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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 21, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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now 47 years later he is the police chief in the town where jaw's was oak bluff fretty cool he was in the movie. >> judge jeanine: very cool. i think it is greg nobody asked you. that's it for us. have a great weekend. we l ♪♪ [the star-spangled banner]
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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will: good morning and welcome to "fox and friends" this saturday morning. the brass quintet will be with us all morning long at the national museum of the marine corps. rachel: we should say semper fi or something for the marines. happy armed forces day to everyone else especially my dad and my brothers in the military. lawrence: first generation not to serve. rachel: does not too late. just can't wear gucci shoes. will: maybe we will see those shoes, we would love to see your patriotic photos. every saturday we play the national anthem. send those.
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fox news alert. one person is dead as officials say at least 40 are hurt in a rare michigan tornado. rachel: damaged homes ravaging one sound to you. lawrence: jackie ibanez has more. >> reporter: no report on the condition of those injured. the storm quickly move through the town of gaylord, michigan, the twister flipping cars, tearing roofs off of homes and collapsing an entire building in its path. the twister also bringing reports of golf ball sized hail. governor gretchen witmer declaring a state of emergency and the national weather service placing the shelter in place order on the city, devastated residents tilling shock.
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>> one house completely leveled. trees -- >> trees down by the hundreds. it is amazing. the devastation. rachel: 25,000 people across the state lost power. officials continue to assess the damage. rachel: that woman saying jesus be with us, the devastation. lawrence: everything is out of your control.
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will: last week and you are out. i used the word fascinating over and over. to damn going to have another verbal tic. the word that will keep coming up this morning to me is explosive. explosive testimony in the trial of michael sussman, the clinton campaign lawyer being investigated by special counsel john durham. on the stand this week former clinton campaign manager on cross-examination was asked about all the allegations, information about whether or not the russia russia russia hoax was connected to hillary clinton, and this is what he had to say about the story couldn't up in the media. i discussed it with hillary as well. don't remember the substance of the conversation but notionally the discussion was we have the sent want to share it with reporters. when asked if she approved he said she agreed but when asked if she shared the idea to give the trump alpha bank
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allocations to the media, he wanted to say i don't recall but she agreed with the decision. >> she was in charge of the campaign, she was the candidate. there is no way, i say this as somebody who has been part of a campaign, something that big does not happen without the candidate knowing. it is impossible was one of the interesting things he said is we agreed to give it to reporters and pretend the reporters comforted and they would tweet about it and say i can't believe what they found or whatever it was but interestingly, we would never have given it to the fbi because we didn't trust the fbi or james comey so that part is interesting. maybe they didn't trust the fbi. a lot of people don't trust the fbi.
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lawrence: they knew it was disinformation and still decided to bring it to the american people. when things like this happen the candidates no, but they tried to protect the principles, these guys, the campaign manager and the rest of the associates are throwing hillary clinton under the bus, essentially she gave us marching orders to do this so i just wonder how the media is going to cover that. abc 0 seconds, nbc 0 seconds, cbs 0 seconds, cnn 0 seconds. real question, jonathan turley goes, this has been or will, you never go after hillary or the clintons in general. >> there is a general rule in washington, thou shot not name hillary clinton in a scandal if you are a democrat and this
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really violated the commandment in dc, this was raised to her. durham has documented the researchers who put together this material said they didn't think it would stand up to scrutiny, hillary was reportedly told we don't have anything clear here and she greenlighted it, they got the friendly media to run it and they responded they had nothing to do with it. >> this was a plot to create an october surprise, not just for the fbi but also peddled to the cia although the charges don't include the cia, just the allegations with the fbi. it has huge implications. he is a young guy, maybe she is old and she did it, i got the rest of my life ahead of me so
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maybe this rule the jonathan turley says is broken, i think this case is so important because the implications for anyone who decides to run on that level again the way donald trump did and take on the establishment to think the cia, the fbi and mainstream media could be used against you and the use our tools used against terrorists, these kinds of investigative tools can be used, no one would want to run for president against someone like hillary again. >> i would be careful. decision something that is proven to be a fruitful step in life, speaking out -- >> sticking up for your job. >> not only did they know this was disinformation and pushed forward with it but they created the disinformation.
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the story gets so complicated and we will continue to put it into context to wrap our arms around the entire story. two paths, the creation of the steel dossier through bar talk and nonsense in europe, 2, creation of data here with supposed computer experts that shows connection to the trump campaign and alpha bay, created and both of them peddled to the fbi, cia and media and the only media that would take it was bo's feed. that was the only one that took the bait in the beginning and everyone had the excuse that it's even more important as you pointed out nobody' s talking about it. if you're out there not watching fox news, and elon musk highlighted this week, you don't know this is going on right now. lawrence: can i stop your second kid? talked about it going to the fbi. at the civil libertarian that
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was the most troubling aspect, the fact that sussman still had a id that he would go to the bureau like this, the fact that you have senior officials in the fbi the blood applicable operative just walk in and give them information to launch an investigation. if you are american, they can do this to you as well. if the fbi doesn't like you and someone doesn't like you and they have disinformation they want to plant with the fbi they can do that with no consequences and to be fair the judge hasn't been very hard on sussman. this is going to be a tough case. he has thrown out everything. i still don't -- >> you bring up a great point. interesting what the fbi will listen to because you will be talking later on about the gentleman who got the hunter biden laptop. he sent his father who was a military man to the fbi with a
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laptop full of real evidence -- >> unbelievable. >> worse than that, he was mistreated, said he had never been more humiliated. it is clearly, there's people at that level of the fbi who were in on this, wanted to spread this misinformation. it will be interesting to see if it gets to a level in this trial they can't ignore anymore like they can't ignore hunter biden anymore. will: some of you are aware of the delaware pair shop owner who received hunter biden's laptop. we turn now to your headlines starting with the border crisis, the doj will appeal the judge's decision to block the biden administration fermenting title 42. this after a judge ruled in favor of a lawsuit, to doesn't republicans say, to keep it in place.
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the public health order was set to end monday but the federal judge said the cdc should have allowed public comment on title 42's termination before finalizing it. the cdc is issuing a health alert as the who calls an emergency meeting for monkeypox, the cdc telling doctors to be vigilant for cases. this comes as europe confirms 100 infections of the disease, in the us, 6 people in america possible monkeypox in functions. one cases been confirmed in massachusetts, help officials are investigating a possible case in new york city. no relief for the pain at the pump, gas prices at a record high, the national average price has not increased since yesterday. the price still sitting at $4.59. the price at fresh records for 11 consecutive days until
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today. aaa calling the streak of record highs unprecedented. foxbusiness's making money's charles payne will join us later. stock market, inflation, a lot of questions for charles payne. >> everyone, west virginia, pennsylvania, atlanta, chicago, no matter where we do a diner at, everyone is talking about the same thing. >> now to a fox news alert, president biden meets with south korean leaders to discuss the nuclear threat from north korea. lawrence: biden is set to arrive at a state dinner with south korea's president any minute. rachel: jackie heinrich is live, good morning. the white house deepening economic ties but there is a
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very clear nexus with security concerns, china buzzed taiwan with fighter jets and bombers another aircraft has president biden was landing in seoul and the us is figuring out how to respond to a ballistic missile or nuclear test from north korea that is being threatened while president biden is here. the meeting produced an agreement to expand joint military exercises on and around the great peninsula because of this evolving threat in north korea. biden is from the us will help south korea with its deterrent efforts with the full range of us defense capabilities including nuclear, conventional and missile defense and also coordinating efforts to cyber threats. >> president biden: we are committed to strengthening our close engagement at work together to take on challenges including addressing the threat posed by the democratic
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people's public -- republic of korea, by strengthening our deterrent posture, working toward complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> reporter: it is a clear warning they base not invade taiwan with russia as an example. the president condemned russia's warren promised to uphold sanctions. with respect to north korea both countries with covid vaccines among the spiraling outbreak they are dealing with but president biden says in a future meeting would depend on whether he is serious and sincere, acknowledging the possibility of pushing denuclearization through diplomacy. biden is at a state dinner, the former prosecutor needs to balance the trade interest of his country with dealing with
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china and also the new economic framework biden is announcing which focuses on countering china's influence in this region. tomorrow the president will head to japan but before he leaves he will be signing that $40 billion ukraine supplemental bill which is being flown here so he can sign it, there is no lasting funding already on its way and we are working to update when he plans to put his signature down. back to you guys. rachel: we are going to borrow from china and then devalue your currency and hand the bill off to them. will: and didn't our dollar in the meantime. still ahead, netflix is asking several woke projects with subscriber ships dropping, is the company turning over a new leaf, what project got cut.
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rachel: welcome, 6:21 in new york city. i'm here with will and lawrence, good morning, you guys. will: a shot of fort smith, virginia. i don't know. has corporate america turned over new leaf? a new leaf? seems like there is reason for hope with elon musk's bid for twitter and you heard the story about the memo that went out at netflix telling employees to grow up. of the project aren't for you you can work somewhere else. netflix is gone a step further, axing some previously green lit woke projects. rachel:
3:23 am
rachel: like antiracist baby which is an animated vignette meant for preschoolers. can't imagine anyone would want to watch this. that was by abram kindley. then antiracism and you which is a project made to examine racism for audiences and with kind regards from kindergarten about two young friends is one of them loses his and imagine. dragon tribes at war over a last treasure. they are scrapping some of these projects they think might not bring in as much money and pressure on harry and megan markel. she had an animated project. it could be they are getting
3:24 am
the message of go work with brooke but this economy is really bad, people are canceling their subscriptions and can't do these frivolous woke projects that are meant to inflate their egos and make them talk about something at their cocktail parties. lawrence: i don't think these companies were ever on board with the wokenesdd but were pressured by the activism. ever since elon musk started his whole thing, it has empowered a lot of ceos to take a stance and what happened with disney scared a lot of companies, they don't want when the republicans take over the house or a new administration comes in these investigations or these stages where they get tax breaks, start impacting them. i don't think to my initial
3:25 am
point any of these corporate people believe -- look at the makeup of these companies. they don't practice what they preach to the american people. when you have these activists running the show they were pressured into it but the bottom line as you indicated, the sources stress the decision is not to move forward with these projects, they would have taken place regardless of the slower revenue growth. don't believe that all. will: that suggestion that it is not economic, loss of subscribers -- wise this happening? it is rachel's job to temper back on our hope. rachel: biden was elected.
3:26 am
will: i will inhabit that role, i'm skeptical american corporations rededicated themselves to profit and the next time a big racial justice movement takes front stage in the american mind and won't jump forward again. i'm skeptical they will be embraced free-speech but the wise interesting to me. is it fear of repercussions because of what happened in florida with ron desantis, the answer is yes to all of these. finally some of the ceos who probably got to their position because they were pretty alpha in charge of making decisions, got tired of being afraid of cubicles on floor 3 in the latest hr complaint whether something is not -- it eventually goes i am tired of running scared with my tail between my legs and summers ideology some believe this stuff, not all of them to your point but some of them. it is all coming together and you have to answer to
3:27 am
shareholders, you do have to answer to the market and anyone look at the stock market lately? tweet straight weeks down. all of a sudden antiracism seems like a luxury. rachel: the boards are very woke as well. at netflix there was a lot of obama people on those boards and they basically gave these deals to michelle and barack obama which fund their not so eco-friendly mansions all over the country and in hawaii. i think the economy bowed to them and disney is given the ceos an excuse to say we got to hold off on this but don't worry, this antiracist baby arthur guy is still making money.
3:28 am
very lucrative business peddling racism in america. will: janice dean is live in baltimore. rachel: taking it all in, the sounds, the sites, the horserace celebrating its 147th year and janice joins us live. >> reporter: good morning, baltimore. an exciting day. a lot of races to watch today, 147th preakness. one of the phillies will be racing in today's big race, that a secret oath. i got to talk to wayne lucas, the trainer, hasn't happened very often but affiliate wins the preakness, might happen today. the races will start very shortly. people are wanting to come in to the racetrack and yesterday was the black-eyed susan race,
3:29 am
the phillies take to the track and i got to talk to a lot of people that were here, very excited to be back to preakness, take a look. ♪♪ >> reporter: the first inaugural preakness live happening with live music plus food. i want to see what people are betting on and if they are having a great day. how long have you been coming to the preakness? >> 28 years. >> this is my first year. >> three years. >> reporter: what do you think so far? >> i love it here, beautiful people. >> everybody is friendly and i'm happy to see young people having a good time because that is the future. >> here when memorial day when the preakness the first time -- >> reporter: my husband and i when we went to saratoga, we fell in love in saratoga. look at matching outfits. >> love the outfits. >> you look beautiful.
3:30 am
>> hats never go out of style. >> look at this fabulousness right here. any money? >> i'm up right now. rachel: got a notepad and everything. >> the husband won't bet. i have to bet for him but i didn't know what i was doing. >> reporter: most of us don't know what we are doing. i know where you are sitting now. i expect to win big. >> i love it. it is exciting. it will be very hot today so people are urged to drink a lot of water between fancy beverages but the preakness is very exciting, the second in the triple crown. we don't have a triple crown winner but i have on good
3:31 am
authority he will be at belmont in a couple weeks and we will cover that here on "fox and friends" weekend as well. back to you. rachel: thank you. stay hydrated and keep having fun and come back later in the show. lawrence: who knows? who is representing texas? got a little net here. all right. all right. still ahead, biden's approval dropping among hispanics, our next guest says the president's policies putting the american dream further out of reach and he explains. lawrence: snowing in denver, the late winter wonderland.
