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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 21, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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my podcast. jason in the house. just go to fox news podcasts or wherever you listen tois a podcast type in jason in the house, jason in the house. in you'll findho i hopeye you enjoyed the interviews. have a wonderful, wonderfulde weekend. remember yourf live in the united states, the greatest country on the face off the planet. enjoy your weekend. i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of the anger angle from washington tonight . gtall if it's friday, you know, i'm going to ask the question how low can he go? as in biden and his polls measuring his job performance, of course, a new ape norc poll has biden's approval at 39%, the lowest of his presidency. democrats, his approval is at just 73% when for all of 2020 one it
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never dropped below eighty two among hispanics in a new quinnipiac poll, he's at 26 now a key takeaway from the ap's is that only two in 10 americans say our country iswh on the right track. who are the two? what'stw most striking areom that some of the comments from e americans about biden's performance, their stunning one thing i don't know how much worse it can get or he hasn't delivered on any of the promises his policies are destroying the economy. now one of the more charitablehi ones was i think he's tired. se of course, all of these remarkss are on point. are not stupid. they see what's happening toe the family budget. they feel they know how bad the crime isd . they see foodbu and bus tickets given to the illegals as a debate themselves even having a family vacation this summerth and the overwhelming majority of americans tell quinnipiac
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they're seeing what we've been warning you about an economic recession is just around the corner. >> and finally we wondered when this would start happening. biden's booster's are evenit seeing the writing on the wall. i'm on a more pessimistic end of the spectrum in terms of how i think the economy is underperform. i think inflation is going to force the fed to raise interest rateswi certainly to five , six percent, maybe higher, maybe the road aheadad does not look great. there's very little to be optimistic about the three eyes inflation, immigration and now infant formula pocketbook issues, kitchen table issues have been abstractm for a long time now. >> suddenly they're very real. yes, things are so bad that even trump hatingru liberas can't ignore the situation any longer and naturally things aren't any betterol on the foreign policy front either. biden's favorite lines about his conversations with foreign leadersrsle. the message i want the world to
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hear today america is back . america is back .am diplomacy is back at the center of our i foreign policy while biden was in asian on his first trip and i don't think any of the world leaders he's meeting with are very impressed h. america's global influence and power, after all, comesesan from her strength both economic and military and both are now badly compromised because ofec the policies decisions made by biden and the democrats after a botched withdrawal, w a disgusting withdrawal in afghanistan now a prolonged proxy war in ukraineox that slow pivot to asia and a rising china. our allies and our adversaries see america and its adrift. and can you blame them? how does anyone expect our enemies to fear us if so many of our own elites seem embarrassed by our history, disdainful of our founding
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and disgusted frankly by our tradition and by this white house has made their disgust for america clear . we know we have work to do at home that includes addressing profound inequities including systemic racism, racism is real alwaysica and it has been racism b. the other reports that was long haunted and plagued our nation and you just can't govern very well. a country fundamentally loathes you can only rule over it if puppeteers are pullingstin the strings right now, putting all those words in thepr teleprompterom if they really loved america i mean really loved her , they wouldn't be doing any of this . t they wouldn't have waved off larry summers on the inflation issue a year ago. they wouldn't have putaath deeph in debt with covid and stupid build back better spendingd . they certainly wouldn't haveha killed our energy independence and they wouldn't be turning american against american on race a. >> they wouldn't have let our
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borders go togo the cartels. >> they wouldn't have set in motion the policies that are causing so much pain and suffering to thosese who deserve at least. joining me now is ariis fleischer, former white houseto press secretary, fox news contributor and sean duffy from wisconsin , congressman and fox news contributor ari, theset numbers we keepth talking about this it seems like every time you comee on another how low can he go question. but the thirty nine percentco approval he has now and the 26% among latino voterss, where is this all headed? well, it's was always a democracy and that means to the people to the election day and that's exactly how it should work. look, there are threeers devastating numbers forfa joe biden. one is the fact that it's 2020ct to a midterm presidential election. history says throwow the bumsstt . that's what happens to both parties to the thirty nine percent job approval peoplejo
