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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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origins of this country. >> laura: i can imagineyo why netflix didn't think toddlers would love that series. all right, you're not going to get it, netflix said no to the deal. the streaming service canceled antiracist baby series. that, freedom matters gear on laura got filled is next. >> todd: a fox news alert president biden to touch down in south korea in a minute as he looks for the crises here at home towards nations abroad. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a friday morning todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus and the average gas price in america surging to a new record high of $4.59 since this morning. house democrats blaming big oil companies for the surge instead of their own policies. >> todd: griff jenkins covering this from washington, good morning. >> good morning todd and carley
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in just minutes will land in south korea and the present six day asian swing intended to highlight trade and global economy as well as sending a message to china to stay out of taiwan. the president preparing for the trip tweeting i'm on my way to the republic of korea and japan and my first trip to asia as president. i look forward to strengthening alliances and deepening economic alliances and help shape the rules of the road for the 21st century. but as you guys mention, the president's trip overshadowed by the mountain crises he leaves here behind. the record inflation and baby formula shortage but the soaring gas prices front and center, as you mentioned, look at this just released a new daily record high $4.59 for a gallon of gas and that is up 1 cent from yesterday. and thursday to pass the kratz bill with price gouging on gasoline. yet members of the president's
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cabinet want to place the blame on russia instead. >> you can thank the activity of vladimir putin for invading ukraine and pulling -- >> and nonsense, withhold their respects that is utter nonsense. >> other cabinet members simply refusing to acknowledge the pain americans are feeling at the pump. >> do you believe the gas prices are too high? >> americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic. there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult. >> so since you are unwilling to say gas prices are too high. >> we are doing all we can, senator. >> and first flight of baby formula oversees are announced, when republican announced highlighting the struggle. >> this is baby army. we have been struggling as parents to find formula now for months to it's always the biden administration just now kind of waking up flat-footed out of
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touch to take this on? why didn't they do that months ago? why didn't congress move months ago? we are putting out the stuff last night. >> all this time, carley, for house democrats and internal polling from dccc with generic republicans with an eight-point lead. now, first up, we should soon seem president biden with south korean counterparts within the hour. >> carley: thank you robert charles a former secretary of state naval officer joins us. robert, i want to get your take on the president's trip to south korea today. yesterday, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said it was a well-timed trip and alliance building trip. but some people struggling at home feel otherwise. how do you see it? >> i think both of those points are accurate. this is being billed as a trip with trade, it will be in japan,
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tokyo and also south korea and he will also meet australia indian prime minister's. but this is really a security trip. this is a message to china that if you can believe that they are still in the game and we are still in the game and we will not let anything happen. but the reality is it is running away from the stories you just ran. there is a record high inflation rate coming our way. we have gasoline prices out of control. we have baby formula not being able to be found by parents. it is not an act of courage to jump to the other side of the world when your own country is obviously in trouble. >> the numbers are stark. gas up $0.18 just over last week and it wasn't just last week, you know, roberts, $3.04 one year ago and then come of course, the formula situation which is not good. hopefully, we will beginning better soon but not soon enough. in order to make this trip worth it what message does china need
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to receive and does joe biden need to send to them? otherwise to your point, this is just a well-timed way of trying to divert from the crises at home. >> yeah, i think all of us as americans understand that this looks an awful lot like a deflection and running away from problems with poll numbers in the basement. but i think the bottom line todd and carley, we have to be sending a clear message to china. everything happening in russia is unfortunate, but it is not significant as china is as a threat to the country. we need to be saying straightforwardly, we are there and that region. we have vital interest in the region. the islands that china developed a relationship with and it looks like militarized, we love so many soldiers on the silent end world war ii and biden not to be talking about that. he ought to be talking about the fact that security in that region to defend the las including taiwan and we will be
