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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 21, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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or form this is going to be a weaponize as we know. but we still will always have doing that particular rendition. mayorkas is the last person you should give more responsibility too. >> i wonder if she'll be singing about that we shall see. that does it for us was sea back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. ♪ 36 present biden suffering an setback while traveling abroad in korea. a federal judge blocks is planned to lift the pandemic era border policy known as title 42 this monday. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ >> the white house says it will appeal the ruling of the crisis of the southern border from getting any bigger at least for now. this all comes as a surge of
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migrants continues with more than 234,000 encounters last month alone. texas attorney general ken paxton joins me shortly with his reaction. plus shocking courtroom testify from hillary 202,016 campaign manager that ties or directly to damaging leaks on the russian collusion scandal during her presidential run against donald trump. cdc is warning doctors to be on alert for an outbreak of monkeypox. a rare viral disease typically found in africa but now discovered here at home. will have the latest on that from doctor marty mckay reputed fox team coverage in all of these stories including lighthouse drug white house reaction title 42 staying in place for now. but we begin with bill melugin. he is live in eagle pass, texas with the waves on the border situation. bill? >> john good evening to entire look of the big picture here the situation on the southern border has not changed with the federal ruling for it all it means is
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status quo will remain the status quo being title 42 remains in effect as it has been throughout the border crisis, throughout the historic massive numbers which continues, take a look at the video was shot here in eagle pass earlier this morning. as one single massive group of 120 people who crossed over illegally during the early morning hours. predominately single adults. most of them in this area from columbia, venezuela and cuba. you will see this is just hours after title 42 ending these groups did not stop because the federal ruling it continues per take a look at the video we shot a short time later. out here on the river we saw this group of about 60 people crossing illegally waiting to the waters in broad daylight producing them some waving to her fox news a drone also waving to a mexican law enforcement helicopter those hovering above them but had a chance to talk to some of these migrants as they are taken into custody. most of them cuban, venezuelan, nicaragua, title 42 for the most part does not apply to that which is why they are coming
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order in such large numbers. take a look at this third piece of video the same group on the ground you will notice some of them are very celebratory they are smiling, they are waving the printer for stuff that's because they know most of them will not be expelled via title 42 now that they are here in the u.s. and from the certain countries. they will likely be released into the united states the del rio sector here where we are is getting hammered. more than 1800 apprehensions in the last 24 hours in justin's october 1 nearly 270,000 illegal crossings the numbers here up 145% over the same time last year for the last thing would like to show you take a look at this video over the rio grande valley sector this is texas helicopter what you are looking at is the mexican city that is directly across from mcallen. what you are seeing is thousands of migrants who set up camps there. they were waiting for title 42 to drop on may 23 per they thought it was going to happen on monday. that federal ruling changes that. so the big question comes what happens with them now are they
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going to pack up and go home or are they going to risk it and say were going to try to cross anyway? will find out in the coming days back at your life, speaking of title 42 dhs source telling fox news that between friday morning and saturday morning and the arizona sector there were 1285 illegal crossings. out of that number only 23 people were expelled via title 42 that is 1.7% of that group being expelled via title 42 every despite the fact that it is still supposed to be in effect right now. will send it back to you. >> those numbers unbelievable, bill melugin live in eagle pass, texas more from you. texas attorney general ken paxton a little later in the hour. the federal judge ruling to continue title 42 is another blow to the white house agenda. it comes as a president visits south korea to meet with the president of that country. the two sites likely will discuss the best ways to try to keep north korea and its nuclear
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threat in check. peter doocy has that story. >> jon, the biden administration is doing what progressives wants, telling border patrol officers that if they are going to deport illegal border crossers they should come up with a reason to do that other than covid. a federal judge disagrees. >> all this ruling is as a stay of execution for the biden administration is doing everything they can to transform american title 40 tools the last two left for border patrol agents to push back progress a federal judge deciding the states that sued to keep title 42 in place claiming they were trying to prevent a huge increase in migrants if covid was no longer a reason to turn them back. part of the ruling reads the plaintiff states have demonstrated termination order will affect their quad site sovereign interest based on its impact on their healthcare systems and their interest in the health and welfare of their citizens.