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don't like the president and three, the wrong track people think america, in bad shape. all of this law, the wholele litany of what you just walkad through adds up tods a democracy that breathes in the way we breathe as we go to the polls and the democrats are in for a massive, massive, historically large repudiation of their policies not predict to you it's going to stretch so far and deep into safe democratic seats that watch washington state with patty wa is likely going to lose to tiffany tiffany smiley if these trends continue. history shows there'siss always a safe incumbent or two get swept out in this storm and a storm is i also remember sean ,this idea that biden was going to end covid. remember, we're going to defeat the virus. i do remember that . well, nowow he has ha this new d coordinator at the white house ashar. he was on cnn on cnn this morning. more golf goalpost shifting. watch people who say cases no
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longer matter, infections don't matter, only hospitalizations. and that's who i think this is why one of the reasons they're wrong when you have a lot ofgo infections, as you said, you'rer going to haveup disruption going to people out of work, people out of school. we don't wantwa very, very high levels of infection circulating in our community. >> charnier relaxium. so the question is what are you talking about that now? laura , you justta mentionede polls and it's a dumpster fire for joe biden and the , but they gon back to covid because they actually aren't as bad d people in howan they handled covid though i think everyone here am the panel agrees that it was disastrous. and i think, youerle know,iv the american people are really forgiving ifma they makeyo a mistake as a politician and you repent and you change your waysfo, they'll forgive you for it. but joe bidenen has stacked his white house with so many left wing believers on open borders attack oil and gas. you know, let's imagine law enforcement. he's acted so much he has no one to say help me change course. how do we get on a new path? and by the way, this is not complicated stuff. securing the borders
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that complicated supported law enforcement isn't complicated given our oil and gas companies to drill again isn't complicated. and so we're going to be back to the misery index index r.e. s our shared sacrifice, whichai just means shared scarcity as we saw with baby food and maybe other things. now 5% secretary ofe the interior doesn't get a lot of play in the media, but there was an exchange yesterday that i think is starting to gain tractionth. >> what you believe that gas prices are too high? >> senator , i completelyly understand the crunch that so many americans are under rightma now. americans are stiller recovering from this terrible pandemic and there are a lot t ofr other world events that are makingar things difficult. >> so it sounds you're unwillingso to say that gase prices are too high. t we're doing all we can . >> senator ? well, that's a lieie. they're not doing all they can.
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they'reat actually doing things that make gas prices higher. but ari, to this point, ted earlier this week something i've been saying for a while, but this is their policy high gas prices is what they've wanted for decades. they hated our low gasor the pr >> yeah, and here's why it's simple. if you want wind and solar to replace oil and gas, wind and solar cannot compete with oil and gas economically. it's impossiblete antiscience, antiscience of economics. so you need oil and gas to be at sky high prices. so you can substitute more wind ,substitute more solar all offshore wind and solar. i want as much of that as possible. but the fact is you can only squeeze apple so much to get enough juice and there's just not that much in wind and solar to generate. so that's why you la need oil and gas. . soso the democrats need high gas prices and what their problem is they see the results on middle class low income consumers and that's why they're driving them into the republican party .
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sort the democrats are in a squeeze of their own making, but that's why they can't acknowledge they need gas prices to be high and if it's friday, it also means that it's time for another developmentn and they and the hillary clinton russia collusion story and robby mook looks like testified that hillary did sign off on part of this plan with the to link trump with this russian bank and she the dissemination of the material. she was you know, she signed off on this robby mook, her campaign manager admitted what we all knew , which hillary clinton was behind the whole russia collusion hoax that was fed to the fbi and instead of the media. and we spent two years of our time, billions of dollars investigating this bogus hillary clinton story. but i thought it wastoryry interesting again that it was confirmed on the stand under oath that hillary clinton was was brought up t to speed on tho and actually gave the green light to move forward with shooting out this bogus story about donald trump and russia. and again, what's sad about
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that is donald trump lost three years , was fighting the mediata and these attacks as opposed ton leadingtr the country in trying to make us great again. and hea still did a wonderful job, but i remember duringin those times i would have been in the corner cowering and all the incoming attacks and i give i give donald trump credite that he stood up and punched m back and fought back . he is remarkable because because most men and women wodo do that .ble donald trump good on he did well, keep on it. operation, have a great weekend. >> good to see you. okay, look now this week dhs revealed that in apriled more than 230 four thousand migrants were encountered ate' . igu.s. mexico border that's the highest in agencyor history. well, today we learnedto that they're running out of funding to deal with it. nbc news is reporting dhs will need up to two billion dollarsor more to handle the influx around. bill meluzin is in eagle pass in texas where he encountered a group of one hundred and sixty seven migrants crossing illegally earlier today. bill , i saw a report yesterday
