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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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reputation won't rebound as quickly as once thought once the dust has settled. >> john: so you're taking away the mcdonald's brand. you have a franchise of restaurants that will be called what? >> i don't know. i guess the food will still be delicious and nutritious. >> john: there you go. as always. that's what my kids tell me. thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. >> i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. set your dvr so you don't miss a minute of "america reports." "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. so this brutal headline greeted the president of the united states if he happened to see it this morning. now it will be his job to try to keep the country on track among the growing worries of transitory of inflation and a soft landing. the united states appears to be headed towards a potentially
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deep recession. >> from where i sit, the market is really semi frozen. this is the worst downturn since the dot-com crash. >> you think we're headed to a recession? >> we're certainly heading -- certainly a very high risk factor. >> martha: yeah. gas prices $4 a gallon, it's never happened where every state has had that price. the markets get closer to full bear territory here, to the 20% decline from the highs. david asman and lauren simonetti, the best brains of fox business are here to tell you what this means and how long this will go on for, maybe. they'll look into their crystal ball. first, aishah hasnie live where they're dealing with all of this or trying to anyway at the white
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house. hi, aishah. >> hi, martha. so the president unfortunately left this morning for his east asia trip with without really talking about any of these crises across america. really without offering any new solutions. so this is where we are right now with gas prices. this is the tenth day in a row that we've broken a record for gas. in fact, every state in the country now paying more than $4 a gallon. you can't go anywhere to get it cheaper than that. households are spending $5,000 a year on gas. it could get worse. j.p. morgan warning prices will surpass $6 nationwide by august. get this. the gas station chain 76 now reprogramming its pumps in washington state to sell $10 gas. double digits. it's scary stuff. so the white house is responding to this by saying they released oil from the petroleum reserve
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already and then blaming president putin for the price hike on inflation and the stock market woes. the white house passing the buck to the fed. >> you know, the federal reserve is independent. we leave them to make their own policy decisions. we don't get involved in that. nothing has changed with the stock market. it's not something that we keep an eye on every day. >> that's not something that they keep an eye on every day but her happens they should, a new poll reveals that 55% of americans are extremely worried about the rising price of gas and goods. >> aishah, thanks very much. with that, we bring in lauren simonetti. the host of morning today on fox nation and fox business anchor david asman. great to have you with us. let's start with you, laura. the latest statistics show that americans are spending $5,000 a year. so when you think about the average annual income and the
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chunk that that is of your entire disposable income, there's a huge ripple effect in that. >> just on gasoline. >> yeah. >> and j.p. morgan's prediction happens by august, gas is 37% more than it is now at $6.20 a gallon nationally, across the nation, i mean, we're thinking can we get there or do you have demand destruction if you get that high. people will need to go to work. they're going to still need to go places. they'll cut back, yes. they're paying close to that in california. that is a possibility. that hits the lower income people the most. and when we look back, we question, are we in a recession, what caused the recession, what is the clear answer right now? it's the policies from the administration. because we have so much energy in this country. if the administration would just loosen up and say, make texas feel more comfortable, make
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north dakota feel more comfortable. we have the resource. we could have the price of gasoline that we're seeing right now and it's only going up. >> this is a post by steve convenient hayward. the president seems determined to make every mistake of the 70s and might not end until biden controls price controls and rash. >> it's crazy. lauren is right. it's completely avoidable. this whole thing started with the war on fossil fuels. that's where we saw the pop happen long before russia happened. we saw the price of gas before he was inaugurated. the week that he was elected, prices went up. everybody knew this would have consequences. you combine that with other policies, keep people in their homes, paying them to stay there for much too long a period of
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time. regulations, increasing regulations dramatically for all kinds of things whether it's road projects, all the stimulus money that went out and the money itself. obviously what happened was we were printing money like crazy. that began under trump but calming down. a lot of those pandemic programs were being pulled back. but biden doubled down on him with his $1.9 trillion plan as soon as he came into office. a lot of those had nothing do with covid. so with us completely avoidable situation. there is good news even though i think we're in a recession right now. what we heard from david sachs, a top venture capitalists saying we're in a recession. he knows what he's talking about. the guy knows his stuff. i agree with him. the good news is that we have 11.5 million unfilled jobs right now. we were coming out of the pandemic. we also have a strong housing market because there's a dirth
