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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> i like that guitar. hello, i'm harris faulkner joined by kayleigh mcenany and emily compagno, also on the couch -- >> after weeks of scrambling to see their babies, parents now going after president biden, who finally took action on the baby formula shortage. you have to see a problem before you can fight it. the president just invoked the defense production act, and
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ordered pentagon planes to have shipment from overseas. it will take time, and of course, we are months into this thing. some parents have been trying to do this on their own, only to have that reported baby formula seized by the fed does. this shortage has reached 40% of the nation, becoming the latest crisis to affect american families in the biden area. this is just one of several crises that the near post is describing as a train wreck. gas skyrocketing as you know, $6 a gallon for liver regular unleaded forregular unleaded gas. the market had its worst dip in two years yesterday, and the border crisis is a shattering records as well, and we have not gotten to may 23rd when they wipe away title 42. they will just roll the cover of
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"the new york post." all plays itself out. >> he is not tweeting, so it wasn't everything with america? if you took joe biden's policies -- people would be horrified about what he's doing to our country, from the border, inflation, to crime. what he has done that has actually -- was supposed to be good for the american people, that ended up being good for the american people, other than donald trump? >> i will lean on you just a little bit. two white house press secretary's. we will not get an all-encompassing tweet, because -- what do we need right now? >> if i'm joe biden, i would -- to a new group of voters.
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i would look at liberal prosecutors who were not cracking down on crime, and have that moment where it works against them. the problem is he won't do it, because the progressive party is on the move, and joe biden won't do it. >> back to a new group of voters. any help we could see anything like that? >> i don't think so. we have a president -- some are giving him advice, like his own internal holster, beginning of the administration who said immigration/inflation. there is not a r a return to nol on the horizon. he's always late to the party. i'm talking showing up the season and -- that's what is happening here. october, when a 34 page document
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moves from a whistle-blower warning about the baby formula. it was february when the plant -- this one mid-may. where were they? well done. >> we have been talking about that on the couch for quite some time, but we also have emergency supplies, and canada, just like senator cotton said, arkansas -- i made the point that whoever you borrow from now, you might not get it back. if they can't get through an emergency, will they be able to negotiate post emergency? >> it reminds me of taking a carbon copy from the trump playbook. jared kushner spearheaded this. all over the world, ppe, and it was enormously successful. maybe when you have operation work speed for baby formula --
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>> i think we all just shine a light on it. i say that every day. okay, but they have one. i want to get to the congressman on baby formula right now. >> they didn't respond until mid-may, because i blasted them from the capitol steps, that this was a crisis. nancy pelosi is trying to point fingers, but it's the fda. she is talking about the manufacturing formula makers. i think this is going to be a huge government controversy, and there must be accountability on the failures of the fda. >> i get a sense that it's not over yet families -- but it won't be tomorrow. >> i hope it's not over yet.
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the answer the biden administration has provided us to pump more money into the fda, which is already bloated and inefficient. this government is hallmarked by waste and fraud, get their answer to everything is more government and our tax dollars. keep in mind that 65% of americans have said that their incomes don't match or is falling behind their cost of living. that's only 7 out of 10 who feel they need more. i know we all have seasons of not always being aplenty, but to -- scarcity is frightening, all because of this administration. this board pointed out that this is a national emergency, and that leaders should have done more. asteroids are productive too. to your point, for months now, this is what was coming.
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biggest lack of preparation, biggest lack of foresight, and took a connection to -- the last thing we need are the things that this administration has going on. >> ironically, it is predominantly about mother's. looking at breastfeeding. if you can't do that, your baby is born and you can't physically handle that process, scientifically or biologically, whatever the situation is -- i thought this administration had women right in the center of things, and there is this conversation about roe vs. wade. i thought they were right in the center of things. i want to come to you, but i'm going to kind of tweak things a little bit. i will look at the politics poll average. 68.1% of those, and this is an aggregate of polls. we have a bit of everybody.
