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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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monday on "special report," san francisco's fed president talks biden's economy and inflation what's going forward. plus, martha mccallum this weekend on "fox news sunday." she will speak with national economic counsel director brian deese also the rnc chair. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret. thank you. have a great weekend. >> you too. ♪ >> jesse: there's nothing like the good old days. that moment in our lives where everything was just right. you know what i'm talking about. maybe it was in high school when you were can't of the football team or it could have been while your kids were younger and you were just starting your family. life was good. for our economy though, the good old days were just a few years ago.
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when trump was still president. your dollar went a whole lot further under trump. you could fill up your gas tank for less than two bucks a gallon and the stock market was doing so well we all looked like geniuses. >> the 401(k)s, they are up 90%. 95%. [cheers] >> i always tell the story people come up to me they say i want to thank you my wife thinks i'm a total loser, sir. she thinks i'm the worst person with money, financials. she thinks i'm just horrible and the last three years i'm up 94%, sir. she thinks i'm a total genius when it comes to finances. >> jesse: well in biden's america, we're now all fools. no longer geniuses. because i hate to say it the good old days are over. our economy has officially reached bear market territory today. the s&p fell 20%. that's officially now collapsing. now, on top of that, the nasdaq
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is off about 20 percent this year and the dow is about 5,000 points down. since january. that's the longest losing streak since the height of the great depression. and there is no sign that this is going to slow down either. wall street says this recession is here and things are about to get a lot worse. i can't sugar coat it for you guys. our savings could be about to get wiped out. i mean, 401(k)s are about to get smashed right now. and we are going to lose, and we are going to lose a lot. gas prices are hitting record highs. inflations are hitting highs. companies are now freezing hiring, that means layoffs are coming. but this doesn't sound important to the white house. what does? >> nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. we do not -- that's not something that we keep an eye on every day. so i'm not going to comment about that from here. >> jesse: scranton joe may not care about layoffs or your 401(k)s getting annihilated.
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maybe he will realize it when all of his wall street backers stop bailing him out and donating to him. but, remember, he is no mind reader. so now americans have to worry about this looming recession during this ridiculous summer we're about to face. and on top of worrying about the war on the inside of our country. our southern border is about to see you a biblical flood of migrants coming through when the hot weather hits. this is migration season. we're heading right into it right now. we're gearing up to see millions and i mean millions of illegals pouring across our southern border. title 42 thank good morning is gosh is no longergoing to be pr. what we have right now a judge, thank gosh, that's preserved it and so we still have that right now as a weapon. that's just a band-aid. that really isn't going to stop
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what's really going on. and right now joe biden is out of the country. he's in south korea right now he is not making america great again, is he trying to make south korea great again. he is touring a chip factory in south korea, mixing up the names of the prime minister over there. is he trying to pivot to asia. we need him to pivot here to the united states of america. and we need it done quickly. i don't know what else to tell you about joe biden. but the man is shot. he is no longer capable of governing this country. and the american people are paying a very, very severe price for it. i don't know what else to tell you to do. it's going to be up to the communities, the mayors, the governs, we are going to have to do that ourselves. let's bring in stephen miller former trump adviser. steven, i remember when i think it was probably may, june of
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2020 and things were not looking great. things were bleak. you had a rock stock market. covid hitting hard, people in lockdowns. then black lives matter started tearing up the streets that could have been maybe the low point of the trump presidency. but i can't believe how low we have gotten so far under joe biden. do you think we're anywhere close to the low point right now? >> oh, our nation hasn't hit rock bottom or even close. every day joe biden finds a new way to create a crisis we never even managed that we would have. whether it be the formula shortage, the record gas prices, the looting sprees that our taking over our cities. people just walk into sun glass stores they fill up a bag with every sun glass and walk out no one gets prosecuted. everything that is happening in joe biden's america resembles something that might happen in a universe where every policy decision was being made by the craziest socialist kid living in
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your freshman dorm except it's happenings to our whole country. the thing that keep in mind is when we hit those difficult points in 2020, we bounced back with record speed. by the time president trump left office, our stock market was back, our jobs were back. the pandemic was receding, crime was receding. the border was the most secure it had ever been and the world was at peace. joe biden turned everything he touches into hell. if you were in las vegas right now at a craps table and he walked up, everybody should just run in the other direction because they will literally lose all their money in the next 30 seconds. >> jesse: we had a guest on last night who said this was a class issue and she said one of the reasons joe is so out of touch because the mainstream press is so disconnected from the middle class, they are not asking about gas prices. they are not pressing biden on inflation or the border or crime or anything that effects a lot of hardworking regular red blooded americans. so he is insulated from the
