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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 19, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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but i like it a lot better when you use your left arm when saying i'm watters. all right, i will throw a lefty in there. that is all for tonight. tucker carlson is up next. and always remember one thing. should i do it lefty? all right, i'm watters -- [laughs] it doesn't feel right. and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. we want to open this evening with a story you may not have heard but you should definitely know about. it begins early last year when joe biden, as one of his very first act as president, brought the united states back into the world health organization. we saw this and thought, why would biden be so anxious to do something like that? at the time we assumed it was just part of his larger deorange-if vacation effort,
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trump had pulled the u.s. out of, so biden how do the opposite, seems childish. it seemed weird because there are not many international bodies more discredited than the world health organization, particularly after covid. it is a laughingstock. if there's one thing is not good at it is public health. since the very first cases of coronavirus in wuhan, the w.h.o. slavishly ran for the chinese government. first the w.h.o. claimed there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the virus. remember this? they cited chinese officials who were obviously lying and we are no they were lying. when it became clear it up virus probably came out of a chinese government lab, w.h.o. sabotaged the investigation into the origin of the virus by appointing a gain-of-function researcher to lead the team. shocking. wh has not acknowledged it did any of that, though it obviously
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dead. they have continued to praise china's response to covid as "transparent," which is the one thing it is not. it is almost amusing. again, it is weird if you think about it, why would joe biden want to join a group that every informed person laughs at? more than a year later, we think we know the answer. the biden administration is very close to handing the world health organization power over every aspect, the intimate aspects of your life. so imagine the civil liberties abuses you live through during the covid lockdowns, but permanent. administers from a foreign country. here's what we're looking at. this january, the biden administration submitted international health regulation, ihr. the amendments along with those from several other countries will be combined to create a new global pandemic treaty. we need a pandemic treaty. that treaty is set to be adopted
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starting this weekend in geneva at the world health assembly. the full text of the tree is not yet finished but i w.h.o. working group has summarized what it is going to look like. the document begins by promising to restrict the w.h.o.'s authority just to pandemics, calm down, just pandemics. "w.h.o. secretaries play the leading, coordinating role in aspects of emergency response to a pandemic." so don't get paranoid. someone just correlates the pandemic response globally, settle down, conspiracy not. but here's the catch, the world health organization gets to define what a pandemic is. when a pandemic is in progress, and how long a pandemic last. then you read the fine print and you realize the w.h.o. will have total authority over emergency operations in the united states if there is ever a "public health emergency." huh? what qualifies exactly as a public health emergency?
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well, they don't define that. but they get to. they get to decide what a public health emergency is and then they have total authority. you can see where this is going. the biden administration has made certain that unelected bureaucrats in the w.h.o. have total authority to declare and define public health emergencies. they did it explicitly. the white house eliminated a provision that would have required the world health organization to "consult with an attempt to obtain verification from the state party in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring in." so, as originally -- and the whole of society approach to pandemic preparedness. think about that.
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every society is always preparing for a pandemic. and that means there will not be a moment ever when the w.h.o. doesn't have operational control over so-called public health matters in this country. now what is that going to mean, exactly? and we were to guess, it is not really about public health. it never is. but before we tell you exactly what it is going to mean you should know that none of this is going to be optional. thanks to an amendment from the biden administration the treaty has a provision for a compliance committee. there is always the stick. it provides that every member country and w.h.o. must "inform w.h.o. about the establishment of its national confident authority responsible for overall implementation of the ihr that will be recognized and held accountable." under this treaty, w.h.o. members must enforce orders from the w.h.o., act as the heavies w.h.o., and if they don't, they will be sanctioned. the white house is going to be the muscle for the director of the world health organization.
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so who is the director of the world health organization? well, that would be a former member of epo ethiopia's marxist-leninist party, he once led the ministry of health ethiopia, not a position. as the head of the ministry of health and epo yeah, for political reasons, he covered up three cholera outbreaks, the opposite of what he is supposed to do. wrote off color a cute diarrhea. those outbreaks are taking place among disfavored groups. then tedros tried to up -- as an international goodwill ambassador for public health. at the time, zimbabwe was the poorest, most mismanaged, most racist country in the world. and yet tedros thought he should be a goodwill ambassador for
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public health. these are some of the reasons to reasons tedros needless to say is a close friend of tony fauci's. >> so, tedros is really an outstanding person. i've known him from the time he was the minister of health and ethiopia. obviously, over the years, anyone who says the w.h.o. has not had problems has not been watching the w.h.o., but i think under his leadership, they have done very well. >> tucker: they have done very well, he has an outstanding person, that friend, and because he has such an outstanding person, we are days away from giving him operational control over our public health system, the one you pay for and thought you controlled in this democracy. so what would this operational control mean? lets beep specific. right off the bat, the treaty demands "national and global coordinated actions to address the misinformation, disinformation, and stigmatization that undermines public health." oh! here we go.
