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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 20, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> emily: this is outnumbered i am emily compagno and we have kennedy michelle sophia. we are awaiting a ruling on the fate of title 42 with reports it could come as early as today. now that the trump arrow border restrictions are said to expire on monday illegal migrant encounters, which artie shot her stomach shattered records month after month are already explaining that some areas
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seeing 1800 apprehensions in just 24 hours. with title 42 expected to end, border counties are now bracing for a disaster. el paso preparing to declare a state of emergency as the governor of texas warns 6 million migrants to come in each year. that is roughly equal to the population of houston every 12 months. and with all of us hanging in the balance, you may be wondering what our borders are up to today. vice president kamala harris is talking about clean school buses. kaylee, as always, the vice president is m.i.a. on this border crisis. but today, she is expected to announce certain regulations and expectations surrounding a low emission school buses. what apps timing and what great priorities when you say? >> kalie: right i'm still not listening to the posters come emily come we talked about how joe biden's posters kim and him and said hey i know it may
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fairly guard administration's going great but there's this thing on the horizon called immigration and the border on fire may be should pay attention to it and he didn't. neither has kamala harris. fox news digital it did some really good reporting on this. here's what they found. in june, she visits the border for follow-up, okay? in august just to limited press events. there been no such press events since last june. and since june the other recorded activity we have from around the border is january she went to honduras, april showed a phone call, may she had a meeting, good job, kamala harris. a meeting come up phone call, a photo op of the border, photo op in honduras, and now you have title 42 about to expire meaning 2 million more illegal migrants would have crossed the southern border. this administration the only conclusion you are left with, emily, is that they are intentionally trying to make this worse. because why would you not lists a mask mandate on the airlines
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until judge forces u.s. citizens but what you will willingly doom illegal miners before and that makes no sense. >> emily: that's right and as the terrific communications with the lack of support there for all of those border states. frankly come all the rest of the 24 states that have joined this lawsuit trying to keep title 42 in place. in fact, governor abbott of texas said last time you have to govern dominic president biden was 2021. what is a tell you, michelle? speak i can't believe this is a priority for them. it's devastating to those border states but it's really devastating to the country. look, all we want is an orderly immigration system. by ripping off this title 42 band-aid you are still leading i'll make leaving the patient to bleeding, leaving the patient really needing some surgery. we hear again and again from nancy pelosi and others we need
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comprehensive immigration reform. i've been hearing that since i was alive, since i've been alive. that is going to take so long to accomplish. there is going to be so much disagreement in all of the details. that is not going to resolve this issue. we need to look specifically at the border first. and then take care of the rest of the immigration reform. this is a major problem. we are having fentanyl get through with the cartels controlling so much of what is going on over there. it really does look like this administration just doesn't care or see an advantage here and that is hard for most americans to take. >> emily: that's right, and kennedy, in terms of the acknowledgments over title 42 the administering of them are acknowledged all of the arguments on behalf of the states where they say look, our entire system education, law enforcement, processing will absolutely crush not only our local populations, they say, but also the migrants who deserve as well to be processed in an
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orderly fashion to michelle's point about the immigration reform needed. instead, the government simply said the cdc is the one department with the authority, and therefore that's why should be lifted. all those millions of americans and migrants live who will be affected negatively. >> it does not affect those who may be democrat voters everyone knows that and we have to acknowledge that now. they have had a year. last year with these record numbers of people coming over the border and right now with title 42 going away, whatever great marketing the cartels had last year is even better this year because they are like they are not even going to send you back to mexico when you seeking asylum. you are in. they have had a year to have a conference of approach, even if the comprehension isn't in legislation.
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they could have had more judges, more processing facilities, more insight. and oh, harris where wears pantsuits. i know pantsuits have sleeves. she should be rolling them up and doing the really hard work that is required to solve this. because americans have been suffering, people trying to get into the country of suffering and dying. if she is the czarina she must rule on this one. >> emily: jimmy this is such an exponential assess, right? one day with an open spigot has a ripple effect and impact that is far greater than the actual numeric equivalent of that makes any sense. basically it's really hard to set stuff this genie back in the bottle every day goes by. >> jimmy: the border crisis is really emblematic of why joe biden and kamal harris are the only ones pulling behind understand this from like a. 20,000-foot view. it is a now problem.
