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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 21, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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congress. i think the answer is he really has no idea what to do with his life which goes along a long way to explaining the kind of politics we have in the country right now for. >> the only benefit we spent most of his time in d.c. that is it for this week show. thanks to my panel, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ by the ms. patient said it will appeal a federal ruling on title 42. late yesterday temporarily block the president's plan lifting this a monday of the trump era health order which quickly expels most migrants do to pandemic concerns. a legal battle now looms as a justice department announces it will appeal the ruling. welcome to brand-new our "fox news live". i am arthel neville hello eric. eric: hello arthel hello everyone for joining us. i am eric sean pay the final title 42 comes as president
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biden is visiting allies on his first trip to asia. here at home lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are welcoming this sink the end of title 42 would lead to an even bigger order crisis even though progressives want to have title 42 by the homeland security agency acknowledges it is preparing for up to 18000 encounters of migrants a day trip title 42 ends. that is more than doubled the daily average for april as border officials say even with title 42 in place the migrant surge is continuing and there have been warnings that could be running out of money to handle it all. life at the border in eagle pass, texas with the very latest from there, hapeville. >> eric good afternoon to you for that is exactly right the federal ruling on title 42 really changes nothing down here at the southern border. all it does is keeps the current status quo in place for the status quo being title 42 has been in effect throughout the
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entire border crisis. even after that ruling we have seen multiple illegal crossings we take a look at the idiot we shot group of 60 that crossed in front of us in broad daylight waiting across the rio grande entering. you see them waving to our fox news or drone. the law enforcement helicopter after several of the migrants. they were from cuba nicaragua those are countries per anomaly not being title 42 by divided administration. that is why they are in a celebratory mood when they come over, take a look at the ground a video of that exact same group that came across this morning. you will see some of them waving, smiling, happy they've gotten here. they know if they are from one of those countries that have been carved out by the administration, they are not going to be expelled via title 42 that will likely be released into the u.s. via parole. or via a notice to appear on or, own recognizance release. that is why they just decided they can get here on u.s. soil,
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they will be released and that is why they are crossing even with title 42 still in place. take a listen to it tennessee senator bill hagerty had to say about this ruling. >> all this ruling is as a stay of execution. we still have a massive crisis at the southern border for this past month of the greatest number of illegal immigrants come into the country that we have ever seen. my home state of tennessee we still have each month more overdoses in more deaths from fentanyl coming across the board that we have ever had before. it gets worse by the month the biden administration doing everything they can to transform american title 42 is the last tool left for our border patrol agents to actually push back. >> the video you're looking out right now it's out of the rio grande valley from the perspective of a texas dps helicopter. what you are looking at her migrant camp set up in reynosa. as the mexican city across from mcallen were thousands of migrants have been camped out waiting for the end of title 42 which they thought was coming on may 23. that it's when they're planning
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to cross for the big question being after this federal ruling, what are those of migrants going to do? are they going to pack up and go home or are they going to say well, we are going to try to cross anyway. likely be the latter, we'll find out in the coming days. back out here live just last month alone in april we had the highest number in dhs history. more than two a and 30,000 illegal crossings, more than 115,000 people released into the country. again all of that with title 42 in place. we will send it back to you. eric: all right tran bill melugin eagle pass thank you. arthel: ordering a setback to the biden administration. what the president biden visiting south korea paid one of our closest allies in asia. mr. biden of the south korean counterpart today, topping the agenda boosting military cooperation and containing north korea nuclear threat. peter doocy is live in south seoul with more and i am sorry
