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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 20, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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too, democrats are being instructed to attack house republicans as maga republicans. i don't think that strategy is going to work. >> todd: ridiculous. >> really bad strategy. >> carley: happy friday, thanks for joining us as always. >> thanks, guys. >> todd: we want all of to you have a good weekend i want particularly you to have a good weekend. >> carley: thanks, towed, you too. >> todd: president biden just arrived in south korea for first official trip. >> the national gas price average in america surging to a new record high. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> we're doing all we'll can, senator. >> the american people need to understand something. if you are living in the united states, democrat party. >> athere was zero connection between trump and the shady russian bank as claimed by the clinton campaign. >> i actually think this is the thread that is pulling at the
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entire clinton campaign. >> title 42 is scheduled to go away monday. >> based upon biden's numbers they said expect 18,000 a people a day. that would be the equivalent of houston coming across the border in a year. >> and this weekend is the second leg of the triple crown. >> it's going to be one of the hottest stakes races in recent history. ♪ do it again ♪ can't wait for the weekend ♪ oh my god, it's the weekend ♪ like every day ♪ >> steve: talking about the weekend. you are looking like at people o racetrack in the baltimore area. tomorrow north running of the
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preakness at people lick co, i h during race time 96 degrees. the heat index will be 105 degrees when all the horses are taking the track late in the day. >> ainsley: ains tube tops shos are exposed. >> brian: do you think for couples they should sell action ware tank to be a tube top wouldn't that be good. >> ainsley: man in a tank top never a good idea. >> brian: you don't like men in tank tops why because of raging bull. >> ainsley: no. i don't like them on a man. >> steve: past that fashion
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statement. >> brian: things to bond them maybe let's go shopping together and get matching tube tops, tank tops. >> ainsley: he wears the tank top and she wears the tube? >> steve: matching his and her t-shirts. she would be wearing the shirt that says i'm with stupid. >> ainsley: i don't remember those. >> brian: that's problematic. >> ainsley: your wife does own a clothing store. >> steve: she does? that's amazing. she just opened one. >> brian: soft opening official next week. >> ainsley: the day you and i were out the day before on saturday. i was watching the show and brian announced and showed a picture of dawn and one of her best friends outside of the store it's out there in manhasset? >> brian: massapequa. >> steve: dawn kilmeade congratulations. that's fantastic. >> ainsley: all the girls are helping her some for it. >> brian: as soon as they come
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back home. >> steve: congratulations, dawn. >> ainsley: president is in south korea he landed and he is attending the samsung simi conductor plant is he doing this to demonstrate cooperation between south korea and the u.s. when the previous south korean president came to d.c. they had a mutual agreement in simi conductors and batteries for electric cars. >> steve: it all comes back to politics he is going to be talking and we will take his comments in 10 minutes, why the congress needs to pass the innovation act. the reason he is at samsung is because what they have got there in south korea where it is 7:04 in the evening, that samsung plant is a model for the new samsung plant that is going to be built in taylor, texas. samsung is coming to texas. >> ainsley: like everyone else. >> brian: by the way, such a valuable relationship but it drove president trump nuts that we are paying for their defense.
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we missiles, line them, pay for the maintenance and put our troops there and they should be paying now that they are this prosperous economy. happy and to a degree that president trump is not putting the pressure on them again. doesn't work in our best interest in the long run, perhaps. the other thing have you got to worry about what north korea is about to do. might be sending a message to the president by maybe doing another nuclear test there. the big story is if you can consolidate the neighbors to understand the threat. militarily and economically that china does that they live every day that china is and can you consolidate some type of military rankment to get china's attention especially as it relates to taiwan that would be important. mitch mcconnell went out and saluted president biden said listen, time something guido good for you to go over there wouldn't it have been great for him to go visit taiwan and send a message like listen, we have got your back. >> steve: time something great for joe biden because of this. when the going gets tough, road trip. and, you know, why would he want to stay here in the united
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states? you look at the crises he is facing here, our gas hit another record high yesterday. it's 11 days in a row. today the price for an average gallon of gas is about 4.59. yesterday it was a penny cheaper. last year it was 3.04. it's gone up a buck and a half in the last year. >> ainsley: that's interesting because the energy secretary was being interviewed in a hearing in the armed services committee hearing and the senators were asking her questions about this and saying is this acceptable? and she is saying no, no, no. you can thank vladimir putin for this. she was blaming putin for the policies and for high gas prices and then josh hawley said this is nonsense. >> steve: also, they interviewed the interior secretary. >> ainsley: i'm not finished. >> steve: okay. >> ainsley: to your point about gas prices he said in january of 2021 the average gas price in my
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state of missouri was $2.07. 8 months later it went up 30% and it gone up ever since he said. what are you doing to he radio verse the administration's policies? she said it is not the administration's policies that have affected supply and demand. that's the message they want sent. >> steve: yesterday on this program we are talking about how this administration would love gas to be $25 a gal lob so we use less of it. >> ainsley: true. >> steve: that's why when senator barrasso asked the interior secretary, you know, is gas too high? she didn't answer. >> ainsley: didn't respond. >> steve: watch. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> i think that there -- that americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of glufs so it sounds you are unwilling to say that gas prices are too high. >> we're doing, um, all we can senator. >> it is not administration
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policies that have affected supply and demand. >> how can you say that? why don't you answer my question. from january to august the price of gasoline was up over 30%. in my state alone. are you telling me -- madam secretary, are you telling me under oath that these policies had no affect. >> no. they did not. >> that's a remarkable statement. i have to say madam secretary with all due respect your answers are insulting. >> brian: he didn't have to add with all due respect. he talked about how they went up 30% before vladimir putin went in there and the putin price hike does it play a role? it's a very small role with the role of the russia gas an our overall energy consumption very little. when we stopped almost no impact. i understand it's a global commodity and that's how the prices are figured out. one thing we could be doing is work with mexico and canada so some type of regional plan in a time of crisis. and how scary is that that they can't even admit that the prices are high? i thought with the rubber hits
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the road is why. they don't want to say it because it contradicts their left wing that put them in power if i got to get gas prices low people drive more, use more, and fly more. those are fossil fuels. and they believe that it is warming up the planet. what they are not seeing is the american family. have to cancel their vacation. have to alter their vacation because hotels, because of flights. because their travel, their car, their gas. all have to change. they're already on a tight budget. inflation 8.5%. on average, their wages went up a 5.3%. they already have their banks against the wall then they find out that the people who are responsible's policies somewhat responsible for all of this don't seem to care or own it. >> ainsley: the energy secretary -- the interior secretary just deflected. she said oh, well, when i look back it's never been this high she said. they asked her. and she said when i look back i think about the long gas lines. well, you know what?
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there are long gas lines here, too. look at costco where it's cheaper and people are waiting a long time to get gas there then she goes on to say there is a lot of other world events making it difficult for us. they are deflecting and blaming other things. they don't want to address this issue. josh hawley came prepared because he hit back. he said look at all the things that the president has done on day one when he came into office? he said he was reentering the paris climate accord. he cancer said the keystone pipeline. he halted leasing programs in anwar. issued 60 day halts on federal lands and waters. directed federal agencies to eliminate all supports of fossil fuels and impose new regulations on oil and gas and methane admissions those are all things he did first few days of his presidency. >> brian: enemy is the oil and gas companies. the house democrats yesterday passed gas price gouging bills. again, they want to vilify big business. big billionaires and the american people for using fossil fuels. if you want to go green, you
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better have a alternative. >> ainsley: exactly. >> brian: alternative wind and solar are not yesterday to heat our homes on a regular basis and not ready to fuel our cars. >> ainsley: what about electric cars? people can't afford them. >> steve: exactly right. but the administration doesn't care because they are not going to abandon their green agenda. they want to inflict some pain upon people so that they stop driving as much or, brian, to your point, taking vacations and stuff like that. there is a great story this morning in the "the washington post" that just frames it perfectly about how challenging these times are for the middle class. they tell a story of a woman who is a teacher down in louisiana. and she is middle class. but she makes too much money to qualify for food stamps or any assistance. and do you know what she is doing to get by so that her family can have food on the table? >> she don't united states plasma twice a week every month and she winds up with 400 or $500 if she's lucky.
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this recession, according to two thirds of the ceos, 68% think there is going to be a recession this year or next year in this country. and mark levin says, look, it's coming. blame the democrats. watch. >> steve: do you know what and then that's what he says blame the democrats for recession. >> brian: we are not quitters, stick with it. >> ainsley: try it againable? >> steve: it isn't going to work. >> ainsley: unable. >> brian: what the president does and i just find it ridiculous. that week that story i think it was politico or axios the president told everybody we are in political mode stop dealing with the republicans and thinking about midterms. the president comes out and says well the republicans just want to raise your taxes that created
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8 million jobs. number one job market is slow. we have 11 million to fill is the bigger story and 7 million out of work is another story. half of the jobs that came back when the deficits reduceside because we are coming off covid-19. do you really believe the american people are that stupid to not understand those factors? you are going to let us forget it? >> steve: right. >> brian: do we have it? >> steve: here's thing, regarding what you were talking about where the president says you know, i can't -- the republicans won't work with me, kevin mccarthy said yesterday i've tried calling the president and they don't put me through. i keep calling, he doesn't call me back. we understand apparently. >> brian: just ask me to do this put it up. all we have to do bang the side of the camera. you want to roll it? >> steve: you know. >> president biden is a one man wrecking ball he has taken his idiocy to our economy, and the american people need to understand something. you are living in the united states of the democrat party they control all the elected branches of government. you are seeing what it is like. you are seeing what their
3:14 am
promises are like when they are actually put into action. by the way, we're in a recession. i don't care what the economists say. i see it we are in a recession. and if this is handled badly, we're going to be in a depression. the stock market has hit 1932 levels. people cannot afford food and gasoline. vladimir putin who is a monster, has nothing to do with any of this. it's not vladimir putin and his invasion of ukraine. it's biden and the democrats their invasion of washington, d.c. >> ainsley: if the democrats do not get ahold of this problem of the high gas prices, of the supply chain crisis, people are changing the way they live their lives. in november they are going to go to the polls and they are going to vote. they are going to vote for republicans because they see what joe biden and this administration have done to this country. they are changing their lives. changing their vacations, they are changing at the diners we heard several of them say they
3:15 am
are not eating out as much. they used to eat at this diner a day or seven times a week. now once a week and running their errands around that diner at all the grocery stores and big box stores around that diner because they don't want to go back out because they can't afford the gas. >> steve: don't have any choice because prices are through the roof. when we broke down the analysis of the 10 states that have had primaries so far. republicans are turning out in larger numbers. and the numbers for democrats actually down 6%. that is not good for the democrats. by the way, brian, when you bang the side of the camera. >> brian: what happens? >> steve: apparently it worked. because i thought we got rid of the tube cameras. you do that to tubes on the camera or tv set. i think we got rid of those in like 78. >> brian: i asked them to come back put the tubes back. in. >> ainsley: it works in our green rooms. we have little tvs in hair and makeup and bang the side of them
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to make them work. >> brian: whoever banged them started us. we have been banging ever since. all right. 15 minutes now after the hour. still ahead, did you hear about this story. police say a hula cross player murdered outside of a house party stabbed in the heart. details just coming in. obtained by fox news, we will share them. >> ainsley: be president biden set to speak in south korea just a few minutes from now and we will bring you those remarks live
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xfinity mobile runs on america's most reliable 5g network, but for up to half the price of verizon so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. >> carley: back with a fox news alert. downtown chicago shooting blocks from the city's premier shopping district on the magnificent mile. suspect in custody and gahanna
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was recovered. conditions of those injured have not yet been released but witnesses are calling the scene, quote, bloody. we will continue to bring you all of the updates on the shooting as they come in. new york city investigating a possible case of monkey post pox dayway potentially united s. sent to the cdc. officials have not said whether the patient recently traveled outside of the united states. symptoms fever, headache, muscle aches, exhaustion chills and skin lesions. round one of the 2022 pga championship is in the books. rory mcilroy finishing alone at the top 5 under par. tiger woods making a less impressive showing 4 above par. woods told reporter his injured leg is causing him pain while playing. >> i can't load it. and loading hurts. and pressing off it hurts.