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is going on right now. and right now they are not offering a now solution. if your house is on fire you need water now. instead, a la says we will look at the root causes of immigration. can you imagine calling the fire department and they say you're in luck were going to do a study on the root cause of house fires. i am making light of it because this is how we cope with such awful things because the suffering that is been created in this country by their indifference to the border because they see the board as a political issue, and they depicted border security as racist under trump but the drugs coming over the border affect every race is not exclusive to white this is not a principle of black or white is a principle of right or wrong. that is what disgusts mary. one thing with the school buses i know i'm dressed like a guy not allowed within 500 feet of a school but let me just say.
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okay? if you really want to do something with vehicles to help the environment, make the u-haul's electric that are fleeing democrats and that will solve everything. >> emily: bravo. i first want to say when you said house fire i thought that's you censoring us with that's on too. look out there may be a red wave come november as president biden loses on a key voter demographic. we will break it down next who ny and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family,
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>> jimmy: midterm elections i will decide the balance of power in washington are getting closer and closer. republican hopes at taking back congress in november just got a bit of a boost. a new poll finds that president biden's approval took a nosedive in a key demographic.
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hispanic americans, get this. it's down from 55% to just 26% over the course of one year. nancy pelosi, oh, she is in la-la land. she is missing concerns. >> i have absolutely no intention of the democrats not winning the house in december. i think in terms of our work that this president has done, he has been a great president. i don't know about polls but i do know about winning the race one district at a time. >> emily, she doesn't know about polls but here are not numbered we do. she is no intention of handing over the gavel but she will. let's set aside the polls for a second, we will get there. turnout in these ten primaries that it happened have been enormous. at times 60% of voter turnout
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breaking records in some states that one state it was actually edging toward a 2020 numbers. never have midterm where it looks like a presidential election, emily. >> emily: that's right. speaker pelosi can live in fantasy land all she wants but sorry, sister, that red wave is not only come in, it has already started. as you mentioned, kaylee, and the ten states that have already held their primaries, republicans have accounted for fully 60% of the votes cast. and overall turnout in those ten states was up 20 note stomach 21% from 2018 which is a record high year. of that 21% increase, republican turnout went up 38% of that increase. it's absolutely coming. democratic turnout numerically has owned her 5 million boats. republican come over 7.5 million. what we need to remember too is against a backdrop of 32 house democrats we've already resigned or announced they are not running for reelection again. the most since 1992.
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thick to keep living in her delusional end but i think the rest of the democrats in the house and certainly the rest of us know exactly what's coming. >> emily: yes. this is how she thinks she will win back those voters. >> thank you for your warm hospitality and welcome. i am honored to be here in this beautiful capital today. and on behalf of my husband and the people of the united states, one oh start ace. buenos tardes. >> jimmy: nailed it. it she speaks three languages, spanish, english, and joe. often times very difficult to translate. the reason they are losing so much support with minority
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voters is why they are losing with everyone. if they're not prioritizing what each of us prioritize. there yelling out ultra mega, there yelling about eat the rich, climate change, people who migrate to this country don't come here to have prosperity demonized. they come here because they aspire to prosperity. you can't tell latino voters they are oppressed because they hate you fled it real oppression food insecurity, it's laughable to the rest of the world where the rich kids of the biggest house in a block whining about how hard it is while the people down the block, you know, that have nothing, are like do you believe the nerve of these people? that is what the democrats are. so out of touch with everybody else that they think their priorities are ours. they are going to get smoked. i'm here for it, girlfriend. >> emily: i have even more proof of that. joe biden may need to learn to speak democrat despite being a
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democrat herself, not good with her own party, take a look at this. associated press lowest approval rating yet for joe biden at 39% down from 63%. here is the part that it's interesting. overall about two in ten adults think the u.s. is heading in the right direction or that the economy is good from earlier those drops were concentrated among them mike democrats would just 33% of joe biden's own party saying down from 49% in april. at the massive drop in one month on his party. >> kennedy: i don't understand what nancy pelosi is talking about she says i don't understand the polls. but i'll tell you, the president's doing great job. [laughter] he is not. he's doing horrible job. we talked about immigration coming of inflation, the war in the ukraine, you have the baby formula crisis, and now immigration on top of all of
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that. at least two of those affect people every single day. even if they don't live in border states, they are seeing the images and they are like "this is not what i voted for." the problem is, here, yes you have support among the democrats voting but also independence looking at this landscape same is not the america i want to live here because to jimmy's point, when you can't find baby formula, that is like a third world country. >> emily: that's right, and julie, president trump the one thing you didn't see them lose support among republicans ever. he was around 90, high 80%. biden has always been 82%, michelle, i'm sorry, 82% wrong democrats. i'm sorry, i can barely see here. >> harris: stomach >> jimmy: you can't remember names because you're talking about joe biden and you are becoming him.
