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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 19, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> you can buy the calvin emoji strong truck. go to monster truck super >> money goes to st. jude. >> bill: good morning, america. america you are waking up to an economy in turmoil. stocks are down, gas is up. fears of recession coming into clear focus as we say hello. so much about a good morning, right? bill hemmer, good morning. >> dana: it's good to be here with you and you viewers, i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." disappointing quarterly earnings happened yesterday and triggered a major sell-off the dow losing more than 3,000 points. the worst day since june of 2020. the number was big.
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>> all three major industries are down double digits for the years. the mounting losses will deal a blow to your retirement funds and your pension fund and we could go lower, dana. >> dana: a bitter pill to swallow as the cost of living is skyrocketing. the average price of gas now $4.58 a gallon up more than $1.50 from a year ago. >> bill: making matters worse the cost of rent hitting a record high in april. landlords asking for more than 1900 a month on average. >> dana: demand for mortgages is plummetings with average rates at a high. the "new york post" calling it joe's train wreck. >> bill: aishah hosni with a lot to cover from the white house on the north lawn. >> good morning. america is waking up and breaking all sorts of records in all the wrong ways. as of this morning the white house coming up with no new solutions outside of what it
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has already done and tried. take a look. let's start with gas prices here. shot up another 2 cents overnight to a new record high of $4.58 a gallon. for the first time every single state in the country paying more than $4 a gallon. you can't go anywhere to buy it cheaper. households are spending an estimated $5,000 a year on gas as j.p. morgan warns prices will surpass $6 nationwide by august. hard not to get nervous about this when the gas station change 76 in washington state now reportedly reprogramming its pumps to sell gas at $10 a gallon. that's scary. what does the white house have to say about all of this? the same old thing. they have already released oil from the reserves and that it's putin's fault. >> the president has said president putin's actions are what is driving the price increase at the pump. the president is focused on doing everything in his power
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to address the putin price hike. >> the president will invoke the defense production act over the baby formula shortage after democrats like nancy pelosi complained that we've got to do more to invest in our own supply chain but republicans are frustrated as to why that same logic can't be applied to gas production. >> administration is throwing one hail mary pass after another because they're unwilling oh allow us to explore for american energy. >> the economy is worrying americans. a new poll including the stock market it tanked more than 1,000 points. the largest drop since 2020 as the white house press secretary karine jean-pierre told reporters that the whous white house doesn't pay attention to the stock market every day. the president is getting ready to jet off on his second
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international trip later today. >> bill: hard to ignore the stock market, right, day after day it's been and week after week. 25 minutes opening bell will come along. maria will stop by to walk us through that. stay tuned for that coming up in minutes right here. >> i'm excited about where we are. this election is ours. we have done well. >> dana: the polls in pennsylvania closed more than 36 hours ago and republican senate primary is still too close to call. oz and mccormick are separated by just a few thousand votes. bryan llenas is following this and he is live in delaware county. >> that race is only getting closer by the hour. dr. oz's lead over mccormick is 1200 votes. this means mccormick has cut oz's lead by more than half in the last 24 hours. the race as of now appears to be headed to a recount which by
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law kicks in automatically in pennsylvania when the margin of victory is .5% or less. right now oz's lead is .1%. the question is if there are enough uncounted ballots for mccormick to surpass oz and it won't be answereded for some delays. 31 precincts experienced memory stick failures and the voting machines in the precincts had to be delivered to a central facilities where the voting data will be extracted. we're told they're waiting on data from 10 or 10 precincts. at 9:00 a.m. today the county election officials will begin reviewing provisional and military and uncounted ballots. poll workers are sifting through 22,000 ballots by hand after a printing error in lancaster county made them unscanable. the oz camp feels cautiously
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optimistic believing there are not enough votes out there to overtake their lead. mccormick's camp is confident they will win pointing to the fact that most ballots left over are mail-in ballots and their candidate has about a 10% advantage with mail ballots over oz. >> our campaign put a lot of energy and time into focusing on the absentee voters and focusing on the ground game. and so that has paid off big dividends and there is a huge number of absentee ballots which we're winning. we've covered all counties to insure the ballots are county. this election is ours. we have done well. >> it's not just tight races, the democratic primary in the 12th district is too close to call. it is democratic socialist
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summer lee. thought to be the next member of the so-called progressive squad and running on packing the u.s. supreme court and back here in delaware county, the counting will begin sometime this morning and in this type of race, dana, every single ballot matters. >> dana: you could maybe qualify for pennsylvania residency by the time this is over. thanks so much. >> bill: karl, good morning. the number we had there with bryan was 1,241. what do you see? how will it break? >> well, first of all let's give the simple argument being offered up by the mccormick campaign, 1,241 is the margin. they say they're 20,000 votes out. they say they are doing 10% better among those votes because we're early votes. they'll pick up 2,000 votes meaning they would then come out with roughly 759 vote lead.
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that's their argument. it is a little more sophisticated than that looking at it from the oz perspective. that perspective is there are 11 counties that have more than 1,000 votes out according to the "new york times." what we saw last night in the shift between yesterday afternoon and this morning was a koubty won by mccormick 2,000 votes were counted there and la sern county won by oz 2,000 votes were counted there and it cut the margin. if you look at the 11 counties there are four of them won by mccormick, roughly 14,000 votes in those counties according to the "new york times." if you look at the percentage lead that he had in those counties that mccormick had, then he would pick up roughly 670 votes. the oz people are probably counting on these other seven counties that oz won again take
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the number of votes that are outstanding, give him the benefit of the margin he now has and he ends up with 620 votes. so the lead tightens to under 1200 but he still has a lead. now,, the oz argument. it is more complicated. there are 57 other counties, none of them have all their votes in. we don't know how many are out in those counties except "the new york times" says less than 1,000 in each of those counties. are there 100 in each county on average? which case 5700 other votes to count? 200 on average each county 11,400? if you break them out most of the counties were carried by mccormick as opposed to oz. does that narrow it more? then we have the military ballots. we don't know how many of those there are. you would think the guy who won the bronze scar mccormick would do better among those people.
