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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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what next? war? how about monkeypox. tomorrow night we will tell you what monkeypox is. dr. siegel has new information on how to protect yourself. the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. we will see you soon. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. pennsylvania senate republican primary is too close to call. tonight it is looking like dave mccormic's campaign is running out of votes left to count. as of 5:30 there were only 8,700 republican ballots to be counted. it will not likely be enough to
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catch dr. oz. there will be a recount. more on the monologue. first matt, with pinpoint accuracy you told us we would be in this position tonight. where will we be tomorrow and monday? >> well, last night there was talk about 25,000 republican ballots out there. i didn't believe that. there are 8700 mail in ballots and that's lower. they are slower in getting those numbers upon i -- you have the same day ballots. don't have many out. i said to the viewers the majority of the precincts are democrats. you don't have many votes left
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to count. mccormic will do well but dr. oz did well in philadelphia county. dr. oz may drop a little more. in the end as long as you are up by 50, i have never seen a recount change an election. >> sean: i looked at all of the numbers and every single county and the percentage of the vote. i added even 5 to 7% extra to what percentage they had in the outstanding counties.
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even did that. you might get down to that number you mentioned. i see that as a basement. so i don't see it. i am sure they will fight until the very end. i don't blame them, but i don't think there is enough runway for this plane to land. >> no. the first night we talked about this. most campaigns you hear there are all of these ballots outstanding and it starts to disappear. once it does that, it goes quickly. i expect tomorrow the issue won't be settled because you go to the recount but we will know the numbers. >> sean: going forward we will continue it to monitor all of the results out of pennsylvania and across the country. in less than 6 months you the american people have the opportunity to let your voices be heard. i hope it's loud and clear.
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we have to right the ship which is our country. the past 18 months under joe biden it has been one failure after another. they poll tested ultra-maga. we have an ultra-failure as a president. look at the "new york post" calling it joe's train wreck. that's today's cover of the "new york post." it listed the crisis from this week alone . 10 days in a row with gas prices setting one new record after another. the border crisis gets worse. the ministry of truth collapsed. the market dropped. we are short of baby formula but the biden administration published a chart. advice to parents across the
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u.s. . contact your doctor and see if you can get free samples of baby formula. if you are unable to locate baby formula that's joe biden's solution to the shortage crisis? ask the doctor for samples in the office. there are reports, joe, that some children were hospitalized because of the shortage. donald trump taught you what to do. it's operation warp speed. warp speed the production of baby formula so families don't have to have a shortage like they have. this is really scary. i have more bad news. it's about to get worse. look at this. jp morgan predict gas prices will surpass $6 nationwide, not california. washington state is preparing for $10 a gallon gasoline. this does not just impact every
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day travel. it impacts our supply chain which is already struggling and deliveries and manufacturing. joe biden could stop this gas hike easily and lower prices and lower inflation. the oil and gas industry is a future's market. if traders believe the future supply of oil and gas that joe biden artificially reduced the supply, if they believe it will increase the pride of crude oil will go down almost immediately. biden could restart the keystone pipeline.
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we would import canadian oil into the country every day. he could end the restrictions on new drills and off-shore exploration and fracking. he won't do any of that. he is more afraid of the religious cult that is his party. he cares more about them than we the american people. where are all the people outraged over donald trump's tweets. don't you care if you pay $1 million per gallon of gasoline or $6 or $7? you care that 66% of americans are living to paycheck to paycheck. do you care this is destroying the poor and the middle-classed and fixed income americans. as long as the socialist climate psychos in the green new deal joe biden party are happy and
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content. that's all that matters. listen to biden's secretary of the interior. they are saying it. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> senator, i completely understand the crunch that so many americans are under right now. i think that americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic. there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of us. >> you are unwilling to say that gas prices are too high? what has your department done to it lessen this terrible pain that americans are suffering under high gas prices. >> we are doing all we can, senator. >> sean: no they are not. you can't even answer a simple question. are gas prices too high? the answer is yes.
