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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 20, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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doing this right? there is a bride and groom running down the aisle in a ball of flames. these are two stunt professionals met on a film set. don't try this at home. i don't think rae and phil would approve. >> i would guarantee my hair would catch on file. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: new territory for gasoline prices. we have now set a new record every single day for 11 straight days. this is more than just an inconvenience. as the average price of diesel for the trucks that bring us everything is also at an all-time high. the white house appears to be out of ideas and out of touch with what the american people are feeling. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". aaa says this time in our
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american history for gasoline is unprecedented. the average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded $4.59. only a month ago, we were paying 50 cents less. republican lawmakers want answers and action. senators hitting the biden administration at two separate senate hearings. >> now aaa is projecting that gas prices will hit a national average -- average of $6 a gallon by the month of august. is this acceptable to you? >> no, it is not and you can thank the activity of vladimir putin for invading ukraine and pulling us -- >> nonsense. with all due respect that's utter nonsense. what are you doing to reverse this administration's policies that are drawing down our own supply of energy in this country that are throttling oil and goss production in the united states of america. what are you doing about it?
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>> do you believe gas prices are too high? >> senator, i completely understand the crunch that so many americans are under right now. i think that americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of us. >> so it sounds like you are unwilling to say that gas prices are too high. i wonder what your department has done specifically to lessen this terrible pain that americans are suffering under these high gas prices? >> we're doing all we can, senator. >> harris: and there it is. their best isn't good enough if that's even what they're implying. i mentioned diesel. the high price there hurts us because trucks run on diesel. and they deliver our food, our furniture, our cars. the food part, though, that's the part that nobody can live without. former trump economic advisor larry kudlow gets specific
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about where president biden is failing the country. >> the only way to whip inflation is a complete policy reset. that is, abandon the progressive agenda. get rid of big government socialism. but they won't do it. they won't do it and that's why the g.o.p. should be advancing a pro-growth balanced budget plan. we should be ready to hit the ground running next january after the congress changes hands. save america, balance the budget, and yes, yes, the cavalry is coming. >> harris: a new poll shows only 18% of people think biden's economic policies have actually helped more than hurt. and his overall approval is at the lowest of his presidency at 39%. marc thiessen is here.
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it appears, marc, americans are warning president biden now, you have become the great unifier united against you, mr. president. marc. >> absolutely. look, when you showed that poll, the reason that poll is so low are things like the interior secretary being asked are gas prices too high and not being able to just say yes. how hard is that to answer that question? of course gas prices are too high. and i'm sorry, with all apologies to the energy secretary but it is not vladimir putin's fault. the gas prices were at a 30 year record increase before the war in ukraine. and when biden took office, gas prices i can give you the exact numbers, gas was $2.46 a gallon. by october it was at $3.50 a gallon. it rose one dollar between january and october.
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under donald trump gas never went over 3.40. so to blame this -- did vladimir putin and the war make it worse? yes. but to blame it on putin is just a lie. when they lie to the american people they lose the trust of the american people, as well they should. >> harris: when secretary grand holme blames putin, we're where we are. what will the white house and administration do about it now? it also seems like what, they want us to go to russia and talk to putin? they don't even listen to him. >> the reason gas prices are so high and the reason inflation is so high is because of the spending. so the biden administration came in and the first thing he did as president was to pass a
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$1.9 trillion social spending bill disguised as covid relief and that drove up demand. only 9% of that was on covid. the rest was stimulus checks, unemployment insurance and all the rest of it. that drove up demand but supply can't keep up when you increase demand and supply can't keep up, the result is shortages and inflation. it is economics 101. >> harris: if there are gasoline shortages coming as some experts are talking about as a possibility this summer when more americans are driving, americans are not going to put up with that. the president just made an epic tap on our oil reserve and said that he could help drive down the cost maybe between 10 and 35 cents. you couldn't feel that now if someone were blowing straight in your face with it. >> no doubt. just that he just canceled the oil leases in alaska and the gulf. >> harris: it's almost like you
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read my mind. joe manchin is pressing the biden administration on what marc is talking about, new offshore oil and gas leases on the sales of them. let's watch. >> is the administration, which you have your top people with you right now, is your intent to lease unless you are stopped from leasing? >> currently onshore there are more 12 million acres under lease and offshore 8 million acres under lease. it's clear we're leasing. >> those have been previous. the bottom line is you have the ability to make some of the changes if we recommended. there is practical changes that should have been made by now. you don't need us. >> harris: did you catch what he said? those have been previous. don't give me the history. tell me what you'll do about the future. >> first thing -- one of the first things president biden did in office was to suspend new leases ordered by a federal court to resume there. not by choice they resumed them.
