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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  May 21, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪ ♪ >> well, hi there. i'm joe con a cha along with jackie deangelis r david webb, dr. nicole sapphire, here's what's on tap tonight. nicole. >> well, new york is pushing people to mask up inside again, but not because of the coronavirus, because of monkey monkeypox and what you need to know. >> all right, jackie, what have you got? >> hillary clinton tied first time to the leaking of
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unverified information connecting trump to russia. the former president weighs in. >> and mr. webb with. >> hey, it's not the nfl, but it is the first week of fumbles. watch this. >> nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. we do not -- that's not something that we keep an eye on every day. ♪ >> there you have it. how the white house did in her new role. back to you, joe. >> but first, the biden administration finally addressing the baby formula shortage months after the problems first began. u.s. air force planes now bringing hundreds of pallets of formula from germany to the u.s. still, 45% of formula is out of stock across the country, and those pallets are not likely going to be making any dent anytime soon. and the situation is getting more and more dire for parents. at least six babies have been hospitalized from the formula shortage, and that number, unfortunately, expected to grow as the shortage worsens.
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and while everyday americans struggle with record high food prices and supply. chain nightmares, president biden is authorizing $40 billion of aid, that's $40 billion, to ukraine. he wasted no time in pushing through that money, signing the emergency appropriations bill in south korea. all right. guys and gals, david, i want to go to you first. you know, we were told on january 20th of 2021 that the adults were back in charge, right? and this administration seems to not have an anticipation gene, right? they didn't have it with inflation, and they didn't have it with afghanistan, and they didn't have it with the supply chain, and i can go on. and now here we have what's going on with this baby formula shortage which, again, they claim -- i believe the president said, well, you needed a mind reader to see this coming. did we really given that we've known we've had a supply chain problem since last august when the transportation secretary decided to go on paternity leave for two months? >> you'd have to believe, joe,
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that the president, the fda, the various agencies and, yes, pete buttigieg and the department of transportation saw nothing over the past year plus. the fact is they're incapable and incompetent. these are the adults in the room but not the adults you want in charge. as a matter of fact, look at joe biden's performance. he does what's easy. he signs an aid bill to ukraine. i'm not against aid for the ukraine, but they've had months to see this coming. it takes over 100 days for goods to transport from china here to the united states. sadly, a big part of our baby formula. that should be something that we deal with in this country. and when it comes to supply chain within the country, the department of transportation is not talking to truckers, trucking companies, to the train operators out there, they're not talking to the people who actually move the goods and services, and they're not addressing the issues that raise costs on manufacturing, on
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production, distribution which comes right down to the price at the shelf which hurts the people who have the least amount of money and the least amount of liquidity to spend on rising prices whether at the pump or at the shelf. >> jackie, from a journalism perspective, you know, accurate information in this situation, particularly for parents obviously, is more important than ever. we're seeing viral videos out there now showing parents how to basically make their own baby formula, which could be disastrous. so now more than ever we need the media, the journalism community, put aside the partisanship or put aside, you know, who you're rooting for, blue team, red team if you are biased in this business and just give out accurate information because, boy, it's more important than ever. because we're taking at lives at stake, babies' lives at stakes. >> i think you're right. desperate times call for desperate measures, but that doesn't mean the answer is mixing baby formula as home. it can be very, very dangerous.
