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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 20, 2022 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> carley: president biden arriving in south korea minutes ago, looking to divert attention from his crisis at home. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'd todd piro. national gas price in america surging to new record high of $4.59 this morning. look at that. house democrats yesterday blaming big oil companies for the surge, instead of their own policies. >> carley: griff jenkins is covering this. good morning. >> griff: air force one is down
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in south korea. president biden will tour a samsung facility. president biden said i'm on my first trip to asia as president to strengthen alliances and partnerships and working with fellow democracy to shape the rules of the road for the 21st century. the president lands as soaring gas prices hit a new daily record high. new numbers released $4.59 for gallon of regular gas, that is up 1 cent from yesterday. the house voted thursday to prevent price gouging. members want to place the blame on russia. >> you can think the activity of vladamir putin for invading
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ukraine and pulling -- >> oh, nonsense. with all due respect, that is utter nonsense. >> griff: others refusing to believe the pain being felt at the pump. >> americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events making things difficult. >> you are unwilling to say gas prices are too high. >> we're doing all we can, senator. >> griff: not the only mounting crisis the president left mind with the baby formula shortage leaving one scrambling. >> this is baby army, we've been struggling to find formula for months, why is the biden administration just waking up, caught out of touch to take this on? why didn't he do that months
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ago? >> griff: may spell trouble for house democrats, internal polling shows generic republicans with comfortable eight-point lead. set to hear from president biden, he will deliver remarks alongside south korea's president in the next hour. we will bring that live as we get it. >> todd: griff jenkins without a may be in his live shot, joining us live from washington. former assistant secretary of state robert charles reacting to the president's trip. >> i think all of us as americans understands this looks like a deflection and running away from problems that have got his poll numbers in the basement. record high inflation rate coming our way, gasoline prices out of control, baby formula not being able to be found by parents, it is not an act of courage to jump to the other side of the world when your
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country is in trouble. >> todd: president trump will leave for japan and returning on tuesday. president volodymyr zelenskyy thanking u.s. senate for advancing $40 billion aid package. troops continue to be evacuated after the city fell to russia. >> carley: mike tobin on the ground in ukraine. mike, good morning. >> mike: the united states is throwing support behind ukraine and against russia starting with approval of $40 billion aid package that will cover everything from weapons to training to intelligent. it was the last step before heading to the president's desk. he is expected to sign it. president biden threw support behind finland and sweden to join nato. russia aggression driven them
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toward embrace of allies and putin expressed fear of nato expansion, his invasion of ukraine could alter the security map of europe. >> president biden: today i'm proud to welcome and offer the strong support of the united states for the applications of two great democracy and two close highly capable partners to join the strongest, most powerful defensive alliance in the history of the world. >> mike: after a long and valient fight, siege of mariupol is slowly coming to an end with russia in control of the battered and scorched, but strategically important city. 1700 ukrainian fighters have surrendered this week, a few fighters remain in the plants, indicated they will continue to
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fight. those who surrendered have been taken to the hospital or the -- donbas region. mariupol is strateically important, it connects the donbas region to the crimea peninsula where russia has been fortifying since 2014. back to you. >> carley: mike tobin, thank you. watch this. >> the senate should be ashamed passing $40 billion unpaid bill while the american people are suffer withing rampant inflation. you have my colleagues in the house coming up to me and saying, you guys in the freedom caucus are daring to force votes on bills and making us vote. we missed eight fundraisers this week. fundraisers. did we interfere with your steak dinner rather than doing work
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for the american people? >> carley: the president is expected to sign the american aid bill on his trip to asia. >> todd: two killed in downtown chicago overnight. this happening just blocks from the magnificent mile shopping district. the suspect is in custody. we'll monitor the story and bring details. >> carley: i have an apartment in chicago, my husband primarily lives and works there. when you hear downtown, you are not sure what area, magnificent mile is one of the nicest areas in chicago. it is a tale of two cities where the south side is riddleed with gang violence and crime and the north side a much different story. the south side is getting worse and the safer area is becoming a really dangerous place, as well. >> todd: increasingly as we go through 2022, coming out of 2021
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and 2020, it is not hyperbole to say no place in america is safe anymore. we grew up in a cocoon of safety. we are good unless we go to the bad area, the bad area is expanding and it is not good. >> carley: had the 911 dispatcher on and he talked about crime across the city taking place and he says if it is unsustainable if things continue like they are now, chicago is going to be not what we know it today, which is unfortunate. more to come on that breaking news as we get it. el paso deprepared to declare state of emergency with the end of title 42. >> with title 42 last year the biden administration let 2 million people illegally into the country. if they rescind title 42, the numbers go up and up and up.