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of inventory of houses on the market. and if we get in to a difficult recession here, we do have those factors that would mitigate against it being prolonged, the recession itself. we're in a recession. we're going to have to pay the price. until he changes his policies and as you and i talk politically, i don't think he will do it until the election forces him and we have a change in congress. these are not going to change with regard to the price at the pump. >> martha: so lauren, what -- we just heard from aishah at the white house. the president is on his way to asia, this is an important trip. this is one that we need to shore up our allies, show that we have a strong connection with them. china's aggression is concerned. when you get back from this trip, this will still be staring him in the face. limited things that the president can do. >> right now he has to do a 180. he's not willing to do that. i don't think the blame game is
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working. that doesn't resonate with americans that can't find formula to feed their babies and can't afford gasoline, if they can find it. that's what makes you go vote. so we need a different sort of tone coming from the administration. yesterday when the new press secretary had her press conference and the dow fell almost 1,200 points, she was asked, does the president look at this? no, we really don't watch it every day. that's not our thing. how many americans are invested in the stock market? that's your nonchalant answer? maybe it's more on the front foot and leading and foreseeing crises before they happen. >> for
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>> martha: let's bring in victor davis had son. great to have you with us today. over the course of the story, we heard a lot about james baker, the lead counsel at the fbi and james comey and peter strzok and michael sussmann who said he wanted to make sure the fbi had this information that they found and two thumb drives and documents. where are they positioning themselves right now in this courtroom? >> i think they're trying to position themselves in a 360-degree method that they're going to be challenged by people that they used to be friends with and worked with. by that i mean that the narratives and mr. sussmann's narratives and probably mr. baker's narrative and mr. elias' narratives are
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contradictory. mr. sussmann, who a fire wall was working for hillary clinton as was mr. elias and they coordinated an effort to find some evidence of russian collusion, they found none, so they contacted one of the most esteemed cyber security experts in the united states, mr. joff. he bragged if hillary clinton was elected, he would get the top spot. so he was sympathetic to their cause. he had access to the internal communications coming in and out of donald trump. he came back and said, looks like maybe the alpha bank is communicating. that was enough for mr. sussmann that was by the way a cyber security expert lawyer. they went to the fbi. they misled the fbi apparently and he went to the cia. this is what the key case is, i think. the cia and the fbi who had known their reputations and had high regard and worked for them
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in the past said this is bogus. we can't use it. the interesting question is, how do people with such sterling reputations bring evidence that they insist shows that this fraud -- that was fraudulent, we know it was fraudulent, with us just spam, but why would they think it was accurate enough to take to it the fbi and cia that were sympathetic to them and had worked with them in the past and didn't take long for the fbi and the cia to say it was bogus. that begs the question, whether they trying to pedal information that they new was inaccurate? to fool the fbi and the cia for a while to investigate it to leak to "the new york times," "washington post" and say look, there's a story coming out. the fbi and the cia are investigating trump's communications with an alpha bank. >> martha: there's so much here about the coordination between all of these players and how that story ended up being
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printed. we remember james comey telling candidate trump, you know, i want you to know there's some information coming out. it was the dossier that came to be known, which turned out to be just riddled with holes as well. one of the big questions that a lot of people have, mark elias, worked very closely with the clintons for years. was there awareness in the hillary clinton office here of what was going on here. mark elias tried to say i hired this oppo team and i made sure anything that they were handling, basically it was between us and them these transactions. i didn't let it go higher than that. what did you think of that? >> i don't think it's persuasive. he was hillary clinton's personal lawyer, the dnc lawyer, the connection with perkins, chloe. he got his former associate michael sussmann involved and that led to the fusion gps and
12:22 pm
christopher steele. their stories are not mutally compatible. and mr. durham is not going after hillary clinton. he's taking it one step at a time to see if they're telling the same story. they're not. through gps, through the dnc, you get back to the clinton campaign and ultimately hillary clinton herself. the problem that you have a very ambiguous judge that was appointed by barack obama, judge cooper and a d.c. jury. i think there's going -- it's very difficult to prove it. mr. durham is a very high professional. he hasn't leaked, he hasn't had press conferences. he's the antithesis of the mueller team. we'll see what happens. >> martha: thanks, victor. great to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> martha: so as dhs gears up
12:23 pm
for a possible violence in response to the draft scotus opinion on abortion, some groups including women's march have said that they look forward to a summer of rage. >> it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the worst case scenario come to life there will be deadly consequences for women. but it's also no exaggeration to say that women will fight back as we always have and meet this moment. we will be ungovernable until this government starts working for us. ungovernable. ungovernable. ungovernable. >> martha: executive director rachel carmona that you heard there only on the story next.