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when i look at the crisis with respect to this administration what it knew, what it should have known, what it should have done on a timeline, we knew about the whistleblower letter in october. we knew that the abbott plant was closing down in february, and here we are now in may just starting to take strides to bring baby formula into this country. this administration leaves every crisis until it blows up, until it explodes, until it's at a tipping point before it decides that -- it wants to move. and the ceo of one of formula makers said, essentially, they're there are going to be delays for the rest of of the year with. it's like starting up an oil rig. you don't just flip the a switch and have production overnight. it takes time to bring it back up online, to get that supply ramped up. and rather than look for ways to get the manufacturing going in this country or to reduce tariffs and bring baby formula from other countries into our country, he was talking to the
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retailers, the last end part of the supply chain, about what they could do. they can't do anything right now. that's another part of this problem. but the first part of the problem is the manufacturing, and yet this administration, the fda, they just sat on this. >> wow. it is -- you're right about that. many months late, many, many dimes short when it comes to so many big issues. nicole, from a medical perspective, let's say you're a parent and you with can't find baby formula. can you go to a pediatrician and say, hey, do you have any samples that you could give me until i can find this for my baby? >> well, joe, first, i want to say jackie just hit the nail on the head with so many things. the baby formula shortage is an ultimate failure of demonstrating the slow pace of the fda but also this monopoly that's been created between the federal government and these private sectors. when you have abbott providing about 48% of baby formula within our country, they knew that it was going to be shut down in
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february, and it wasn't until mid may that they start to put forth a plan? this is a massive failure of the fda, and it just adds on to the other failures and slow pace they have moved at throughout the entire pandemic. this is devastating to hear right now. you have children who are being hospitalized in pulse -- multiple states because their parents are trying to make their own baby formula, or the children are having a reaction to a new, different type of baby formula, and this can cause a lot of harm. now, yes, when you are having difficulty finding formula for your ina pant, call your local pediatrician. if you don't have one, call the local hospital, anyone you can. often times they do have large amount of stock to give out. you can also call your state government agencies through the wic program, they tend to have a good amount of formula as bell. the thing you don't want to do is make home a made formula. they have very different nutritional needs. really the most severe is those infants newborn to three months
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that have to only be on breast milk or formula, you can't supplement with other things. if you start seeing formula, you know someone who has an infant, pick up the phone, call them. see if they need formula. there will be formula coming in in the next few weeks, but we're still going to feel that crunch. >> nicole, thanks for that. that was great information. you have to wonder now, possible, as far as the democratic -- panel, as far as the democratic party, there can be many apolitical parents out there, maybe some that voted for joe biden last time that are saying, you know what? enough is enough. with the gas prices, filling up my car, buying food at the store, now i can't even feed my kid, forget the border and crime and everything else. and bill maher who, let's face it, is now the voice of reason within the democratic party -- five years ago, i'd say you were loco -- but here he is last night saying that the democrats have a real problem on their
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hands because many people are heading for the exits. let's hear it. >> there may not be a movement, but there is a bit of an exodus. people leave this state and move to texas. that a happens. people are -- look at the polls for what's going to happen in november. people are voting more republican in november. the democrats are going to get their [bleep] kicked. >> david? your response. >> well, first of all, two things. yes, people are leaving the democrat states. they're coming to florida where i am. but the democrat party left the people. they left their base. i hear that from so many democrats of all ages. they look at the party, they see the amoral elitists at the top, those in leadership who say whatever's necessary, the let 'em eat cake crowd, and then they turn around and they say to the younger, far-out, aoc-style progressives, the squad-style progressives, how are you actually going to do something
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to help me? bernie sanders is not out of focus for them because he's the leader of this leftist lurch. and now the younger squad members and others have dragged the party away from the reasonable american. and, yes, they're going to vote because people vote on their pocketbook, and they vote on what matters to them every day, like the price at the pump. >> well, history says that a red tsunami is certainly coming in november. when you have a president that's polling in the 30s on approval, when 73% of democrats only support this president, donald trump was always somewhere around the 90% range, the party in power is in real trouble. by the way, david, i think it's hotter here in jersey than it is in south florida, so good decision going once again, because we're getting killed up here. [laughter] anyway, another virus, another mask. people in america's largest city are being told to maas you can -- up because of monkeypox. dr. marc siegel joins us with what you need to know.