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seoul korea, take it away peter. >> the biden administration weather is in south korea for the folks back at home the doing exactly what progressives want which is basically telling border patrol officers their preference is if they are going to be deporting people to come into the country illegally they would rather be for reason other than code 19. the federal judge in louisiana disagrees he is saying for now the policy known as title 42 is going to stay in place. the judge, in his ruling we have been leafing through since last night sides with states that sued to keep title 42 in place for the states were claiming they are hoping prevent a huge increase in migrants if it cold it was no longer a legal reason to turn them back up. part of this ruling says the plaintiff states have demonstrated the determination order will affect their entrance
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based on the healthcare system in their interest in health and welfare of their citizens. but the white house does not think this is where a judge at all. the new press secretary i was traveling with us in south korea says in part, the authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the centers for disease control not with a single district court. however there are now some arguing that a loss in court might not be a big picture loss for the biden white house. >> i think everyone is probably breathing a sigh of relief. what he knows title 42 is the only thing keeping them border in any kind of check, right? as the midterms inch closer immigration is always in the top three issues voters are most concerned about. president biden is not discussed this on camera yet. he did host a press conference
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that focused more on the issues in the region. including his new comment that he would meet with north korea kim jong-un one with no conditions of he thought he was serious and sincere, arthel. arthel: that is the conditions if he thought he was serious and sincere. i don't know, you are there you'll keep an eye out on it for us. peter doocy thank you. ♪ sued for some relief is on the way for parents who struggle for the last few weeks to feed their babies because of the baby shortage. you're looking in germany that's a u.s. military base. in that truck was the baby formula. but first emergency supply that set to arrive here in our country this weekend. 132 pallets of nestlé baby food arrived and military flights from germany landing in indiana. another 114 pallets from gerber also expected to write for the next few days but white house is a part of operation fly formula
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which is intended to help restock the empty shelves across the country. parents will soon, they say see the difference. president biden instituted the defense production act to get more formula on the shelves to deal with this recent shortage. ♪. arthel: early voting from the georgia primary is now complete. and well over half million voters have already cast their ballots before anyone goes to the voting booth tuesday. in a closely watched race formant center purdue trails republican governor brian kemp in the latest polls paid stacy abrams is running unopposed for the democratic nomination. mark merritt of his life in athens, georgia with more, hi mark. >> arthel good afternoon from a very hot and humid athens georgia were not too far away we saw georgia governor brian kemp out of the trail earlier today holding events even though he can hold a sizable lead in the polls according to the fox news survey which shows far ahead
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over his main challenger former senator david purdue. now cap, who is serving his first term for governor is being challenged by pretty because of the former president donald trump. trump and purdy were once allies there once on the trail together. that all changed after 2021 truck criticize how kemp was handling the election. kemp insists georgia voters are not focusing on 2020 but instead focusing on other issues like the economy, education. on monday he's going to be campaigning with former vice president mike pence. the governor tells us despite the high-profile events he believes voters are more focus on local matters. >> really what matters is georgians that is what and running on i've been doing that the whole time. i am not concerned with what other people that don't even live in our state with the national news media might think. i'm focus on putting hard-working georgians first. >> formant center david purdue also holding events on friday he rallied with former vice
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principal nominee sarah palin as well as a group of a bikers for trump. purdue tells fox, while this is an unusual race for someone like him and established republican to challenge a sitting governor, he says he felt had no choice but to run. >> it is unusual, thought in my nature frankly but there is a fight to be had here and nobody else was stepping up to do it. if you have to call it a friend you have to do it's for the better good. that's what i did here. >> democrats also holding their primary on tuesday as you mention, arthel, stacy abrams is running unopposed but she faced off against kemp back in 2018 kemp run the race and of course became governor abrams is already going to summoning a lot of money of senior tv already. we know she is raising money at the democrats want to mount a serious of challenge the goodman torres come november. a lot of people very eager to soothe the final results will be in this republican primary for governor and it could have implications well beyond georgia and other primaries coming up. violets are in the mark meredith thank you mark.