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but the white house does not think this is for judge of the secretary says in part, the authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the centers for disease control not what a single district court. however there are now some arguing a loss in court might not be a loss for the biden white house in the long run. >> i think everyone could be breathing it sigh of relief. don't think keeping that border and any kind of check. >> present but is not talked about this on camera yet. did host a press conference overnight but only took two questions from the american delegation and this did not come up. jon. >> peter doocy, peter thank you. a new step to try to help end the baby formula shortage that is rock this country there in germany to indianapolis this
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weekend for u.s. military personnel are unloading the nestlé manufactured cargo onto airplanes and operation fly formula. the flights expected to bring in enough formula to fill in about a million and a half feet else baby bottles agriculture secretary tom vilsack will greet the first shipment when it arrives in indiana for national distribution. all out this week and after hillary clinton's 2016 campaign manager took the stand in federal court yesterday. the first trial stemming from special counsel jon durham's probe of the trump russian investigation. robby mook testified about a narrative that tried to tie the former president to a russian bank. lucas tomlinson has those details. >> jon, hillary clinton's former campaign manager testifying clinton herself personally approved giving one of the now debunked trump russian stories to the press two months before the presidential election in 2016. >> it is surprising he said it on the stand.
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but i think we were all looking at this and can add it to and to have to figure if the clinton campaign peddled the story they would not have done that without the approval of the candidate. >> you have an amazing disinformation campaign that may have been the most successful in u.s. history. >> former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman is accused of lying to the fbi by claiming he had evidence of a secret back trout the trump organization a russian bank that ties the chrome and praise sussman claims he is delivering information to the fbi on his own and concerned citizen not on behalf of the clinton campaign. special counsel jon durham said he has evidence showing assessment later build the clinton campaign for the private fbi meeting for the fbi leader found no evidence of a connection. clinton tweeted a few days before the election quotes computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covid server linking the trump organization to a russian -based bank. in clinton a current national
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biden advisor said at the time this secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mysteries trump's ties russia. during the testimony sussman met with the cia in february 2017 notes after the election to push the russia story. trial resumes on monday, jon. >> lucas tomlinson in washington, lucas thank you. already been a historic voter turnout. facing off against trump backed in the gubernatorial race. meanwhile herschel walker is poised to go against democrat warnock for the state senate seat. and other primary news it could be weeks before we know who will be the gop pick for pennsylvania senate seat because it is so close. alexandria hoff has the latest in pennsylvania. but first, mark meredith has the details of the tightly contested
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georgia primary. fix good evening georgia primary of tuesday's election there's a lot of different races on the ballot lisa fox news coal former georgia senator david perdue. fundraising and endorsement. today kemp was holding a cook out near the georgia campaigning alongside nebraska governor pete. on monday the governor campaign former vice president mike pence. that is notable because for president trump is backing perdue. bill governor kemp said he believes is not as divided as some would suggest. >> i believe every republican in georgia we have been through tougher primaries before in our state. like pete said people of different opinions and who they want their nominee to be. i can guarantee republicans in georgia romeo i will be a lot better governor.
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>> former president trump continues to hover over this race he's denying reports he is distancing himself from perdue pre-the former sitter is also campaigning heavily on voter fraud claims. last night he really did try to fire up the maggot base. >> i am fighting for you. our governor sold us out. the radical left to take over >> democrats are also holding their primary next week. stacy aprons running unopposed richie luster brian camp in 2018. next time round expected to bring a stronger challenge is raising a lot of money and counting on high-profile democratic supporters help get out the vote. another racer watches a battle to be george's next secretary of state. trump and doris congressman jodi heights for this position of the current secretary of state brad, he continues to run for reelection insisting while he did investigate trump's claims of voter fraud in 2020 there is not widespread fraud here in this state in the last election. >> mark meredith reporting, mark thank you.