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in this really dangerous dry, hot national park big band and this is even worse., i can't believe this . that's exactly right. in the numbers hereg in del rio sector are just shooting through the roof just toro give you an idea of borderan patrol reports, they had more than 18 hundred illegal crossings in just twenty four hours. those are some huge numbers for the sector and we want too show you what that looks like. at this video you mentioned this group right off, the top. this was a single massive o grop of one hundred andey sixty seven we witnessed crossing illegally in eagle pass this morning at around l 8:00 a.m. mostly all single adults, not really those massive family units like we were seeing last summer. typically these have been mostly cubanse , venezuelans, colombians and peruvians. but the eagle pass area has been getting hammered by these big groups. we saw six or seven ofg themre lastad week alone. you take a look at the second piece of video also of that same groupup from the groud perspective, the del rio sector just since october 1st th has hd
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more than a quarter million illegal crossings. those numbers are up about one hundred and 50% over theha same time last year and thatswi has been with title 40 to in place. also want to show you this video. take a look atis this . this was last night in brackett ville. we were embedded with texas dps. they were chasing a human smuggler boom. all of a sudden illegalal immigrants start bailing out ofe the vehicle and running off into the brush in an effort to evade the driver stayed behind ,as did some of the men who were hiding in the bed of that pickup truck. you'll see our camera get right up on them. wasn'tin decided it worth it to run.g but this is something we had been seeing constantly down here at a the border. that driver that smuggler was a woman from florida, a us citizen. we have been seeing u.s. citizens heavily recruited down here toti the border to participate in human smuggling with texas dps telling us since, they launched operation lone star last year, they have been involved in more than two tvolv thousand of these pursuits. laura , we'll send it back to you. ur well, r this is shocking.
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thank you for your reporting as always. all right. >> onto another subjectre tonight , the nba's relationship with china.mb nower remember it's been the subject of intense controversy i over the last few years after one of the league's top owners was criticized after he tweeted a rather innocuous comment in support of a free hong kong. and then lebron jamesth piped in to other people. anyway, a new report from espn reveals just how much those of the owners have a stake in china. 40 principle owners of teamsha have 10 billion dollars in chinese investment. first to miami heat owner mickey arison. he has more than three hundred seventy five million dollars tied up in china through his team and his business. carnival corporation in the world's largest cruise operator, then sacramento kings co-ownerra paul jacobs. total china exposure is at about one hundred and forty million dollars more than 30% of his netet worth mostly ds to his investments in qualcomm. then memphis grizzlies owner
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robert para's exposure at china and china is at about three hundred sixty nine million dollars through his company ubiquiti. that's a wireless equipment manufacturer whose operations are based primarily in southern china. noww houston rockets owner tilman fredd for teta is the president and ceo of landry's, which operates 10 restaurants in china. they generate an estimateds fifty seven dollars million in annual sales. his estimated totalnu. exposureo china is over one hundred and sixty million and the biggest name on the mall ishe charlotte. charlotte hornets owner michael jordan, who donated one hundred million to social justice efforts here in the united states. remember he has an estimated eighty five million dollarsan wrapped up in china. noww could that be part of the reason you were hesitant to criticize china as we criticize the united states? joininga me now is the next freedom former center for the boston celticscshuma and hun
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rights activist. and asst thank you for joining us on your birthday, by theso way, which is my son's birthday today and he's only 12 years old . happy birthday, nico. happy birthday as where is the outrage over this? so first of all, thank you for having me and thank you so much for a shout out for my birthday. but you know, re firstad time id about this article, i was not shocked at all. i have been telling and trying to expose those people from day one and it just unbelievable how the world and especially people in america that has not some of the peoplee of america. let me just fix myself. america has not wake up to this hypocrisy. 40 you 40 nba owners are tied up around 10 billion dollarsgo with the chinese government and now people finally understand understanding why they are talking about all the social justice problemst happening everywhere. but when it comes to china,
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they are scared to that . it just seems like greed overwhelms basic issues ofon right and wrong. once again, you know, it just people need to understand a and just it just so hard for me to sometimes express myself because obviously i played in the league forgu 11 years and i was seeing perkasie from first hand and it doesn't matter human rights violationsbe happening all around the world. we have to call them out like it is, you know, and moral matters for the nba moral matters until money or business are involved. so that is the oneney s thing that was breaking my heart. and all ofof these owners there are 50 nba owners are making profit off of a labor. we have to call them out because they love to sit down and give us this alloc this social justice, you know, talk to us .