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before they continue to count the votes in the keystone date. fortys after polls close in pennsylvania republican senate primary they're still too close to call. current numbers show tv personality doctor oz leads to a hedge fund ceo david mccormick by less than one percentage point. as both in the states mandatory recount threshold. alexander hoff's has a story pitch is in pittsburgh, where issues have taken a few more days to try and sort out. >> for this race do not trigger an automatic recount either doctor oz or david mccormick would have to achieve a half a percentage elite or the trailing candidate would have to decline a recount. neither is expected to do so the statewide lesson 11 are both separate the two. oz holding onto a micro lead. review board was sworn in for the board of elections for 1900
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provisional ballots. >> voter registration. permitted whether it should be counted or not. >> once that is done the parties have the opportunity to adapt or challenge. >> that work will continue monday. representative from the oz and mccormick campaigns were there yesterday paid the final in person votes were retrieved from ten problematic voting machines. did not budge the odds in the mccormick writer did have a win for progressive elite district while platelets are backed by senator bernie sanders and how squad members but was accused by opponents of past statements are anti- israel. but the movement of western pennsylvania to check on corporate powers, set up for working families be back a multimillion dollar smear campaign. offensive in a court ruled mail and ballots that lack a date on the outside of the envelope can
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be counted for that's a point of contention since 2020. doctor oz campaign issued a statement saying david mccormick is for this. thank they are not, that is false for the simply have notified counties of this ruling british should add mccormick has been leading oz when it comes to mail-in ballots. and pittsburgh alexander hoff fox news. arthel: hiller clinton's former campaign manager taking sandy first traveled to stem from special counsel john durham's a probe of the trump russia investigation. the trial is getting started his testimony suggested the effort to link former president trump to russia may have come from the top. lucas tomlinson has details. >> hillary clinton's former campaign manager testified clinton herself personally approved giving one of the now debunked trump russia stories to the press it two months before the presidential election in 2016.
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>> it is surprising he set it on the stand. i think we all, who were looking at this and can add to into had a figure at the clinton campaign peddled the story would not of that without the approval of the candidate. >> you have amazing disinformation campaign that may be has been the most successful in u.s. history. >> former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman is charged with lying to the fbi by claiming he had evidence of a secret back channel between the trump organization a russian bank with ties to the kremlin. sussman claims he was delivering the information to the fbi on his own as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of the clinton campaign. special counsel shows evidence sussman later build the campaign for the private fbi meeting. the fbi leader found no evidence of a connection. clinton tweeted a few days before the election computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covid server at link in the trump organization to russian -based bank. then clinton aid jake sullivan
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said at the time this secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of trump's ties to russia. during testimony sussman revealed he bought the cin 2017 after the election to push the russia story. the trial resumes on monday. in washington, lucas tomlinson fox news. >> from washington to the middle east where tensions are spiking again between israel and the palestinians. here at home the so-called squad are criticizing the state will tie about the new bill they introduce, what it means from the united nations ambassador from israel he is here and has a new book, israel, the u.s. and the future, next. important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health.
