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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  May 22, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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unfiltered on fox and that does it for us here tonight on unfiltered see you back here next saturday night 9 p.m. can't make it set your dvr if you can't make it live. see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to cross country we begin with a fox news alert out of leon county texas where the search for this man escape lopez expanded statewide with a violent prison bus escape nine days ago and so far neither in air nor ground search turned up any sign of him jackie ibanez joins me with latest on the hunt for one of texas most wanted. hey, jackie. >> lawrence well back to back
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life sentences for capitol murder and attempted capital murder linked to mexican mafia. take a look these are photos from morning of may 12th later that day while riding a prison bus to medical appointment lopez escape handcuffed somehow able to cut through a caged metal door and stab the bus driver. authorities say he eastbound tried to take control of that bus until another guard was ail to shoot out tires lopez reportedly took off running and he's not been seen since and hundreds officers looking for lopez on foot horse back with dogs and even by helicopter but after continuing to narrow search to no avail man hunt for lopez expanded statewide investigators say lopez has a, quote, complete disregard for human life. and that they will do whatever it takes to get him back behind bars tonight. a reward for information leading to lopez's arrest has jumped to up to $50,000 this weekend. back to you. >> thanks so much jackie.
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more on this man -- and asian who hunted down elle l chapo later on in the show back with an update on fox news alert where we've been following here on cross country -- the families of three americans who were found dead at the sandal it is emerald bay resort a second autopsy be performed on their loved ones wellness reportedly allowing government to facilitate the request and for the autopsy it is to be conducted by -- by another doctor from another country. the three americans were found dead on may 6th inside a villa at the all inclusive resort their death continue to be a mystery and hopefully will give answers soon son that marc siegel joins me now with his take on the mystery doc what can you tell us about this? >> lawrence i think it is suspicious there's no answers yet. the family the wife survived and
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went to the hospital in miami where she was carefully looked at. i don't understand why we don't have clues out of that. let alone her husband diagnose an other couple who went to get medical treatment the night before and then came back -- and were woman was reportedly found on the ground couldn't move. you know they have seizures, all of these are clues and one of the things their clues too is whatever exposure this may have been been looks like it was repeated if you were well enough to go to a clinic and then came back and -- die next day i would think that you've got reexpose to she think now whack it be they've talked about carbon monoxide but you can test the amght of it in the blood, you can look on an autopsy for -- cherry lips look a certain way and pesticides which i'm suspicious of possibility that's happened before down there you can actually find that. and if it was something in the
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mini bar a toxin there a neurotoxin we should know that. i don't understand where we don't have answer to that yet and that's why it is suspicious that it is covered up possibly and that's why i think bringing an independent pathologist to do another autopsy. glans what do you think is taking so long as you correctly stated this seems like they should be tiebl just cross thing -- boxes off immediately but it doesn't seem like there's any urgency and only people demanding answers are family members, their loved ones. >> well i can give you a sub position here clearly if it is pinned on resorts they're not going to want people to know it right away are they? but there's the possibility that it's taking a while because of inconclusive toxicology results that it was some kind of toxin that they can't prove. but again, in the dark on this and i think they know. i think by now you would know there's nothing in the world
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that you test that should take this long. weeks later, i think they have an idea and they don't want to release it because it will point finger. that's my feeling about it. and i don't like it. lawrence: should americans be at that resorting right now? and secondly, if the family is asking you for some advice, what would you advise them to do right now? >> well first of all, i would advise them to hire dr. michael who works with us the top for forensic pathologist in the world and may have but he's best at clues and solving clues but lawrence there's only a few dozen of them that are in his category three or four as good as him so that's for sure. they're on the right track with that. and as far as going through this resort and it being safe i would say -- that this is very rare and whatever it is i mean anything to do with the ventilation system or water heater, or exposure i would hope that they would have cented and looked at right now. this is a very fancy resort. and so i wouldn't necessarily
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believe that it is unsafe to be at this sandals resort but these things keep happening down there and all of the thing i mention need to be carefully examined. things like pesticides things like mini bar and carbon monoxide ventilation systems freon and should be gone from equation you're not seeing that in the yieghts and go to five star resort and end up dead next day i haven't seen that. >> we haven't heard anything like that here in the united states. like i want to get your take on this headlines are coming out about new cases of monkey pocks in the united states and experts trying to figure out how this rare disease made its way to the countries across the world and what this may mean as we're all trying to move on from covid. so doc what can you tell us about this? should we be concerned in the u.s.? >> we shouldn't overreact. i think our fear radar and public health radar is broken from covid because they finally