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a recount continues in the keystone state as its republican senate primary is still too close to call. alexandria hoff with the story from pittsburgh and allegheny county were election issues will take a few more days to sort out. >> for this race not to trigger an automatic recount either doctor oz or david mccormick would have to achieve a half a percentage lead or the trailing candidate would have to decline a recount. neither candidate is expected to do so because statewide lesson 1100 boats separated to bob oz holding onto microwave the review board was sworn in by the allegheny board of elections to research at least 1900 provisional ballots. >> with voter registration and establishing whether they should be counted or not. once that is done the parties will have the opportunity to object or challenge and if it's valid. >> that work will continue monday representatives from the
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oz and mccormick campaigns were also there yesterday to file in person votes for ten problematic voting machines. did secure a win for progressive democrats summer league congressional district 12. how squad members were anti- israel and took on corporate power, stood up for working families to beat back a multimillion dollar smear campaign. back to senate primary, just yesterday appeals court ruled mail and ballots do not the date on the outside can still be counted for this is been a point of contention since 2020 bread this afternoon doctor oz campaign released a statement saying this is something that his opponent is pushing for. mccormick's team told us that is falsely simple he made counties aware of the ruling. should be added that mccormick has outperformed because when it comes to mail and boats, jon >> alexander hoff reporting, alex thank you.
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jon: of gas prices reach a new high heading into the busiest travel weeks of the air. aaa report $4.59 as a national average today for a gallon of regular. experts say there is no end in sight. frustrated drivers are calling for the biden administration to map out a solution. marianne. first jon, people would love solutions right now but everybody has got to drive pretty much in for dollar 59-cent average for the nation, status of 10 cents just since monday. here in california, but is a lot higher $6.6 a gallon on average. here we are in the middle of l.a., look at the $6.59 a gallon for regular procure some of you drive a diesel powered vehicle it is up to $7 a gallon right
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now. here is what people had to say as they fold up their cars yesterday. >> i'm already paying almost 50 -- $60 in gas prices. that's absolutely absurd. >> transport between eight to be. [inaudible] >> it affects the little people like digging a hole and get up out of that hole. according to aaa demand is causing prices to go so high. prices to drop in fear of a recession that is not showing here at the pump when people are filling up. they say the situation and ukraine is not making anything any easier. >> the situation between russia and ukraine putting upward pressure on the crude oil prices and the reality is we just don't
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know when that situation is going to end. and when we are going to see some relief on the crude oil prices. >> jon, some people might be thinking it's better to just fly it right now but is not going to be much relief there either is the price of plane tickets are also on the rise and not showing any signs of going down anytime soon. back to you >> boxing on both accounts. marianne rafferty, marianne thank you. ♪ back now to our top story. the white house as it plans to appeal a federal judge's decision that keeps title 42 in place for now. it is a measure that allows a border agent to turn away migrants due to coronavirus protocols. we are awaiting now the justice department next move to secure the southern border. let's bring in texas attorney general ken paxton. he has felt 11 similar suits against biden administration breeze also running for reelection.
