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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: finally tonight special day amber and gabe have a fiery relationship. look at this. their wedding day a pair of stunt performers utah amaze their guests with a hot flip they lit themselves on fire. dramatic. no other wedding exit will ever compare to this. i would say. fair balance and unafraid. here is jesse. would do you that jesse? >> jesse: never. in my life bret baier, wait until the fire later in the marriage. >> bret: there you go. >> jesse: thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: remember the summer of love? it was 2020, the scent of smoke grenades was in the air? streets were filled with rioters, mom and pop shops were looted and burned to the ground alibi left-wing lunatics it all happened quick as a snap. people were raging partly from
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being locked down for months. when they got triggered they went berserk cities like kenosha, seattle and portland. the rest of america was forced to watch in fear. it was a scary summer. the last thing america needs right now is another summer of love. but the signs are all pointing to that summer of 2022 is going to be a hell of a lot worse. and in some different ways. if you look at the country, many of us aren't happy. even the people who voted for this president can't sugar coat it because they are struggling, too. and they are struggling financially because of gas, groceries, and now their 401(k)s and babies are starving. our baby formula stock is almost bone dry. we have never seen anything like this in america in our lifetime. but the president didn't see this coming. because he is no mind reader. >> if we had been better mind
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readers, i guess we could have, but we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us. >> jesse: joe biden was never a top student. he was last in his class. and as president he is always the last to figure things out. he didn't see the afghanistan disaster coming. >> the jury is still out but the likelihood there's going to be the tale ban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. >> a month later the talabani as he says painting the walls of the embassy. he didn't see omicron come either. >> the vice president said in recent day that's didn't see delta coming and you didn't see omicron coming. how did you get it wrong? [laughter] >> how did we get it wrong? nobody saw it coming. >> jesse: we had people lined up in this country who couldn't even get a covid test. it was embarrassing. not as embarrassing as joe last year saying inflation was
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temporary. >> some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation but that's not our view. our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we have seen are -- were expected and -- expected to be temporary. >> jesse: everybody in the room knew it was a problem but not joe biden. well, because he is no mind reader. if he didn't see these disasters coming, he sure as hell is going to be blind at what is coming this summer. we are already expecting rioters on the streets. pro-abortion activists are planning to kick off a summer of rage. they are going to be chasing supreme court justices out of their homes again. that's on top of the millions of illegals that are going to pour into the country when democrats lift title 42. in april, over 230,000 illegals crossed our border. that we know about. it was just another record smashed by joe biden. illegals barreling across our border are going to be all over
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the television screen this summer. and while layoffs start coming down on our people, hiring freezes have begun with the global recession looming, layoffs are next. no one is going to be able to find any comfort when they look at their 401(k)s. dow just keeps getting slaughtered. the s&p down 20% year to date. wall street, they are banking on a recession. but joens not. and, of course, whether it does happen, biden won't have seen it coming. and soon you won't be able to turn on your lights in your own house. the price of carbon is way up. and electric grid operators are already warning they won't be able to keep up with demand this summer. that means blackouts, brownouts, not to mention sky high utility bills from cranking up the a.c. guess what? joe is not going to do anything about it. again, is he no mind reader. can i read his mind. when california loses power this
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summer, he is going to say that's why you need to go green. do you think people are just going to stay at home in the dark with no money all summer? a lot of people are going to go see those pro-choice protesters and they are just going to start the chaos, too. they want to get involved. we are going to see looting this summer. probably a little larr sen and . inner city guns come out temperatures rise. people stay up late. wild. already happening. watch this video out of california. a girl just playing outside, playing tag, found herself in the middle of a gun fight. [gunfire] >> jesse: only going to get
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worse. joe can't read the room and see america is in bad shape. everybody else in the country sees it. you know it's bad when even cnn is talking about it. >> look at this, aaron, 65% of americans in our brand new cnn poll tonight say they are concerned about how things are going in the u.s. only 4% excited, 10% optimistic. even one in five say that they are scared. >> jesse: 86% are concerned and scared. but, hey, no more mean tweets, right? people are seeing a president who not only is one step behind, but one who doesn't care about the crisis he created. listen to how the white house responded when they were asked how americans are going to find extra cash to pay off the bills. >> the prices already came down when it was announced ahead of time biden was going to release so much -- so much energy -- some barrels of oil from the spro. my guess we will see it continue