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morgan ortagus
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by helping control your asthma, tezspire™ can help you be you. no matter who you are, ask your asthma specialist about tezspire™ today. will: president biden overseas in south korea, arriving at a state dinner, it was expected to give some brief remarks. we will monitor that and bring it to you live. over to rachel. rachel: president biden's hispanic approval rating is plunging which is 26% approving his job performance, nearly a 30% plunge from last year so which of the president's policies are pushing voters to the gop. daniel garza is here to break it down, good to have you here. we see his numbers dropping with everybody but none more than hispanics. why are hispanics more dissatisfied with biden than
3:37 am
anybody else? >> they are being impacted by the economic chaos more than anybody else. the energy shortages, spiking of prices on everything at the gas pump at the grocery store, at the kitchen table and they see what is happening in our schools and they also reject being paid for by the government, the urban crime, the loss of control at the border, economic retraction we had in the first quarter, this is causing a lot of folks to look at the republicans and say what do you have as an alternative because this isn't working out and we are losing our freedom, the democrats are more concerned about policing our speech and conversation than anything else. rachel: you brought up hunter
3:38 am
biden, not the same level as, say, inflation or the economy but certainly reminds hispanics of the kind of dysfunction and corruption they left behind in latin america, the biden family is a little like the castro family in terms of how blatant it is. >> no kidding, part of hillary's undoing during her campaign was her problem with the email scandal in the clinton foundation's pay to play shenanigans, when these corruption issues stick, when you have no credible defense for common person can understand they will move away from you because you are right, sadly latinos have seen this kind of shady doubledealing play out time and time again across the western hemisphere and turns out the biden family is no different and we are done with you, you talk about more hours, ruining their countries
3:39 am
by pillaging their treasuries, and desilva imprisoned for money laundering, his brother, hit on the party leader and making money off of nationalizing a lot of the industry, and in peru, kershner in argentina, they went to prison so the biden family kind of smacks of this and it stinks to high heaven. rachel: is the gop doing enough to take advantage of these numbers? >> i was criticized the republican party because they didn't do enough to engage and invest in latino outreach and engagement which is a critical voting block and now what has happened because of everything they turned into an asset for them and i'm not seeing the
3:40 am
kind of grassroots that is needed on the democrat side, remember when you were out there with the initiative, we saw our counterparts working the angles, you are not seeing that now. they took the latino vote for granted and they will pay the price with bad policies and lack of engagement. rachel: many people think the gop is looking at what the initiative did on the ground, let's see if it pays off. thank you for joining us this morning. still to come china launches military drills while president biden visit south korea and japan. morgan ortagus says china has campaign boundaries and time for the president to be more assertive. the battle over title 42 is heating up after a judge blocked the biden administration from lifting the order, white house isn't giving up the fight. we have the latest coming up. the tempur-pedic® breeze° makes sleep... feel cool.
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- [narrator] in the world's poorest places, they're shunned, outcast, living in pain. you can reach out and change the life of a suffering child right now. a surgery that takes as little as 45 minutes and your act of love can change a child's life forever. please call or visit now. thousands of children are waiting. will: president biden has arrived in south korea, expected to give remarks soon. we will bring those when he begins to speak. a noteworthy piece of news is beijing launched military drills in the south china sea, buzzing taiwan with multiple fighter jets, bombers and other aircraft. how does this impact the rest
3:45 am
of biden's trip? let's ask morgan ortagus. help us read into this. there are a lot of ways adversaries communicate. what is china communicating with buzzing taiwan in the middle of biden's trip? >> reporter: they do these literary drills, this is meant to send the message. these were done as taiwan scrambled in response, china does this often, they will build their ships to contested islands or airspace to prove the point that they can which is why the united states and our allies need to be more aggressive. it will take more than trips to get our allies on board to be an effective deterrent to the chinese communist party. we have to do things like make
3:46 am
sure our critical supply chains are in the united states. viewers may not know it but 90% of our vitamins and antibiotics are made in china today, things like that that both parties need to do if we are serious about the threat of the chinese communist party. will: interesting stat we began to learn during the pandemic how reliant on china we are. this seems to be one we are reminded one. >> reporter: they have ambitions, they wanted to be a chinese led order. will: let me break in, the president is beginning to speak. >> president biden: even more importantly we have a chance to share a lot of stories from the
3:47 am
early beginnings. we told each other too much. i don't know. please. [speaking in native tongue] >> president biden: the idea you would quote william butler yeats i appreciate very much, it wouldn't happen in london. [speaking in native tongue] be change one of my key foreign policy priorities last year. [speaking in native tongue]
3:48 am
>> president biden: mr. president, your country's democracy shows the power to deliver for its people. [speaking in native tongue] >> president biden: proud to say as well our armed forces stand side-by-side standing on a peninsula for twee 7 decades, that shared prosperity. [speaking in native tongue] >> president biden: i would
3:49 am
like to raise a glass, the alliance between our two great nations continue to flourish through all the decades ahead and as our combined forces say we go to gather. [speaking in native tongue] will: president biden speaking at a dinner in south korea. we still have morgan ortagus with us as we come back to the program in new york city. she's live in lviv this morning. aerial global community, with human trafficking focusing on at this moment in time on ukraine. someone a little earlier this week, the adoption efforts,
3:50 am
humanitarian efforts, a lot of care needs to be given because amid all of this arising from human trafficking. >> i am coming live from lviv, ukraine. when you go to that, my adopted hometown. a bunch of formal operators who spent 20 years in us forces, and many times after you leave that community some of them lose their sense of purpose and with aerial recovery these special operators operate around the world, they go on humanitarian missions, focusing on rescuing orphans and other
3:51 am
people susceptible to human trafficking but do this in the caribbean and the united states, anywhere there is a mandate or natural disaster. will: glad you are there to point out. thanks for being with us this morning. more "fox and friends" moments away. ension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. [sfx: fighter jet flying] [tom cruise] tower this is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪
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lawrence: rachel: starting with a fox weather alert. colorado getting a rare late-season storm expected to blow up, half a foot of snow across the state. record temperature dropped from 82 to 39 degrees in 45 minutes. today temperatures will be around 26 ° and sleet will continue falling until this afternoon. san francisco's archbishop is barring nancy pelosi from taking holy communion because of her public support for abortion rights. the archbishop said in april he warned her to refrain from abortion advocacy or he would have no choice but to deny her communion. pelosi who describes herself as a, quote, devout catholic has not followed his request.
3:56 am
the archbishop said his decision was, quote, simply an application of church teaching and not political. the uss so kicking off the double-header. that is how we say it from now on. the michigan panthers looking to take on the stallions at 7:30 tonight. the pittsburgh maulers looking for the second win of the season against new orleans breakers at noon. and their second win will face off against the new jersey generals at 4:00 pm. lawrence: the dallas cowboys like that race. now to this. nationwide baby formula shortage is getting worse, hitting 45% out of stock across the nation. a desperate parents struggle,
3:57 am
florida has started a facebook page with 300 parents, joining us, thank you for joining us. tell us about this group, how to connect these moms to get this formula. >> the group started, local parents hosting about this. creating this group was what i felt i had to do to connect moms with other moms, left over formula, other people in the community want to help out. lawrence: what is the response from folks starting this group? >> the response has been crazier than i expected. we have 300 members and
3:58 am
growing. so far with response from other moms and people wanting to help out. rachel: you have to watch out for the fraud going on out there. >> a couple bad apples to remove from the group but that separates the group from others, completely donation based, no transaction of money, the first instance where it is so much money for shipping or whatever, they don't want to get removed from the group because the purpose, community-based donations without any transaction. lawrence: if someone wants to do the same thing, how do they do that in their local community?
3:59 am
>> my group is nationwide. you can find it, the donate group, for certain regions, it would be as simple as posting, to donate formula to a mother. lawrence: you provided a solution and there's a lot of moms, grandparents, families appreciate what you are doing. the second hour. ♪♪
4:00 am
rachel: good morning, america. 7:00 eastern time 7:00 in the eastern time. three hours behind in the west coast. so what would that be? rachel: 4:00 a.m.? i can do the math. brass quintet they will be joining us from the national museum of the marine corps to celebrate armed forces day. so happy armed forces day, will. lawrence: in for pete today.
4:01 am
rachel: yes pete, we miss you. it's your day, pete. it's your day. will: 4:00 a.m. on the west coast. that's what time i get up to do "fox & friends." what time do you get up to do "fox & friends"? rachel: i get up at around 2:50 in the morning. will what time do you get up? lawrence: 3:34. rachel: that's the difference between being a girl and boy and having to do hair and makeup. takes a village. lawrence: i got to get a workout in. will: no way? you got up and worked out before the show? rachel: before you come here? lawrence: yeah. will: what did you do? lawrence: run. will: how far did you run? lawrence: 3.3 miles. will: i'm telling you is that true? rachel: that's true? lawrence: ainsley doesn't think it's safe in the morning. will: what time were you running this morning? lawrence: 3:00 in the fog. will: outside not on a treadmill. lawrence: it hurts my knees on the treadmill but can i do it outside. will: i'm super impressed.