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feelings of most of this country. but here's now the difference. if you have a recession, that's going to wake up the upper class. that's going to wake up the elites in this country. and they are going to turn and they are going to turn hard. you can have, you know, crime. and you can have illegal immigration and can you have inflation. it doesn't affect a lot of the people in the upper class. once you see stock market dip into bear market territory, that is finally, i believe, going to wake up the entire country, the biden's failure and hopefully someone starts saying hey, joe, wake up, do something. do you agree with that? >> i do. but i would say that the core problem, with the whole biden agenda, the reason why he is polling right now 25% with hispanics. is he polls worst than the seasonal flu with hispanic voters. the reason is because his agenda is the agenda of progressive
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elite, wealthy democrat donors. so you think about a working class hispanic, they are not focused on transitioning between genders. they are not focused on spending trillions of dollars on exotic projects all around the world. they are not focused on open borders or releasing violent criminals or indoctrinating students with critical race theory like every other citizen they want good jobs, safe communities, strong borders, strong values. these are the things that people want. and so joe biden's agenda is the agenda of 5% of the u.s. population. whereas president trump's agenda was the agenda of all americans black, white, hispanic, asian, every citizen who just wants a better, more secure, more free life. and as long as joe biden stays on this democratic, and he is way too alleges to change course. they are going to get drugged in the midterms like never we have ever seen in this country. >> it's going to be a drumming of biblical proportions. here is kamala harris, after all
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of this going on on the border and our economy, here's what she was talking about today. run it. >> think about it, yellow school buses are our nation's largest form of mass transit. how about that? [applause] so, yes, applause, because it gets them where they need to go. [laughter] now, i have spoken to a number of drivers, for example, who have recently switched to electric buses. and they stressed the importance of a quiet engine. it helps the drivers hear the road. [laughter] >> jesse: school buses. >> dear god help us. >> jesse: talking about electric democratic school buses. >> first of all, she is talking about buses like an alien visiting planet earth who has never seen one before. but trying to get an applause line for a yellow school bus, that's what this administration is right now. it's like well you can't have a good economy. you can't have a good job. you can't have a good paycheck. you can't have anything resembling a secure border but
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we are going to get you maybe some nice new electric school buses. mane it will cost you 100 billion. but we will get you new school buses. i mean, this is truly painful to watch. this is excruciating. these people are not qualified to govern literally a population of a city with like 10 people in it. how are they running a country with 330 million people whether they actually think the big news of the week is that they are going to get us electric school buses? [laughter] >> jesse: they are going to close the schools down during the next covid wave. we are not even going to need the school buses. >> where are the school buses taking anybody? the schools will be closed in december. >> jesse: they will open them up and teach them crt. that's what's going to happen. miller have you found baby formula yet? are you okay now? >> well, we have found a distributer. we have. and we are very lucky in this regard. it still hasn't got me out of
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hot water at home. after the interview last time the mom said you are not feeding the baby enough so it shouldn't seem like you are. >> jesse: feel like you are always in hot water at home. >> more than i deserve but i will do more feedings, thank you. >> jesse: all right. go back to feeding your baby. thank you very much. up next, bombshell new revelations in the durham investigation as hillary clinton's team has turned on her. plus, police beware. antifa is opening up a new atlanta bureau. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: who could forget the summer of 2020, the summer of
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love as we like to say? love was in the air, along with smoke from burning buildings and tear gas. but it was also a time of rebuilding when war lords cleared out the cops, put up barriers and created their own little shangara la, they named it chaz and for a few weeks it was paradise but all good things must come to an end and eventually the walls of chaz came down but the people said we will build again. and now it looks like they have. antifa has set up a brand new bureau in the forest of atlanta. it's like chaz but with more trees. apparently they are doing this because the city is planning to build a new police training facility on an undeveloped lot. if there is one thing you need to know about these people is that they don't get along with law enforcement. earlier this week, the group called the forest defenders, launched molotov cocktails and
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other incendiary devices from the woods on to a site where three officers were standing. they were arrested soon after that. and their mug shots look exact lid how you would have guessed they would have looked. ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. hillary clinton has been directly connected to the russia hoax. hillary's forger campaign manager a guy named robby mook, a typical corona name if you have ever heard one was testifying under oath and durham got him to spill his guts. the mook admitted that hillary clinton personally approved pushing a trump and the russians the story was about trump and russian bank and the story was made up and the people on clinton's name knew it was made up because they are the ones who made it up he testified that the clinton campaign wasn't confident the story was real, because it wasn't.