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butus in reality, they're scaret they'real only talking aboutam the things that happen in america. but when itn comes to winning the things that they talk about their money or pocket, they're going to stayli silent and we have to expose them and another tidbit from that report from the brooklyns nets owner jelassi now he was born in hong kong and obviously strong ties to china in the faces of nba uneasy relationship with china. side donates hundreds of millions of dollars to combat i racism and discriminationbu in the united states. but in china, of course, his company partners with other companies that are blacklisted by the u.s. government for supporting a campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention and high techth surveillance state of the art racial profiling. i think that's facialro i t prog and it's your reaction to that just that issue. exactly.
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i mean, he's probably the worst of them all. you know, i think he is the owner alibaba and is prettyp much working for the ccp and ir mean, i did hear a a lot of stories about him and how much loves to do social justice work with only america. it's the news alert. i'm jackie is live in new york. president biden and his south korean counterpart meeting this morning. the two addressing the media now from seoul. that's where fox news white house correspondent jackie heinrich is standing by . jackie. hey there, jackie. that's right. the purpose of the president's trip and this press conference is to deepen economic ties with u.s. allies in the indo-pacific with the purpose of counterbalancing and containing the threat from china, also aggression from north korea. we've been told that the us braced for the potential of a nuclear or ballistic test from north korea while the president is here with some experts have said is a message from china. it comes as both sides from
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south korea and the us acknowledge that the possibility for diplomacy on that issue is somewhat bleak when it comes to denuclearization. so we'll we'll watch this press conference to see exactly how both sides discuss the threat from north korea and exactly what kind of commitments they're going to be making in the future because so much of the conversation has in the past revolved around diplomacy when it comes to the new indo-pacific framework and what the presidents are trying to do to deepen economic ties that really focuses on trade and supply chains and on trade regulations. let's listen and hear what they're saying right now and numerous other new challenges confront our alliance. these challenges can be tackled only when countries sharing a universal values of liberal democracy and human rights come together. the u.s. alliance that's an exemplary model of such solidarity.
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korea and the u.s. as global comprehensive strategic allies stand ready to meet these challenges collectively and shape a rules based order in that process. these aspirations that president biden and i share are well reflected in the joint statement we're adopting today in the negotiations leading up to the joint statement our two countries deputies have exhibited trust and partnership which i note with appreciation and sustainable peace on the korean peninsula is underpinned by a principled and consistent policy towards north korea in lock step coordination with the biden administration. i commend to the safeguard peace on the korean peninsula and encourage north korea to come forward for dialog
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and engage in practical cooperation. i will exert diplomatic endeavors to that end. we as the leaders of the two countries reiterated our common goal of the complete denuclearization of the dprk. there is no compromise for security under this shared i believe we concurred a strong deterrence against north korea is paramount. president biden affirmed the ironclad u.s. commitment to the defense of the republic of korea and substantive extended deterrence. at the same time, our two countries hope to see north korea take the path towards a genuine denuclearization. together with the community of nations, we pledge to spare no diplomatic efforts to that end, un security council resolutions will also be faithfully and fully implemented together with other countries. the door to dialog remains open
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. if north korea genuinely embarked upon denuclearization in partnership with the international community, i am prepared to present an audacious plan that will vastly strengthen its economy and improve the quality of life for its people. currently, north korea is struggling with a covid-19 crisis. putting aside a political and military considerations, i am more than willing to provide assistance from humanitarian and human rights perspective. i call on north korea to respond to this proposal positively and begin taking practical steps towards denuclearize. we live in an era where economy is the security and security, ensuring is economy supply chain disruptions resulting from a change in global security order are directly linked with the lives of our people to adapt to the new reality. the u.s. alliance must also
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evolve further by not just with words but with actions we should seriously strive to deliver real benefits that can impact the peoples of our two countries. president biden and i in the field of semiconductors, batteries for civil nuclear power space, the development of cyber space and other emerging industries agree to step up practical cooperation for market shocks stemming from shifting international order will also be actively addressed through our collective response and as a first step from the offices of the president, we launch an economic security dialog so that in supply chains, advanced science and technology and other areas of economic security, our two countries can have timely communication and cooperation