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they aren't providing permits for the companies to exploit the leases. once you get a lease it's your land and do whatever you want. you actually need a permit and it seems to a lot of americans like this is intentional. they want the gas prices to go up so we can stop using fossil fuels the way the government raised the price of cigarettes to stop us from smoking. their goal is to transform this economy and care more about climate change than the climate in our personal economy. >> harris: as parents we can tell anybody you don't take away diapers from a child and say go where you are supposed to. it doesn't work like that. you have to have a plan. the recent leak, no pun intended there -- of a supreme court draft opinion on abortion has exposed yet another division among democrats. this time over ramping up security for the u.s. justices particularly those conservative justices where people have been protesting outside their homes. but it has been more than 10 days since the senate
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unanimously passed legislation to increase protection for those judges. and for their families. speaker nancy pelosi is dodging questions on a house vote for the bill. >> i think that any need for protection should relate to whatever threats that are there and that's a judgment that is made by our law enforcement people. >> it passed unanimously. do you have a plan to bring it up for a vote in the house? >> protection depends on the threat and that is up to law enforcement. >> harris: however, dick durbin the second most powerful democrat in the senate is asking what's the hold-up? >> they want the span -- i'm all for that but they shouldn't hold up the whole process to achieve that goal. we ought to be working on this actively and it should have been done a long time ago. >> first of all it was the best transition in television this week. second of all, they do not need
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legislation. nancy pelosi should pass the legislation but all it takes is a phone call by joe biden to garland to enforce the law. there is a federal law that you can't protest in front of supreme court justice's house. garland didn't wait for legislation when the school board called him. he wrote a memo within days to the f.b.i. telling them to swing into action and no federal laws involved there. those were local statutes and police matters. here you have a federal statute which says you cannot tamper with supreme court justices just like you can't tamper with yit necessarys or jurors. you can't threaten them or protest outside their home. he is not enforcing it. he doesn't need legislation to do it. he can order it to be done tomorrow and they say quite the opposite. they're not enforcing it and peaceful protests, no problem. that's not the way you do things. >> harris: you know, i wonder if there is a way to legally hold this administration accountable.
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if something happens to the property of these people, god forbid anything else. i want to focus on the cost of things in terms of things and not people. because that would break us at this point, i think. if something happened to a justice it would break us. >> just look what happened to steve scalise. only a couple of years ago that bernie sanders campaign volunteer showed up and tried to assassinate him. you don't think a crazy person can't look at this and take it into their own hands? it the biden administration to protect the supreme court justices. >> harris: thank you for breaking down so much this afternoon. appreciate it. have a good weekend. we shared a couple of laughs. president biden is in south korea on day one of his first trip to asia. the five-day visit will take him to japan. all eyes, though, are always on china because they are not our friend. listen to what national
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security advisor jake sullivan told reporters this week. >> the message we're trying to send on this trip is a message of an affirmative vision of what the world can look like if the democracies and open societies of the world stand together to shape the rules of the road. we think take message will be heard everywhere and in beijing. it is not a negative message and not targeted at any one country. >> harris: peter doocy is live for us in seoul. a beautiful city. >> it is beautiful. harris. in the region right now tens of millions of chinese citizens are quarantined because of covid. slice are not coming in and out of china. president biden is trying to figure out with other asian leaders how to prevent that from happening again. >> president biden: if we can keep our supply chains resilient, reliable and secure. over the last few years, we've
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seen just how critical it is. covid-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of just in time supply chains. >> on air force one ride over here the national security advisor was frank about a north korea missile test or nuclear test or both while the president is here next door in south korea. but that's not the focus of the trip for them. the president is instead hoping this itinerary highlights possible economic health and he is hoping to show off strength in numbers to a chinese leader who could be considering invading taiwan while biden is in office. >> president xi is watching how this unfold. all the democratic work together to help the ukrainians beat the russians. we're doing the right thing and i think the president's visit is probably well timed.