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♪ feeling hot, hot, hot. ♪ feeling hot, hot, hot ♪♪ >> and welcome back to "the big saturday show." 9 the new york health department now urging people to max up because of monkeypox. one resident testing positive for the virus that causes monkeypox. the new york case is the second in the u.s. the first was in massachusetts earlier this week. there are dozens of other cases in other countries including canada, parts of western europe and australia. and, you know, when it comes to monkeypox, it is a virus are from the orr no pox, largely found in central and west africa mostly among rodents and other wild animals, but occasionally it can be seen in humans. last year we had two cases all related to travel, and in 2003 i think there were about 47 cases in the united states. here's how it's different from
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the pandemic we've been dealing with in the sense that it's very good at contact tracing the. as tends to happen after symptoms, and so you have early identification, you're able to execute treatment, and usually people can have a very good clinical outcome. [inaudible conversations] >> if i may -- >> go ahead, jackie. >> -- just ask you a specific question about this. it's transmitted, it sounds a lot like covid. it's transmit through the respiratory track. and when i read that and i see we're talking about masks again and we're talking about some of these measures to take to, you know, curb this, i wonder, you know, are we headed back in that a direction as a result of this? >> well, unfortunately, jackie, because of covid-19, i think the reflex move has been to just tell people to mask whenever there's a rise in cases, flu's back, anything, put on your masks. but when it comes to monkeypox,
2:17 pm
it's not as transbusiness bl -- transmissable between humans and yet to see it has that asymptomatic spread. i want to bring in dr. marc siegel, because one of the most interesting things right now that is starting to bring concern is that you're seeing non-travel-related cases. again, like i mentioned, we have seen cases in the united states of monkeypox, but they tend to be all travel-related, recent travel to africa. but so the reason this is getting so much attention is because you're starting to see non-travel-related cases which brings up the question, are weeing having more human-to-human transmission? what is your take on it, marc? >> first of all, nicole, what you just said to start with, i agree with every word of it, and also you made a key point, that you really have to be symptomatic to spread it. if you're not feeling well, that a makes it easier the track. now, one of the top epidemiologists, infectious
2:18 pm
disease guys in new york was telling me that it is spreading more than we think, and it is in some communities, so there is some spread human to human. and your point that it's not all travel-related. we've seen some outbreaks occurring in the gay population. most are travel-related but some are not. what's happening? interestingly, a top end epidemiologies from mount sigh new york has looked at the structure of this which is now available. good news is it hasn't mutated. early results show that it isn't changed from that same monkeypox that spread but not easily. so why would it do been first of all, that's great news because if it doesn't mutate, you're not suddenly going to see this huge outbreak and need this huge mask response that have caused out grave harm. -- us grave harm. but what is it, you know, what's going on? are people more susceptible now because they were out of
2:19 pm
circulation and locked down for a while? is there some relationship to covid here that made people more susceptible to this? if so far it looks like it's not something to be alarmed about which, of course, betweens the w.h.o -- means the w.h.o. will sound an alarm this time, though they didn't do it for covid. >> hey, doc, how efficient is this in terms of being transmitted from person to person and using covid as an example, particularly the omicron variant. is it that efficient in terms of jumping from person to person or, as you said, it's not spreading as easily. do we have any metrics on that? >> we're busy collecting information on that, joe. but again, it doesn't look like it's efficient anywhere near what we saw with covid. i mean, covid keeps getting more transmissable. this is nothing on that order whatsoever, and i also want to point out that everybody that was born before 1972 -- i guess that's me -- already had a
2:20 pm
smallpox vaccine which absolutely covers against this. so, a, it's not mutating, doesn't look like, b, a lot of us had the vaccine, and we have a huge stockpile in the united states of this vaccine. it's something worth paying attention to but a lot of fear. >> yeah. and something to add to what dr, dr. siegel mentioned there's been a cluster of cases in the homosexual male population, so they're wondering if there is sexual transmission given that there are pus calls in addition to some sort of respiratory transition which is why they did mention the masks. but it didn't seem to have nearly the same human-to-human transmission, so we don't anticipate seeing that. but thank you for joining us, dr. siegel. your expert opinion is always welcome. and still ahead -- >> thank you for having me. >> -- can on "the big saturday show," sworn testimony proved that hillary clinton was personally involve with spreading unverified information
2:21 pm
connecting trump to russia. and guess what? not a peep from the media. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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2:26 pm