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are there 1,000 or 2,000, 10% advantage for mccormick there, a 20-point advantage for mccormick there? it is a very complicated picture. everybody is entitled to come out and say this is what i think my side will do. it is a very complicated picture and a couple more days to get sorted out. >> dana: for those people who are paying attention to the pennsylvania senate race from your perspective now, whichever of these two people comes out the winner in the pennsylvania senate race are they in a good position to win over john fetterman the democrat who took that contest? >> yes, because first of all you laid out a lot of the issues that ordinary americans are facing on the economy. inflation and so forth. those are going to be a big driver. the democrats nominated a very left wing candidate fetterman is a true progressive and as long as mccormick or oz are able to make the argument i will be a check and balance on
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biden and here are the deep differences between me and fetterman on the issues you care about. the republicans stand a good chance of holding the seat. they escaped a real problem if they had not stopped kathy barnette's last minute surge. she clearly peaked sometimest late last week. she could have been a problem given an unvetted background and a lot of troubling stuff there. >> bill: i think our fox polling has been pretty good based on ohio. see how we hold in pennsylvania. this is what we released yesterday. what's important to your vote? 65% in georgia, which is tuesday among republicans, say i want a candidate who can win in november. karl, i think that number was 62% in pennsylvania and you write about the enthusiasm gap. it is real out there. here is the headline for your
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article, polarized political parties at the primary polls. that's a lot of lit ration for anxious anchors but we wanted to give you the pop on that. thank you, sir. have a great day. >> dana: thanks, karl. right now at the white house president biden hosting the swedish prime minister and finnish president after they announced an interest in joining nato. a big moment because as we brought to you yesterday, the swedish ambassador to the united states, they had decades of neutrality but the events that have happened in the recent past with putin has led these two countries to decide they want to join nato. they say they are committed to getting up to that 2% gdp and on defense, and so they are going to have this meeting here and president biden will talk about security guarantees for them as well as this goes along this morning. >> bill: when we were on the air yesterday we had the swieshd ambassador to the u.s. on our program and they were
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pretty much dead set on making this decision when they watched the putin move back on the 24th of february. and then the finnish president called putin over the weekend and remarked how putin was so calm about this decision. finland shares a border with russia that's 830 miles long. so big doings. the world is changing before our eyes and lets you know what comes of the meeting at the white house. to the border we go. the worst is yet to come when president biden ends a significant trump-era border policy four days from now. is the white house ignoring warnings on that, dana? >> dana: another black lives matter money blunder. the controversial money trail comes back to bite. >> bill: the white house's disinformation board has been derailed and on pause as the woman in the middle of it called it quits citing
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>> bill: 19 past the hour. fox news alert. dhs announced a pause in the controversial plan to set up what is known as a disinformation board. this is the woman director jankowicz who would have run it. she resigned. the move coming three weeks after the panel was announced. dhs says the group has been intentionally mischaracterized and the white house said the same during the briefing yesterday. >> the board has never convened, the board had been
6:20 am
intentionally mischaracterized. >> the miss information board is being shut down because of misinformation. >> there is a pause. mischaracterizations from outside forces. >> bill: so if you had the under on 21 days, you would have a winner. >> dana: i think on the first day this was announced i said it was never going to happen. i said they were setting her up to fail. it wasn't me who thought that. if you read the "washington post" article a staffer said the white house and department of homeland security did not give her what she needed. did not explain what the board was supposed to be. they let her out there and wouldn't let her defend herself. now she is trying to do that but making up for a lot of lost time. >> bill: a lot of people thought the idea was bonkers. >> dana: that's true as well. also black lives matter co-founder cullors deflecting blame for the group's mismanaged finances and said they didn't have the infrastructure in place to
6:21 am
handle the influx of $90 million in white guilt money her words. william la jeunesse is breaking down the numbers for us. >> it is not just cullors blaming it on white money. here is a quote from the transparency center. the misinformation from the right wing about our finances is very much about what happens when black people are -- white supremacist structures like the nonprofit industrial complex. used their coverage as some sort of validation of their racist allegations. here is cullors monday on a podcast on the media smear campaign. >> yes, it was a major shock. it was also a lot of like oh, wait, i did not see that coming, you know. contrary to what, you know, has been reported, much of the
6:22 am
funding that came in was from individual donors. that was a lot of white guilt money. >> blm however isn't new. it was founded nine years ago after the killing of trevon martin. by 2014 the hashtag blm was a national icon. 2017 it incorporated. in three years it raised $66 million in donation. branding and organizing and direct action was textbook not incompetent. in july 2020 on its 990 it claimed zero revenues, zero expenses, zero assets, zero board of directors and zero suddenly. in the next 12 months it claims $80 million in revenue. $6 million house, a million for live events to the father of cull or's child. then 840 to her brother and also for security. people want to know if people
6:23 am
were overpaid, unqualified, and money misspent. >> i'm not going to let them forget what they did here. trying to guilt the rest of us into feeling bad by giving millions of dollars of profit to a group of people who then went and used it for their family and for their personal purposes. >> so indiana is going to court to get more records despite appearing to have the money on hand to hire the proper officials, blm didn't do that saying they were building a plane while flying it. using the brother for security while he was a graphic artist, they say they didn't trust ex cops black or white to handle security. >> dana: incredible story. >> why isn't the introduction of fentanyl in substantial quantities into this country, why isn't that a terrorism risk? isn't this a chemical weapon?
6:24 am
how is fentanyl less dangerous than anthrax or ricin. does anybody know it's less dangerous? >> bill: republican dan bishop calling out the administration to its response to the fentanyl crisis. fears grow the worst may be ahead starting monday when title 42 is ended. congressman bishop with me now and good morning. busy day yesterday. two different hearings and two different issues. first on screen for our viewers, this is the amount of drug seizures of fentanyl from the southern border alone, okay? this is by the pound. show the next one, guys. from the southern border alone in 2020 you had 1500 pounds. in 2021 it jumps six times to 6,000 pounds. in 2022 similar number. was that the pandemic effect or was that the lack of a trump effect? in other words, what has
6:25 am
changed since the last administration? what did they do that this team is not doing? >> it's very clear. the trump administration made great gains in controlling the border, securing the border against illegal entry between ports of entry and cooperated and engaged the mexican government to obtain help in that objective. this administration, this democrat majority in congress has seen fit to completely let that go and what they were trying to do with that hearing yesterday was a pathetic attempt to rationalize and cover for the fact that they have allowed this to happen. they argued that fentanyl only comes in at ports of entry and the fact that we've lost control of the border and all this migrants coming in doesn't hurt. when they have all this chaos at the border, you have six, 700,000 gotaways, fentanyl kills in very small amounts and so that's a very huge risk. border patrol can't at all say
6:26 am
it is not the sours of this -- every recorded increase in fentanyl you quoted is accompanied by gotaways, mules bringing in other amounts and it is poisoning americans all over the country. >> bill: it's up 133%. unacceptable. see how it goes next week and the months after. you were questioning a woman by the name of amy, she is with an abortion rights nonprofit by the name of avow texas. and it was this debate over pronouns and it kind of went to this point. >> who do you say a woman is? >> everyone can identify for themselves. >> okay. do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions? >> yes. >> bill: okay. that was her answer. what do you take from that? >> i think all three witnesses
6:27 am
essentially agreed on that radical point and i think just exposing and asking what a woman is and getting a bizarre answer and who gets pregnant and has abortions is a sign that the radical folks who are arguing over abortion today in that hearing. who the democrat witnesses were who the democrats thought could advise congress on what our policy response should be. i thought it was pretty exposing. >> bill: did you expect that answer? >> i expected something strange and she performed. >> bill: dan bishop, thank you for your time. republican from north carolina. you bet. >> dana: wall street is about to get back in the saddle after yesterday's meltdown. the dow tumbling over fears of a recession and out of control inflation. when will it be safe to look again at your 401k? maria bartiromo breaks it all down when the market opens next.