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an orderly and well functioning foreign exchange market is crucial to sustainable growth and financial stability. to that end, president biden and i decided to engage in even closer consultation for advanced reactors and small modular reactors, development and export promotion, power to a country's civil nuclear industry committed to work together. moreover, our two nations with regard to the defense industry now emerging as a future growth engine concurred to initiate discussions on a reciprocal defense procurement agreement that can be likened to an fta in the defense sector. korea, amid the ravages of war achieved a remarkable growth with the help of the united states and the wider international community, the world recognizes us as an
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advanced democracy. the 10th largest economy and a cultural powerhouse. we stand ready to proactively fulfill a role expected by the international community to honor our response, ability and commitment in the indo-pacific is a region important to both our countries and our two nations will work in concert to building rules-based order in the indo-pacific and taking that first step is to participate in the indo-pacific economic framework with a view to expanding our contributions and roles in the region. we will also work to formulate relevant strategy. our two countries in response, immediate global challenges will pursue even closer coordination with china a tragedy brought on by russia's invasion of ukraine
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must be resolved swiftly so that the people can return to their peaceful normal lives. to that end, korea and the united states and decided to cooperate vigorously with the international community building on the current global vaccine partnership with korea will actively join the global fight against covid-19 and more a global health security coordinate process will be established in seoul as a way to contribute to sustainable global health security and in addressing the existential threat to humanity posed by climate change, our two countries will endeavor to achieve our 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets in 2015 net zero emission goals to even greater coordination by the regime. we want the friendship and trust i have forged with president biden today will
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pave the way for further reinforcing our bilateral partnership for a new era towards this goal. i hope our two countries will engage in frequent communication and close consultation with each other. thank you said by then be have to next we're going to invite the president of the united states for his statement. thanks for all the time you gave me today to share your private conversations and the incredible hospitality. welcome we received. i'm honored to be able to be to meet you so early in your tenure. it's a pleasure to get to know you know, personally i am delighted to be back in your beautiful country at a time when the alliance between the republic of korea and the united states has never been stronger, more vibrant or i might add more vitally and i believe that this trip is coming at a particularly interesting moment because we are seeing so many expectations in asia and the broader pacific
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region being updated. i'm looking forward to even occurring more . my administration pursuing an economic strategy designed to grow our economy from the bottom up in the middle out and it's paying dividends even in the face of historic economic challenges our economy is providing and proving to be resilient. in fact, just yesterday an independent analysis projected that the american economy is poised to grow at a faster rate than china and the chinese economy. for the first time in forty five years since 1976 and our relationship with our allies including i'm proud to say the republic of korea are closer than they've ever been and our people are growing even closer as we speak. our businesses are blazing new trails to gather and it all goes to my core belief, something i've said for a long
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time. it's never a good bet to bet against the united states of america. we're a nation that is all about one thing possibility, endless possibilities and that optimism is a commitment and commitment and innovation are breaking barriers is something that koreans and americans share. yesterday the president i visited a factory where korean american innovation are working in tandem to produce the most advanced semiconductors in the world and i welcome the billions of dollars of investment the korean companies like samsung are making in the united states investments that bring our two countries even closer together, cooperating more closely we already do and help strengthen our supply chains, secure them against shocks and give our economies a competitive edge. today, president, you and i discussed a broad range of issues as he's mentioned today
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apologize for repeating them both regional and global terms. the cooperation between the public in korea and the united states is vital to our shared strategic progress. at least we both believe that from fighting this pandemic to strengthening global health security health systems so that we can better be prepared for the next major global health event and there will be others from increasing our climate ambitions to accelerating climate solutions like development of electric vehicles from standing up to our shared for our shared democratic values and defending the rule based international order against threats and stability. our allies is making important contributions that shape the future for our children and create a strong and dynamic economy is a powerful example of that for the rest of the world. i also want to thank the people
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of korea for their strong support for the people of ukraine whose war against ukraine isn't just a matter for europe. it's an attack on democracy in the core international principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity and the republic of korea and the united states standing together part of a global response with our allies and partners around the world to condemn russia's flagrant violations of international law and the whole russell russia accountable and to support the people of ukraine. tomorrow the president and i will be visiting with the korean and american troops who are still serving side by side even today, decades after our troops first fought valiantly together to preserve the freedom of the republic of korea. its emblematic of our strength and our continuing strength and the durability of our alliance and our readiness to