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right to censorship. people are criticizing us, and for public health reasons, that can't be allowed. if you criticize us, people will die. so you saw yesterday the biden administration, in the face of universal laughter and derision, had to fire the head of its new ministry of truth, but they found another way to do it. "w.h.o. secretariat to build capacity to deploy proactive countermeasures against misinformation and social media attacks." oh, are you following this? so, they are going to get to censor anybody who doesn't agree with what they do as they control the intimate details of your life. and they will control those details. under this treaty, the world health organization will get to establish vaccine passports and regulate travel. world health organization will "develop standards for producing
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a digital version of the international certificate of vaccination and prophylactics." okay. so you may think, well, it is just about covid and i went along with mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports at the time, how bad could it be? [laughs] first of all, if you went along with that, you should be repenting right now. but it is not just about covid because the w.h.o. will be in charge of "the digitalization of all health forms." the world health organization will also "share real-time information about travel measures." so you are going to find out exactly when you are allowed to get on a bus or train or airplane, or how about your bicycle, will they regulate that too? may be. now the world health organization has sought this authority for years. of course. who doesn't want more power? here tedros back in april of 2020. >> people in countries with stay-at-home orders are understandably frustrated with being confined to their homes for weeks on end.
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but the world will note and cannot go back to the way things were. there must be a new normal. a world that is healthier, safer, and better prepared. >> tucker: okay, so there is a guy with a long and documented history of subverting public health, who is clearly a liar, who is acting as an agent for the chinese government, and you have to ask yourself, did i vote for that guy? is he one of my elected representatives in this democracy? how did he get power over where i can travel and when? good question. and it is not just lockdowns that that man tedros would be able to dictate, the world health organization would also assume total control over vaccine manufacturing and distribution. we are not making this up, by the way. according to documents the w.h.o. would create "a truly global end-to-end platform for vaccines, diagnostics,
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therapeutics, and essential supplies, shifting from a model where innovation is left to the market, to a model aimed at delivering global public goods." we are not making it up. that is a verbatim quote, it actually says that. no more innovation? centralized control. according to the treaty, those vaccines and essential medicines, it gets better on every page, will be distributed not on the basis of need, but on the basis of equity. equity, "critically important for global health, both as a principal and as an outcome." that is with the treaty declares. therefore, the world health organization will ensure "equitable and effective access to vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and essential supplies and for clinical trials" bureau that means, again quoting, "health care workers the most vulnerable will have priority access." not the sickest, not the people who need the medicine most, but the most vulnerable.
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in a larger sense. in other words, favored groups get medicine first. there is no graver violation of medical ethics than this. every physician practicing in the united states promises not to do what you just heard. and it would become mandatory on this treaty. by the way, the language you just heard, that is exactly the justifications officials in several states throughout when they were caught passing out vaccines based on race. this is a paragraph. it is dangerous. it is, by the way, a reward to the very people who screwed up two years of covid response, oh, let's give them more power. this is lunacy. and people that know it is happening are upset. 125,000 people in the u.k. have just called for a referendum on this treaty, they signed a petition. and democracy, that would matter, you get to petition your government but the british government does not care what they think and neither does the
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biden white house. in this country there has been very little pushback because most people do not have any clue this is happening, we didn't until a bunch of people bothered us about it. you should look into it. we were shocked. we didn't know because our media isn't covering this. not on the front page. why is that? [laughs] you have to ask yourself. there is at least one planned legal challenge to this and it comes from stephen miller's group come america first legal. here is what is at stake, not just your health, but the way that you live in your relationship to the government. representative government requires your consent. you alone have the right to choose your representatives, your style of government, the laws under which you live, that is called democracy. and this eliminates it. dr. scott atlas has been following this for a long time, he is a former member of the white house coronavirus tax force, joins us to assess. thanks so much for coming on.