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>> the lack of contact with president xi while president biden is in the region is notable because he has boasted many, many times how close the two of them got while biden was vice president. harris. >> harris: that's interesting. you always tie together interesting things, peter doocy, thank you. as the woke folk continue to struggle to define the word woman, even while they appear to be tinkering with the definition of women, republicans are proposing a new law to protect the biological rights of women. and we're also working on this. >> if he is going to stop working with us it is no different he has done the entire time he has been president. >> harris: house minority leader firing back of biden's claims of gop obstructionism. tammy bruce next.
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>> harris: it's no longer just a war of words with the woke folk. some republicans are proposing a new law to protect the biological rights of women. congresswoman debbie lesko explains the women's bill of rights this way. it is a quote. as the left continues to erase women, we must fight for women and their place in our society whether it's keeping the word mother in written law, or insuring women's domestic violence shelters don't have to accept biological men. we must stand up for women, end quote. this is the world swimming coaches association calls for a new transgender racing category after university of pennsylvania transgender swimmer lia thomas dominated this year's ncaa championships.
8:21 am
and then there was this exchange on capitol hill this week between a congressman and a pro-choice activist. >> what do you say a woman is? >> i believe everyone can identify for themselves. >> okay. do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions? >> yes. >> harris: okay, twitter reaction here. here is one. this is another level of stupid. and when you deconstruct basic truth like gender, all other logic and common sense go out the window. the center cannot hold. tammy bruce, fox news contributor, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. she is in "focus." you were chomping at the bit. >> i felt out of focus after listening to that. my generation, myself personally working for decades to recognize the differences women experience in society, working to get laws changed and working to get recognition of the contribution we make to
8:22 am
society, the issue of birth, reproduction, equal treatment in the workplace because of who we are. because we're different. there is a difference between men and women and to hear this. this is not -- i can tell you women who are democrats who are liberal and conservative, this is not what we've worked for for the last 40 years to have that young woman sit there speaking to congress, which in and of itself used to never happen, and to say sure, men can have children. i'm sorry, the fact of the matter is they cannot. now, we also recognize that people are different and with the swimming association, i like what they are doing. we can recognize transgender individuals, which is a dramatic dynamic to change your life to be who you are, which i support. but you are still different and you can have a category of different when we deal with issues of fairness and fair play. all americans understand this. but this is now for me i'm only
8:23 am
recently not a democrat anymore. many people like me are doing this. my activism started on the pro-choice issue. with everything that has trance pieshd and everything we know about fetuses and birth and children i no longer can support this abortion as though it is nothing. abortion when i was working in the far left was as though it was some heroic act. every woman that i've met and worked with and knew that had an abortion or miscarriage are never the same. they may tell themselves differently but the fact is it's the 21st century and laws will be changing. we understand what our responsibilities are. and we've got to stand up for at least the truth of some framework. certainly about women and our bodies and our lives and who we are as people. the issue of children, giving birth, infants and all of that. we can have this conversation. and then in the mean -- one last thing. the whole thing about how men can have children, can get
8:24 am
abortions and have children and get pregnant. why do they have marches about how all of this is just about women's rights? suddenly the marches are about hands off our bodies. this is about women's rights. why aren't you saying that this is men's rights also? the hypocrisy and the lie is exposed in that kind of division. >> harris: tammy bruce, wow. the president seems to have given up on his campaign pledge to reach across the aisle and be a unifier according to a new "politico" piece. he has unified the american people around the cost of gas. the piece is entitled biden starts conceding that bygone era of d.c. may be gone. a quote. the fever didn't break. and for the biden white house efforts at bipartisanship have finally taken a back seat. but house minority leader kevin
8:25 am
mccarthy is firing back at the suggestion there has been a fair dose of in your face gop obstructionism. watch his reaction. >> i've only seen a president a couple of times. he never called to ask. i reached out numerous times. do you know when he decided to pull out of afghanistan, i called the basic public switchboard to ask to talk to the president. the white house then called to wonder was it really me calling? that was the one time the president actually took my call. i would love to work -- look, he is sitting as president of the united states. we want the best for this country. we want to work together. if he is going to stop working with us it's no different he has done the entire time he has been president. >> harris: it's interesting almost as though the president is saying it's not me, it is you. >> right. this is a sign of the fact that -- i'll bring up jean pierre when asked about the stock market she said we don't look
8:26 am
at that every day. it is not something we watch every day, the stock market. which affects the future of everyone. you've got the president only now acting on the baby formula shortage which the defense production act. >> harris: children hospitalized having had reactions as people are trying to stretch formula and change formulas and make ends meet in that category of lifesaving. >> a toddler is in the hospital of tennessee because they couldn't get the formula they needed. people are recognizing you told us for months there was nothing you could do. it was putin's fault and you mkd us and jen sauk a*e saying there is in national stock pail and pa*et buttigieg is not making baby formula. why did you wait until may? operation warp feed my baby your commentary on the baby formula is what the president should have been saying.