the dissemination of the data to the media, mook said she agreed, but when asked if he shared the idea to give the trump-alpha bank allegations to the media with clinton before or after the decision was made, he went on to say, quote, i can't recall the exact sequence of events. all that i remember is she agreed with the decision, end quote. as suspected, the mainstream media didn't touch that story at all. and i want to start there, joe. for example, we know that abc gave it 0 seconds, nbc gave it 0 seconds, cbs, msnbc, cnn as well. some of these networks were infamous deniers of the hunter biden laptop story as well. your thoughts on the coverage and is how we are looking at things in this country, the kind of information that we're analyzing and putting out there. >> wow. 0.0 on all those networks. i mean, could you imagine for 5 seconds if the names were switched here, and robby mook
2:27 pm
was replaced with, i don't know, kellyanne conway and steve bannon? those were the two folks that ran donald trump's 2016 campaign. if they had admitted that a lawyer close to the campaign like a jay sekulow had gone to the fb b and pitched a story that was completely farcical, jonathan turley called in the biggest and most successful disinformation campaign in modern political history. abc, cbs, in, bc, cnn, other networks don't cover it? that dog don't hunt, jackie. [laughter] >> yeah. and speak of the coverage to this and the hunter biden laptop story, dan bongino had this to stay. listen. >> we have the receipt, here it is, for hunter biden's laptop, signed by hunter biden, billed to hunter biden with hunter biden's phone number, dropped off with -- by hunter biden with hunter biden's e-mails,
2:28 pm
confirmed by hunter biden's partner. if you're a media person, i mean, honestly, how do you look the next generation in the face and say, hey, you know what? we're a constitutionally-protected entity supposed to safeguard democracy, and here's what we did. >> don't forget to watch "unfiltered" tonight at 9 p.m. eastern time. david, your reaction to that. >> the american people are catching on to the media, and they have caught on. but then they're a taking the next step. they're tuning out, they're turning them off because they're failing -- their failing ratings. look at the failure of cnn plus the launch, msnbc now considering the end of that network. with rachel maddow out, people are going to alternative sources, and they need to. >> and i will still mention that fox continues to be number one. having said that, we've got a quote from the former president trump as well. he said: for three years i had to fight her off and fight those
2:29 pm
crooked people off, and you'll never get your reputation fully back. that's what he had to say, dr. saphier, and a lot of people agree with him. >> well, sure. and, i mean, jackie, campaign 101, you need -- before you put out information, shouldn't it be vetted first? we know the politicians lietous, but don't make it so obvious. the fact that these news outlets decided to not give any time to this would indicate americans don't care about it. guess what? americans do care about it. when you've had so much hyperbole, angst and emotion when you talk about stolen elections and cheating and a lot of the things that went on during the trump/hillary clinton campaigns as well as the ones with trump and biden, you know, we're seeing right now that we're coming into the midterms, and the left wants to bury this topic really quickly because they're already on the verge of losing a lot of independent voters who don't want to go so far left with the democratic party. now you where this, and you have direct evidence showing deceit from hillary clinton's campaign
2:30 pm
which some of the people involved are actually working in the biden administration. this just may push some of those independent voters into republicans. >> there are a lot of issues, joe, including this one that are going to push people to the polls. not just this, but the economy, the baby formula, the supply chain, the kind of spending, all of these things that we've been talking about that people will be forced to make changes and even some of the big names we've discussed are saying, look, it's time for me to leave this party behind. >> yeah, elon musk being chief among them, right? look, this is the feel administration. people feel the impact of the decisions and indecisions that the biden administration has made in its first 17 months. they feel inflation, they feel gas prices, they feel crime rising in their communities, they feel the democratic party taking the side of teachers' unions over parents and becoming the anti-parent party, and then they see is, they see what's happening in ukraine. they saw what happened in afghanistan. and you just can't find an issue
2:31 pm
that tells us that this is going to get turned around in 170 days. it's just impossible to see particularly with this president who now has not done one sit-down broadcast, news interview since the super bowl. that was something like, let's see, february. march, april, may, more than three months that the sitting president, during an election year, his handlers are too afraid to have him answer questions, and maybe that's why he is sinking as far as he is. we just don't hear from the guy outside of tweets and stuff that's put into a teleprompter for him. >> list approval rate at 29%, maybe that's why -- 39%. coming up next, the fumbles and failures of the white house press secretary's first week on the job. ♪ -- just can't describe it. ♪ finally it has happened to me. ♪ right in front of my face, and i just cannot hide it ♪♪
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. many. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." 9 karine jean-pierre wrapping up her first official week as white house press secretary and with many fumbles and failures. just watch this. >> reporter: how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of the used car, the cost of food for everyday americans? >> so, look, i think we encourage those who have done very well, right, especially those who care about climate change to support a fair tax code and not let that sand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this existential problem -- >> reporter: he thinks the board was mischaracterized, then the disinformation board is being shut down because of