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pro-choice activists threatening supreme court justices for weeks but attorney general garland is only now calling them out.
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visit to book your free consultation. >> bill: we're waiting a court appearance by the teenage suspect accused of shooting and killing 10 people in a racially-motivated attack in buffalo. alexis mcadams is outside the courthouse in buffalo, new york. what happens next? >> the hearing is expected to start any minute inside the basement in a special courtroom in the buffalo courthouse right behind me in their downtown area as the teen gunman is expected to make another court appearance after investigators say he carried out the most deadly mass shooting in buffalo's history. this is where he was inside of a different courtroom during an arraignment hearing a week ago. the 18-year-old should be back in court this morning. it comes nearly one week after police say he murdered 10 people because of their skin color. if convicted of first degree murder he could spend the rest
6:34 am
of his life behind bars. the racially motivated massacre happened saturday at this tops grocery store on the city's east side. he opened fire in the parking lot and continued the rampage inside the busy store. i talked to a manager who he was inside at the time of the shooting and she heard dozens of gunshots as she and others took cover in a back conference room. >> i could hear it going from the produce area, cafe, deli, meat department and coming closer and closer. and for a split second it stopped and i thought oh my god, thank god the police are here, the police are here and it started back up again. >> so horrifying for the people inside of the store. the manager tells me that gendron had been inside of that tops at least a dozen times since march. the night before the shooting
6:35 am
employees say they had kicked him off of store property because he was bothering customers and then spotted casing the store the next morning. one interaction that sticks out to this employee is that gendron asked her why she worked at an all-black store telling her she looked like she should work in the suburb using racial slurs to describe those customers. >> i talked to him and saw him in the store. he had been in the store. how did we miss this? what did we do wrong that we missed this? >> as the community continues to grieve the loss of these lives new york governor hochul signing two executive owners one a unit fighting domestic terrorism and require state police to file an order of protection when she see a high risk case. live in front of the courthouse and expected to hear more about the charges he is facing and they're ready to file federal charges.
6:36 am
>> bill: thank you, alexis. >> dana: the stock market has opened after the dow's worse day in two years. the index closing down 3.6%. let's bring in maria bartiromo. i understand from you if you look for call for number one down 13.1% from january 1 for the dow. all those trend lines are not good. and how does this affect everyday americans who maybe they have a little bit of money in the stock market, 401k but the gas prices, the food prices, is starting to get very real for people out there. >> it really is, dana. good morning. nobody wants to see numbers like this and so there is an impact on sentiment and sometimes sentiment dictates the way you behave whether or not you are going to spend money, whether you feel like you are in good financial shape or not. but you're right. 401ks, pension funds is another obvious impact. a lot of people are invested in the stock market and don't realize it because their 401k
6:37 am
and investments they don't look at every day are losing value. i think what's going on here is a realization that things are slowing down considerably and we may very well be in a recession right now. so if last year was a year of worrying about supply, this year is the year of worrying about demand. what we've been talking about on "mornings with maria" on fox business is demand destruction. what is that? it's when you go to the store and say i want to buy x, y, z and you go and get sticker shock and say i didn't know it was that expensive i'm not buying that right now. that's what's going on. while we have the monthly consumer price index number every month showing above 8%, the last reading was 8.3% inflation rate. that's an average, guys, remember that. the stuff we're buying is up much more than that. a list here. when you look at things like
6:38 am
fresh fish up 13%, chicken up 16 1/2%, ground beef up 15%. the price of an airline ticket up 33%. sure, the cpi is showing an average of 8.3% but the stuff that we're actually buying every day is up much more than that in the double digits and that's what is called demand destruction. you start looking for alternatives. >> bill: well done, maria. diesel all-time high. gasoline price today. $4.58 a gallon. a year ago it was $3. a big difference. americans spending on gas, last year the average was $2100. in may they expect americans to spend $5,000 annually. call for number 4. $5,000 for an american family. look at those numbers. i think there were two things that stuck out at me, maria, target announced their earnings
6:39 am
yesterday and they got hammered. the guidance they gave for the next three months was we don't see it getting better and that was not a good sign and then janet yellen dropped a big word. she used stagflationary effects. you put all that together that i just explained, that is not a good forecast. >> no, it's not. target got smashed on wall street. stock was down 27%. imagine losing a third of your value in one day. that's what happened with target. they have been trying not to raise prices all that much. it is trying to watch to see what consumers will do and how they will react. gasoline prices are a big problem and continue to be a problem. we have not entered the peak driving season months yet. this morning j.p. morgan tells clients they expect a regular gallon of gasoline to hit $6 a gallon by the end of the summer in august. we're in for some more pain when it comes to gasoline prices and that's the
6:40 am
underlying component here that's lifting so many other commodities because you have to drive the product to the stores and the truckers are having issues. there aren't enough truckers and paying high prices for diesel and somebody needs to left holding the bag. companies will eventually pass it on to consumers. we're looking at tough times. stagflation is just high-end inflation and low economic growth. where we are right now. something larry summers was predicting and criticizing the add min inis traition's policies about. >> bill: a long time ago. >> dana: not where we want to be. thank you so much. >> bill: u.s. embassy in kyiv is now back open and on the ground in the ukraine capital in a moment. high drama in a d.c. courtroom. just moments ago a judge issued a ruling on a mistrial motion. what the judge said and where
6:41 am
that trial stands today coming up. >> journalists meeting directly with the democrats taking this horrible story and willing to go and put it out there just to destroy republicans, destroy president trump before the election. you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better...