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had one where it was horrendous as bad or worse than flu. because they're warning us now i wouldn't necessarily jump to thinking this is -- uh-oh going to get us all. i think that this is something we know a lot more about already. what we know about sandals resort first look at this virus under the microscope genetic sequencing similar to what we had in 2018 in nigeria i don't think it changed much and it is not knew -- mutated much and not easy to catch or spreading like wildfire it looks like it could be sexually transmitted likely spreading among gay population a little bit. it is also travel related but it is very hard to get -- you have to get it from very close contact. nobody has died from it. we have the -- 500 million dose of a small
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permit in stockpile incase question need it i don't think we need it right now. i think they might want to vaccine health care workers or people around cases and they need to really fair it out how many cases there are. again world health organization saying 90 plus confirm worldwide, i know one was confirmed in new york city i know as a fact i've talked to people involved but they think there's more cases. there's more cases but again, very hard to get and here's the most important thing lawrence. you don't spread it usually until you have symptoms so if you see someone with pox or swollen lymph nodes stay away from them and bringing masks back for this is ridiculous. >> i guess -- the major question that a lot of americans are thinking -- do we need to take any precautions ourselves? no absolutely not our disease detectives and cdc has a group of detectives figures it out and
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chances of somebody waving this show right now getting it are very, very close to zero. we start with this fear mongering and overreaction we've seen what that happened with covid. which was -- and is a real threat but overreaction causes as much damage as virus. it is one thing for us to talk about it. it is another for everybody out there to suddenly become hypervigilant we had two years of that let's not do it again. lawrence: wait and see as that information comes in, then we'll make a decision when that time comes. dock thanks so much for joining us. on the program tonight. >> thank you lawrence. lawrence: tulsa, oklahoma biggest name in golf tiger woods withdrawn and first time he's left a major as a professional he was seen lisping and declined interviews as he departed injured right leg in a car accident 15 months ago.
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so still ahead latest in the man hunt for a wanted cartel killer plus drugs being sold out of a taco truck? you want to stick around -- to hear that, that's next on cross country.
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we're back following that fox news alert massive man hunt underway for killer lopez here to weigh in, the man who hunted down el chapo former d.a. agent jack riley thanks for joining the program. i guess my biggest question is -- do you believe that he had help inside? how did he get the material to cut through metal during the transport? >> you know, unfortunately this looks like a complete cartel move in terms of having the ability once inside the prison to get help and that, obviously, coordinating it is move outside of the prison. it just is -- is smells too much of cartel involvement and influence and i'm fairly certain that's what's occurred. >> so jack tell me a little bit about this guy. he's already committed murder. he held someone up for ransom,
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and when the ransom wasn't paid, he killed the guy. is -- are the citizens of texas safe right now with this guy out there or trying to make a run for it to get to the border in mexico? >> well there's no question about it. this is one dangerous son of a gun, and yeah. i do think if the public come in qact him on his escape rout and, obviously, to the border that there was a serious risk for him to commit violent crime. this is a stone cold cartel killer like many we've seen over the years and his goal is to make it back to a safe haven in mexico. and he'll do anything to do that, and i think you've been able to see a little bit about how organized and influential cartel can be when they want to get somebody out. lawrence: jack where do you think i piked it skeptical and
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suspicious there hasn't been a scent of him anywhere in the state of texas we're talking about premier law enforcement agency with the dps as well as the joint task force there, and they don't have anything on him? >> i think that goes to the strength of cartel look, those law enforcement agencies along with everybody else working are best in the world at catching these guys. this guy is clearly if he's still alive -- is being aided by a group of people who have planned this had finances -- and are deadset about gettings him across the border. now let's not make any -- any illusions he could have possibly ran into trouble on his own. and not be with us anymore -- >> what type of trouble, swrak? >> my guess is he's caused a lot of problems for rivals. to disrupt their operations and if they caught him and he wasn't the right guy, he might have -- might have seen, you know, his end. his goal is to get across to the border to the people that have
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financed this. and obviously loyal to but sometimes it doesn't necessarily happen. by this man hunt he's disrupted a lot of cartel operations along the entire border. if there's anyone the guy who helped catch el chapo thank you for being on the program. >> it is my pleasure lawrence you did a heck of a job. >> now south carolina where unassume mexican restaurant turn out to be epicenter of a major cartel drug trafficking operation. that's according to the state attorney general's office who says that owner of lospremos districting cocaine, out of the truck and cash ceased from the houses all the way in atlanta a state grand jury had 24 charges against 34 suspects in the case. so no secret that these drug cartels are not only operating