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>> keep your bans off of our bodies. keep your bans off of our bodies. keep your bans off of our bodies. today is day one of an uprising to protect abortion rights. it's day one of the feminist future and day one of a summer of rage. we will be ungovernable. i will see you in the streets
12:28 pm
across america this summer continuing to fight. >> martha: that is the head of the women's march at a rally saturday promising more protests after the leak of the draft of the supreme court opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. now the homeland security department is preparing for the possibility that violence could happen over the course of the summer. today oklahoma lawmakers passed the strictest abortion ban in the country. it makes exceptions only to save a woman's life and rape an insist to law enforcement. i'm joined by rachel o'leary carmona. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: tell me what you mean, rachel, when you mean a summer of rage. what do you mean when you say we'll be ungovernable? >> i think it's fair to say that women are angry. you saw that over the weekend with over 450 marches and
12:29 pm
turnout in excess of 30 to 40,000 in d.c. so we're going to channel that region to action as we have done the last five years of women march advocacy. that makes taking to the streets, protesting, talking to elected officials and taking our power to the polls. >> martha: when you say ungovernable, what does that mean? are you telling people that they need to stay within the law or they should be outside of the law? when you say ungovernable. >> i mean, in our opinion, the supreme court's leak draft indicates that the supreme court itself is putting women of this country on a crash court with the law. we know that the legal status of abortions doesn't have much of an impact on how many abortions are provided. when women have to make a choice between an unjust law and deciding when and how to have a family, including no carve outs or exceptions for issues of rape or insist or things like that, we're going to make sure that folks get the abortion care that
12:30 pm
they need in whatever way that we can. that means building power electorally, taking power to the polls and building power locally as we have done the last five years. >> martha: you say vote and make your voice heard. does that apply to everyone in the country? when you overturn roe v. wade, you're putting it back to the states, in which case people in those states, they vote on a referendum or vote for their -- the people representing them. in some states people don't want to have abortion legal or in many states they want it to be 15 weeks or 20 weeks, which is four plus months into a pregnancy. should those votes with heard as well? >> i'm really glad that you brought this question up. because i think there's a problem with the way that we talk about this. over 90% of democrats do not want roe versus wade overturned. that is surprising to no one.
12:31 pm
over 50% of republicans don't either and over 80% of independents. so when we talk about this, we're not talking about folks that have been outvoted. we're talking about a super majority of americans whose will is being subverted -- >> martha: why not let them vote in their states? why not let them vote? you have 54% that think that they don't want to see any abortion after 15 weeks. you're right. even in our fox polls, we show let it stand at 63%. but when you go beyond the question, past the point when you say it's been around 50 plus years, you think it should start, oh, yeah, let it stand. then you get specific. should someone have an abortion after 15 weeks, four plus months of pregnancy, they say no. that shouldn't be allowed to happen. >> you bring up two questions there. two separate questions. the first question is i think around voting. we've seen in many different states across the country, you know, attacks on voting rights.
