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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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brother jonathan. now 47 years later he is the police chief in the town where jaw's was oak bluff fretty cool he was in the movie. >> judge jeanine: very cool. i think it is greg nobody asked you. that's it for us. have a great weekend. we love you. bye. ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier breaking tonight we are following two major stories. a federal judge rules title 42, the pandemic related asylum rule allowing expedited migrant deportations must stay in place. plus, bombshell testimony in the trial against former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann. we we'll get to that in a moment. first, the title 42 decision comes just days before the policy was set to expire and amid a flurry of bipartisan backlash over what would happen if the rule was rescinded. basically a massive surge of migrants to the border. we have fox team coverage
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tonight. bill melugin is in he'll pass, texas with what this means for officials and states along the border. but we begin with peter doocy on what the ruling says and the politics of this moment. peter is traveling with the president in seoul, south korea, good evening peter, good morning i should say to you. >> peter: good morning from saturday morning in korea a bret. and keeping this policy and deporting more people that come into this country illegally may wind up being politically beneficial to the president. but on paper, this would be a loss for white house officials who have long said title 42 is not their immigration policy it is a public health policy put in place by the trump administration. and they thought that they could stop using covid as a reason onto deport people but a judge is not satisfied with post title 42 plan. so, in this ruling, part of it says the records support the
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plaintiff's state position that the termination order will result in increased border crossings and that, based on the government's estimate, the increase may be as high as three fold. and that could crush border towns with limited resources. so that is why moderate border state democrats recently joined border state republicans demanding to know what's going to happen if title 42 goes away and deportations go way down? all we really heard from the secretary of homeland security mayorkas is that the u.s. is going to continue to enforce immigration laws and that's about it this judge's ruling addresses mayorkas' point. he says the plaintiff states have demonstrated that the termination order will affect their quasisovereign interest based on impact on healthcare systems and their interest in the health and welfare of their citizens. progressives were pressuring president biden to end title 42. they thought deporting people and blaming covid was cruel. the biden justice department
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though is expected to appeal this ruling because they want title 42 to end by monday. and the supreme court could issue an emergency order but it might take several weeks. i reached out to white house officials hoping to get reaction about what they are going to do next, i have not gotten a response back yet. but it's worth pointing out they open on local time and it is still very early saturday morning here. since on paper this is a loss for the white house. add it to the list of a rough week for president biden. you have got this. you have got gas prices reaching new highs, you have got the stock market erasing all gains from his time in office. the a.p. just put him at his lowest approval rating ever. 39%. and all that is happening while this asia trip may be completely overshadowed by chinese military exercises in the south china sea and a potential north korean nuclear test. bret? >> bret: a lot going on. peter doocy traveling with the president in seoul, peter, thank
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you. now back to that federal judge's decision to keep title 42 in place as border agents increase their footprint along the southern border's busiest sectors, getting ready for that title 42 to expire but now the judge says it has to stay in place. correspondent bill melugin joins us tonight from eagle pass, texas. kind of a big move, bill. good evening. >> bill: bret, good evening to you. big move certainly going to grab headlines but in a net shell nue status quo remain the same at the southern border. remember, title 42 has been in effect throughout this border crisis through these historic massive numbers of illegal crossings, last month april the highest numbers in dhs history and dhs sources, border patrol agents tell me even with title 42 staying can you expect those numbers to continue. >> the state of texas continuing to shore up its own security along the border in eagle pass. but even with the increased presence, this large group cross
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you had illegally into eagle pass early this morning. 167 people in total. almost all of them single adults. eagle pass is part of del rio sector which continues to be overwhelmed with over a quarter mill illegal crossings, since october. border patrol here reports over 18,000 apprehensions in just a 24-hour span. >> multiple bodies. [shouting] >> in bracketville, illegal immigrants bail out of a truck and flee into the brush after a brief pursuit with texas dps. it happened while fox news was embedded with texas troopers. several adult men were hiding in the back of the truck. they decided not to run for it some of those runners were later caught. the men were being smuggled by this woman, a u.s. citizen from florida. in laredo the texas national guard and texas dps ran border security drills with their mexican counterparts across the river. both sides presenting a show of force as dhs projects if title