8:27 am
that was presidential optimism, aggression, labeling, motto, pushing forward. >> harris: it's basic leadership. >> people are wondering you could do something, why didn't you? that's my column today. why doesn't he do things when he can and why do they lie about it? everybody has a bad day and everybody can make mistakes. this is different. what are they doing? your previous segment with marc thiessen fabulous. this is on every issue. why do they not act? it's as though they want it to be like this. >> harris: leadership, basic leadership. that's it. it is not anymore difficult or easier than that. but the concept is simple. they have to embrace it. >> indeed. >> harris: the white house defending its new efforts to combat the baby formula shortage. critics are worried it still
8:28 am
may take too long to get parents what they need. the president moved so slowly that everything was moving slowly and a now diesel at an all-time high. it is a layering you couldn't even make up. t minus three days until the administration's time to lift title 42 at the border. critics are digging in. >> it is a catastrophe what we're expecting. based upon biden's numbers expect 18,000 people a today. never has he come down here and addressed one of the largest catastrophes under his administration. >> harris: because the g.o.p. and different states and conservative attorneys general have been fighting legally against this administration, it potentially could slow things down. a ruling expected today on whether the administration can in fact lift the pandemic era restriction despite bipartisan alarm at ending title 42.
8:29 am
senator marsha blackburn is in new york with me in "focus", in studio next.
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you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. >> harris: title 42 restrictions at the southern border with mexico are set to end on monday, may 23. we have seen it coming. but a federal judge could rule today on whether the biden administration can even lift the trump-era pandemic policy which has been used to expel a majority of illegal immigrants since march of 2020. the looming end of title 42 is stoking fears of an even larger surge than the record numbers we've already seen. border agents report 1800 apprehensions in the del rio sector in just the past 24 hours alone. 700 in the last three days in the rio grande sector. critics say vice president kamala harris remains noticeably silent, absent on
8:35 am
the crisis despite being, well, in charge of it all. she is the border czar. >> over the past 14 months since she got that title, it's pretty clear to everybody that she does not ever intend nor has she ever truly intended on addressing the crisis at our southern border. so many people at a certain point look at this and say you know, the fact that she is not even pretending to try here coupled with the fact our government continues to allow our laws on the southern border to be flagrantly violated on a daily basis. perhaps they maybe don't care maybe this administration wants these people to continue to come in. >> harris: tennessee senator marsha black burns serves on several committees. great to have you in person. let's just pick it up with the basic math here. we have a lot of people coming already.