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generally you are part of a number of states representing a number of states that filed this request the court positively ruled on. you must be happy with the results pray. >> this is the last investor of federal law the numbers are statically high think april with the highest number of illegal crossings at least recorded in the history of our country. so if you remove title 42 along with what is already happening we have nothing preventing people from crossing. there is no restriction everyone is welcome. >> it is pretty rare democrats will criticize president biden over this. one of them who is, as mark kelly democrat senator from arizona but perhaps he's running for reelection this november. he had this to say, listen. >> i don't think title 42 needs to be in place forever. but, until his administration
3:22 pm
comes up and starts to execute on a plan we need to leave things the way they are right now. >> we arty have a crisis this will only get worse if it's lifted without a plan in place. >> is pretty rare as i said democrats call a crisis but he does, do applaud him for that at least? >> no i absolutely do he is right. he's in a border state, he sees it every day he knows what's going on he realizes the buy demonstration has created this. it's clear to me and most americans he border was under control and moving and the right direction under president trump. biden administration decide to dismantle everything that was working. everything that was possibly working it could work and did work they are taking away. clearly they have a different objective in preventing illegal immigration and the problems associated with it. jon: i want to put the numbers they are staggering the increase of total migrant encounters of
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the border from the previous fiscal year, to date this fiscal year on the rio grande valley incomes are up 24%. del rio, whether 45%, a passive 57% and in the yuma sector, 367%. how can we sustain these kinds of numbers? >> it is a great question but i don't know by the numbers are up more from the trump administration but i think overall three or four 100%. that is measuring at of the biden timer numbers to been increasing. the people on the border are suffering the most. think it is impacting now not just border states but we are all becoming border states. when you transport to enact my people a year it got to send them all over the country. this is going to have a dramatic impact on the lives of all americans not just those living along the border. jon: the department of justice
3:24 pm
put out a statement saying this. the center for the disease control and prevention evoked its authority under title 42 due to the unprecedented health dangers caused by covid-19 pandemic. cdc is now determined and its expert opinion continued reliance on this authority is no longer warranted on the light of the current public health circumstances. that decision was a lawful exercise of the cdc's authority. the department of justice is basically saying hey a comic covid is not a problem anymore. let these people in. your response? >> my response why is the department of justice is fighting the mask mandate on airlines? or are they fighting the vaccine mandates required for all federal workers? why is it when you are a u.s. citizen who have the covid coming into the country? you cannot commit if you have covid pretty yet week here we are the cdc says however for those coming across illegally there is no problem. we are done with colored all is
3:25 pm
good that does not make a lot of sense to me. >> me either. texas attorney general ken paxton we appreciate coming on tonight, thank you. >> thank you. jon: we now have the first appositive case of monkeypox in the united states for this is the rear outbreak has spread to nearly a dozen other nations. doctor marty carey joins us with his expertise on this disease. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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jon: i'm jon scott this is the fox report prince above the average is joining us as look at our top stories. police at least two people have died, 44 others injured after rachel rao touched on the small northern michigan community of gaylord yesterday afternoon for at least one large building collapsed. several cars were flipped over and destroyed. a trailer park was also heavily damaged. maximum when clocked at one or 40 miles an hour according to the national weather source.
3:30 pm
eight funeral today for the youngest victim of last weekend mass shooting in buffalo, new york. the ceremony for 32-year-old rupert out was held in syracuse. meantime a moment of silence held at the top supermarket in buffalo this afternoon. to mark one week since ten people were killed and three others were hurt. and former president donald trump has paid 100 10,000 dollars in fines he has racked up so far after being held in contempt of court for being slow to respond to a civil subpoena issued by new york attorney general. the former presidents under investigation over his business practices. for more on these and other stories you can download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen go to centers for disease control says another viral disease has made its way to the united states. at least 90 confirmed cases of
3:31 pm