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but thriving on u.s. soil. my next guest says the time for the reckoning has come. joining me now is florida congressman and former green bray -- mike, congressman thanks for joining the program. what is it going to take to get this under control? >> yeah, lawrence these cartels -- are armed now with heavy weapons. with armored vehicles, they have an estimated 30 to 40,000 soldiers and operatives under their command with assets to the tunes of billions. they are destabilizing our border. fentanyl is number one killer of young people right now and they're destabilizing mexican government that's between using their military and trying to accommodate them and my argument is we have to treat this as a national security issue. that it is -- kind of like terrorism in the 1990s clinton administration
1:19 am
treated as a law enforcement problem. after 9/11 we treated as a military issue and we need to start treating these cartels as a military issue. i'm not talking about thousands of american boots on the ground in mexico but we need to start using our military assets our intelligence, our drones, and even advisors with the mexican military start decapitating these -- with the decapitation strikes. these mexican cartel leaders start going after their assets. and again, treating it as a national security issue that it is. >> congressman what's holding that up border patrol of the union said that cartel is floor herbing under president biden'sed administration so what -- what is the hold up to actually act and do exactly what you just said? >> well it's a lack of leadership frankly, and thinking creative thinking from our national security establishment, and this commander in chief.
1:20 am
we all saw former esper mention in his book that president trump said hey this is a military issue. we need to start using military assets and the establishment in washington was all aghast but he's actually right. president trump is right and we have precedent we did in in the 90s and 2,000s but providing that planning intelligence, enabling support to the columbian military and they saw a lot of success. and also in afghanistan, he ordered the bombing of the drug labs in afghanistan to go after the taliban's cash and drug flows that they were using to finance their war. we have these assets. it is right on our border. start using our drones, our intelligence and assets to help mexicans and diplomatically tell mexican government that time for appeasement is over. we have to take it on. this is a national security
1:21 am
threat to both of our issues. but that has to come from commander in chief lawrence and we're seeing zip, zero, nothing -- silence out of this white house on a crisis that's killing hundreds of thousands of americans. we lost 3,000 americans in 9/11. and we're losing 100,000 here we need to treat it like the 9/11 that it is. lawrence: , you know, i wonder if biden administration will even reach out to mexico president trump had a agreement with mexico he ripped that up on day one. so i just have no hope congressman but i hope he does look at your plan. it would definitely be a turn for the administration thanks so much for coming on the program tonight. still ahead new details coming to light in the johnny depp amber heard trial first democrats using recent tragedy in buffs low to push angst gun agenda. we'll have the details that's next on cross country.
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hi. i'm shannon storms bador.
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>> welcome back to cross country so tonight i want to have a discussion with you about guns. about violence, about the awful situation that unfolded one week ago today in buffs low. we know the significant killer was motivated by race what else have we learned? well he previously said in a
1:26 am
classroom wearing full hazmat suit and threaten his classmates did anyone think that raised a red flag he had individuals to chat room before the attack to talk about his intentions. no one thought to report that? now leaders claim he slipped through the cracks and now tens lives have been cut short. now when i started this show i promised you that i would not only discuss problems but offer solutions. sadly our leaders don't seem to agree with this approach. >> to certain things that we can do -- we can keep assault weapons off our streets. >> all of the resources that we have whether it's smart per gun laws in our nation. >> we have to focus on sensible gun control. lawrence: president biden brown not only do you miss the cause of the problem. your miles away from offering a solution. that's why people don't trust you.
1:27 am
and that's why people trust the second amendment. but the left has long made their contempt for the second amendment and their disgust for anyone who support it is very clear. [inaudible conversations] >> religion or people ho aren't -- lawrence: frankly mr. president that's all we have at this point and our guns they talk about problems and then they demonize anyone who dares to disagree with them strategy has been clear for years. >> never want a serious crisis to go to waste. , though, i mean by that an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before. lawrence: i'm sorry you all let us down we don't want lecture on our constitutional right to defend ourselves. what the left doesn't seem to understand it actually works. take a look at your screen these
1:28 am
are few examples of situations where an upstanding arm citizen have saved people and property. let me be clear i want anyone who carries firearm to go fully intrad that goes without saying with that i have a story of my own to tell you. see i recently moved back to home state of texas to weeks ago i was sitting outside of my apartment, and enjoying dinner with neighbors and friends when we heard a noise i got up and reached for waste banding because thank god in texas you're tiebl protect yourself. i drew my firearm but i didn't point it anywhere simply to evaluate the developing situation. i had just witnessed an teamghted carjacking a car crash, and all four suspects fleeing the scene. i went over to the owner to make sure he was okay. we called cops but sadly they didn't show up for about 25 minutes. look we were respect our men and women in blue. but they are understaffed and they're discouraged about job they've been asked to do.