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>> carley: el paso, texas planning declare state of emergency over the surge of illegal immigrants when title 42 is lifted. >> todd: former border patrol chief joins us now. victor, can anyone truly predict how bad it is going to get in the el paso sector when title 42 is lifted? >> no, todd, but rest assured, it will get horrific. looking at numbers right now in el paso of about 1100 arrests and title 42 lifted, it will approach 2000. what we're seeing now is really people not waiting for title 42 to be lifted. they understand the government does not have the capability or resources to deal with this influx of people we are seeing
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now. >> carley: let's talk about that state of emergency that will be declared in el paso. what that does, it will open upstate and federal funds to el paso for more facilities to be open because everything is full right now. you have illegal imgrantss being sent to the streets with no food, nowhere to go. when you think of how that could multiply, you are looking at a humanitarian crisis. >> carley, humanitarian crisis gets used a lot. we left that mark nine months ago. this fits definition of a disaster. look at a disaster, an event or events that occur and exceed resources of the government. what the local city council is saying, it exceeded our resources. the department of homeland security told us, it can't deal
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with this, it exceeded routine procedures and resources. this is more the idea of a disaster and i would argue it is a human aid disaster. >> todd: to carley and your point, this is not just an el paso or tucson problem, this will be throughout every border community and into our nation. right now every single community is a border community and along those lines, many individuals are claiming "asylum," do you hazard to guess a percentage how many asylum seekers will attend their hearing when that hearing comes up? >> todd, when we look at hearings, put this in perspective, hearings take five to six years to occur from this point, talking about half a decade down the road, that folks if they show up to an asylum
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hearing, half a decade. historically, we're looking between 70 to 75% of people never show up. the problem is, of the huge numbers, at border patrol, million arrests reported first week of may for first six months of the fiscal year. 4% of all individuals who claim asylum actually qualify for asylum. 960,000 people don't even qualify for asylum. >> todd: and joe biden and his administration are doing nothing about it, they are fo silltating it. victor manjarrez jr., thank you for your time. desantis signing a bill establishing seven-year mandatory minimum sentence for selling up to 14 grams of fentanyl and 20 years for selling over 14 grams.
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desantis saying lax southern border policy massive infusion of fentanyl into our country. nba owners who have been silent have billions tied up in the country. we have the numbers for you. >> carley: and congressman schooling democrats for putting woke lesson plans over actual learning. >> should this bar graph talking about implicit bias or racial bias, be included in mathematics textbook? this is math now. >> carley: more of that exchange coming up next.
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it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at >> todd: florida congressman byron donald defending math textbooks that contain lessons on critical race theory.
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>> should material like this be in a mathematic textbook? should this bar graph talking about implicit bias or racial bias be included in a mathematics textbook? not just in the state of florida, but any state in the union? >> todd: the issue is students are a captive audience with little to no choice in the materials they receive. and remember that hysteria from the democrats and woke corporation over georgia election integrity law? >> tent jim crow 2.0. >> president biden: this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> todd: if you don't remember, let me fill you in, numbers are in and early voting turnout is smashing state records. georgia congressional candidate vernon jones joined us earlier with his take on this issue. >> this goes to show what we
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already know, there is difference between election integrity and what we call or they call voter suppression. what the left have you believe is that black people like me do not have or cannot afford a free photo id, we need you to hold our hand and we can't even drink water. that is simply not true. it is not only wrong, it is racist. >> todd: primary election day in the peach state coming up on tuesday, may 24th. >> carley: another big day. biden-flation suffocating businesses. a business is forced to charge $34 for chicken wings, he says the real cost is solid $34. looking at the numbers, wings are expensive, you are not even turning a profit for what you are charging. >> we're turning a profit, not the profit we would based on the math of how restaurants price
2:24 am
items. it is expensive. a lot of items are on continual rise, luckily sometimes something falls. we see rise and fall seasonal. right now we have the perfect storm of demand, of scarcity, the ukrainian war, the flu, supply chain, it is hard to be in our business, carley. >> carley: i was wondering if one reason why chicken wings are so expensive is because of the flu you just mentioned. you've been in the restaurant industry for 30 years, have you seen anything like this before? >> never seen anything. you might have a drought causing problems with lettuce or something with the orange crop in florida, but to have something universe sxal global like this is unheard of.
