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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 19, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and making this show possible. we hope you never miss an episode. for the latest news and information and opinion, fox and the meantime let not your heart be troubled. the news continue. laura ingraham is next. have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham which is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thanks for joining us. global bags unite. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> the national average for a gallon of gas has gone up 10 days in a row and we set a new record. most analysts expect prices to keep climbing. one analyst said a national average of $6 a gallon is
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possible. >> laura: to make a bad situation worse, we may be facing a shortage of truckers soon. the owners are facing a crisis due to the sky rocketing cost of diesel fuel. and food prices? bloomberg headlines caught my eye. chicken wings for $34. consumer prices of food were up 9.4% in april compared to last april. it's the biggest gain since 1981. it's time to ask this question: both a global and national level, is the economic chaos unfolding before our eyes the result of incompetence or careful planning? ted cruz believes this is all purposesful. >> joe biden believes in gas is
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$6 or $10 a gallon, if he imposes enough pain that eventually everyone will have this epiphany and get rid of that truck or mini-van and everyone will buy an electric car. >> laura: the "angle" did not disagree. biden is ignorant and his cabinet is unqualified. but this can't be an accident. none of this was predestined. the biden team chose to cancel oil leases, to stop keystone and gren lit a proxy war against russia. sent billion dollars to ukraine. and paid people not to work over after vaccines were available and bailed out the blue states that refused to open.
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they allowed millions of migrants. to this day they refuse to stop scaring americans about covid. for good measure they are threatening free speech. hate speech is anything they disagree with. these policies are all designed to make you poorer and make you more dependent on the government. force you to stop driving. stop attending school board meetings and stop posting your views online. it's geared to limit your expectations. america has no right to be freer than africa or europe. candidate barack obama was
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explicit about the american reset in 2008. >> we can't drive our suvs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes at foo degrees at all times and expect that every other country will say okay. >> laura: i know what you are thinking. bleep other countries! that's my reaction from 14 years. they are quick to down play the idea of american greatness. >> i suspect that brits believe in brit exceptionalism. >> laura: we are no more exceptional than any other country. his energy secretary slipped on the issue of gasoline prices to
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the wall street. -- "wall street journal." we have to boost prices to those of europe. they always liked europe better than the united states. we embarrass them especially at fancy global conferences. americans really embarrass them. the rich and powerful from big government, big tech and big pharma are descending on a mountain town in switzerland. their motto is committed to improving the state of the world. arriving on private jet they plan their big ideas to tackle big problems. >> we are willing to continue our issues in relation to climate change. >> to address the deep rooted inequalities in the labor market. >> [inaudible].
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>> we establish tests in our ability to shape our common future in constructive ways. >> laura: that last man is the man in charge at davos and pushed the global reset of capitalism when the biden folks are on board with, but they call it something different. >> a new normal. wearing a mask. works in shifts. >> we have to design a new normal. >> i hope the new normal will also include a real strong corporate memory of what a pandemic can do. so we don't just go on when we get this under control. >> laura: that was dr. fauci earlier this year. this year's theme is history at a turning point. with the goal of rebuilding trusts through agreements
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crucial to a global recovery. folks like john kerry and al gore will sit on panels talking about all of the ways they should give way to globalism. the attendees are well-heeled. many are billionaires. they may feel less icky about how they got there they made their money by going there. this comedian had an interesting take on this. >> don't invite the people who are [bleep] responsible for ruining it in the first place. >> laura: he is right about one
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thing. history is at a turning point. globalization is slowing its outcome. china is getting richer. we are getting poorer, the supply chain is broken. from lockdowns to vaccine mandates, the people responsible for that they should put in jail. there are people we were supposed to trust but they were just political hacks all along. top government officials are not on team usa. like janet yellen who was a fed chair. she denied that inflation withdraw coming and wants to use her failure as an excuse to lift tariffs on china. we are at a turning point. we will either remain a free and independent america or we will spend the next few decades being pushed around and locked down and ordered around by people you
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would not trust to it mow your lawn. they offer nothing but misery and scarcity. jimmy carter took that same platform in 1980 and lost. now all of those years later in 2022, the democrats and the globalists are trying to convince that more government control and less freedom is a good thing for us and the plant. good luck with that. that's the "angle." joining me is victor davis hanson. global reset. history at a turning point. a new normal. all code for createth one global society. what happens to nation hood then? >> well, -- a global society is only as strong as its weakest