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doing that. at the end of the day, this is a security trip and not an economic trip even though semiconductor he factory. but i would also argue that president of the united states ought to be thinking first and foremost and i don't care how you think about it first and foremost the people of the united states of america here that is who he is elected to represent and protect. right now, you have gasoline $6, $7 an a gallon and that is a function of overspending and shutting down the energy sector. who did that? the democrats did that. >> carley: i want to ask about the michael sussmann trial. yesterday the former general counsel james baker testified he is 100% confident that sussmann tonight acting on behalf of any particular client. this is, of course, the very thing jon graham is trying to prove. is that testimony from baker a nail in the coffin? >> i will phrase it this way
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carley. all of us at one time have worn a sweater. no kidding if you start to pull a threat out of the sweater or a piece of yarn, that sweater will come apart ultimately. this looks to me, this sussmann trial and major testimony and the allies testimony and the fact no mistrial was declared last week, i actually think this is the thread that is pulling at the entire clinton campaign. so the bottom line is, there is a text, emails, texts indicating that this lawyer for the clinton campaign said to the general counsel of the fbi i'm coming to see you want on a time sensitive matter. i want to see you but it has nothing to do within the client. if that is not true, that is the beginning of a longer discussion, ultimately in a court of law but the clinton campaign was doing as they put their lawyer up to the task of seeming to mislead the fbi. that is pretty serious --
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>> carley: it does feel like the beginning of a longer discussion for sure. thank you for joining us this morning. always appreciate your insight. all right, now to the border crisis, southern communities are pleading to keep title 42 in place. the biden administration is looking to lift that public health order on monday. texas governor greg abbott said he's dealing with the biden administration and what they should be doing taking steps to crack down and not let up on immigration. >> joe biden has not only never been to the borden but not working with the head of government. i had to step up and work with the mexican governors to get an agreement where the mexican governors protected and they themselves are employing border security strategies to prevent people from coming across their borders. >> carley: and in el paso come officials to declare a state of the merchants the judge said were funding as a number of
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migrant apprehensions continued to rise. the border patrol chief secretary were as will join us later on in the state of el paso ripped by order passes. for internal trafficking, signing a bill establishing a seven year mandatory minimum sentence for selling up to 14 grams of fentanyl and mandatory sentence of 20 years for selling over 14 grams. the southern border policies are fueling the mass confusion of fentanyl into the country. >> todd: congressional black caucus have many scratching their heads, listen. >> three people in korean owned hair salons and yet another white supremacy's replacement there. >> todd: here is the problem with that, she blamed white supremacy for a shooting there even though the suspect in that case is the guy you see on your
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screen, and his black appear there you go. and the day of the shooting commit happen monday when it happened may 11th. three women were shot nor released from the hospital and are recovering this morning. greg gutfeld laying in with this take, listen. >> are you responsible for a person's grant because you share a pigment? and hasn't it been drilled in every person's white -- white person's head not to do this especially when it comes to race? this is what the democrats are writing on and it is a unicycle with a flat tire. this loss of identity politics and the only thing good and i own everything bad which is not. the white madman. >> carley: fox news exclusively an arrest warrant for stabbing a stand up high school lacrosse player to death. that happened in connecticut and reportedly alcohol fueled attack happening in a house party when students from opposing
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high school showed up and asked to lead. the warrant reads "a physical altercation with multiple to take place on the front lawn. there was one stab point to the left side of the chest. the stab wound went through the ribs and heart. the 16-year-old suspect is being charged as an adult purity faces one count of murder and two counts of first-degree assault. the suspects father said this. >> is there anything you want to say? >> i'm sorry. >> what was that? speak warm sorry. >> carley: a wake is being held today and his parents remember him sunshine of their life. >> todd: actress ellen parker testifying on behalf of amber heard, he was a controlling boyfriend when she dated him into ''90s, listen. >> a jealous man, controlling where are you going and who were you going with? what did you do last night? he was drunk a lot of the time.