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take on all threats together. and today president jung and i are committed to strengthening our close engagement and work together to take on the challenges of regional security, including addressing the threat posed by the democratic people's republic of korea, by further strengthening our deterrence posture and working toward a complete denuclearization of the prince of the korean peninsula. as the president has already spoken to promote stability across the taiwan straits as well as ensuring freedom of navigation including in the south china sea and beyond. so thank you again, mr. president, for your warm welcome , for your commitment to strengthening our alliance and for expanding expanding our global partnership. i look forward to years to come . they believe who has the first
12:34 am
question how to and now we're going to open the floor for questions and the presidents of the two countries will be designated the person that will be asking questions and i will be taking a question from a korean general. this will be a personal question to the korean president. please raise your hand and the president will designate a person with a question itself. and thank you for this opportunity to pose a question. my name is jim from unamused agency. first of all, regarding the concepts of economic herrity, a number of koreans find the concept of unfamiliar. so what are the benefits the korean economy can gain from the economic security promote cooperation. what are the real benefits that can be experienced by the korean people? and in addition to that , you talked about universal values, solidarity and alliance and you
12:35 am
very much underscore that point. but is there, for example, countries that can share those values, for example, strong export regulations or controls that the united states is imposing on other countries? do you think you can take a resort to those measures as well as you may be very well aware, economic security is probably something that you have already heard and seen through various newspaper channels. let's say, for example, this is directly related to the livelihoods of our people and important industrial goods for them to be produced. for example, let's say that we are trying to produce a car that you need system as semiconductors and for example, we had real water issues recently and so these are materials that are critically needed for our daily lives as well as our industrial
12:36 am
production and to secure stability in the supply chain is very much and directly related to the lives of the people as well as the national economy. and this is in turn related to the national security as well as military security. and in the past we had the wto assist the countries together to form a free and universal trading order. but due to the covid-19 pandemic and the formation of the bloc's in the market, we see permanent risks when it comes to the supply chain. so it is very important to stabilize the supply chain and especially our two countries, the united states and korea. we share the values of democracy and human rights and along the like minded countries they share the values
12:37 am
. it would be important to start with stabilize the supply chain and that is why we need to deal with the issue of economic security. the nsd of the offices of the president given that authority to deal with this issue and for example, if there are any difficult issues to resolve, then the two countries will be engaged in closer cooperation for economic security and we decided to pursue this goal going forward. in addition, if you look at the financial markets or the foreign exchange market, it could be possible shocks and when that happens, the two countries can step in to help with each other and also related to the military security and also economic security, especially in relation to the export of defense items.
12:38 am
while the two countries i hope to do is to initiate negotiations in this area so that we can pave the way for promoting our cooperation in the specific fields like this is not just cooperation in terms of words or empty words, empty promises. it is going to be an alliance that takes action together and we decided to evolve our alliance even further and the united states and korea. we advocate democracy, human rights and freedom and even those countries that are not sharing the specific values for the world peace. of course we're not trying to exclude them in the process, but we want these countries to be embraced and these universal values.
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so especially we want to start this close solidarity and cooperation among the like minded countries and countries that share the values. and i will take the question from the american journalist who will be posing a question to the american president please raise your hand 700. thank you . first of all, president, you and your joint statement mentions a number of initiatives that you'll be taking on the security front, but it doesn't mention whether you ask the president for nuclear bombers, submarines or aircraft carriers are those of interest to you and do you expect that the president will be deploying them? and for you, president biden, there's no mention of a joint statement about whether there would be any preconditions for you meeting with north korea's kim or providing vaccines to
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north korea. and so i wanted to see if there are any preconditions for that . and then ahead of your meetings in tokyo, i understand that they will be asking for you to consider rejoining the tpp that was negotiated by president obama. could you talk a little bit about your thinking about whether this into pacific economic framework can lead to a bigger trade deal in the region? thank you . if you go first, the answer with regard to what i read , would i provide vaccines for north korea? what i prepared to meet the answer is yes. we've offered vaccines not only north korea but to china as well and we're prepared to do that immediately. we've gotten no response with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea would be dependent on whether he was sincere and whether we're was serious.