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68.1%. >> to bring it back to the beginning, outnumbered, you look at the cover of "the new york post," we had the former fda official on "fox & friends" this morning, saying that this would not work. the issue is that there is a short supply, what we saw during the pandemic. you need the government to come in, corral all these things. the issue was a big factory shut down that created a lot of the baby formula. why does the fda/biden administration not worn parents that this will happen? there was not an fda commissioner in place at this time. that's a hallmark of the biden administration: slow to act.
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one of the things that they are slow to act on right now, and you can see it's, just the release -- that they are marketing supreme court justices. this is on the administration's radar. president biden needs to act on that now, and say "this position is coming down in june, peaceful protest only." with president trump, it was all gassed no breaks. with president biden, the car is stuck. >> artie talked to -- why didn't you apply the federal law to the people who are already squatting outside the homes of u.s. supreme court justices? why don't you avert emergency by taking the law into your own hands? >> a quick call to parents who were protesting at possible domestic terrorists, but people who -- who were actually terrorizing
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>> nous followed up for the biden white house puts this information -- quit after just three weeks. this administration blaming its demise on misinformation. the media is also running cover. they went to the friendly confines of msnbc and explained her decision to resign. >> it wasn't just the mischaracterizations of my work, but it was death threats against my family. that's not how we should be acting when we have disagreements about policy in this country. i think we need to learn how to be adults in the room. >> no one wishes ill on her, of course. let's play another clip where she talks about her unbiased demeanor. >> i prided myself over my career of being a really nuanced, reasonable person.
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i have advised both republicans and democrats. i admired some of the things that they trump administration took to combat misinformation. to say that i've done my part as an actor was wildly out of context. >> we have got a wall, let's pan over at. [laughter] russia's invasion of ukraine, much worse under trump than among any other that they cleared -- >> i don't believe for a second that they paused this. that was disinformation. they are going to reauthorize the board. that's the only thing i've learned from this. never should any domestic agency be involved with misinformation.
9:17 am
it's not the business of the federal government. the things that were done against the soviet union and now russia, and that is an actual good government path. the federal government, homeland security engaging in a debate about water is what is or is not misinformation -- never. it's the right thing, and thank goodness there was an uprising on the conservative media, because mainstream media never -- >> interesting point that the misinformation board will be -- question "the washington post" moving a little bit further. he saw something fishy. >> he called it a spectacularly implausible effort, saying that a better editor would have looked at this, the department of homeland security shut down the misinformation governance board, because it -- from the
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right wing internet apparatus, and told a reporter "that's not the story, keep digging until you find an excellent nation that makes sense," because federal agencies do not just shut down projects because of their coverage in the media. he went on to make a point -- that otherwise the entire biden administration would be shut down. you talk about that yarn of a narrative. is it a good idea to begin with. great idea to have this 33-year-old expert at the helm, didn't deserve any criticism. out of nowhere, yes, decided to pull the plug, and rightly said -- this narrative is misinformation, and he went on -- allowing that to be printed. i think that's the main point as well. people should not accept that narrative. all the criticism was warranted.
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>> brought it up yesterday. a reporter, tiktok individual, she says -- nina janco it's, her views. so there is a coordinator against her. there is a lot missing in this. >> hoping that the mainstream, liberal media will give her more on that. that was friendly that she sat with msnbc already, but she's probably looking behind her going "where are they? why does everything have to be put on pause and i have to resign?" just in terms of how this goes forward, it's jarring, but quite possible that they will repackage this on the story at least, because when you repackage something from being talk toxic, to kill
9:20 am
free speech -- >> what moves them to do this on the first place customer >> elon musk buying twitter. >> the unholy alliance between the press and democrats. this is the shape of modern media at the hands of the government, and how they work together. the only thing -- blowing the whistle on the right to free speech. >> got to do it. >> jeff bezos owns "the washington post," democracy dies in darkness, had that support out there, but caught out the disinformation board a bit, saying that they may be need to review this tweet or have a new non sequitur board instead. >> interesting. >> that's exactly the point i was going to make. i think this board is on pause.