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42 drops, the southern border could see up to 18,000 illegal crossings every single day. and again as peter doocy just mentioned, the federal judge actually used those government projections against the government, citing that those projections showed it's not the time to drop title 42. and, bret, the big question now is going to be what's going to happen with these thousands of migrants who have gathered in these mexican cities across the border who have been waiting for may 23rd to come to cross? we have gone into these cities. we have talked to these migrants. they have told us on camera they are waiting for may 23rd, then they plan to cross. what are they going to do now? are they going to go back to their home country or going to say well, i will give it a try anyways. we will see in the coming days. send it back to you. >> bret: probably the latter. bill melugin, thanks. >> bret: another breaking story that we told you about at the top of the show hillary clinton's 2016 campaign manager telling a federal court today
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that then democratic presidential nominee gave authorization to her campaign team to share with the media what turned out to be shoddy allegations linking candidate trump's businesses to a russian bank. despite campaign officials not being, quote, totally confident in the story's legitimacy. correspondent david spunt has been following this case since the beginning. joins us now in washington. good evening, david. >> bret, good evening to you. attorneys on side looked surprised when former clinton campaign manager robbie mike casually told jurors today that his boss hillary clinton gave her blessing to tip off a reporter to the debunk trump russia bank story even though the campaign was not 100 percent sold on the facts of this story. telling jurors, quote i discussed its with w. hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation but notion nally the discuss was hey we have this and we want to share it with a reporter she agreed, end quote. michael sussmann is charged with lying to the fbi when claiming
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he had evidence of a secret communications back channel between the trump organization and a russian bank with ties to the kremlin. sussmann, a former clinton campaign attorney claims he was delivering the information on his owns a a concerned citizen, not on behalf of any clients, including the clinton campaign. but, bret, as we have been saying, special counsel john durham says his team has evidence showing that sussmann later billed the clinton campaign for that private fbi meeting. the fbi found no such connection between a russian bank and the trump organization. mook told jurors today that he would never have authorized sussmann to go to the fbi with any information. mook said point blank of the fbi, quote: we did not trust them and it was up to the media to essentially vet the story. clinton tweet add few days before the 2016 election on halloween. computer scientists from apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russian based bank. then clinton aid, now current
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white house national security adviser, jake sullivan said in a statement that same day, secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of trump's ties to russia. now, bret, before mook testified, former fbi general counsel james baker finished his third day on the stand. the key prosecution witness different things to different people on the record about if sussmann was representing a client when he came forward and that may be an uphill battle for special counsel john durham's team and, bret, wrapping it up late this afternoon, it was revealed sussmann met with the cia in february 2017, that's after the election to continue pushing that russia bank story the trial will continue on monday and we will be there, bret? >> bret: okay, david, thank you. let's bring in george washington university law school professor jonathan turley. jonathan, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> bret: i want to get your thoughts on this case. you know, there may not be a lot of people other places that are
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following it we are following it closely from the beginning. today this testimony was pretty interesting. and, it goes to the bigger picture, i think, that john durham is trying to set here about the narrative of what was happening inside the clinton campaign, including hillary clinton herself. >> yeah. what was particularly interesting, is durham has wanted to have a broader scope for this trial to bring in more information about the campaign. and the judge cooper in this case has really shut him down. and limited the evidence, limited the scope of his questions. and then all of a sudden, leukemia dropped the name of names. i mean, hillary clinton has always had a sort of volt mort status of who who must not be named in a scandal. clintons have really been able to avoid direct responsibility here was campaign manager effectively dropping the dime on
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his former boss saying look, she approved it. she knew about it the reasons that important is that this claim was utterly ridiculous. it didn't have a basis. it was quickly rejected by people in the government. and it was without any foundation when people looked at it. but, the clinton campaign pushed it anyway. this alpha bank story was pushed by jake sullivan now the national security adviser and by clinton herself. but the thing to keep in mind is that up president obama was briefed when he was president that hillary clinton was planning to make a russian collusion claim against donald trump to try to get out of her own email issues during the campaign. and we now have someone saying yeah, she green lighted the alpha bank claims which were completely without foundation. >> bret: well, here is mark penn, a former clinton adviser about this revelation today in court. take a listen. >> this is a remarkable
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revelation that the clinton campaign itself was distributing the story, getting it from marc elias and that entire chain had been carefully hidden throughout the election period. i mean, it's too late to have any political or i expect legal consequences, but it is remarkable. it is incredible. it ties it directly to hillary herself. one wonders what the mueller investigation was doing that they didn't discover any of this at the time and it took durham and a witness for the defense, i might add, to bring out this remarkable revelation. >> bret: what about the last part of that sound bite about mueller? why does in not come out in a year of investigation? why doesn't all of this come out into the light, number one? number two, by mook testifying when he did, the judge has now let that clinton tweet that he was going to exclude into the trial. and the jury has seen that tweet. >> yeah. and it's very damning.