3:22 am
and walking hurts. the twisting hurts. so, if i don't play that, i don't do that i'm all right. >> carley: woods clearly frustrated going as far as telling a cameraman to back off after he got too close on the fairway. when you are in pain it affects your mood. >> steve: i think is he a little frustrated. >> carley: clearly. >> ainsley: now to this. friends and family are coming together today to honor a high school student lacrosse athlete who was stabbed to death at house party over the weekend. >> brian: arrest warrant against the 16-year-old suspect in the case. >> steve: todd piro joins us live with details. >> todd: a lacrosse player wake something held today. the parents referring him as quote the sunshine. the alcohol-fueled attack happened at house party when students from opposing high school showed up and were asked to leave. fox news exclusively obtaining the arrest warrant for the teen
3:23 am
accused of stabbing mcgraph to death it reads a physical altercation with multiple mail l participants took place frontline. one stab wound went through the rib and heart. the 16-year-old suspect being charged as an adult. he faces one count of murder and two counts of first degree assault and is being held on a $2 million bond. the suspect's father quietly apologizing to the victim's family. >> is there anything you would like to say to the family of james mcgraph. >> i'm sorry. >> what was that sir? >> i'm sorry. >> todd: according to the attorney for the suspect, the teen's next hearing will be in june. a motive for the stabbing still unclear. police say they are still investigating and there may be more arrests in the future. back to you. >> steve: todd, weren't there other people involved in the altercation as well? >> todd: connecticut state police i believe in the interview i heard ainsley do yesterday or the day before highlighted that you just heard in the tag there of my piece the investigation is still ongoing.
3:24 am
from what i'm hearing, sources on the ground, there is likelihood of more people being arrested in connection with this. >> steve: all right, todd, thank you very much. >> ainsley: jimmy's dad happy an arrest was made. investigation still ongoing. he thanked the police. they have been extremely supportive. he said his son was a positivenned a loving person. better known as jimmy. he played lacrosse and he played football at fairfield prep. there is online fundraiser and they have raised $122,000 as of yesterday. >> brian: they say the whole thing was ended. he was at the car, mcgraph was just standing there then valley we would around and grabbed the knife and stabbed him right in the heart. somebody else in the stomach. >> steve: there was game on wednesday. and the whole town wore light blue which was his favorite color. and commemorated the number 7 which is his jersey number. >> ainsley: clearly a great athlete and he was only 17 years old. he had his whole life ahead of him. >> steve: heart breaking. more on this as it develops.
3:25 am
in in the meantime 25 minutes after the top of the hour. janice dean is live in the baltimore area because the preakness is this weekend and janice while you have got the hat what you need is a larger hat because it's going to be 96 degrees at race time tomorrow. >> janice: yeah. it's going to be one of the hottest preakness events that baltimore has hosted. and after two years, of course, of pandemic, we're full capacity here at pimlico. we don't have a triple crown this year. rich strike is not going to be appearing. but i hear it on good authority that the horse is going to be at belmont. buff we do have a really exciting preakness tomorrow. today is the black eyed susan race. that's the fillies and then tomorrow we actually have a filly that's going to be racing in the preakness. that doesn't happy very often maybe six times. we had a filly win last year's preakness. i got to speak with the trainer yesterday and i got to tell you i think my money is on secret
3:26 am
oats tomorrow. keep you up to date and that wonderful interview with dewayne lucas coming up in the 7:00 a.m. hour and also interview with female jockey. it's all about the ladies here at the preakness today. back to you steve, ainsley, brian. >> brian: why isn't rich strike running? >> janice: that's a good question. i don't think anyone really knows. the main thing for rich strike and his trainer eric reed was to train for the belmont, which is happening in a couple of weeks in new york. they got in at the last minute at the derby we know that success story. the biggest long shot since 1913. >> steve: and he won. >> janice: i think it's basically to keep the horse rested. get him, you know, up to speed for the belmont. i mean, it's really grueling for a horse to go through all three races in just a two week rest time. so i think that's the main reason. >> steve: sure. a much different track tomorrow it will be hot and dry at the
3:27 am
kentucky derby it was sloppy. >> ainsley: benefit of doing a morning show it doesn't get hot until later. >> janice: and i'm wearing jacket. >> brian: according to reports that's the only benefit. we don't sleep a lot and die early. >> ainsley: forget everything. brian brian have short-term memory loss. >> steve: 147th running of the preakness. >> ainsley: we do get to wake up america. >> brian: that's truly an honor. >> steve: hey america wake up. >> ainsley: and get dressed. >> brian: gradually. >> ainsley: still ahead, we are standing by for the president to speak in south korea. is he going to do that a in moment bring it live. >> brian: former fbi official certain that michael sussmann lawyer lied to the fbi. jonathan turfly has the latest. he has been following it all. he 8 be with us. ♪ ♪
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3:32 am
has slapped down the mistrial request. not a surprise. here to break it all down is fox news contributor george washington lawyer jonathan turley. jonathan, what was the most significant thing to come out yesterday as michael sussmann talked to jim baker one day after talking to marc elias? >> well, this was a real pile on, brian. you had really damning evidence from marc elias the former clinton campaign general counsel and then jim baker the former fbi general counsel. baker left no doubt. he said that sussmann came in and did not say that he was representing the clinton campaign. in fact, before the meeting, he sent a text that expressly said i'm not representing anyone. i'm here to bring you some really important and damaging information. >> brian: what's crazy is that they are supposedly friends. and sussmann not only was working for clinton, he billed
3:33 am
for the hour. so let's just use logic. if baker and sussmann know each other. you have to know what sussmann does for a living representing the clinton camp so he could put that together. what is significant is and you stop me if i'm wrong, john that because he came in as himself they keep his identity secret. so when he -- when baker hands this over to hellman and says investigate this hellman feels frustrate that he had doesn't know who actually gave this to him and if they have a political horse in this race, right? >> yeah. and there was also an interesting moment where baker was asked why it took him so long to turn over that incriminating text message. and baker said look, this is my friend, i'm not out to get him. and by the way this is your investigation not my investigation. and it was a really quite shocking statement that come from a justice official sort of like, you know, don't -- you shouldn't expect me to be
3:34 am
working for your prosecution. but durham faces a lot of challenges in this trial. the judge in the trial has hit the prosecution with limiting orders. this jury pool is a nightmare for the prosecutors. there are three clinton donors on the jury. in the last 24 hours the judge turned down a motion to dismiss a juror whose daughter is actually playing' on the same team with the daughter of sussmann. so, i think for the prosecutors it, seems like the only thing that is missing on the jury is chelsea clinton. you know, a jury of your peers is not supposed to mean other clinton people. and so, i think that the prosecutors have quite a challenge with this pool. >> brian: it's unbelievable. people just have to learn from the trial and don't worry about the conviction and it seems to me because you look at the you judge is somewhat compromised and conflicted.
3:35 am
as you look at this trial. baker calls and baker briefs comey and mccabe about the whole case. and they already say we have an investigation going on this. when helmand looks at this stuff he says there is nothing here. what do you make of that. >> first of all, that's similar with what they had with the steele dossier. intelligence officials look at it and say there is nothing here. this may be russian disinformation being passed through fusion gps and the clinton campaign. what was really funny moment is when marc elias, the head of the general counsel of the campaign, denied that he ever approved this meeting and said i would never have sent sussmann to the fbi. i didn't trust the fbi. and a lot of us were scratching our head because there is a pattern here with both alpha bank, which is what is involved in this case and the steele dossier. the clinton campaign pushed this to the fbi. they burned it to the media,
3:36 am
they denied their connection to fusion gps to a number of people. and also they did everything they could to hide the connection of these lawyers. marc elias admitted he tried not to let people know that he was representing the campaign. >> brian: your gut feeling, did the first are they complicit or were they just stupid? >> >> well, this was really breath takingly stupid, i think, for baker. and for all of the fbi to pursue so long on these false collusion claims. but i think in the end the fbi found completely meritless the media kept pumping it. >> brian: comey seemed kind of befuddled in the time when he was president-elect. he didn't know if the dossier was true. didn't know if these rumors were true. and then when you look at his
3:37 am
book and now we find out what was happening underneath. you just wonder how many other cases are totally -- got totally screwed up. but this one was consequential because it's national security. fascinating. jonathan, i hope people are paying attention because this really matters. >> yes, i agree. and thank you very much, brian. >> brian: i know you have a big graduation today. i will talk to you later. >> that's right. thanks. >> brian: still ahead, title 42 is set to end in just three days. and texas governor greg abbott warns that once again a houston sized population of illegal immigrants will cross into his state every year. will cain live in the lone star state and joins us next. everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time.
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3:42 am
for texas we get about half of that that would be equivalent of houston coming across the border every year. >> greg abbott says his state is bracing for chaos when title 42 is set to end in just three days preparing for a state of emergency in this crisis and big bend sector fox crews filmed exclusive video of border officials capturing smugglers yesterday. here to react "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. good morning will what is texas doing to prepare. we only have three more days with title 42. >> well, they there are several measures according to governor greg abbott that texas can put into play. talked about building a steel wall which is essentially bumper to bumper cars along high trafficked areas like eagle pass. here is what i think texas should look at doing, ainsley. i have become increasingly interested in this idea of the declaration of an invasion.
3:43 am
if it is an invasion and we are going to find out as you said in a matter of three days whether or not that definition fits, then texas can avail itself of constitutional powers to enforce the border laws that the federal government will no. that is deportation, that is arrest and deportation. the kind of things the states are not supposedly constitutionally in the past capable of doing. but what we are about to see by all expectations, ainsley, should fall nothing short of an invasion. and if the biden administration will do nothing about it, then every state, texas and arizona and california need to do whatever it takes to protect this absolutely mind boggling influx of illegal immigrants. >> ainsley: judge is looking at this and expect a ruling soon to keep in place to figure out a plan. when will we find out that ruling? any word? >> will: no, it should come quickly. the judge understands the title 42 is set to expire on monday. his ruling should come at any
3:44 am
moment truthfully. and on that note really quickly, ainsley, we have got to stop looking at title 42 as a savior. it was a stop gap and health measure. we need to actually enforce our immigration laws that give border patrol the ability to do what title 42 does without title 42. >> ainsley: yeah. it's more of a band-aid. there is a quinnipiac poll that says only 26% of hispanic americans approve of joe biden. 455% supported him in 2021. there is a large hispanic population where you live in texas. what are they saying? what's the reason for that? >> >> will: isn't that sphwhild that number is incredible ainsley that number is lower than any other group. i'm not just talking about ethnic group. if you divide by age and education and any other slice of the onion you want to pull. this is the lowest. now, why? the answer is the same as it is for everyone, ainsley. it's the economy. it's inflation. it's fuel prices. i just fueled up yesterday, ainsley. now i have a truck with a big 3.
