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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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can be free. booking.yeah >> we are out of time, but thank you so much to all of our guests and studio audience. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, i am kevin court in washington and for shannon bream this evening. we have breaking news tonight, president biden takes off on an international trip to asia for the first time as president, but he does so as questions abound as americans here at home i looking for solutions. so there are a flurry of problems from a skyrocketing problems to the baby formula
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shortage, all of this, as well as title 42 set to expire in a few days. and twitter announcing that it considers crisis misinformation. what could that mean for you? also your right to speak freely? hate crime hoax author joins us in just a bit. and two teenage girls found murdered near a popular hiking trail, there is a search warrant that reportedly had been used in the case and had been obtained by a true crime podcasting team, fox news at night investigates. and first, gas prices. boy, we know all about that as they are breaking records each and every day. and just wait because it is expected to get a lot worse in the days in the weeks to come. jeff paul has more on that.
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reporter: that's right, gas prices around the country continue to go up as we have new records, every way we look including here in california, the state average is more than $6 per gallon and some analysts are saying that the rest of the country could be headed that way as well by the end of the summer. as it stands, the national average rose to $4.39 per gallon, up more than 10 cents just on monday. and it's not unleaded, diesel is also rising which would clearly have an impact on the economy with the added fuel costs impacting prices on all sorts of consumer goods. >> it's really outrageous. >> is going to kill the country, i'm afraid. >> a hundred dollars more per week, that's crazy. >> i will probably have to get rid of this. it's definitely going to burn a lot of gas. >> i'm thinking of going
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electric myself. >> getting more expensive, more than half of the country will be sweating it out in or above 90 degrees weather, with money running the electric bills going up between 12% and 45% and beyond that, the stock market is taking a beating. the dow jones following 350 points marking the worst streak in its average since 1932. despite all of the challenges, president joe biden is traveling to asia for the first time as a commander-in-chief, visiting south korea, japan and other areas. but some think that it's a good time to go, especially with what is happening in ukraine as china continues to bolster economic and military power. >> there watching how this unfolds, including all the democratic work together, we are doing the right thing and i think it's probably well-timed.
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>> landing in south korea on friday evening and then heading to japan three days later. >> thank you, jeff. we appreciate it. before we let you go, talking about something that could be near and dear to a lot of people, whether it is a game night or you are heading out to watch playoff basketball, i understand that if you like to get your wings on it is going to cost you more. what can you tell us about that? >> i think when i was in college right outside of arizona state, you know, i don't even know if either of us could afford a platter of wings, we are hearing $34 and it all goes to inflation impacting the entire country, some restaurant owners say what used to cost about $85 is now nearly doubling, costing as much
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as $150 and you have to add in higher costs like cooking oil and flour, many restaurants have to charge more just to keep on the rise and overall the federal data is indicating consumer prices for food has jumped by 9.4% from april last year to this year. that is the most that it has climbed since 1981. >> that is terrible news for the sun devils and all those other college football fans. thank you, jeff. >> breaking tonight, the joe biden administration approving the first five formula mission, expected to transport hypoallergenic baby formula to indiana from switzerland. including improving formula by unanimous consent.
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better late than never, certainly good news. and title 42, which as you probably know by now, is a policy that allows the border patrol to turn away migrants during the pandemic, but that policy could be an fairly soon as the joe biden administration is planning to live the policy come monday after the cdc said it was no longer needed. even as plans are being made to scrap the policy there is a federal judge in louisiana who is considering a challenge brought by two dozen republican states that would bar the joe biden administration from resending it, the judge had said that they will issue a ruling sooner than monday. bill has been covering this crisis and he has more this evening. >> it is rugged and remote. searing hot temperatures as far as the eye can see and it's reminiscent of a martian
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landscape in west texas. the most unforgiving terrain all along the southern border. and on the ground we are led by the texas dps sergeant jimmy morris who is an expert tracker. >> he works under the blistering texas sun to track down illegal immigrants who hope to sneak through without detection. >> folks do not want to get caught. >> he looks for footprints that guide him in the right direction. after hours of tracking the drug smugglers, the trail heats up. we followed the sergeant into the brush where we find that the smugglers are close. moments later the smugglers are found hiding in a nearby bush. they come out one by one. five-minute total all placed in
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handcuffs. and the rest of the drugs are found nearby. five bundles in total, 50 pounds each. >> how often do you see this out here? well, for sure every week. >> also a honduran woman who succumbed to the brutal heat. likely after falling behind her group. tragically, she is one of money. >> they left her. >> the woman's body was found more than 30 miles inland from the u.s. and mexico border where she was hours away from a nearby highway she was likely trying to reach help before she died. >> we appreciate you, bill melugin. thank you for that report. and we have been tracking numbers, we are sharing them with you tonight, the approval rating for joe biden among