2:25 am
restaurant eurs are people, we are doing everything we can to be decisive in our decisions, very frugal and just thankful that our customers really understand this. since everyone goes to the grocery store and buys gas, they can see everything is expensive. restaurantss have to make ajustments, i think consumers quite kind and we appreciate that. we're trying to do what we can do. >> carley: that is good news for you and other small business owners. you had the pandemic and then the labor shortage and now sky high inflation. you need relief, what does that look like? >> well, we were thankful over the past couple years, pp1 and pp2 were helpful, if not for the stimulus, most of us would not be in business. i'm in the deep south and we've had a chance to open fairly
2:26 am
early during the pandemic, we had good weather so outside dining during restrictions was something we could do. we have a customer base that is willing and able to come out to eat. i am worried in larger markets about so many restaurantss that are suffering through it. yesterday, asked for relief, last opportunity for something to happen at federal level was completion of the restaurant revitalization fund and that did not pass. we keep ongoing. i will say this in closing on this, when you go to your local restauranteur, especially coffee shop, you walk in and wonder why is that drink cup different, why am i getting different utensils or bags? every week when the supplier brings them, we don't know what is going to show up. the supply chain is in such disarray, we keep going and we
2:27 am
will make it. >> carley: keep on trucking, you are doing it with a smile. jeff good, thank you. todd. >> todd: that guest was good. >> carley: that was the joke with the last name -- >> todd: send it over to britta merwin. >> carley: we're trying to impress britta, how do you feel about the corny jokes? >> i love it. i am married to a guy that has the best dad jokes. todd, same level. fox weather studio is right next to you. you are good neighbors, you are nice and quiet. >> todd: one of us is. >> i think both of you are in line. today we're tracking a lot going on. pocket of cold air for a few of you and sweating it out on the east coast. we have thunderstorms to track. this is a big deal for pennsylvania. we are tracking thunderstorms
2:28 am
over cincinnati and action leaving west virginia, that is up to the north and east. stronger storms could move through pennsylvania and the storms upon pass the northeast later today. speaking of the northeast, the heat is on, heat advisory for tomorrow. that is hottest weather we feel. upper 90s out there and could break records as far north as upstate new york. northern maine could see hot temperatures. would you expect 96 in may in wurster? unbelievable stuff v. a way to beat the heat. the cold air is out west. we are waking up to 39 degrees right now in denver. yesterday less than 24 hours ago, you were in the upper 80s. talk about a dramatic swing. we have snow falling right now. snow nothing cheyenne, wyoming. take it easy on i-25. we will see substantial snow in
2:29 am
the mountains, possibly two feet of snow in the mountains and ski resorts are open. do you ski or do you prefer beach? >> carley: both of them. >> todd: i have to work outside, could be 90 or 100, my parentss are coming up, i'm working my mom, busy weekend. >> bring out the coolers. >> carley: provide water for mom. britta, thank you, we appreciate it. fiery testimony in the michael sussmann trial. brooke singman was in the courtroom and she is next with a live report. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections,
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>> todd: the man accused of attacking dave chappelle on stage is charged with a felony for another attack. george gascon charging system isaiah lee. publicity from the attack helped dave chappelle solve the case. he pleaded not guilty. >> carley: james baker in the durham/sussmann trial revealed nothing was found in the year long investigation of the probe. >> todd: brooke singman joins us live. >> brooke: that was nothing there, the exact words of former fbi general counsel james baker.