12:32 pm
so if we have an opportunity to vote in a fair election where everybody has equal access, you know that would be different. we have to understand the connection between the attacks on voting rights, the attack on abortion rights as part of a broader campaign and strategy. so i think that's one piece. i think the second piece here is that there are -- >> martha: wait a second. you're saying we can't trust our voting system? so we can't allow people to have that choice to vote on it because you have -- >> no. i'm saying that the voting rights have been attacked in the same way that have abortion rights have been attacked. the piece here is that this legislation and the decision of roe v. wade is being handled in a way that takes the democratically expressed vote out of it. it's going through courts that have been packed by specifically republican candidates and it's not representative of a majority
12:33 pm
of americans -- >> martha: those courts, you know -- when you have a justice that is nominated by a president, then you have senators that come together to advise an consent on that nomination. those senators are voted by people in states all across the country. as i said, you say vote and make your choice heard. you can't say vote and make your voice heard and then say but if people are opposed to the way you want them to vote, their vote isn't going to count because of other grievances you have. >> i think you can. i think -- >> you have to allow people to do that or not. >> you can say that we have to go over and above the obstacles in front of us and the difficulty to vote. i think that that's very clear. if we were not -- so if we were aligned and serious about letting folks have their voices heard, we could have a day off for voting. we would have more access to voting. we would have mail-in voting,
12:34 pm
different things that have worked for other countries and ways that worked during the pandemic. i don't think it's a serious argument to say we're going to take it back to the states specifically that a state like oklahoma bans abortions. >> martha: maybe that's how people want to vote in oklahoma. don't you think that's how they vote and choose their elected officials and they press the lever that says that that's what they want that they should be allowed to have that representation if that's what the state of oklahoma wants to vote for? >> in an election, that is -- with gerrymandered elections -- >> martha: you can't pick and choose. you say vote and make your choice here or -- >> everyone should vote. everyone should vote. everyone should make their voice heard. at the same time we could recognize the votes are happening in a system that is imperfect and specifically targets communities of color and poor people and increasingly
12:35 pm
making it difficult for woman to get out and vote. we can hold both of those things to be true. they're not mutually exclusive. it's harder for some people to vote than others. >> martha: we'll see if this happens, what happens when it goes back to the states and what these -- what the american people want state by state. they will have that choice and they will have that option. i hope you come back. it's an important conversation and i appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> martha: so as americans pay more for gas than ever before, we've been talking about this and retirement accounts tumble, the united states readies billions of dollars for ukraine, an effort that many people in this country support. we'll talk about this when we come back. >> inflation roars throughout the land, grocery bills are punishing the working class and poor and gas prices exceed $5. even before the pandemic
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>> martha: another $40 billion will soon be on its way to ukraine. the senate passed it today after senator rand paul delayed it a week. he was demanding that a inspector general was overseeing where the money goes. marc thiessen is here. first to chad pergram on capitol hill. hi, chad. >> good afternoon. it only takes one senator to gum up the works. that's why this bill was delayed a week. rand paul filibustered the bill over the i.g. >> couldn't congress shift over the $40 billion and not add to the debt? if the defense was ukraine is really in our national security interest, shouldn't the gift come from our military budget? what about cutting wasteful
12:41 pm
spending? >> the senate finally okayed the bill 86-11. all democrats present voted yes. all nays came from gop members including paul. chuck schumer pointed to gop opposition from those that say they want to help ukraine. >> it's beyond troubling to see a group of senating oppose ukrainian funding. more and more maga republicans are on the same soft on putin playbook. >> mitch mcconnell wanted the senate to pass the bill awoke ago today because mcconnell was planning a weekend with president zelensky. mcconnell arrived in kiev empty-handed. >> anyone concerned about the cost of support ago ukraine victory should consider the larger cost should ukraine lose.