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i feel a little embarrassed we have not been on this earlier, this has received virtually no attention, it seems like a huge deal, you actually read the draft of this, it is enormous power flowing out of our country to an unaccountable international body. >> yes, it is, this is the essence of it, first as you said, the world health organization, as well as other organizations like the world economic forum are trying to set rules that countries must obey. tedros himself said it, they are obligatory, and this is not the role of any organization, frankly, these are organizations, including national organizations like the supposed to be advisory. they are not supposed to set rules and laws. that is the opposite of what you have in a free society if we live in one. secondly, the world health organization has been an egregious failure. you outlined some of them, but since the beginning of the pandemic when they were grossly
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wrong by orders of magnitude about the basic data on infection fatality rates. they politicized and were completely -- doing the one thing they should have done which is getting transparent information from china at the beginning when it counted. asymptomatic spread being not that's that important. about masks, et cetera, they attempted to redefine basic biology by changing website definition of herd immunity to get rid of the immunity from recovery from infection and somehow make it seem like it was only from a vaccine that was purely agenda driven pseudoscience, what they would call misinformation. they totally squandered their trust. they do not at all deserve any further empowerment, and what you said is also true about what they have done during the pandemic. the centralized power organizations, including our own government, were reckless. they were unethical in doing the
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lockdown, that -- what they did is impose a policy that actually was more harmful to the very vulnerable people they purport to care about. low income groups, they were harmed, but the affluent were spared by their policies. and they did all of this by usurping all the known laws and constitutional rights and freedoms that people in free societies have. we need to restore, with more public oversight and more decentralization of power, the advisory role. we cannot have these kinds of increase in power organizations grabbing power over free citizens. we need the agencies just for information, but it's got to be transparent. we have to have oversight, and absolutely zero obligatory authority over any individuals or any nation. >> tucker: yeah, because we did not vote for them. liz cheney for this, or she is a
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great democracy defender. dr. scott atlas from a man who has seen a lot in the last few years so i appreciate you coming on. means a lot. >> thank you. >> tucker: speaking of our surrender of sovereignty, the big branded sector in west texas is one of the most dangerous. fox news' bill melugin has been there, embedded with a tractor, the texas deferment of public safety, joins us to tell us what he saw. hey, bill. >> hey, talker. that's right, we've been covering the border for the better part of a year but one area we have never been to and we went to it, the big bend sector and we want to show your viewers what we experience, take a look at this video, this is the big bend sector in west texas. it is some of the most unforgiving, inhospitable terrain you will find on the southern border. steep, rugged, as remote as it
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gets, looks like a martian landscape in some areas, blistering hot, believe it or not, yes, illegal immigrants cross through here because they do not want to be caught. take a look at this second piece of video, we embedded with a tractor, he analyzes footprints on the ground and other signs left behind by illegal immigrants, and it is remarkable, watching him work. the smallest little, you know, footprint or design on a shoe, he is able to look at in the sand and follow it for miles, hours, days. as we were with him, we eventually got on the trail of some drug smugglers, drug mules, and he was able to follow the trail for hours. a brushy area, the trail gets hot, he starts running through the area and i want to show you what we started finding. take a look at this third piece of video. we started coming across numerous bundles of drugs ditched in the brushy area, what that meant is those smugglers were nearby and they were ditching their dope because they
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knew border patrol and texas dps was on top of that so we started finding five bundles of those drugs in that brushy terrain. moments later, we ended up finding -- take a look at what the tracker had to say about how often the sort of thing -- >> two weeks ago, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, for sure every week. >> and texas dps told me this afternoon, they got four more bundles of drugs in the big bend sector and they told me they frequently find illegal immigrants wearing these. carpet on the bottom of them, that is designed to mask their footprints in the sand. they know texas dps and border patrol are trying to track their footprints, so this essentially masks it, does not leave anything behind and it just goes to show how far some of these illegal immigrants are willing
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to go to evade apprehension. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: bill melugin, i don't know if we would know half of what we know now if it were not for your reporting, so thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, you have seen a theme and it has been accelerating in recent months, suddenly people who disagree with joe biden are not simply wrong or misguided or even bad people. no, they are domestic terrorists. biden has been saying that, the people around him, ron klain, chief of staff who actually run thing on the state's government has been pushing this, and now the house of representatives that just passed a bill that gives the government sweeping new powers to monitor, harass, and in prison these domestic terrorists. people who disagree with joe biden. we have details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so the last time a party in congress officially designated the other party a terrorist organization, we were in the middle of a civil war. so that hasn't happened in over 150 years. typically the parties argue about things, sometimes they get mad and call each other names, sometimes they get really mad and call each other really bad names, but one thing they don't do is use law enforcement to