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the solution is go back to donald trump's energy independence policies and make america a net exporter of energy. this radical administration will do nothing to increase domestic terrorists production of oil and gas. instead get ready. jimmy carter style gas rationing could be a reality. you might be rationed in terms of how much gas you can buy. this is under consideration by the biden administration. is this what building a better america looks like? gas rationing and more poverty. no law and order. record high murder rates across the country and no baby formula. if joe had any honor, he would
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apologize, resign or going bato the policies that were working. joe biden doesn't have it in him. he is not bill clinton. he will never say the era of big government is over and the end of welfare as we know it. he is a sleazy corrupt washington insider. he lied his way through life. joe biden promised you inflation was transitory. that was a lie. he promised to bring down gas prices. that was a lie. promised not to raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000 a year. that's a lie. in october promised to fix the supply chain crisis in 90 days. that was a lie. he promised to shut down the virus. it's breaking down again. the latest wave hitting the entire country. we hit a million covid deaths
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most of which happened during his administration and promised not to make vaccine mandatory. they are mandatory. he's never been to the southern border and promised to get the opioid crisis under control. it's never been worse. he abandoned people in afghanistan. he hasn't stopped vilifying half of america. ultra-maga is the new mantra. he promised to always tell the truth. that's a lie. cheating his way from law school, joe biden almost never tells the truth. with his cognitive decline biden's lies are more obvious than ever. you the american people are terrified about the state of this country.
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i am concerned about the state of this country. i have never been this concerned about america's economic health and foreign policy disasters than i am right now. look at the cnn poll. fake news may have gotten this right. 86% of americans are scared about how things are going in the country. you should be scared. these are dangerous times. according to quinnipiac their poll shows 26% of hispanic-americans proof of joe's job in office. that's down from 55% last year. his approval rating is only 32%. senator lindsey graham, i never thought you could destroy the best economy in the world and abandon americans in afghanistan and the war would break out in europe and not immediately see
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the urgency to ukraine win the war fast. they would have had, had we provided the equipment early. now we are out of baby formula. his answer it talk to your doctor and ask if they have samples in the office. really? >> well, really. biden's policies are dumb and dangerous and not working. at the border and to stop producing american oil and gas to go from energy independence to dependency. how do you fix it? biden will never change until somebody makes him. the only reason he got more involved in ukraine is because you and i said every night you are letting putin win. i think the republican party owes it to the american people not to just describe the problem but to it fix it. let's come up with the border
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security plan like president trump and an energy independence plan and put it on the table to give american people hope. >> sean: he with a plan. stay in mexico and build the wall. vet people coming into the country. we opened up energy exploration everywhere. we game energy independent. stop giving waivers to your buddy vladimir putin and don't abandon americans behind enemy nines. >> what trump did on energy independence worked. -- lines. the point i am trying to make we are about to go into an election 6 months from now. every night i listen to your show and get depressed about the state of america. i want to hear on your show how
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we fix this. we know what works. put it in writing. i am begging the leadership of the republican party led by donald trump to come out with solutions to a broken border and regain control of the supply chain and make the world a safer place. >> sean: i want the same thing. this is an all hands on deck moment. the race in november, for republicans to not take back the senate and not to take over the house allows this radical agenda to continue. we can stop it right in its tracks. in 2024 begin the process of undoing the damage he's done. it's that critical to the country and our future in my opinion. thank you. now we turn to the latest of the sussman trial. nobody else will tell you.
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we were right. we spent 3 years on this. according to james baker there was zero connection between trump and the shady russian bank as gameday by many on the left and in the media. it was a conspiracy theory mushed by the clinton campaign. baker would not have met with suzman if he knew he was working for the clinton campaign. let's talk about the courtroom and what happened today. and the issue of the jury pools that has democratic donors and clinton donors and aoc donors. so that's a biassed jury.