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to come down but it will come down it could come down fairly significantly. >> jesse: that wasn't the right one but you know the drill. they have no answers. when was the last time joe went to a gas station to fill up his car? he doesn't understand what americans are going through. scranton joe was just a sales gimmick. he is not a man of the people. the guy rode rail his whole life. he doesn't commute by car. people are seeing all of this. they're angry. especially when this guy promised he would fix our problem just in march he told us the gas prices would come down. and they didn't. six weeks later, and gas prices just hit an all-time high for a tenth day in a row. how can people not be mad? how can anybody defend this? well, if you turn to other channels, they are trying to defend it and this is what they are saying. they are saying don't blame biden. he has done everything right. >> go anywhere in the states, we
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are all suffering. i will tell you everybody is suffering. but let's place it in the places that it belongs. >> right. >> okay? gas prices aren't bad because of anything biden did. it's just what he is going to absorb. >> um-huh. also a war going on in ukraine. >> a war going on and everybody said this is what we have got to do. people want baby food, baby. >> formula. >> that also is not on him. >> no. >> that's on abbott. but i notice that when people talk about these things, nobody ever says, you know, here's the cause of this. >> jesse: so this is how it's going to be. this is how the media is going to cover this hellacious summer. everyone is suffering but it's not joe biden's fault. and do you think americans are going to hear that and they are going to buy that? no. look, the summer of 22 is going to be a real test for the media. it's going to be impossible to spin this summer in joe biden's favor. on top of this, they are warning about a new covid wave and masks
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are starting to be slapped back on. how are they going to cover that? another covid wave? rioters running our justices into hiding, high crime, open borders? stagflation possibly? power outages? and streets filled with violent homeless camps like this one. look at this. it's like a third world country. it's not. this used to be sunny california. i can't tell the difference between this and a syrian refugee camp. so the media is facing a choice. cover the country's collapse under joe biden honestly or lie about how great everything is going like you are a russian propaganda network. so, we warned you what the situation is going to be like this summer. use common sense, prepare for the worst. and know that deep down things will get better. because it can't get that much worse. let's batania -- did i butcher
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that? opinion editor at "newsweek." how bad media undermining democracy. [laughter] >> was that any worse. >> nowhere close but i'm so happy to be here with you, jesse. thanks for having me. >> jesse: okay. thank you very much for excusing me there is the book. so hopefully everybody goes to buy that. >> jesse: how is the media going to cover it? do you think they will bone up and tell the truth or are they going to turn into whoopi goldberg and act like biden is their husband and say everything he is doing is great? >> have you ever seen anything as enraging as that video of that little girl running and screaming no, help me screaming running away from gunfire? it is enraging that in cities across the country that are led by liberals and democrats their answer to skyrocketing crime to our fellow americans living in war zones is it's not our fault.
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there's nothing we can do about it. but their response to americans lying in bed at night who don't know if they can pay their mortgage because gas is so high that their response is it's not the president's fault. okay. if it's not his fault, and there's nothing he can do about it, move out of the way and let someone else show up. because the american people are hurting, jesse. and, like you talked about a couple days ago. you know, we are not actually divided about these issues. we are united about the important issues. the thing that divides us are politicians and journalists who are part of the elites who have no answers to these problems. >> jesse: yeah, the american people are going to have to pull together neighborhood by neighborhood and just ignore all the drama coming out of the swamp. the democrats were supposed to be good at government. that's what they say they are good at. government. yet, the government can't do anything right. they can't control the border. they can't give us baby formula when there is a shortage. they can't keep the lights on on this summer. they can't do anything about
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crime, it is always someone else's fault. what's the point of putting people in government if they can't use the government to help the people when we need it. >> jesse, i sit there and ask i ask myself where is the president on these issues? border control, skyrocketing crime. baby formula, gas. i ask myself why isn't he do anything? i think it's because the media has signaled to him that they don't care about these issues. >> jesse: yeah. >> 9 reason they don't care about these issues is because they are not struggling with these issues. american journalists are part of the elite. they are not out there struggling to pay for gas. they are not living in crime ridden cities. those are their neighbors who they don't care about who they abandoned when they, you know, stopped being working class and became part of the elites. because the journalists don't suffer from this stuff, they don't cover it and because they don't cover it, president biden does nothing about it. >> jesse: it's about class. and he is being protected by class in the mainstream media. and that's what this is about.