3:45 am
$150, there is work trucks all over this state all over this country. doing that. every week he, week and a half. this is insane. and this is the main motivating factor for every american regardless of ethnicity. what more, i would just add this. there has always been this assumption in america latinos somehow embrace illegal immigration. that has been killed. everyone in america, regardless of your ethnic background understands our laws need to be enforced and the price you pay if you do not enforce our laws. on the streets of new york city to the southern border of the united states hispanic no different. >> ainsley: many did it the right way and see these people not doing it the right way. you have next exclusive interview that we are all dying to see john paul mac isaac. he handed hunter's laptop over to the fbi. watch a little clip of did and talk about it on the other side. >> okay. >> i called up hunter and said you need to go out and pick up a hard drive. he picked up a two tear by the. he dropped that off on the 16th.
3:46 am
i told him he could come up the next day to pick everything up. i called him the following weekend. i think i called him a couple more times over the next month after that. so, just no response. so now i'm in possession of his laptop. a backup of his laptop's home folder on an external drive that he provided. and no sign of hunter. >> ainsley: i talked to him with you in the green room before you interviewed him. didn't he say that hunter signed a waiver saying and i guess do you this when you drop your computer off. you are welcome to look inside my computer. he had permission to look at all the crazy stuff that was on that laptop. >> will: yeah. it's inevitable when you are saving files for someone. that was his job, ainsley. and it was -- look, i got to talk to him for 30 minutes, ainsley, 30, 40 minutes. it will air on "fox & friends" it will be on the will cain podcast and youtube channel. he talks about hunter coming in drunk. dropping off these three devices. never returning. he talks about the fbi.
3:47 am
ainsley. the way they treated him when he tried to turn information over to the fbi and then the way they began to surveil him and how the whole thing, i'm talking media, spy agencies, the fbi at the same time declared him russian disinformation and what's happened to his life since that day. when you talk to somebody for a long time you goat ask him everything. i talked to him about everything including why he wears the hat on his head. i hope you will watch "fox & friends" and check out the will cain. >> ainsley: he lost his business when his identity was released too. i know you talked to him about that. we can't wait to watch it, will have. a good weekend. >> will: you too. >> ainsley: chicken wings now cost an arm and a leg ha ha. the rising prices. we are going to talk about it coming up. i'm being told the president is speaking in south korea now. so let's go there live to south korea where president biden is giving remarks after touring the samsung factory with president
3:48 am
[cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. very generous. thank you very much. mr. president, thank you for that introduction. it's wonderful to be back in the republic of korea a i'm honored by the welcome have you given me to your beautiful country. congratulations, again, on your election, congratulations. [applause] and, recent inauguration. [applause] >> i and my country look forward to a very productive few days together where we can get to know one another better. explore ways to take the alliance between republic of korea and the united states to even greater heights than already exists. vice chairman lee thank you for welcoming us to the samsung simi conductor facility. this is auspicious start to my visit because it's emblematic of
3:49 am
the future cooperation and innovation that our nations can and must build together. i'm joined by my secretary of commerce, secretary romando is here in the front row who is working every day to bring us closer to that goal. i guess seeing how this plant makes the most advanced simi conductor chips in the world, they are a wonder of innovation, design, precision and manufacturing. simi conductor's power our economies and enable our modern lives from our automobiles to our smart phones to medical diagnostic equipment. when it comes to the most advanced chips like the ones made here by samsung is only one of only three companies in the world that makes these chips. it's incredible. an incredible achievement. because these little chips. only a few nanometers thick are the key to propelling us into the next era of humanity's technological development.
3:50 am
artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, 5g and so very much more we haven't even thought this. this plant close bonds innovation between our countries. much of the technology and machinery that is used to make these chips produced in the united states. and by uniting our skills and our technological know how, it allows the production of chips that are critical to both our countries and are essential, essential sectors of our global economy. and thanks for the incredible $17 billion investment that samsung announced last may soon to the united states to have a facility like this one that manufacturers the most advanced chips in the world in tyler, texas. thank you. [applause]
3:51 am
this investment will create 3,000 new high tech jobs in texas to add to 20,000 jobs samsung already supports in the united states of america. so i want to thank samsung for their investment and for continuing to expand the very productive partnership. >> steve: well, the president of the united states is expected to go on for about another 20 or 30 minutes. we wanted to bring you a little bit of it. he is at the samsung plant talking about how they are going to move a plant to texas and start making chips. >> ainsley: they will make the chips there. >> brian: there is two things i was hoping for i guess we are used to trauma. the president would go to taiwan and i would hope that he would go to the dmz and hope, you don't have to shake kim jong un's hand, that's never going to happen again. >> ainsley: he is not going to the d medz. they are talking about north korea could launch a missile or nuclear test during biden's trip to south korea just to send a
3:52 am
message. >> brian: they want attention. >> steve: if the president has any breaking news we will bring you that in the little bit. in the meantime move onto the big story that the president not facing from south korea. he is talking about chips but you are talking about baby formula. a texas restaurant owner is tapping into his business supply chain to help some of the folks down in that neck of the woods with the formula shortage. now he has bought what he could to hand out formula for free to desperate families. the owner of our place restaurant benji joins us now from down in texas. benji, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so you talked to your restaurant supplier and they could get you a whole bunch, what is it 56 cases of gerber formula, but you didn't want to take it if a healthcare facility or some hospital needed it,
3:53 am
right? >> most definitely. i work for u.s. food service for many years. so i kind of knew they would have some in stock. i just didn't know if i was able to take it so i confirmed that that wasn't something that was a high mover for them with a particular account. so i tapped into it. >> steve: okay. you did. you bought all that stuff. and i understand you were originally going to sell it to people at cost but then you realized, wait a minute, there's a crisis, i'm going to give it away. how did you start advertising hey, i have free formula? >> social media. the first lady came in so happy to have a can. i just couldn't charge her. that just spiral effect. i just couldn't see myself charging anybody trying to help feed some babies. >> steve: you are a restaurant owner and father of three. you know, some businesses might say hey, come in and be my customer and i will give you a free can of baby formula, but
3:54 am
you said no, babies got to eat so you don't have any requirements. you don't have to shop there or buy food there you don't have to be a customer, you don't have to do anything except ask. >> just ask. that's all you need -- if you have a baby and you need it. take a can. >> steve: benji, i understand how many cans have you given away so far? >> we have gave over 300 cans. we have texas health of mansfield offering another additional 105 cans that they are going to donate to give away. >> steve: that's fantastic. so you have become kind of the clearing house for folks who are looking for cans of formula and can't find them. are you hearing stories every day from parents or relatives of people who got babies who just have tried everything but can't find cans? >> yes. most definitely. so many moms and dads are scared out there they don't know how
3:55 am
they are going to feed their babies. they go to stores, empty shelves. if we could give them another avenue to hold them over until supplies get here. we feel good about that. >> steve: yeah. you know, it's obviously a supply chain thing because they closed that plant back in february. when people come in and ask for a can, do they -- are they blaming anybody for this? >> i don't hear a lot of blaming. more confusion more than anything as to why this is something that we should have availability. >> steve: no kidding. i understand you are going to try to buy more if you can. >> oh, yeah. i got companies looking into buying from other distributorships that they have across the country that they might have some that's slow moving that i can buy and give away so they're working on. that was. >> steve: all right. i know that you are there in the mansfield, texas area but there are people looking in from all over. if somebody contacted you, and your website is our place
3:56 am, can you possibly ship it out or you are just going to do it you got to show up? >> we would love to ship it everything we have we are giving out. so, you know, kind of hard for us to ship. but if we get enough and we could keep doing this. we will. >> steve: you are a great man for doing this and you are helping a lot of people. benji, thank you very much for joining us live. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> steve: the website once again is our place all right. still ahead on this friday, he's the cutest hamburglar you will ever eat. a texas 2-year-old orders 31 hamburgers on door dash on his mom's phone. they are going to join us live. we are going to find out what happened to all those burgers. ♪
3:57 am
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♪ the tempur-pedic® breeze° makes sleep... feel cool. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic® adjustable mattress sets. >> ainsley: the president is in south korea. >> i'm honored, the welcome have you given me to your beautiful country. >> this looks a lot like deflection and running away that have got his poll numbers in the basement. >> carley: bidenflation restaurants. restaurant is forced to charge $27 for chicken wicks. >> the supply chain is in such disarray right now. it is hard to be in our business. >> new plans to censor posts disinformation. >> democrats think every piece of reporting that subinvestigators their agenda is
4:01 am
disinformation. >> former fbi official testifies he is 100 percent certain michael sussmann the lawyer lied to the fbi. >> this was a real pile on. you had really damning evidence. >> and they're off. >> this weekend is the second leg of the triple crown. >> janice: it's going to be one of the hottest puerto ricans --preakness event that baltimoe has hosted ♪ it's friday, friday ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: you made it. congratulations it is friday no. more alarm clocks. at least you have two days off from work to spend time with the family. if you live in frederick, maryland which is that beautiful city right there. it's 62 degrees right now. it's going to be 88 degrees today. humidity 90%. good luck. >> steve: we used to visit frederick all the time when we lived in d.c. go up 270. only about 10, 15 miles up past
4:02 am
the mall we used to go to. ainsley: it it is pretty. >> steve: it is a lovely spot on this may 20th friday 2022. >> brian: i don't know if you can congratulate people for making it through the week. >> steve: these days it's an accomplishment. >> brian: congratulations though? >> ainsley: made it to friday and now you have a break. >> brian: if your goal was survival, congratulations. >> steve: what's your goal. >> brian: to make the world a better place. >> steve: how is that going? [laughter] >> brian: oops? yeah. that's why i'm a little down. i forgot to do it. >> ainsley: you created three beautiful children and you wake america up every day. >> brian: i haven't done anything about inflation. i got to get on. that was. >> ainsley: you need to get on. that was someone opened the door for me charlie our nice guy downstairs opened the door for me thank you, charlie. it's the least can i do. i'm so grateful that god woke me up this morning and i have the ability to hold the door for you. great attitude. >> steve: great man works very long hours every day we need the
4:03 am
door open he is right there. we can open it ourselves but he opens it for us. >> ainsley: visited at times square he opened it for me. >> brian: today i was on my own i went through the revolving door no one could help me. when you go through the revolving door you are on your own you need quad strength. >> ainsley: i like to go behind someone because they pushed it for me. >> brian: jump started that wheel. >> ainsley: not in their section. of the sections are small. >> brian: ainsley is my section. i'm never leaving. >> ainsley: president biden? south korea as he looks to divert attention away from mounting crises here at home. >> brian: for one, the national gas price average has surged thanks to the full screen to a record high of $4.59. >> steve: jacqui heinrich is live from sol, south korea where it is 8:00 at night. she made the very long strip over there to recap the presidents' day. and we saw him a little while ago, jacqui and he was about, i don't know, what, a half an hour
4:04 am
late? >> yeah. which is pretty good for him i have to say. good morning to you, steve, ainsley and brian. yeah, the president arrived here in sol a couple hours ago. he went pretty much straight to the samsung plant with the newly elected south korean president. the white house says that plant is a model for a facility that's being built in katy, texas shows how investigating in manufacturing can deliver jobs and strengthen supply chains at home. part of a push for congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act which has gone by several monic kerrs as versions of this bill has stalled in congress. the emphasis on bringing manufacturing back to the u.s., at this stop in south korea is an interesting paradox to his trip overall. which aims to counter china's influence by deepening economic ties with allies in the indo-pacific. companies want to increase exports of things like simi conductors to the u.s. that's one of the challenges ahead for biden in navigating this comu economic framework
4:05 am
announcing today on the surface aims to strengthen ties subtext clear warning to china as they are eyeing taiwan including and also gauging the world's reaction to putin's invasion of ukraine. we can call for a few words of what the president said on his tour a few moments ago. >> thanks for the incredible $17 billion investment that samsung announced last may soon to the united states to have a facility like this one that manufacturers the most advanced chips in the world in tyler, texas. this investment will create 3,000 new high tech jobs in texas. and add -- add to 20,000 jobs. >> while biden navigates the twin challenges in europe and asia domestic problems at home are reaching new heights. the average for a gallon of regular hitting 4.59 a gallon and biden's cabinet is not selling his arguments and defenses very well.