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and throwing wine bottles across the room hotel room in one instance in las vegas while we were shooting in las vegas. >> todd: heard also previously testified he threw bottles during their relationship hear the trial in the final stretch with closing arguments expected to begin with next friday. >> carley: now this headpiece, that is what elon musk is calling sexual harassment claim and tweeting wild accusations are utterly untrue. the attack against me should be viewed through a political lens. this is their standard, despicable playbook. the accusation coming from spacex flight attendant. business inside reporting accuses musk exposing himself and rubbing her leg and offering to buy a horse for a rub massage. and to describe anything at all, scars, tattoos that is not known by the public and said she would not be able to do so because it
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never happened. >> todd: get this, twitter said warning labels to tweak dean's viral misinformation. and the tools will only be used to help ensure viral misinformation is not amplified or recommended by us during crises. twitter says define a crisis as a situation in which there is a widespread threat to life, physical safety or health. they are failing to use a variety of methods that are misleading tweets. the left has a distorted interpretation of disinformation. >> nobody is against this information. and they promise the board will actually protect civil liberties so you don't need to worry. but the democrats think every piece of reporting or every few that subverts their agenda or contravenes their view is disinformation. prior to the elections they called hunter biden laptop that we now is authentic russian disinformation and caught it
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censored from the internet. so, when you put these extremely elastic phrases as the centerpiece for the government's power, they can control hate speech, disinformation. that is exactly when constitutional rule liberty violations start to occur. >> carley: well met, listen to this a senior print go south of texas high school and will fit the bill costing thousands of dollars in damage on campus. kids with firing off fire distinguish errors. this happened at memorial high school. officials say they approved a small group of students to put a large number of posts everywhere. this situation clearly, quickly dissolve. the class has had to be canceled because of air quality police and firefighters were called and the students face criminal charges. that is much more than post-it notes. >> todd: and the great words of great ron burgundy, that escalated quickly and got out of
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hand. >> carley: he always knows. congressman byron donalds is going democrats putting woke lesson plans over actual learning. >> should this paragraph talking about explicit bias or racial bias be included in a mathematic quote, this is math now? >> carley: we will bring more of that exchange coming up. >> todd: congressional candidate bernie jones in indiana mikita talking about trauma. all to start your friday morning with "fox & friends first" " ♪♪ ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ features available on gmc sierra heavy duty.
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speed to a fox news alert the new york city health department is investigating a possible case of monkeypox. preliminary test will be sent to the cdc did not say whether the patient had recently traveled outside the united states there are the first monkeypox and the state of massachusetts. the virus is rare but potentially serious, symptoms include fever, headache muscle aches, exhaustion, chills and skin lesion. >> todd: indian attorney general vowed to fight covid-19 information that he says is spread by dr. fauci, the
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cdc and others. the ag's in a memo to the department of health and human services listing nine instances where he said the government spread messages and vaccine stop the spread and natural immunity doesn't help in school closures were effective and costly. agent todd rokita will join us with his mission. 20 minutes after the hour, and thinking the u.s. in it for $40 billion aid package and his comments coming as ukrainian troops a steel plant in mary mal continue to be evacuated after that said he felt a rush of. >> carley: mike tobin on the ground with mark, mike, good morning. >> good morning carley, good morning, carley. the surrender of mariupol is happening but happening slowly. russia has taken some 1730 prisoners ukrainian fighters from the red cross and hundreds
1:22 am
of prisoners of war have been documented. still commander of the regiment say he and other fighter still inside the steel plant and gave an indication that they will continue to resist. of those who have surrendered some hospitalize and others held in a prison colony as part of russian-controlled donbas region. some indicated the fighters promptly region will be tried as war criminals and vladimir putin accused the fighters of the good part of the pretext for the invasion. ukraine has killed almost 29,000 russian soldiers and destroyed some 1200 russian tanks. with the fight concentrated in the south and east of ukraine. president zelenskyy warned the bloodshed will only increase in the coming stages of the war. >> the armed forces of ukraine but don bass the occupiers trying to increase pressure. there is out there and that is not an exaggeration. >> present joe biden shown the weight of the united states
1:23 am
behind sweden and finland to join nato as leaders of those arctic statement with the president yesterday and russia's aggression has driven historically neutral country into the arms of nato. so far only turkey has expressed opposition to sweden and finland joining the alliance. approval of membership would put nato country directly on russia's border for the first time in history. todd and carley, back to you. >> carley: mike tobin my thank you businesses across the board are suffering from record high gas prices that include food trucks. our next guest of the food truck in alabama and searching costs are forcing them to limit stops, alter routes and raise prices. 1918 catering jason and jamal brown joined me now. good morning to you both. it is great to see you and both you are getting hit with a double whammy food prices and gas prices. how are you handling this? >> right now we are taking everything in stride.
1:24 am
we worked on the railroad and he was laid off. we are used to taking things in stride and 11 day at a time. to keep our bills afloat. >> carley: jamaal can only take it one day at a time by average gas prices in alabama for dollars $0.31 and a year ago $2.85. >> wow! >> carley: how much are you spending on gas a day, month per business? >> right now, right now, about $100 a day for the truck alone. another and then we have a weekly expense of 115 and propane.