4:02 am
lawrence: this common knowledge. rachel: whole thing you were doing workout 42 days? will: quit doing this. [laughter] rachel: you needed to have him be your workout. will: done with you show 10:00 a.m. eastern. full day ahead of you. lawrence lawrence i got to lift, i got to get my cardio. in. rachel: full shaming you. lawrence: i love it. we are going to begin this hour by first to lawrence and also something more serious the border crisis. a federal judge is blocking the biden administration from lifting the title 42 border policy which is set to end in just days from now. it was set to end just days from now. will: not now the white house says it's going to appeal that decision. in the meantime. historic race of illegal migrants crossing and expected to continue. lawrence: just unbelievable what is happening. bill melugin is at eagle pass,
4:03 am
texas with the latest. hey, bill. >> bill: well, guys this federal ruling essentially is going to keep the status quo in place. title 42 has been in effect at the border throughout massive historic numbers. can you expect those numbers to continue with title 42 still in place. take a look at this video we shot here in eagle pass early friday morning around 8:00 a.m. a massive single group of 167 crossings all at once. of the del rio sector reporting in just a 24 hour span they had more than 1800 illegal crossings. this as a sector continues to get hit hard. take a look at this video out of bracketville. with text dps as they pulled over a human smugglers, illegal immigrants start baking out of the vehicle and running into the brush in an effort to evade. men smuggled that pickup truck. they divided not to run. a driver, a female from florida also decided not to run. she was later arrested. texas dps involved in more than 2,000 of these pursuits since march of last year. back out here, now with this federal ruling, the big question
4:04 am
becomes what's going to happen with all of those migrants who have gathered in mexican border cities. waiting for may 23rd when they thought title 42 would drop. are they just going to go back home or say well, we will give it a chance and try to cross anyway. we will find out in the coming days. we will send it back to you. will: all right. thank you, bill. rachel: he does such a great job there on the border. i ran into him. as you know i was in texas in eagle pass where bill is right now boy, there is nothing like seeing it in person. when i went down there, i realized this is a travesty that joe biden and kamala haven't been down there. i thought i knew what was going on until i saw it in person. and it is way worse than i ever thought. it is -- there is nothing about law enforcement going on there. it is entirely when you are there, and you see it, you realize this is entirely a processing project. that's all it is. and it was shocking to me. i know you have been there,
4:05 am
lawrence. lawrence: you are right. it's a processing for the border patrol because they are not out there doing -- in many cases it should be the texas department of public safety assisting the border patrol. often it's the border patrol assisting texas department of public safety. border patrol isn't really doing those pursuits, they are in a lot of the, you know, the processing facilities, especially when it comes to those minors as well as those family units. as you see right now in the helicopter rachel is in right now. they are on a pursuit right now to locate where those migrants are. and then that helicopter will go down. find those migrants and then they will call border patrol to process those people. the only way texas dps takes them into custody they turn them over to border patrol. then people always ask why do
4:06 am
they come with the children? because the children are the ticket. most of the runners that you see are single adult men because they realize if they are caught, then they are going to be deported. rachel: can i say i was there in that helicopter. i could see, you know, apprehension of about 130 migrants that had crossed over. at the same time we went over a new facility, a tent city that they built in order to further process because for the biden administration, it is just logistical processing issue. it is not about protecting the border at all. we went over that and that, by the way, was surrounded by a huge fence. so no one could get in. so, walls work around the tent city. and then next to that not far from that, were rusting trump border walls. it was -- i mean, it's just like you can't make it up. it's just crazy, will. will: i am glad you got to see that. stay tuned sunday morning on
4:07 am
"fox & friends" where rachel is going to share with us what she learned at the border. it is is as she said something you have to see firsthand. chaos. congressman gonzalez like mad max. to see what's happening in these border cities people walking around, illegal immigrants walking around. it's like mad max. so, and this is all in the wake of title 42, an injunction being put in place by a judge means on monday it will not be repealed can you only imagine what it will be like once that is eventually that's the point it's like how could it get any worse? and yet it could. and by the way before we move on that rusting material right there our home state of texas tried to buy the material, the biden administration wouldn't sell it to the state of texas. the taxpayers we have already paid for that pearl. they prefer it to sit there and rust. rachel: it's such an to all of us taxpayers. will: one of the i that i think
4:08 am
is weighing down on the biden administration and their public perception and their approval rating. it's not good. almost any polling agency you want right now, nbc, cnn, quinnipiac, these are the numbers you come 3 #% approval rating for joe biden. 50% disapproval rating. even -- i can't -- even because it's every week now. bill maher is saying, look, you are out of touch. you are losing it here he was last night. >> there may not be a movement but there is a bit of an exodus it i mean, people leave this state and move to texas. that happens. people are -- look at the polls for what's going to happen in november. people are voting more republican in november. the democrats are going to get their [bleep] kicked. will: the number we didn't share in this moment we will later and you brought this up. 26%, 26% approval rating for joe
4:09 am
biden with hispanic voters. and will. rachel: cratering. will: it's the slowest. any slice of the app. pell or onion or whatever the analogy might be youth, income, education, ethnicity, 26%, that's the lowest. and it's among hispanics. i mean, he has lost almost everyone, almost. rachel: exset black americans are still with him 60-some percent. lawrence: still lower than they typically would. it's a 20% drop in what would be typically the support they would give him. i would push back a little bit on this bill maher. i don't think that people are leaving the democratic party. i think these voters to their core they are still democrat. it's just the party is leaving them. the party chooses identity politics at all of this woke nonsense over people's pocketbooks. and i just think, you know, when you litigate a presidential
4:10 am
campaign strictly on emotion. and you don't talk about what your economic proposals are going to be, i mean, don't be surprised when your voters decide that they are going to go with someone else or they won't support you anymore. this was bound to happen. i said this last night on "the five." he delivered on his promise. he wanted to restore the soul of america. he wanted to be presidential and no means did that what did we get in exchange. gas prices out of control. moms can't get formula. border is out of control. crime is out of control. i mean, if that's what the voters want, which it seems like based on all the polls people don't want. rachel: that's what so -- you see what happens is that a party looks at its numbers cratering like this with some of its most important constituencies and says okay, we got to come back to the middle a little bit. that's not happening because joe biden has completely surrounded
4:11 am
himself. the most radical ideological. there is nobody in there to say whoa, whoa, let's reel this back. clarifies yesterday. people can't figure out how to fill up their gas tanks or put food on the table and you have fixed income elderly people wondering if they can buy medicine. she is touting electric school buses? i mean, it is just. will: reports are that joe biden is done working with the g.o.p. so his lesson is i have got to stop working with the g.o.p. rachel: it's absolute insanity and they just keep going back to what -- the only thing they know which is what you say. it's race, it's identity politics. and it's just not going to cut it when people can't put food on the table. their priorities, you know, take precedence and it is just not going to cut it. they are going to absolutely see a blood bath. lawrence: last thing i would say on this there is moderate
4:12 am
democrats, there is henry cuellar and joe manchin and kyrsten sinema tried to encourage the biden administration to go back to the center. every time the president gets an opportunity he finds a way to bash them and say it's those two senators that are there. meanwhile joe manchin should be the compass of joe biden. that's what he promised to the american people that he was going to be a moderate. is he just not delivering on it. will: those senators are vilified the same way that the republican party is fill find. jim wallace and jim crow. turn that 26% around. rachel: eye on henry cuellar. will: connecticut hula cross player killed last week is laid to rest. family members, classmates, and others gathering for james mcgraph's funeral in connecticut. stabbed to death at high school house party during a fight. the 16-year-old's suspected killer is charged with one count of murder and two counts of
4:13 am
first degree assault. fox weather alert one person dead and officials say at least 40 had hurt in a rare michigan tornado. the brutal storm ravaging the small town of gaylord, michigan. twister flipping cars, tearing roofs off home and collapsings entire buildings. emergency crews are on the scene in the disseminated town under curfew until 8:00 a.m. as officials assess the damage. and a military aircraft will fly in baby formula this weekend. the white house says 132 pallets are on the way from an air base in germany. it's all part of the administration's operation fly formula to address the national shortage. officials say another shipment of 114 units is expected to arrive later this week after supply chain issues in the shut down of america's biggest formula supplier caused historic shortage. and those are your headlines. cats are flying. answer answer throwing hats.
4:14 am
get it on here. janice like us all to have our hats on. all right, all eyes are on the baltimore's pimlico-am i saying that right? will: yes. ainsley: racetrack running of the preakness stakes that start today. lawrence: post position for the preakness are in thorough bread simplification topping the odds at 6-1. will: you are supposed to bet the long shot. that's what we learned from the derby. janice keen is live. here with tips on how to bet on the right horse. janice, should we go with the long shot again? janice: i'm going to ask naomi that right now. long shot. kentucky derby rich strike who is the rich strike. >> i don't think we will have 80-1. very different field than the kentucky derby there is a horse in here seemingly come up like a dark horse. of course we all know kenny mcpeak as the trainer who
4:15 am
brought over swiss skydiver best poised. incredible battle. added her name to illustrative list of ladies able to secure the julie triple crown. got a chance to speak with kenny mcpeak how confident is he going in? he said i'm more confident with this horse than i was with swiss skydiver which was very surprising to me. janice: tell me about secret oats. lucas. i love her. >> what a story it would be if she would give him a record time preakness win. iconic trainer. 86-year-old oldest trainer to win the middle jewel of the triple crown. incredible decision in the 3-year-old filly quality. i don't think it was a tough race on her. i am hoping she progresses on
4:16 am
that from here. i give her a very strong chance. i'm hoping she is going to get it done. a girl power. janice: me too. girl power right here secret oats. thank you for being here and happy preakness. >> thank you happy preakness to you as well. janice: back over to you. rachel: thank you, janice. i guess we don't pick the horse by the best name? will: you can do that. you can definitely do that. rachel: that's how i would do it. will: sure. would you bet on football team based on the uniform you like? rachel: of course i would. i'm on the cheerleader's uniform. [ l laughter ] lawrence: well, that's that. lawrence: lawrence that is america's cheerleader. rachel: stem to come. i'm going to take my hat off for this serious read here. still to come bad week for america's wallets as inflation inwreakshavoc on gas prices.
4:17 am
will: stay tuned for exclusive sit down with the mac repair shop hunter biden's notorious laptop. >> i wanted to get the job done and over with. it wasn't until two weeks later with when his dad announced his candidacy that i started to get a fear for okay, i have seen some very embarrassing material on this laptop. this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices to start your summer up... so you can mix things up.
4:18 am
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4:21 am
pine at the pump not easing up gas prices record highs. meanwhile the stock market stumbling this week nearing bear market territory over fear of a u.s. recession. so, what does it all mean for your wallet? host of making money on fox business charles payne joins us now. charles, you are always looking out for how bad is it going to get for our audience out there? >> fast prices are going to get a lot worse, lawrence. some things are just structural. the last refinery, big refinery we built in this country was 1976. president biden declared war on fossil fuels. he proudly declared war on fossil fuels with the goal of gasoline prices going higher knew the good news is that there have been a few more purchases of electric vehicles. the bad news is that the vast
4:22 am
majority of americans are now suffering. and it's not going to get any better any time soon economists say that the cure for high prices is high prices. so, in other words, eventually, you know, we can't buy it anymore. we can't do it. we can't do -- you know, either we start to substitute. you know, see it all the time with food. did you go down the chain and maybe beef to chicken to pork, you know, to daydreaming about protein and the same thing with clothes other things, now even that's difficult and that's where the stock market the story this he can would. when you have companies like walmart, target, even amazon, not able to sell inexpensive clothes to americans. that's a major red flag. we are done. i think americas have tapped out. lawrence: so, charles, the r word, recession. how far away is it? >> you know, recession
4:23 am
technically back-to-back quarters of negative growth. realistically, i'm sure a lot of people watching this show right now their own personal lives they are there. if we get the technical definition i'm not sure if we will get that one of the big problems is they always time stamp it late. 2020 covid pandemic lockdown recession was time stamped over a year later. they figured it out. the good news is it was less than two months. this one obviously will be a lot longer when it happens. some firms make it happen. some think it's next year and some think we will barely get by. it's the pain and suffering right now whether or not we are in a technical recession irrelevant. lawrence: charles a lot of pundits say especially on the republican side if we can get the republicans to take back the house then we can stop some of the pain. do americans have that much
4:24 am
time. >> we don't have any choice. it's going to get tougher. listen, thank goodness senator manchin and sinema, it would have been significantly worse than this. we will tighten that belt. that's what target told us this week and walmart told us this week that americans are going to tighten their belt. they are not going to -- they are going to really start to hold back. now, you may get an initial push in certain areas like air travel. listen we want to go outside. we have been locked up for two years. people are going to have that initial burst of spending going into the summer. but then after that i think everyone is going to clamp down again. for me, the good news is that the midterms could be the beginning of something significant. i still believe we can actually have a roaring 2020s but it begins with the midterm election. lawrence: i just hope that people understand elections have consequences and next time vote your pocketbook not your
4:25 am
emotion. >> and so does ideology when someone says you will walk outside and get in electric cars and butterflies will go and won't pollute the planet. look a little bit deeper than that because, you know what? these rosy pictures aren't always rosy as they turn out to be. people vote on emotions and vote on those kinds of things. duke the work. we have to strip mine the entire planet to get to the dream. meantime cost everyone a arm and leg. this is the worst self-inflicted wound in decades. lawrence: thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks a lot. lawrence: where are the conservative speakers on graduation day? a new study shows liberal speakers far outnumber their conservative counterparts. we have some solutions for a more balanced college experience. that's next on "fox & friends." ♪
4:26 am
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4:30 am
with. >> commencement season thousands of college students are graduating and enjoying the real world today. a new survey reveals just three of those graduation ceremonies will host a conservative speaker while more than 50 others are hosting a self-described liberal one. so what's going on on college campuses and what are some of the solutions? university of dallas president jonathan sanford and liberty university vice president of communications ryan heltonbine. i will start with you ryan, tell me, you are not surprised, are you. >> no, i'm not surprised at all. in fact, i think it was arthur brooks who did a study a few
4:31 am
years ago one in 14 college professors in the united states are actually conservative. this doesn't surprise me that the ideological makeup of a speaker going to be liberal and left leaning and having a liberal bias. universities around our country last day same stuff? >> no question diversity. professors tend to reflect sentiments of those running the universities. what really matters is what is going on four years leading up to commencement. rachel: that's right. >> it matters tremendously what students study and how they study and the kind of environment they live in. rachel: i have been talking a lot. i have nine children two have gone off to college. we have made mistakes in helping them choose their universities. and i do think parents and high school students need to become better consumers of higher
4:32 am
education. so i will start with you. one of the questions high school students should be asking make this decision of what university to go to. >> well, i think the biggest question is the prevailing world view and the educational philosophy. at the end of the day is a post modern institution. is this a place where wokeism and leftist ideology is being espoused? is it indoctrination center? ask those questions. also, what are you getting educated for? so, for example, at liberty university, students are coming to get law degrees, medical degrees, being business professionals. theological institution. doctrinally sound biblical institution. but certainly educating and training champions for christ to lead in every single field. rachel: yeah, jonathan. let me tell you some of the mistakes i made. i was looking at how pretty is
4:33 am
the campus? i was looking at what other people would say like would it impress people if they went to that university. i know my daughter was thinking about that, too. totally changed our view. full disclosure i have a daughter going to your university coming up in the fall the university of dallas. what i learned was that the curriculum matters. yours is a great book you know curriculum. explain that and why parents should be thinking about that as well. >> we can't wait to have your daughter here, rachel. she is going to flourish. you know, the biggest question is what's going to be best for the education of the student. so we have a two year core curriculum. students learn to think scientifically, historically, philosophically, mathematically. we have a campus outside of rome where all of our students are given the opportunity to smend a semester. what they learn to do is to think about the whole. to think about the big questions. what is a human being? what is the world? what's the relationship between the two? who is god? and how do we relate to god? they live together, they
4:34 am
cultivate friendship with each other, they learn how to cultivate that art of rational disagreement through the classes themselves. they are led by their professors to think through the greatest minds, the greatest works of the tradition. they learn how to support an argument. they learn how to write well, to speak clearly. and to think clearly. those are great fruits of the education that we provide. rachel: such great points, so much on this show we talk about all the things that are wrong with american universities there are some good options. liberty and university of dallas both are great options that teach children and teach students how to think. so thank you, jonathan and ryan for joining me this morning. what a great conversation. >> it's been a pleasure. thanks so much for having me, rachel. rachel: all right. still ahead. as media outlets like nbc finally verify reports about hunter biden's laptop, will cain sits down with the man who spent two years discrediting it -- they spent two years
4:35 am
discrediting. that laptop repairman breaks down first time meeting hunter and how terrified he was once he realized what was on the server. that's next. stay with us. >> i expected the secret service to come in to the shop to sweep that laptop under the carpet and take me along with them ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪ ♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children
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it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday. men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program. with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket and not worry about it blowing up. -(laughs) -go to to lose weight and get healthier. rachel: finally joining "the washington post." the "new york times" and politico in verifying hunter
4:39 am
biden's laptop after dismissing reports as disinformation. back in 2020. the network publishing a headline thursday saying hunter and his firm took in $11 million between 2013 and 2018 and spent it fast. lawrence: crazy. the news breaks after deep dive into hunter biden's hard drive sheds even more light on the first son's shady business dealings and shadier personal life. will: so now after two years after it happened and they begin to admit it happened. i sat down with the man where this entire story originated. john mac paul isaac delaware computer repair shop man. he was there the night hunter stumbled in smelling of alcohol and dropped off these water-damaged items. here is part one of our conversation. >> it was about 10 minutes before closing and the client
4:40 am
walked in the door with three liquid damaged mac book pros. i printed up an authorization allowing me to take custody of the machine. and i had him sign that document, reviewed the document with him. and then he left. and then i took the machine into the back and i started working on it. will: what was the state of hunter biden came in that night. >> he was intoxicated. he had a little bit of a mobility issue. speech was a little slurred. when i saw the bo biden foundation sticker and the customer informed me that he was hunter biden, i instantly thought this was his deceased brother's laptop. he wanted to get his memories off of it. will: you stay at the shop and you decide i'm going to start -- start doing what to this computer? >> he hired me to do the data recovery. so i booted up the machine. got the machine to a point where i could start to do a recovery. i had to literally just drag and drop folders. so i dragged the most important folder, dragged and dropped it to the server, i only was able
4:41 am
to recover about a third of the data. so i had to kind of go through and look at what i recovered compared to the original to see what made it over and what didn't. and that's when i realized that, a, this is not his brother's laptop and that the person that's starring in a lot of this homemade porn is actually the guy that dropped off the laptop. will: did you break any ethical guidelines or anything lie looking at his data. >> you know what? i don't think so. i know there has been a lot of people out there that question that: he wanted me to recover his data. when a customer requires a data recovery, it's usually for two things. movies and pictures. it's for the things that you can't replace. and i'm not going to drag and drop a folder and call a customer and say hey, it's done, come on in, give me your credit card. i'm going to make sure that i did the job correctly. and in that process, you have to verify the contents that's on the computer. will: you are in your repair shop. this is the follow day, i take
4:42 am
it you are starting to see what's on some of these files. you are seeing pornography and illegal acts, drug use. what do you do next? >> i just wanted to get the job over and done with. it really wasn't until two weeks later when his dad announced his candidacy that i started to get a fear for okay i have seen very embarrassing material on this laptop. that's when i started to get more and more concerned for my personal safety because and i think as we have all seen recently the secret service is the biden family fixer service. i have expected the secret service to come into the shop, to sweep that laptop under the carpet and take me along with them. will: you got laptop for two weeks. is the job done? >> yeah, i finished the job on -- well, i called up hunter and said you need to go out to pick up the hard drive. he picked up a 2 tear by the. he dropped that off on the 16th. i told him he could come in the next day to pick everything up. i think i called him again the
4:43 am
following weekend. and i think i called him a couple more times over the next month after that. just no response. so now i'm in possession of his laptop, a back jump of his laptop's home folder on an external drive that he provided. and no sign of hunter. will: the data as well. >> yeah. will: hunter never comes back? >> um. >>um have you heard from hunter that day? >> no. the closest i have heard to hunter was hunter's lawyer calls me to see if i am still in possession of the laptop. will: when was this? >> october 13th. will: of? >> 2020. will: the day before the "new york post" story on media and called russian disinformation. when a customer no shows you, doesn't call, doesn't come back for their property, what happens to their property? does it become your property? >> well, on the document that hunter signed, it clearly states at the bottom after 90 days, the product becomes my property.