1:29 am
the reckless rhetoric hasn't worked but reality is we can no longer the our safety in handle of government. they've let us down. my hero frederick douglas once said a man's right rest in three boxes ballot jury box and cartridge box. we have constitutional rights. and we have the right to use them all. period. my next guest was a las vegas police officer at the time of rout 91 harvest festival shooting the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. joins me now sir thanks so much for joining the program. you know i'm a reasonable man. we still don't even know the motive of that shooting, sir. and yet we're supposed to disarm ourselves and wait for the cops and our government to protect us? the cops have been demonized as you know sir, and our government officials just simply aren't doing anything. >> well thanks for having me lawrence and i do believe that
1:30 am
you know, in this country i have this amazing ability to protect ourselves with firearms. that is guaranteed in our constitution. i think you hit nail on head as you mentioned law enforcement is overstaffed they're underappreciated quite often in many parts of our countries and they do sometimes take 30 seconds to two minutes to get to the location where you're at. and so if you are armed and you are legally allowed to own that firearm, and you're one of the good guys then good for you for having it i agree with you as well owning a firearm takes responsibility and training and i just think that it is very important that people who -- carry a firearm understand that it is a great responsibility. we have a lot of laws on books let's enforce laws that we have. i don't know that we necessarily need more and more laws and we have hundreds on books already and that we can enforce those laws and hold those who use firearms illegally and violently we can hold them accountable through those laws. >> sir. i just worry just leak my freandz my neighborhood, under
1:31 am
impression because you live in a nice neighborhood, that the crime is not going to find you. it is happening all across the country. whether you're in rich neighborhood or you're in a major city -- if you're on the subway, or you're in your black car criminals filled -- emboldened. >> absolutely right now we're in a team in our history of our republic where criminals feel that they're not going to be held accountable there's a not true i think for the most part in vast majority of our country criminals will be heldibilityibility law enforcement is working around clock to hold folks to task for the law it is that they have folks may break. but i agree with you. i think no matter where you live if you live in a rural or urban environment in an inner city you should be able to protect yourself with a firearm. again, you have to train, you have to understand that ramifications and all of the things that go into -- into polling that firearm out and then using. you probably will end up in a
1:32 am
court of law and so you have to understand these things it is a huge responsibility. and i think ultimately no matter where you're at in the country you have to be prepared you have to have a situational awareness i wouldn't be overworried about it or lose sleep over crime in this country and it is generally for the most part will live their lives safely and never become victims of crime but if that does rear its ugly head it is important that you have yo a plan and some situational awareness to think you have to get away or address it. >> i would hate more american public out there to flip coin on that sir -- because it is rough, you see it all in major cities the crime is going up. especially violent crime, they should get right courses right training to protect thmses and follow laws in their perspective states thanks for joining the program. >> thanks for having me lawrence. >> growing a crisis and his approval rating continues to slip. i asked every day americans for
1:33 am
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if y'all had opportunity to sit in front front of the presidentk him one question or tell him one thing what would you tell him? >> why cost of living has gone up so much. >> if you have opportunity to see the president of the united states, what would you tell him? >> give it up. >> give it up. go home -- stop what you're doing. >> it is time to retire. you're the lead leader -- >> i would tell him to stop dividing the country and calling republicans names it not helpful at all. >> give us relief out here do something get your administration -- just give us some relief. >> tell him he's deaning doing a
1:38 am
lousy job and america should be first and he should be impeached and out of office. >> i would say mr. president please put america first enough this have nonsense. go back to trump's agenda and put the pipeline back in so that gas prices will come down. >> i can't say -- >> what i would like to says. >> thank you to those voters in milford, pennsylvania, great folks. as you just heard more americans are getting fed up. joe concha back in studio tonight to tell us who is right and who is wrong about the president's performance gentlemen thank you all so much for being in studio. >> good to see you man. lawrence: i love to feel the energy. >> i can see the six pack now. >> well played -- all right so kevin, you've got to tell me i was talking with folks, families are saying look -- i'm picking my gas bill or regular bill right now, they're really frustrated and these
1:39 am