4:19 pm
but they wanted the media to write about it anyway. mook asked hillary if she wanted him to plant the story with a reporter? hillary said yes. and then when it hit the internet, she retweeted it, spreading the russia hoax like wildfire. by the way, that tweet right there? blatant disinformation. it's still up on twitter. but if you tweet that there is only two genders that gets wiped out. and while all this was happening, hillary was paying her lawyer, michael sussmann to trick the fbi into opening an investigation into trump. based off the same bogus claim. has there ever been a dirtier politician than hillary clinton? and if i were robby mook and i just ratted out hillary on the stand, i would hire a food tester. victor davis hanson is the hoover institution senior fellow and author of the "the dying citizen" pretty much case closed hillary was behind the russian
4:20 pm
hoax now proven in court. do you think the media is going to report this or not? >> no. they never have. but what's happening all of these principles whether it's mike allies or sussmann or rodneyaftery or robby mook, they have to make a decision and that is do they want to get a felony on their record or run up half a million dollars in legal bills or even have exposure to prison or jail all because of hillary clinton. all of their stories are mutually exclusive. we know what happened she had her personal lawyer, the dnc marc elias work with a former associate sussmann who then contacted in two different parallel tracks accusing g.p.s. to do the steele does yea and rodney jaff to do the alpha hoax and then to embarrass donald trump as a puppet of the russians. then what the real crux is, then they took that information that they knew was not very good and they convinced using their ties
4:21 pm
and incestuous relationships to get the fbi and cia to look into it. as soon as that happened and they lied in the relationship they says sussmann private citizen no connection to hillary. they took that apparatus in the media and leaked and said oh my god the fbi and cia they are investigating this serious story and had everybody tweeting about it. and i guess right now hillary's best defense is a d.c. jury and obama appointed judge and media. otherwise she has got a lot of exposure. we should remember also, jesse, from the very beginning the first person to reject the election was hillary clinton. no sooner had she lost then jill stein subordinate or surrogate was suing a voting machine. then all those actors and actresses they were telling the reelectors to renounce their constitutional obligation and not vote the way their states had voted but to vote for hillary. then she told everybody that
4:22 pm
donald trump was illegitimate. he was not a legitimate president. she told joe biden to reject the popular vote if he should lose. she is the source the nexus of all of this stuff. and she thinks she is immune because of i guess the juries in d.c. and the judge and the media. we will see. >> jesse: yeah, the jury is stacked. they have i believe a clinton donor on the jury. i mean, i don't know how you get away with something like that. but it is d.c. so there is not a lot to choose from. victor. i want to show you some sound. you know the disinformation czar, she got booted this week well now she is running around town complaining. let's listen. we don't have that? okay. but she is complaining. she says that she has been killed by disinformation and she is now under all sorts of threats. do you feel sorry for the disinformation czarresque, vdh. >> i confess i don't.
4:23 pm
she also said endangers our national security. in the age of john brennan and james clapper and andrew mccabe and james comey tweeting national security ♪ a very wise defense. the idea that this 30-something disinformationist that pedaled the hunter laptop hoax the whole fusion gps steel homosexual was going to -- hoax was going to repudiate say based on disinformation was ludicrous. the left in general and left in particular feel that conservatives did them a favor no will get this person off my hands? who will get rid of this woman for me? as soon as they got rid of her they said oh my god she is a victim of right wing attacks. they wanted that to happen because she was a colossal embarrassment and they knew it. >> jesse: she was embarrassment to show tunes as well. and that should give everybody a little pause here. if you are ever going to be in
4:24 pm
government. don't sing tunes on the internet. it's going to come back to haunt you. vdh never sang a show tune in his life and that's why we respect him. thank you very much. >> and don't act like an adolescent either like mary poppins, that's a bad idea. >> jesse: bad idea. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: inflation goes from farm to table. get ready for thousand dollar grocery bills and $30 chicken wings. we will tell you what's possible next ♪
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sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!) ♪ >> jesse: we're back with a fox news alert. today the archdiocese of san francisco banned nancy pelosi a practicing catholic, from receiving holy communion in the bay area. the church is fed up with pelosi's support for abortion. with the city's archbishop tweeting: after numerous attempts to speak with speaker pelosi to help her understand
4:30 pm
the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, i have determined that she is not to be admitted to holy communion. tough luck. joe biden claims he knows a thing about farming because he is from delaware. [laughter] >> everybody looks at me and says have you ever been on a farm? and i remind them that what nobody knows i come from the state of delaware. i represented delaware for 36 years in the united states senate. and we have more chickens than there are americans. more broilers. so i have been very -- let me put it this way, if i didn't know something about farms i would have been a united states senator for six years not 36 years. >> jesse: but old mcbiden doesn't know how to farm because if he did he would for this. diesel fuel is now averaging
4:31 pm