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link. tony blinken asked the u.n. to decide if we are racists. the u.n. was supposed to be end of all of our woes. it never worked because nobody was accountable. henry kissinger said who do you call with a world problem? china or russia? it will never work. joe biden, everybody knew by august of last year this was not working. you could argue they were incompetent on inflation and the border. some biden went below 50%. they could have said let's just finish the wall and get the
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keystone up and going. all of those were solutions that would about have been popular and arrested these self-created disasters. they are self-induced and deliberate. they think inflation redistributes the money. doesn't. they will get fuel at such a high price they will have to use electric cars. their attitude about crime is there are rules are wealthy people don't commit crimes. they would rather be correct. >> laura: they don't care how low they go. they are fanatics. they are absolutely 100%
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fanatical about creating whatever you want to call. the new normal. global reset. they think america's days are gone. it's time to move on to this new world economic council approach to pandemics. we will get to that with chris committing. -- smith. there is no end until the american voters say enough. it has to be a wipe out like 1984 in 2024. they have to get wiped out. >> it has to be. when you see people like larry summers or musk or jeff bezos. i think november will be a wipe out. and do what mcgovernor to 1972
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or worse. it could not come too soon. these are not wars or place. -- plagues. all of these problems were self-created. they like the chaos. they feel chaos gives people opportunities for new direction as all revolutionaries do. >> laura: this is what eric holder said on msnbc tonight. >> our democracy is under attack. our democracy is at peril. unless we have the kind of courage that it paul and dorr, exhibited he could lose our democracy. >> they are going to it lose in the mid-terms so democracy is dangerous. we will hear more approximate
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january 6th. anything other than their record. he would be more honest if he said i created chaos -- he won't do that. it will be everything but the kitchen sink will be thrown in. they will get nasty and mean in the next few months. we will see things that are unimaginable. to use their phrases the walls are closing in. >> laura: victor, thank you very much. the elitest want to make more control of our lives. the biden administration is planing to surrender our power to the world health organization to decide if there is a public
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health emergency. by deleting a few key words member states would be obligated to accept the recommendations of the who's he going to call. -- w.h.o. w.h.o. they were wrong about covid-19 from day one. they did a joint study with china am ruling out the lab leak theory. this could be one of the most dangerous actions because it affects your freedom and your health. joining me is the new jersey congressman chris smiths. i thought this is a wonkiy thing. w.h.o., what did this mean? sovereignty? this is important. >> absolutely and thanks for having me on. this is a situation -- there are regulations with w.h.o. that go back to 2005. they gave the united states the
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ability to not a une lateral power. under this biden regulation, beginning on may 22nd, the w.h.o. will get rid of that. the states and countries have to agree. with enforcement, if the u.s. says we don't think we have this health emergency. we have 48 hours to give an acting to the world health organization. and the doctor i have known for years. covered up a lot of things in ethiopia. he got his job from xi jingping: when covid hit he put out false information. we still don't have the w.h.o.
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coming clean it's origins. an amendment that failed would have provided the ability of individuals cut by covid to sue. it would be like saudi arabia and it would get our people into court. >> laura: we have a lot of people in both houses who are pro-china. republicans and democrats. the head of w.h.o. attacking people who dare question his motives. >> that's a small minority of people distorting facts. >> laura: sharing of data if they can't get china to give us
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the original data on the virus? >> exactly. they want a treaty. the other way around it the end run to get the big power grab is to change the w.h.o. health regulations. in days without any scrutiny, the administration will be arguing -- this is all of the changes they want to make the world health organization -- and our sovereignty will be undermined. >> laura: who is negotiating for the united states? >> it's a group of people. >> laura: this is in line with my overriding point tonight: they are doing a run on nation hood. obama said you can't put your thermostat at 72. they don't like the fact you can
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get in your car and drive to california. get a couple more tanks of gas. they don't want that. >> there is an under-mining of liberty and freedom on the democrat side especially the biden administration. the ministry of disinformation. in the soviet union in the 1980s, they were controlling. >> laura: they have it in china now. maybe that's why people in the united states in power have a soft spot for china. stay on this issue. we appreciate you being on it. you alerted me about this. if you can't watch us live, i am mad at you. you can do a record on your dvr. every weeknight at 10 p.m. up next you won't believe this. house dems just passed a bill on the road to criminalizing the
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political opposition to their views under preventing domestic terrorists. glen greenwald will react to that in moments. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down to the root without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works.