aren't just right wingers. these are former democrats independent voters. >> it is true you see it in president's number this is election will be a bread and butter election as we know. we can talk about roe versus wade as we did last week and other issues but inflation and prices at the gas pump are going to be the main indicators heading into november. we've got 170 days to turn the tide on some of these key issues. you saw baby formula pop up you saw white house spring into action with legislation. with these airlifts they've got to provide more of that kind of visual evidence that they're seeking to control these costs in these last six months. lawrence: joe it seems this is a reactive administration they were warned about baby formula crisis condition when the poll numbers started to drop when the media cover starts to increase, all of a sudden they parachute in but damage is already been done and it is gas prices -- it is border it is all of these crisis that somehow they
1:40 am
don't -- see it until the media coverage changes or polls. >> inflation was transitory they told us right they didn't see it come and then vladimir putin's fault and now we see what's happening in terms of below 2% when the president took office. it is now above 8.that's a problem. right, crime skyrocketing that's a problem. gas prices as you mention that's a problem. obviously, what happened in afghanistan we didn't see taliban coming so quickly and thens they take kabul in time it takes to deliver pizza. right, and then ukraine and russia invading there we can go on and on with this. this administration has a communication problem. clearly, because we see from the president two tweets just in the past week which were very, very telling first he said that there was no vaccine when he entered office that's joe biden. obviously that was a lie because million people a day were getting the vaccine at that point. then he also says with inflation if we -- only raise taxes on corporations, that will lower inflation.
1:41 am
no sane economist even kevin couldn't defend that at this poangt point. kevin what happened? >> communication problem clearly. lawrence: it is true kevin what happened joe biden known as greatest retail politician you love to put him in front of people to sell a story he was always, you know, uncle joe in that way and connected with voters it seemed like he's lost that appeal. >> i think you're right i'm all advocate for let biden be biden i want to see town hall on fox news for example he does well in town hall audiences when fueling questions from people and sees pain as everyone is experiencing universally. >> not these days which is why they put him on leash because he can not do that anymore. what do you think is driving that? >> stat here is that president has not done a broadcast news interview since the super bowl. >> why? >> how long ago was that three
1:42 am
and a half months why his hand hers i would think are saying he does more damage when he does these interviews than he does good. right? or here's the thing thoar it is an election year. he has to sell his agenda if he doesn't they're wiped out in house and senate yet keeping him away from reporters away from the cameras it is only tell prompter and tweets and that's not how you win elections. lawrence: what is story that democrats will sell in this next election? because they made a story. >> as you're seeing right now out of the white house president says don't compare me to all mighty but that arive it and seeing pivot to talk about baby shortage 192 republicans voted against that on floor of the house of representatives that's a key issue before american people they are talking about that but to joe's point i want to see him do town halls where he's interacting with everyday voters where he's fielding questions and no sensor in terms of what questions are saying he's to talk directly to american people and level that's
1:43 am
the joe biden that we love that i love that won that election. lawrence: i want him connected with voters but i want hill to bring victory as well get these gas prices down. get this formula -- on that ukraine package with republicans and democrats working together -- lawrence: i appreciate y'all being joe will be on big sunday show tomorrow don't miss it joe and kevin coming up billionaires elon musk and jeff bezos calling out the whowtion. you won't believe what they're saying. that's next on cross country. ♪ ♪
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he often would cut his arms -- or hold a knife to his chest or -- draw blood superficially at first. but later like in 2016 especially as our relationship was ending, oh he also put cigarettes out on himself and flick them at me, and once or twice try to put one out on me. everybody is talking about this entanglement between johnny depp and amber heard helicopters to heat up in court legal battle growing more popular among viewers on the sidelines if too as new analysis reveal hollywood
1:48 am
court case is getting more attention than america top political issues. mark geragos is criminal defense attorney here to explain what's behind fascination. so mark, thanks so much for being on the show. what do you think it is? >> i'm old enough to remember a pretrump era that we used to always have especially back then with cable news a suburb blockbuster in post trump era we broke out of whatever that was. and we're back to where we were before right on cue beginning this summer we've got a two hollywood stars battling it out in the case that never should have been in trial, and here's what you've got because you've got a basically a lineup of witnesses of people know who they are and some allegations and sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll and more than if your
1:49 am