4:06 am
>> you can thank the activity of vladimir putin for evading ukraine and pulling. >> oh, nonsense, with all due respect, madam secretary that's utter nonsense. >> also, on the hill yesterday, interior secretary deb haaland would not answer a very basic question. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world, um, events that are making things difficult. >> so it sounds you are unwilling to say that gas prices are too high. >> we are doing, um, all that we can senator. >> not only are gas prices continuing to surge, but the baby formula shortage is reaching near crisis levels. of course, continuing threats of violence over the future of roe v. wade and an impending migrant surge at the border if title 42 is lifted as planned while biden
4:07 am
is overseas. meantime north korea is saber ratling, u.s. intelligence saying it is possible they do a ballistic or nuclear test while the president is here. steve, ainsley and brian? >> steve: hey, jacqui, you are in seoul, not too far from north korea. there was suggestion that the president might go up to the dmz look over the binoculars at north korea. given the fact they might pop off some missiles that's probably not going to happen, right? >> we have heard -- in fact, we have been told that he has no plan to do it. of course, it is something that most presidents do when they make this trip. it's sort of an iconic moment. given the environment right now, we were told that there are no plans for president biden to make that trip to dmz. >> ainsley: thank you so much, jacqui. well, bidenflation something we are all feeling from motorcycles to chicken wings we are all feeling the impacts of the cost of milk in our grossry store
4:08 am
basically everything you are buying right now. there was a restaurant, the owner of the restaurant was actually on with carley on "fox & friends first." his name is jeff good. he owns three restaurants in jackson, mississippi. and he owns this pidz rhea called sal and mikeys. it offers 15 piece order of chicken wings. well, the cost for that, based on what he has to pay, would be $34 for chicken wings if you bought it in his restaurant. >> steve: amazing thing about it apparently, before the coronavirus pandemic, 15-piece order was $14. and now is he charging 28. but it actually cost 34. what's he supposed to do? >> brian: here is what he said. he said we have never ever seen anything like this before. what we're seeing right now. because it effects everything we do. why? people dropped it off drove a truck. the person filled up with diesel, maybe the truck driver needs more money got so few truck drivers so that salary is tremendous. then you got people to unload
4:09 am
things from tankers and then everything from containers costing more from sitting longer, next thing you know when you go to pick up chicken wing it's inflated unless someone is going to bite the bullet or take the hit. right now the consumer is taking the hit. >> ainsley: year and a half ago 40-pound box of chicken wings for $85. now that price is nearly doubled to $150. he says the high cost ingredients such as cooking oil and flour the price per which has doubled in the last few months, also the price of milk has gone up, bacon has gone up and labor costs has gone up. here he was on "fox & friends" earlier. >> it's expensive, a lot of items are on continual rise, luckily sometimes something falls. we always see a rise in fall seasonal. right now we kind of have the perfect storm. restaurateurs we are resourceful. we do have what we have to do. we are doing everything we can
4:10 am
to be very decisive in our decisions. very frugal, also we are just really thankful that our customers really understand this i think since everyone goes to the grocery store and everyone goes buys gas they can see everything is expensive. >> steve: everything is expensive. what they are doing now in jackson, mississippi, is debating whether or not they are even going to keep that on the menu, it's so -- that's probably the most expensive thing on the menu. it's simply ply and demand. you know, we are moving in to -- we are just about 10 days away from memorial day. the start of for a lot of people the season when they go out on the open road and ride their motorcycle. some terrible news yesterday from harley davidson when you talk about the supply chain. given the fact that a number of harley manufacturers who supply them, these are the third party, cannot get them parts, they are going to shut down plants in wink, and in pennsylvania for a couple of weeks because they simply cannot get stuff.
4:11 am
yesterday, on wall street, harley davidson shares closed down 10%. >> brian: so you don't want people sitting around doing nothing all day and that's exactly what's happening because nothing is there. so harley davidson, the ultimate american company suffering because we depend -- i think one wake-up call we are all going to get if you are going to open up a company, we got to think to yourself how do i get things -- how do i open up a company where i can get things made here? and if i can start making things here, can i start bringing them back. and will there be government incentives to bring things back? every time i think supply chain think china. >> steve: think president. he is over at the samsung plant this evening there in south korea. we have heard that in the average car there is something like 200 of these chips. so, if all the chips are made over there, when there is a supply chain issue, we are being held hostage by, you know, those big three companies that make those chips. we need to make them here and they are going to start making
4:12 am
them in taylor, texas. we heard the president say samsung invested something like $15 billion to build that plant so the supply starts here. >> brian: number one. >> ainsley: the president said tyler. >> steve: he did say tyler but it's taylor. there was a mistake by the president. >> brian: keep in mind number reason care by taiwan number one chip maker. china takes them along with these chips? that's a national security issue. don't say it's so far away why does it matter? i don't believe that anyway. if you are thinking that, that's what effects. we're going to bring back manufacturing. it's going to take years to do what taiwan is doing. >> steve: to get that plant in taylor texas up it's going to take a while. >> ainsley: elon musk took his plant to texas. >> brian: antilabor. >> steve: it started with a podcast he did on monday that the administration did not like. you know, one of the things he
4:13 am
said, he slammed the president and the administration they have not gotten anything done. the president is like ron burgundy. the guy from the movies who will read anything that is in a teleprompter. and things like that. he also moved his company headquarters to texas at the height of the coronavirus he said hey, you people need to come back. in response to the fact that he said those things on monday, thought administration -- you know what in first we're going to play a little snippet of it. here he is on the all-in podcast this stirred up the white house. >> this administration doesn't seem to get a lot done. like, and, you know, whatever -- like, the trump administration, leaving trump aside, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done. so, but this administration
4:14 am
seems just to not have the drive to just [bleep] things done that's my impression. >> he said he will vote republican for the first time this november. >> i wonder if he has a swear job jar in his house. >> brian: white house response to this. good at that spar with jeff bezos they have a lot of time on heir hands. not much going on tweet back at billionaires. they write this under president biden our economy has roared back with over 8 million jobs created. i would like to pause there for a second a lot of those jobs were sidelined because of the pandemic and it was a matter of them going back to work. unemployment plummeted. economic growth outstrips our peer countries and historic investment in roads, bridges and ports, so far very little done. charging network. i think that's getting things done by any measure but count us as unsurprised antilabor
4:15 am
billionaire -- antilabor billionaire keep in mind they are just antiunion. they are not antilabor. for any opportunity to nip at the heels of the most prounion pro-worker in history. you can be pro-work and not prounion. ask toyota not union and ask those workers what kind of working conditions they have. >> ainsley: what's interesting the power that he has. wealthiest person in the world. if anyone else said anything about the white house. i don't know held in respond directly to you. but when you have that much power they do. >> brian: trump used to. >> ainsley: that's true. he predicted. elon musk predicted these political attacks against him and there is also a woman who is accusing him of sexual assault and is he fighting that now. and he responded to the white house yesterday saying this. the attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens. this is their standard despicable playbook. nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech. brian brine he seems to love this sparring. he is not going to love the
4:16 am
personal hit. tesla pulled off the. >> steve: s&p. >> brian: s&p they said earnings. you look at other things that are on there. look at the scrutiny and the investigations that are probably going to come on his -- from the sec on tesla and on his tunnel program as well as spacex. i think that they are creating war with the wrong people. they are blaming billionaires for inflation any type of issues with our economy. picking on jeff bezos and elon musk. is that in our country's best interest? >> steve: what really has infuriating the political left is that he is -- he is trying to buy twitter. and yesterday twitter said they are going to start having warning labels to suppress what they say is misinformation and we know how that's gone in the past. >> ainsley: now to a fox news alert. violence erupts in downtown chicago overnight. two people are dead.
4:17 am
eight others injured in a shooting. >> brian: video at the scene shows the mcdonald's restaurant with heavy damage. several windows completely shot out. >> steve: what happened there? johnny lum is live at the scene in chicago overnight. it looks like a crazy scene. >> even now it still does. even though this happened last night. we are at chicago and straight streets in downtown chicago the gold coast neighborhood. it is just steps off michigan avenue. and the shooting. there are 10 victims happened inside and outside of the restaurant. this is the front door of the mcdonald's all shot out. broken glass on the inside. police say a fight broke out here at 10:40 last night and then someone pulled a gun shooting inside and then running outside mcdonald's. people were running to the red line subway station. there was chaos down there. people had to get off the train for this investigation. the emergency response was massive. paramedics were treating people on the sidewalk. and there were witnesses who say
4:18 am
that there was fighting still going on around these first responders. and then ambulances were everywhere. two people dead. of the eight wounded two people are in critical condition. police did arrest one person. they recovered a weapon. they haven't said if they believe that there are other offenders. but we know now that the victims all males between the victims of 17 and 31, 31-year-old male has died. the other victim unknown age. 10 people in all who were shot in this melee in downtown chicago. we had other gun violence in downtown chicago. summer hasn't even started. this particular corridor is known for violent crimes. but it is the worst so far. reporting live i'm joany long, back to you. >> ainsley: that's the nicest area of chicago still ahead johnny depp's ex-girlfriend testifies during defamation
4:19 am
trial against amber heard accuses him of jealous and controlling: >> steve: plus a texas mom gets a super sized delivery after her 2-year-old orders 31 cheeseburgers on her phone. she is going to join us live with her little hamburglar on her lap straight ahead. you are watching "fox & friends." it's friday. look who else is coming up. ♪ ♪ (♪ ♪) (♪ ♪) do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of
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4:23 am
steve okay, yesterday attorneys digging up the past in the johnny depp amber heard defamation trial in the commonwealth of virginia.