1:25 am
it is killing them. but the person, every time you look around it's going up by the day. >> carley: jamaal how much were you spending before? how much of a difference is it now? >> a few months ago about $40, $50 and now another $10 to fill up the generator. and so a couple of months as it relates to gas. in trying to compensate and go out about 30 miles if you can. so you have to look to make those adjustments. >> carley: jason i know you are if popular food truck and you have cat fish, french fries, hamburgers and all the good stuff, but are you able to turn a profit when you are looking at having to pay double in terms of gas? >> yes, we will say the margins
1:26 am
are very small. but very missed margins. and right now trying to not have to increase our prices just so we can have profit bottom line numbers. >> carley: i'm so glad to hear it because we need small business owners to do well so the economy across the border can do well. as well, where is your food truck going to be because i'm sure some people in birmingham are watching right now. >> and so we will go downtown called the health services on sixth avenue and 15th street. we will set up and go out for lunch, catfish friday. some chicken, smoked wings. >> carley: it is only 4:30 in the morning but i'm telling you that brisket sandwich that i saw
1:27 am
yesterday was looking good and we are showing it. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. best of luck. >> we appreciate you all. >> todd: can you bring it here? >> that would be a little bit too much gas. all right remember the hysteria over georgia so-called racist voting reform law? >> it is the most pernicious thing and this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> early voting numbers are in and georgia is smashing turnout records. congressional candidate vernon jones is next on that. >> todd: janice dean live at the states where racing legend who wants to win it all presumably. it is the human, not the horse. and you will have to tune in to find out. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: george's early voting turnout shattering records with over half a million ballots already cashed peer at the new security lot that democrats reacted to this way. >> jim crow 2.0. >> it is the most pernicious thing. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. the one vernon jones running for congress in georgia and joins us now. vernon, where is all this voter suppression i was warned about? >> let me tell you, this goes to show you what we already know. there is a difference between election integrity and what we call or what they call voter suppression. what the left would have you believe is that black people like me do not have but a three photo i.d. and we need you to hold her hands and stand in line and by the way, we can even drink water. that is simply not true.
1:34 am
that is not only wrong but racist. >> carley: vernon i'm sure you remember all these companies think this voting law would suppress specifically the black vote. you have major league baseball and pulled the all-star game out of atlanta to show the unwavering support. delta argued the bill will make it harder for many underrepresented voters. coca-cola chiming in saying voting is a fundamental right in america, which of course is true but this law supports that notion. and then specifically you remember major league baseball pulling the all-star game out of atlanta and moving it to denver here there are so many more black-owned businesses in atlanta. all of those people really suffer the consequences. >> welcome it interesting because atlanta prospers 50,000 americans but they move the game to denver, which is 90% of african american businesses. so black businesses, everybody
1:35 am
really suffers when major league baseball did that. as a matter of fact, i'm not surprised they didn't move the headquarters in new york because the state of new york election laws the walls were stricter than georgia. so really, it was a bunch of nothing about nothing. they played the race car. that is what democrats do. i'm not surprised this was an overall plan to get black people and minorities wound up for election because that is the blade book the democrats used during election. they don't have this news to stand on but use race. >> todd: i can virtually guarantee none of the ceos rarely mention actually read the georgia voting rights bill. speaking of being uninformed, the view host comparing republicans to domestic terrorism, listen. >> washington really gives me a place were stopping domestic terrorism is divisive. i guess we are part of the problem. [laughter] >> todd: your reaction to those comments.
1:36 am
>> every time whoopi goldberg opens her mouth america loses blood cells. but they won't talk about how many black and how many republicans, including myself, we were attacked by black lives matter and antifa, how many cities they burnt down because myself and others were supporting president trump. they were the terrorist in children were killing black children and law enforcement officers were attacked. there was a mob out there and what did they do? they encourage people to go out and turn over people's dinner tables and attack people in restaurants among other things. they were being terrorists so hypocrisy of what they are saying. but again this is the far left and they will use anything they can to win and election and maybe i should say steal the elections. >> todd: understood vernon jones we appreciate your time and insight, good luck, a big day in georgia coming up on tuesday. we will see what happens. vernon jones -- a recount study.