4:44 am
rachel: wow. will: that's part one of this conversation. so, guys, this conversation is 40 minutes long. i had him walk me through as you can see every step of the process. and then you did what? right? because the story, and this man's firsthand experience, listen, we all heard about it and saw it on the news and saw it called russian disinformation. but to see it play out in this man's life because he has been followed by the fbi, he has been rebuffed by the fbi. hey, he was rebuffed by g.o.p. politicians. he tried to take it to republicans and they said we don't want anything to do with this. his story is sad. he lost his repair shop. and he is suing. he is suing a lot of people for calling him a russian asset. i wanted to hear directly from his word. for what it is worth part 2 is coming up in a little bit. where he is going to tell us what happened when he took it to the fbi, how did they react? and it's in everybody's mind i asked him why do you wear the hat? rachel: that's a good question.
4:45 am
will: you have got to follow your curiosity. rachel: some questions when i listen in. lawrence: i'm just curious as all of us interview people you get a feel of a person when they are sitting -- did you find him to be credible and believable, everything that he was saying? will: yes. because, lawrence, very little of what he was sharing was his opinion or conjecture or speculation. it's firsthand testimony do you know what's fascinating, lawrence he tells you all of that and what hunter said come in. never been denied. none of it has been denied by the other parties involved. not joe biden. not hunter biden, nobody is saying that's the not hunter's laptop. you never met hunter. in fact, instead. hunterrens lawyers calling and saying can we get that? at the very last moment, can we get that? rachel: really quick. two questions i have. was hunter going to get his laptop repaired because he wanted those documents. i don't think so they are very incriminating or was he wanted back.
4:46 am
that's the question i have. this man was a patriot. the way he was treated. he has uncovered probably the biggest corruption story that goes all the way up to the top to a president who is, you know, based on the evidence on that laptop, is compromised by his dirty deals with his son with china, with russia, with ukraine, and it's fascinating how he was treated not just by the fbi but by the media who would have held him up as a hero had this been donald trump jr.'s laptop. will: the media, the fbi. he has been audited by the irs. he was denied unemployment benefits in his state are a his repair shop was shut down. this man has been vilified for simply bringing forward the truth how did he bring that forward? that's coming up in about two hours from now. how did he bring it forward? if you want to hear the entire 40 minute conversation it's on the will cain podcast. it's fox news podcast, apple or spotify.
4:47 am
rachel: that's a must listen to podcast. thank you, will for that. will: thank you, guys. rachel: turning now to your headlines, officials dropping all charges against a teen rapper accused of shooting an nypd officer in the leg. the shooting happened in january while the 16-year-old was on probation for another gun case. new york city officials only say the case, quote: cannot be prosecuted. all other details have been sealed. the officer shot has indeed recovered. tiger woods rebounds. the golf star making the cut at the pga championship after struggling in the first round. when asked about pain in his surgically repaired right leg, woods saying this. >> fortunately enough, i'm able to somehow do it. i have have a great p.t. staff put humpty dumpty back together. and go out there tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow i can do something. rachel: third round begins tomorrow with rising star will on top. and despite missing the cut,
4:48 am
golf icon john daly, all right. briefly held the lead in the first round of the tournament with long time fans cheering him along all the way the s mentd lighting up with praise calling him a legend. and those are your headlines. oh, he just loves when i read. will: john daly smokes? eats whatever he wants. rachel: this is the guy. will: wears crazy pants. photo of him at the slot machines. lawrence: tell the people what you were really talking about. you were talked about how jacked tiger woods is. will: tiger recovering has been spent time lifting. he is getting more and more built. i'm sorry, i noticed. i'm curious. rachel: tiger woods getting old guy's. lawrence: will, you can get in the gym, too. will: i am, lawrence, don't mess with me. still ahead a mission to serve. how one barbecue restaurant is
4:49 am
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4:52 am
lawrence: when it comes to topics like that. will: you are on air. will. lawrence: i am in.
4:53 am
rachel: it happens. lawrence: today is armed forces day. mission bbq opened up stores 10th anniversary. will: trying to make fun of me mavericks down making fun of me president and chairman of the board of the honor flight network. gentlemen, great to see you this morning. tell me what you have cooking up. >> good morning to you. thrilled to be here on armed forces day and for all of your viewers that either give are are serving our country we simply say thank you. mission bbq was the story of a couple of best friends that had a love of barbecue but more importantly a love of country. wanted to build something that meant something so we did open our first location on september 11th of 2011 to serve, honor and thank our american heroes. and as a byproduct of that, we
4:54 am
continue to serve and in serving, we step forward. we stand alongside wonderful organizations like we do today the honor flight network. and we are absolutely so proud of all of our teammates forever thankful for all of our customers to be able to present today to the honor flight network through the sale of our american heroes cup a check in the amount of $533,462. will: wow, that is great. rachel: that is incredible. first of all a bone to pick with our producers. we never do barbecue segments without having barbecue in the studio. we will have to do that next time. but tell our viewers a little bit more about what the honor flight does? i mean, most of our viewers know but some don't understand just how meaningful an honor flighted is for veterans. >> absolutely honor flights
4:55 am
since 2005 has felony over flown250,000 to washington, d.c. honor. amazing humbling experience come from all over the country often with guardians, 130 hubs. we are so incredible thankful to our friends at mission bbq. by the way missing out on the best prc $5,000 again a prison term is not about in town for supporting honor flight. we still have 50,000 veterans on our wait list to come to washington, d.c. this check right here is going to be a large part of getting more veterans to washington, d.c. so we can honor them. they served us and now collectively we are going to serve them. rachel: incredible. lawrence: it's the least we can do. thank you all so much for all that you do i'm sure a lot of folks in our community appreciate your guy's. will: mission bbq honoring mission flight. rachel: happy armed forces day to all of you. lawrence: coming up. don't dry this at home. i got to train with the atf to see how they safely dispose explosives.
4:56 am
watch: 1, 2, 3s. [explosion] lawrence: it was a blast. see what i did there. rachel: no pun intended. lawrence: a look behind the scene still ahead. ♪ i need some hot stuff baby tonight ♪ i want some hot stuff baby this evening ♪
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:01 am
♪ lawrence: listening to quantico brass quintet perform. they are live all morning from the national museum of the marine corps in honor of national armed forces day. welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. i'm lawrence jones in for pete along with rachel and will. will: good morning. rachel: good morning. lawrence: y'all just let me slip up in the middle of a segment. i haven't forgiven you guys yet. rachel, i forgive you, will i don't. rachel: this kind of hazing actually shows we love you. lawrence: it's love. will: 100 percent. rachel, i used to say that the worst insult in my mind a guy can give another guy to be uninterested in him and ignoring him. i'm messing with you because i like you. the entire time during that we were trying to mess with lawrence. rachel: he was trying to be focused and in the zone. lawrence: i wanted to get the word right. will: all he was saying the word quintet saying it over and over again. rachel: so,. lawrence: i have two screw ups back to back.
5:02 am
i have ptsd from when i played basketball. when you get two screw ups with your dad it's going to be a lock ride home. will: we messed with you because we like you. rachel: good morning and happy armed forces day to everybody and especially to pete who is not with us today but he is in spirit because we love our veterans especially pete. will: your dad. and pete is on assignment. and by the way your family as well. everyone who has served in the arm forces. will: pete is on assignment he will be back. rachel: my brother is in the marines. this weekend our military is doing more work. they are rushing to fly baby formula into the u.s. lawrence: crazy. the white house says 132 pallets are on the way from an air base in germany. will: lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington with the mission. lucas? >> good morning, guys. if you are watching from indiana you are in luck. that's where those first flights of formula flying in from germany. 132 pallets in all as you
5:03 am
mentioned, lawrence. for americans newborns at home this formula can't arrive soon enough. the out-of-stock rate for formula is as you can see 45%. the flights part of operation fly formula. as of yesterday afternoon, the pentagon was still working on figuring out how to fly this formula in according to john kirby at the pentagon. the u.s. air force has over 200 c-17 cargo planes like this and a fleet of c 130s as well. despite those numbers, the white house says it suspects a majority of the formula flight to be contracted aboard commercial aircraft. this weekend the u.s. air force will fly in necessarily formula. the white house says in the coming days gerber will be sending as well. all the formula flown in will be hypoallergenic, four companies responsible for 90% of the supply in the u.s. major supplier to wic food assistance program for women and babies. congress recently passed legislation to allow wic participants to purchase whatever brand is available and president biden signed the baby formula bill after it was flown
5:04 am
out to south korea. in the meantime, americans are scrambling to figure out where they can buy formula some cases calls friends and family in other states having it ships ots are sharing breast milk. rachel: thank you. lawrence: thank you. will: this is expected to last for months. something will happen in the news and our attention will be turned away and this crisis will remain tangled happens all the time. our attention is turned away from ukraine and we just spent $40 billion. just spent $40 billion almost no government oversight by the way. $40 billion. and, you know, we have moved on. it's only been -- we were talking about this in the commercial break it's only been three weeks since the supreme court leaker leaked the roe v. wade opinion and how is it that we don't know who that is? but, hey, the news cycle moves on. we can't allow it to because these are important things. i'm not taking away from this
5:05 am
story. i'm saying to take it now back to the story this story is going to remain for a long time. this supply crunch crisis isn't going away. rachel: it has other implications besides the supply. most important thing. the military is bringing that stuff over, military over. precious cargo indeed it is. i have a couple questions. one, what are we paying necessarily for that formula? i know if donald trump would be in charge he would be striking a deal to make sure we got the best price. this administration i bet we are paying premium on. that was probably an upcharge. the either part of it is we have all these things happening in the world as you mentioned. ukraine, our president is now in south korea, and, you know, trying to send a message supposed will our power this entire baby formula situation is so globally embarrassing for america. that america can't feed its
5:06 am
babies it has to fly formula over from germany on some special mission? nothing says nation in decline companies who can't feed babies. the mom. shortages, all of it shows a country in disarray so much dysfunction. lawrence: so predictable. and to will's point about the multiple crises that the administration warranted of a problem that could potentially happen. do absolutely -- the media coverage finally turns on them. and there is public pressure. and they say we have been working on it all along and then they end up paying a premium for something like this formula. these moms took the problem into their own handle and they have found a solution. take a listen to syria clemmons on earlier with us. >> just started need based for myself and other local parents that i saw posting about empty
5:07 am
store shelves and things like that. so, creating this group was just what i felt i had to do in order to connect moms with other moms who maybe have leftover formula that they don't need anymore or other people in the community that want to help out. i just started a group last week and like you said we have over 300 members and growing every time that i look. rachel: that is can do mom spirit in america. she is doing something about it other moms by the way are pumping milk and storing up their milk in breast milk banks for other moms who want breast milk as well. american moms are doing everything they can. the government needs to step up. lawrence what you just said it was such a great point about how the administration sees a problem and then they wait until the problem blows up in their face and do all this stuff extra money to fix the problem.