9:21 am
for the biden administration, for so many reasons, one of them is because of exactly what jeff bezos tweeted. you have to wonder if that was the nail in the coffin, because the biden administration knows that anytime the president said something inaccurate, people will bring up the disinformation board. she addressed the criticism that she received on tiktok, and -- women in politics, academia, or journalism, or "any time we express an opinion about females, criticism is not accepted anymore." nothing is distinctly fema. it doesn't have to do with the fact that she sings tiktok. she is a clear partisan, and it should be nonpartisan. >> something quickly about what you just said, and i would say "i hope you are right." not a good idea.
9:22 am
senator cotton said to me earlier -- how do you keep this from forming in the future? i don't think there is this anticipation that it will go away. >> i don't think it's right to suppress other people's speech. they think america should be a college campus, where if you say something objectionable, you should have your right to speech denied. this is a part of their ethos. they believe it's the right to suppress the belief that others have. it's part of progressivism today. >> to charlie's point, they blame sexism. coming up, elon musk deems the democratic party the party of hate and division. hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history
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>> it seems elon musk has reached his breaking point with the democratic party, now tweeting "in the past, i voted democrat because they were mostly the kindness party, but they have become the party of division and eight, so i can no longer support them and will vote republican. now watch their dirty church campaign against me unfold." we have seen just one example -- the images that -- >> that's a great example of what elon musk is talking about. i think there are interesting things happening right now, where you have several high-profile deep thinking liberals moving away -- he talks
9:28 am
about it all the time on his podcast. with him, it was the covid lockdowns overreaching to texas because of it. you also have bill marr. his message has been "i didn't leave the democratic party, it left me." he because he is championing free speech, he is now being accused of racism for it. there are a lot of people saying "the democratic party needs to be one where it was a message of love, but it's not that anymore." >> take a watch out what that message is now, what might happen to it if a draft opinion comes here.
9:29 am
>> my worry is that this is just the beginning, and -- what is this, brown versus board of education? they have already eroded voting rights. i see fascism down the line. >> the rationale and decision as relief, were it to be sustained. far beyond the concern of whether or not there is the right to choose, the other basic right, the right to marriage. >> that was our president and media allies, clearly divisive fearmongering, and tying them to carly's point: if you dare to think freely, reject a narrative that's pushed down your throat of hyperbolic hysteria, that's why people are fleeing the party. they want to think for
9:30 am
themselves. >> they are fleeing because it was massive between what i view as the aclu democratic party, valued debate. there was respect for two sides. they could have an argument. that seems to be lost. you are told to be fascist because were pro-life? these are their views. i predict that the midterm election will be such a massive blow up for democrats, one brief moment after the election, they will pause and say "maybe we went also so far, shouldn't have accused republicans of being fascists, saying that men can have babies." that will last 24 hours and then they will attack donald trump, and democrats have yet to learn a lesson about 2016. people in this country, the populist movements, people are fed up with politicians. >> harris, elon musk predicted
9:31 am
that war waged against him. we have seen it already. his party called him a robber baron and racist, and there was an activist organization -- they wanted him kicked off, saying it shouldn't happen. adam and jeske has opened the book, determined that they received $10.5 million in public funding, so when elon musk said they are funding detractors of free speech, he said that they will happily take federal funds, but looking to weaken the public square of discipline. >> he's trying to change their -- he is taking away their ability to make other people shut up, because they don't have a copious debate. they could be using their words. they are not. they want us not to use our words as the american public, and we will not tolerate that.
9:32 am
it took elon musk saying "i want to buy this company" to get us all talking about what this should look like, especially if you are about to take a company private. they won't get any kind of -- we decided to stay with the truth was months ago about questions being asked. my goodness! you would've thought i was building a house on twitter and they were trying to set me on fire. seriously! >> more with the hunter biden story on the laptop. >> before they threatened to take me away, so elon musk says "this cancel machine needs to go. and whether he buys it or not, we all see it. >> that cancel the scene, it's part of a shame machine.