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i mean, the evidence against sussmann is considerable that he intentionally lied about his representation of the clinton campaign and pushing this claim. there's a legitimate objection here to the mueller investigation. we have seen a lot of information uncovered by john durham that was not revealed. we had heard that durham was not happy with the mueller investigation. and actually was not happy with parts of the inspector general investigation because of their omission of criminal facts. and we're now beginning to see why. and so, this is really sort of -- sort of elevating this scandal significantly. you know, people have got to keep in mind that marc elias, who was the general counsel of the campaign, was accused by at least one reporter of denying the campaign was behind the steele dossier. but there is also this pattern in which the clinton campaign pushed the steele dossier, pushed the alpha bank claim to the media and to the fbi while
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they were also hiding their role in funding and pushing these claims. and then when you combine them with the fact that they were found to be really groundless, you have an amazing disinformation campaign that may have been the most successful in u.s. history. >> bret: i only have 10 seconds here but a lot of people will say okay, okay. we thought this. it's coming to light. but what happens now? >> that's a good question. i mean, the clintons are really quite adept at avoiding direct responsibility on some of these scandals. and i expect that will be the case here with the exception of false statements made to federal vawrts. there is not a lot that could be brought for charges against a wide array of individuals. that's why the special counsel investigation is so important if he can produce a report that finally sheds light on how this extraordinary campaign unfolded through the clinton campaign. >> bret: okay.
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jonathan, as always. thank you. up next, fox news gets a first look and speaks with civilians returning to their homes after the russian occupation of kharkiv, and, summer travel plans in the u.s. could be in jeopardy over surging gas prices. ♪ if you don't stain your deck, it's like the previous owner is still hanging around. previous owner: "laughs" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mom: where are you going? ♪ ♪ so today let's stain, with behr, the #1 rated stain. and make your deck, yours. behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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♪ >> bret: stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 9. the s&p 500 added 1. the nasdaq fell 34. another down week for all indices means the dow is experiencing its longest losing streak since 1932. and the s&p and the nasdaq are encountering their longest losing streak since 2001. the dow dropped 2.9. the s&p 500 lost 3. the nasdaq tumbled 3.82. frustrated motorists struggling to balance their budget over record breaking gas prices. madison alworth is in hoboken, new jersey with the latest on this story. good evening, madison. >> good evening, bret. gas prices are hitting a new record high today for the 11th day in a row. we're looking at a national average price of $4.59 a gallon. that is up over 50 cents in the
3:21 pm
last week and over the last month, that's up 1.50. the sharp run-up is forcing drivers to make tough decisions. some we spoke to today say they are not filling up their gas tanks fully and are avoiding big summer plans. >> what i try to do is go to ones like cheaper prices. a little bit just to get me to my destination and then when i get to where i know it's the cheaper one, then i will fill up. this is crazy. >> no vacations, i guess, for now. of. >> many analysts are predicting that the u.s. could hit a national average of $5 per gallon. a.a.a. found if we hit that $5 mark 75% of drivers say they have to make changes. in washington, d.c., there is bickering over who is to blame and if gas prices are really creating a problem. u.s. interior secretary deb hollen refused to say thursday that gas prices were too high when pressed repeatedly. >> do you believe that gas
3:22 pm
prices are too high? >> americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of us. >> so it sounds you are unwilling to say that gas prices are too high. >> we are doing all we can senator. haaland has told lawmakers plan offshore oil leases by the end of june. there is concern that that would create june 30th the end of the month and new plan that would not be finalized until november. in the meantime, bret, americans are just struggling to fill up. >> bret: yes, they are. madison, thank you. scientists say they are baffled by a recent spread of monkey pox in europe and north america. they are typically only seen to people with links to central and
3:23 pm
west africa. last week european and north american countries reported infections mostly in young men who have not previously traveled to africa. monkey pox typically causes fever, chills, rashes lesions. it is fatal for up to 1 in 10 people. small pox vaccines are protected. >> monkey pox is not a very contagious infection at all. as a matter of fact, human-to-human transmission is extremely difficult. two to four week flu like illness condition where you get bumps on your skin and that's characteristic of pox-like infections. again, does not spread readily or easily among humans. >> bret: thought we would share that good news. to date no one has died in the outbreak. up next, redrawn congressional districts in new york causing a major rift between democrats. we will take you there.