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arthel: michigan authorities say now at least two people have died after a massive tornado rip of the town of gaylord that is around 2 miles northwest of detroit. police say it more than 40 people were injured as a widespread in a town of about 4000. dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed. michigan governor gretchen whitmer has declared a state of emergency to free up more resources for rescue and
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recovery. >> middle east tensions are rising again lately after weeks of violence in israel and the west bank. today palestinians holding a funeral for a teenager who is killed is in really rate in. this here at home michigan congresswoman this released a resolution calling for the recognition of palestinian that's a term meaning catastrophe where they say it is used often by palestinians to refer to the creation of the jewish state. as the author of the new book in the lion's den. israel and the world, chronicles the forces lined up against israel in the efforts and elsewhere to face them. he was israel ambassador to the united nations frequent guest on this program. joins us now. ambassador, good to see you. she think the opposite of criticism of israel you dealt with so long, what trend do you
1:21 pm
see? do you think it is increasing now recently? >> eric we have no problem with criticism we actually welcome criticism. but what we have heard is not criticism it is a pure hate, shameful resolution and anti-semitism basically she calls to promote hate in the u.s. and i hope the entire democratic party would stand with israel against this resolution. we want to move forward with the palestinians eventually when they stop at the incitement. but declaring this day their ability in the u.s. to commemorate is outrageous. quick she would say she's trying to protect and defend palestinian rights. what do you see behind this by her and other members of the squad? >> we know the resolution will not pass she wants to create a headline in order to do so she is not helping the palestinians. she is promoting hate against israel. if you look back at history and i write about in my book always
1:22 pm
we were willing to negotiate in the palestinians rejected any solution no matter how many u.s. presidents came to the middle east with new initiatives in the palestinian state no meat will not accept this resolution or that resolution. and unfortunately in that way they're not capable of moving forward. she is not helping anyone. may be her next definitely not the palestinian people. >> how can she help the palestinian people? how can they be helped by those politicians here in the u.s. who are so critical of the jewish state? >> it is legitimate to support the palestinians humanitarian efforts. and she can call for a negotiation. she can do that here at the u.s. she is not helping the palestinians. she's not sending more support she is attacking israel. it reminds me of any radical leaders that use israel as their platform and it is the same over
1:23 pm
here but she's not constructive she is promoting hate and anti-semitism against jews. before let me redo it tweet on the save must promote human rights and justice the palestinian people since the have been living under oppression and violent racism. silence plus blanket checks enables more in depth and violence. the term blank checks obviously means u.s. funded aid. what is your sense of the administration, would they stand on that especially in light of previous actions? to have full confidence in the biden administration? >> anyone in the democratic party could not support such a language according to the state of israel a racist state or palestine state it's a radical voice that should condemn her. i expect the democratic leaders to condemn those voices, this radical voice as she does not represent the democratic party or the american people we have a strong bond with the american
1:24 pm
people we continue to hold together with the american progress you have written this book in the lion's den the lions den i would assume refers directly to the united nations there is the book, israel and the world. what was it like for you to sit in that seat? what did you face as israel's ambassador to the world body? >> eric, you follow this very carefully for five years. i said then and i worked with president obama and president trump and it is fascinating to see behind the scenes what's really happening inside the un. you see they condemn israel but privately i think i will challenge you to close that gap i also speak about the abraham accord how we were able to put it together and to make peace in the middle east. they are placed where we can get things done. and i prove that you can win. in the bible daniel spends on
1:25 pm
one night in the lion's den and he survived i spent five years in this place and i prevail. it's the story of israel with all of the difficulties in the condemnation we overcome those voices. eric: and finally you see others in their world you just mention the abraham accords. recognizing that, what they say publicly and privately two different things but it is coming and it is on israel's side. >> absolutely. i lead a delegation of ministers of the uae a few weeks ago. i am optimistic we will hear more about saudi arabia, other important nations in the gulf. especially when we hear the voices the u.s. is considering to find women with a round the jcpoa in 2016 we know we have to stand together against iran. eric: all those golf nay and certainly where the iranian threat we hope the biden administration is sufficiently
1:26 pm
aware of what toronto poses. former un ambassador, from israel to the united nations or thank you for joining us and congratulations on your bumper. >> thank you enjoy the read, eric. >> good to see you. >> the latest outrage in new york city violent crime fight, a 15-year-old boy is charged in connection to the shooting death of an 11 year old girl in the bronx on monday. she was a bystander. police say the suspect intended target it was a 13-year-old. nay voigt is live in new york city with more, nay. >> arthel, a horrible story much the girl who was killed is 11 years old. from perspective that means she was in sixth grade. she was gunned down in broad daylight while standing with her family police they were the two teenage suspects responsible is still out there pretty want to show you this video. you see two teenagers on a
1:27 pm
moped. now police say or look at the 15-year-old accusing gunmen on the back of the moped and the 18-year-old driver remains on caught. i want to show the 18-year-old driver 30 say omar is a gang member was already wanted for robbery before this killing people he said the teens are trying to shoot a different teenager. you mention the target was a 13-year-old. but instead they missed they had an 11-year-old in the >> who later died at lincoln hospital in the bronx. >> the teenagers who kiara's life, a sixth-grader who i was her father said did not even have a chance to grow up. they should not have been there. they have devastated a family while at the same time ending their own lives as they know them. ask new york city mayor eric adams with a near post reports may be considering a run for the white house in 2024, knows he needs get the surge in crime rate control, listen to this.