4:24 am
in commonwealth attorney claimed amber heard's 2018 op-ed in the "the washington post" which is at the heart of this case had no effect on depp's role in pirates of the caribbean. the same day jurors viewed a 2019 video deposition by actress allen barkin who described her rocky relationship with johnny depp. >> he is just a jealous man, controlling, where are you going? who are you going with? what did you do last night? depp threw wine bottle across the room, the hotel room on one instance in las vegas while we were shooting fear and loathing in las vegas. >> steve: i remember that movie. here from las vegas with the trial fox nation host nancy grace. nancy, one common denominating in the testimony a lot of wine bottles. >> yeah. this is like two wet cats in a barrel. everybody is drunk and high and on drugs. i don't really know if i was
4:25 am
assessing the credibility who even remembers what really happened. but that said, it was a hit parade of witnesses. and i mean that seriously taking hits on johnny depp. you had a former friend that he cut loose and ghosted. you had an agent that he fired whose business manager that he fired and sued later settled. and ex-girlfriend that depp claims was angry at him because he couldn't give her a, quote, proper relationship. that's ellen barkin. i think she is essential here. i will tell you why people love ellen barkin. people love depp but they love barkin. did you see her in oceans? awesome, love her. so the jury is going to connect with her and like her. and as opposed to amber, which has come off as very unlikeable. who is going to believe barkin and nobody is going to take kindly to depp throwing a wine bottle at ellen barkin.
4:26 am
>> steve: no kidding. you know, at the very center of this she is suing, is he suing case, it is the fact that he said look, that op-ed in the "the washington post" where she suggested she was a victim, that cost me jobs. but, yesterday the disney executives said no, it didn't. i don't know what is he talking about. >> right. that was a disney executive tina newman had when asked it was a very absurd question. depp had once said if they pay me x million dollars in x million llamas i wouldn't do pirates. i asked her very dry no. she was believable. but the reality is, blah, blah, blah. i don't believe her. this is why. the op-ed came out and then very shortly after that, he was cut loose. 2 and 2 still equals 4. now you got the other problem. you had all these witnesses talking about him spiraling. that he was so high that he was
4:27 am
so drunk that he was so late. have you ever made -- they don't like it. i don't care how apropos likeable he is even in hollywood he was radioactive. their point, is he his own undoing. not amber heard. >> steve: no kidding. there are so many little details and luckily this morning at 11:00 eastern time, nancy is going to break down all the latest developments on fox nation. nancy grace live. nancy, thank you very much. >> that's right. i will see you live at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> steve: all right. here is she is live at 7:27 eastern. thank you, ma'am, have great weekend. >> thank you. goodbye. >> steve: still to come on this friday dana perino, we will talk to her about how john kirby is heading to the white house and geraldo rivera. but, first, senior meteorologist janice dean is live in baltimore before the preakness and the
4:28 am
adorable hat. but the big word out there is hot. >> janice: yes. steve, it's going to be 93 today and tomorrow 95. the 147th preakness stakes we are going to talk to dewayne lucas one of the hall of fame twainers right after the break ♪ this is ladies night ♪ o what a night ♪ ladies night ♪ and the feeling's right. n. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. ♪
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4:32 am
>> carley: the man accused of attack chappelle is charged with a felony but for another attack. george gascon charging suspect attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his roommate back in december while living in a transitional housing apartment. gascon says publicity from saddam hussein's attack helped a -- chapel.he pleaded not guil. the cdc is recommending a pfizer booster shot for kids ages 5 to 11 boosters can start being administered today. right now less than a third of kids in that age group have received the initial two doses. to the usfl now.
4:33 am
an exciting double header tomorrow features the tampa bay bandits facing off against the philadelphia stars. 1:00 p.m. then the rest of the league continues chasing the undefeated birmingham stallians who battle against the one win michigan panthers. and on sunday, be sure to catch the pittsburgh maulers against the new orleanss breakers. the houston gamblers will take on the new jersey generals 4:00 p.m. both games on fox. unfortunately today though usfl fans will have to suffer without football. there are no games on tap. so all the action, guys, starts tomorrow. >> steve: there is plenty of action typically at the racetrack. >> ainsley: there is. >> steve: put on our hats. >> carley: looking good guys. >> ainsley: we have one down here for you. >> brian: do you know how much this hat costs? $125. wow. >> steve: fantastic. put it on. >> brian: it's 1948. >> steve: good luck. >> brian: am i in the boys.
4:34 am
mo. >> steve: ball lerry boy. >> slip and is a much, right? i'm surprise surprised satch is not a more popular nickname. >> steve: this weekend the leg of the trip pill crown. >> ainsley: it takes place at pimlico race course there in baltimore. >> brian: by the way i don't think hats are a theme, are they? meteorologist janice dean. >> steve: look we all have acoshocton hats. brian preakness hats. >> janice: price of that hat went up. >> brian: look like jimmy olson. >> janice: i hope i brought the hats back. even though i love the horse racing it's about the fashion. i'm not going to lie. thanks to christine moore for my fascinator. >> ainsley: when i went to the
4:35 am
kentucky derby, janice all the beautiful colors. now you look like mini pearl, the tag is sticking out. >> brian: my tag. [laughter] i'm a catcher. i will put it on backyards. >> janice: you look amazing, brian, now i have to talk about. we have a package to talk. to say dewayne lucas was the hall of fame trainer is going to be. >> brian: mary tyler moore. >> janice: secret oats is going to be running in the 147 preakness, a female horse. all about the fillies for the black eye susan race later on. take a look. ♪ ♪ we are at pimlico racetrack in baltimore. it's the black eyed susan races and in case you didn't know it's all about the ladies. let's check it out. >> and they're off. >> janice: you are actually a jockey. >> yes. what's it like being a female jockey.
4:36 am
>> i won't sugar coat it it's not easy. you have to work three times as hard and you don't get half of the credit. it's a life passion. >> janice: tell me about some of the exciting experiences you have had. >> any time you are neck and neck with another writer trying to beat you. you get him by a nose. >> janice: that's pretty awesome. tell me about this track. because i sometimes feel that the preakness doesn't get the love it deserves. >> it's a shame because preakness is a party. everybody who sits in loves to come to the preakness. i'm excited we have a filly running. >> janice: that's exciting. we don't often see this, right. >> there have been six fillies who have won the preakness. i have been watching her. she belongs in this race. she is as wayne put it this morning coming onto the track her highness. and she certainly acts like it. she has been training around this track like she owns it. >> janice: we talked a lot about secret oats. are you willing to meet the filly and the trainer. come with me now.
4:37 am
i had the pleasure of talking to you a couple times now. right? so have to talk about rich strike a little bit. he wouldn't have even gotten a chance had you not taken out a horse. tell me about that. >> well, we were in the race for the kentucky derby that literally, literally the last minute we drop out. and that put him in. and nobody, nobody could predict what happened after that. >> janice: what a moment for racing. >> needed some happiness in the industry. we have had a rough year. >> janice: you love the preakness, why? >> of the three triple crown, derby, preakness and belmont this is the most fun. you come here they put all the participants in the same barn. so it's like -- we're sharing the locker room in the super bowl. i think that it's an energizing to be here. i think it's energizing to have a secret oat. >> tell me about secret oat. >> you go along in a career like
4:38 am
we have had. so blessed you wonder if you will get another one this good. and then all of a sudden boom here she comes. >> janice: what is the secret. >> she has got that ability to just diplomat when she goes. and then she has got something that really is special and that's almost a killer acceleration. if we can just move ahead a little bit with the filly because she has got some ability. she is not going to worry about these colts. >> janice: tell me how rare that is for a filly to race with all these colts. >> well, it's not so rare for wayne lukas. >> janice: derby, right? >> i did it before. i really stepped out of the box in 1988 with winning colors and beat the colts in the kentucky derby. that only happened three times in the history of 148 years. >> janice: now i have to ask you. i can go meet her. >> i was wondering when you were going to get to that you got me here. i'm in second place. she is the star. >> janice: i saved the best for
4:39 am
last. >> i hope. get your friends here with the camera and go over there and meet her. >> janice: i love that let's do it. hi secret oats. hi. she is a beauty. oh my goodness. hi sweet girl. hi. she likes the camera. she is ready for a close-up. >> janice: what an honor to see d. wayne lukas yesterday. the horse secret oats that could take it all and be the seventh filly in 147 years to win the preakness stakes. today of course it's all about the black eyed susans and of course the drink is very popular here at pimlico and be talking with someone who is going to show us how to make a black eyed susan later today. back to you. steve, ainsley and brian. >> steve: now you are talking. >> ainsley: thank you. janice. it is friday. >> brian: thank you, janice. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. president biden is in south korea this morning. but has he forgot about the
4:40 am
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4:44 am
will. >> brian: welcome back. president biden kicking off six-day trip to asia by talking about how the white house is tackling climate change. as the president speaks about global issues what message does he send? here to react is political scientist himself, bestselling author, brand new book out this week "the power of the crisis" how three threats and our response will change the world ian bremmer here. what should be the goal as the president heads overseas in south korea knowing that north korea might be doing a nuclear test shortly? >> well, the big goal is that south korea and japan have had incredibly dysfunctional relations with each other for years now. and they are america's most important allies in the region. that's why going to south korea first after only in for a couple weeks now. both the president and prime
4:45 am
minister of japan have signaled that they really want to rebuild that relationship in the context of very tense relationships with china and all the american allies coming together in response to the russian invasion of ukraine. that's a single biggest thing they can do. of course, north korea with millions of citizens sick and literally no vaccines, the only country other than -- doesn't have any vaccines. they have got nukes. what's the likelihood they decide to test one icbm while biden is there that's the headline nobody wants to see right now. >> brian: what about the headline of the president going to taiwan. is this a missed opportunity? >> no. i think that right now the united states has done a lot to show its support for taiwan. the level of meetings continues to be higher and more frequent just like it was in the trump administration. and furthermore, the fact that the united states and allies have responded so strongly to the russian invasion of ukraine russians performed so badly in terms of the military on the ground. both of those things the chinese are watching those lessons very, very carefully. >> brian: your book covers this
4:46 am
almost like it's ripped out of the news. able to give me an advanced copy and i downloaded it, are too. here is this called the power of crisis. how three threats and our response will change the world. it's all about china. a lot of it is about china. here's an exert from your book. we need crises scary enough to forge a new international system that promotes effective cooperation on a few crucial questions. nations of the world don't have to become friends or even partners on every project. global competition can still power human progress. but we need enough collaboration to survive the potential catastrophes to come. we need crises big enough to terrify us, not one so grave that they destroy our ability to change. so do you mean alien invasion? do you mean climate change? do you mean a pandemic also brings people together but it seems to have brought us further apart. >> brian, it's funny that you start with an alien invasion. of course, the book starts with that when reagan and gorbachev for the first time in the
4:47 am
180s. of course reagan in folksy way and says mr. gorbachev, mr. secretary if aliens attacked us wouldn't you come to our defense divosh chevy says of course. we would do the same thing. ends up creating trust that facilitates a new era of arms control super powers hate each other but don't want to destroy the world. that's precisely the way we respond to climate change. precisely the way. putin didn't read this book because he never would have invaded on february 24th. if he thought that the u.s. could have strengthened nato. that the democrats and republicans would hate putin more than they hate each other. he didn't believe it he thought they could go in and everyone would just shrug their shoulders and deal with it of course, it turned out that the crisis of russia invading ukraine was precisely the stimulus that was required to mobilize the west into action. >> brian: the numbers that you put together compile daunting shows the daunting rise of china. but we also know that china gets in his own way. defeating a lot of the capitalist principles to help
4:48 am
grow their economy. locking down 25 million people in shanghai. creating a lot of unrest. and hurting themselves in the big picture. are you confident we're not on a collision course are you confident that we are on a collision course? , i'm confident the relationship has no trust and it's deteriorating. i focus on two ways that crisis is making a difference in a upon way for the united states. the first is that the chinese have been way ahead of the americans in investing in things like solar and wind and new generation nuclear. and electric batteries for vehicles. and the supply chain for rare earth all around the world. you and i talked about that quite a bit. what's the west doing? what's the united states doings? weaver saying we don't wanted china to dominate the technologies post carbon energy. we need to make sure that we invest in that as well. it's competition but it's virtuous competition to ensure the americans are strong. that's number one. number two, february 4th. you remember that xi jinping and putin meet on the global change and they say we are going to have a trip without any global
4:49 am
limits. well, here we are in may and it turns out that that friendship doesn't have any benefit. and the reason is because the united states has told the chinese you break those sanctions, you support the russians militarily, we are going to cut you off. and the chinese have been very careful not to do that. >> brian: they are buying their oil still. >> no question. >> brian: ian thank you so much for scratching the surface. perspective talk in depth barbecues memorial day pick up ian's book. it's an easy read because it gets right to the point. ian, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: i will talk to you over the weekend on the saturday show. meanwhile, still ahead. president biden's approval rating is dropping in key democratic and demographic areas. you are not going to believe what's happening with the hispanic voters. we will discuss that. plus, he is the cutest hamburglar you will ever meet. a texas 2-year-old orders 31 cheeseburgers on door dash using his mom's phone. costs just about $100. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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4:54 am
>> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning, doing well. we wanted to ask you, how did this happen? >> so you work at a riverhills christian academy at the school in corpus christi and i'm kind of over like the marketing media and mainly the yearbook is what i'm working on right now. so i was transferring pictures from my phone to my computer. and as soon as he sees the -- yes, like what he said. when he sees those pictures, he wants -- he knows that the camera is just a swipe away. so i'll swipe it because he actually -- he likes mirrors, he likes to look at himself in the mirror. so i turned it on to the camera mode so he can look at himself, and he's swinging it around which is funny because this thing has gone to where he's like this child genius, but he's just a 2-year-old. he's a regular, normal 2-year-old. >> ainsley: doesn't know how to use door dash. >> no, he knows how to press buttons and made a lot of roller coasters.