3:24 pm
fox 32 in chicago where police are investigating a mass shooting that left two people dead, eight others wounded after a fight broke out near a mcdonald's on the city's near north side. at least one person is in custody and a weapon was recovered. fox 31 in denver where the city and surrounding suburbs are bracing for a winter storm over halfway through may. yes, you are right. a winter storm. the alert lasts until saturday morning. denver is forecast to get up to 4 inches of snow. the impending snow comes a day after the mile high city had 90-degree temperatures. b. how about that? this is a live look at pimlico race course in baltimore where the big story there tonight from fox 45, our affiliate, preparations are underway for the preakness stakes. the second leg of horse racing's triple crown. tomorrow 7:01 eastern time. there will be no triple crown winner this year though as kentucky derby winner rich strike will not run this race. that's tonight's live look
3:25 pm
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for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on. ♪ >> bret: new emails obtained by "the washington post" indicate virginia thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas was one of thousands who signed a letter asking arizona lawmakers to set aside joe biden's popular vote victory in the 2020 election and choose, quote: a clean slate of electors. a message under virginia thomas' name was sent to lawmakers six days after the election arguing legislators needed to intervene because the vote was marred by fraud. we have reached out to the thomass for comment. ♪ ♪ >> bret: new york's
3:31 pm
redistricting drama pitting high profile democrats against one another in elections and in the war of words. in a well-known political figure in the area just put his name on the ballot. congressional correspondent chad per grams shows us where things stand. >> once the mayor of 8 million people, bill de blasio angling to become one of 145. >> i feel that passion and i'm ready to serve. >> de blasio left city hall with something approval ratings and soaring crime. ironically if elected de blasio would represent wall street. his entry multiplies democratic chaos. a court ordered newly drawn new york congressional districts. the maps triggering pitting democrats against one another diluting the minority vote. >> special master comes out with a map that put four black members of congress in the same district? it would make jim crow blush. >> sean patrick maloney head the committee in charge of electing democrats. due to redistricting to get reelected he could face a four way fight with congressional
3:32 pm
black caucus members jones or jamal bottom. democrat richard called the decision to run thinly veiled racism and progressives don't want malone to run gleert this entire is dripping with racism. i don't think the democrats can afford to anger the black voter. >> obviously we will try to work through that friends. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez says malone should step down from the campaign committee. minority members begs house speaker nancy pelosi to intervene. >> i'm not getting involved in the politics of new york and the redistricting. >> this doesn't affect the party at large here. >> not at all. not at all. >> why not? >> because it doesn't. because it's -- it doesn't. we have a dccc. >> of the democrats facing each other committee chairs jerry nadler and carol malone. democrats hope the big apple would help the party in the midterms. so far, bret, it's just a big headache. >> bret: chad, out west, san
3:33 pm
francisco's archbishop now barring house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion there? >> that's right. abortion is the issue here. now, in a letter to pelosi saf tore wrote, quote: you are not to present yourself for communion until you renounce advocacy for abortion. roman catholic bishops okayed the document saying the public figures should comply with the church. now pelosi, she a lifelong catholic and she led the effort to codify roe in the house. bret? >> bret: okay, chad pergram on the hill. pennsylvania republican senate primary too close to call. counts continues. it is almost certainly heading for a statewide recount. and that recount means the outcome of the race might not be known until june 8th. the deadline for counties to report their results to the state. heart surgeon turned tv celebrate doctor mehmet oz and david mccormick separated by
3:34 pm