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crush, harass, arrest voters on the other side. that is not democracy, that is tyranny. but we just moved one step closer to tierney. in fact we may already be there thanks to what the houses calling and an anti-domestic terrorism bill, because murder was not illegal already, they just passed the house and instructs the fbi to "analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity." how are we defining that? of course we are not defining that, it instructs the fbi in other words, the largest law enforcement organization in the united states, to monitor joe biden's critics. it dramatically expands the definition of domestic terror to include hate crimes, whatever those are. it also mandates that the fbi and the doj conduct assessments and determine whether white supremacist have "infiltrated federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies." what is a white supremacist? they don't to find that, either. so if you're going to pass a law
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that empowers people with guns to make arrests, you probably should define your terms, otherwise it will be abused. unless the law was designed to be abused. and this one was. so under this law, these law enforcement agencies must issue biannual domestic terrorism reports to congress, with a focus on the threat "posed by white supremacist and neo-nazis," because it turns out the only form of race discrimination in the country comes from one group, and they don't vote for democrats, that is the whole point, that is why the bill does not mention blm or antifa. it is not define white supremacy. and that is very odd, because white supremacy is the only thing lawmakers talked about as they voted on this bill. >> recent white supremacist attacks have reminded minority communities across the country of a dark history we have not yet escaped. >> we have witnessed far too many other acts of domestic
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terrorism. >> we are at an important crossroads in this country. with white supremacy on the rise and violent extremists feeling each other's bigotry and hate, we are seeing alarming increase and domestic terrorism fueled by this hatred. >> tucker: now, keep in mind, when you hear people like that, and those are some of the worst people in our society but still they are elected members of congress, when you hear them attack white supremacists and white supremacy, you should know that their definition of those terms is probably different from yours. so if you were to quote martin luther king jr., whose monument stands on the mall, and say that the u.s. government ought to treat people based on who they are and what they do and not how they look and how they were born, assess people on the content of their character, not the color of your skin, you are by definition according to the people you just saw a white supremacist. this is scary. congressman cori bush of missouri spelled out the purpose of the bill which is of course
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entirely political. "the republican party has become the party of unfettered white supremacist violence." so there was only one republican who voted for this bill, and that is a man who has become completely undone and whose total destruction as a man really does deserve your pity, and that is adam kinzinger. here is what he said he voted for it. >> people like marjorie taylor greene, you know, people like matt gaetz, mo brooks, the folks you think about, they are almost leading -- i would argue that they are leading the republican caucus, and so kevin mccarthy, elise stefanik, instead of leaving, as their title, leadership, which suggest they do, they are basically tolerating this all in the name of hopefully i become speaker someday. you can't fund raise, you can't live on fear because eventually you are going to create fearful people and fearful people can do really bad things that i think that is what we saw in buffalo. >> tucker: so they are
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continuing to tell you, in the face of all available evidence, that the mass murder you saw over the weekend in buffalo was inspired by hateful right-wing rhetoric when in fact that mass murder was committed by someone with diagnosed mental illness that the adults around him apparently ignored. okay, so a shooting by a crazy person that has been hijacked by partisan forces to crush political dissent, to attack civil liberties in this country. you should care about that. he does, a political science professor and host a podcast joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. what do you make of this legislation? >> well, it's insane, and when we look at the evidence of the last year since we last spoke, you have the department of justice that actually issues a memo targeting parents under the patriot act as potential
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terrorists, treating a specialized domestic terror union, secretary mayorkas creating a disinformation governance board, that has been suspended for 75 days, it will be rebranded as something else, i guarantee that, and then you will have president biden himself labeling nearly half of america as extremist, and it is no coincidence -- appears 27 times. what makes it interesting, if you go to the senate version of the bill, there is actually a provision regarding covid-19 hate crimes, and it specifically states that racially discriminatory language regarding covid-19 pandemic, meaning if i say it is from the wuhan laboratory, then i could potentially be labeled as a domestic terrorist. and this is the problem. when you look at these bills and you have the cross reference them with previous statutes, we already have over 50 statutes regarding terrorism. we have dozens of statutes
5:32 pm