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what is the proper pronunciation of your name by the way. >> batyaungar-sargon. >> jesse: thank you so much. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: shellenberger running for governor in california. you just heard our conversation. let's take it away from the media side. the government has failed the american people and this is a guy that was in government for 40 years and he is flat out failed. you cannot spin that. everybody knows it are we now just left to our own devices to help our own children out, our own neighbor out, ourselves? >> hey, jesse, good to be with you. i think the interesting thing is most people look at this and they go these guys are incompel tent from president joe biden to governor gavin newsom. but you also have to remember these are the guys that have been telling us that western civilization is evil and wrong and that we need to pay for the sins that we have committed in
4:14 pm
the past. they have mismanaged so we have open drug screens across california our homelessness went up. we have blackouts for the fourth summer in a row. you know, when gavin newsom something goes wrong because of his policies, he looks around for somebody to blame. and when he can't find somebody to blame, he blames climate change or he blames racism. and it's the same way whether it's water shortages, electricity shortages, or the open drug screens which are killing our people, keeping our kids out of school. it's all anti-civilization agenda. we need to restore our civilization, jesse. that's why i'm running for governor. go to shellenberger for and see what a pro-vifltion agenda looks like. >> right. we are not saying, you know, there should be no government. we just want when we need government to be there, we need it to be effective. and it seems like where the government isn't things are
4:15 pm
working okay and then when they get involved they screw it up. or when they -- or when they shouldn't be involved, they go in and they dry fix it and they make things worse. do you have a paradigm for how you would like to see this country run? because right now i think we need a total reorganization of the way the federal government operates. >> i think you are right. i think people are sick ever the extremism. they're sick of the incompetence. they are sick ever the selfishness on the parts of elites like gavin newsom. i think people want to get back to basic. basic services that function. >> jesse: right. >> we pay the highest taxes in california of anybody in the united states. we have the worst services. we have the worst outcome. the governor kept our kids at home away from schools from 2020-2021 while he send his own kids to private schools where they got in classroom instruction. they want to impose these rules on us and not have them apply to them. i think people are looking for leadership that is willing to follow the rules that we set for
4:16 pm
everybody. so we got to get back to basics. the basic function of civilization, we need more police. we need consequences for illegal behavior. it turns out, jesse, that when you don't enforce laws, people don't follow them. that's why we are seeing skyrocketing crime. that's why we saw 30% increase in homelessness in california. that's why so many -- over 100,000 people have been fleeing california. what you are seeing in california is the most extreme manifestation of joe biden's america. >> jesse: yeah. i think what you are saying is you want people with common sense focused on fixing problems and giving us the basics giving us what we paid for. >> that's right. >> jesse: michael shellen berg early, thank you so much for joining "primetime." >> good to be with you. >> jesse: joe biden gets an honorary membership to the mexican drug cartels and kids who won't leave home, what are they going to do with their college degrees? >> what do you do for a living? >> i am a possessions master.
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>> jesse: fox news alert here it comes the left wing smear campaign elon musk predicted. business insider just posted a story claiming musk is a sexual predator who exposed himself to a flight attendant back in 2018. the flight attendant reportedly worked at spacex and settled the case for $250,000. now, we don't know if any of this is true or not but this is what we saw coming with all of these investigations. racial smear campaign and now this. we'll report as it develops.
4:23 pm
it's obvious that joe biden is in no hurry to fix the crisis at our southern border. but with every day that passes, the situation gets worse. bill melugin visited a treacherous part of the border that fox has never ever gone to before. and he is live on the ground with an update. bill? >> jesse, good evening to you. that's exactly right. we wanted to switch things up a little bit. take our viewers to a part of the border we had never seen before. so we went out to the big bend sector in west texas. incredibly remote, rugged, dangerous terrain, deadly terrain, incredible by mr. hot out there. but believe it or not people do try to cross because they are mostly runner or drug smugglers who don't want to be caught. take a look. >> in the skies above west texas, fox news is embedded with texas dps in the big bend sector. >> roads in mexico dirt roads that come to right here and pretty much point to where they need to walk to. >> it's the most remote and
4:24 pm
unforgiving terrain along the southern border. on the ground, we're led by sergeant jimmy morris, an expert tracker with texas dps. >> somebody got their hair cut. >> he works under the blistering texas sun to track down illegal immigrants who don't want to be found. >> folks right here. they don't want to get caught. >> this is what he looks for. footprints that guide him in the right direction. >> yeah, got him right here. >> after hours of tracking drug smugglers the trail gets hot. we follow sergeant morris into the dense brush where we begin finding bundles of drugs that have been ditched. the snug glories are close. moments later with the help of cpd officers the smugglerring ares are found in a nearby bush. they come out one by one. five men in total, all placed in handcuffs. in man tells me they from mexico. a short time later, the rest of
4:25 pm
the drugs are found nearby. five bundles in total. 50 pounds each. >> how often do you see this sort of thing out here? >> two weeks ago, sir, we saw it on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and for sure every week. >> we also come across the body of a 28-year-old honduran woman who succumb to the big bend sector brutal heat likely after following behind with her group. tragically she is one of many. >> they just left her. >> and jesse, that woman's body was actually more than 30 miles inland from the u.s.-mexico border. this goes to show how far some of these illegal immigrants are ready to go in that dangerous terrain. we got an update from texas dps in that same big bend sector this afternoon they caught 32 immigrants dressed in camouflage as well as four more bundles of drugs. the work continues day in and day out. send it back to you. >> jesse: thanks a lot, bill for the reporting. >> you saw how bad the situation is at the border under biden.