9:33 am
we talked about this conversation of record turnout in georgia, but it's a stark contrast, in terms of common sense and asking questions if i can income on asking questions -- >> president biden: do you want to be -- of dr. king george wallace? do you want to be the son of john lewis or phil connor? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> remember, the press secretary thought that was not a human comparison. it sounded pretty human to human to me, and pretty salacious and wrong in hindsight, now that we know that this has gone up by 155%, would turn out this cycle. it's not just disenfranchising people, it's -- elon musk, i
9:34 am
will never forget when and may of 2020 he tweeted "take the red pill," and everybody went nuts. two years later, we know, and i think that other analogy is important. he talked about how they "will come after me and have the popcorn there." i think this is like sean hannity -- peeling it back layer by layer. i think there is so much more on twitter that we don't know. the hunter biden story is an example that we know. elon musk is a threat to the entire social media world and industry. >> we just found of that half of the president's followers were fake. what don't we know? >> to your point about the popcorn, i love that elon musk appears to be unflappable, two years in, he's like "bring it on." coming up, but i why one
9:35 am
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so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty. liberty.♪ >> democrat witness testifying before the house on abortion rights, declares that men can get pregnant and can also have abortions. this became part of an exchange between -- the executive director of a nonprofit abortion group in texas. >> what do you say a woman is? >> i believe that everybody can identify as themselves. >> okay. do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions? >> yes. >> here we go. fox news digital reached out to the department of health and
9:40 am
human services, inquiring if there is data on transgender pregnancies and births. fox news digital reached out to the nine -- only heard back from one, a hospital representative. doesn't have the data available to share. talking about transgendered men, of course. it's not something you hear in congressional testimony a lot, but -- many things happening right now. thursday, there was a kalvin cline ad, it showed a man and underwear. in organon all school -- bathrooms from kindergarten all up will have menstrual products in them now. that's taxpayer dollars. i think that's a controversial one. also, transgender athletes in women's sports. it's just not fair. then he talk about leaving the
9:41 am
democratic party, why hispanic voters -- any group is not a monolith, but they are leaving the democratic party because of these identity politics issues that people just don't care about that's the most important thing to a lot of liberals. >> not sure if i'm saying her right, but let's -- some of the bad -- if you were -- >> if you could take the life -- of a 10-year-old child, that would be murder, and same with a 2-year-old. what's the principal distinction between human being that's two years old, and our old, and one that is 2 inches? what's the difference? why is it okay in the latter and not the former case? >> people can determine what
9:42 am
they do with their own bodies. >> that is what you call -- >> absolutely. that needs to be a campaign ad for the g.o.p. our tax dollars also paid for that, and maybe it's a good thing, because it was so crystal clear that there is no defense, no answer, no acceptable answer to that question to your point, the number one issue to the cost of living, followed by jobs -- i don't think anyone cares about the top 20 things on the list, because run into reality -- you can identify all you want, but biology will come into play. >> the democratic party try to tell us not to work on abortion rights, but -- >> do you think there should be any more on abortion?
9:43 am
>> i do not. >> i think women should have the right to choose with their bodies. men should not have the right to choose how women treat their bodies could >> my former colleague stephen miller said to illustrate this, it's a happy, beautiful 36-week-old baby is delivered early, she is human. if the baby is not delivered but is aborted at 39 weeks, not human, though it's one month older. spottail at what stage is this wrong? it's a fair question. the inability of democrats to answer it in any kind of way that reflects how complicated and difficult issues over -- they just say it's choice. i do think there's room in the first trimester, certainly after that, restrictions, absolutely.