1:37 am
40%, strike that 40 principal nba owners with tens of billions of dollars tied up in chinese ventures ranging from cruise ship line, restaurant chain, and more. espn releasing that study with one mba involved chicago's legend and hornets owner michael jordan. also named miami heat owner harrelson and sacramento kings, paul jacobs and more. many owners endorsed the nba social injustice initiative and the u.s. but all owners remain silent on china's human rights violation. 37 minutes after the hour and this week and is the leg of the triple crown race. the stakes and it takes place at pimlico horse race in baltimore. >> carley: i'm glad you said pimlico but today is black-eyed susan day at the track which celebrates women in racing and fox news senior meteorologist janice dean did just that, take
1:38 am
a look. ♪ ♪ >> we are at pimlico racetrack in baltimore. it is black-eyed susan races in case you didn't know, it is all about the ladies. let's check it out. >> and they are off. >> you are actually a chalky. >> yes. >> what is it like being a female jockey? >> i won't sugarcoat it you have to work three times as hard and don't get credit. it is a lie passion. >> tell me about the exciting experiences you have had. >> in a time neck and neck with another rider trying to be youth and you get him. >> that is awesome. tell me about the track because i feel that the preakness does not get the love they deserve. >> it is a shame because preakness is a party and loves to come to the preakness. i'm excited that we have the philly running. >> that is exciting. we don't often see this. >> there are six fillies that won the preakness and i've been watching her, she is as put it
1:39 am
this morning coming out to the track, your highness. she certainly acts like it. she has been training around the track. >> we talk a lot about are you ready to the filly at the, hall of fame winner d wayne lucas? come with me right now. i had the pleasure of talking to you a couple of times now, right? so we have to talk about rich strike a little bit. he would not have gotten a chance had he not taken out a horse. tell me about that. >> we were in the race, literally, literally the last minute. we dropped out. and that put him in. and nobody, nobody could predict what happened after that. >> what a moment for raising. >> that happiness and the industry. we've had a rough year. >> you love the preakness, why? it is three of the final races in the derby and belmont. this is the most fun. you come here and they put all
1:40 am
the stay courses and participants in the same barn. so we are like sharing a locker room in the super bowl. i think that is energizing to be here. i think it is energizing. >> tell me about secret. >> the career where we have been so blessed that you wonder if you're going to get another one. here she comes. >> oh, my goodness, what is the secret? speak with that ability to just float where she goes. and then something that is special and that is almost a killer acceleration. so if we can just move ahead a little bit with the filly because she's got some ability. she's not going to worry about the coals. >> tell me how rare that is for a filly to face with all of these colts? >> for you, the derby, right? >> i really stepped out of the box in 1988 when beat the colts
1:41 am
but that's only happen in the history of 48 years. >> now i have to ask you, i can go meet her. >> i was wondering when you were going to get to that. you have me and i'm in second place. she's a star. >> i saved the best for last. >> i hope, get your friends and your camera and let's go over there and meet her. >> let's do it. hi, she's a beauty, oh my goodness. i met, sweet girl, hi. she likes the camera. she's ready for a close up. the one she sure is a beauty, senior meteorologist janice dean joins us now, let's tie into copassions horse racing and weather. how is the track looking but more importantly how what that track lip come race time tomorrow? >> they are grooming the track right now. you will see one of the great groomers and you can't make it
1:42 am
up at 4:30 in the morning, making sure this track is ready for the horses, black-eyed susan race today, it is the filly and it will be the hottest stakes races in recent history. it will be 95 degrees, i think tomorrow in baltimore. we have a really warm stretch of weather this weekend, today into the mid-90s and tomorrow 20 degrees what it should be this time of year. in that cold front comes through. but we are excited appear the second jewel of the triple crown in even though we will not have a triple crown winner, rich strike will not be at the preakness. we think the course will be at belmont. this is a real exciting event for baltimore. they get a lot of their revenue here from the races. d wayne lucas, he could tie for the winningest record at preakness and it is his favorite race. >> carley: i love his
1:43 am
personality and so great to be introduced to him. i also loved your interview with female jockey. >> you will see it in the 5:00 a.m. hour. >> todd: we thank you very much. >> carley: i wanted to ask the jockey because so cool. okay, fine have to wait a whole hour? biden approval with hispanic voters is taking in 26%. >> todd: at the next guest with keynote like the rest of americans are not happy with the direction of the company and they know the democrats failed policies are directly to blame. >> joe biden is a one man wrecking ball. and he has taken his idiocy to our economy. and america needs to understand the united states is the democratic party. ♪ ♪
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1:48 am
>> carley: welcome back manhattan senior fellow with jarring details of a so-called trans-wellness conference that philadelphia teachers were encouraged to attend. >> shocking they were encouraging minors within the conference to start with puberty blockers. one doctor who attended said he
1:49 am