4:26 pm
it's about to get even worse. title 42 is scheduled to go away monday. if that happens, our immigration crisis is going to be completely out of control. the illegals are just going to be flooding in with the drugs. florida governor ron desantis says the cartels must be thanking joe biden for his wide open border. he is making their job a lot easier. >> biden should be given an honoree membership in the mexican drug cartels because nobody has done more to help the cartels than biden with his open border policies and so it's a total disaster. it's been a disaster. i fear with title 42, if they do repeal it, i think things are fixing to get even worse. >> jesse: he is right. joe biden is helping the cartels and hurting us. border cities are struggling already. what are they going to do when hundreds of thousands more illegals flood in? el paso county, texas? it's already bracing for the storm. and they are planning on declaring a state of emergency.
4:27 pm
if you look at the data, biden's immigration crisis is worldwide. they are not just coming from mexico. u.s. customs and border protection released this list. migrants are coming from cuba, guatemala, honduras, everywhere, and get this? in april over 20,000 migrants came in from ukraine. they are also coming from china, india, turkey, romania, russia, does biden know the russians are coming? maybe then he will build the wall. you can't even fly into the country from canada if you haven't been vaxxed. but unvaxxed masses from countries unfriendly to america waltz right in and get free flights to anywhere in the u.s. nice. greg abbott is the governor of texas. and he joins me now. so what are we going to do about this, governor? >> well, jesse, we are gearing up as we speak right now. we have the national guard plus 1,000 texas department of public
4:28 pm
safety officers on the border. we have a border operation center that is set up. like we use in response to any catastrophe that we're dealing with. and this is a catastrophe. let me give you the numbers, jesse, of what we are gng. based upon biden's numbers. they said expect 18,000 people a day. extrapolate that annually. that's more than 6 million people coming across the border a year. for texas, we get about half of that that would be the equivalent of houston coming across the border in a year. and so what we're doing as we speak, we are getting ready for monday. and we're going to be creating what we call steel barricades, the steel is our border patrol cars, our national guard vehicles, bumper to bumper in eagle pass and other areas along the border that you see coming across. we are going to be doing two things. one is we are going to be turning people back. we have already turned back 17,000 people. and if we are unable to turn them back we will be arresting anybody who makes it through the barrier, converted three prisons into jails where we are putting people who we arrest for coming
4:29 pm
across the border and trespassing in the state of texas. on top of that, we are laying down razor wire. we are using other officials to push back anybody who tries to come across the border. one last thing, jesse, that is because joe biden has never been to the border but not working withs mexican federal government. i had to step up and work with mexican governors into enter into agreement where the mexican governors in states ajay kent to texas they themselves are employing border security tragedies to prevent people coming across their border knowing i have the capability of shutting down border crossings by inspecting every commercial vehicle that comes across the border. >> jesse: you are doing more diplomacy with mexico than our own president. and the president hasn't been to the border. but he has gone, i believe later today he is going to south korea i think this guy has totally lost his mind. just real quick before we let you go, governor. halls the president ever called
4:30 pm
you? have you ever spoken to limb on the phone about the crisis? >> never. so, early on, i spoke to him in february after he was elected. that's the last time i talked to him. and it was not about the border at that time. he has never bothered to talk about the border. never has a concern to come down here and address one of the largest catastrophes. >> jesse: he broke the border and called texas knee an knee aa thats. thank you for keeping our country safe. >> thank you. >> jesse: nbc is now investigating hunter biden. let that sink in. this is pretty bad. even nbc is running for cover. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: new rests from the laptop from hell show how much money hunter biden was taking in
4:36 pm
and just how fast he was spending it. according to an in-depth analysis from nbc news, shocking, i know, hunter's company rosemont seneca brought in, ready? $11 million from foreign deals between 2013 and 2018. almost 6 million of that cash came from china as we at "primetime" reported months ago. but, wait a second, joe said hunter never made any money from china. >> my son has not made money in terms of this thing about -- what are you talking about, china? >> jesse: well that didn't end well as you might have questions god nbc found the receipt showing china was paying hunter handsomely for work he did while joe biden was vice president. but they couldn't quite figure out what hunter was doing to earn all that money. quote: the documents and the analysis which don't show what he did to earn millions from his chinese partners raise questions
4:37 pm