9:44 am
let me say one other thing is the only man on this couch. i've never had an abortion and i've never been pregnant. i just want to put that out there for myself, but i've also never lost my mind. >> thank you for clarifying. we were all wondering. >> i want to make sure that she said this. >> i want to yield my time. the look when he went through the litany of what stage -- >> it almost makes me want to cry. so true that when you hear it laid out like that, -- it's like she heard that for the first time in her life, and is fighting ardently for some
9:45 am
things that would end up being actual murder. i'm not saying she's a bad person, i just think that people are so severely misguided. it is a group of people that will become people. i'm glad that moment happens and you highlighted it on tv. needs to be a campaign ad for sure. >> makes you wonder -- >> be right back. now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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>> president biden invokes the dash reduction act on baby formula. before the economy tables over a cliff. inflation nation ahead. biden leaves behind a dumpster fire before heading to asia. can he do better there? ukrainian refugees at risk of human trafficking. michael walters will be here. join julie join gillian turner and me for "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. taylor swift might not have gone to college but she thought and why use graduating class could learn important life lessons, namely let bridges go, that your
9:50 am
mistakes and failures and to embrace -- [laughter] >> learn to live alongside cringe. no matter how hard you try to avoid being cringe, you will look back on your life and cringe retrospectively. [cheers and applause] cringe: unavoidable over the lifetime. even the term cringe sounds cringe. [laughter] >> i read the whole speech and i loved it. a very public life that -- humiliation across front pages. to the point about the cringe, she said -- carrying forward. i thought this was excellent
9:51 am
advice for you. >> she talked about high school struggles, overcoming expectations. moving into new chapters of your life, it reminded me of biden's immigration policy appeared she said she's obviously pro-choice. i used to love taylor swift but i can't listen i'm sure she is >> when you hear that, half of her face was so universal, then she went into politics and abortion, detracted from her success. >> then, you have to decide which side you are on when you are taking -- now, you are trying to -- your time for 10 minutes. the audience has to figure out where they stand. >> she said that part previous to this moment. >> it was not part of the
9:52 am
speech, but it is part of that. i liked where she started in the beginning "i don't give unsolicited advice." for others, that's not where she was going anyway. she said "i want to teach you life facts." i like that. you don't have to know anything about where she has been or where she is going, but a life hack is "if you teach me -- beyond stating on a day that i need my host and have to get to work, i'm going to use it. i don't care where it's coming from." i like that part. likes taylor swift for her music. >> i hate the word "influencer," but taylor swift is undeniably an influencer of young girls and boys could not and one of her tenants of her speech was emphasizing that you should devalue that ridiculous notion of the minute-by-minute social relevance and likability,
9:53 am
encouraging everyone to have their own self-confidence regardless of everyone else in the digital age. she is right. when you are 22, you feel mature. then you get your first job and realize "so much to learn." you make so many mistakes. i cringe about things i did. [laughter] everybody has been there where you go back and think about something when going to sleep. there are things that happen that still stick with you to this day, but for anybody graduating college out there to get the job, you can learn. >> look at you now! [laughter] >> it's all part of life's journey. [laughter] >> more in just a moment.
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>> ok, that's ari fleischer's jam. uber is upping your game so you can, too. the rideshare app is planning to roll out new features, including the options to rent a party bus for your next night out on the town. ari, and also order food delivered by robots and book a vacation. ari. >> i'm more likely to be the uber driver than doing the uber things. actually, i am driving my daughter so the prom tonight. >> oh, cute. >> look at you. >> she asked me to. >> you still are cool dad? >> of course. >> cool dad or driver dad, might be driver dad. >> so sweet. i love that. and do you wear -- like do you get ready for the moment? >> i will keep my mouth closed and ears open. >> oh, yeah. all right. what do you think about those? >> my favorite part is they're
9:59 am
rolling out an in-stadium feature, order from the concession stand, you can skip the line and pick it up, leaving more time to consume the game and your alcohol. >> wow. >> put alcohol before food. >> always. >> the one thing i thought was funny about this, one of the things is going to be a robot delivery service, and friendly sidewalk robots and like a box where the food is inside, roll out in l.a. they are all going to get stolen. >> how do they get to the robots, fly or on wheels? >> i was imagining them on wheels. >> that's what i think. >> here we go. >> oh, see, our team here at "outnumbered" is so amazing. >> there it is. >> so the igloo is on wheels. >> uber, if you are upping your game, try uber eats.
10:00 am
i've had some bad experiences like an hour and a half waiting for the food. i love uber eats, i use it all the time. try it. i think you need to work on that. >> i can't imagine kayleigh angry all or hangry. >> 90 minutes when you are hungry -- >> we'll see you tomorrow. thank you, everybody. here is "america reports." >> john: harris, thank you. begin "america reports" with the economic crises piling up for president biden. the dow plummeting, inflation surging, and concerns are growing of a possible recession. hello, i'm john roberts. how was traffic today? >> gillian: traffic was a little better today. putin is easing up on us, happy to report, must have heard the show yesterday. i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. dow, big news yesterday, suffered the worst decline since 2020 after a selloff of several sectors. worried


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