gallon or higher. some point we will hit $10, hoping it will not be this year. >> carley: next century. that is a lot. >> todd: that is horrible news. thank you. dhs, president biden's
2:48 am
disinformation governance board three weeks after launch and the woman set to spearhead it resigning in disgrace. >> all the sensational narrative about what people thought the board were going to do is wrong. it is coordinating mechanism. i understand american's concern, they don't want government policing speech. this board was not involved and neither was i. >> todd: attorney general led the effort to disband the board. she joins us now. ashley, why did the white house cave, was it your pressure? >> ashley: i think they underestimated the american people and those paying attention to their calculated, orchestration to mislead the public. mayorkas said he is effectively controlling the borders, policies are not contributing to the surge. nothing to see here, don't
2:49 am
worry, american people, i've got you. those paying attention knows it's disaster. we hit record number of those coming over the border last month. if title 42 goes away in less than a week, it will double that number, over 500,000 people a month. they knew, they had told border patrol not to talk to media a year ago when numbers had risen to 172,000 a month. now they came up with an idea of disinformation board and in his word, to address migration to see if we can snow the american people. i think americans have had enough. i've had enough. as an attorney general that has had to stand up and push back on this overreaching by this administration to destroy our institutions, i think you are going to see a november like you have never seen. >> todd: the white house -- >> no longer letting them push this down into our state.
2:50 am
>> todd: you are right there. i think november will be a blood bath for the dems. listen. >> the board is pausing in the sense it will not convene. the department of homeland security repeating the board had been intentionally mischaracterized. it was not about censorship or removing content from anywhere. >> todd: white house board on disinformation failed because of disinformation. ag moody, if it was good at out disinformation wouldn't it be able to deal with the problem of disinformation and continue to survive? none of this makes sense. >> ashley: you missed the statement where they said, this is because of mischaracterization of outside forces. outside forces? i'm sorry, are outside forces the other eshg lected forces that pledged to protect our state or security? are outside forces the american
2:51 am
people? the white house needs to remember the government, this administration is merely we the people and we're going to push pack when they start doing things like this, pushing disinformation about a disaster and mishandling of the border. yeah, of course, we will continue to be forces and push back. >> todd: is the outside force the first amendment? yet another question we would like answers to. ag ashley moody, thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. 11-year-old girl shot dead on the streets of new york city and congresswoman nicole malliotakis says an emt worker was shot in her district last night by the person being treated in the ambulance. she's here with her solution. >> carley: check in with brian. >> brian: good morning. thanks for the professional toss. dhs memo says bracing for violence ahead of supreme court's opinion on roe v. wade. both senator rand paul and nancy
2:52 am
mace have been victims of political protest. they will weigh in on what could be coming down the pike. lara trump will discuss the baby formula shortage and the action the president is taking to help parents. really? and charles payneshg will talk about gas prices. katie pavlich and viv es ramaswamy will be here. we have inflation busting mega-morning deals still ahead for "fox and friends" and that might have been john. get dressed. you heard me.
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>> carley: a chicago 911 dispatcher on the front lines of the crime crisis fed up with the city's lawlessness. he is calling on chicago voters to clean house as crime skyrockets 35% compared to last year. >> we need to put someone in office who, number one, is going to support their officers and,
2:57 am
you know, officers do bad things, get rid of those guys. the mass majority of officers do their jobs. allow these guys to go out there and do their jobs and arrest these people. we need to get kim fox out of county look crook county with her. she is allowing these people to come in over and over again after the officers lock them up and back out on the streets. last week we had a carjacking suspect take off and the mayor with her policies the officers are not allowed to pursue these guys. that came came right back around and shot and killed someone -- excuse me, not killed him but he is fighting for his life now. it's horrible right here in chicago. >> carley: one the dispatchers on duty when two police officers, including ella french were shot. she later died. and says he will never stop fighting to support the police. an 11-year-old girl just one of the latest victims caught in a fatal shooting in new york city. an e.m.t. getting shot while on the job last night as well.
2:58 am
>> new york congressman nicole malliotakis joins us now. congresswoman will any of this ever change if new york's horrible bail reform laws continue to be on the books? >> that's right recommendation that's what needs to be fixed here. we know that we have seen shootings skyrocket and as you mentioned that 11-year-old girl is one of 40 children or teens who have been shot this year alone. 8 police officers in new york city have been shot this year surpassing already all of 2021 an e.m.t. was shot my district by emotionally disturbed individual who was actually in transport to the hospital in the ambulance. it's not just gun violence also being stabbed to death going in front of trains. people being beaten to death
2:59 am
this is a real crime issue it stems from the 2020 law put in effects that allows individuals to be put into the streets. we met with the detective's union and law enforcement. they told us nine out of 10 individuals caught with illegal firearm are being released into the street guess what? only 17% of them are finally being prosecuted. that means we have prosecutors that refuse to prosecute. we have judges who refuse to set bail or when they have discretion or they are just being released automatically there was a shooting the other day in brooklyn. the guy had 24 prior arrests. he was out on parole by cuomo hochul's parole board which has been releasing cop killers, convicted murderers and racists and on top of it caught with an illegal firearm and released back onto the street because of the bail law. all of that is coming into play right now. the only way we are going to change it the people of new york elect prosecutors that prosecute. judges who actually consider people -- who actually -- listen to prosecutors who do want to set bail.
3:00 am
when discretion. and if we elect a new governor and state legislature, that is going to be serious about repealing disastrous law keeps releasing hardened career criminals back ton our streets. >> you hear talk about ghost guns a lot. that doesn't appear to be the issue here. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us, we have to leave it there. we appreciate you coming on with that "fox & friends" starts right now. >> todd: gas prices still going up. jp morgan predicting the average national price of a gallon will surpass $6 by the end of the summer. >> americans are now spending $5,000 a year on gas. >> putin price hike. this is where this is coming from. >> >> misinformation governance board is now on pause. nina jankowicz has now resigned. >> this initiative wasn't involved in policing speech and neither was i. [chanting] you don't care if people die. >> government bracing for potential surge violence protest


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