about national security. business ethics and potential legal exposure. nbc also reporting that hunter spent all that money like floyd mayweather. at one point he was dropping more than 200 grand a month on things like porches and luxury y hotel room. while it's nice to see nbc finally taking some of the content of the laptop seriously. coincidentally they haven't been able to verify anything that implicates joe biden on the laptop. we can never forget how they conspired with the rest of the media and the democrat establishment to smear the laptop as russian disinformation. very convenient to investigate this now once biden was installed. by the way, "primetime" is hearing whispers that the federal prosecutors in delaware are reaching their conclusions in hunter's case pretty soon. and i have a feeling that
4:38 pm
announcement is going to come right around the same time the supreme court roe v. wade decision. of course. now, when you book a flight, there are a lot of decisions you need to make. do i check a bag? i do want to upgrade to first class? maybe grab a window seat? what about this one? do i want to offset my carbon footprint? in the last few years a lot of people have been saying yes, they do. you see, they have got guilty consciences. they are flying across the country emitting all that war done into the atmosphere so they have got find a way to cancel out their emissions. enter the carbon offset. it's a donation to a company that promises to protect forests or something that offset the thing that we do that are bad for the environment. it's like buying an indulgence from the climate god. pay this fee and cleanse your sins. whew, they think i might be flying to tucson but at least someone is going to plant a tree
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>> jesse: fox news alert. the pennsylvania senate race is still too close to call. as trump urges interest oz just to declare victory for dave mccormick. tuesday night might have given us a sneak peek of what the midterms have in store as a red wave is forming ahead of november. republican voters made up 55% of the turnout this week in idaho, kentucky, north carolina, oregon and pennsylvania. if you include the previous primaries of the year it's up to 60%. and biden's approval rating show things are getting much, much worse. only 27% of young americans approve of his job performance. with only 29% of white men giving them the thumb's up. they are putting another finger up. and biden's approval rating among hispanics is even worse. down in the gutter at 26%. fell from 455% from last year. the president's latest job approval?
4:46 pm
38%. and we still have a long time before november. but if this week was any indication, democrats are in for a disaster. so we will just see how bad it's going to be. joining me now karl rove, former white house chief of staff and fox news contributedder. all right, karl, what have you gleaned from these primaries? >> well, i have gleaned what you have already gleaned. i'm just extraneous here supporting your argument. the republican enthusiasm is real. take a look at pennsylvania. four years ago, 737,000 people voted in the republican primary. this year a million 338. 776,000 people voted for years ago in the democratic primary. outnumbered the republicans this year 885 # thousand. 79% increase in the republican vote. 61% in the democrat and the republican outnumber them. worse in north carolina. north carolina 294,000 republican, this year 759.
4:47 pm
that's 158% increase. democrats went from 432 to 613. so, again, the republicans outnumber the democrats in north carolina as well as in pennsylvania. and exact reversal of four years ago and this -- >> jesse: karl rove the republican operative. you are happy with what you have seen so far in the republican primary. you are happy. >> i'm happy with the idea that republican turnout is larger than democratic turnout. not necessarily happy with all the outcomes because quality of candidates and quality of message matters in the general election. are you nominating people who cannot only unify the republican party but also win independents and some democrats. in order to win. >> jesse: are republicans nominating crazy people that are going to get knocked off in the general or are they nominating people that can just ride that red wave no matter how crazy or moderate they are and win anyway? >> well, it's a mix. and we really won't know until the general election. even if you have been, you know,
4:48 pm
run a campaign in the primary that indicates that you might not be able to do it in the general election, you have got time to change. and that's frankly one of the cases that we're going to have in the pennsylvania governor's race. the state senator mastriano won by emphasizing pennsylvania the election was stolen and donald trump is president and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure it's not stolen again. the question by november is he going to be talking about the economy and jobs and education and crime and taxes and things that people are going to care about or is he going to stay stuck on a message that may have won him the primary but is not going to win him -- >> jesse: your prediction is it going to be oz or mccormick in the recount? >> it's going to be oz or mccormick, yes, i think you are absolutely right. it's going to be interesting to watch. down to 1123 votes as of this moment. it was twice that yesterday for oz. it's -- i would hate to be inside either campaign right now because both camps have got to be nervous as all get out. >> jesse: i'm not nervous.