monkeypox have found in elsewhere. typically it's on africa distant outbreak comes as covid cases are picking up across the u.s. deep harrigan has details from atlanta, home of the cdc, steve. >> it is concerning an up the cdc issued a warning on friday trying to alert doctors across the country to be on guard for symptoms of monkeypox. the virus starts out as a rash, then hard bones form for this bumps are then filled with pus. usually have flulike symptoms for about a month. the one appositive is is very hard to transmit from one person to another. doctors say what the numbers are likely to go up, there is no need for panic right now. >> i do not think of monkeypox has any ability to cause a pandemic its inefficient transmitter. because it is not contagious during the incubation period because of the smallpox vaccine this tried and true countermeasure to stop these outbreaks. >> covid cases the seven-day
3:32 pm
average over whether to thousand new cases a day. in just the past two weeks that means it has gone up 40% over that time period, seven states have doubled their number of new cases in the past two weeks and mississippi up in that time. 150% with new cases, jon back to you very. >> all right steve harrigan reporting thank you. for more on monkeypox osprey and doctor marty mccreary foxnews contribute a professor at john hopkins university school of medicine. dr. kagan still clearly dealing with covid did. everyone is tired and sick of it. sick from it. now we've got this coming on your colleague also from jon hopkins, suggested it is not very easy to catch monkeypox, do you agree? >> s by the most important feature it should be the headline. it is understandable people a very raw memories from the last two and half years of the
3:33 pm
pandemic. but this is a very different this is not highly contagious and a respiratory vehicle. it does spread by at large droplet from direct contact. we know it is also sexually transmitted. some of the outbreaks have believed to have occurred in a subgroup of gay individuals in europe. has about 90 cases in total in 11 countries. the united states so far we have two confirmed cases and probably a few more out there. people should look for flu like symptoms followed by those blisters. what is unknown right now but monkeypox is whether or not you transmitted when you feel great before he developed symptoms. generally with most infections you are most contagious and you have a symptoms. covid was big quiet spread quickly. jon: the goodness as we have a vaccine already the does fight monkeypox. >> and an antiviral medication that some doctors believe would
3:34 pm
be effective against it. antiviral medication we have used for another virus called cmv. in that fatality rate of symmetry one in 10% in general with monkeypox viruses. this one is believed to be around 1% or even less than 1%. >> meantime the government is authorizing what a third of a billion dollars basically for a vaccine production against monkeypox? quickset is right the government announces been through in a million dollars on a vaccine that would potentially address the monkeypox virus. this is premature. we have not had any clinical data we don't know if there's a true outbreak in the united states for this is probably getting ahead of things and probably overcompensating from the delay in the past with getting a covid response. you're always tweaking the government for tweaking the government to be going after. this would seem to be a case of
3:35 pm
that. we have got a baby formula shortage that is leaving a lot of moms and dads out there really frustrated and angry. but you are saying they want to spend three to million dollars on a vaccine. >> that his rights. if you think about with got a lot of viruses a lot of infections in the united states have been outbreaks of syphilis and parts of the united states, tuberculosis all on the last year end a half. this is one of many viruses that circulate per there's about a million have crossed over into humans. this is mrs. boosters ages five -- 11 who've already had the covid shot when you think about that doctor? >> this is the ultimate slap in the face of science the fda again bypass their own experts in immunology to ream this
3:36 pm
through. the cdc has its own committee of generally like-minded scientists authorized and recommended strongly that all children five through 11 get the booster shot for the basin 140 people studied breed they did not look at clinical outcomes and those five studied they just look at the antibody bump. which will happen after any additional dose of a vaccine. 5% of kids already had covid according to the cdc's own data as of december likely 80 -- 90% now. and look, one of the reviewers and that cdc committee actually said an argument in favor of pushing this was to have a less confusing message. many people have no tolerance for that right now. they want the honest data. jon: people are tired of it as i said. thank you. 8:30 old runner is dead after collapsing at the finish line of
3:37 pm
the brooklyn half marathon in new york city this afternoon. the fire department says at least six other runners with transport to hospital did not say how the runner died. but the city is under a heat advisory temperatures above 90 degrees during the race. this year's half marathon reach full capacity for the first time in three years. had to call in the cleaning crews after college kids took a dip in the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. no, you are not supposed to do that. that is not the worst of it. details ahead.