less than one tenth of one percent. primary election is just four days away and high profile republicans are showing face. to stump for their gubernatorial candidates in a race featuring former senator david purr could you and brian kemp. early voting in the peach state is breaking records. correspondent mark meredith is in plainville, georgia tonight. >> what goes on in your state capitol really does affect the rest of the nation. >> former vice presidential nominee sarah palin is the latest high profile republican to stump in georgia ahead of tuesday's closely watched gubernatorial primary. >> it's not just georgia on my mind. georgia is on the mind of collectively the united states of america. >> palin is endorsing former senator david perdue over incumbent governor brian search. >> the latest despite repeated attacks from president trump. today trump once again tried to
3:35 pm
sway his supporters to back perdue writing quote i'm with david all the way because brian kemp was the worst governor in the country on election integrity. trump has vowed revenge ever since the governor certified the 2020 results, sending georgia's 16 electoral votes to president biden. kemp tells us he is running on his record not the last election. >> i think georgians just generally want to keep our state moving in the same direction it's been moving. you know, of economic prosperity. having our kids in the classroom. making sure our churches are open. >> on monday, kemp former vice president mike pence. the event will likely spotlight the bitter rift between trump and pence over the last election 2020 is also dominating georgia's secretary of state race incumbent brad raffensperger fighting to keep his job after trump endorsed jody hice. rasmussen berger thoroughly investigated trump's claim of fraud. >> we stood hard on the law and the facts and that's when people made allegation we checked it
3:36 pm
out trump is meeting to the group bikers for trump. a pretty large turnout so far. we are hearing from perdue said if he were to lose the primary on tuesday that he would back governor kemp over the democrat running stacey abrams. she is running unopposed in this primary. i also want to mention, bret, we are seeing early voting break records already since 700,000 ballots cast each before election day. bret? >> bret: mark meredith outside the biker's bar in georgia. mark, thanks. up next, ukrainian civilians return home to the devastation left behind by -- we will bring you there. ♪ if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose...
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♪ ♪ >> bret: fox news has a new and very personal look at the horrors experienced by civilians in one of russia's most targeted cities inside ukraine. correspondent trey yingst is in kharkiv tonight with shocking stories from civilians returning to their homes after a russian withdrawal. a warning here, some of the images in this report may be disturbing. >> 10 miles from the front lines, ukrainian soldiers clear
3:42 pm
the aftermath of battles with the russians. this area was liberated earlier this month after books of intense fighting. >> very sad. it's the genocide of the ukrainian people. >> at a nearby school, the body of a russian soldier lay face up in the grass. inside empty ammunition boxes filled the gymnasium. russian forces used this school as headquarters in their initial attack on kharkiv. they have been pushed back about 10 miles from here but the front lines remain active as ukraine's second largest city is under attack. >> the armed forces of ukraine continue advancing to liberate the kharkiv region. in donbas the occupiers are trying to exert even more pressure. it is a hell there. and it is not an exaggeration. >> president volodymyr zelenskyy zelenskyy spoke with the russian offensive in eastern ukraine where at least 12 civilians were killed today in shelling that occurred in the central donbas region. further south in mariupol
3:43 pm
commanders hold up in steel plant as new video shows ukrainian soldiers arriving at russian controlled settlement near the city of donetsk. russians claim these are up to some 2,000 ukrainian soldiers who surrendered at the mariupol steel plant so far. >> the russian defense ministry claims tonight that all ukrainian fighters have surrendered at that steel plant in mariupol and here in kharkiv we have heard more artillery as forces keep ukraineens second largest city in their sights. bret? >> trey yingst, stay safe. live in car chief, thank you. next up, the panel on the sussmann trial bombshell today. the title 42 ruling. midterm primary elections plus winners and losers. we will see if we can get it all in there first, beyond or borders tonight. authorities are closing schools and asking public officials not to come to work in a desperate move to acute fuel shortage expected to last days among the
3:44 pm