8:36 am
it is about to become more. gop has stood in the way a little bit, though. you are protecting a america from it. can you stave off what's going to happen? >> we would like to. right now 6,000 people per day is what the border patrol is dealing with. when title 42 goes away they anticipate -- this is border patrol's number -- that it will be 18,000 a day. so look at that, from 6,000 to 18,000. the cartels are global organizations. last year they brought people from 160 different countries to our southern border. among that you had about 40 known terrorists that were apprehended. so harris, this is what the border patrol is dealing with. and this is why for 30 years they have been saying we need three things. we need a wall, we need better technology, we need more
8:37 am
officers and agents on the ground. and they thought they were going to get that wall. they are not. now title 42 remain in mexico, things that helped them to stave off the influx of the illegal entry whether it's drugs, whether it's human trafficking, gangs, sex trafficking. now that is going away. >> harris: let's talk about the terrorism, the potential for it because of who is coming across the border. former ice acting director under president trump tom homan told me this week that about 700,000 getaways are there. do we have any idea of how many of them could be on that terrorist list? >> no, we don't. there are about 750,000 known gotaways. those are the ones they saw on surveillance. and they couldn't get them. and these are the really bad
8:38 am
guys with the drugs, the fentanyl that is killing so many people in this country. now here is the thing that border patrol will tell you, and i'm sure whether it's mark morgan or tom homan. you see some of the gotaways but what about those you never see on surveillance? is the number a million? is it 1.5 million? they don't know. there is not a way to quantify that because there is not a wall, there is not surveillance, they are not able to secure parts of the border and then target their resources to areas where there cannot be a wall. this is why border patrol has said a physical barrier serves as an impediment to people trying to come over. >> harris: vice president
8:39 am
kamala harris knows that because they have a wall. here is florida governor ron desantis increasing punishment for fentanyl trafficking. >> we can and must lower the demand for drugs through education and outreach programs but we also must fight the supply of drugs and crack down on dealers and traffickers, particularly of substances like fentanyl. well will do all we can to decrease the prevalence of fentanyl in florida and that means if you are dealing fentanyl, you are killing people and you are going to be put in jail. >> harris: could we do that at the federal level? >> we should be. i was talking with one of my sheriffs in northwest tennessee and he said marsha, 80% of the drugs we apprehend are either fentanyl or something laced with fentanyl. they are even taking gummy bears and rolling them in fentanyl and this is how they
8:40 am
are going after younger children that they can addict to this. 80% of the deaths in some of our counties are fentanyl-related overdose deaths. these people ought to be locked up. they are causing people to lose their lives. they are actively selling these drugs and the bad things is these are cartel groups that are pushing this. they have set up their hubs in u.s. cities, a lot of these sanctuary cities. they are working on our soil and they all out to be locked up. >> harris: i want to get to the baby formula but have to ask about the vice president kamala harris. mia, missing in action. what's happening there? >> we don't know. don't see here. she comes every once in a while to break a vote and break a tie on a vote. but i wish that she would take the lead on the border because these cartels are abusing women
8:41 am
and children, and that needs to stop. >> harris: all right. we'll let you wrap it there and move to this. critics are also lighting up the biden administration over the baby formula emergency and how long it has taken for them to even recognize it let alone try to respond to it. here is pentagon spokesperson john kirby trying to explain how imports and the president invoking the defensive production act will work. >> now job will be to work with hhs, department of agriculture, fda, to help provide contract commercial air to move formula from overseas particularly europe to the united states. >> harris: but that still doesn't tell us how much longer shelves will remain empty. please do not dilute the formula or try to make your own. what are the options at this point? the supply nationwide averaging at least 40% out of stock. senator, i spoke with senator josh hawley of missouri last
8:42 am
week and he is in one of the first states where they hit the 50% threshold and he said then we knew we were in trouble because there is not enough to help us now that is in the bloodstream. >> yes, 54% of the baby formulas are out of stock in tennessee, out of stock. and you know, we have been saying for weeks to the white house give some waivers to import from canada, e.u., u.k. and they chose not to do that. >> harris: why? what reason did they give you? >> we don't know. they just did not do that. then you look at the factory in michigan and harris, they could have could have opened. they knew in february they should have opened it. back then we were at a 25% outage rate and they could have taken care of this.
8:43 am
that one factory makes 40% of all the baby formula in the country. >> harris: in three months, less than three months we went from 25% to over 50% in your state out of stock and nothing happened between doubling where our losses were in february? >> what did the administration do? they wait for a problem to become a crisis, make the wrong decision and then they have to come back and try to fix it. which is what they are doing now with the waivers and with the defense production act. this never needed to happen. we have two children in tennessee that have been hospitalized for lack of formula. every time i talk with some of these parents, it is very emotional. i just -- i cannot even -- you are a mom, i'm a mom and a grand mom, and it is just heart wrenching what these children are going through. and they are calling family
8:44 am
members and friends in other states and saying can you see if you can find some? i'll pay you to fedex it to me. >> harris: what you've told me from this conversation is that the white house simply doesn't hear or didn't hear and now they are trying to play catch-up. that's the dangerous game. young lives are at stake. throughout the pandemic we know they said they cared. don't they care now? i just don't get it. senator, thank you for being here. appreciate it. democrats are giving some hay to elon musk after he called them out as the party of division. well, he has an answer for them and it is not just elon making them bad. new york democrats are calling state redistricting maps racist. >> we have a problem with these maps. it would make jim crow blurb. >> the power panel on all of it next, stay close.