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really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> bill: bridget brinks is the new u.s. ambassador in ukraine confirmed by the senate on wednesday as the u.s. reopens our embassy in kyiv. 21-year-old russian sergeant pleads guilty at ukraine's first war crimes trial. greg palkot on the ground in kyiv, ukraine today. >> important developments here in ukraine. first let's go to mariupol where we've seen more ukrainian fighters that have been in the steel mill being taken away. 1700 left ending the long, brave and courageous siege. russia says it is considering war crime charges against some of them which relates yes to the next story, day two in the kyiv court for the 21-year-old russian soldier charged of a war crime killing a civilian. yesterday he pleaded guilty. today he said he was sorry
6:47 am
directly to the man's widow. moscow calls this trial a sham. as for the fighting to the east of where we are, that continues without a break. we have some new images of ukrainian forces blowing up a bridge used by russia while ukraine is succeeding around the second city of ukraine kharkiv, russia grinding out some very small but important gains in the donbas region in the east. following the flag raising at the u.s. embassy, today the first full official day of operations here since it was shut down in february prior to russian invasions. we should see the new ambassador coming here shortly. most other embassies in kyiv have already opened or are opening. and we must add, bill, one final note president biden meeting right now with the leaders of sweden and finland in the white house to support their application for membership in nato. that a direct reaction to the
6:48 am
russian aggression in ukraine. a few other member countries, especially turkey, is trying to throw a wrench into the works. we'll see how that goes. >> bill: a lot of headlines there. nice to see you. >> dana: a federal judge today denied a request for a mistrial from former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. he is on trial as part of the special counsel's investigation into the origins of the russia investigation. a former chief of staff at the department of defense and former federal prosecutor. you know the story very well. tell me about what happened today. the defense tried to ask for a mistrial. i don't know what the grounds are for a mistrial. was it normal course of a defense strategy or do they see problems ahead with their strategy? >> both. as a former public defender and federal prosecutor i tried 60 trials and you lay a record and you always ask for a mistrial. the shocking part about this was the defense asked for a
6:49 am
mistrial when marc elias basically testified that not only did he hire fusion gps to do the opposition research on steele. his partner was the defendant and they were working for the hillary clinton campaign. so this is why the defense is in sort of -- wait a second. our entire platform has been he did not go to the f.b.i. on behalf of any campaign. >> dana: what marc elias said. i don't want more people to know about it than have to know about it because of who i represent. then you have sussman saying well, i did work for the clinton campaign, of course, but when i went to the f.b.i. it was totally separate. a text message he sent to the general counsel of the f.b.i. jim, michael sussman. i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau, thanks. how did that go over?
6:50 am
>> not well. the text message was sent one day before the meeting actually took place between sussman and baker. the kicker is what most americans don't realize the testimony of the defense witnesses and elias and sussman are locked in. i talked to them. john durham is using the deposition transcripts in court. so that's why marc elias can't run away from the truth and sussman is boxed in. durham entered the exhibits into the court and if you lie we'll impeach you with this. >> dana: the headline in the "new york post" is a reminder of you were talking about sussman and baker, elias. hillary clinton the head of the campaign. clinton lawyer's ridiculous defense in trump frame-up. she has never had to answer any questions about this. she rolls her eyes. says it's ridiculous. at this point when i read these things isn't it obvious?
6:51 am
>> let's step back a little bit. how can the head of the campaign who is running the ticket spend $10 to $50 million funding this disinformation campaign and not possibly know about it? who is on the stand tomorrow? robby much. the hillary clinton campaign head and other people who ran the campaign testifying in the trial because though knew where the money was go than and she is still going to say i didn't know we were spending money on a fake -- no one is asking her questions. >> dana: they don't know if sussman will take the stand. >> highly unlikely. he would get crushed on cross examination. >> dana: very interesting. the new book is called the plot against the king, a children's book about the whole thing and the illustrations are good.
6:52 am
i appreciate you coming in. i think your experience as a former prosecutor and public defender and having been at the defense department and known what was going on with the white house as they tried to defend themselves against the attacks is super interesting. >> bill: title 42, it is monday and fox is getting an exclusive bird's eye view of the border as the migrants flood in. show you stunning images again today. 17-year-old stabbed to death. the suspect charged in this murder is even younger. p moving. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
6:53 am
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>> dana: the infamous -- after serving five years of a seven year sentence he rose to notoriety as a pharmaceutical executive who hiked a price for a drug 1,000 percent and
6:58 am
convicted for lying to investigators in 2017. >> bill: tragedy has hit a small american town after a high school party became a murder scene. the accused killer faces a judge. everybody involved is young. molly line in derby, connecticut with more. molly. >> good morning, bill. one teenager is in custody facing murder and assault charges. another full of promise, full of life has lost his life and three more are wounded after a weekend fight turns into a deadly stabbing. police say they rushed to the scene in a suburban neighborhood just before midnight saturday and found numerous teenagers outside the home including the four stabbing victims. all went to the hospital, one didn't survive. the victim 17-year-old james mcgrath of huntington, connecticut excelled as an athlete playing lacrosse and football at a catholic school where he was a junior.
6:59 am
it was never just about jimmie but always the team. last night his memory was honored as his lacrosse team squared off in the field. jimmie's father addressed the crowd with gratitude for the outpouring of support. >> clearly tonight i would love jimmie's name to be announced. i appreciate everything our community has done. it's a day to celebrate jimmie's life. >> yesterday a suspect was arrested and made an appearance in juvenile court. the defendant is not being named. police sources expect the 16-year-old from milford, connecticut will face potential justice as an adult. more than 1,000 people gathered
7:00 am
at a prayer service on sunday and a gofundme page has already brought in more than $100,000. bill. >> bill: absolute tragedy. molly line in derby, connecticut. >> dana: a lot of tragedy and heartbreak. we pray for those families and the school members that are so upset today. thank you so much for that, molly line. and now a fox news exclusive along the southern border. right now border agents and towns along the borders are bracing for a surge of migrants as the biden administration, yes, they will do this, folks, gets ready to lift title 42 restrictions set to expire in four days. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: this while the cdc says if you have a contact you have to go stay away from people for 10 days. right? covid apparently the cases are rising in new york and this city suggesting that we're going back to masks. that's the indication, right? at the same time homeland security is allowing this thing
7:01 am
to be lifted and they predict a flow of migrants showing up at america's doorstep with more than double to 18,000 a day starting next week. more than half a million a month if a judge rules in favor of ending title 42. all this as we bring you an exclusive bird's eye view of the big ben sector in texas where migrants and drugs continue to flood across the border. >> dana: mill -- bill melugin is there. >> we want to take our viewers to the desolate region in west texas and illegal immigrants and smugglers are willing to risk their life in extreme elements because they just don't want to be caught. warning to our viewers, some of what you are about to see is graphic. in the skies above west texas fox news is embedded with texas dps in the big bend sector.