5:08 am
ukraine is a great problem. we knew two weeks leading up to ukraine there was a build up that russia was building up. there was very little diplomacy going on and now we just spent i don't know how much money plus an additional 40 billion that we borrow from china to deal with this problem. this is how the administration thinks and this is what they think of us. because this is our tax dollars. this an insult to the american people. will: close to 60. i don't know how much. it's upwards of $60 billion now that we have devoted to ukraine which is supposed to get them through september which mean we will be asked for more money. rachel: one of the most corrupt countries in the world we don't know where that money is going. i would like some accountability. will: we will repeat it here worth mentioning. trial going on for michael sussmann the clinton campaign attorney under investigation and now indictment by the durham special counsel investigation. did he lie to the fbi about whether or not he was representing the clinton campaign when he gave in, what
5:09 am
appears to be fake information about the russia, russia, russia collusion. that is going on. but you wouldn't know it really. i mean, a trial, right? implicates the biggest news story of a four year period as an entire on. news sources. in fact, lawrence had it earlier. zero seconds, i believe on nbc, cbs, abc, and cnn. but it still breaks through. it breaks through and it broke through to elon musk. i want you to see how this unfolded. first, a 2016 tweet from hillary clinton has resurfaced computer scientists have apparently uncovered covert server linking the trump administration to russian bank. rachel: make it clear. the clinton campaign creates this information, leaks it it the fbi, leaks it to the media and then hillary clinton puts up a tweet that says oh, gee, look
5:10 am
what the media just uncovered. will: so now elon musk finds that 6-year-old tweet and says or somebody else an account called v spike said elon musk i have reported this tweet as misleading disinformation to the powers that be at twitter. i would be interested to know when you receive control of the company anything donti level -- would anything be done? please advise as soon as possible. what would you do if you are in twitter. >> elon musk said you are absolutely correct. that tweet is a clinton campaign hoax for which their campaign lawyer is undergoing a criminal trial. elon musk knows. rachel: how many followers does elon have? lawrence: millions. rachel: that's how a lot of people are going to find out there is a trial. unless you are watching fox or follow elon musk they are not getting it from nbc, cbs or abc.
5:11 am
lawrence: all these links of coordination and makes its way all the way to the fbi, that hillary clinton is not implicated somewhere criminally in this whole process. she knew it's the intent with all of this taking place pretending like they did not know, as you correctly, rachel, just laid out right here. she instructed robbie essentially said she gave the green light to make all this happen why isn't she indicted. will: robby mook. rachel: campaign adviser. lawrence: manager. will: testified hillary clinton said yeah pass that along. rachel: rach green lighted it. will: sussmann is lying to the fbi. that's how they get them in. this investigation, lawrence, is to find out the origin of the russia, russia, russia hoax. in their owning argument, the
5:12 am
durham side of this has laid out what they think it's all about. you said it earlier, rachel. it was a concocted scheme to launch a quote october surprise on the trump campaign at the last minute so they don't have time to respond to it supposedly swing an election, right? i don't know, lawrence, we need accountability. it has to go back to the source. i have to know how -- we have to explore how durham can bring that accountability. not just to the sussmanns of the world. but to the origination. the clintons of the world. i don't know how it manifests. rachel: do you think hillary is really nervous right now after what robbie said or is she just so like nothing ever happens to me. i can burn up cell phones and bleach them and i don't have to be accountable or. will: nervous wouldn't be the emotion i would expect. anger. rachel: rach robby? lawrence: that's why i asked the
5:13 am
question i asked. in many of these questions, will, it's always the people at the bottom end up doing the time and. will: anyone. lawrence: the people who sent out the marching orders they are never held account being. i just think that's -- rachel: that's robby is signaling listen i'm not going to take this one for you, hillary. will: this is why i started the begin of this hour talking about the supreme court leaker. you can feel it heading down the same path. no accountability. it's impossible that we don't know who this is. lawrence: someone knows. rachel: do you think the fact that we don't know who the leaker is that we haven't had a name of say a clerk, could that mean that it was actually a supreme court justice? will: that's certainly on the table. that definitely should not be taken off the table that a justice was involved in this. then the correlates clinton. grounds for impeachment. rachel: if it was a supreme court justice that supreme court justice could be impeached? will: absolutely.
5:14 am
absolutely. rachel: wow. will: you got to start with information and accountability. and we will give credit where it's due in the way that durham is pressing forward with this right now. rachel: i agree. lawrence: despite political pressure. rachel: taking a long time. longer than i like. i have to say he is dotting his eyes and crossing his t's. will: one step at a time. turning now to your headlines, the female cyclist dubbed the winningness woman in america. wilson was shot and killed in the alleged jealous rage of a yoga instructor cyclist collin strickland was in a romantic relationship with the accused killer and allegedly dated wilson while the two were on a break. wilson told a friend she was going swimming with strickland on may 11th. police issue as warrant for armstrong who remains on the run and deleted all of her social media accounts. the cdc issuing a health alert as the w.h.o. calls an emergency meeting all for monkey pox. the cdc is telling doctors to be vigilant for cases it comes as europe confirms 100 infections
5:15 am
in the u.s. probed six people in america for possible monkey pox. one case has been confirmed in massachusetts and one person in new york tested positive for some variant of the virus known as monkey pox. it's not been confirmed as monkey pox itself. and not your typical traffic stop. an ohio deputy pulling over an amish horse and buggy driver asleep behind the cart. >> hey. stop your horse. why stopped. disregard. he just rammed it into my car. will: what? tell me more. police say the horse was navigating the way home. the driver registered a .063 in the breathalyzer test.
5:16 am
.063. will: .08. .018 legally drunk. man arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence. amish don't drink, right? rachel: wow. have you not seen that reality show where they before they commit to the lifestyle they go off. will: i saw king pin. rachel: what's that. will: movie king pin with bill murray woody harrelson eddy mccracken with the hair? what's wrong here? rachel: i guess i got to watch king pin. i have no idea. but i am wearing a hat because we are. lawrence: gearing up for the 147 running of the preakness stakes. the second jewel in the horse rate triple crown hang later today. rachel: our own janice dean who we love is live at pimlico racetrack in baltimore meeting with the trainers and horses. will: janice joins us with kenny mcpeak the head trainer of
5:17 am
thoroughbred competing today. hey, janice. janice: good morning. kenny, tell me about your horse big tall gray horse creative minister. won two of the last three races give him a chance at the big dance. ran this race previously and he is a horse that i think he fits the mold of a horse can win the preakness. exciting weekend for myself and certainly the partners, paul fireman burn circle and greg back racing. janice: someone described your horse as a dark horse what do you think about that. >> we don't know what his limits are. he has been a horse that has done everything right up until now. and when you get to another level like this, it's ambitious to take him from a maiden win and an allowance win to a great one. i think he is a horse that can handle it we will find out exactly how good he is. janice: what about the heat today? let's talk about that. >> he is pretty calm and cool horse. i'm not worried about a lot of that he is going to be the least
5:18 am
of my worries. i will probably be hotter than he is. but for horses that don't handle heat or are a little nervous i think it could be a factor it is the warmest preakness i have participated in and it will definitely be a factor in the race. janice: you love this race, right? the preakness. >> the first time i ran here in 1995. i don't know if that makes me old or experienced. actually, i think i had the favorite that day tuhana run kentucky derby. we came back and won it for people fortunate enough to watch west skydiver here and i have ran several other starters over the last 20-something years. it's a great place. janice: we call it seefned. i call it seasoned. >> that's good. an january congratulations already and i will be rooting for the horse. >> it's going to be a fun day. janice: it is going to be a hot one. 95. kenny says the hottest preakness he has ever been to. keep you up to date on the forecast as well. all right.
5:19 am
back inside. rachel: thank you, janice. you stay hydrated, janice, because that's hot. lawrence: it is hot. will: still ahead, bill de blasio ended his term as new york city mayor with rock bottom approval ratings, so, why not run for congress? brian kilmeade on that coming up. plus, lawrence got to train with the atf to see how trained pros deal with dangerous explosives. that's next. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, baby ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ here's something that you are never going to forget ♪ baby, baby this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices ♪ big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa.
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♪ will: fox news alert. president biden meeting with south korean leader to discuss the nuclear threat coming from north korea. lawrence: hours ago biden attended a state dinner with the south korean president and gave brief remarks. rachel: jacqui heinrich is live with more from south korea. jackie? >> good morning rachel, will and lawrence. good to be with you this morning. underscoring the importance of alliances and also deterrence, president biden took a moment before heading into this state dinner to sign the $40 billion ukraine aid package to ensure that there is no lapse in funding in u.s. support and it
5:24 am
gets signed promptly as they try to continue to defend themselves against the russian invasion. half the money goes to ukraine's military. the senate passed that bill in the hours after president biden left washington so it was flown across the world to get his signature promptly. now, the president is getting to know the newly elected south korean president. the former prosecutor took office less than two weeks ago. balance the trade needs of his country which involves working with china with a new economic framework the president biden is announcing focusing on countering china's influence in the region. >> revitalizing this alliance was one of my key foreign policy priorities when i took office last year. our armed forces stand side by side to preserve the peace and make possible that shared prosperity. >> although the white house deepen economic ties clear nexus
5:25 am
with security concerns. china buzzed taiwan with other aircraft as president biden arrived in seoul. joint state biden and peace and security delivering a clear warning that china bust not invade taiwan in using russia's global isolation as an example. the president's condemned russia's war and promised to uphold sanctions then there is the issue of north korea and u.s. intelligence has been gauging how to respond to potential nuclear or ballistic missile test from north korea while biden is here. the meeting between biden and that newly elected south korean president did produce an agreement to expand joint military exercises on and around the korean peninsula in a response to this evolving threat from north korea and president biden reassured south korea that they have full u.s. support in deterrence in all the full capabilities of the u.s. military defense including nuclear, missile, and
5:26 am
conventional tactics. back to you guys. rachel: thank you, jackie. appreciate it. really provocative moves by china while president biden is over there buzzing over taiwan. well, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms routinely conducts training exercises. how to safely dispose of explosive devices guess who went along for a ride our own lawrence. lawrence: that's right. i got to shadow the atf getting a behind the scenes look training the bureau gives law enforcement and military personnel. will: so here is lawrence learning all about everything that is explosive. do not try this at home. lawrence: don't. lawrence: wow that was quick. lawrence: house fires, fireworks, bombings,. [explosion] >> whether it is your local municipality or all four branches of the military, they come here to get their training.
5:27 am
why? because they see it every single day. and they teach you the safety strategies to deal with it. [explosion] lawrence: whoo! >> atf advanced explosive techniques training program. the program was developed back in the late 1990s. bomb techs are generally hurt during disposal operations not render safe procedures it's later when they are having to dispose of whatever it was that was contained in that whether it be pyrotechnics, fireworks. dynamite is probably one of the biggest things we deal with. [explosion] there is a lot of different aspects that go into this. things that most people just don't consider. static electricity. the proper attire to wear. lawrence: could my cell phone set off one of the explosives? >> that is one of the things that we look at there are no cell phones allowed down range. these are some of the tools we use and developed here. the tool itself is scientifically backed because whenever you are trying to get rid of a problem, you have to know also what that detonation
5:28 am
that material is in order to safely get rid of it. there is a lot of math. there is a lot of physics involved with this. [explosion] >> this one is a 10-inch aerial shell like used in a huge commercial fireworks show. according to the numbers 1,000 feet of range pace. we are over 500. using one of the devices that warren showed you earlier we are going to shrink the amount of room that we need to get rid of one of these by probably five times going to blow it in on itself or better you are. lawrence: oh boy. find the button with your thumb first you want to be watching it because it's straight ahead of you. lawrence: okay, 1, are 2, 3. [explosion] lawrence: woo! all of it is about safety? >> all of it is about safety.