nation's worst economic crisis in decades. sri lanka's economic whos have brought on a political crisis in recent months with the government facing widespread protests. netflix agrees to settle a tax dispute with italy by paying more than $59 million and setting up a legal entity in the country. the payment covers taxes, penalties of course and interest from october 2015 through 2019. prosecutors in millan say the investigation was triggered by netflix technological infrastructure in italy. and this is a live look at helsinki. one of the big stories there tonight, a finnish brewery a few dozen miles from the russian border new beer toast finland's application to join nato. translates to roughly i will have some beer in finnish and its can features the color scheme of the nato flag. there you go. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪
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it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> historic illegal immigration crisis. there is no upside to this at all. >> the border is completely open, regardless of what secretary mayorkas or the administration says. >> we continue to have a border security problem at the southern
3:50 pm
border. >> bret: i thought we were doing -- this as the judge says title 42 must stay in place and this is just received from the administration saying they are going to appeal that judge's ruling. the cdc has now determined in its expert opinion that continued reliance on this authority is no longer warranted in light of the current public health circumstances that decision was a lawful exercise of centers for disease control's authority so the biden administration is saying the doj, it's going to appeal this judge's ruling churex essentially keeps everything status quo. may 23rd does not mean a lifting of title 42 but what does it mean big picture? let's bring in our panel. susan page washington bureau chief at "u.s.a. today." juan williams fox news analyst and matthew continetti fellow with the american enterprise institute and author of "the right the 100 year war for american conservatism." matthew, congrats on the book. what do you think? this judge is, he saving the
3:51 pm
biden administration in some way, shape or form, at least temporarily? >> well, he is saving the biden administration from making a status quo worse but, bret, the status quo is already very bad. this is a very crisis on our southern border putting incredible pressure on the border patrol, on customs, on the communities there on the southern border and it's rising level of priority for the american voter. so, even though they might have dodged something of a bullet with having the judge issue this injunction, the issue on the border remains to be addressed and biden isn't doing it. >> bret: susan, this is a massive issue. obviously the administration's appealing this. it doesn't make the issue go away, obviously. >> no. but the judge's decision today gives the administration some more time to try to figure out how to get better control of the border, what to do once title 42 eventually is lifted. you know, it's like it's the bad news was good news in a way for
3:52 pm
them they continue to argue that it's inappropriate to continue to title 42 and, yet, this gives them, you know, a chance to try to deal with an issue that is has united republicans and divided democrats. >> bret: juan, your thoughts? >> well, i mean, you know, i think that there is a real argument here. and i must say you have a trump judge today who issued this preliminary injunction. you have other trump judges who have said they don't see how title 42 should be allowed to continue. so it's not necessarily political here. what you have is a situation where title 42 is a world war ii law that was put in place to stop the spread of malaria and tb when people were coming from europe at that time. and it's applied here even centers for disease control says we have vaccines, we have treatments. and what we're really doing says the biden administration lawyers is illegally stopping people who
3:53 pm
are seeking asylum and have every right to seek asylum. so, with this it's so crazy because so many of the people who now get thrown out on the basis of title 42 simply walk back in because they have never been properly prosecuted as they would be if they had been deported under other laws. >> yeah. dhs secretary says the process is all screwed up and to susan's point they have to figure out a plan. now they have a little bit more time to try to do it. democrats and republicans jumping on. that was meantime the john durham investigation now the michael sussmann case in trial although after today is it going to be called the hillary clinton case because, take a listen. >> durham's issue here is not going to be that he doesn't have evidence. his issue is going to clearly be that 95% of the people in washington, d.c. didn't vote for donald trump and then you have jurors who definitely supported hillary clinton.