2:37 pm
disinformation? is that what's happening here? >> look, i mean, the board was put forth for a purpose, right? to make sure that we really did address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation. but the work doesn't stop. nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. that's not something that we keep an eye on. >> wow. i mean, the only thing she didn't do was circle back there to somebody on that from her predecessor. [laughter] this is no laughing matter. this is the press secretary of the most powerful nation on earth. she's supposed to represent the president of the united states, and she didn't read the job description, apparently, the way jen snarky did. ladies, first, i'm going to go to you. she touts he's as the first black, gay, immigrant women. let's play this and hen go to two ladies with, well, resumés. >> my presence at this podium represents a few firsts. i am a black, gay, immigrant
2:38 pm
woman, first of all three of those to hold this position. if it were not for generations of various barrier-breaking people before me, i would not be here. >> and those ground breaking people, those ceiling-breakers came from all backgrounds, all spectrums. nicole, this is a woman who went to an elitist school, to an elitist college. s this is someone who came from a background of, shall we say, privilege. the color's obvious. she's black. nobody really cares that she's gay in america because they just don't. but, nicole, she's touting her obvious and the things not related to the job. you couldn't do that as a physician, could you? >> well, certainly not. you know, it's okay that she is proud of those things that make her who she is, and her role right now is one to be admired. it is certainly quite an an achievementment to get there, but when you listen to her
2:39 pm
speak, i was kind of wondering how the messaging was going to go. unfortunately, you still have that same condescension coming out of the biden administration. when she was asked about the, you know, what's the white houst the stocks and the fact that everything is going pretty poorly in our country right now, and she responded we don't really pay attention to that. i mean, they are just so out of touch with reality, with americans and what is important to them. when peter asked the question, you know, we're concerned about gas prices, we can't get formula, we can't get a lot of things we are used to getting every time we go to the grocery store, the hardware store, we are at this point struggling to afford anything at point, and yet they laugh it off again. and, unfortunately, this democratic party continues to be extremely out of touch with americans, and i think that's going to show up in the midterms. >> joe, you know a two of or thing about media. objectively analyze how she's doing in the job. >> amateur hour, david, that's
2:40 pm
the only way with you can describe it. she had two press briefings this week by design. it's a hard job. look, it's arguably one to have hardest white collar jobs anyone can have out there, especially with this president where she's the spokesperson. you're forced to defend the indefensible on a daily basis. but the conclusion comes from watching this press secretary the read answers to questions often times for extended periods of times, verbatim. she even had to just introducing herself, had to read her own biography from a card. the confidence simply is not there nor is the conviction. when she's answering some of these questions, it's just like we see with kamala harris, a high school student putting together a series of sentences in order to achieve the mandatory word count on a term paper. i think it's going to get better for her maybe, kind of, sort of, but in the end john kirby was,
2:41 pm
by far, the best choice for this job. he's going over to the white house now, and he will serve as a backup to jean-pierre when she doesn't do her press briefings, and you'll see a significant improvement. he wasn't chosen for reasons, i'll let you fill in the blank, guys. >> you know, jackie, i hear you play a journalist once in a while on tv. but in all seriousness, this is not about whether she's a woman or not, it's about whether she answers questions. from your point of view, like peter doocy's point of view or other journalists, can you imagine what it must be like to ask a question of someone who doesn't answer and you don't get a redirect? >> that is one of the problems, the fact that she's reading out of a binder. i'm not only a journalist, but i'm a student of the stock market too, so her answer was particularly frustrating to me. nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. we do not, that's not something we keep an eye on. well, here's a stat that somebody can put in her little
2:42 pm
binder. as of friday, the dow jones industrial average saw is its first 8-week losing streak since 1932, and we all know what was happening in the early '30s in this country. that is 90 years ago. and we've heard press secretaries get up on the podium and occasionally say there's one big day of movement in the market, they don't pay attention to little fluctuations. but the u.s. stock market down 2.9% this week, the nasdaq down 3.83 the %. and year to date the numbers are even worse, the dow down 13%, the nasdaq down 27%, and the s&p 500 down 18%. i'm not talking about protecting hedge funds that invest in the market here, i'm talking about mom and pop who invest in their 401(k), and they have seen massive wealth destruction since january. these people deserve a a real answer not we don't watch that. >> thank you, jackie. hey, there's a new woke agenda item for one university,
2:43 pm
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message.