7:02 am
>> you have roads in mexico and roads that come right here and point to where they need to walk to. >> the most remote and unforgiving terrain along the southern border. on the ground, we're led by a sergeant, expert tracker with texas dps. >> somebody got their hair cut. >> he works under the blistering sun to track down illegal immigrants who don't want to be found. >> folks right here. they don't want to get caught. >> this is what he looks for. footprints that guide him in the right direction. >> got them here. >> after hours of tracking drug smugglers the trail gets hot. we follow sergeant morris into the dense brush where we begin finding bundles of drugs ditched. the smugglers are close. moments later with the help of cbp officers the smugglers are found hiding in a nearby bush. they come out one-by-one. five men in total. all placed in handcuffs.
7:03 am
this man tells me they're from mexico. a short time later the rest of the drugs are found nearby. five bundles in total. >> how often do you see this sort of thing out here? >> we saw it on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and for sure every week. >> we also come across the body of a 28-year-old honduran woman who succumbed to the heat likely after falling behind with her group. tragically she is one of money. >> they just left her. >> and guys, texas dps tells us they often find these out on illegal immigrants in big bend sector. what you are looking at is carpet shoes. they will put these on their shoes, essentially slippers with carpet on the bottom of them and what they are designed to do is mask their footprints in the sand. they know texas dps is out there trying to track them
7:04 am
leaving behind unique footprints and things on their shoes to give them a clue where they are heading. this is what they do and one of the things we're willing to try to throw texas dps off of trail. just goes to show you how badly these migrants don't want to be caught. some of that video you saw 30 miles inland from the border. it is incredibly hot and desolate and dangerous out there as you saw with the body of that honduran woman. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: it doesn't have to be this way. house minority leader kevin mccarthy will join us for one of the many problem president biden is facing and how they're handling them. >> bill: white house and congress scrambling to fix the nationwide baby formula shortage. two bills passed the house to support manufacturers and fda as president biden invoked the defense production act to try to improve supply.
7:05 am
what has been the reaction to all this? >> congress is trying to show it is doing something. democrats are worried they'll get blamed about this in the mid-term elections. so they took action. the house of representatives moved two bills, one to accelerate the production of ingredients for formula. the other a $28 million supplemental spending plan to get the formula out the door. the republicans back the first bill but not the extra spending. >> they ignored the warning signs that a formula shortage was imminent. their incompetence underscores the need for funding to come with guardrails and accountability for the fda's failures. throwing additional money at a problem is the wrong approach. >> even democrats criticized how the biden administration has handled this. >> it is unconscionable we didn't have a backup plan for this supply chain issue like we're seeing and families are left desperate. this bill does that insuring if we ever have this type of
7:06 am
crisis in the future we're prepared and we can quickly shift gears. >> only 12 republicans joined all democrats voting for the extra money. >> it fails to leverage the federal government's existing capabilities to transport formula. and finally, the bill gives the fda an additional $28 million when funds are already available to address this issue. >> progressives like elizabeth warren and cory booker took aim at the big business approach to producing formula. they want better regulation. the fda commissioner is appearing before the house appropriations committee. expect him to get a grilling on formula. >> bill: i bet. thank you for that. a lot of attention given to it rightfully so. chad pergram. >> this is a very complicated picture and nobody -- everybody is entitled to come out and say here is what i think my side will do.
7:07 am
it is a very complicated picture and it will take a couple more days to get sorted out. >> dana: karl rove earlier as the pennsylvania senate race is headed to an automatic recount. oz and mccormick are just about dead even. rick scott, you want to get a candidate and help the republicans try to keep that seat as senator toomey will retire at the end of this year. one of the things that ronna mcdaniel said yesterday she has one concern going into the fall. the primaries get very divisive and the two candidates tear each other apart and there might not be enough time to recover. it probably won't be a problem in pennsylvania but other primaries are a concern. how do you think about that? and how do you advise these races? i know you don't get involved in primaries but they are pretty aggressive. >> i think the candidates -- it would be horrible to lose but everybody has to come together
7:08 am
and let's remember what we are trying to do. change this country and rescue the country from what the democrats have done. we have to come together. if you lose, i've talked to everybody in north carolina and they all want to come together to make sure we win there. whether it's dr. oz or dave mccormick we'll win in pennsylvania. i talked to the other candidates that lost and they are all committed to making sure we come together there. i think it will be key across the country. we have to do it in ohio, nevada where we have and arizona and contested primaries and we have to come together to make sure we win. the biden administration will help us. they won't get any better. can you imagine in the united states of america you have women worried about being able to feed their children? that's exactly what the biden administration is doing whether inflation, you can't find baby formula or open border. people are mad at the biden administration and why we'll have a big win this fall and we have good candidates on top of that. >> bill: when you describe the
7:09 am
administration in that state, why do you think it is when you could have this long list of issues that are weighing down on so many people? why did that happen? >> you know, bill, i think it goes like this. i was a business guy and i watch competitors surrounding themselves with incompetent people in their leadership team. that's exactly what biden has done. if you look at the people he is nominating you would never, ever in your wildest dreams hire these people. so he have has got a bunch of people that work with him that have never accomplished anything. mean tweets and that's about it. the radical left. >> bill: if that's the argument you make, then why did that happen? you are saying there was something structurally wrong with the people they are taking in to run this administration. >> i think biden has become radical left. he has picked people that -- he
7:10 am
has picked a bunch of people that have never -- if you look at their nominees, what have they accomplished? as a business guy i wound say hey, did you give a good speech or a good tweet? tell me what you've accomplished in your life. i need you to get energy prices down. he picks an energy secretary with no idea how to do it. when asked about it she laughed about it. you look at secretary of transportation. i asked him what have you done to help with the supply chain? no answer. secretary roman zo i asked what she is doing on inflation. well, it's a federal reserve responsibility. a bunch of people that never accomplished a lot and they know -- all they know how to do is blame people. the biden administration is not reactive. i was focused on the formula. you can fly it in from europe and they're finally doing that.
7:11 am
panama, brazil, singapore, canada, europe, israel. why doesn't america? because they have an incompetent administration that doesn't know how to solve problems. >> dana: thank you. we have a lot to come with all of these primaries. the one next tuesday as well in georgia and we'll have bill at the billboard for that as well. >> bill: moments ago we've got this now. the man accused of shooting and killing 10 people in buffalo went before a judge. this prompts a re-evaluation of red flag laws. >> >> dana: why is the white house still encouraging protests outside their home? ask assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. >> amber heard's sister and former friend both corroborating claims that johnny depp they say abused her and what they say they witnessed firsthand.