2:34 am
he testified the fbi investigated the data michael sussmann brought to him alleging link between the trump organization and russia's alpha bank and concluded there was substance. baker testifying he was 100% confident michael sussmann said he was not appearing on behalf of any particular client, he thought sussmann was coming to see him as a good citizen. knowing michael, i would think he would want to help the government. sussmann is charged with falsely telling the fbi he was handing over information not on behalf of any client. john durham's team says he has evidence showing sussmann billed the clinton campaign for the private meeting with baker for the meet nothing 2016. analyst says it is not case closed just yet. listen. >> sussmann has no defense whatsoever. he can still get an acquittal. how?
2:35 am
it is washington, d.c., registered voters are democrats. we find vast panel of potential jurors are hillary clinton supporters. >> brooke: sussmann's defense is zero nothing on claims of inconsistencies in baker's testimony. he will get on the stand today for the third day. we could hear testimony from former clinton campaign manager robby america -- milken. >> todd: baker is an interesting witness, very swampy. it is true. indiana attorney general fighting covid-19 misinformation calling out government officials for requests "misleading" claims. what are the main culprits? >> i tell you, we got to prepare
2:36 am
for the next pandemic or whatever is coming down the pike. i put my faith in hoosiers and americans to make good decisions when they have good information. the fact of the matter is no one in their right mind should -- or in the back of their mind, trust the data. there was no criteria for the healthcare providers to submit in the first place and not been a substantive audit by the cdc. for politicians to come out as they did and say this is good data, and this is accurate and covid deaths are accurate. no one in their right mind can or should believe that. we shouldn't forget it now. i will pick up from an forensic perspective and find out exactly how these numbers were retrieved, how they were produced, forwarded and what
2:37 am
criteria, if any, were used. >> todd: they told us things like vaccines stop the spread, no doubt about it. when things came out in the wash, it turned out that wasn't true. you have a long list, we will not go through them, bigger picture. did washington, d.c. learn its lesson? >> does it ever? we have to keep it accountable. this is our government. our government was taken away from us during this pandemic, glad to be joined by two esteemed doctors that helped me with the comments that we wrote to the cdc, we'll see if they see the light of day pointing out all this information. the point is leaders across the country shouldn't let this issue go. if they get away with it this time, they will do it again next time and we've got to stop that. >> todd: call it what it was,
2:38 am
massive federal power grab. did that federal power grab during the covid pandemic cause irreparable damage or can we get those freedoms back? >> we are going to try. great question. they are slipping away. unless we fight for it, we will lose them. the first step is not to forget. we go back and spend time and money looking into this data in indiana, maybe other places, to see how these hospitals and other healthcare providers collected this data. what criteria, they used. if no standardized criteria, that is a problem. if you are incentivized by healthcare providers and hospitals to get more money if you report a covid infection, that is a problem and has to be looked into. for politicians to blindly say this data is perfect and we'll make policy off of it is
2:39 am
ridiculous and people know that. we'll help people not forget about this and make sure it doesn't happen next time we have an emergency. >> todd: give an inch, they take a mile at the federal government. keep us posted on your work on this. we appreciate it. another day, another record high at the gas pump. you don't like to see that, republicans are not letting the biden administration run from this one. >> you can think the activity of vladamir putin for invading ukraine and pulling -- >> oh, nonsense, all due respect, madam secretary, that is utter nonsense. >> carley: more on that and heading to baltimore's pimlico race course, janice dean is giving us a look at the preakness stakes. hi, janice. may i? we're definitely not lit. i mean seriously, we named ourselves
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>> elon musk hitting back on sexual harassment claim against him, calling it a political hit piece. musk tweeting the wild accusations are untrue. he says the attacks should be viewed through a political lens, this is the standard play book. accusation coming from a former space flight attendant.