5.57 a gallon. and farmers can't keep up with the costs. they need cheap fuel for tractors so they are passing off the cost of fielding their crops to us. you add fertilizer prices going bananas. all this corn and soybeans we use to feed livestock are much more expensive which raises the prices of meat. my favorite thing to eat. my next guest says if things keep heading in this direction, we can expect food shortages, grocery bills doubling. and americans are going to get hangry and there is nothing scarier than a hangry american. and a corn and soybean farmer and owner of blue diamond farming company. all right, did i get that right, my analysis? i'm not from delaware. >> i think you are spot on, jesse. if you think we are seeing food price spike right now, i think the food price increases are just starting and i don't think your grocery bill will be
4:32 pm
$1,000 a month. i think it may go up $1,000 a month. as a former, what i want to. >> jesse: you got to be kidding me. >> this is not a transitory problem. this is chronic and systemic. i think we are going to so real food scarcity and empty shelves at the end game of this. my diesel price have doubled. that's crushing my profit and my fertilizer prices for phosphorus nitrous poo pat yum up. i just opened fertilizer bill it was a million dollars and it's one of three that i'm going to receive. it's up three times from last year. >> jesse: that's unbelievable. i just want the american people to understand something. right now it's almost june. and you are coming on "jesse watters primetime" as a farmer and you are saying that this is going to happen. you are going to see grocery prices up $1,000.
4:33 pm
you are going to see food scarcity, things are not going to be on the shelves. you are saying this now in late may, i don't think the biden administration, even if they saw this interview is going to do anything about this. do you have a message for the biden administration? >> well, to look at this high prices are shutting down demand for ag input. demand crop spreading things thin. farmers have quit buying and the supply chain is reluctant to restock. and so how do we fix it? well, it started a year ago when this administration put tariffs on fertilizer input from friendly nations that could help us out. our energy policy, the green new deal esg ideas that made energy, particularly natural gas much more expensive. and that's critical to the feed stock for fertilizer, especially ammonium and nitrate fertilizers. president biden announced plans last week to help stimulate new
4:34 pm
fertilizer plants. but let's be realistic, that will take most of a decade to bring it online. and then, of course, you know, the russia-ukraine conflict, that's a region of the country that supplies about a quarter of all grain exports, about a third of all fertilizers, that is unaccessible to the market right now. there is a lot of policy changes we need to make this better. >> jesse: there is some policy changes and political changes and i think we know what those are. ben, our hearts are going out to you. hopefully you can keep up with all this craziness and keep helping put food on our table. we really appreciate all that you do, ben, and everything else that's done out there in the heartland, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> jesse: the rising cost of inflation is going from their farm to your table. just look at the price of chicken wings right now. america's favorite bar food, mine included. a pizza joint in mississippi
4:35 pm
that's known for its wings has watched the price more than double since the start of the pandemic. in 2020, 15 wings would cost you 13.95. a deal. now they are charging $27 for the same plate of wings. and, get this? they are still losing money. soon we will be paying $34 for an order of wings. that's about like how much a halfway decent steak costs. jon taffer is the host and executive producer of bar rescue and author of the power of conflict. $34 for wings? jon? i'm sorry, man, i might -- i don't know. i might just have to eat the celery with the bleu cheese. >> you know, think about that though. wings are costing us over $1 apiece now but it's more than that, jesse. i get different size wings every time. even the supply chain isn't consistent. they are smaller, they are bigger. -- they are smaller, they are
4:36 pm
bigger. suddenly it doesn't fit on the bun. here is a good wing for you, jest. those little ketchup packets are up to 30, 35 cents each. if you can get them. let's say you can't get them. now you get bulk ketchup? what do you but the it in a little ram can or something on the plate to put the can ketchup in you can't get that the plate you had isn't big enough for the sandwich and the ramican. it's a battle for restaurant just to get the product out today in a consistent way. >> jesse: do you feel bad having to raise prices on your customers? i mean, it must break the hearts of a lot of these restaurant owners to see the same people come in and out every week. same families. and they are struggling, too. but if you don't raise prices, you are not going to be able to stay in business. isn't that right? >> oh, it is true. you know, jesse, we have families, too. we are looking at our customers fuel prices, they are paying higher prices for everything
4:37 pm
else. so you bet we feel terrible raising those prices. but we have families, too. so, it's a very difficult situation but you almost can't raise the prices quickly enough, jess. because things are going up on a daily basis. we can't keep printing menus or posting menus on daily basis. so, we sell the chicken wings for $27. they cost us $34. so we're losing $7 on an order. i have got to pray that you will have a couple of cokes, man a dessert or something else that i make money on. it's difficult. >> jesse: make more money on the alcohol, don't you? it's crazy. i just -- keep giving people booze, that's the only way to get bailed out there. the world is full of -- everybody knows in your book. i know, listen, i know. and i have drank my fair share of beverages. i want to plug your book. >> i have heard. >> jesse: the power of conflict. and how can, you know, we use that to our advantage?