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what was the other question you asked me? but there's room for broader trade deals to come out of the indo-pacific economic framework. we understand that japan and others would like you to to consider reconsider joining. well, i think what you're going to see is what we're talking about in terms of this arrangement we're discussing now, it's is quite significant and what we're talking about is ,as it was pointed out, an economic strategy that for the entire indo-pacific region and it's working and on in critical areas in the supply chain, not just the semiconductors but a range of other products as well. semiconductors, which is we've already discussed a little bit infrastructure and making sure we make available the capacity to provide modern infrastructure to many of the countries in the region who may not have the capacity.
12:42 am
three the digital economy dealing with cybersecurity standards and sharing major standards data access based on the boundaries within trust and then that needs to be done in our view as well as clean and renewable environment, clean energy technologies, a global minimum tax, the tax side of the equation just like we originally negotiated and deal with establishing foreign production practices act effective and actually all that's quite broad and it is separate from and also semi inclusive of what was tpp was about. so this is the objective that i have in mind we have in mind at the front end here is only internalized from the u.s. posed media questions regarding extended deterrence.
12:43 am
let me address that question on every day we're seeing north korea advancing its nuclear and missile capabilities. then president biden and i share the grave concerns and more than anything else, we believe that this is something that merits our utmost attention. president biden also reiterated and emphasized his commitment, the u.s. commitment to effective extended deterrence and at the same time key to our combined defense capability is the combined military exercises and we are going to step up our exercises and we will be coordinating with and ourselves regarding the deployment of u.s. strategic military assets who will take some time in coordinating between ourselves and regarding the cyber threats or
12:44 am
the threats emanating from north korea's asymmetrical capabilities. we will continue to consult with one another as to how to counter those threats and at the same time we'll reactivate the edi acg and we will continue to advance and step up our high level consultative mechanisms. i hope that i answer your question. do you have groupies for we're taking questions from korea and journalists and american journalists, so we'll go back to the karine jean-pierre. so please keep your questions. just one item. there's another editorial i'm sure you mean from channel a . thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to pose a question. we are an extension of the previous question we talked about how to respond to
12:45 am
the evolving nuclear threat of north korea to that you said that are going to present an action plan to strengthen the effective exchange of deterrence. so regarding that plan, i wonder what kind of specific discussions you had today. did you see eye to eye on this action plan in the past when it came to extended deterrence? we just talked about a nuclear umbrella. that was what i thought about extended deterrence in the past. but beyond that , there could be many other aspects, including former fighters, bombers and missile.
12:46 am
so regarding the timely deployment of such a strategic asset, we did engage in the discussions and today and going forward, i believe that there will be more concrete discussions between our two sides. that was our agreement and it will be between our nsd and also as i already stated in the course of answering the question from the u.s. list in order to prepare against a possible nuclear attack on our two countries combined military exercises i believe should be stepped up in many aspects. we had that discussion. thank you . you go ahead. we're going back to the american journalist posing questions to the american president. this is going to be the last question. so please keep your questions to just one item. so my washington post that you are here in the region to
12:47 am
promote the united states economic cooperation with south korea and japan. but the two countries have been locked in a trade dispute on top of their bilateral relationship, deteriorating for a number of reasons in recent years. so what kind of a role with the united states play here in resolving those and other disputes so that your administration can further your goal of bolstering your economic alliance with the region? and then i have a question for you. what would you want protecting ? the answer is that we discuss that generic terms. the fact is that i'll be going from here to tokyo and discussing this . well, i think it's critically important that we have a very close trilateral relationship, including economically as well as militarily and i think you'll see that there are ways to deal with some of the trade barriers that replace some of which, by the way, were placed
12:48 am
by my predecessor, which where we're looking at very closely right now. so i think there's a lot of room to to move in addition that if you know, i think you covered the fact that i spent a lot of time in the asean nations as well as the quartet ,there's a whole range of things have changed. there is a sense among the democracies of the pacific that there's a need to cooperate much more closely, not just militarily but in terms of economically and politically. and so we talked at some length about the need for us to make this larger than just the united states, japan and korea, but the entire pacific and the south pacific and in the pacific. and i think this is an opportunity you know, you've heard me say a hundred times i'm sorry the american press to
12:49 am
repeat it, but i really do think we're at an inflection point in world history. things are changing so rapidly. i think you're saying that we're going to see more of this going to be a competition between democracies and autocracies and i mean that sincerely and unfortunately, i think i've been proven to be correct not just here but around the world . and again, we talked at length about this is it not only just regional but it's also a global alliance and in fact, how we're going to respond and i don't mean a formal written alliance, but for example, notice korea and japan have both stepped up and supported ukraine. you find that and the, the the crowd is supporting ukraine . so there's a whole range of things that affect whether or not democracies can be sustained in the midst of this incredible change is taking place. we both agreed that it could should be and that together we can play a major part in having that done. thank you .