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the road to criminalizing the
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>> laura: today house democrats
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voted to criminalize their political opposition under the guise of preventing domestic terrorists. it will set up offices to visiting domestic terrorists at the ds and the doj. what is the goal? more surveillance and tracking americans. this is all political. our next guest issued a warning on twitter today: they voted to give the fbi and doj more power to fight domestic terrorism. the squad comes through again for the u.s. security state. glen greenwald, welcome. one of the bill's supporters
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snyder claims that the legislation was adjusted to say none of its amendments undermine first amendment rights. what is the problem? >> pretty much every bill that has been enac acted since the 9-11 act contains similar promises. many ran roughshod over the civil rights of american citizens -- most people agree. this is more dangerous because unlike the first war on terror which was directed out ward. this is increasingly a war on terror on domestic soil, on american citizens. i have been on your show many times going back to before
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biden's inauguration warning this the democrat's plan. before january 6th biden said a new war on terror is my number 1 priority. they are exploiting january 6th and now exploiting the buffalo shootings to give agencies more power to control our free speech. >> laura: there are no standards here. these assurances that free expression, they won't be touched here. there are no checks and balances. whatever they consider to be hate speech, maybe you post something against lockdowns. that's hate speech. maybe you criticize a new spending bill. that's hate speech. there is no end in sight as to what constitutes hate speech and could lead to domestic terror down the road. >> this is a problem with the
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controversy that just erupted where the department of homeland security announced they were creating a board to combat disinformation. in theory nobody is against disinformation. there they promised and said this board is going to protect your civil rights so you don't need to worried. the democrats think every view that subverts their agenda is disinformation. prior to the election they called the hunter biden laptop russian disinformation and got it censored from the internet. when you put these elastic phrases as the centerpiece for the government's power. that's what when civil rights violations occur. they are trying to control
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domestic criminal activity -->> laura: on the issue of ukraine. you have been monitoring the bills. mitch mcconnell was on fox discussing this. >> what it will cost remains to be seen. the important thing to remember what would have been the cost of not acting. it would have been way more. way more than 40 billion dollars. >> laura: i am not sure about that. 40 billion dollars and kamala harris is not ruling out we are spending more. it could be hundreds of billion dollars. >> it is going there. that 40 billion dollars figure that mitch mcconnell cite side false. they voted to it add 40 billion dollars more. just 10 weeks into a war they say will last not months but
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years. we got done spending 2 trillion dollars for a 20 year war in afghanistan that achieved nothing but the death of our soldiers only for the taliban to waltz back in. what you are talking about is not spending billion dollars to help the ukraine people. this money is going to lockheed martin and the cia to do what? nobody knows. rand paul wanted to slow down the bill for oversight. you have huge amounts of money flying out the door. nobody can articulate a strategy for when we are doing and benefits for the american people. >> laura: lost 80 billion dollars worth of equipment in afghanistan. tonight mitch mcconnell went
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after rand paul. they will never debate. i want to see rand paul and mcconnell debate. they are both really smart. debate the numbers and the issues to town halls across kentucky and see which person comes out on top. who do you think would come out on top with the public? >> rand paul has the much better argument. no matter what you think about ukraine and we all feel sympathy for the ukrainians. this is the most dangerous war the united states has fought if decades. our opponent is not iraq or afghanistan but a country with the largest nuclear stockpile on the planet. we are risking nuclear annihilation for what? that's the question they can't answer. >> laura: thank you. here's the clue for tonight's which woke hero just got
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cancelled. tweet me your guesses. up next an update on the pennsylvania republican senate primary. why are covid cases rising fastest if states with the highest vaccination rates? a doctor will tell us about it.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: counting the votes in the republican pennsylvania primary entered his third day. right now dr. oz leads mccormick by 1241 votes. how much is left to be counted. pennsylvania acting secretary of state said there are 50,000 ballots left. here is the dean of pennsylvania
7:38 pm
politics. that's a lot of votes. 50,000. dr. oz is still leading by 1241 votes. what do we think the break down is in that big mix. republicans versus democrats? >> earlier 17,000 votes were republican votes out of the 50 know theres -- 50,000. there was a late breaking story that said it was down to 8700. this game after any ability to get ahold of the sect of the state -- secretary of state. it said approximately based on what they estimated. i would feel more comfortable when i talk to them tomorrow to see if that number is accurate or still at the 1700 mark -- i'm
7:39 pm
sorry 17,000. i need to have a better understanding. >> laura: what do we know about provisional ballots cast on liquid day. -- election day. they could cast a provisional ballots. >> the only number i have has come from alagainy county where pittsburgh is. it's been a good county today for dave mccormick. 1900 there. however, of that 1900, you don't know how many are democrat or republican or going to be rejected. that's a very fluid situation.