12:42 pm
>> the house and senate are synced up. this bill goes to the president to sign. more money will be needed in the fall. >> martha: thanks, chad. let's bring in marc thiessen, fox news contributor. good to have you here, marc. >> good to be with you. i'm interested in what senator paul is saying here not because -- i think most people, the majority of the country, feels strongly that vladimir putin must be defeated in his aggression in ukraine. he's saying if this is so important, why don't we it out of existing budget and let's make sure that we know where the money is going once it goes there. because i also think that people should know when the pentagon sends weaponry, it lands in ukraine and that's it. that's the process in this. >> yeah, that's because we don't have american troops on the ground. senator paul wants to send u.s. troops, then we could monitor it more carefully. the idea of taking it out of the
12:43 pm
pentagon budget makes no sense. we need to increase the budget to deter china. we shouldn't be taking away from our capability to deter and confront china in order to help ukraine. second, this is -- the very small handful -- i thought what senator schumer was shameful to pull this maga republican stunt when we're doing something that is very bipartisan. it's very small minority of republicans that oppose this. this is out of the reagan playbook. this is the gipper's strategy. when he came into office, america just with drew from vietnam. there was no happen tonight to fight the soviet expansionism. he had to find a way to roll back the soviet union so he came up with the reagan doctrine. there were freedom fighter thats were willing to fight. they just needed american weapons and training and intelligence and help to do it. that strategy worked miracles. brought down the soviet union. we rolled back communist regimes
12:44 pm
from nicaragua to angola to south asia and afghanistan. drove the soviets out. now we have a new generation of freedom fighters that are fighting the russians. >> martha: it's a noble cause. seems like whenever anybody sticks their head up and says what if we do this in a fiscally responsible way, everybody says oh, we can't do that. we can't. we have 190 billion in waste and fraud in the covid program. we have billions of dollars that has been unspent in the covid program. i don't think it's so horrible to suggest that perhaps there is someplace else in the budget if we feel so strongly about this and obviously there's a consensus on it to find that money. this is the other question i have for you. we have been reluctant to allow ukraine to enter nato, right? that ship has sailed for now. now there's a war going on. we understand the article 5
12:45 pm
ramifications of that. here's the president today welcoming finland and sweden in this process when ukraine has been begging to be in nato for decades. here's the president. >> today i'm proud to assure them that they have the full total complete backing of the united states of america. new members joining nato is not a threat to any nation. finland and sweden's decision to request membership to nato, it will be enhanced for all time. >> martha: so if you're watching this in ukraine, i have to believe you're thinking we have been asking for this for decades. president bush wanted to make us a partner in nato. you know, look what happened. >> yeah, i was with president bush in 2008 when he went to the nato summit in bucharest and tried to convince the allies. germany opposed it. i didn't go anywhere. if he had succeeded, if we had admitted ukraine, this war would have never happened. there's a reason why vladimir putin hasn't invaded poland,
12:46 pm
hungary and the others because they would be declaring war on nato. so he felt like he could get away with it. >> martha: i'm sorry to cut you off, mark. we have this breaking news that we want to go to. thanks to marc thiessen for those great points, this is lakeland, florida where governor desantis is signing legislation to combat fentanyl from the open southern border. >> 6,000 pounds of fentanyl has been seized. we've seen an increase in opioid deaths across the country including here in florida. according to florida medical examiners, fentanyl caused 5,300 deaths in 2020, more than any other narcotic. while we have some data for the first six months of 2021 only, opioid-related deaths increased
12:47 pm
another 5.5% and deaths increased by 10% by fentanyl in the first six months. this is something that is affecting communities across our state. you talk to sheriffs, you talk to police chiefs, you talk to first responders. this is something that is all too common. so i'm thankful for the legislature to step up and do something about it. we have a whole variety of ways that we're trying to combat this epidemic. but you need to hold people accountable. that's what we'll end up doing here today. so i'm going to -- we're going to hear from some folks here and sign the ball into law. first we'll have sheriff grady from polk county. [applause] >> martha: we'll keep a close eye on this. this is a major issue in this country. we have lost 100,000 people to fentanyl use over the course of the last year. governor desantis is trying to
12:48 pm
block it from getting into florida. we'll see if he succeeds or if he makes any head way in something that touches so many lives across this country and does not get enough attention. we'll stay on it. meantime, a new jersey mother who has gone to great lengths because she had to to get food for her babies says no parent should struggle to find formula in the united states of america in 2022. >> never soon enough to have food for crying baby. if you own a home and need cash, call newday usa. why? home values are at all-time highs. use your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand, so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va,
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>> martha: millions of families struggling with the nationwide baby formula shortage. you've seen it on your shelves everywhere. a toddler and a preschooler that were hospitalized in memphis as a result of this shortage. then the fda commissioner, dr. robert faced a grilling over his agency's response to