3:54 pm
what the judge was basically telling durham's prosecutors is, you know, look, this is the michael sussmann false statements trial. you are not turning it into the hillary clinton trial. and, yet, it seems like that's exactly what the defense did today. >> if you start to pull a thread out of the sweater, that sweater is going to come apart ultimately. this is the thread that is pulling at the entire clinton campaign. >> bret: and matthew, this is how cnn writes it again, this is cnn writing it hillary clinton personally approved plan to share trump-russia allegation with the press in 2016. campaign manager says the trial has shed light on the dark arrests of political opposition research and how campaigns dig up dirt and plant stories in the press. implications? >> it's a reminder at the moment during the watergate hearings when nixon aid alexander butterfield revealed the existence of the taping system it shocked the world. here robby mook is saying hillary clinton gave the order. she ordered the code red. it's right that the legal experts are going to focus and
3:55 pm
the trial will focus on what sussmann said, i think what hillary's role will be a major factor in any congressional investigations, bret, that may start next year when the republicans take over the house. >> bret: but susan, to jonathan turley's point what are we looking at here? this is really a case about michael sussmann lying to the fbi. but does it get to a john durham narrative that lays all of this out? >> you know, watergate and i'm thinking it's been 50 years since watergate. since the watergate scandal. and we are still trying to figure out some of the implications, some of the motivations, what real really happened. who did what. do you think 50 years from now we will still be talking about what happened with russia and efforts to make russia -- what russia actually did in the 2016 election and what allegations that the trump people have denied and debunked in some
3:56 pm
cases? maybe so. >> bret: yeah. i don't know. i do know that, juan, there is not a lot of places that are covering it. this trial because they have to explain it and they haven't explained it from the beginning. all right, midterm races. juan, we each each of you to pick a race of interest. juan, what did you choose? >> i think everybody has got eyes on pennsylvania. on the g.o.p. senate primary there. obviously no winner as of yet. i think today the a.p., which often makes the call said they can't make a call. you got fewer than 1,000 votes separating, i think it's 1,000 votes separating mehmet oz and david mccormick. so, this is dividing the republican ranks going into a very important senate race. i think everybody should keep an eye on it. >> bret: matthew, your race? >> my race is the nevada senate race. the republicans need to pick up one senate seat if they hold the four retiring seats.
3:57 pm
good place to do it. adam wax assault is a strong candidate against incumbent doesn't have high profile in nevada. we don't usually pay attention to races. that's different this year. of the republican secretary of state in georgia who stood up for a free and fair election. he has gotten primaried by a candidate backed by president trump. this race, this election on tuesday in the primary will tell us just how weaponized you can make the debunked allegation that the election was stolen in 2020. >> bret: you know, going into that election tuesday, and it seems like if you go by the polls going in that the incumbent governor kemp is going to sail to that battle david perdue. obviously you don't know until election day. but, susan, what is that -- does that say anything about georgia
3:58 pm
republicans? >> yeah. it does. i mean, you see a real difference between that senate race and the gubernatorial race. in your poll, kemp was up 32 points. that's like you don't have a candidate running against him, even though he has been the candidate the republican donald trump would most like to defeat this year. >> bret: and it's also interesting to watch the donald trump vs. mike pence endorsement around the country. panel, as always, you all are winners. have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ >> bret: it is friday, yes, it is friday. time for "notable quotables." >> i need this violence to stop. we need to fix it and we need to fix it now. >> can't even go to the damn store in peace. >> he sacrificed himself so that others could live.
3:59 pm
that irony in a church is not lost on me. >> new member joining nato is not a threat to any nation it never has been. >> the best protection for taiwan is to beat the russians in ukraine. >> for nine days now we have seen the national average of our gas prices above the highest ever levels. >> today, i'm invoking what they call the defense production act. whoever looked at that report felt there was no need to respond at all. that is a dereliction of duty. >> i think there might be a need for indictment. >> how honored i am to be here with all of you today in this role. >> across pennsylvania, counting continues amid delays and hiccups. >> nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. that's not something that we keep an eye on. >> they are real. they need to be investigated. >> those who report uaps will be treated as witnesses not as kooks. >> bret: busy week in the news.
4:00 pm
monday on "special report," san francisco's fed president talks biden's economy and inflation what's going forward. plus, martha mccallum this weekend on "fox news sunday." she will speak with national economic counsel director brian deese also the rnc chair. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret. thank you. have a great weekend. >> you too. ♪ >> jesse: there's nothing like the good old days. that moment in our lives where everything was just right. you know what i'm talking about. maybe it was in high school when you were can't of the football team or it could have been while your kids were younger and you were just starting your family. life was good. for our economy though, the good old days were just a few years