2:44 am
she says he wanted an erotic massage. musk announced he would be voting republican and political attacks on me will escalate in the coming months. hunter biden laptop shows he and his firm took in $11 million between 2013 and 2018 while working for a ukrainian firm and chinese businessman and spent that money fast. >> todd: cheryl casone will break it down. it is lucrative to be hunter biden. >> cheryl: at the time in his life he was doing this, he made a lot of money and he spent it quickly. the hard drive on hunter biden's laptop shows he and his firm took in 11 million from his work for that ukrainian firm, burisma. both entities accused of crimes, fraud and bribery.
2:45 am
documents from two senate committees showing biden was spending $200,000 or more for things like luxury hotel rooms, a porsche, . >> joe biden lied to all of us, he lied by saying that hunter made no money off his presidency, made no money in china. what? you see the facts now. >> cheryl: hunter biden has admitted spending loads of cash on drug addiction and partying, he wrote it in his book. that was the business side that has the government and especially his taxes in focus now. >> carley: talk about gas prices and what the energy secretary had to say yesterday. >> cheryl: insisting record-high gas prices are not the fault of biden administration, one senator not having it.
2:46 am
>> you can thank the activity of vladamir putin for invading ukraine and -- >> nonsense, with all due respect, madam secretary, utter nonsense. >> cheryl: listen to the interior secretary when pressed on the same issue. >> you believe that gas prices are too high? >> americans are still recovering from the terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult. >> sounds you are unwilling to say gas prices are too high? >> we are doing all we can, senator. >> cheryl: the senator tweeting, this administration is in denial and that is the talking point here. >> todd: eye-opening report on the owner dependence on china. >> cheryl: yeah, we knew the ties were lucrative for nba owners, but this analysis by espn shows extent to which they are relying on china.
2:47 am
they have a collective $10 billion tied up in china. this as owners remained silent on the return of nba games to chinese state tv. daryl morey, stand with hong kong. hornets owner michael jordan and several others. >> carley: thank you so much frchlt one sport to another. this weekend's preakness stakes mark second leg of the triple crown race at pimlico course >> >> todd: janice dean is there with the ceo of first experience. take it away. >> jimmy va rgas, the ceo of fun. tell me about what is happening today at preakness. >> today we're kicking off preakness weekend with black-eyed susan race. we will have amazing day of great culinary, art and great racing. we have performances by miss
2:48 am
lauren hill, meghan the stallion, the symphony. we have representation of the best top chefs in america. tom circumstance ilekio, and great art by baltimore artist named derrick adams, curating a beautiful art garden in the infield. great day of fun, music, races, probably some cocktails. >> janice: i would hope so. >> i hope so, yeah. >> janice: this is first year for this. >> this is inaugural year for the culinary arts festival. it is opportunity to utilize preakness to showcase best of baltimore, representation from local restaurants, artists and local musicians that will headline the talent. >> janice: i love this race, it doesn't get the hooplah the others do. >> it is the people's race, the
2:49 am
people's party. there is a music festival, a food festival infused. there is an art garden infused and people just like to come and have a good time. we're excited to get everyone back at full capacity. the past two years have been no fan attendance, partial attendance. the city is fans want to get back and have a great day at the races. >> janice: you started early, we have the best lighting, what is next, do you start setting up? >> we're in it. we start setting up and do sound checks this morning still. just a lot of finishing touches to make it all the magic happen. >> janice: do you need a taste tester or drink tester? >> drink tester, taste testers we have, drink testers we need. >> janice: i'm in, sign me up. i'll get my resume. todd and carley, this will be a
2:50 am
fun one. we don't have the excitement of a triple crown, but people are more relaxed. this is a wonderful track for discovering baltimore issue the wonderful city it is. it will be real hot. extra water, as well. >> extra water and take it slow, it's a long day. >> janice: thank you for joining me. back to you. look at this sunrise. >> carley: it's beautiful. >> janice: horses in the background. >> carley: the sunrise matches your hat. >> todd: really cute. >> carley: you're going to be there tomorrow, too, you get to experience all the food and the fun and you're going to bring us the news tomorrow about the race. >> janice: it is the triple crown of fun and thank you to christine moore for this morning. >> carley: great stuff. appreciate it. now turning to more news, title 42 is still set to end on monday and border towns are bracing for an onslot. where is vice president kamala
2:51 am
harris? >> todd: we don't know answer to that. lara trump is next and she is here, don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. ( car crashing ) but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for all of this... yourself. so get allstate. .