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what happened today? >> the information was shocking to me as donald trump's attorney. we heard testimony from baker yesterday. everybody is burning pantie which is what you would suspect. mr. baker admitted he is a friend. -- i need to speak to you for me as a good citizen. they are friends. he knew he worked for the dnc and he was hillary clinton's campaign counsel. has a meeting. doesn't report it. gets documents which were drafted by sussman and hands them over to peter strzok and
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lisa page. they were the lovers who colluded. we heard the most disturbing part. when the fbi general counsel baker finishes his term he has to resign. he says i need a job. goes to sussman to get a job. doesn't get it. goes to where he is now. twitter. he is the general counsel of twitter. >> sean: gregg jarrett, jury selection is one aspect. durham has been very slow getting to the bottom of it. they said this was a conspiracy to bring out an october surprise to help hillary clinton win and lie to the american people and that the fbi knew early --
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that's what i took out of that greg. that raises the question why did the head of the fbi sign the first 3 fisa warrants. >> there is no question in my mind james comey lied to the fisa court. that's a crime. he should have been held in contempt of court by the fisa judges, but he wasn't. another example of unequal justice under the law. what i worry about in this case, because baker is the star witness against sussman and blew a hole in the dense. -- defense. he has no dense but can still get an acquittal? how, because it's washington, d.c. where the voters are
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democrats. 92% voted for joe biden and 5% cast ballots for donald trump. the jurors are all hillary clinton supporters and even donors and loathe donald trump which why the dense asked the judge to tell the jury, the defendant was fighting against donald trump. durham is worried about jury nulliction. that the jurors will ignore the evidence and the facts and the law and acquit an innocent person. they have unfettered power to enjoy jury nullification. -- they have done it before in washington, d.c. >> sean: this is so sad. this dragged the entire country through hell for 3 long years.
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they lied and spread a hoax and conspiracy theory at a level i never thought could happen in this country. it's the biggest abuse of power in our country. the american people need to know how corrupt that election was like hiding hunter biden's laptop in 2020. thank you. go ahead. >> i wanted to say if it was me that went into the fbi as donald trump's attorney and said i have information but it's not on behalf of my client, who would believe me? that's what happened. there was an investigation. we would all be in jail. that's what would happen. >> sean: we do not have equal justice under the law in this
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country anymore. we don't have equal application of our laws. the great one mark levin is coming up. he calls this a post-constitutional america and he is not wrong. when we come back former ministry of truth director broke her silence on msnbc both purveyors of misinformation. the great one mark levin will weigh in straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: biden's censorship disinformation board, the ministry of truth has been put on pause. his failed censorship czar resigned after only 3 weeks on the job.
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just like clockwork goes into msnbc to let everybody know she is the victim here. really? take a look. >> all of these sensational narratives about what the people thought the board would do are wrong. it was a coordinating mechanism. meant to make sure that the department of homeland security that people were talking to each other. it was overwhelming, chris. i have pride if my career being a reasonable person. to say i was an actor is wrong and there were death threats against my family. >> sean: nobody supports death threats. she said it was a trump campaign product. that's a lie. she pushed the alpha-bank russia
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conspiracy theory and said critical race theory was a fake should seized on by disin informeners and went on the biggest network of the disinformation. the great one -- every sunday night on this channel at 8 p.m. mark levin. great one. i don't know if you want to it talk about her or talk about the horrible condition the country and the world is in. i have never been more afraid for the court of this country than i am now. biden hasn't been in there 18 months, mark. >> first, as for her, the nation will miss such a brilliant,
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articulate person. i don't know what we will do without her. this board they were trying to set up was nothing rule. wilson who was racist and a democrat. he sat up something like this and joe biden would know about. wilson issued an executive order. it was a massive censorship operation. we think we need her. they have msnbc and the "new york times" and the "washington post" and cnn. i don't know why they needed this government committee. number 2, joe biden is a one man wrecking ball and taken this to the economy. the american people need to understand something. you are living in the united states of the democrat party. they control all of the elected
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branches of government. you are seeing what it's like. you are seeing what their promises are like when they are put into action. why is the southern border open? what is their purpose? obviously to import as many democrats as they can. that might back fire on them am why are they spending the way they are spending? they collapsing the economy with inflation. they were warned and tell us the more they spend and the more debt you have it fights inflation. joe biden is an economic illiterate and always has been. on issue after issue. trashing the united arab emirates. -- u.s. supreme courts. ensure the democrats always win. baby formula. what kind of advanced country can't produce enough baby formula and blames it on who? the private sector.