7:40 pm
currently. that's where we are right now. there are still mail-in ballots coming in. they have not been counted. there were memory sticks that didn't get -- >> laura: memory sticks? the fact we can't get the votes counted on election night speaks volumes. you get the recount here given the tight margin. florida with figure it out. why can't pennsylvania get the votes counted on election night? this is crazy. thank you. >> we are seeing a steady rise of cases in parts of the country. >> there has been a relaxation of mitigations, not wearing masks. >> use the menu of tools including wearing a mask and
7:41 pm
getting testing accessing treatments early and getting vaccinated or boosted. >> laura: herely go again. -- here we go again. mask up because covid cases are rising. cases are not what matters. it's hospitalizations. and deaths directly related to covid. 3 of the highest vaccinated states are in the top 4 for high infection rates. 7 of the top 10 are also in the top 10 for hospitalizations. joining me is a doctor cardologist and author of "courage to face covid-19." how can the most vaccinated
7:42 pm
states have the most cases? >> these are people 2 have taken 1 to 4 vaccinations and they have contracted the virus. they are not previously infected with covid-19. they are susceptible and the vax is not protecting them against the current omicron variant. >> laura: the virus is escaping the vaccine because it's eh involveing. >> yes -- evolving. a lot of the unvaccinated already had covid. they are already safe and protect it against severe disease. i have patients in my practice with severe symptoms but they are people who took the vaccine
7:43 pm
but have not had the respiratory illness. >> laura: you have fewer antibodies over time. according to this new study in the vaccinated. is that correct? >> that's true the vaccine may holdback a full protective state of immunity after the natural infection arrives in the vaccinated individual. this may set them up for another infection down the line. >> laura: npr has a strict mask policy and as a snitch problem to report people who don't comply. >> we need to abandon any type
7:44 pm
of authority placed on masks. masks have a role for healthcare providers and people working at close range. discrimination has no role in our society. >> laura: great to see you. biden will be in asia tomorrow for the first time as president and we are already threatened by north korea and china. wait until you hear what they have planned for biden. it would not have happened under trump. gordon chiang has the details next.
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voya. be confident two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless.
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and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. >> ♪ ♪ >> the message we are sending is an affirmative vision of what the world can look like if democracy and open societies of the world shape the rules of the road and reenforce strong, powerful, historic alliances. that message will be heard in beijing. >> laura: tomorrow the big day. joe biden's first trip as president to asia. no one believes this fluffy spin. north korea and china are acting up. north korea will welcome biden
7:50 pm
with a nuclear test and china is warning that our relations are in jeopardy. the next global financial crisis triggered by the ukraine war started in sri-lanka. joining me is gordon chang. you say that china is preparing for war. what do you mean by that? >> well, we see this two ways. xi jingping is forcing senior officials to invest foreign assets so they can't be sanctioned by the u.s. >> laura: that was in the "wall street journal." >> and the central bank is trying to sanction proof the reference -- reserves and the
7:51 pm
rest of the country. they probably won't be successful but they know they will do something for which they will be sanctioned. they are going for war. >> laura: they put out another statement after the phone call with jake sullivan. the national security advisor about taiwan. our concern about taiwan's independence is driving the relationship into the toilet. it's like a dog, with a bone. >> putin is saying you are forcing me to invade ukraine. the biden administration feats needs to understand china is making these preparations. it's fine for jake sullivan to
7:52 pm
say this would be a wonderful world if we all get together. >> laura: what was the reaction to let's all hug it out? he sees the biden team walk into that room for the first time? >> he saw the debacle in afghanistan and this ukraine. look, the united states is a strong country, but it's not led by someone who wants to defend itself. china is looking at they can do what they want. >> laura: and the lockdowns that have gotten covered in the u.s. media. that's not as bad as any number of christians at a megachurch during covid. they were a big threat to the united states. the lockdown is still going on. it's still happening. >> they talked about a pathway
7:53 pm
to ending the restrictions. they have been talking for 3 weeks about ending the restrictions. i think they are serious this time. in beijing it's getting tighter and tighter. there are cities across the eastern part of china which are locked down. you are talking about china's important cities that we don't talk about. they are under strict control. >> laura: shanghai a huge manufacturing hub leading us to the conclusion. you and i have been talking about this. the time for the united states to bring back essential manufacturing to the united states otherwise we will suffer again. >> we are enriching a country that calls us an enemy. there is a proposal in the biden
7:54 pm
administration to put federal pension money into chinese equities. that's nuts. that's helping the enemy. i don't know what is going on. >> laura: they are getting richer and we are getting poorer. thank you very much. which woke hero just got cancelled? tweet me your guesses. we will see if you get it right next. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down to the root without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this stuff works on big lawns, small lawns, and “i guess you can call that a lawn” lawns. this stuff works without killing your lawn. this stuff works without killing your weekend. this stuff works for the rookies and the seasoned pros. this stuff works in knoxville, bronxville, rockville, marysville. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works.
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which woke here are just got canceled? here are your answers. please let it be bet mettler. hard vibes wrote whoopi goldberg . the easter bunny the west lawn. >> it is someone who is willing to admit the time -- this construct up being not racist and denying goes all the back of the origins of this
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country. space you can't imagine why netflix didn't think toddlers would love that series. they are not going to get it. they canceled -- cancel the series. there is sam. she is wearing a freedom matter sweatshirt. "gutfeld" is next. >> greg: are like wonderful and so do you. i hope you are well. this week the media finally discovered crime because finall they found a criminal who fits the bill as they ignore others who don't. to make no mistake this is a felon and i credit


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