4:38 pm
because i'm constantly trying to use that to my advantage in the office. it doesn't always work out for me. that's why i'm reading your book. >> you know, it doesn't, jess. and years ago on bar rescue i realized that i use anger in a tool in a liberty nonemotional way. i started picking apart conflict today. i look at political discourse. you know, jesse, if you and i disagreed on a policy issue and i don't think we disagree on many, but, if we did, i wouldn't steal your dignity away from you and shame you that you don't want to sit at the table with me and talk. that's lunacy. the minute we rob dignity from people we stop meaningful conversation. how do we engage in meaningful, constructive conflict when we don't take each other's dignity away? that's the challenge. and that's what my book is about. >> jesse: i have had my dignity stripped away so many times that it's just almost brings a tear to my eye. but, i have great bosses now, and i can live a life free and
4:39 pm
calm and clear-headed and i think america is thankful for that so everybody go check out your book. jon, thank you so much. the power of conflict. >> good to see you, jess. >> jesse: kamala has a target on her back and jill biden is the one who put it there. ♪ and it's only one week into her new gig but the white house looking to bench the new press secretary. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ if you don't stain your deck, it's like the previous owner is still hanging around. so today let's stain, with behr, the #1 rated stain. and make your deck, yours.
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♪ >> jesse: the secret is pretty much out. joe biden and kamala harris don't like each other. according to the book: this will not pass, it all goes way back to the democratic debate when kamala tried to paint joe biden as racist. you remember. she was that little girl on the bus. jill doesn't trust kamala and didn't want her to be v.p. now it looks like dr. jill is quietly getting herrera venge by stealing kamala's limelight. it hasn't been hard kamala hasn't exactly risen to the occasion with any of her big assignments, you know causing the root causes at the border.
4:45 pm
protecting voting rights. speaking. >> we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements that we will convene to work together on. >> jesse: work together. that's a novel idea but that's not what jill is doing. she is stepping in on kamala's portfolio going on two solo foreign trips this month alone. she already went to ukraine a few weeks ago, something the v.p. hasn't done. and she is currently on a six-day tour throughout latin america ahead of the summit of the americas in june. latin america? you mean the home of the root causes of migration? why is jill down there? raising her profile and scoring points while kamala is stuck here in america pushing for electric school buses. i would button up, kamala as joe
4:46 pm
numbers keep heading south the white house is going to start looking for a fall guy or a fall girl so watch your back. the bidens aren't good at much, but they are great at blaming everyone else but themselves. ♪ >> jesse: karin jean-pierre kicked off her first week as biden's new press secretary with a big announcement. >> i'm a black, gay immigrant woman, the first of all three of those two hold this position. >> jesse: since then it's been all down hill. the rest of her first week was spent furiously fumbling through cliff notes and stumbling through easy answers. >> twitter account posted the other day if you want to bring down inflation let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. how does raising taxes on corporations reduce inflation? >> um, so, -- are you talking about a specific tweet? i don't have any updates for you on. that was it's a very good question. i don't have an update on.