4:55 am
>> ainsley: so when the guy shows up, what did you do? >> so whenever they pulled up -- typically, lately, i've been ordering mcdonald's happy meals for my kids at school whenever i'm there at work. i only work part time so whenever i got the text that said hey, we're going to be running a little late with your door dash order, i thought oh, i guess i ordered door dash. and -->> ainsley: he shows up with 31 cheeseburgers. and i understand barrett even included a tip. the total was $91.91 and he included a 25% tip. so cute. what did you do with all the burgers? >> well, so it's interesting. we actually don't like mcdonald's cheeseburgers here. not even barrett. so we -- i posted on the -- our little town has a community facebook page and i posted on there if anybody wanted any burgers that they're free. and apparently, my child knows
4:56 am
how to order door dash and i guess that's where it got picked up. i had two people respond. one was a pregnant woman. she got six. burgers, no judgment, i was pregnant. and another family, they had like seven people in the car in this big van, so i gave them like 18. and then i gave the rest to neighbors. >> ainsley: that was really sweet of you. he is so cute. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you're welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> ainsley: god bless you. you work at a christian school. thank you. still to come, dana perino on john kirby's new move from the pentagon to the white house. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
4:57 am
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when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on >> the president is in south korea. >> honored by the welcome you've given me to your beautiful country. >> the president's trip overshadowed by the mounting crises he leaves here behind. >> brian: national gas price average has surged to a record high of $4.59. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> we're doing all we can, senator. >> the american people need to understand something, if you're living in the united states with the democrat party. >> president biden's popularity severely underwater. >> this administration is indifferent to latino priorities and latinos along with their fellow americans are losing
5:01 am
sleep. >> title 42 is scheduled to go away monday. >> based upon biden's numbers, 18,000 people a day. that would be the equivalent of houston coming across the border in a year. >> we have preakness hats. >> you look amazing, brian, i think the price of that hat just went up. >> all the beautiful colors. ok, now you look like minnie pearl. >> ♪ i don't want to work ♪ ♪ i want to bang on my drum all day ♪ >> brian: all right, you're looking at tampa, florida, as you can recognize by the water, it's not good for swimming yet. it's a little cold, a little chilly. >> ainsley: not a place to go surfing. >> brian: unless you want to wear a unitard like the 1920's. i think a rivalry is brewing between fox and tampa. you know why, right? because we're waiting for tom
5:02 am
brady to retire so he can join fox sports and they don't want him to retire so we give him this lucrative contract to try to say hey, we will tackle you here. we're not a full contact company. right, we're not going to give you a loss. you'd be much happier on your own couch and your boots wearing a headset or ear piece. >> steve: we'll have him wear a hat with a price on the front. >> brian: that would be good. >> steve: good job by, i believe, a.j. hall, alan hall puts together that little cold open of all the soundbites of the day. i think he was able to find minnie pearl and put a price tag next to it. >> brian: right. i will say this. a.j. is at the point that he's at the supervisor level. he's training people to do that. i wouldn't doubt that a.j. doesn't have to touch anything anymore. he raises people. >> ainsley: brian put on this hat when we were tossing to janice at the preakness and you compared -- who were all the actors that you were talking about? >> brian: slip. who else do we know? >> steve: you mentioned mo from
5:03 am
the three stooges. >> brian: i think the three stooges followed the boys. so it kind of melded together along with abbott and costello. i didn't see color television until the brady bunch. >> ainsley: and mary tyler moore threw the hat. >> steve: lots going on there. welcome to hour three of "fox & friends" for this friday. >> brian: i'll add this, from mary tyler moore, you have rhoda and phyllis. and the lou grant show. and that was the day that you had one idea and you can give birth to five of them. >> steve: but it was a really good idea. >> brian: right. happy days, laverne and shirley. >> steve: before mary tyler moore, there was dick van dyke. >> ainsley: i wish i could chime in. sorry, wasn't around. >> brian: dick van dyke gave birth to -- >> ainsley: gave birth to? >> steve: mary tyler moore, the show. >> brian: she didn't acknowledge it. she never acknowledged that she was married to dick van dyke. that was a totally different series, different writers. right.
5:04 am
but it was good to see the actors get other jobs. >> ainsley: did you watch "the golden girls"? did you watch "who's the boss"? did you watch "growing pains"? >> brian: not really. at that point, i was probably hanging out in the woods with my friends. >> steve: there you go. >> brian: meanwhile, how about international affairs? president biden is in south korea as he looks to divert attention away from the crises here at home. >> ainsley: for one, the national gas price average has surged to a record high of $4.59. record high 11 days in a row. >> steve: that's right, our white house correspondent jackie heinrich is traveling with the president and joins us from seoul, south korea this evening there. when the going gets tough, the tough goes to south korea to change the subject. >> well, that is certainly what a lot of the president's critics are saying, steve, good morning to you, steve, ainsley and brian. on his trip, he toured this
5:05 am
samsung factory with the newly elected south korean president. and president biden made a whole lot of overtures to domestic issues in his first trip to asia. and he pushed congress to pass a bipartisan innovation act which would ramp up domestic production of technologies like semiconductors after the pandemic put a spotlight on how relying on imports can set up supply chain failures and called the samsung facility he toured a model for a factory being built in texas. while biden's trip is focused on trade, supply chains and deepening economic ties on the surface, the subtext is a warning to china as it eyes taiwan and watches how closely the world is responding to russia's war in ukraine. >> vice chairman lee, thank you for welcoming us to this samsung semiconductor facility. this is an auspicious start to my visit because it's emblematic of the future cooperation and innovation that our nations can and must build together.
5:06 am
>> the trip is happening against the backdrop of chinese intrusions in japanese waters and aggression towards taiwan. north korea is also saber rattling. the white house says a show of force with the nuclear or ballistic missile test is possible while biden is abroad. some experts saying that is also a message from china. but while russia's war has really showcased the importance of alliances, renewing this focus on containing china, the president today is leaving behind record gas prices at home, today reaching $4.59 a gallon. also threats of violent extremism over the future of roe v. wade and a pending migrant surge at the border as title 42 is lifted, as it's set to happen while he's overseas. the president needs to walk a fine line between showcasing how he aims to address the twin challenges in europe and asia without neglecting his responsibilities at home. >> i think all of us as
5:07 am
americans understand that this looks an awful lot like a deflection and running away from problems that have got his poll numbers in the basement. but i think that the bottom line, todd, and carlie is we have to be sending a clear message to china. >> so the president's cabinet was on the hill taking questions from lawmakers about some of these pressing issues including gas prices and as secretary of energy, secretary of the interior got a lot of flak for not answering those questions in a very transparent way. not seeming to just express some acknowledgment that gas prices are out of control and, of course, that is shaking confidence in the administration while the president is overseas. steve, ainsley and brian? >> steve: thank you very much for the live report from seoul. so the president is over in south korea. he landed a couple of hours ago. meanwhile, in this country, it is the 11th day in a row where
5:08 am
we have established a new record for the cost of a gallon of gas. and when you think about all the stuff that's going wrong, this is and we've been talking about this for months, this is a tax on all of us that for a variety of reasons we are at $4.59 a gallon and everybody pays it. it's not just for the wealthiest americans. it's for everybody. and it impacts people at the lower end of the economic strata the most. >> ainsley: not just gas prices, we have skyrocketing inflation and baby formula shortages and now c.e.o.'s are telling us to brace for a recession because there was a survey done by the conference board and they interviewed c.e.o.'s and 2/3 of the c.e.o.'s said that inflation could tip the economy into a recession over the next three years. and 60% believe the economy will worsen over the next six months.
5:09 am
>> brian: home sales dropped because the way the administration wants to fight inflation is raise interest rates that stops people from buying or moving. so i was stunned to hear -- first, i read this exchange and then we see it this morning about i thought we agreed that the prices are high, just who is to blame? but this administration can't even agree that the prices are high because on some level, on almost every level, they want us off oil and gas no matter how painful it is. i know the senator must have been on to something, why else would he ask a question as fundamental as this? listen. >> do you believe that gas prices are too high? >> i think that they're -- that americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic, and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of us. >> it sounds you're unwilling to say that gas prices are too high. >> we're doing all we can, senator. >> it is not administration policies that have affected supply and demand.
5:10 am
>> how can you say that? why don't you answer my question. from january to august, the price of gasoline was up over 30% in my state alone. are you telling me, madam secretary, are you telling me under oath that these policies had no effect? >> no, they did not. >> that is a remarkable statement. i have to say, madam secretary, with all due respect, your answers are insulting. >> brian: smug. >> steve: so yeah, we all know the prices are high unless you're the administration. wants to make -- when the cost goes up, people use less and that's what's happening and they don't want us to use as much. it's not only impacting gas, it's not only impacting the supply chain, we've been talking about the baby formula shortage because of a variety of reasons. but now, guess what else it's impacting. babysiters. there's a story this morning in "the wall street journal" about how some babysitters given the fact that babysitters are also in short supply, they are able
5:11 am
to now demand their own price and babysitters not only are getting better snacks and can watch the tv, whatever they want to watch. they're getting $30 an hour and they say that when the parents come home, they are so thankful because they've been cooped up in the house for a variety of reasons. they pay them the $30 and then they give them a tip. $30 for the babysitter! >> brian: do they teach? >> steve: no. just make sure the kids are ok when i come back. >> ainsley: why the increase? >> steve: for a variety of reasons. >> brian: competition. >> steve: they say -- >> ainsley: grateful that you have a babysitter and can get away from the kids after a few hours. >> steve: after two years of hunkering down at home, parents are competing to their office jobs and social lives and competing for part time sitters. parents are getting fewer snacks and doing fewer mundane chores and demanding top hour up to $30 an hour. >> brian: you know where the money is. babysitting agents.