5:29 am
every bit of it. commercial fireworks, however unfortunately sometimes they fall into the wrong hands. sometimes it's just an accident. transportation accident. a fireworks show that went bad. some of these showed up in people's hands that shouldn't have them and they are lobbing them around like they're fireworks. they are not fireworks. they are commercial explosive devices. that's why we teach people how to get rid of them. they were designed to explode. you can't just throw them away. lawrence: right. right. there is a way and this is one of them. lawrence: well, that was fun. my favorite assignment. will: was it. lawrence: yes. will: you said you could feel the heat. lawrence: i could feel the heat that far away. rachel: will is jealous, he wanted that assignment. lawrence: did you want that assignment. will: well, it's you want that assignment? or do you want to sleep in? tough call.
5:30 am
lawrence: so honest. rachel: you do like to see things blow up? will: who doesn't like to see things blow up? who doesn't? lawrence: childhood dream. dreams do come true. rachel: that's awesome. still ahead, babies aren't the only ones impacted by the nationwide formula. our next guest is an 11-year-old with a serious health condition who actually needs formula to survive and his parents join us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
5:31 am
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these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction and restlessness are common side effects. sleepiness and stomach issues are also common. side effects may not appear for several weeks. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. baby formula crisis causing panic nationwide not just impacting infants. cash royals is an 11-year-old boy with a condition that causes his white blood cells to reject nearly all foods. he needs formula to survive. his parents are sounding the alarm that ken is i join us now along with heir son cash.
5:35 am
great to see you all this morning. thank you for being with us. this obviously is something that misses most radars but is impacting your family and cash dramatically. tell us about that. >> yeah. so, we actually got baby formula shortage too until last week. we typically get a call every month from his medical supply company to place the order. and they didn't call us. and we were running low. and i called them. we were told that there was none for him right now. it's on back order. will: justin, it's not -- it's not just baby food. it's a different product. i'm assuming made out of the same facilities with the same ingredients in short different shortages. >> different ingredients. >> probably some of the same fillers this formula it's an amino acid based formulaened a breaks down the proteins in food. his body mistakenly think the
5:36 am
proteins in food are parasites. it sends his white blood cells to the gi track designed to destroy any kind of pair site. so that formula actually breaks down the proteins in food so he can -- it almost tricks his body into thinking that the proteins are okay. will: cash, i saw you smiling as we were talking a little bit. i will leave it to your parents. mackenzie back to you. tell me about cash's day-to-day life. what does that mean? what can he eat? what can't he eat? how important is this product to your day-to-day life? >> cash, he can have only potatoes, apples and rice. and so this formula, is what sustains him. he has been on it since he was an infant. and right now we have about 18 days left. we are completely just trusting
5:37 am
god that we are going to be provided with what we need in the long run. his doctors have been amazing trying to find other formulas for him. there is an alternate one we're doing now. i don't know how his body is going to tolerate it because it's not the typical amino acid based formula. so, we are hoping that his body will tolerate it well. but, right now we're really just holding on to god and praying that he is going to provide something or allow this new formula to work for him. will: so the 18 days is what the current formula. so beyond 18 days, what is the hope that the new formula works? >> 18 days including the new formula. will: what at the end of 18 days. >> we are hoping the new formula will work. and we -- we're hoping to do this so that the right people can hear this message. there are so many kids that are
5:38 am
just like him that are on medical formula and need that. so we are really hoping the right people can hear this and prioritize getting medical formula to these kids who need it. switch it up. will: i'm over time but i really want to ask this. how common is this disease? how many kids are there like cash out there? >> used to be very rare. it's growing pretty rapidly. i think i read something about maybe 50,000 people in the united states with, i believe. will: wow. then we really appreciate doing what you just said today to bring attention to this. not just to bring aid but to help others out there. not just for cash as you point out. 50,000 people who could be sitting in a similar situation this morning. justin, mackenzie, cash, thank you guys all for getting up with us this morning and we wish you the best. you have our prayers. >> thank you. >> you as well. will: still to come, he's back.
5:39 am
bill de blasio ended his new york city term as mayor with rock bottom approval ratings but he has a new plan he is running for congress. brian kilmeade with join us with that next. ♪ taking care of business ♪ every way ♪ i have been taking care of business ♪ it's all rightes ♪ and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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5:43 am
brian down with one question left. >> look, i won. >> i'm ready. will: i'm coming for gutfeld. jesse: give you will cain the award. do you know who this is john, my assistant. ♪ rachel: so brian lost sink or swim and we just had that little, you know, flashback of will winning sink or swim. how do you feel about that brian? will: look at this. brian: well, it's just another point, rachel, where will is better than me at something else. sports, already taller, got better cheekbones. will: how did you lose sink or swim? you are on tv. brian: i tried too hard. [laughter] will: you know the news cycle like no one that i know. how did you lose? brian: do you know why?
5:44 am
i knew that taylor swift spoke at commencement crazy and i did something on it. i don't remember that line and it overconfident. i started thinking about other things. will: doubting yourself. believing moment. rachel: don't stop believing. lawrence: we got you something. will: a certificate for you. lawrence: right here. rachel: you did it we all signed it. rachel: we all did. rachel: i want to frame this and put it in your office. brian: hey, rachel, i have a question for you. rachel: sure. brian: sometimes weekend guys will take for the weekend guys they say what they wear i should wear and then there is will and lawrence. they are setting the standard. i mean, when will shows up and
5:45 am
he wore a blazer with different type pants what is this guy the marco polo of hosts? where does he get this boldness? then i'm watching lawrence today two tones, light jacket, no tie. sitting back in his chair like he has been doing this for 30 years. where do these people get their boldness, rachel? rachel: listen, brian, do not try and attempt to do what lawrence is doing because you will fail and you will do i tried too hard thing that you just talked about. stay within yourself. will: stay within yourself. rachel: what you do works for you. brian: did i this for you, lawrence, i changed my blue blazer because it was too traditional. i went light. i have to somehow stand out on this show. lawrence: i endorse it. brian: i did it. rachel: you look good. feel good about yourself. brian: my scfdz really bad so i really appreciate it. rachel: did you it hooray. will: got to move to some serious conversation. some serious news.
5:46 am
and it is, i guess. serious. bill de blasio is potentially running for congress, brian. he tweeted the following. wherever i go, people ask can things get better? i say from the heart, yes. we may have to make them better. in our neighborhoods, in our nation, the way to save our democracy is to be part of it as i declare my candidacy for new york 10, i ask you to join us. in fact,. lawrence: unbelievable. brian: unbelievable. this 10th district redistrict new york city. so he has a shot at an open seat in the 10th district some ritzy area. this guy left -- by the way the worst mayor ever. this is it in all seriousness. this guy didn't try. this guy would show up at noon. lay on the couch with the paper over his face and his door open while the city burned. while crime went rampant. while cops were vilified. he left office with 25% approval rating. 25%. that includes his family who i think was undecided. the other thing i saw some great
5:47 am
quotes when he made his announcement. makes his announcement to win a local seat on national television. he says this guy charles cohen writes is he politically creepy. like the guy who won't be leave you alone at a party. that is pretty much de blasio who by the way that's not even his name. he is warren wilhelm. now i understand people might have the name lawrence larry might say will you could choose will or billy. if your name is warren wilhelm, you can't change it to bill de blasio. what are you hiding? nicaragua. this guy went to nicaragua and came back devout socialist new york city and won twice and brings socialist principles here. he left office $1 million in debt with $500,000 in legal bills that he can't pay and he currently sits in a marriott, a marriott where it is between 600
5:48 am
and 5,000 a night and no one will comment if is he staying there for free. rachel: i wonder, can he win? lawrence: that would be crazy. brian: he could be because he is tall and only person who people know his name. might just check a box and not realize what they're doing to america. lawrence: brian, you are kicking off "primetime" coverage tonight. what have you got coming up on the show tonight at 8:00? brian: i mean, number one, that durham report, i'm fascinated by this andy mccarthy is probably the best in the business. is he going to be joining me with the absolute what it means how this guy could get off. all these people are connected with hillary clinton and aoc. bob nardeli billionaires and corporations and probably the hottest politician in the country mayor suarez will be joining us and talking about outrage about going to venezuela and begging them to drill oil instead of letting texas too it or oklahoma it is outrageous and
5:49 am
abby hornacek and michelle tafoya talking about what is happening with nfl women's soccer team getting paid the same as the men and abby hornacek. i will try to fit it n an hour if not i will bleed into your hour. lawrence: i will bleed into the next hour. will: take on nick saban vs. jimbo fisher that was gold this week. brian: i'm going to talk about that. will: cool i will be watching. lawrence: see you brian. rachel: thank you, brian. lawrence: thank you for dressing up. will: stay within yourself. best frankel joins us with her tips for success while staying true to yourself.
5:50 am
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." this time business is personal. self-made business woman bethenny frankel is sharing her tips for success while staying true to herself. in her new book she writes. i was in my late 30's and still could not afford a taxi in manhattan." i'm a late bloomer so i know for a fact that you can start succeeding any time. beth theny joins us now. i'm also a late bloomer in my
5:54 am
career so i can really appreciate that. i loved how you talked so much about theant. >> you have to connect with your customer your partners. whoever you are selling or whoever you are doing to. that's what they buy into. the product is secondary. the integrity and authenticity, that's primary. that's very personal. how are in your personal life is a reflection of who you are in your business life. i think it's just some sentence that people say it's not personal it's just business when there is bad news coming. but, i think that anything you leave your family for, anything that provides for your family is extremely. personal. rachel: i think a lot of people are going to buy your book especially for graduates in life. high school and college. what is your best advice for college graduates? or high school graduate? >> well, right now, everything has changed, so everything has
5:55 am
been shaken up, upside down, sideways, work environments have changed. this is a good time to get into business because nontraditional business is the name of the game now, which is how i came up. i'm not a traditional business person or an entrepreneur. i'm just a person who works hard and this book is about -- is a tool kit so can you create your own -- your own business journey. you don't have to have gone to business school. you just have to do one thing well. focus on what you are going to do and it doesn't matter what it is. it doesn't matter if you are mowing lawns, selling christmas trees, making coffee. do one thing well. you will learn a skill set from that. take it to the next thing. then you have done two things well and you can build a layered career which is what i have done in many areas of philanthropy in business and media and podcasting. cocktails. i just started one thing at a time and layered it and that's how you get a really good texture career. rachel: bethenny the book is full of great tips including the
5:56 am
basics. work hard, show up on time and be passionate. i love the book. it's a great one for all kinds of graduates in your life. bethenny you are an inspiration with so many women including philanthropy, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you have great weekend. rachel: you too. coming up gas and flights are getting more expensive, don't let it ruin your summer. ♪ ♪ sweet emotion ♪ ♪♪ ♪ i pulled into town in a police car ♪ ♪♪ ♪your daddy said i took it just a little too far♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:01 am
will: that is the quantico brass if quintet, army song. they've been live with us all morning long from the national museum of the marine corps many honor of national armed forces day. good morning and welcome to this fourth hour of "fox & friends" on this sunday. will cain, rachel campos cuff my and lawrence jones in for -- duffy and lawrence jones in for pete hegseth. rachel: happy armed services day. everyone should go and hug the active mill tear person in your life. what an amazing backdrop they have. that that's pretty awesome. will: new york city. in fact, our backdrop coming up later is trailers and rvs i awe out there an a airstream. we don't have that.
6:02 am
rachel: we're going to get something, something. already are. will: we're going to start with this, the biggest story, i think, in news, the biggest story that undercuts this biggest story the that ran for four years, of course, that's russia, russia, are russia. right now michael sussmann is on trial for lying to the fbi for not revealing that he was, in fact, representing the clinton campaign when he went to the fbi with information that was manufactured connecting donald trump to russia. now, in the midst of this trial, robbie mook, he's a former clinton campaign manager, on cross-examination said, yes, it all goes back to hillary. he said the following: i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation, but notionally the discussion was, hey, we have, and we want to share it with a reporter. when asked if clinton approved of the dissemination of this data -- can again, manufactured
6:03 am
data, that's the reason they have it because they created it -- mook said, she agreed. but when asked if she shared the idea or he shared the idea to give the trump-alpha bank allegations to the media with clinton before or after the decision was made, he said i can't recall when, she agreed with the decision. rachel: you're right, it's the biggest story that no one's talking about it because the media won't talk about it. conservatives are talking about it, and there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that hillary clinton, of course, as the candidate knew that this was happening x. this was all concocted out of thin air in order to create an october surprise in that, in that campaign. so let's bring in dan bongino who's been following all the russia hoax information and this whole story and this unraveling since the very bin -- beginning.