2:47 pm
too conservative tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. ♪ ♪ can't help myself, i'm fallin- >> journey! welcome back to "the big saturday show." the woke mob now coming after the medical community. sure, why not. claiming that the term obesity is, ding, ding, ding, racist. and should be replaced by the clumsy phrase people with larger bodies, unquote. a dietician at the university of
2:48 pm
illinois-chicago published an article which reads in part, quote: charles darwin and other race scientists created an hierarchy of civilization. fatness and different body characteristic characteristics were used as a marker of, quote, uncivilized behavior, unquote. i literally have no idea what i just read. i've got to be honest with you, that was like listening to karine jean-pierre read off the wrong notecard, nicole. [laughter] here's my question. i read somewhere as of 2020, 42% of adults in this country are considered obese. my question is, how many of those folks are, you know, white? >> well,, first of all, racial and ethnic disparities -- [laughter] of course there are. racial and ethnic disparities absolutely do exist when we're talking about adult obesity. so this is where i take issue. you have over two-thirds of americans who are either considered overweight or obese,
2:49 pm
and those are both linked to a multitude of health conditions; cancer, heart disease. i mean, honestly, this could be an entire hour segment, and it costs millions, tens of millions of dollars every single year creating obese -- treating obesity and weight-related illness in our country. the difference is, there are things you can do to no longer be overweight and obese such as lifestyle changes, medication, procedures. when you're talking about race, these are things you cannot change. so you cannot say that it is racist to call someone obese. this is a huge problem that we have in the medical community. it's hard for us to even talk about weight with our patients because we can be accused of fat-shaming and discrimination, but we need to remove those barriers because our weight is killing our country financially and also physically. >> david, i've got to ask you as far as words being changed or
2:50 pm
banned, you know, rioting and looting, those two terms are now considered racist because those folks over at antifa who seem to be predominantly white, they don't loose, and they don't do anything in terms of rioting. yet now those two words are considered racist as well. even webster's dictionary banned the word mistress because they said that was sexist. again, the woke aspect of this country is truly remarkable when we keep banning these sort of words and not realizing just -- it's probably the best unintentional comedy out there. no one's really taking it seriously, are they? >> well, unfortunately, some people probably do can take it seriously, joe. look, let's ban the problem, not ban the word and change it. during covid i decided to lose some weight because, like at lot of other people, i had put it on. i decided to go to the gym. i'm walking, i'm doing things, i'm eating better. i understand in poorer
2:51 pm
communities whether it's a food desert or bad diet or whether it's something else, and it doesn't matter because of color, but color -- it only matters when it's really ethnicity, blacks are more susceptible to things like diabetes, middle easterners, there are other factors that come with ethnicity. the color of skin is just what is on the outside. so stop banning the war and stop banning the problem. start helping people learn nutrition in high school or kids learn in high school and in grammar school and teach parents because, unfortunately, parents who don't know and don't enforce with their children are helping us raise a generation of people who will have so many problems that doctors -- like nicole -- will be busy til the end of their careers. i'm sick of these professors, i'm a black man, i know what faces me potentially from an ethnic standpoint. and i'm not blaming it on anybody, i'm doing something about it. we need to help people do something about it. solve the problem, not play this
2:52 pm