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government regulations and the fda shut down abbott. we were not getting formula from the european union and it's the private sector's fault? power moving from the private sector to the government. this guy is incompetent. if rather than donald trump joe biden had been president at the peak of this virus? we would not had vaccines or masks. we would not have ventilators or respirators or hospital beds or anything. he would be busy blaming the republicans are if the virus. he blamed trump for every death from the virus. the bottom line: this american marxism does not work. these are people who have never done anything with their lives. they have not built anything. they live in their own bubble. this is a horrific ideology alien to the united states. if they had luck in passing that
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build back better nonsense, we would be in a depression. we for a recession. if this is handled badly, we will be in a depression. the stock market hit 19 that levels. -- 1932 levels. interest rates are hitting double digits. people can't afford food and gas in the united states of america. we still have supply chain problems 6 months after they were identified. we had none of this when donald trump was president of the united states. vladimir putin who is a monster has nothing to do with any of this! it's not vladimir putin and his invasion of ukraine. biden and the democrats and their invasion of washington,
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d.c. now we have threats to burn down the supreme court and violence against supreme court justices. the january 6th commitment is a joke. we need a committee on what the democrat party and their mob has done. 2020 during the summer. threats against the supreme court of the united states. we could go on and on about these people. that is the fact. as far as joe biden goes. we will have an election in november. if it we don't crush this opposition, if we don't win in 2024, america is gone. the american people need to understand something. we can't win every election, but these people are playing outside of the box. these are not policy differences. this is a choice about whether you love america or hate america. you can't think of a single thing that joe biden and the democrat party has said that is positive about our founding documents and our principles and
6:34 pm
the american people, all of us, red blooded regardless of our color and race. they always put us down. that's it! >> sean: you forgot the i'm done part. >> i'm done. >> sean: there you go. we appreciate it. the great one mark levin. straight ahead another day and another scandal for zero experience hunter biden and details about his lavish lifestyle. kellyanne conway join us and she has a great new back as well. that's coming up. weathertech is the trusted brand that offers premium products for ultimate protection, like our laser measured floorliners. now there's the weathertech comfortmat.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: in other news the media mob that claimed that hunter
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biden's laptop was russian disinformation. they are now covering the story. there is a reason. nbc news is looking at hunter biden laptop and found from 2013 to 2018 zero experience hunter and his company brought in 11 million dollars from his shady work at burisma and his work in china including the chinese oil and gas company. we have been exposing the biden family foreign syndicate for years. the media mob has been silent. from october 2017 to february 2018 hunteras spending $200,000 a month on hotel rooms and car payments and dental work and other things. you may ask: why when "hannity" has covered
6:40 pm
this years why the media mob now covering this? they know indictments are a possibility. they want to pretend they didn't lie when they lied before the election and kept this critical information out public view in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election. now hunter and his lawyer, kevin morris, are launching a counter offensive against donald trump and his allies. here we reaction. this brand new book out on tuesday. book stores everywhere, "here's the deal." kellyanne conway. the fact that the media is now covering this is interesting. you deal with the media in your
6:41 pm
book. we have known each other well over 25 years. you became the first campaign manager to successfully run a campaign that once the presidency. that's huge. how did do you it? >> i appreciate it. it's donald trump who put me there. he was different and wanted something different. he didn't go back to the male republican consultant that never gave me a seat at the table. it forced me to go out and listen to americans in all 50 states and the territories. then i was ready. i had been a student of hitler. you -- hitlers. hillary clinton. i asked president trump for 3 t things. he agreed to all of them on the spot. he was willing to take a chance.
6:42 pm
it wasn't that i gave genius advice. he wanted to do things differently. he was already talking about the forghent child. he wanted to take on chine and make us energy independence, i want to talk about hunter. i take him on in my book. in the fall of 2020, 2 things were happening. twitter and facebook doing the unprecedented step of denying the "new york post" story. >> sean: the whole media. >> the media followed suit. 51 intelligence officials published a letter that politico reported saying this is russian disinformation. there was no way they could know that. they were worried about donald trump being reelected. through nbc and "washington post," we know this was real.