7:12 am
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7:17 am
>> dana: attorney general garland finally responded to threats directed at supreme court justices calling them unacceptable and dangerous and promising the department of justice would step up protection for the justices. former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy will join us in a moment. riched son here. will it disswayed protestors. >> protestors say they'll continue to demonstrate the department of homeland security is concerned about more than that. threats of violence against supreme court justices and staff and attacks on the court
7:18 am
building. places of worship. possibly abortion clinics. the justice department says attorney general merrick garland met with security officials to discuss the security needs of justices as protestors continues to show up at their homes. garland says the justice department will not tolerate violence or threats of violence against judges or any other public servants as home, work or any other location. some republicans say these protests already amount to court intimidation. >> supposed to be a unifier and he has endorsed the idea that people can show up that is against the law under title 18 at the justices homes and protest. protests we've seen over the last couple of years can turn violent. this is not -- it is unamerican and not endorsed and not okay in this country. >> last week then white house press secretary jen psaki refused to discourage protests in front of justice's home and
7:19 am
telling them to remain peaceful. >> we believe the right to peacefully protest in this country is fundamental. but he also believes that violence, threats and intimidation have no place in political discourse anywhere. that's true whether it's in front of a courthouse or in front of a healthcare clinic. >> the senate has already passed a bill to extend protection for supreme court families. dana, back to you. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: dana, let's bring in andy mccarthy and talk about this. if they felt it was unacceptable and felt so strongly about it why didn't they arrest people outside the homes? you write why don't they prosecute. arrest and prosecute the demonstrators. they don't do it because the a.g. for all his bloviating is agreeing that the protests are appropriate as long as they remain peaceful. garland more than anyone knows it's nonsense. okay. so why allow it?
7:20 am
>> he shouldn't allow it. there is a federal law right on point, bill, in our system judicial proceedings are supposed to be insulated from political pressure. so the point isn't whether it's violent or not. there is a federal statute that says you can't demonstrates at the residences of supreme court justices. merrick garland knows this. he was a federal judge for more than 20 years. even as we speak, they are prosecuting people in connection with the january 6th riot who were peaceful protestors, hundreds of them who they have brought back from all over the country. the f.b.i. got cell data to identify people just parading, track them did down and bring them to washington for trial. i wrote a month ago about the first guy who got acquitted. he not only was a peaceful protestors, the police waved him into the capitol to allow
7:21 am
him to parade inside the capitol. the justice department prosecuted him anyway saying under the circumstances he should have known that he was in a place he shouldn't have been because it was interfering with a congressional proceeding. how they can take that position and then not protect these supreme court justices is mind-boggling. >> bill: it makes your mind run in circles, not just mind-boggling. just last hour, andy, this 18-year-old was in court in upstate new york and you are now suggesting that the feds could take over this case. meanwhile new york's governor just yesterday on these new red flag orders suggesting they would go after certain online websites just play a clip from her statement there yesterday. >> i'll be signing an executive order requiring the state police to file an extreme risk order of protection under new york's red flag law when they believe an individual is a threat to himself, herself or
7:22 am
others. previously current law it's an option to do so. and now it will be a requirement. >> bill: the amount of anger coming out of this story can't be more understated or more highlighted i would suggest, andy. where does this go? do you agree with it? >> well, i think the first amendment, the way she wants to crack down on free expression will be challenged in the court and it should be. as far as the red flag laws are concerned, bill, i think what she is saying implicitly acknowledges that the state authorities could have done something about this shooter a year ago. what she is saying now is they had the option to do it and make it a requirement. that's all well and good but the fact that they had the option that they knew that this guy was a threat to his school and was actually under observation for a day and a half because of that and they had real reason to know how
7:23 am
dangerous he was, and they had the option to refer this to the courts under the red flag provisions and didn't do it, i think that raises a lot of questions. >> bill: you are saying the system is set up to stop killers like this before they start. >> i'm saying, bill, that every time something like this happens, especially in blue states, what the representatives come out and say is we need a bunch of new laws and once we scratch beneath the surface a little bit what we learn is they haven't enforced the laws that are already on the books. >> bill: andy, thank you. such a tragedy there. andy mccarthy. we'll talk to you again soon. 23 past the hour now. >> the market is forecasting a bad economy and forecasting a recession if not something worse than a recession. >> dana: possible recession is one of the many major crises confronting the president. how are his policies fueling these multiple emergencies? house minority leader kevin
7:24 am
mccarthy weighs in next. the star witness for the special counsel is back on the stand resuming his testimony in the trial of a former clinton campaign lawyer. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. [crowd cheers] voya. be confident to and through retirement. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart. voya. be confident like ravette... every step, brought her pain. their only hope: mercy ships. the largest floating civilian hospital in the world. bringing free surgeries to people who have no other hope. $19 a month will help provide urgently needed surgery for so many still suffering. so don't wait, call the number on your screen. or donate at
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7:29 am
>> bill: authorities in texas released new photos of a convicted murderer on the run. lopez managed to escape a prisoner transport bus last week despite being restrained and locked in a cage for high-risk individuals. he reportedly broke out of his restraints and stabbed the driver before taking off. authorities are increasing the reward to $50,000 for information that will lead to his rearrest. >> dana: the judge in the trial against former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman denies a motion for a mistrial filed by the legal team as the star witness resumes his testimony in the high-profile case. david spunt is live in washington following this for us. good morning, david. >> good morning to you. bill, good morning. the judge did deny the mistrial
7:30 am
sussman's team tried to persuade him arguing their client's fifth amendment rights were violated. the judge said no and they moved on. big testimony going on behind me with james baker, the former f.b.i. general counsel. his testimony is central to this case because he is the man that met with michael sussman in september 2016 when michael sussman came to him with allegations that the trump organization was in cahoots with russia. baker saved he became, him with the white hair and glasses. he became friends with sussman. they kept in frequent contact and recalled a text message central to the case sent to his personal cell phone late on sunday. surprised to see the text. it said i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau thanks.
7:31 am
sussman meant with baker and relayed that information linking the trump organization via a computer server to a russian-based bank. f.b.i. investigated. nothing to it. sussman in his text said he was not coming on behalf of a client, well, federal prosecutors say he billed the clinton campaign for the f.b.i. meeting and on the stand yesterday marc elias. he said he personally hired fusion gps an opposition research firm to dig up dirt on candidate trump in april 2016. they asked him specifically if he would have approved sussman going to the f.b.i. and he said no way. defense attorneys also say that sussman would have never intentionally misled the f.b.i. >> dana: a lot more to come today. david. >> bill: in the meantime biden administration struggling to get a long list of crises coming from all sides.