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jon: graduation bash went a bit too far in washington d.c. today. forcing park officials to
3:42 pm
briefly closed on the lincoln memorial some grads reported left broken bottles and spilled drinks all over the landmark steps. nate foy's support. >> the lincoln memorial shut down for over two hours today the mess was cleaned up. as for who did it, sources tell foxnews lucas tomlinson's georgetown university university students. apparently it was their senior ball last night for graduating seniors but again here you see people swinging swimming in the reflective pool this is around sunrise. you only see a small portion of the trash left behind for these partygoers did not clean up after themselves. the large group came together, you see right here they watch the sunrise and then after that the party was over. not just for them, for everybody. just after 9:00 a.m. the national park service tweeted this, quote the lincoln memorial is closed this morning following a local university graduation celebration that left later, broken bottles and spilled wine and champagne covering the steps. we will reopen as soon as the area has been cleaned and made
3:43 pm
safe. that is what happened for the cleanup took over too ours to finish the national park service tweeted its appreciation for its facility staff that you see here cleaning the mess quickly. lincoln memorial was back open by 11:30 a.m. this morning but foxnews has reached out to georgetown university for a comment. so far we have not heard back, jon. jon: that there are a lot of things i would like to say. nate foy i will keep it quiet, thanks nay. hillary clinton has always had a baltimore like status of she who must not be named in a scandal. here is her campaign manager, effectively dropping the dime on his former boss and sank look, she approved it. she knew about it. the reason that is important is this claim was utterly ridiculous. jon: constitutional law attorney sounding off on hillary's one-time campaign manager two appears to have caught both sides by surprise during yesterday's specimen trial.
3:44 pm
robby mook testified that kennett clinton approved given that media materials alleging a covid communications channel between the trump organization and a russian bank. this, despite campaign officials not being totally confident in the legitimacy of the data. so could this revelation further damage democrats in the midterm elections? let's ring in white house reporter for real clear politics. it is really interesting to hear what went on here for this is a campaign manager for hillary clinton's campaign saying yes we have this information. we had been told there is a back channel communication between campaign and a russian bank. we couldn't verify but hillary clinton said go ahead and put it up there anyway. expects i think you set the table really wellin the intro here we've got hillary clinton's former campaign manager robby mook essentially saying on the stand washington d.c.'s worst kept secret was essentially
3:45 pm
true. namely hillary clinton was the one who signed off on the plan to launder these allegations to the press. now the fbi later discredited these allegations. but like you mentioned the really interesting thing here even at the time the clinton campaign was not totally confident in trans- words on friday about these allegations i do not want to cast dispersions but a critic might look back and come to the conclusion that was misinformation. jon: the clinton campaign was also using the mentor or the the fbi was investigating this material should try to amplify the echo chamber to try to develop more accusation. >> right in mook said this was not a bombshell this was not an october surprise. but anyone who read the coverage of these allegations knows that is exactly what it was. this was a bombshell dropped into a manufactured echo chamber for their basically two steps here first the clinton campaign they went to a friendly outlets,
3:46 pm
slate two did not verify the allegations. even the clinton campaign was not totally confident in. and with those allegations and prints for the campaign amplified it to draw to this and then at the same time you have michael sussman the clinton campaign lawyer going to the fbi, presenting them that with this information once again the clinton campaign uses the fact the fbi's looking into this just further amplify the story. the thing is, now we find out for instance former fbi general counsel james baker says there was no there there. but all these years later as it would've been nice to know that in the moment. jon: needs and whether people spouting off about this back then is jake so then he is now the national security adviser to the president of the united states and he was pretending it was real. >> this is why 2016 won't end up it is for two reasons first we are learning more and more about how the russian collusion saga
3:47 pm