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hispanics is a new low at just 56% approval and among whites, not much better, settling in at 32% according to the latest quinnipiac survey. we have more with tonight's panel and tonight we are going to call them the crew. i think shannon would approve. kevin and the crew, we thank you for joining us. okay, kevin, let's begin with you. i'm sure that i don't have to go through a long recitation of things that would be negative in terms of impacting the polling, but as you see that number, as we sort of break out the numbers in general, that's got to be frightening. >> yeah, it is a great point. i wrote a piece for fox news about it, and they were part of the winning 2020 total mission
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in key states like nevada and california, new york. also purple states as well, making up the difference in a lot of congressional districts in which these numbers are very troubling, we are less than six months away from the midterms and their key races in florida, south florida, orange county, great opportunities for democrats if we get on board. but this is not a issue just for the midterm, this is a technical issue in which we have to remember that we must engage not just a few weeks after the election, but we have to have an ongoing conversation amid the case with them throughout this entire process. >> that's right, it's not just about kitchen table issues and certainly for families i think
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that is a major issue and obviously republicans are hoping to take numbers. i want to shift the focus as i am sure that you would like to weigh in on that. but getting your take on the buffalo shooting and i would like to share what "the wall street journal" had to say and then get your reaction. i think that we all saw how the democrats were attempting to tie tutor with the republican party and this is the editorial board, what they had to say a deranged black man ran down this holiday parade. i shared that to say this. but what we are talking about is what is happening broadly, the way that people are seen republicans and i have to say that there are a number of areas
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but they will get hammered come the fall. >> i am from an hour east, rochester. this is a strong resilient community. and it's something that we need to aggressively look at him it's going to have a direct result going forward. on the polling, when we go and we look at what is happening, overall for the joe biden approval rating the day of his administration, his overall approval at 41.1%. and that is tied with jimmy carter. it is not just saying it off for the democrats. inflation, we are talking about
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withdrawal, there couldn't be more malaise than what we're seeing right now with the joe biden administration. every time that you see democrats step up, you see them sending a mixed message. they said we cannot use the defense production act, this week you see the administration and they decided to maybe look into this and step up to the challenge of the families are facing in this administration has been one step behind throughout and the level of the joe biden administration is staggering. >> if i'm not mistaken, i think that pete buttigieg, i think he had said something similar. >> he's giving every indication again, raising money for his
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campaign, and he will show that he can be donald trump, once again, in just two years. >> you think he is running against? >> well, i think joe biden should not run, we have seen what a disaster he has been, but is a republican in our ability to win back the white house, i am saying yes, run again because every step you take, the american people will see that republicans have the solution for the economies, jobs in the future. please run again, we welcome it. >> let's do it, guys. i look forward to talking about it and then afterwards we will have you back. i think you so much for it. >> talking about this. the republican that went up
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against john fetterman, doctor oz, doctor mehmet oz. the election officials are counting votes and many of them were counted because of a printing error. >> we had a new crisis information policy. somebody said the new policy would fact check information during an international armed crisis and put an inaccurate tweet behind a warning label. that could be expanded further possibly in the future which could be undone if elon musk eventually talks about this. we have will bear with us. all week long we have been
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hearing about this idea of replacement theory, some people saying that it's people on the right there claiming it, there are others that have been caught on camera and recorded, making statements that would seem to propose such a thing. do you think that this is where we are in the political speak right now? >> well, i think there's a very dark part in a great replacement theory which is a great idea that one religious group is trying to replace another. but i think there is a valid point with a me a call pub. there is an ongoing attempt about mass immigration together with great replacement theory. democrats in the usa have talked for decades about how large-scale minority immigration is changing the democrats and how that will benefit the
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democratic party's. they said yes, we can replace him. >> they tried to weaponize and this is the headline. >> a deranged black man, it was a holiday parade, the president did show up and say america is at risk at losing democracy as he did in buffalo on tuesday and i just have to say that why the
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disparate reaction by the white house. >> and the reason for it is that we have a left-leaning president in one of the attacks sort of fit his prevailing narrative. and i condemn racism unequivocally. and we've seen a couple of these attacks, darrell brooks, he was a well-known midwest rapper, he literally drove a vehicle down the parade route the day after the kyle rittenhouse verdict came out. and i think both eka and the buffalo shooter are discussing this, but you have to be consistent on that across the board.
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>> i think something that has been overlooked and maybe want to weigh in on this. when you talk about what has happened the crime that they have faced, other forms of hate crimes have been worthy of discussion. is that a fair assessment? >> i think it is largely fair assessment. >> following that atlanta spot shooting, almost universally for some time, what i found out is that it was a very diverse, motley urban criminals of all
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races i believe 22 were black, 15 were white, 22 of them unknown, so it is racial conflict in the country and those things can be condemned. and i don't think that's what drove it up at all. >> i think the numbers bear that out as well. always a pleasure to have you with us and we look forward to having you again. we appreciate your time, buddy l site to see, stuck in a train track coming. you know what happens, we will you know what happens, we will be right back after they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to make new bottles.