6:43 pm
we know that of that $11 million, 5.8-million dollars is from 2 chinese deals. the other money comes from burisma holdings and an energy company. hunter biden has no energy experience. joe biden lied in the debate in 2020. he said that hunter made no money off his presidency. what? you see the facts now. the media ignored 51-year-old hunter biden and focussed on a 15-year-old daughter of a staffer. i go through how all of that happened. >> sean: i have known you a long time. i would shoot you a note. i believe that any public figure's kids are off-limits.
6:44 pm
don't you have one good thing to say about the obamas? they seem like really great parents and have really great kids. you have watched you go through something that no public person should have to go through. your private life was bought into the public which is unfair also. how hard was that for you? i would not ask you this question if any ask you before if it was okay and you said it was. you talk approximate it. >> in my memoir, "here's the deal," i turn the camera on me. those were difficult times -- and those were difficult times because my first duty in this world is always my 4 children.
6:45 pm
they are my first love. i call them the first chambers of my heart. when people think my children and marriage is any of their business, they will hear from me. i kept my mouth shut for a long time. my boss and husband love to tweet. i don't. you kept my mouth shut. i am a public servant working for the united states of america and i wanted to focus on the policy agenda and focus on my children. some of those media people tried to make menendez. -- amends. i am having a baby tomorrow. god bless you and i hope you and your daughter are treated better
6:46 pm
than than you treated me and my children. hunter biden, he jet around the world making that money. i cover him in my book as well. >> sean: you can get the first edition copy on and thursday book stores everywhere. a quick programming note. sunday night 10 eastern a special on kellyanne conway's book, "here's the deal," this sunday night on the fox news channel am . the man who attacked dave chappelle was charged for attempted murder for a different attack. this is insane. reaction from adam carolla as we continue. (♪ ♪) i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta
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knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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>> sean: breaking news out of l.a. remember the man charged with attacking dave chappelle on stage earlier this month at the hollywood bowl. he had a fake gun but a real knife. the man has been charged with attempted murder for a stabbing that took place in december against his roommate at a transitional housing facility in l.a. now authorities say the victim identified lee after he got media attention after the chappelle attack. lee pleaded not guilty to both charges. here with the reaction comedian adam carolla. i looked at that attack. i don't know how much you know about me. i am into mixed martial arts. training for 10 years. i do it for the love of the
6:52 pm
sport. >> you are pretty good. >> here's my question. with all of the no defund and no bail laws, what do we expect but for people like this to do it again? that's the problem i have with the entire mentality. your thoughts? >> criminals are opportunistic people. if anything under $975 bucks is a misdemeanor criminals do that. criminals putting their hands on people, we send the same message. we don't do anything. the criminals are like drug cartels. it's not even their fault. we send a message that says do
6:53 pm
what you have to do. we will do nothing and they are emboldened. >> sean: i love dave chappelle and chris rock and i even like bill mare. i bill maher. >> you are the only guy who like chris rock and larry the babel guy. what i love about chris rock, he will say anything. i want every comedian to say
6:54 pm
anything even if it's about me but be funny. >> when you push or stab stab or tackle a comedian, we need to get you out of society. putting your hands on strangers. we can't have a resolving door. it's like a doggie day care. 3 bite the other dogs and we send them right back in each time and expect something different. a small minority of people are doing the same thing. >> sean: if you go to the comedy show or tune into this show, i can't people to watch. you pay money to go to a show with a comedian, there should be
6:55 pm
nothing off-limits. say up front this is a comedian snow. -- show. if you can't take it leave now i will give you your money back. >> that's great for you and me but not the 24-year-old hipster couple up front. they think they have input. it's a different audience. you tell jokes and they make noises. it's like you have to vet your act with them before you get up on stage. >> sean: it's chilling. you love comedians. if you can't handle it stay home and watch reruns of the brady bunch. more "hannity" straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left. we thank you for being with us
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and making this show possible. we hope you never miss an episode. for the latest news and information and opinion, fox and the meantime let not your heart be troubled. the news continue. laura ingraham is next. have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham which is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thanks for joining us. global bags unite. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> the national average for a gallon of gas has gone up 10 days in a row and we set a new record. most analysts expect prices to keep climbing. one analyst said a national average of $6 a gallon