9:19 am
speak i'm sorry, michelle. just a big drop. >> michelle: my sister's name is julie so i will answer on her behalf. i am not into identity politics paid when we say hispanics feel this way versus however, i come from hispanic family. i know what my dad and mom wanted for us when i was growing up. they wanted public safety. they want a great education. they wanted a good economy. my dad always preached to me you love and the greatest country in the world. right now, dad you're probably turning over a new grave because this country is not the way you left it. i think in general the populated area from this president is getting so low. i want to know who is thinking we are going in the right direction parade where they live and what they are taking. >> emily: their institutionalized. [laughter] well said, michelle. all right, fox news alert. we are getting explosive testimony in the trial of former clinton campaign lawyer, michael
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sussman. what her former campaign manager just said about her goal, yes, hillary clinton's role in pushing the false trump rush her to the media. >> it's five and i thought i could dodo anything. to make th. learn more at
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> emily: elon musk is denying the assaults allegations calling him hit piece. a political lens, this is their standard to despicable playbook but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech. this is the response to the business insider story that he paid $250,000 in severance to silence us base x flight attendant here he reportedly propositioned for. musk says the story has been
9:25 am
pushed with and asked to grind. for the most part he says for the record those wild accusations are utterly insane. >> i think, from what we know come this moment happened in 2016 so the timing is can sorry hear. why now all of a sudden? we are told we should believe all women. i kind of believe that both the woman and the man in these situations should get equal hearing. that's just me. because we have seen in the past that some people make accusations that turn out, simply, to be false. in this timing it sort of makes me curious about this. it now, i would love to listen to her house foul whole story and i would love to listen to his whole story. boy, people say it's dangerous to be a woman online on social media, it's dangerous to be elon musk right now too. he is getting from all angles getting attacked from all angles. so i'm curious about the timing
9:26 am
of this. i'm not saying she is right, i'm not saying she's wrong. we need to listen. but it sure seems curious to me. >> kaleight: emily, the timing seems really interesting to me, tucker carlson recently said he's going to be called a racist, he is going to be smeared, it is when we all kinds of attacks. then elon musk, 24 hours ago, said these voting republicans about 48 hours ago, and he says all of these things about joe biden in the teleprompter and the democrat party. boom. now we get this. >> emily: it so obvious almost makes you wonder, it makes you question the strategy because it is so obvious. elon musk himself said if i were inclined to engage in sexual harassment this is unlikely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career that it comes to light. that is why he said this is so obviously a politically motivated hit piece. of course, to michelle's point,
9:27 am
everything is due analysis but i think here of the timing the optics alone make it suspect, although i know jimmy if someone offered to buy you a horse you would. >> jimmy natalie responded that. >> jimmy: will be the first time i made money on horses. i mean, to be clear. the timing of this reminds me a lot of when joe rogan was in the crosshairs of the far left attack machine. and he went from we love this podcast on spotify two he has a racist, he is a homophobe, he wrote the bad ending to "the sopranos." i'm telling you he's got to go. i just think this whole idea of timing, we have taken into consideration. especially when you consider that everybody doing this is tweeting at him from a tesla, okay? they love this guy. he was the patron saint of the left like 5 minutes ago. but what i love so much is that elon musk said what? the left is the party with division and hate and they responded with division and
9:28 am
hate. this is like if you call me an alcoholic and i responded by chugging a keg of beer. it's kind of a cell phone. >> emily: yes, today is a cell phone. elon musk said he put a popcorn emoji. i don't want to know what jimmy did last weekend, okay? [laughter] keep my mind up you senator elon musk said this would happen. >> emily: i'm sure there's more to come but they were really trying very hard to michelle's points are cobbled together story about his nefarious life in south africa as though he were the one who thought of apartheid and went into a press as many people as possible. and all the people from the escrow alike know. had hung out white kids and black kids and his dad was anti-apartheid. that he left south africa as soon as he possibly could. do smart, rich men do stupid things? yes. and that is why it if the story were to record the time to come
9:29 am
out with it probably would've been at the height of the me #metoo era. the timing of this and where we are politically, the entire country is skeptical of pretty much everything. government, media, accusations, it doesn't mean they are not true. but they don't get the same sympathetic wash that they might have at the beginning or the height of the me too area #metoo era. >> emily: he has target number one that we don't have all the facts about its allegations we will keep you apprised as we learn them. has denied the, the accusation exists, that's all we know. fox news alert, we are getting a testimony in the trial of former clinton campaign lawyer, michael sussman. a reporter, david spohn, is in the courtroom with details about hillary's role in pushing the
9:30 am
trump-russia collusion narrative. that's next.