4:49 pm
thank god. >> of course, you are not oz or mccormick. >> jesse: no interest in that rather be on tv. thank you so much, karl rove, the architect. >> you bet. >> jesse: if the children are our future, does our future look bright? >> how specifically do you contribute to society? >> um. ♪ ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: earlier i mentioned we would have a report about jill biden beeping with kamala, we do not get to it so we'll have it for you tomorrow. in the meantime, lots of kids just graduated from college and it is time for them to start contributing. so what are they doing? well, we sent johnny to washington square park to find out. ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
>> what did you go to school for? >> hair. >> i don't wear a toupee. it is my hair. >> cosmetology. >> acting. >> are you acting right now? >> i wish. >> congratulations, you are an actor. >> what do you do for a living? >> i am a potions master. >> can you cast a spell for me? >> well, not on camera. >> you don't want to be the next -- >> probably not. we saw his emails. >> hillary seems very personable and those emails. >> you saw them? they are all deleted. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> what do you do for a living? >> not much. just drawing and painting. >> what do you draw?
4:56 pm
>> right now i am like in the class where i am trying live models. >> live models? what are they wearing? >> they are nude. >> i want you to draw me like one of your french girls. >> i'm a mixologist. >> you want to be speaker of the house? >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing at that time is every day. >> why are you at work right now? >> i'm tired. >> it is my birthday. >> who takes off on their birthday? >> do your parents foot the bill for anything you do? >> i live at home. >> metrocard stuff and transportation. >> the last $20 of my rent. >> $20? all right. >> how specifically do you contribute to society? >> society... >> um, i was going to say
4:57 pm
something but it left my head, it is gone, yeah. >> the train left the station? >> yeah, the train left the station. >> and make people feel pretty. ♪♪ i feel pretty, oh so pretty ♪♪ speak i take care of dogs. >> i want to be a therapist. >> ♪ ♪ >> 20 years from now, where do you see yourself? >> owning a brand and having a story. >> you want to be the next kim kardashian? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> oh, my god, i'm going to cry. >> i want to be famous. >> hopefully married. >> i would be able to make a living on stage. >> what is your goal in life? >> follow whatever path makes me feel fulfilled. >> like follow the yellow brick road? >> exactly. >> do whatever i want.
4:58 pm
>> as many people as i can. ♪ ♪ >> connect with trees and stones that i love. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> who did you vote for him in 2020 election? >> biden. >> joe biden. >> biden. >> when it came down to the last two, i voted for hillary. >> in 2020? >> what difference at this point doesn't make? >> i voted for trump both times. >> i love you, too. ♪ ♪ >> what do you want to tell jesse watters? >> hi. >> hi, jesse. >> hi. wow, i am on tv. [laughs] >> jesse: oh, boy. so summer is coming up and i want to share something with you guys, it is very important. sunscreen has become an integral part of my routine. i was told i am supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day.
4:59 pm
now i went my whole life without wearing sunscreen et cetera i went to the beach or when it was over 80, and i should probably not have done that, so i want everybody younger or even older, it is never too late, in the summer before you go out in the morning, just put sunscreen on your face, you do not have to slather it all over your body, relax, just on your face. that is with the aestheticians told me and now i am telling you. time for some texts. bud from amity pennsylvania, why does it take so long to count votes in pennsylvania when "american idol," the voice, and america's got talent can count the votes of our country in an hour? is a very good point. election night would be much more fun if they could do it that fast. sean from minnesota, jesse, you are a step ahead of the president on the defense production act, or maybe he just took good advice. obviously, joe biden watches "jesse watters primetime," could not be more clear. nancy from california, like patty said yesterday, i also
5:00 pm
love the closing of your show but i like it a lot better when you use your left arm when saying i'm watters. all right, i will throw a lefty in there. that is all for tonight. tucker carlson is up next. and always remember one thing. should i do it lefty? all right, i'm watters -- [laughs] it doesn't feel right. and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. we want to open this evening with a story you may not have heard but you should definitely know about. it begins early last year when joe biden, as one of his very first act as president, brought the united states back into the world health organization. we saw this and thought, why would biden be so anxious to do something like that? at the time we assumed it was just part of his larger deorange-if


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