performed 2,000 surgeries in which he removed the of healthy young women, charging $10,000 ao $20 million in revenue by doing the surgery. then you had sex toys and toys exhibited appear at a really strange and arranged for in the adult but really truly shocking and frankly disgusting to be directing this to minors with encouragement of taxpayer dollars and the public schools. >> carley: the philadelphia school district telling that the conference was following through on their commitment to "creating equitable and inclusive environments." the district is also working with the organizer of the conference to develop sex education programs for students. wow! congressman byron donalds with states rejection of math textbooks with less and critical
1:50 am
race theory. listen. >> showed material like this be in a mathematic textbook? should this bar graph talking about explicit bias or racial bias be included in mathematic textbook not just in the state of florida but any state and the union? speak to the congressman sang the issue is students are a captive audience with little to no choice in the materials they received, todd. >> todd: nancy pelosi insisting that americans want democrats to keep the majority in the house come november. pelosi saying "i have no intention of the democrats not winning the house this november. people really want us to win. i don't know about polls but one district at a time." suppose that she doesn't like not looking so good for the party. the president most recent approval rating less than 40% view him favorably and a fox news poll showing most voters would prefer a republican congressional candidate. markel events at the american people see right through pelosi
1:51 am
and her party. >> joe biden is a one-man wrecking ball. and he's taken his idiocy to our economy. the american people need to understand something. you are living in the united states at the democrat party. they control the elected branches of the party. you see what it is like and their promises are like when they actually put into action. by the way, we are in a recession. i don't care what the economists say, i see it. we are in a recession, and if this is handled badly, we will be in a depression. the stock market has hit 1932 levels. people cannot afford food and gasoline and vladimir putin who is a monster has nothing to do with any of this. it is not vladimir putin and his invasion of ukraine. it is biden and the democrats an invasion of washington, d.c. >> todd: and it's not just the economy the democrats failed order policy and a radical stance like abortion driving away hispanic voters.
1:52 am
a new quinnipiac poll showing that the president's approval rating without voter block has dropped 26%, that compared to 55% last year. joining me now to discuss daniel garza, the libra initiative, daniel those numbers are stark. what do latinos fundamentally understand about joe biden that his enablers and joe biden himself, quite frankly can't get a handle on? >> todd, it seems like this administration is different to latino priorities. frankly, latinos along with fellow americans are getting in this economy with policies that are being driven by this administration and fuels inflation. they have less cash in their wallets. and they get increased at the pump, the grocery stores. and so, it is one of these things where i think for the longest time, america's growing
1:53 am
ethnic and racial diversity was predicted by many, right, to be the deciding factor that would put the g.o.p. into the path of extinction. it is actually turning into an asset and literal advantage. and i say that because you take a look at what happened with glenn youngkin and the governor's race in virginia. mind you, this is where we had latino central american, latin american and yes latin america and puerto rican he won 25% of the vote in the top state where this is supposed to be a blue wall. >> carley: let's get into that and focus on the specific spirit obviously the economic parade of horrible affects everyone of us but latinos by and large are god fearing people here they go to church and they are very religious. how much is the biden and quite frankly the democrat agenda, the social agenda driving the majority of latinos a way to the republicans? >> welcome of course latinos are
1:54 am
very uncomfortable with how comfortable this administration is with socialist type policies. one of the things, of course, i talk about how we are getting more and paid less. it turns out latinos and americans are getting fleeced by hunter biden. this is something that of course latinos have seen throughout latin america and central america and mexico. the corruption that happens right those being governed. the biden family turns out to put the people to shame here they are operating out of the same playbook all the time it turns out. latinos are still americans. >> todd: that is a fascinating perspective and not just the socialist. it is the corruption they are used to seeing from their country. quickly, and 15 seconds. the story of the midterms and how the role of the latinos play.
1:55 am
>> i think latinos will be fine. the senate in nevada, georgia, south carolina, and i think they will also claim the new districts like barbara and in houston and reelect in florida, texas and newcomers like monica in the rio grande valley. >> todd: daniel garza, great insight and we appreciate it, thank you sir. this fox news alert, south korea and the first official trip to asia leaving behind a long issues at home. we bring you live breaking news coverage next. >> carley: todd rokita and laura tromped coming up next on "fox & friends first." rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work.
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>> carley: president biden arriving in south korea minutes ago, looking to divert attention from his crisis at home. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'd todd piro. national gas price in america surging to new record high of $4.59 this morning. look at that. house democrats yesterday blaming big oil companies for the surge, instead of their own policies. >> carley: griff jenkins is covering this. good morning. >> griff: air force one is down in south


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