1:28 pm
>> it is time to end this senseless gun violence we are going to continue to do our job we have to get these dangerous people off the street and keep them off the street. arthel, authorities are offering 10,000 dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction. meanwhile overall crime is up 40% here in new york city from this time last row send it back to you. >> our sincerest condolences to the family, 11 years old. all right, nay we'll be right back it is horrible, it is horrible. rna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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eric: you know what the cost to fill up the cross atop your tank will set a new record for the past 11 days in a row those high gas prices are expected to stick around for the summer travel season. rafferty is live at a gas station in los angeles where the prices over your shoulder it is
1:33 pm
unbelievable. >> it really is, it really is a shock to everyone i think you pulls up to try to fill up. right now in the nation we are $4.59 a gallon on average that is a 10 cents just since monday here in california it's much higher we are talking over it $6 a gallon on average as you mention you can take a look at this behind me, 6059 cents a gallon that's for regular if you need diesel, you are really in trouble. almost $7 a gallon if you've got to fill a truck up with diesel. and with the holiday weekend coming up a lot of travelers are just wondering what they are going to do. >> you have to travel you have to economize. you know what i'm saying. you have to compromise and things used to have you can't have it. >> i definitely drive less had to switch some things up at work. i don't drive as much but i do not want to do is much because nobody can afford it out here. >> now crude prices did drop amid fears of a recession prices
1:34 pm
at the pump they continue to go up with the situation like with ukraine and russia does not look like there's any relief coming. industry experts are saying now it's time to maybe tighten your belt and try to conserve where you can. >> go the speed limit the faster the vehicles moving the more fool you are burning. if you decrease your freeway speed by five -- 10 miles per hour you can actually increase your fuel economy by up to 14%. >> well, that is one idea, eric. if you are thinking maybe off-line sitter drive for this holiday weekend, that's probably not a good option either. the price of air travel is also on the rise but also not showing signs of slowing down. maybe this year a steak haitian, i don't know, eric back to you. eric: fred flintstone's car the moment his feet. thank you. >> let me tell you about this
1:35 pm
ultra mega agenda. i never expected the ultra mega republican under my predecessor the great mega king. also called the maggot plan, make america great again plan. >> as president biden with his take on the republican party as the white house and democrats shifted their focus to the 2022 midterm. while neither president biden or former president trump are on the ballot this year, their endorsements could sway voters in key races. just this past week more than 20 trumpet backed candidates won their race at some of those candidates ran unopposed at least two lawmakers a trump endorsed loss of their primaries. meanwhile on the democratic side some strategists are worried president biden's thinking approval rating could hurt their party's chances in november.
1:36 pm
reuters white house correspondent jeff mason joins us now. let's start here tuesday night's elections. to tuesday nights when this reflect a return to traditional republican values? or are the winners more mega mega? >> it is a mix, arthel paid president trump's endorsement helped a bunch of candidates and in some other cases they haven't helped or haven't played a role. if you look at what's going on in georgia, the president distaste for the incumbent there is not having any impact he is continuing to be ahead. on the other hand you saw in ohio with the new candidate jd vance the endorsement was very successful. it is a mixed bag i would say both elements of the republican party are still competing with each other. arthel: a look of the pennsylvania gop primary% is too close to call. doctor oz you know all this
1:37 pm
trumps kenneth doctor oz leading by the skin of his teeth 1100 votes over david mccormick wish it would trigger an automatic recount and of course the winner of the primary will face democratic lieutenant governor john fetterman. so what stands out about that particular race? >> was six out to me the most but that raises both mccormick and oz have trump connections paid president trump, former president trump ended up endorsing oz. that has not led to his a wind but it certainly boosted him. mccormick is supported by a bunch of people who were around president trump. that was one reason why that endorsement and it being controversy over too go to recount as you said and we'll see what happens with that race. but both of them are trump the ends really. it was the president to back oz that probably led to the fact that this race is so close.