regarding hate crimes and organized crime. there are enough laws on the books today to cover this, yet they want to expand the power and authority of the government, and this is going to be used to target political opposition, it is going to be a pretext, and people should be saying hey, wait a minute, we will promise under the patriot act that you won't monitor and surveil americans, how well did that work for us? so maybe we should slow the brakes on this and we are the republican leaders speaking out and pushing back on this? because this was all the year in the making. these other capabilities being enhanced under the national strategy. >> tucker: the whole thing is a lie. it's really simple, what percentage of racially motivated crimes and violence in this country are committed by so-called white supremacist, honest question. honestly, what percentage, is it the majority? don't think it is. so this whole thing -- >> they will never release that information. >> tucker: no, they won't, and i appreciate -- >> the biggest problem is if this program --
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>> tucker: sorry, i think we just got cut off. professor, thank you -- >> goes into effect, it is never going to be undone. >> tucker: that is for sure, it won't. i appreciate you coming on. thank you. so the senate just passed a billion-dollar aid package to ukraine, and it is heading to the president's desk. chip roy is one of the few members of congress who opposed from the very beginning. he joins us next to tell us why. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so the senate has just passed the $40 billion ukraine aid bill. joe biden expects to gleefully sign a very soon. 11 republican senators voted against it in the house, 57 republicans posted the bill, one of those was texas congressman chip roy, here's why. >> what i hear the majority
5:39 pm
leader of the other party say, quote come a time of war, when i sat with the majority leader in a rules committee meeting upstairs and he said, we are at war, and i'm wondering when we voted to go to war. if we are going to have a proxy war and give $40 billion to ukraine because we want to look all fancy with our blue and yellow ribbons and feel good about ourselves, maybe we should actually have a debate in this chamber, a debate in this body because the american people expect us to do that. >> tucker: so that is the majority view in the country. that is what most people think. it is not at all what the leaders of those parties think, and they are actively united in this. ukraine's borders are not just more important than our borders, but they are so much more important that they are spending 10x protecting ukraine then this country from fentanyl because that is what they care about. chip roy is the man you just saw, from texas, he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks so much for joining us tonight. so you were one of relatively
5:40 pm
few to say this. i think you are probably speaking for the majority of your constituents, are you not? >> no question, tucker, i've got nothing but positive feedback from all the people i represent in texas who are sick and tired of business as usual in washington. you pose the question to senators, look, i had five hours to make a decision about that bill. i didn't think it was that hard. you posed the question to senators can ask them to come on your show to defend the vote, did any of them take you up on it? >> tucker: not one. >> of course not, because it is indefensible to fund $40 billion unpaid for at a time rampant inflation in our country. in effect, you're basically pouring $5 gasoline on the runaway fire of inflation for the men and women you are working hard throughout this country. senators are now hiding behind, oh, $40 billion is not that much money, tucker, $40 billion is not that much money. you know what they're saying? take a leap of faith and put our faith in the brass at the pentagon, the same brass that walked out of afghanistan leaving $85 billion of equipment
5:41 pm
behind, walked away from bagrame that told us it would fall in a week. $40 billion unpaid for bill while the american people are suffering with rampant inflation. my colleagues in the house are coming up to me and saying, oh, chip, you guys in the freedom caucus are daring to forge votes, we missed eight fund-raisers this week, fund-raisers. oh, i'm sorry, did we interfere with your steak dinner rather than work for the american people? >> tucker: there being many belated by the intel agencies. that you have not seen the intel! people are idiots, they believe what they read. it is really scary. i appreciate your bravery. congressman chip roy, the state of texas. thank you. >> things were having on, dr. carlson. >> tucker: so, over a million kids who were in public school last year are no longer in public school. they are not going back because
5:42 pm
their parents woke up to the effect this is completely crazy, and it is. one school outside philadelphia, teachers were encouraged to attend a sex conference on, bondage, and trans "tucker carlson originals." we know this because chris rufo got the information. we share a next.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales.
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because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so we thought we would check into night after talking about washington, d.c., with the other washington, the other side of the country, washington state. how are things going in washington state tonight? well, gas stations reprogramming the price boards to expect double digits because they expect gasoline to $10 a gallon. not suspending the gas tax for a single second because you must be punished. jason rantz is our man in the pacific northwest and he joins us tonight on this story. hey, jason. >> hey, yakima, washington, could be in store for unfortunately for $10 a gallon gas but that could be the least are problems. some gas stations in the
5:48 pm
tri-cities area in eastern washington that are running out of it completely. some of them posting signs that all they have left is diesel, sometimes unleaded, but while the supply is eventually replenished, the demand is as high as the price is and it is putting a strain on people like kenneth, who was diagnosed with leukemia and travels in his home in eastern washington to seattle three times a month for medical care, and unfortunately, those trips are costing him and his wife around $120 each time, so you put that on top of the high prices for everything else and it is a struggle. governor jay inslee is refusing to help. seattle right now is inching closer to $6 a gallon for gas. one gas station, as you just mentioned, there reportedly reprogramming the gas pump display to get up to $10 a gallon forward to get that bad yet the governor, arguably the nation's most economically illiterate one, refuses to pause a $0.49 gallon gas tax. he said this yesterday. >> if we simply eliminate the gas tax, here's what happens.