7:32 am
they include a nationwide baby formula shortage and gas prices hitting record highs on a daily basis in just about every state. front cover "new york post" sums it up at a train wreck with the president going off the rails. want to bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy. nice to have you back on our program. we were talking to rick scott a moment ago, the senator from florida, and we can see what republicans allege. you guys see a problem in every corner of the room and you have seen it for some time. our question was why? what are they doing that leads them to a bad spot in the republican view on just about every issue? >> it's not just in the republican view but the american view. if you look at any of the polls for the first time america believes only 16% of americans think we're on the right track. what happened the last 10 days? every day for the last 10 days we set a new record for
7:33 am
gasoline prices, the highest it's ever been. and what does the president do a couple of weeks ago? shut downs any ability for more leases to be able to produce more. we've watched what they are doing and they knew about the baby formula shortage all way to last year. but the fda continued to hold it up. they did nothing until people rose to the occasion. it is not just the president. it is what the democrats are doing in congress. watch what we've been able to stop in the last day. their disinformation czar that was going to go out there and tell us what's true and not and then the democrats in congress were going to use taxpayer money to give all the staffers the ability to for pelotons. until we brought it up we were able to stop that. the mismanagement has gone on. inflation, crime within our streets with defunding of the police. a border not secure and fentanyl coming across that's the number one killer of americans between the ages of
7:34 am
18-45. the president could stop all of this. he could keep title 42. what does he do? he asked the judge to make the decision instead of he making the decision. i thought the "wall street journal" had it right. this is like president costanza. >> dana: a favorite editorial from last week. a question on the baby formula thing. that is the most emblematic when you see an administration scrambleling like that. here is what the former press secretary jen psaki said. >> their production of baby formula is so specialized and specific you can't just use the defense production act to say to a company that produces something else to produce baby formula. it doesn't work that way. >> dana: and yet last night the big announcement from the white house they'll use the defense
7:35 am
production act to try to rectify this terrible situation. >> they say one thing and do another. it is because their lack of action. what he has done every single time since he has been president is ignore a big problem, the border, he ignored it and put it to the vice president who would never go. we watched what was happening a build-up of russian troops along ukraine. then he threatened maybe i'll do sanctions after you enter. we watch what he did with afghanistan. everything this president has touched he has failed at but made america weaker in that process. we've watched the democrats inside congress and senate mirror those same decisions. we watched what they did when they passed $2 trillion. not just wub cans warning them they would create inflation. it was a former democrat treasury secretary warned them the exact same thing would happen. they will not tackle the issues that are before them and why we want to go to the american public and give them a
7:36 am
commitment to america and tell them it could all be different in 174 days if we would secure our border, make us energy independent. reduce the crime in our streets and make it safe again. >> bill: you are watching a lot of these primary results across various states, some big ones coming up next tuesday, too. in the meantime this past week the president said he will stop working with gop. now -- they give you a heads-up on that? >> he hasn't been working with us. i've only seen the president a couple of times. he has never called to ask. i've reached out numerous times. when he decided to pull out of afghanistan, i called the basic public switchboard to ask to talk to the president. the white house then called to wonder was it really me calling? that was the one time the president actually took my call. i would love -- look, he is president of the united states.
7:37 am
we want the best for this country. we want to work together. i requested to meet with him because he has never been to the border. i've been there numerous times. if he doesn't want to go there i want to tell them what effects would happen if he lifted title 42. he doesn't want to have that meeting. we talked about baby formula. we wanted to get ahead of this. we warned him months ago and sent him letters this was a problem he ignored. if he will stop working with us it is nothing different than the entire time hees been president. >> bill: have you told that store see before about afghanistan. >> not publicly on television before, no. >> dana: you used to have weekly or biweekly meetings with president biden when he was vice president so it is not like he doesn't know you or have a relationship. unfortunate that way. thanks for joining us this morning. have a lot to come and the primaries keep rolling along and the congressional map super interesting. >> thank you. appreciate you. >> dana: president biden is
7:38 am
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7:43 am
>> bill: fox news alert now. president biden about to head overseas for a critical trip to asia. as the issues pile up at home. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich at her post in south korea checks in now. >> russia's war in ukraine has put a renewed focus on the u.s. alliances in the indough pacific especially with respect to china's ambitions toward taiwan and north korea's nuclear power. jake sullivan said there is a genuine possibility that north korea conducts another ballistic missile test or nuclear test while the president is in south korea. china is watching for fractures in u.s. alliances and the president is seeking to deepen ties with u.s. allies to serve as a counter weight to china. before he leaves the white house today he is firming up support for new nato applicants
7:44 am
sweden and finland. just this morning meeting with the finnish president and swedish prime minister. turkey, one of russia's main trade partners expressioned opposition to both new memberships. the white house is maintaining faith that turkey will come around given how much russia's war in ukraine has refocused world issues. >> quite evocative going from meeting with the president of finland and the prime minister of sweden to reinforce the momentum behind the nato alliance and free world's response in ukraine and getting on a plane and flying to the indo pacific. >> before he heads out to the trip to korea and japan he would set rules for trade, digital standards and shore up reliable supply chains. a substitute for -- -- while
7:45 am
biden wants to magnify the power of trade. it is exactly unclear what can be delivered right now. >> bill: jacqui heinrich in seoul. >> dana: the president's trip to asia and important meeting ian bremmer is here, the president of the eurasia group. the president here is coming out to talk to the rose garden. he had meetings with the swedish and finnish leaders as they will join nato. that's a really big generational switch after decades of neutrality. >> thank putin, absolutely. thank him for the germans finally spending on defense. thank him for the europeans finally getting themselves away from russian energy. every week since february 24th there has been nothing but strengthening of the trans atlantic alliance and
7:46 am
decoupling of russia. biden is the beneficiary. >> dana: he will take the podium and take remarks. here is the president of the united states. ♪♪♪ >> president biden: please be seated. thank you. it's not only a beautiful day, this is in my view and the view of my team a momentous day. it is a very, very good day. today i am proud to welcome and offer the strong support of the united states for the applications of two great democracies and two close highly capable partners to join the strongest, most powerful defensive alliance in the history of the world. two proud, independent
7:47 am
countries exercising their sovereign right all states possess to decide their own security. mr. president and ms. prime minister, it is a great honor to have you both here at the white house as finland and sweden begin the process of joining nato. it was out of the wreckage of world war ii that nato was formed and in seven decades that followed, nato has proved itself an indecember pens able alliance committed to a europe whole, free and at peace. but in recent years, doubts began to arise. was nato still relevant, was it still effective? is it still needed in the 21st century world? today there is no question nato is relevant, it is effective, and it is more needed now than
7:48 am