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>> welcome back to "fox news @ night." i am kevin gorg in washington. time to put down your phones and check out some viral videos at of the great state of georgia. she took a right end of right and she ended up on the train tracks and then her car got stuck and then the gates came down. you get the rest of the story, thankfully nobody was hurt. and a stunning time-lapse, beautiful sky, an astonishing number of stars, absolutely beautiful and colorado has some places in the north-central part of the state where you can see these beautiful scenes. >> this 18 wheeler struck a bridge. and sometimes you have to break
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a few. all right, in alabama. a dust devil breaking up a baseball game, to the delight of the long players. and now this,. >> competitors from all over the globe seeing who can get the most airtime and the winner going out there, 14.86 seconds, which is the question. and in north carolina, a paramedic giving oxygen to a kitty that got caught up in a house fire, the occupants were away, but this medic was able to use an oxygen mask for the kitten. he was okay. and if you have any viral videos, hit us up on social
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media at kevin cork or "fox news @ night." ♪ ♪ >> brand-new tonight. amber heard getting help from ellen barkin said that he was drunk and a jealous man. >> he was always jealous, asking what you are doing, where you were. >> you made me feel all talking about the '90s, that's right, not only was jonny depp jealous but angry, but one time, she says that jonny depp through a
9:29 pm
wine bottle at her. this allegedly happened when they were shooting fear and loathing in las vegas. and amber heard sister also accused jonny depp of hitting her in the staircase fight. amber heard said that her sister was charged by jonny depp and also given a nondisclosure agreement. >> there was a nda on my kitchen table. >> you are asked to sign one? >> yes, i was. and i don't believe that i signed it. i left after. >> you moved out after that? >> yes, it was after this point that he had accused me of telling stories to the media, which are absolutely untrue, i moved out after that point.
9:30 pm
2 she also claimed that when he smoked weed he would be happy and relaxed when he drank he would get angry. >> when he was drinking he would get very angry and say really nasty unkind things, usually about amber, sometimes about me, but he would just say really horrible and awful things about her or to her. >> thursday marking the fifth week of the trial, closing arguments set for may 27 and jury deliberation is expected following with a verdict. kevin: you are such a trooper to cover all that craziness. we thank you so much. new details tonight in the unsolved murder case that we have been following. we profiled the case of two young girls that were found murdered near a popular hiking trail in 2017. a search warrant reportedly used in the case one month after the
9:31 pm
girls were found was actually obtained by a true crime team. it revealed previously unknown details from the case. our senior correspondent has more on that. >> that's right, this probable cause search warrant is stunning and contains information about the crime scene that many have not heard before. >> sue macri received two documents, the first was a probable cause affidavit that was filed by the fbi agent back in march of 2017 which was about one month after the murder. >> kevin greenlee, the lawyer, and a journalist host the podcast where they have been following the delphi case. the two of them release documents including an fbi affidavit that offers key clues never shared publicly before. according to one of the documents, and agent testified that they were certain that the perpetrator of the crime would
9:32 pm
have gotten blood on his person or his clothing. the exact weapon used was mentioned but was redacted from the document and the agent also testified that the killer took an item from one of the victims as a souvenir and they have said that the 14 year old was able to capture a video on her cell phone of a man approaching her and her friends, abigail williams, 13 years old, as they walk along the bridge. the phone also captures them being ordered down the hill. >> their bodies were found the next day on the banks of the nearby deer creek. authorities have never made an arrest in the case. the affidavit was written about one month after the murder focuses largely on the 77-year-old man who lives on the property where the girls were found.
9:33 pm
>> the fbi agent wrote a detailed affidavit making out the case that she had reason to believe that ronald logan who owned the property where the girls were found, that he had some involvement there. >> five years later, what investigators found at the crime scene have been kept under wraps. the warrants say that there were no visible signs of a struggle. investigation has happened. he has died, he was never charged, he was never arrested on charges related these murders, and he's never been named by police as a suspect or a person of interest. >> we reached out to the indiana state police told us in part that we are aware of the documents that have been released by the murder investigation, the information did not come from the indiana state police or the double
9:34 pm
homicide task force in which this is an ongoing investigation. when reached for comment a family member declined the statement and investigator say that they hope someone out there will come forward and give them the information that they need to solve the case. kevin: thank you, laura. we appreciate it. coming up next on "fox news @ night," taking you to ukraine for a live report on the russian invasion. and a clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi just ahead after these messages. ♪ i mean, obviously, let it out. ghaa. yeah, i'm not really sure if this is working either.