12:53 pm
something that they've been aware of since october when a whistle-blower came came forward to allege negligence at the formula plant at the center of this. >> i know we have an oversight hearing next week. we'll be prepared to go into more detail. >> where did it go? who read it? what was the chain of command? you apparently don't have any answers to that question. >> martha: digging in on the fda commissioner and asking what went wrong here. why didn't this whistle-blower complaint lead to getting ahead of this. the biden administration is invoking the defense production act to ramp up deliveries from abroad. my next guest is taking action. jessica is a mother of two from new jersey. thanks for being here. what has been your own experience? have you had trouble finding
12:54 pm
formula for your beautiful new baby that we're watching you hold? >> yes, we have. hi, everybody. my daughter is three months old. we experienced the shortage with my son who is 1. when she came along three months later, we came from having nothing to at least a supply that will get us to the end of the month. >> you've organized moms and dads online to try to do your own defense production act to try to move the formula to the places where it's needed. tell me about that. >> yes, so i decided to open this group up because of a part of other facebook groups from all over the place. the cost of shipping and gas prices was not helping. so i decided to open a group in the burgen state county area and caregivers that needed help. we needed to help the babies. that's who we're trying to help
12:55 pm
here. i organized this group so that we could share what we have at home, if we have extra. we get free samples, but sometimes our child doesn't use that kind of formula. so if we posted pictures, we could give it to someone that was our their last can or had nothing left. in addition, i was urging people, friends, neighbors, anybody going to the store if they could take a picture of what the stores looked like. the websites were not accurate. at least a mom could know to get the formula there. >> martha: when you hear this fda commissioner and you hear that the plant that was responsible for about 40% of the abbott-made formulas, that they had a whistle-blower in the fall that said that they were concerned about problems there. you hear this grilling on capitol hill. why didn't anybody get ahead of this. what do you think about it? >> well, it's amazing to me.
12:56 pm
you know, in this world, you would think that the easiest thing to get is baby formula. this is not something that any parent, caregiver should have to struggle getting. to hear that somebody knew about it and did nothing is -- it's a little terrifying to be honest. they're so vulnerable to begin with. to have to go through this and have to worry about what am i going to feed my child of all things, it's terrifying. it's very -- it's concerning to us. >> thank you, jessica. good luck to you. we hope this gets resolved in the next few weeks. they say things will start moving and we'll be watching it and hope that you can continue to find what you need. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: so they say of this young man that he spread happiness everywhere he went. that was part of the obituary for jimmy mcgraff, a 17-year-old
12:57 pm
stabbed at a party in connecticut. now we know who the accused killer is. molly line reporting from shelton, connecticut. hi, molly. >> hi, martha. despite the fight of teens from rival prep schools at a massive house party ended in tragedy. one person was killed. three wounded. now a 16-year-old from milford, connecticut is facing charges and will face murder and a sult -- assault charges. jimmy mcgraff excelled. the crowd last night honored jimmy as he's father spoke. >> clearly tonight i love jimmy's name being announced store scoring a goal.
12:58 pm
i appreciate everything that his mother and -- >> documents released police arrived to a bloody and chaotic scene saturday with more than 50 teens attending a house party in shelton. witnesses told detectives three or four people from st. joseph's arrived uninvited. one victim said he was jumped at another nearby party. witnesses say a knife was flashed. police said after the fighting stopped, a photo showed mcgraff. his father whispered this apology. >> it would be irresponsible for me to make a comment before i examined the evidence in the case. >> sorry. that was valley's attorney. the father of the accused said
12:59 pm
i'm sorry outside of the courthouse. martha, back to you. >> martha: terrible. what an awful story. thank you, molly. so if this is called a mission plus. it's a nonprofit that takes our world war ii heros to an american military cemetery in the netherlands and meet the dutch people that adopted and scared for the headstones in this cemetery that stretch as very large expanse. 8,300 american soldiers there. it's a new episode of the untold story podcast. i spoke with the co-founders roger killfoyl and stephanie caldwell. one of the veterans, george champa, a world war ii veterans that fought at the battle of the budge and normandy. he said why in is so important to him. >> i want to go because i want to personally thank these people. i understand that we've got 100
1:00 pm
doctors together for one of the events that we're going to attend with them. i want to personally shake their hands and thank them for what they're doing. it means a lot to me. really does. >> martha: so much gratitude from these european villages. that's "the story." see you tomorrow. >> and a choppy session for the stocks. this follows yesterday's 1,200 point plunge. more retailers warn inflation is hitting their bottom lines are. the costs passed on to you? we'll take a closer look. first, this. president biden saying -- >> the defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at


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