6:04 am
dan, tell us what you think. >> well, first, i just want to say to our marines and armed forces, thank you for your service. i was just listening to that great musical performance. you've got these extremely talented marine are knew musicians that are simultaneously the most feared fighting force, what an incredible group of men and women. i just want to get that that out are there. will, your assessment of this sussmann trialing i think as a lawyer and an astute observer of the political climate is absolutely accurate. this is only, in my opinion, the biggest political scandal in modern history. that's an opinion, again, you can have a different one. but think about what happened yesterday. there's a couple angles that i'm really stunned. some others have not picked up on it. we had a campaign higher-up, robby mook, basically admit that the biggest farce in american history, the collusion hoax, was
6:05 am
a fake, was a fake from the start. they knew it was a fake from the start. we spent millions and millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours and occupied americans' time for four years with a ridiculous, monosense theory, and hillary clinton -- nonsense theory, and hillary clinton could have shut it down the entire time the. robby mook admits she knew from the start about this thing, she approved it and let it run anyway. here are the angles that i'm really surprised no one's picked up on. i know you did, will. what the hell is jake sullivan still doing in the white house? jake sullivan, the national security adviser, was in on this from day one. robby mook, under oath, just admitted to it. how in haiti -- hades, does this guy still have a job somehow does he have a clearance, will cain? here's another angle on this. here's a story, i printed this, a little color for people.
6:06 am
this is a fox news story, radioright? here's the headline. sorry. this is from february 2019. mueller deputy briefed on anti-trump dossier research months before the 2016 election. andrew weissmann, who was bob mueller's bulldog, investigating trump for the hillary clinton hoax. they all knew it was a hoax. knew in august of 2016, 2016 before the elections, that this thing was a hoax, that hillary knew it was a hoax. and then he was, went oblater to be deputized -- on later to be deputized to investigate trump on something everybody knew was a hoax. what is this, cuba? north korea? this is amazing. lawrence: dan, to your point, abc, zero seconds. cbs, zero seconds. cmn, zero seconds. the media's not covering this.
6:07 am
i want to play a comparison for you. so you worked for the secret service. sussmann went to the fbi, said this is not connected to any candidate or any -- i'm not representing a candidate, but this is a matter of national security, right? presenting information. what would happen if someone went to the secret service, end dangering the life of the president and presented this information to the secret service, same feds, just a different branch thesome what happens many that case? >> yeah. i listen, you find yourself in a world of hurt. i say all the time that, you know, when you look at the difference between representative democracies and tyrannies, there are demarcation points, right? there's always a, you know, around the edges, things, but there's demarcation points. in tyrannies, folks, you have to remember they investigate people in search of crimes. in other words, i don't like lawrence jones, i just -- sounds particular, right?
6:08 am
like donald trump? constantly trying to find something. that's the mark of a tyranny. in a constitutional a republic, it's just the opposite, we investigate a crime in search of the people. that's not what happened here. by the way, that media block that you just did, you know why they covered it with zero, doughnut minutes? the reason is it's a media scandal too. remember, hillary clinton approved the dissemination of the fake collusion hoax to the media. are you telling me slate magazine that ran with this thing didn't have the ability to say, hey, can you show me the data? and you know why they didn't show them the data at slate magazine? because the people at the tech firm that ran the data connecting the bank to trump tower admitted themselves that it was ridiculous. that it was -- they knew it. that's why they never -- this was a scandal -- will: for a long time. they peddled it for a long time and couldn't get any buyer
6:09 am
withs. they couldn't get a buyer until buzzperiod. i was in sports for several years -- buzzfeed. you were talking about the it on facebook, and you wrote a book, if we did a side by side, like a scale of justice thing, zero seconds on this side of the equation. how many seconds of coverage did they give to the pick story for years on -- fake story for years on end? i don't know if we could do the math on that, but it would, i mean, it would tip over the earth like that congressman from georgia worries about -- [inaudible conversations] [laughter] will: tip to over the earth. >> we've got a bunch of -- can will, this goes to show you why the media with, you can never, ever trust them again until there's a full reconciliation. go to church, confession and talk to your priest. there was never a single shred of evidence that anything in this collusion thing existed ever. everybody now knows it. the only thing that was ever
6:10 am
proven true was that carter page had traveled to russia. i traveled to russia, that doesn't mean anything. but think about it, we have the receipt, here it is, for hunter biden's laptop, signed by hunter biden, billed to hunter biden with hunter biden's pone number, dropped -- phone number, drop off by hunter biden, and the media was like, nah, we're going to pass on that. have you seen the ppk? if no, but i heard of it from a dude who heard of a dude who walks a guy's, do and the dog barked -- [laughter] will: right. >> if you're a media person now, i mean, honestly, how do you look the next generation in the face and say, hey, you know what? we're a constitutional entity that's supposed to safeguard democracy, and here's what we did. they're literally mentioned in the constitution the, that's how much they're protected. and they took that freedom, which i would defend to the death, and they gave the freedom
6:11 am
to be stupid. and, unfortunately, they took us up on the offer. it's really a shame. rachel: where, dan, does donald trump go to get his four years back? because that's all we heard about for four years. tell us what's coming up on "unfiltered." >> i've got the great one, mark levin. he just unloads on administration -- i love it, you just give it to mark, and you just let him go. congresswoman lauren bow bert on these attacks on our civil is liberties coming up, matt whitaker, i have morgan wright on the surveillance culture. folks, you're being watched everywhere. even in your own job with, i do a whole monologue on the government and private surveillance, and i've got a secret service friend of mine, jeff james, back with on the show. we talk about this run, hide, fight, god forbid an active shooter situation happens around you, he has real, practical
6:12 am
tips. god forbid something like this were to happen to you. he's an expert on it and, of course, lawrence's amazing show which has been rocking. he helps me out. and, oh, it's great because people hang around on my show. we have great people. can't wait for lawrence to come on. so we appreciate -- lawrence lawrence i appreciate that, brother. will: great saturday. i'll be watching that. that surveillance thing is something we need to be paying attention to. that story about the cdc monitoring our phones, did you see that? rachel: yes, i did. >> that's in my monologue. the cdc, the postal service. rachel, i'll be with your hubby on tuesday on fox business at 5:45. rachel: yes, every day we look a little bit more like china. dan, thanks for joining us, and thanks for having such great topics tonight. don't miss "unfiltered." >> thanks, guys. will: a few additional headlines, wild weather. a rare tornado ravaging michigan
6:13 am
leaving one person dead and at least 40 hurt. the twister flipping cars, tearing roofs off of homes and collapsing an entire building. over east we're bracing for a heat wave. you're looking live at new york city, one of many communities expecting 90-degree heat this weekend. while we heat up, our friends in the midwest are cooling down, colorado getting a rare late season storm expected to leave half a foot of snow across the state. some participants of the state went concern parts of of the state went from 82 to 39 in 45 minutes. i almost want to experience that. that makes me curious. officials busting a human trafficking scheme in texas or from texas to oklahoma. police arresting eight people. listen to this, this is a fascinating story. look what it's led to on a wider note. a 15-year-old girl vanished from a dallas mavericks game she was
6:14 am
attending with her father. the girl got up to go to the bathroom and merv came back. police found her 10 days later in a hotel in oklahoma city. how about that? and thousand -- now those arrested are facing charges of human trafficking to distribution of child pornography or more. that's literally a nightmare. rachel: it's a nightmare, and it's a real thing. it's scary. will: all right. no end in tight for americans' pain at the pump. gas prices still at a record high. thankfully, the national average today did not increase over yesterday. the price is still sitting at $4.59 after prices hit records for 11 days in a row. aaa saying the streak is a record high that is unprecedented. fox business host charles payne joined us earlier saying he doesn't see an end in sight either. >> the gas prices are going to get a lot worse. president biden declared war on fossil fuels, proudly declared
6:15 am
war on fossil fuels with the goal of gasoline prices going higher. will: i filled up this week, $150. rachel: i had a fill-up like that recently, do you have a truck? will: i have a truck. and the white house continues to blame russian president putin's war for the soaring gas prices. so that'll make you feel better. and those are your headlines. rachel: yeah. well, those prices are intentional. i think they are meant to have us make different choices like not have a truck. i don't want to -- i want my truck. this is america. all right. well, still to come, the white house isn't giving up the fight to lift title 42 even after a judge blocked them from ending the order. florida congresswoman maria salazar joins us next with her reaction. will: plus, part two of my exclusive sit-down with john paul mack. you heard dan bongino bring up the receipt, the guy that got
6:16 am
the receipt from hunterrer biden. >> i called up hunter and said -- when he showed up, instead of bringing a tech guy with them, they brought a subpoena. yeah, we're just going to take everything. nd being active. but you can do hard. you lived through thirty-seven red-eye flights in a middle seat. eleven miracle diets... forty-two college campus tours... four overseas postings... one minor stroke... and four citywide blackouts... and now, with leqvio, you can lower your cholesterol, too. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bad cholesterol by over 50% and keep it there with two doses a year. common side effects of leqvio were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath.
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6:20 am
rachel: the white house vows to appeal after a a federal judge blocked biden's plan to lift title 42 just days before it was scheduled to end, but the border isn't the administration's only problem. a new quinnipiac university poll finds only 26% of hispanic voters approve of joe biden's, what joe biden is doing, and they are the lowest polls of any demographic. so here to react is florida congresswoman maria salazar. welcome, congresswoman. so explain to our viewers why you think of all the demographics that his a passengers -- hispanics are the most disspied with the joe biden economy? -- dissatisfied. >> thank you this, rachel. of course. correct. performance in general, specifically the board, but let's get to that in a little bit. because hispanics, rachel, we are just like every other american. we want baby formula on the shelfs, we want a strong police force, low gas prices.
6:21 am
we want to live in freedom. we're not socialists, and we are faith, family and country. not only that, we have the same values that are entrendenned in the -- entrenched in the republican party; family-oriented, god-fearing, law-abiding, small government. so we're waking up. and the gop, thank god, is embracing us and telling us, come, it's time for the hispanics to take a look at the republican party and understand that we have the same values that are entrenched in our community. the largest minority in the country, by the way, 23% of the population. rachel: that's right. so, congresswoman, so interesting because as the numbs tank -- numbers tank across all definitely graphics, for the democrat party and joe biden in particular, i think they hope has been they could rally support around the abortion with issues, but with hispanics, won't that further alienate them from the democrat party? >> of course, because we are pro-life. because i know that there are
6:22 am
many, this is a very complicated topic, but we go first for life. and it's entrenched, as i said, in our values, in our culture. we're family-oriented, we are god-fearing. we're people that come to the united states because we want to embrace the american values. we love the promised land. and that is why going to the border, those images that you were showing before, you know, and i'm sure you know this. this is the biggest fallacy on earth, that the hispanic community in the united states wants open borders. no. the democrats are the ones, the democratic party is the one that wants open borders because they have this impression or idea that everyone that comes in through that border is boeing to vote democrat. look, they're waking up to reality. we want to come in legally, that is why i have created -- and i thank you, because you have showcased my bill before many other shows -- the dignity act. we have presented an immigration
6:23 am
reform law, complete immigration reform law that will stop everyone from gaming the system. forget about catch and release, forget about gaming the asylum system. that is why his hispanics are coming to us. and thank god that we are waking up. rachel: i'll just mention to you, congresswoman, that when i was just with at the board, the vast majority of migrants i end countered are cubans. i want to talk about that. it's very curious to me, just the sheer numbers. i would say -- >> second largest group. rachel: yeah, absolutely. crossing illegally. >> because it's political. you know, i can't blame them. but at the same time -- rachel: i get it. >> -- talking to cuba now, i'm not sure if you know the last few hours the biden administration is thinking about inviting cuba to the summit of the americas. i mean, cuba is one of the cruelest and most perverse revolutions this hemisphere has
6:24 am
ever seen. rachel: yeah. >> they're planning to invite nicaragua and venezuela. how could you be rewarding people that are brutalizing their people on the streets to the summit 069 americas in los angeles? with other, with other presidents who have been democratically-elected. unbelievable! rachel: yeah. it is unbelievable, and we're not talking enough about that. congresswoman, thanks for joining us and shining a spotlight on that. >> thanks to you. rachel: okay, you got it. >> thank you, dear. rachel: still ahead, don't let sky-high gas prices prevent your family from taking a trip this summer, next. stay with us. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. bipolar depression.