4:47 pm
that was i just don't have an update but i understand the question. nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. we do not-that's not something that we keep an eye on every day. the board has never convened. it's -- so that -- it never convened and the board is, um, is, yes, the board is -- is pausing in the sense that it will not convene. >> jesse: she is actually representing the president perfectly. she is dishonest and reads from notes. but, you know who likes what they are seeing? the "new york times." they just wrote a glowing profile titled karin jon pierre unlikely rise to the white house lectern. their article raves she is a black gay immigrant. what really makes her rise unlikely is how unprepared she is but her time as press secretary might be short-lived. kjp tenure into press secretary joe biden has a replacement
4:48 pm
warming up in the bullpen. "the washington post" is now reporting that john kirby is going to be joining the white house communications team in a senior role. the post wrote that he is going to be making regular appearances at the press briefings with jon pierre, i mean, this is not a good look for joe. he just made jean-pierre the first black lesbian immigrant press secretary in the history of the white house. and now he is bringing in a white man to tell her how to do her job. coming up, four questions, two contestants, one winner. sink or swim with madison al worth and brian kilmeade is next. plus, i will be reading your texts. ♪ ♪
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4:54 pm
swim let's look at the leaderboard i don't know, gutfeld is still in the lead to peer at hopefully that changes tonight here now, host of one nation saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. that is fox business correspondent. you are you guys ready? question one. both of these women gave commencement speeches in new york this week, but only one of them talked about staying resilient, even in the face of major embarrassment. saying this, hard things will happen to us, we will recover, we will learn from it, we will grow more resilient because of it. who said this? was it hillary clinton or was i taylor swift? >> i'm going to go with swift. let's see it. >> hard things will happen to us . we will recover.
4:55 pm
we will learn from it. we will grow more resilient because of it. >> did she go to college? >> it was an honorary degree. giga so now it's official, she went to college? again she gets to be a kid star and go to college? vicki i had to know that it was taylor swift. no pressure. question. pick or choose the category. this democrat compared getting an abortion to deciding what career you want to get into. was it mark or eric swallwell >> this could swing the game. >> i could just leave right now. >> is one of those few decision in your life that will require you to consult with your friend in your family. it's like deciding what career
4:56 pm
you're going to pursue. >> building an almost insurmountable lead here. >> what is he talking about? again i don't know. >> who watches him? >> i guess so. >> stop talking. you are really up against it. the category, father knows best. here is the troubled hollywood star is an babymaking machine. he announced he's a vasectomy i in his future because he is looking to populate the earth entirely. his it's alec baldwin or nick cannon? canopy both? >> i think alec would say something like that. let's see it. >> i already got my best ectomy consultation.
4:57 pm
i am looking forward to taking care of and loving on all the children i need. >> much consulting do you need, is it a self-test? again learned a few things abou the procedure before i dive right into it. >> i don't need to know that. >> you need to know this america . brian is now by one with one question yet. let's see if he can pull it off right. >> let's do this, category southern charm. the subject of this question is a real character. he is a southern gentleman that said this about his bigmouth colleague. boy has got a mouth like a cannon, always shooting it offered was that senator john kennedy or was it foghorn leghorn. a kid you to go first? >> going with the senator, let' see what the answer is. >> always shooting it off. >> going to talk anymore trash?
4:58 pm
>> no trash talking needed. >> you one, my assistant for th day. you have to promise me something . you won't abuse him like that felted. >> and make no promises. >> he needed to be medicated fo a week after the gutfeld experience. >> i will start thinking. >> he will be your mentee. thank you, better luck next time . there won't be any next time. >> okay, i would've guessed kennedy. >> 's time for some text messages. heller from alabama says you mean biden can travel to asia, but not our border. yes, i need to tell you that. ridge from scranton, pennsylvania, welcome to build back better americo where it's
4:59 pm
easier to get fentanyl than bab formula. biden doesn't need to you guys have been talking about these problems for months. for years. i know. david from panama city beach florida, when there's a power shortage this summer, can i use my gas powered generator to charge my electric car? i think that is the best bet. susan from oklahoma, is biden's tip to error on his next paycheck or hunters? that's the thing, it's the same. will from hillsboro, oregon i used to think tucker carlson wa the smartest person on television in than i watched your prime time show and i stil think tucker is. mary from i agree with me mincey 's text last night, this is much more effective when you
5:00 pm
use your left arm. so i use my left arm for the first time ever, and it didn't feel right. i'm not a lefty. we are going to stay with the right. tucker carlson is up next and always remember, i waters, right-handed and this is my world. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to special edition of tucker carlson. i'm will kane in fort tucker. here is stat that puts the country's collapse into perspective. may be more than any other, the dow jones just recorded its eighth straight weekly loss. the last time that happened was all the way back in 1932 around the height of the great depression. but right now, a lot of americans our wondin


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