started. but the thing about this recently unveiled history as it does have direct ramifications for the current cast of characters. not just a jake sullivan who said publicly this might be the secret hotline. it calls into question his judgment. it also makes one wonder, for instance how credible we can take hillary clinton's lectures about misinformation today and her campaign was willing to go forward with this without actually vetting it without knowing it was true. jon: the meantime very quickly want to put a couple of poll numbers up on screen for the president has hit a new low according to the ap in approval ratings. 39% say they approve of the job president biden is doing. and among hispanic voters the numbers are astounding only 26% approve, 60% say they disapprove at the president thanks letting hispanics fled across the border is going to improve his standing in that voting group or ethnic
3:48 pm
group, while he seems to have another thing coming to. >> the white house is not change their stance when it comes to the situation on the border we do not have to make these poll numbers any more complicated than they arty are. whether it's the fact that inflation is at historic highs of the fact that gas prices are up in certain regions by 50%. a lot of people are sitting on the kitchen table and they are looking for someone to blame. i know that his president by thinkers going going to be a lot of hurtful democratic party come november with these midterms. jon: is going to be an interesting election for sure. good to have you on thank you. another ukrainian town reduced to rubble by russian attacks. a report from fox greg in kyiv. that is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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36 russian forces continuing their indiscriminate strikes on civilian targets in ukraine. foxnews went to the hardest hit areas in the country's capitol region to see what many more towns in ukraine could be facing. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg has the latest from kyiv. quick strong, fighting is a raging in the east or rush is claiming a big victory that
3:53 pm
heroic three month siege of defenders of the steel mill is over. russia sing 2500 fighters have surrendered and has conquered the city using brutal warfare. we saw an example of that, not far from here. take a look. >> it is called the most destroyed town in the kyiv reason civilian hit indiscriminately by bomb drops from russia planes. sadly it could be a preview of what more ukrainian. most of the wreckage came among russian fighter jets ruin so evident 90% of buildings in the center damaged or destroyed. all chunks of apartment blocks and gouged away for is mostly blood thirsty carnage according to an advisor to the town's mayor. >> there was no reason for this town to be bombed he said were there were no strategic targets, no military here. dead and injured in the hundreds only a third of the residents have returned. it was frighting this man tells us.
3:54 pm
and this woman says writing back tears it was very bad they were commanding us is not. >> with brushes and plans in tatters the pro se this is moscow's playbook from now on. total destruction as it struggles to defend. >> right now we are in eastern ukraine a lot of towns and cities are destroyed completely. >> ukraine also expressed appreciation president biden signing into law on the road that 40 billion-dollar ukraine aid package. much needed, jon. jon: breaks reporting from kyiv, ukraine thank you. or some other headlines around the globe. and russia, energy giant has halted gas exports to neighboring finland. the move comes just days after the nordic country formerly applied to join in dado. this likely puts an end to finland's nearly 50 years of importing natural gas from russia. in a story the centerleft
3:55 pm
opposition labour party has defeated the conservative government which has been in power there nearly a decade prime minister elect anthony albany promises sharper reductions in greenhouse gas emissions among other priorities. and in spain large parts of that country are on alert over an intense heat wave. temperatures as high as 104 degrees fahrenheit in some areas. ranking among the hottest recorded in may in two decades. let's look at some stories from around the globe. a frantic mother's a three-day search her baby. we will tell you how this a panther and her cub finally were reunited when fox returns. do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients.
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jon: ladies and judgment renewing butler's barnum & bailey service is returning after closing down five years ago, build entertainments of the greatest show on earth will be back starting in 2023. this time without animal acts auditions for performance begin soon in several cities around the world including las vegas. and a loss to panther kitten is reunited with its mother and the happy moment caught on camera. according to florida wildlife officially for month all old panther cup was separate from his mother and found alone in march in the southwestern part of the state. biologist enables zoo zoo plays
4:00 pm
a kitten in a cage and went up female panther approach immediately showed maternal behavior. the cage was opened a temporary radio on the kitten indicates it's alive and well and cared for by mom. that is how fox reports this saturday, may 21 of 2022 i am jon scott. thank you for watching we'll see you tomorrow. greg gutfeld is up next. ♪ >> soda you. all right how are you doing? i hope you are well. this week the media finally discovered crime because finally they found a criminal who fit the bill as they ignore others who don't. and make no mistake this is a villain and i cret


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