1:38 pm
>> hey stupid what about the economy? i mean if the midterms are about inflation and high gas prices how does that affect the price of any endorsement? 12000 line from bill clinton's campaign years and years ago if the economy, stupid that issue absolutely on the absolute politest to 2022. the democrats know that, republicans know that. a given was on the social issues project of issue potentially mobilizing democrats to come out after that decision comes in june. it's the economy, it's inflation is people's concerns about gas prices. that really affect the voting. in this case with less positive for democrats. >> their bottom line and by the way i was my remix it's the
1:39 pm
economy stupid or both of new orleans and get away with it. early's i think i can. [laughter] >> as long as you are and call me stupid arthel we are in good shape. arthel: you know never you're one of my favorites, jeff mason with reuters, thank you, take care. before the fbi could soon be digging in new jersey for jimmy hoffa. our next guest is yes, it makes sense he is there before her undercover agent for the fbi giovanni rocco sinful's are the doors bob and they will tell us why.
1:40 pm
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1:44 pm
hardest hit towns or the capitol city of kyiv to get a firsthand look at the devastation their senior foreign affairs correspondent greg is alive in key right now for us, greg. >> hi arthel. fighting is raging in the east will russia today is finding a victory. looks like the heroic three month siege at the trento steel mills over 25 hundreds have surrendered it's conquered the city. little warfare. prednisone example about not far from here, take a look. >> it is called the most destroyed town in the kyiv region civilian residence in hit indiscriminately by bombs dropped from russian planes. sadly it could be a preview of what more. most of the wreckage came from low-flying russian fighter jets still evident 90% of buildings in the center damaged or destroyed. old chunks of apartment blocks and gouged away was mostly blood
1:45 pm
thirsty carnage according to an advisor to the town's mayor. there is no reason the town to be bounty said. there were no strategic targets note military here. only a third of the residents have returned. frightening this man tells us. this woman says fighting back tears it was very bad they were commanding us it was not like. with a russia's a plant in tatters this is moscow's playbook from now on. total destruction ukraine struggles to defend. >> right now in eastern ukraine a lot of towns and cities are destroyed completely. >> of towns destroyed completely ukraine also expressing appreciation to president biden for signing into law today 40 billion-dollar ukraine aid package must needed. >> much needed anita greg thank you very much. >> the conclusion seems to be it
1:46 pm
is very feasible, right? obviously nobody knows for sure. when you talk to people of vineyard for 20, 30, 40 years they tell you what it's like over there they would say it's probably hoffa and a dozen other people. on that site. >> jersey city mayor telling us that yes jimmy hoffa could be buried in the city, may be paired fox news investigation tells us all about it in the riddle the search for james r hoffa streaming on fox nation now print latest episode year old in width under this elevated bridge the pulaski skyway jersey city new jersey. it's claimed hoffa is buried in a steel drum. the air it used to be a mob connected waste dump. fox nascent conducted ground penetrating radar survey of the site we found possible evidence. large round pieces of buried metal just like drums there, what does one contain hoffa rusted metal the fbi told his body was transported from detroit where he disappeared and
1:47 pm
75. anthony provenzano the infamous new jersey mom and teamster official he is there with hoffa he hated hoffa and observers say he ordered the body brought back. giovanni rocco's hair from her undercover for the fbi infiltrated the new jersey mob and knows the mobster thinking. author of this new book giovanni's ring inside the real sopranos. great to see you. first is it plausible from the expense of the mob that is mob thinking that tony would want hoffa back? >> sure it's absolutely. right now all roads lead to the skyway. they could kill them in detroit and did away with it in detroit will they had up there instead of out there. right now all roads everything leads to looking in the dirt and under the skyway. >> we do expect a potential dig. we were at that site in october.