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>> emily: fox news alert on michael sussman. hillary clinton's 2016 campaign manager, robbie moved testify today that clinton, herself, approved the idea of getting the alpha bank story to a reporter. as part of the trump-russian narrative. as you may remember there were connections between the alpha bank and russia server they looked into that and found nothing suspicious. david is live outside the federal courthouse, more with david. >> hi, kaylee, good afternoon. there was some surprise in the courtroom when robby mook the 2016 campaign manager just answer a question casually that she, personally approved senate
9:35 am
search of the media. as he mentioned deals with an allegation or accusation about the trump organization, not the trump campaign, but the trump organization having a back channel to a russian bank named "alpha bank" which has some ties to the kremlin's some russian oligarchs close with vladimir putin. to give you back story on the story because it is complicated there are a lot of twists and turns. hillary had michael sussman who is on trial right now because in 2016 come september of 2016, he went to his friend, who happened to be the general counsel at the fbi, a man named james baker, and sussman said, james, or jim, rather, i have some information linking the trump organization to a russian-based bank via a back channel. via a computer server. james baker took the information at the fbi, the fbi investigated, they found out there was nothing to it, kaylee, as you mention. hillary clinton's team at the
9:36 am
campaign also found out about that information, and we are learning today via robby mook, the campaign manager, she, personally, was briefed on this allegation about the russian bank and trump organization and she said okay, go ahead, give it to the media. and that's where we are right now. sussman is charged with one count of providing a false statement to the fbi. the trials have been going on for a week. is expected to continue another week, but again, definitely a little bit of a surprise in the courtroom. i think not only from the government, but the defense when robby mook went ahead and admitted that clinton herself gave the go-ahead for disseminating that story which turned out to be false. >> kaleigh: wow, powerful new information, thank you, david, keep us up-to-date. emily, a quote that stood out to me by robby mook, with the clinton campaign, he says this. "we told her, hillary clinton, we have this and that's the
9:37 am
information about this bank allegedly having the communication, or at least the service suggested, so the trump organization, we told her we have this and we want to share with the reporter. she agreed to that." this is the information that turns out was faceless or nothing suspicious. >> emily: what i find so ironic, kaylee, is that this sort of explosive terribly dumb i testimony for them to exhibit false information that was amplified a million times over by our mainstream media. were hearing nothing but crickets from the media now over this. let's look and set about what they are focused on. what are they facing over that is actually important to this country because they want to divert our attention otherwise? obviously, you are on fox news, we are covering minute to minute. keep in mind as well in the back of our minds we listen and watch this unfold at this trial, as david said, this is over providing all's information,
9:38 am
write, and perjury? that is a hook that a lot of people can be on the hook for. the more we learn and especially, potentially, the person that was just named as who did get that blessing, kaleigh. >> kaleigh: really important information there. kennedy, this is again from robby mook, he says we didn't have the expertise to judge what we were briefed on. he was briefed by mark elias, was another attorney about this information. he admits we didn't have the expertise but we decided to give it to a reporter so the reporter could run it down more. it is their decision whether to publish it. it sounds a little bit like patch stomach passing the blame. >> kennedy: you also give it to reporters who won't do their due diligence and investigate the story and talk to sources. they ran with it because they were also opposed to the idea of a trump presidency. mark elias, of course, in the law form that paid for the steele dossier. all of it is proven to be false.