5:12 am
>> steve: that would be a great app. >> ainsley: then you have to pay the agent. >> brian: absolutely. at least i would be able to get them jobs. >> ainsley: if you want a good babysitter, you have to pay them more. and i remember when i would babysit, i'd do it every friday night and saturday night and i would always accept the jobs and hope the families that paid the most would call me first. >> steve: we had a fantastic babysitter for years and then my wife told one of her friends, we've got the best babysitter. >> ainsley: oh, no! never do that. they stole her. >> steve: stole her. never saw her again. >> brian: i go for the cheapest. i don't want a background check. just want to save money. >> ainsley: the most awkward part is at the end of the night when the dad would drive you home. you don't want to talk to the dad. all of the moms -- carley is not a mom yet. it was so awkward. what do you say to the dad? you're like 15 years old and in the car, you hoped it was a short drive. >> brian: i'm feeling awkward right now. yeah. >> steve: $30 an hour. >> ainsley: you need a babysitter that drives.
5:13 am
>> steve: the babysitters can drive a chauffeured limousine on the way home. >> brian: get an uber. >> ainsley: does her parents think that's ok? >> steve: he's paying for the cheap babysitter. >> ainsley: you can't win. be glad those days are over. >> steve: all right, that's some of the stuff that's going on regarding the high prices. now heartbreaking story. friends and family are coming together today to honor a high school standout lacrosse athlete who was stabbed to death in the heart at a house party in connecticut over the weekend. >> ainsley: fox news exclusively obtained the arrest warrant against a 16-year-old suspect in the case. >> brian: here's more of these details. todd? >> good morning. this is a tough one. connecticut high school lacrosse player james mcgrath a wake being held today. his parents remembering him as "sunshine of their lives." it happened at a house party when students from an opposing high school showed up and were
5:14 am
asked to leave. fox news exclusively obtaining the arrest warrant for the teen accused of stabbing mcgrath to death. and it reads "a physical altercation with multiple male participants took place on the front lawn. there was one stab wound to the left side of the chest. the stab wound went through the rib and like steve mentioned, the heart. the 16-year-old suspect is being charged as an adult. he faces one count of murder and two counts of first degree assault and is being held on a $2 million bond. the suspect's father quietly apologizing to the victim's family." >> is there anything that you would like to say to the family of james mcgrath? >> i'm sorry. >> what was that, sir? >> i'm sorry. >> according to his attorney, the teen's next hearing will be in june. a motive for the stabbing still unclear. police say they're still investigating and there may be more arrests in the future of the back to you. >> steve: terrible story for that family. >> ainsley: really is. lacrosse player and football player. apparently, they raised a lot of money. i guess they have a go fund me
5:15 am
page. >> brian: 15 years old. >> ainsley: i know. he was 17, the one who died. had his whole life ahead of him. was a junior. >> brian: right. meanwhile, you have other breaking news. >> carley: starting with a fox news alert here right now. baby formula manufacturers are now ramping up shipments of its products from europe to the u.s. to alleviate the ongoing shortage. a texas restaurant owner who is trying to help parents get their hands on formula joined us earlier. >> mom and dads are scared out there they don't know how they'll feed their babies. they go to stores with empty shelves, so if we can get them another avenue to hold them over until supplies get here, we feel good about that. >> carley: on that note, they have now tripled the ocean imports into north america since january with 90% of those products going straight to the united states. ukrainian president vladimir zelensky is thanking the u.s. senate for advancing a $40 billion aid package.
5:16 am
it comes as zelensky says he believes the bloodiest days of the war still lie ahead. and president biden throws his endorsement behind sweden and finland's applications to join nato. biden calling those two nations "highly capable partners to join the alliance." those are your headlines, guys. over to you. >> steve: couple new members to the club. >> ainsley: we'll see. >> steve: still to come, john kirby, spokesperson at the pentagon is now making the move from arlington to the white house communications team. dana perino knows what it takes to be the voice of the west wing. she's going to join us live coming up. >> ainsley: plus we are celebrating asian-american, native hawaiian and pacific islander heritage month. >> someone that is so wonderful! first vietnamese american general. that's coming up after the break. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know so
5:17 am
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5:21 am
>> ainsley: we are celebrating asian-american, native hawaiian and pacific islander heritage month by highlighting the community's culture and history and contributions. >> steve: absolutely. this morning, we'll learn about america's first vietnamese american general. >> brian: guess what? i have the privilege of welcoming susan lee officially to the couch. >> all right. great to be back, guys! and this morning, we talk about service and surviving in this latest asian-american, native hawaiian pacific islander profile. this is the first vietnam born general and he knew he wanted to join the u.s. army after being rescued by u.s. forces in saigon. after escaping saigon under a hail of bullets and bombs,
5:22 am
nearly 50 years ago, he would go on to become the u.s. army's first vietnamese born general. his need to serve shaped by vivid memories of historic u.s. military rescues in the final days of the vietnam war. >> suddenly all hell broke loose and we started to receive artillery followed by mortars and several people close by were hit by shrapnel. >> as the city of saigon fell, his family were some of the lucky ones who fled away to the refugee camps in the pacific rim before arriving in arkansas and settling in los angeles. >> growing up in a poor asian family, right, so i tell folks all the time. we didn't have all these material things, but, you know, we were free. >> the luong family was living a familiar immigrant tale of sacrifice and starting over. they never went on vacation. his parents worked seven days a week and his father picked up double shifts at a security officer. >> to mitigate having time with dad, i used to go to work with
5:23 am
him, you know, and a lot of times just sleeping on someone's carpet, right. but many years later, i would say that i would not give that back for anything. and those were some of the best times in my life. >> following through on his boyhood promises to serve his adopted country, he enlisted in the army after college. you were quoted as saying that you could see in your peers that they were given opportunities and mentorship that you didn't necessarily receive. >> i think i was one of maybe three asian-americans in a class of 200, smaller than most of my peers. but again, it's determination. i'm a very aggressive and competitive individual. >> rising through the ranks, luong served 34 years in the army leading troops in iraq, deadly combat missions in afghanistan and long tours of duty in kosovo and bosnia. the highly decorated soldier received numerous awards including the bronze star and legion of merit.
5:24 am
just culturally coming from an asian background, you know that society tells you to put your head down, to not be trouble, don't cause any waves. do you think that helped or hurt you when you joined the army? >> i think it actually hurts us. not to make waves and not to say anything. but we're americans first. not to brag about our contributions, but to be able to accentuate all the things that we have done. >> somebody, you know, who is proud of being a vietnamese, you know, came to this country on a u.s. aircraft carrier and sense of, you know, being a real son of his people that i just think is unique. >> perhaps it was always destined but viet's career pinnacle would come full circle to meet the 9-year-old boy escaping war and death on board the u.s.s. hancock coming across the pacific 43 years earlier. he was promoted to major general
5:25 am
in 2018 and assumed command of u.s. forces in japan. so why are you opening up now? do you feel that you need to lead by example? >> there's a requirement to be able to advocate, to mentor, to send a positive message. our country is very divisive right now. i want to help solve issues. >> when i asked him for a message to the asian-american youth in the country, he says that people have to believe in america. we're not loyal to any political parties. we should be loyal to the constitution. >> steve: what a story! >> yeah, that's right on the deck of the u.s. air carrier taking away from the fall of saigon. >> steve: they had to get his family out because of what his dad did. otherwise, they would have wound up -- >> executive officer in the south vietnamese army and they knew they weren't going to win that war. >> ainsley: always grateful to our troops to help them out. >> brian: let's hope the afghanis merge in when they got rescued like the vietnamese did. >> to provide service to this country because how grateful you
5:26 am
are to be rescued during the dismal times. >> steve: great report. great profile. >> brian: i know stuart varney is jealous that you're on our show. thank you, susan. still to come, biden's approval slumping again as midterms inch closer. geraldo rivera is here and how the approval level has reached critical numbers. >> steve: janice dean is live at pimlico and give us a preview of the preakness stakes and show how to make this year's signature cocktail. it's early! but then again, it's friday. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise.
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if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. >> ainsley: president biden's approval rating circling the drain even among hispanics dropping to 26% according to wednesday's quinnipiac university poll. that's nearly a 30% plunge from just last year. >> steve: today, joe biden is less popular among hispanics than any other demographic and his administration plans to end title 42 in three days. >> brian: even though he has a bust of caesar chavez in the oval office. fox news correspondent at large, don't look for him at home and co-host of "the five." geraldo rivera.
5:31 am
the numbers are astounding. 26% approval rating? why? >> let me translate james carville, it's the economy stupid although title 42 and immigration is a big deal, it pales in comparison to how hispanic families are reacting to the economy. you cited his drop in approval in the last year or so. since he started at 69% and now at 26%, he's down 43%. it is a colossal collapse for president biden among latino voters. why? i said the economy. you know of all the statistics, probably the most important is gasoline at $4.59 a gallon. there's also crime. crime follows the economy and inflation among concerns for hispanic families. you reported in chicago you had
5:32 am
10 people died on the miracle mile. black on black crime but there's spillover into the latino community. latino families are very, very concerned and they are socially conservative, generally speaking. faith based, generally speaking. so latinos may be the canary in the coal mine for president biden and his collapsing popularity. >> ainsley: and many of them came from socialist countries. look at cuban-americans or people from venezuela. i'm sure they are not in support of this administration because they've gone so woke. they're so progressive in talking about socialism. would that be an issue? what about abortion? >> well, it's very interesting that you mention that. before i get to abortion, one of the, you know, hippest, wokest things happening in the latino community is this word "latin-x," attempt to have a gender neutral description rather than latino and latina, it is so insulting it is being rejected by over 98% of hispanic
5:33 am
families. it is so cool for school. but it's not for people in the latino community. it might work in hollywood but doesn't work among this community. abortion is also, you mentioned abortion, it is a big deal. you know, these are largely, you know, although the latino population, many have become born again or evangelical, still a very, very strong roman catholic base and they have some of the same, you know, hesitation about abortion as other catholics in the rest of the country. so it is an issue. i don't want to downplay the importance of title 42 and immigration. but i think particularly in towns like mccallen, texas, towns along the border maybe yuma, arizona it tends to be more important in that southern tier of the country than in the rest of the u.s. but clearly, hispanic-americans are leading the charge in terms of desserting president biden or disapproving. they may still vote for him but
5:34 am
they are disapproving of him right now. one of the big benefactors may be ron desantis in florida he's up to high 40's now. so desantis looking good among latinos, gang. >> steve: there's an expression, when you're in a hole, stop digging. apparently, they're not going to change the message. >> brian: right. if you have a wall, use it. >> steve: thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> my pleasure, you too. >> ainsley: or if you have a gas pipe, use it. >> brian: i would not do that. >> ainsley: have a great weekend. >> brian: coming up on saturday at 8:00 and again at 11:00 amongst our guests on "one nation" we'll have ian bremmer to bring us the latest on the president's trip, the war against c.e.o.'s and billionaires. the mayor, how does he feel about reinvigorating relations with venezuela? >> ainsley: they got the stadium, right? >> brian: they got the stadium over in miami, and michelle on this -- on everything that she
5:35 am
wants, as you know, she's going to be joining us. so it's going to be -- we'll try to fit that all in one hour. if not, i'll ask for the first 15 minutes of his show. >> steve: he'll give it to you. >> ainsley: caught on camera, a cop literally jumps into action to stop a suspected thief in his tracks. incredible video straight ahead. >> steve: plus interesting development in the west wing. communications team as john kirby makes the move from the pentagon to the white house. dana perino made the move from the white house to fox news. and she's coming up next live from the big studio.