woke game with words. >> trust me, america and those watching around the world, i have people close to david that say he was at a gym in the morning. okay, and he bragged about it in an e-mail when we were talking about the show -- [laughter] but still, he does work out every day, and you should be proud of that, that's why you look the way you do. anyway, jackie, this is also from the article. quote: when we call for weight loss, we shift blame onto individuals and make health and weight a, quote, personal responsibility, unquote, when often they are the result of uncomfortable genetic or environmental factors. in other words, jackie, nothing you can do about it, this is just the way you were born or where you live. >> well, there's a lott that you can do about it. you can adopt healthier habits, but let's say you want to stick with that generalization, for example, and say that obesity is higher in lower income communities. right now with food prices skyrocketing on average over 9%,
2:53 pm
it's always been more expensive to eat them healthy, so what do you think people are going to be reaching for? the fresh foods at the grocery store with the sticker prices skyrocketing, or are they going to be choosing to eat more fast food to tends -- that tends to stay cheaper and more affordable? i bring this back to the administration and say really look at what you're doing here. there are catastrophic consequences to some of the policies that have been implemented. >> that's so true, right? you're going to go to mcdonald's and get the happy meal for $6 before you get the organic food that's really good for you. excellent point, jackie. excellent point, everybody here. thank you, appreciate it. stick around, big saturday flops, that's next. ♪ ♪ (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model.
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2:57 pm
you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. welcome back to "the big saturday show". time now for our saturday swap pics jump exit for the biggest veil of the week. restaurants across new york city were unable to keep up with the massive amount of orders after grub a hub offered a free lunch promotion for up to $15 per order. because in the website to essentially crash and restaurants were not able to keep up with the demand. my friend text me about this that you should do this today per i rolled my eyes i was like are you crazy? free lunch for everybody this
2:58 pm
could only be a disaster. or grub hub and everyone involved it as a matter fact i got 6000 orders in just minutes that is what caused the website to crash. i would end by saying there is no such thing as a free lunch folks. >> r. >> despite with the white house says what they want to give out free things to everybody. i like yours mine is pretty good too. while playing with his mom's phone a 2-year-old boy ordered 31 cheeseburgers on the doordash app. not only that he included a 16-dollar tip on the 91-dollar order. we're just talking about mcdonald's, this kid is quite sappy but i will say i don't think this is as good as the fact the youngest of the sean duffy brut she faced time at work this week multiple times but he kept talking to her in between my patients. so parents can't be warned these little toddlers to allow the phones. be careful giving them away. >> he was a big tipper. >> my kid knows how to order
2:59 pm
through amazon guys, trust me is a dangerous time in this household. >> alright, so let's look at the former mayor of new york city. build the blahs he is not giving up on politics yet he is running for congress. now here's a problem for him. jones decided sharon his we can jump into the race. so after he made his big announcement after failing new york and handing it off to eric adams he wanted to run for congress jones and the democrats went no we don't need you, goodbye. joe, we have seen what he has done. >> destroyed the greatest city in the world besides that collected him. i flopped for the biden administration for they are putting a pause is the cult of the disinformation board, just three weeks after announcing a printer number three scare mood jesus 30 days really got to two. oh look, the bottom line is the government should not be telling people what they should say, not
3:00 pm
monitor them in any way, shape or form this is going to be a weaponize as we know. but we still will always have doing that particular rendition. mayorkas is the last person you should give more responsibility too. >> i wonder if she'll be singing about that we shall see. that does it for us was sea back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. ♪ 36 present biden suffering an setback while traveling abroad in korea. a federal judge blocks is planned to lift the pandemic era border policy known as title 42 this monday. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ >> the white house says it will appeal the ruling of the crisis of the southern border from getting any bigger at least for now. this all comes as a surge of


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