9:39 am
it just goes to show hillary's campaign and they were desperate, they were losing, this is a case of wag the rat. talk about political losing harpy who couldn't stand to see power escaping her grasp. and, you know, she was in a lot of trouble, if you remember then, for her private server where she was deciding which emails to delete. she was in a lot of trouble for that. so she was like what can we do? i know, we will say that trump has a secret server with russia. so that's where the whole rush idea got cooked. >> emily: michelle, big news that she green-lighted a reporter, what else did hillary clinton no question right there so many questions, they sent to the dossier which the clinton campaign paid for and kennedy suggested in this
9:40 am
case, michael sussman on trial for going to the fbi. the government saying that he did not report to the fbi that he was with the campaign instead he acted as if he was a private citizen. michael sussman designed that. but the question remains:the what of the principal no? he green-lighted at least a portion of this activity. >> michelle: although it comes to mind is ♪♪ supercalifragilisticexpialidocio us ♪♪ the classic campaign. will be held accountable for this? i highly doubt that miss clinton will be held accountable for any of this. this is what makes people sick to their stomachs about politics. that you have this outsider running in donald trump. miss clinton, hillary clinton that kennedy reminded us about why a server not, so they found this equal accusation to throw at the guy running against her.
9:41 am
and, you know, it doesn't surprise me that clinton would be in on the hey, yeah, let's go ahead and push us in planet and give it to a reporter who may be as favorable with us and likes us. you see the quotes and the headlines and the tweets that came out right about this time. this, apparently, showed this could be the closest link that we have between trump and russia. all those little caveats. it was nothing in the end. >> kaleigh: a nina jankowicz retorted that as well. >> jimmy: nina jankowicz -- >> link at the sin, the story of more robby mook so we will see the other side of the story who knows but under oath that's right, jimmy. >> jimmy: i was going to say nina jankowicz she's actually the favor on the next season of america's got issues all that is singing and carrying on. all that considered i just want to say that no matter how nefarious this testimony gets,
9:42 am
hillary still wants to run in 2024. >> totally. >> jimmy: she will never stop running for president. someday the trump rallies will be shouting help her up. shall be 107 going to the podium i will turn this country around! this exposes her for what she is. nothing is beneath them. nothing. >> kaleigh: she does have a lot of ambition, we will see. that 107-year-old. >> jimmy: younger than biden. >> emily: may be. baby formula shortages, a likely overturn of roe v. wade. data shows there is one issue above all that they care about. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start...
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>> hillary clinton gave the green light to spread which turned out to be the fake trump russia story details on that coming up. any time now we are expecting a court decision on whether title 42 will stay or be withdrawn on monday. we will talk to texas dps and former acting ice director tom homan with what lies ahead. president biden with another low watermark in the polls. i am john roberts, off today
9:47 am
joining gillian turner in me for "america report, we will see you then. >> emily: a blockbuster filled the million dollar defamation trial between johnny depp and amber heard is grabbing america's attention. so much so that according to data from media monitoring platform news with people are more interested in the trial than the war in ukraine, abortion, inflation, even elon musk. to some are so captivated they are literally camping outside the courthouse overnight hoping to snag one of the available 100 seats. michelle entertained us out what they are treating this like the super bowl, right? the president of lung crime network said that her average daily viewership is 50 times higher than it was before the trial. they are getting 1 million viewers per hour on the youtube channel. america's tuning in, this is like the next o.j. >> michelle: i was going to say the same thing.
9:48 am
it feels like this is entertainment. almost like watching a movie. i will admit that i have been captivated from time to time because you're talking about really famous people and really amazing details. right? just clearly tell my crazy stuff. you are watching it. i have had sound bites from time to time. michelle your mother of children you need to turn it off but -- >> emily: kaylee it's a little like a festival people are getting wristband some pew someone said they spent $30,000 to go in there was one, to michelle's point said my family thinks i'm nuts and totally camping out perry just asked her husband to spend their 10-year anniversary which was during the trial with her at the trial and he was like no! but they are loving it, kaleigh. >> kaleigh: yeah come on how that marriage is going.