1:48 pm
tony provenzano died of a heart attack in prison. he and hoffa hated each other. tell me about the way mob guys think the mail ego they wanted to get each other, he had a motive to do that. sometimes is it just personal? >> it could be hyper masculinity is a prevalent through the mafia. i saw it growing up in hudson county, new jersey assault in my law enforcement career for decades. i saw during my time infiltrating the mob it could be jealousy, it could be the fact somebody want to take your business or you insulted somebody. many particularly gave me a task to kill a guy at had to be done quickly if i did not move fast enough there do it themselves very impulsive. >> talk about emotions. meanwhile the story is hoffa allegedly is buried under that highway it's next the pj p landfill. as a mob connected dump.
1:49 pm
the crime family mobster brother we did an interview fox natioion did and i did with frank apollo who laid out his whole story. here's part of the exclusive interview. >> you are saying your father buried jimmy hoffa? >> yes my dad later later in years he said that he could not fit in the drum. feet first. they had to turn them and put them in headfirst requests your dad said hoffa could fit in the drum question request could not fit in feet first could not get the legs to bend right. he had to take them out and put them in headfirst. >> that is very specific is sitting at the table work with us in our fox nation exclusive. as an investigator do you think that has credibility because he seems so specific? what's it does eric you and i discussed in the past the details he gives he is able to
1:50 pm
repeat it and regurgitate it time and time again. it is the details of what he remembers is a homicide investigator that's we look for. you challenged him several times in interviews and he has always had the same story. it is worth a look. before you think they'll finally be a dig in the fa will follow up question or. >> 's short in the investigation to follow-up any lead no matter if it's a dead end or not you have to check that box you have to do with their kind of obligated to do it at this point. all roads lead to the pulaski skyway right now they have to dig. >> jersey seer told us everything in life seems to deal with the jersey city he does expect or hope that some point there be further investigation and he said he's not surprised if they find jimmy hoffa there we shall see. giovanni, brave a former undercover agent for the fa author of the book giovanni's ring, my life inside the real sopranos. thank you, we will see what
1:51 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. too conservative tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. centers for disease control warning doctors from the lookout for cases of a monkeypox. the rare disease is usually
1:55 pm
found in africa. the first u.s. case was identified in a patient in massachusetts this week. steve harrigan is live in atlanta home of the cdc with details, steve. >> taylor from the cdc came out friday doctors will be looking for signs of a rash that then turns to hard bumps that are eventually filled with pus. it also gives a flu like symptoms that can last for about a month, aches and fever. right now just to confirm cases in the u.s. or doctor saying cause for panic at this point monkeypox. from covid-19 a different story a number of new cases now and the seven day average topping 100,000 that is up 40% in just the past two weeks. seven states had doubled their total during that timeframe and one state, mississippi and that two week period number of new cases up 150%, arthel back to you for quickstart steve harrigan thank you very much. well, eric.
1:56 pm
eric: let me say one thing we've gone through covid we've had all these things and note monkeypox shows up it's a very serious thing despite that name for the one case in new york city bellevue hospitals have confirmed another in boston. i think, arthel just a reminder we forgot to be careful and watch our health and take the correct precautions over everything. arthel: the good news is monkeypox is not prevalent is not easily transmissible white covid is but guess what, covid is still here. i'm telling the people left and right are falling from it. i am saying where the masks that's me talking. that is it i'm going to leave it on that note probably back tomorrow noon eastern. we hope you'll join us. thank you very much. eric: see you tomorrow. a smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time.
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