12:50 am
appreciate it. on the internet with us, your cabinet nominees are overwhelmingly male. south korea consistently ranks low among developed countries on professional dance men of women and you yourself during your presidential campaign proposed abolishing the ministry of gender equality . what role should a leading world economy like south korea play in improving the representation and advancement of women? what will you and your administration do to improve the state of gender equality in this country? if you look at the public official sector, especially the ministers in the cabinet, we really didn't see a lot of women advancing to that position thus far.
12:51 am
your probably in various regions equal opportunities were not fully insured for women and we have actually quite a short history of ensuring that . so what we're trying to do is to very actively ensure that opportunities for women. this concludes the joint press conference. the president for the two countries will leave the room first. so just how did you manage to get them and their weathertech ? this concludes the joint press conference in the interest of time and they have other schedules to attend to later. so we would like to thank the journalists once again for their time here and also for constructive questions. thank you . you are watching president biden in seoul meeting with his south korean counterpart departing a press conference after a bilateral meeting where the two presidents met to discuss security concerns, economic concerns, ways to
12:52 am
deepen ties between the two countries as part of a broader effort to bolster security and cooperation in the indo-pacific with the overall threat of containing threats from china and of course, also north korea, the biggest headlines out of this conference, president biden and president yoon agreed to begin talks to expand combined military training and exercises on and around the korean peninsula in response to this evolving threat from north korea that is new and that comes straight out of this press conference. also, the president's confirmed that they will be offering vaccines to north korea as they've been dealing with a spiraling covid outbreak, although they both acknowledge that in the past the u.s. has offered vaccines, north korea and also to china. those offers have gone not responded to. and beyond that , president yoon said that he would be asking that north korea would begin taking steps toward
12:53 am
denuclearization in return for that covid aid that they are offering from south korea. of course there's been some discussion about how weak the possibilities for diplomacy are on that front, although there was an expression from both presidents for hope toward denuclearization through diplomacy. president biden acknowledged also that a meeting with kim jong un would depend on whether the north korean leader is being sincere and is being serious. the statement between these two presidents acknowledged just how much security concerns and the economies of these countries are intertwined. this was not billed as a security trip. this was billed as a way to deepen economic ties between the two countries. but we heard a lot of discussion about security and how these two realms are really intertwined in this modern age. we've also agreed to strengthen and diversify supply chains coming out of the pandemic. we hope to hear more from both presidents soon as president biden will begin his trip to
12:54 am
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administration. i am her personal journey alamoudi. >> here's the deal sunday on fox news. t the new york times last night made a major correction to a story about children and covid now they initially childrennearly 4000 ages five to 11 had died from a cold related illness. that sounds scary, right? and it could terrify parents across the country. butt in reality that was the number of children diagnosed. s nowis this is from the same report. by the way, who claimed nearly nine hundred thousand children had been hospitalizedd at the time. me the number was actually sixty three thousand. i guess that's what you get if you rely on the new york times for your facts. all right. r us that's it for us tonight. do not forget set your dvr sowa you always say stay connected with us and get your usa made freedom matters gear and i love the mandate freedom option there as well. awesome ma
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