8:45 am
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>> harris: redistricting efforts have new york democrats in a major uproar on this friday. lawmakers are irate will pit
8:50 am
multiple house democrats against each other. those maps drawn by a court-appointed special master after a legal challenge from republicans which includes house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler, who will take on house oversight committee chairwoman carolyn maloney. democrat congressional campaign committee chairman patrick maloney is facing backlash after he said he would run against squad member mondaire jones. some dems are going after the maps and calling them racist. >> in this proposed map the black or latino population was degraded in all four districts. are you kidding me? that doesn't happen by accident. so yes, we have a problem with these maps. it would make jim crow blush. >> harris: let's bring in the
8:51 am
power panel. a former trump advisory board member and a former democratic state senator from new york. great to see you both. david, i will start with you. make this make sense that you have some in the party that would want to go against each other to bump out the squad. is their voice too big now, those progressive voices? >> well, i don't think that's what this is about. this is about the redistricting maps that have been put in place. they are a big problem for the democratic party in new york. but what we have to be careful is that we don't allow this problem to become a crisis. the ink is not dry >> harris: you said it. >> we can't allow for members to be attacking members and to allow it to degrade the entire political process and the chances of democrats retaining the majority in the house. and this is about incumbents trying to protect their turf and make sure they stay in office. we can't allow us to lose sight of the big picture.
8:52 am
but these lines are obviously manipulated in a way that benefit republicans. hakeem jeffries is right and i'm hopeful these lines will be amended before the ink is dry by the end of the day today. they put out the lines. they said hey, we'll take some comment and hear from people and put out the final recommendations today. >> harris: i'm sure some of the comments that no one was banking on is that it would be against each other within your party and that's as you say wasting precious time for you the democrats. oh well, it is an emergency for you now. jason. >> i love watching the infighting. for years in democrats demanded the courts take a role in redistricting. they got their wish. they just don't like the result because they were planning on gerrymandering for every last partisan drop and they can't do it now because there will be a neutral map and have to compete for the votes amongst each other. so i think this in the end will
8:53 am
probably be better for all new yorkers. >> harris: i want to get to this. elon musk is calling democrats the party of division and hate. it struck a nerve prompting barrage of tweets from the left. retweet if you think musk is a terrible american. when i said giving one man total of a global communications program might not be great for democracy? that man talked about his political bias. musk's response. judging from the hate from the far left this tweet was spot on. david, i will come back to you for reaction. >> i think this is the problem, right? twitter has made us have to put everything into a sentence. the fact that elon musk who i have a great deal of respect for. one of the richest people in the world. to sum up the democratic party, millions of people, is wrong.
8:54 am
whenever we're trying to say hey, you know, the republican party is x, the democratic party is y. that's the problem. we're generalizing and stereotyping and getting right into the problem of what's dividing our country even further. >> harris: i guess the pushback might be for you, david, with all due respect is elon musk. the bona fide you give him is he is rich and he is not a politician and a platform that can take more words. >> harris, look. he is fighting for free speech and why the left is attacking him. he has his finger on something very important. the truth of the matter is the democrat party has been the party of division and hate forever. they are just being more transparent and open about it now. they are intolerant. authoritarian, and they are extremely divisive. i think all americans of every party have seen this throughout the pandemic and play out through the pandemic and that's why, i think, you see that
8:55 am
there are only 2 in 10 americans who think we're headed in the right direction. that's very concerning. >> harris: you can't say 1.8 person. it is about 2 in 10. great to see you. david and jason. we'll bring you back. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus" all week long. appreciate it. "outnumbered" is next. i've been♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪♪
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