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>> todd: president biden popularity among hispanic voters under water. only 26% of latino voters approve of his job performance compared to last year's 55% approval among the same demographic. daniel garza joined us earlier on these numbers. >> it seems like this administration is indifferent to latino priorities and frankly latinos along with heir fellow americans are getting fleeced in this economy given that these policies that are being driven by this administration induce and fuels inflation. >> todd: the poll comes days before joe biden plans to slash border policy title 42 which has many hispanic towns along the border in crisis. speaking of the border.
2:56 am
where in the world is the vice president not at the border. harris visited the border in january to root causes but she has not been to the border in almost a year. >> carley: lara trump joins us now. title 42 possibly ending on monday. good time to talk about border harris being the border czar and despite having that title she has only dumped this issue firsthand a few times. she went to guatemala and mexico last year as well as el paso, texas that was considered her trip to the southern border. and then she went to honduras in january. doesn't seem like enough though. >> yeah. i mean, carley, it's almost laughable at this point to call kamala harris the border czar in case nobody has paid attention over the past 14 months since she got that title, it's clear to everybody nor does she intend
2:57 am
on addressing the crisis at our southern border. you just said it she made a handful of trips. one of them very embarrassing to guatemala. she made a couple of phone calls she went one time to the border not even to the rio grande screal where the major thoroughfare is for people coming into america through the southern border she has never intended on doing anything on this problem. the fact that she is not even pretending to try here coupled with the fact that our government continues to allow our laws on the southern border to be flagrantly violated on a daily basis to the tune of about a quarter million people last month alone, indicates to people that, perhaps, not only do they not care about it, maybe this administration wants these people to continue to come in. the reality is biden -- the biden administration has very little support around this
2:58 am
country. people are not into anything that joe biden or the democrats have done. they know they have lost a lot in their voter base, so perhaps they just want people to pour into america. maybe that's the plan. they never intended on actually addressing the problem state of emergency that's going to happen in his border community and it's not just going to be his, lara. border communities throughout our nation. they don't even have an ability to quantify how bad it's going to get and that is frightening. meantime, want to get your thoughts on this. g.o.p. primary election turnout is suggesting a red wave in november midterms while democrats' own polling reveals generic republicans leading generic democrats by 8 points in battleground districts. look at these numbers. republican voters 54.9% of the voter turnout there if dems can't get their hard core base to show up in the primaries, what chance could they have of mobilizing the rest of the electorate come november, lara? >> yeah it doesn't look very good for the democrats.
2:59 am
look, it's always harder whenever, you know, your party usually loses when you are in the white house. we know that evidence american has been impacted by the democratic party. people do not want to vote against their own best interest. it becomes self-preservation at a certain point. no longer dad is going to vote so that they cannot find formula for their. no one wants to vote for more crime no. citizen wants to vote to pay more for gas or groceries democrats have failed them in an epic way here. they're looking to the republican party. that's why you have seen just in the primary on tuesday, 30% more turnout for republicans and the democrats are down by about 6%. i think that's going to hold as we head towards november. democrats certainly. >> carley: i think this internal polling by the dccc is
3:00 am
interesting because they are behind we saw this with hind too, democrats are being instructed to attack house republicans as maga republicans. i don't think that strategy is going to work. >> todd: ridiculous. >> really bad strategy. >> carley: happy friday, thanks for joining us as always. >> thanks, guys. >> todd: we want all of to you have a good weekend i want particularly you to have a good weekend. >> carley: thanks, towed, you too. >> todd: president biden just arrived in south korea for first official trip. >> the national gas price average in america surging to a new record high. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> we're doing all we'll can, senator. >> the american people need to understand something. if you are living in the united states, democrat party. >> athere was zero connection between trump and the shady russian bank as claimed by the clinton campaign. >> i actually think this is the
3:01 am
thread that is


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