5:36 am
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to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> brian: more movement in the west wing as pentagon spokesperson john kirby, the admiral, will take on a new senior communications role for president biden. >> steve: the addition comes only a week into jean pierre's
5:40 am
tenure as white house press secretary. she started monday. >> ainsley: america newsroom co-anchor and co-host of "the five" and former white house press secretary herself, dana perino joins us now. >> dana: good morning. >> ainsley: any word of what he'll be doing in the white house? >> dana: i don't think they've officially announced it yet. it's not clear. i remember at our white house days, in the national security council, there was a communications director, name was michelle davis. she looked across the entire spectrum of all the foreign policy issues and coordinate and make sure that everybody was fulfilling the mission, making sure everyone was on the same page. making sure that everybody in the west wing, what they needed to know. i think that's been a problem for the administration like not knowing where certain problems are happening. i don't think it has anything to do with the timing of the promotion to white house press secretary. >> steve: because john kirby had been mentioned in the who will replace jen psaki thing and obviously she got the job.
5:41 am
earlier this week, peter doocy was in the briefing room and john kirby went in. he said what are you doing here? he said i'm on a tour. and then he said something that was extraordinary. he said i have never been to the white house which is hard to believe. but apparently true. >> dana: wow, i could actually see that. if you've been at the pentagon and days go by fast and the weeks go by even faster, i think this decision by the white house is probably its best personnel decision on the communications team. but this role on foreign policy is so important. >> steve: it's smooth. >> dana: you know what? he goes on any show. he is a consummate professional and public servant and cares deeply about people. if you saw when he gave his briefing about what's happening in russia and how upset he was for the ukrainians, that was the day that i sent him a note and said, you're showing a little heart and a little emotion when things are like this, that's
5:42 am
what people need to see. that you actually have feelings. >> brian: is he replacing anybody or is he trying to fix -- >> dana: i don't know, if somebody was in that role as i'm imagining it as a strategic communications person overseeing, i don't know who that person was. there probably was somebody doing that. maybe not that well. >> brian: impossible task of trying to explain afghanistan. and that is absolutely impossible. >> dana: trying to explain afghanistan after decisions were made by the white house that were contrary to what the pentagon had recommended. that's also very hard. >> ainsley: does his views line up with the biden administration? >> dana: he's so professional that i don't know. >> steve: we've seen in the past with jen psaki and karine they have the big book of answers. i don't know if i've seen john kirby at the pentagon go through the big book of answers. when you have a different department as he would. >> dana: he's been in the military his career and he spent his time there so he knows. he's in the obama administration
5:43 am
as well. you are focused on that. all of a sudden, you say can you explain the president's feelings about the border and abortion and inflation and then yes, i'd be like can i get that book, please? >> steve: do you have the book? >> dana: i had notes. it wasn't as extensive. but i remember two weeks into the job, i forgot my notes but i didn't want -- the press saw me coming. i don't want to turn around. i could have gone and got the notes. anyway, i went and did the briefing. and it was the best briefing i had done. and i realized oh, that's what tony snow meant. he told me you're better at this than you think you are. trust yourself. i knew the answers. i just needed to like let go of the notes. >> brian: one thing for john kirby if he's watching. if you go to the page where it says border, it's blank anyway because they have no policy at the border. so there's no reason to bring the book there. >> dana: and in a role like that, you might be able to say, hi, i want to raise an issue that we should probably be aware of. >> brian: internally. >> dana: the other day when they
5:44 am
decided that the defense production act is going to be used on the baby formula crisis, you can understand why he would say i don't know when that is going to happen. last week, the white house said the defense production act wouldn't be used. >> brian: jen psaki said it wouldn't be effective for baby formula. >> ainsley: your show is coming up in 10 or 11 minutes. >> dana: dana mcdowell will be on set with me and lawrence jones will be there. looking at the title 42 issue. shawn duffy will talk about the michael sussman trial and bill bennett as education is a key issue. so many kids lost out on learning during the pandemic. >> brian: so many are going to home school, charter school, private school. >> dana: and some not going to school at all. >> steve: that's right. unfortunately. >> dana: thanks for having me. i appreciate it. i watch you every morning. >> steve: and we watch you! >> brian: absolutely. somebody who went to school is right behind you. >> steve: she's watching you. >> carley: let me tell you something, i would need the notes. i think everybody would need the
5:45 am
notes. >> dana: you need the notes at first. >> carley: one of a kind both inside and out. got to get to headlines starting with a fox news alert. an update on an overnight shooting in chicago. two men are dead and police say of the eight injured, three are in critical condition. the gunfire erupting just blocks from the city's premier shopping district known as the magnificent mile. video of the scene shows a mcdonald's restaurant with heavy damage. several windows were completely shot out. police say a suspect is in custody and a gun was recovered. the white house is calling a new abortion bill in oklahoma "extreme, absurd and ultra maga" that statement coming from the press secretary jean-pierre. oklahoma house of representatives passing the bill with republican governor kevin sitt indicating he would sign it that would go in effect
5:46 am
immediately. an officer quite literally jumping into action in beverly hills. the cop hopping off his motorcycle and tackling an alleged thief attempting to run from authorities on the city's famous rodeo drive. the officer pulling him to the ground while a second police officer assists. it's unclear what was stolen but check that out. many are pointing to that large pink bag the suspect is carrying over their shoulder. and from co-starring in "jaws" to enforcing the laws, the new police chief of oak bluffs on martha's vineyard is jonathan surl who played that prankster with his real life brother in the legendary movie "jaws." well, he was a true native to martha's vineyard. his father george was on the force for 30 years and he, too, held a top cop role for 14 years. how about that? he's all grown up and top police
5:47 am
officer. >> steve: those are the two kids out in the water with the fake dorsal fin? >> carley: that's exactly right. now he's a hero. >> steve: thanks. >> brian: was the last "jaws" in 3d? >> steve: don't know. didn't see it. how many are there? >> brian: i think there's four. >> steve: ok. >> ainsley: pretty scary. you're in the movie theater and coming at you like this. >> steve: should have made jaws 3 in 3d. just saying. have a great weekend. meanwhile, hold your horses! the preakness stakes is tomorrow and our own janice dean is live at pimlico in baltimore ahead of the race and janice, probably time to have a refreshment! >> janice: it's that time in the show. we've got adam going to show us how to make a perfect black eyed susan. what time is too early? >> it's track time. all good. >> janice: it's all good. come back and see us! cheers!
5:48 am
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switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. >> carley: back with some quick headlines. a senior prank goes seriously south. a texas high school says students will foot the bill for causing thousands of dollars in damage on campus. kids firing off fire extinguishers destroying furniture and vandalizing walls,
5:52 am
police and firefighters were called plus classes had to be canceled. those students may also face criminal charges. and a family is awarded a home build by new jersey high school students and habitat for humanity. it was built in their school parking lot. the teacher behind the project joined us in january to explain the venture. >> school really was committed to increasing students' technological and engineering literacy through the skilled trades. so when we wanted to partner with habitat and say we could have our students build something and make it really usable to the community, they were all for it. >> carley: that's amazing! the family of five that includes a special needs child is expected to move in in september. the students still have three weeks of work to do installing electrical plumbing and flooring. how great is that, guys? >> steve: that's so cool that they could put together the knowledge that they're learning to build a house. >> carley: yeah. good deed. >> ainsley: go get your hat. >> carley: i see it right there.
5:53 am
>> ainsley: come join us. >> brian: you can come over. preakness stakes kick off tomorrow and nothing pairs better with horse racing than ice cold drinks. >> steve: that's right. time for a beverage and just like the kentucky derby with their hats, you know, also the derby they've got mint juleps. the preaknesses has its own signature drink the black eyed susan named after the flower. >> ainsley: fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is at pimlico with the bulleit frontier whiskey ambassador, adam geisler. that sounds fancy. hey, janice. >> janice: it's a fancy title for a fancy drink, adam. what's in this drink? >> so we're going to be doing the black eyed susan today. this is the drink of the preakness here at pimlico park and we are going to be highlighting north american products, we're going to have bulleit frontier whiskey with bourbon, ketel one vodka and sour mix, equal parts lime and
5:54 am
simple syrup and fresh orange juice. we'll put that in our mixing glass, shake it up and garnish it. >> janice: bartender, i want a drink. >> ready to see how this happens? all right, we'll start with one parts of bulleit's bourbon. >> janice: made in kentucky. made in america. >> it is. bourbon is the only spirits by law that has to be made in the united states. >> janice: i love it! we love that! now we get the vodka. >> yeah. we'll do the same. one part vodka. >> janice: ok. this is -- i got to say out of all the drinks, this might be my favorite. >> it's really good out of all the drinks of the different tracks. you have julep for the derby. >> janice: i love them all. this has the citrusy flavor. >> nice and refreshing. it will be good on a hot day today. >> janice: it will be hot. 93 i think today and 96 tomorrow. >> yeah. yeah. >> janice: selling a lot of these things. >> couple of these will cool you off. we'll do two parts of our sour mix. easy to make at home. just squeeze limes and add simple sirup which is 1-1 sugar
5:55 am
to water. cook that on the stove. mix that together, homemade sour mix. >> janice: or hire you. >> or i'll come over, yeah. >> janice: ok. >> two parts fresh orange juice and then we'll shake this and strain it. >> janice: that's a lot to remember. you might have to write it down for me. >> no problem. >> janice: ok. there it goes. what does the black eyed susan? >> the black eyed susan originated in 1973 and that was going to be harry and stevenson coe, long time caterer here at pimlico and they've perfected this drink and we've been enjoying it ever since. >> janice: what makes the black eye on the black eyed susan? >> the combination of all the liquids together makes a really, really nice color and then we're going to garnish it with a cherry. >> janice: very nice. >> shake that. >> janice: coming to the end of the show which means time for me to drink, ainsley, steve and brian. look at that. oh, yes! >> steve: i do like bulleit's. bulleit is one of my favorites.
5:56 am
>> cherry garnish. >> janice: there's the cherry! just to make the drink complete. >> steve: janice, can you taste it on tv? got to wait for commercial. >> janice: i can always go like this. >> ainsley: smell it. oh! >> steve: she's not drinking. >> ainsley: you didn't drink it, did you? >> steve: have a great weekend at the preakness! >> brian: i don't know if i'll trust the weather reports today. >> steve: thank you, janice! from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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>> well, i got some news for you. don't go in the water because there has been four jaws movies, not three. 75, 78, 83 and 87. >> have a great weekend. >> goodbye everyone. >> dana: the price of gas is putting a strangle hold on american's wallets. one of the president's top cabinet members is refusing to acknowledge it. bill has time off. i'm here with dagen mcdowell. >> we'll talk about our dogs for the next two hours. i'm dagen mcdowell and this is "america's newsroom." americans are waking up to another record high for gasoline prices, $4.59 up more than 1.50 from a year ago. >> dana: we're on an historic streak. the u.s. setting a new record for average gas price


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