producers working a script this would be it. sphwhrawrns spicy who do you think is coming up out on top? i mean i just remember kind of looking at johnny depp and i don't believe mrs. heard after that cross examination she ripped it to sleds? >> it is an interesting dynamic going into this i'll agree with you -- publicly that if this case but certainly he's developed a key following that is behind him and especially on the internet amber, however, her side has done work with my job. may put up witnesses and i
1:50 am
believe yesterday -- and therapist, you've got it's been reported i've been in the courtroom people i've talked to who have that you've got predominantly young male juror so depending on how that plays whether that's projohnny or proamber or whether they identify with johnny or amber lawyers you have to be sitting in the courtroom to figure it out i do not, however, believe that this is a -- this is a trial that actually needed to happen. i mean, it is -- fascinating as you stated the ratings for this, you can chart this next to ukraine, you can chart this next to inflation of baby formula outrates all combined so, obviously, the public is looking for a little cotton candy -- >> mark, you spengsd your life defending a lot of famous people so if anyone knows how this is going to crack out, it is going
1:51 am
to be brother thank you so much for coming on the program. >> thank you, good to see you. >> you've got it now to elon musk making fun of president biden for his heavily scripted public appearance it is after calling out democratic party, as a whole, watch -- >> the real question is however controls the tell prompter you know it is like -- it is like what the past to power is past of the teleprompter you know because that uses tell prompter so yotd feel like if somebody were to accidentally lean on tell prompter it will be like -- as123. what do college students in houston to weigh in on outspoken billionaire. watch. >> elon or not? >> team elon or not? >> team elon. he's the goat. >> i don't like tesla but i agree he's a smart guy. >> idiot --
1:52 am
>> you think he's an idiot? >> rocket -- >> he didn't build rocket. a sense of humor at least. >> if it was jeff bezos i would be pissed he's evil as hell. >> even on shade being thrown at jeff bezos both billionaires called out democrats ahead of the upcoming midterm election. fox business correspondent jackie delawareing aless here to make sense of things thank you for coming on the program it is great to have you. what do you think is driving this criticism even bezos i thought he was a democrat. >> let's start with bezos and his tweet because this is interesting he doesn't tweet a lot, and it is great to be here with you, by the way. but this is what he said. he said raising corporate taxes is fine to discuss taming inflation is critical to discuss, pushing them together is just misdirection. and i think it is important that he's saying this because this is what administration wants to do.
1:53 am
they want to raise taxes on corporations and billionaires. saying that's going create some sort of demanding destruction and it is fix all of our problems. you know what that's going to do that's going to have people out of work it is going to have corporations not investing in future an laying people off that is not going to tame inflation, in fact, it is if we're not already in a recession that is a one way ticket straight there. >> so the to be clear and short it is going to hurt consumers it is going to hurt average day people. jackie i'm curious what do you think is driving this tide change? what happened to all the of the billionaires and millionaires siding with the progressives on this type of stf? stuff. >> it is really interesting to me because so many ceos that i've spoken to so many billionaires that i've spoken to voted for president biden. they were expecting moderate kind of president to step up to the plate they didn't expect that much to change. but this agenda from this administration have been so
1:54 am
progressive even they are really baffled by it and elon musk is a great example he said he voted democrat pretty much all of his life but this time he's going to be voting for a gop candidate he's changing his vote. can you imagine what it takes for somebody to say that and clip that you played of him kind of gives you sense of how these business investors and billionaires are looking at this president they're saying what are you doing to our country? what are you doing to corporate america? you are not making things better. you are making things worgs. >> so true jackie i have a few seconds will have the. i cannot have you on the program and not talk about the r word are we closer to recession? is it going to happen? >> technical definition two consecutive orders of growth so one quarter and many analyst who is say we are in a recession already. i'm not necessarily sure that i agree with that but i do think that we're headed in the wrong direction. this administration could pivot and could, you know, change things change course what it needs to do is stop spending
1:55 am
that would help. but it likes to write checks for billions and trillions lawrence. lawrence: thank you catch jackie con big sunday show tomorrow. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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well that was fun and went by so fast have you had enough of me yet you can find me tomorrow on fox and friends 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. eastern time. so i'll take a quick nap and then get back up to be ready for the show thanks so much for waving. we'll be right back here next saturday night at 10 p.m. eastern time. with a memorial day special and until then find me on social media at lawrence b. jones 3 set your dvr so you never miss
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