ever. the indispensable alliance of decades past is still needed for the world we face today and i would argue tomorrow as well. and the decision of sweden and finland, the ones they have made, is testament to that commitment. this is about the future. it is about a revived nato that has the tools and resources, the clarity and conviction to defend our shared values and lead the world. sweden and finland already among our closest partners on a range of issues from strengthening peace and stability, to advancing human rights, to taking on the climate crisis and addressing food insecurity from strengthening the global health to promoting development. finnish and swedish troops have already served shoulder to
7:49 am
shoulder with u.s. and nato forces in kosovo, afghanistan, and iraq. and both finland and sweden are already working in coordination in the united states and other allies and partners to support the brave people of ukraine as they defend their freedom against russia's invasion. sweden and finland have strong democratic institutions, strong militaries, and strong and transparent economies, and a strong moral sense of what is right. they meet every nato requirement and then some. and having two new nato members in the high north will enhance the security of our alliance and deepen our security cooperation across the board. today the president and the prime minister and i had a very
7:50 am
good discussion about nato, about the war in ukraine and strengthening trans atlantic security. our conversations began well before today. the president and i spoke last december and again in january and the weeks leading up to russia's unjust and unprovoked assault on ukraine. in march the president came to the white house to see me to discuss this brutal conflict. and the rupture it is causing in europe. while we were in the oval office together, we picked up the phone and we called the prime minister, and the three of us all spoke. we spoke again last week when i invited them to come to the white house today. we have consulted closely at every stage as sweden and finland made their determinations. and today i'm proud to assure them that they have the full,
7:51 am
total, complete backing of the united states of america. today my administration is submitting to the united states congress reports on nato accession for both countries so the senate can consent to the treaty. i appreciate senators schumer and mcconnell's supports and senator menendez and risch to move it through the senate as soon as possible. the bottom line is simple, quite straight forward, finland and sweden make nato stronger. not just because of their capacity because of their strong, strong democracies. and a strong united nato is the
7:52 am
foundation of america's security. by joining nato, allies make a sacred commitment to one another that an attack on one is an attack against all. it's article 5 of the washington treaty and the core building block of our alliance. the only time in history article 5 has been invoked was after 9/11 when the united states was attacked and all our allies rallied to our side. the united states will never forget that and we will never fail in our pledge to defend every single inch of nato territory. i welcome sweden and finland choosing that responsibility as well. it is going to benefit all of our people and today the president and prime minister
7:53 am
and i committed we'll remain vigilant to the threats to our shared security and to deter and confront any aggression while sweden and finland are in the asession process. we're in once it is moving forward. i really mean it. i really mean it. so let me be clear. new members joining nato is not a threat to any nation. it never has been. nato's purpose is to defend against aggression. that's its purpose to defend. let me make -- let no one make a mistake of the meaning of this historic day. in the face of aggression, nato has not grown weaker or more divided. it has grown stronger, more united, with finland's and sweden's decision to request
7:54 am
membership in nato it will be enhanced for all time. standing together today we reject the bloody creed that might makes right and declare more powerful creed, all for one and one for all because what nato makes strong isn't just our enormous military capacity, but our commitment to each other, to its values. nato's alliance of choice -- >> dana: you've been listening to president biden as he welcomes the leaders of sweden and finland to nato. ian bremmer is here. you have just written a book called the power of crisis. you were coming on to talk about this. it's perfect for this. the power of the crisis of the russia invading ukraine is that now you have something like a nato expansion that nobody foresaw coming. >> putin literally did not read this draft. if he had he wouldn't have believed a word of it.
7:55 am
he thought that nato was obsolete. he thought it was brain dead and there would be no way the west could respond or would respond if he decided to go into kyiv and remove zelenskyy. of course, what you've seen over the last couple of most and capped off with these visuals not only did the americans respond to russia but the west has gotten stronger. nato is expanding. the europeans are focusing on their defense and national security. not only is the president now going to south korea and japan but next month when these new nato applicants are welcomed into the alliance you will also see american's asia allies attending as well. never would have happened unless a goldilocks crisis. not so big we crawl into a corner but not so small that we keep doing things the way we've been doing them. this makes a difference. >> dana: putin is not happy about it but he didn't go off
7:56 am
the rails. however, we don't know what his actions will be. >> well, we know they weren't -- the reaction wasn't muted when it was first -- when we first said we would expand. remember, he rattled his nuclear sabres saying there would be diplomatic and military responses. in the last few days what we've heard it's not a big deal. small infrastructure. this is putin's bluff being called and putin backing down and shifting the goalposts as fast as he can talk. it is because the west is showing it's capable. the lessons aren't just being learned in russia. they are being learned in china, too. remember how xi said it was a friendship without limits on february 4th? three months later it is a friendship without benefits. they aren't expanding their economic trade with russia. they aren't sending military support. they understand that they have their own problems. >> dana: it's called the power of crisis. highly recommend it. take a look at it.
7:57 am
it is very timely and thank you for being on. bill. >> bill: in the meantime, amber heard testifying that she saw johnny depp abusing her throughout their marriage. the jury also watched a taped deposition from heard's former best friend. the trial continues today and lucas tomlinson is listening in. how impactful were the testimonies here? >> bill, some explosive testimony from amber heard's sister being the first witness to claim she pefrnlly witnessed johnny depp abusing her sister and called them >> pardon my language. he called her [bleep] used up trash bag. >> the trial in its fifth week
7:58 am
resumed at 9:30. the jury was late. we've heard from three witnesses testifying in taped depositions getting questions about depp's problems with sobriety. a former friend said the following. >> when physical abuse was more evident, i was worried. i was worried for her physical safety. i was worried that he might accidentally do something that was worse than he ever intended. >> a former band mate of depp claiming they were friends said he never saw any physical abuse between depp and heard but once saw a bruise on her arm. >> bill: the trial continues. thank you. >> dana: the first case of monkeypox in the u.s. this year is now confirmed. the rare virus found in an adult man in massachusetts.
7:59 am
health officials say he recently traveled to canada and the case poses no risk to the general public. the patient is hospitalized in stable condition and being held in isolation as well. doesn't look good. looks very painful and hopefully -- >> bill: monkeypox. >> dana: before we go. mother nature putting on this incredible light show from zion national park in utah. one of the most beautiful places on earth. park ranger captured this time lapse footage of the milky way which is truly amazing and living here in new york it is like oh, that's what stars look like. >> bill: you forget about it. the only thing you see in the sky at night is the moon when it's full. zion and bryce and arches.
8:00 am
they are all phenomenal parks in the state of utah. >> dana: i always like to think of the settlers who came across. if you didn't believe in god before you would see that and just the beauty absolutely take your breath away. >> bill: i have thought that also. you get into the tetons in wyoming. what did they think when they first saw it? >> dana: that's tall. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: we'll begin with a fox news alert. biden administration says we should all brace for more violence when the u.s. supreme court rules on roe v. wade in june. people who will be angry at a majority conservative court will be out in force. this is according to a dhs memo obtained by fox news. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". may 13th memo from the department of homeland security gives details about its ongoing investigations into threats to quote, unquote burn down or storm


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