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6:29 am
hotels, rental cars and airline fares have also skyrocketed, so how can we beat vacation inflation? kurt the cyber guy is here to tell us all about it. how do we do it? >> good morning to you. rv vacations are beating the prices of hotel stays this summer. so this is an outstanding option for your family. this is a camper van. take a look inside there because what you're getting for $2699 a night, you got a lit -- 269 a night, you've got a little kitchen, a little bed. in the only that, it also has its end own toilet, but it's also got a shower which is pretty incredible inside of that that. now, the that provided to us also says this is time to book because summer vacations are filling up. one way to save on gas, obviously, you could use an electric vehicle. rivian is on its way out to market that some lucky people
6:30 am
are getting now. considering that a pickup truck would get about 12 miles to the gallon, this is the equivalent of about 70 -- rachel: has the power that my ford f-150 has. >> baby, it's got the power. we could do a a race later on with it. rachel: these airstreams are adorable. i don't want to leave to go in the studio. >> let me ask you something, how cool would it be for now your next rv rental, you don't methods with the setup, you just order it as delivered, and that's what you can do, click delivery, and 60% of the rentals there in over 4,800 cities will deliver the rv all set up like so you joust arrive in style -- just arrive in style and have fun, and you leave and no gas prices for you. rachel: do they make these bigger? like, literally, two of my kids would fit in here. >> i know, you have got a big family. this right here is about $144 a
6:31 am
night, the average rental for an rv camper or trailer is around 50. and, of course, you could get the big monster motor home which would be appropriate for you. and guess what? at the end of day, you bet you're going to save on your family vacation overall. rachel: i agree. >> now, will's with what we call the happy trailer. this is brand new. this is a 2022. this is -- well, it's a futuristic trailer that may not look like it, but if you go inside, can you see how a family of four can actually sit insides this. already two queen beds inside -- will: look at this. rachel: your family could fit in here. lawrence: will got the big one, and i got the small one. rachel: you don't have kids. >> look how adorable. very efficient. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> you pick the destination,
6:32 am
they deliver trailer, the motor home or fifth wheel, as you say, the larger ones. and that's the way to do it. oh, by the way -- rachel: this is really fun. this is a fun way to do your vacation. >> and save money. the memories are tremendous. behind you, lawrence, look at this. this right here is the magic to whiny kids and the people who still want to work while they're on vacation. you can go far, far away. this is fusion to go 3.0 rv. mounts on the outside, this goes on the inside. it boosts the signal so you get wi-fi out in the middle of no nowhere. lawrence lawrence we could do live shots from the camp or. >> you've been around the world, and we've had you on. will: each when you unlug, you can plug -- unplug, you can plug your kids back in. lawrence a lawrence a dad joke. >> go on cyber outdoor city is what you want to
6:33 am
look at, and just poke around. it's worth it for this summer. rachel: cool, cool stuff. will: still ahead, part two of my exclusive interview with the9 computer shop repairman who exposed hunter biden's laptop. you don't want to miss that, it's coming right up. ♪ ♪ ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover. this is what real food looks like fresh real meat and veggies. the food dogs where built to eat. the farmer's dog is changing the way we feed our pets. visit to see your dogs personalized meal plan. big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave.
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♪ lawrence: russia says it has full control of a steel plant many mariupol where night fighting has raged on -- where fighting has raged on for months. will: biden has signed the $40 billion aid bill. rachel: greg palkot is live many in one of ukraine's hardest hit towns with the latest. greg, good morning. >> reporter: hey, folks. yeah, fight goes on across the country. here in kyiv we hear sirens on a regular basis. russian strikes are hitting the broader region, but truly it looks like the nearly three month siege of the ukrainian defenders at the mariupol steel mill is over. russia gaming they have of -- claiming they have conquered the entire city. ukraine yet to confirm the loss, but president zelenskyyed had these words today about all the brave participants.
6:38 am
>> translator: many of our pilots died heroically mowing that flying there was almost impossible. they flew there to bring medication, produce and water rt and to evacuate the wounded. all of this was happening, details of which nobody could comment on officially. >> reporter: meanwhile, from our team on on the ground and many sources, the fighting in the easts is intensifying, and it is brutal. russians blowing up a community center many one town where 200 civilians were said to be sheltering resulting in casualties. remember, moscow is now trying to lock in some solid, contiguous gains in the southeastern part of the country. at any cost. we recently visited a town about an hour drive out of kyiv called the worst destroyed town in the region. in the early days of the war, civilian residences were hit by the russians. 90% of the buildings mt. center damaged, hundreds killed and injured. merely seven weeks since the
6:39 am
russians left, when we were there only some residents were returning. military analyst folks say this is the kind of strategy no holds barred approach to war that russia is waging now and will wage in the coming months until it is stopped. and, yes, you noted that very important moment in the asian part of this world, yes, senaton signing that bill approved by the senate, okaying $40 billion more aid for ukraine. that's a big chunk of money and a big chunk of weapons for these focus here. back to you. rachel: yeah, it sure is a big chunk of money. lawrence: thanks, greg. rachel: thank you, greg. all right. well, nbc news finally joining "the washington post," new york times and politico in verifying hunter biden's laptop after dismissing reports as disinformation way back in 200. now, the -- 2020. the network publishing a headline thursday saying hunter and his firm took in $11 million between 2013 and 018 and, boy,
6:40 am
did he spend it fast. lawrence: the news breaks after a deep dive into hunter's hard dive sheds even more light on the first son's shady business dealings and shadier personal life. will: i had the chance to sit down with the delaware computer repairman who blew the whistle on hunter biden because he was man who received laptop from hell. here is part two two of our conversation. >> shortly thereafter it became my if property, i took a look at some of the data. i definitely i saw some hinges that were a concern, an obscenely large amount of money trading hands with burisma in exchange for pavers from the state department and -- favors, and basically a pay for play scheme. and i knew that between that and the embarrassing content that was on the laptop, i needed to get this to the authorities. i wanted to give it to the fbi because i feel like this is proper channel, by i -- but i need to do it in albuquerque.
6:41 am
i can't do it myself, i'm too afraid to do it myself. so i enlisted my power to do it for me. he approached the albuquerque field office for the fbi in early october of 2019, and he walked into an office where the fbi agent basically tells him to lawyer up, get the hell out and don't talk about this. will: really? >> yep. and this is -- my dad was sitting there with a hard drive, a copy of the drive -- will: what's the relationship between you and the pbi been -- fbi been like since that moment? >> well, my father and i were just disenfranchised. we thought -- you know, we didn't know what to do. it was a month later that that an pbi agent named joshua reaches out to my father in an effort to get ahold of me that we finally thought maybe somebody's going to take this seriously. so the fbi met with me at my home and asked me about my concerns.
6:42 am
then they said they were going to come, and they wanted to make a forensic clone of the drive. when they showed up, instead of bringing a tech guy with them, hay brought a subpoena, and they're like, yeah, we're just going to take everything. i'm like, okay, great, take it, take it all. this is exactly what i wanted in the first place. will: you said your father reached out in october of 0199 inial albuquerque. if you wanted this out of your possession so desperately r i believe it legally came into your possession in the summer of 2017. >> well, hunter's lawyer said m- hunter cropped out off in 2017. he dropped it off in 019. hunter didn't even remember when he dropped it off. will: i see. so you held on to laptop for a couple of months. >> uh-huh. i stilled had any -- my fingers crossed that the fbi was going to admit the laptop as evidence so the white house had it for defense. my heart sank when the
6:43 am
impeachment trial concluded and there was no sign of that laptop anywhere because i had definitely seen stuff on that laptop that would have justified a phone call to zelenskyy saying what happened during the former administration, because there was a lot of money exchanging hands, there was a lot of pay for play. will: your next move is a move that brings the story to all of us. >> august of 020, i knew -- 2020, i knew the clock was ticking, and i finally had enough. i decide to reach out to rudy giuliani's office directly. will: and then rudy starts revealing some of the information, and immediately now it's russian disinformation. >> yep. it was scary, because the article came out at 6:30 in the morning, and by 9:30 it was the like this digital iron curtain had descended, and nobody was allowed to talk about it, nobody could tweet it. new york post account was blocked, facebook was blocking it. and then it started happening, russian disinformation, russian disinformation, and it was the, like, this coordinated effort by
6:44 am
mainstream and social media all at the same time, my life was ruined in that process, but the nation is suffering. will: are you a russian asset? are you perpetuating russian disinformation? >> i just think it's -- the ironmy, like, for the entire cold war there have been mac isaacs flying planes going after communists. and to be accused of being one of those communists or even playing a part many that is just absurd to me. will: you have sued politico, the daily beast, cnn and congressman adam schiff for slander. el me about that lawsuit. from well, i went after twitter originally because they labeled me a hacker, and i never thought i would have an opportunity to defend my actions or hold those accountable again. that's one reason why i sat down and i wrote my book because i knew that in the court of law i
6:45 am
was destroyed, but maybe i still had a chance in the court of public opinion. i now have a second chance to hold these people accountable, and i'm going to fight like hell to do it. rachel: gosh, i hope he sues the pants out of everybody. i mean, guy is a patriot. he did the right thing. will, what a great interis view. by the way, love that he brought back to the impeachment, because there's a lot in there as well. will: yeah, i appreciate that. it was -- i was appreciative. he came up here to new york, i sat -- we sat down for 40 minutes. i had to press him on things, on the timeline. he withstood any questioning. st wide-ranging, by the way, i asked him about his hat, the fact that he's legally blind, i asked him about the details of that night, his relationship with hunter e. and i think most importantly, we get into what his relationship has been like with the fbi -- lawrence: that's fascinating. will: -- because his life has been overturned. the fbi, listen, lawrence, they didn't just turn him away, they
6:46 am
polled him. he saw it coming -- rachel: they destroyed his life, his business. they weaponized government against him so he couldn't even get, you know, was it unemployment checks? will: yep. rachel: i mean, boy. will: so you can get way more of this information, you should listen to the entire conversation. it's on the will cain podcast which is at, apple or spotify. as i said, what you just saw was 4 minutes of a 40-minute conversation. i hope you'll check it out. i think you'll enenjoy it. rachel: awesome stuff is. thank you, will. we're going to turn now to your headlines. a connecticut high school lacrosse player killed last weekend is laid to rest. family members, classmates and othersth gathering for james mcgraph's funeral in connecticut stabbed to death at a high school house party during a fight. the 16-year-old killer is charged with one count of murder and two counts of first-degree assault.
6:47 am
nba owners under a assault after it's reported he was billions of collars tied to the -- dollars tied to the chinese many communist government. former nba player ennis enes kanter freedom says owners refuse to talk about politics outside of u.s. listen. >> there are 50 nba owners are making profits off of slave labor. so we have to, quote-unquote, call them out because they love to sit down and give us all the social justice, you know, talk to us. but in reality, they're scared. the owners are talking about the things that are happening in america. rachel: espn's report fashion as the nba will return to chinese state-run tv after a lee-year ban. and those are your headlines -- three-year ban. and those are your headlines. i love ennis freedom cant
6:48 am
canner. will: he lie lights hypocrisy so well. lawrence lawshes i think he should do can more when he says a player in person to say it to their face as well. rachel: but he has. they told him he had it on his shoes, and they told him take his shoes -- lawrence: yeah, but some of athletes he's come in contact with, lebron, says he just walks past and doesn't say it to hair face. rachel: who cares if he says it to their face? lawrence: i do. i mean, if you're man must have to put it on your shoe, support the stand. you've got to say it to their face. to each his own. rachel: i got ya with. will: you can't be bought out by the highest bidder. and if these players in this league -- you need to be able to stand, not be a sellout. you sellout to chinese money, you don't have much at stake. rachel: that's exactly what lebron james did. he's a sellout to the chinese communist government, and then
6:49 am
he attacks america. it's shameful. we've got a big show tomorrow, kellyanne conway, francis suarez, maria bartiromo and dr. nicole saphier. we also have nancy grace, and of course, our own pete hegseth who is live from israel. he's going to make an appearance. but first, the preakness stakes is tonight. janice dean is live at pimlico with a preview. stay with us, that's next. time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death.
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i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws
6:52 am
on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:53 am
lawrence: the 147th preakness race is happening today. will: and we are learning how to to make the iconic drink, the black-eyed susan with price tag's hang out. [laughter] rachel: jan misdean is -- janice dean is with us now, to show us. >> exactly. the best for last. we've got the food, we've got the drink. tell me about this beautiful dish. >> so this dish is an heirloom tomato salad. i love them, they're bright, they're vibrant, and they invoke summer.
6:54 am
here we're doing the charred spring onion, a green garlic vinaigrette -- >> i can smell it v. and we finish with smoked sea salt. you have all those flavors in the element. >> i love it. and, of course, your restaurant makes your own bread, so i would like a huge chunk of bread to go with that. >> imagine a nice crispy bag baguette with that. yeah, we're here this weekend for preakness because at las restaurant group has 17 concepts in baltimore city, and we're just so proud to be at the forefront of this culinary boom that's happening in baltimore and represent baltimore and the preakness stakes, this storied event. >> and you're born and bred here. >> yep, born and raised. >> does it pair well with a black-eyed susan? >> or maybe a bourbon drink. >> adam a, my buddy, you are back my special demand here. we are going to a make this
6:55 am
beautiful drink once again. show me. >> official drink of the race out here today. goes great with poo.d nothing better on a hot day than some amazing food and a great cocktail. we're going to have debt el one and bullet -- ketel one and bullet boar bourbon. i'm going to shake it up. >> here we go. [background sounds] dave, this one's for you. all right. while you do that, i'm going to to toss it back to fox and friends in new york. i have the the best job of all time. thank you, jay. thank you, adam. we'll see you at the preakness, whoo hoo! rachel: thank you, j.d.! ♪ ♪ this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices that light up the whole season.
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♪ ♪ will: so next weekend the "fox & friends" weekend crew is back on the road. rachel, pete and i will be live from charlotte motor speedway --
7:00 am
>> whoo hoo! rachel: that's going to be fun. you guys have to all join us. lauren:s another one of those races where they actually let you get in the car and driver? concern drive? will: that's usually pete's gigs. daytona, talladega and now charlotte. rachel: bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ david: president biden overseas while the white house pacing dueling crises back home. recession fears growing as prices keep climbing. so how are voters responding? and a major decision keeping title 42 in place for now. border officials applauding it, but the white house promising to fight it. welcome, everyone. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. you're watching "cavuto live." back to the border in just a


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