5:49 pm
the oil companies just increase their price up to the same pain point. and what would happen is those $0.16 or whatever you did, instead of going to the coffers where you build roads, just go to the oil companies and their profits. >> yeah, unfortunately, that is not how it works, and he could be moving in the right direction. he is choosing not to. >> tucker: amazing. jason rantz for us tonight, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: so people are finally pulling their kids out of schools and educating themselves because schools have really gone that far, and we know how far they have gone because of the reporting of chris rufo, in a lot of cases. he is reporting that the school district in philadelphia, the city schools, invited teachers to attend training sessions on the following topics: kink, bdsm, trans sex and "beyond binary." for some reason, it included a sexual role playing, as well,
5:50 pm
and it is on tape. watch. >> i think for tonight i am really wanting to feel cared for, but also get punished a little bit. so, i -- so i want, like, a lot of praise, and i am feeling, like, your good boy, so this is how the game is going to work, you we are going to drop into the chat different words that we like to hear for bodies that are not gendered, so we have bits, we have innie and outie, frontal, junk, package. we have more. let's keep going. equipment, back hole, sweet spot. we have hundreds of words that we can use to talk about our bodies that make us feel really
5:51 pm
connected and don't add to our dysphoria, that don't make us feel like, triggered or out of our bodies. >> tucker: these people are mentally ill, obviously. at the training, a trans activist called chase roth -- what you are about to see was directed to minors. we have blurred the images of the prostatic. watch. >> this is what it looks like and it is pretty small. i actually really like this prosthetic because it does leave a nice, small bulge, if you're a smaller person or if you are a a -- you want a prosthetic list small, this is the way to go. >> tucker: we know this exists because of chris rufo, who is really hated for it, by the way, but admired by us, he is a journalist and a filmmaker. chris, thanks so much for coming on. people are just giving up on the
5:52 pm
schools. what exactly was that that we watched? >> sure, this is the philadelphia trans wellness conference, and the administrators from the office of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the philadelphia public schools and parted all the teachers in the district to attend, they promoted it, helped with courting assistance, and this conference was really shocking. they were encouraging minors who attended the congress to start with puberty blockers, one one doctor who attended said he has performed 2,000 top surgeries in which he removed the breasts of healthy young women, charging $10,000 a pop so he has earned up to $20 million in revenues by doing this surgery. then you have, kind of, sex toys, artificial ejaculation devices, strange for any adult but shocking and frankly disgusting to be directing this toward minors with the encouragement of taxpayer dollars and the public schools.
5:53 pm
>> tucker: i mean, just a few years ago, feminists were against female mutilation and now of course they're totally on board with it. so the school district is paying for this, tax dollars meant to educate your kids are going instead to lectures about prosthetic genitalia. >> the school district did not pay for this, this is actually run by an outside nonprofit, which is actually contracted with the district for other services. to actually help with sex education for minors, k-12 students in the philadelphia public schools, the same people who ran this conference, and i actually dug into the financials for this organization. last year alone, this organization that was running this conference received more than $5 million in government contracts. taxpayers across the state of pennsylvania are likely are subsidizing this kind of content that is then being used for continuing education credits for health care professionals, teachers. what do you see is the kind of trans ideology movement has
5:54 pm
attached itself to taxpayer funding, attached itself to public institutions, and they are directly targeting your kids. >> tucker: very quick, and thank you for all of this, chris, we had an election in pennsylvania two days ago committed any candidates on either side mention this this at all? >> they did not, but they should because this is absolutely a public policy issue. this is an issue facing kids unfortunately unless it stops, you are going to have this kind of horrific ideology entering public schools, going down to those very early grades, including kindergarten. >> tucker: where are all the men, you know, to stop -- somebody's needs to say no. i appreciate all the work, chris rufo, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: not even a year and a half into the biden administration. we have inflations and crime and suicide spikes. drug epidemic.
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stock market crashes. what next? war? how about monkeypox. tomorrow night we will tell you what monkeypox is. dr. siegel has new information on how to protect yourself. the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. we will see you soon. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. pennsylvania senate republican primary is too close to call. tonight it is looking like dave mccormic's campaign is running out of votes left to count. as of 5:30 there were only 8,700 republican ballots to be counted. it will not likely beno


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