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>> 39 minutes after the hour. james baker on the witness stand testifying that he was 100% confident that the clinton campaign lawyer michael was not completely honest, he also said that they looked at the alleged
9:40 pm
in connection and found that there was nothing there. david has the very latest on that is our correspondence to make the former fbi general counsel was so concerned that he personally alerted his bosses, james comey and his deputy, andrew mccabe. he is the central witness in the criminal case agreeing to meet with michael sussman, a former campaign attorney who claimed to have information linking the trump organization to russia through a secret back channel. telling jurors on thursday when receiving the information that he wanted to get it off his desk as soon as possible since he is an attorney and not an fbi agent. he said that he came to the september 2016 meetings with hard copy documents and thumb drives, then alerting other officials that were already looking into unproven tied
9:41 pm
between trump and russia and the former general counsel told the jurors that he was warned that "the new york times" was aware of the allegation and was just days away from publishing a front-page story, baker says he never asked sussman how they got the information, and to number three of the trial had turned on, facing one charge of lying to the fbi, steadfastly claiming that he was delivering the information on his own behalf as a concerned citizen and not on behalf of any clients including the clinton campaign. john durham says that his team has evidence showing that he later billed the clinton campaign for the private fbi meeting in which baker said that he was positive and sussman said he was not coming and on behalf of any clients but the defense had pointed to a prior interview transcript where he use the word clients when discussing him. he said he was an accurate.
9:42 pm
the bottom line is that he said different things to different people on the record which could be an uphill battle for the special counsel's team. in washington for "fox 5 news". >> okay, it is your money and soon it will be on its way to eastern europe as a 40 billion-dollar package has been approved by the u.s. senate, 86-11, now heading over to the white house, by the way, concerns are growing over the fate of hundreds of fighters in the hands of russian troops after a mass surrender at the steel plant in mariupol. mike tobin has more in lviv, ukraine, with the very latest. >> that's right, the surrender is taking a long time. the surrender and consequently the surrender is underway right now at this time, the russians
9:43 pm
have taken and some 1730 ukrainians who directly surrendered. they have documented hundreds of prisoners from that incident. it still a commander of the regimen, stating that he and other fighters were inside the plan and gave an indication that they will continue to resist and of those that surrendered some of them are being held in a prison colony and some are being hospitalized in the don bass dos region. war crimes trials moving ahead on the ukrainian side, yesterday a russian soldier said that he did kill an unarmed 62-year-old man, apologizing to the man's widow and saying that he was acting under orders. and in this region outside of car key, facing charges that they shelled civilians. and help is on the way in terms of the aid package, a final
9:44 pm
overwhelming but not unanimous vote in the senate, including everything from training to weapons, bringing the united states to $54 million. mitch mcconnell said anybody who is concerned about the cost of supporting ukraine should be concerned about the greater cost of what happens if ukraine loses. 2 think you and stay safe, my friend. we hope that you will stick around because we do have more coming up on "fox news @ night," including a lawsuit that claims mcdonald's on wendy's burgers are not as big as they have been advertised to be. the food court is next right after these messages. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.
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>> welcome, everyone seemed to be much smaller than advertised. facing a similar legal challenge.
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>> when you get them in real life they are a lot smaller. asking the legal eagles and this seems like, i don't know. and there's got to be a state statute here you have the one on the left ear, it's like really, really? >> we are in federal court, rule number one, they didn't even try to do it here.
9:51 pm
and if you want to rely upon state law, you have to make these allegations. you are different from the company. and second, there is no representation and he says it is the real burger. and i understand it makes it a little bit plumper but no jurisdiction. >> looking like a double whopper and it comes to you and it is a single. there has to be some truth and n
9:52 pm
that. >> about a week ago i am still a single guy and a picture on door —-dash and it was like two bytes and it was gone. dismissing the case really quickly. and we have a unique analysis and one fourth of that was something that should go back to these people that are purchasing these misrepresented burgers from wendy's and mcdonald's.
9:53 pm
>> often they are way smaller than what you think they will be. and i think you will enjoy this, 25% when cooked depending on the amount of fat in liquid, they only sear the outside of the patty, so maybe they are rolling it on the outer part of it. it looks big but let's be honest, i am not so sure. >> everybody knows what a mcdonald's burger is.
9:54 pm
>> and you are not paying for that, you are paying for what you get. >> well, i kind of agree with that. i think those that are expecting more from it. >> this young lady finishing a bachelor's degree at cal state after leaving to start a family. thanks to her daughter, she reached out to the chancellor, this nebraska girl was finally recognized for earning credits and was able to walk across the stage and this year. normally i would not want to
9:55 pm
enjoy that story but i just love the story. congratulations. terrific stuff. shannon will be back next time, good night from washington. have a great evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ your call cannot be completed at this time. please hang up and try your call again later. >> thank you . >>to we're sorry your call canns be completed at this time. >> please hang up and try your call again later.
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