9:49 am
there are some weird obsessions here. that preston spent $30,000 that i took my whole year's vacation so i could be here for johnny. i'm sure he appreciates it. i'm sure he is thinking the whole lot about her. and then a woman came from the u.k., emily. she said currently the whole courtroom as her home at least for now. after the trial is over she doesn't know where she will go she will be between liverpool, london, and lieb. she says she's probably having a midlife crisis. you think? i mean these people are out of control. >> emily: poor thing. kennedy, question for you, many individual trials restrict media from entering so my question is is this an argument for more coverage or for less because of the entertainment debacle was devolved into? >> kennedy: i think this is all a kickstarter campaign for both of them. the public will pay their legal fees so they can keep suing each other and keep appealing. and they will hope and pray to
9:50 am
the tv gods that every trial between them is televised. we got a taste of this when we were reading about that same trial, slightly different subject, but it was him and her in the u.k. it didn't go in his favor. but he so desperate to at his reputation back. the odd thing about this is this is actually working. if you talk to people who are paying attention to the trial, johnny depp is coming off more sympathetic than he has in the past in terms of this case. and she has inspired rage in people. a lot of people who are watching this trial particularly women come up the enough, they do not believe her and her pencil hair. [laughter] >> emily: jimmy, in honor of the two confessions of the couch today i would say that in all of that big line up you know i'm a 21 drum street fan and parts of
9:51 am
the caribbean but i am the most fan of eddie and the cruisers. the only person out camp out to sea for testimony is ellen burke end. >> jimmy: i think we should acknowledge this trial went on longer than their marriage which is fascinating. i think the reason it's so popular is it really does make everybody else feel better about the relationship they are in. >> or being alone. >> jimmy: think appearing to come home from work, someone burned dinner or he didn't take out the garbage and you're like well at least my spouse didn't poop on the bed. the details of this trailer discussing that part of the issue here. i think the reason it's driving down competing traffic because they are so many elements of that traffic your. for example there are so many rambling drunk accordance of johnny depp being played that you don't need to listen to a joe biden speech. because you feel like you're hearing one in the courtroom. but kennedy is right. johnny depp is winning in the court of public opinion, and he needs to win because she tarnished him so much he was
9:52 am
going to be starring in a film called porch "pirates of the caribbean." so low-budget they were just stealing amazon packages. so i'm glad to see his career on the mend. she is full of it. >> emily: jimmy dear about us magazine you say stars are just like us and have someone pumping gas or eating with a fork, but if you like in this case they are not like us. there like i'm sorry, we don't leave feces on the bed. >> michelle: she is not full of it anymore, >> emily: more just a moment. ♪ ♪ your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic,
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♪♪♪ >> we all know that old saying you are what you eat, but a new study suggests you might really be how you eat.
9:57 am
think about it. do you make toast the perfect golden brown? food psychologists would say that you are practical or maybe a perfectionist. if you like it burned, may be a thrill seeker. what about peanut butter, crunchy and resourceful or smooth and romantic, and extrovert who likes steak rare or considerate type who makes patiently for well done. i couldn't pin you down on these. >> no, i -- none of these traits are specific to me. what's specific to me, i eat very fast, because i come from a fast family and you have to protect your food in a fast family. like the food would come out at my house, and slow down, and she would take it from me. that's how it worked. everybody in a fast family assaults food.
9:58 am
you hide leftovers like you put pizza in the putter drawer and sometimes you come home and you find a note like nice hiding spot, jerk. dot dot dot love grandma. it was a vicious cycle, it's a big cry for help, i'm sorry. >> i hope they are not watching, you just insulted your family. >> they are eating, if it's 12:57, they are eating. >> kennedy. >> i like my peanut butter crunchy, steak medium rare, i like my gluten-free toast golden and like jimmy, i eat fast and all of those make me adventurous and awesome, awesome. >> michelle, i'm going to pin you for a fast eater. if you are, you are ambitious and impatient. >> man, you just nailed me right there, kayleigh, i am a fast eater. over and do with, i am
9:59 am
impatient, and good partner, i'm a fast eater. move on to the next thing. >> emily, i was a little dismayed they didn't have wine, what does it say, white wine over red wine -- >> as long as you like wine, you are awesome. i love this so much, i felt it was totally accurate, i want to give it to everyone i ever meet. i like my eggs soft i am reactive, imaginative and energetic, accurate, and same as kennedy, medium rare meat, steak, exciteable, someone with high energy and passion their pursuits. nailing it, you guys. and jimmy, i think the eating fast and hoarding your food, that makes you ambitious and impatient, which you are, and your italian, that you are italian. we all love to eat. >> i totally am. when it came to wine consumption, you neglected to
10:00 am
mention you were drinking it out of a funnel not a glass. i'll play along. >> joe concha lit the internet on fire, he derided me saying you cannot have pizza with wine. what do you say. >> i had both during the last break. >> wine with breakfast. >> cheers to that, michelle. >> sorry about that, joe concha. have a great weekend, everyone. thanks to everyone for watching. now here is "america reports". >> john: dow on pace for the eighth straight losing week, the u.s. economy is barrelling toward a recession, economists warn. stocks down sharply this afternoon. >> gillian: and fears on wall street as gas prices set another new record high, 4.59. energy


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