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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 22, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> operation fly formula is underway in indiana. he really can't live images from indianapolis, 78000 pounds of specialty baby formula arriving today by military aircraft from germany. enough to fill more than half a million baby bottles for those in need. as america deals with a shortage that has left thousands of mothers, dads to, or aid for those particular babies who are allergic to cowbell for welcome to fox's life imac immanuel.
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good afternoon lucas. >> good afternoon mike to ours by the first air force c-17 arrived in indianapolis curing 70000 pounds of for to fill half a million baby bottles. the pallets are now being loaded onto fed ex trucks waiting next to the plaintiff. the first time in history the u.s. military has launched an emergency mission like this to rush critical nutrition to millions of hungry american babies. some are calling this disaster relief here at home. normally the military wise admissions like this to countries devastated by war, famine or national disaster but only three companies make about 90% of the nation's baby formula. the white house says that needs to change. >> have a president now is saying you need to pursue competition across the economy in this sector and in others by creating more pathways for businesses and entrepreneurs to get into these markets. >> president biden secretary of agriculture, tom vilsack out on
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the ramp coming off the plane writing and to the "washington post" the sea of abbott one of the country companies responsible issued an apology and pleasure take the following steps. establish a five and million dollar fund to help families with hospitalized children, ship it millions of cans of baby former from an fda approved facility in ireland. and restart the michigan facility by the first week in june. but it will take six -- eight weeks for the formula is available. that means it could be as late as august until this baby formula crisis ends. this week congress is expected to hold hearings pretty for that before, mike. >> indeed. lucas and tomlinson starting us many thanks. ♪. mike: nicole saphier@live images from the southern border in eagle pass, texas failed to appeal a federal ruling that title 42 mustang place that is the policy that is been in place since march of 2022 left swift expulsion of migrants due to the
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colored pandemic. it has been set to expire tomorrow. bill melugin is alive along the border in eagle pass, texas with the latest, hello bill. >> might come hello do a title 42 staying in place you can expect status quo to stay in place as well but what does that mean? that means more drugs and more people flowing across the board approved case in point to collect the video was shot last night here in brockville texas texas at dps as troopers pulled over a suspicious vehicle. evidently there is a man being smuggled inside of that vehicle hidden in the back trunk. he will see that medicine pulled out from the trunk is pulled up to the back seat area the center console area where he was hiding. the woman driving him the human smuggler was an american citizen from the san antonio area. we continue to see this americans continue coming down to the border. to partake in human smuggler because the quick cartel offers on social media. quick easy cash to do the
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smuggling we keep seeing more and more particular at this video at the sector in california paid what you're are looking at so the human smuggling incident border patrol chasing a human smuggler very high-speed chase in that area appeared ultimately spiked stripped of the vehicle precede to illegal immigrants bail out of the vehicle while it is still moving the hit the asphalt border patrol was able to stop that vehicle, arrested the driver as well as those to illegal immigrants who were being smuggled. also, take a look at these photos. major drug bust. drug smuggling a bus and the sector that includes 25 pounds of fentanyl and to put that in perspective for that is about 5 million lethal doses of that deadly opioid. also they were covered about five to 50 pounds of meth. big time drug bust in the sector back out here live border patrol reported that here at eagle pass
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they arrested a honduran man who crossed her illegally just since october 1, just here in the del rio sector. border patrol says they have rested 1270 illegal immigrants with a criminal record we will send it back to you. mike: bill are your on the border breathing a sigh of relief that title 42 is a little longer. where they were about the impact assume it goes away? >> yes and no to your first question. yes because now they're not going to see those astronomical numbers dhs was projecting upwards of 18000 a day. however they can't relax too much without afforded to employees with the 234 in april for a title 42 in place, all it means is things stay the same road right now they're averaging between seven -- 8000 illegal crossings every single day. they are still overwhelmed,
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mike. mike: more the central before acting, and security secretary and executive director of the america first policy institute center for homeland security and chad wolf. chad welcome. >> thank you. mike: title 42 lives a little while longer we think. what do you think should go away? >> should title 42 go away would just be tremendous. i think lacey is not on the historic numbers. we just have to look at last month alone for two and 34 illegal apprehensions i think bill said it right status quo remains the same. this administration is not putting any enforcement mechanisms in place to deter its illegal behavior. so even without afforded to a place we are still seeing a record numbers of illegal apprehensions. and should it go away you will see that number spike. look at last month allowed 96000
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individuals returned under title 42. those 96000 the vast, vast majority will be released into the united states. mike: elected dig into some more numbers over 24 hour period customs and border protection reports rio grande valley, 13709 part of paso 1296. del rio 1831, yuma 1285, how alarming do you find those numbers? >> it's alarming on a variety of fronts on the human trafficking in human smuggling the illegal narcotics coming across. but also the public safety in the national security threat. if all these different crisis playing out at the same time along that border. 70% in most places along the border are no longer on the line they are no longer doing that national security mission pretty could only match the number of apprehensions should they actually be there.
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instead there back and border patrol facilities processing more and more individuals. the content to said they have a plan the plan is simply to process more and more individuals. you're going to see these numbers continue there is no plan, there is no strategy trying to dry the numbers down. that is out there after. and unfortunately be very detrimental to a lot of americans and american communities. mike: us give our viewers some context in terms of numbers. the increased encounters over the previous fiscal year, 24% up in rio grande valley. 57% up in el paso. del rio, 145% and yuma 367%. what does that tell you about the fight at our southern border? >> well, the fight is real. it is ongoing and it is every day. i think with the administration wants you to believe is it is all under control. if they simply throw more resources at the border and they
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stand up more facilities to process more and more individuals that somehow the crisis will be solved. it is exactly the opposite. if you do that and if congress allows them to do that you will see more and more individuals cross the border because the cartels and the smugglers know these loopholes and know what the menstruation is doing a day after they start doing something new or something different. until you are going continue to see those numbers rise until you put in dramatic steps and dramatic policies whether that's restarting the border wall, whether it is the remaining mexico program, signing cooperative agreements and on, on, on something we had during the trump administration to drive those numbers down. we don't see the current administration really talking about those measures. excite seem to member vice president kamala harris when she went to el paso it was pso entrench the border a year ago. i looked at the numbers it's on fire now is it shocking you it's basically spreading along our
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entire southern border? >> it doesn't shock me. you are going to see the cartel are very, very sophisticated organization per they will push across the border in eagle pass and south of that in mcallen in south texas may understand border patrol surge resources they'll move it to other parts of the border. el paso sector may see an increase we know the vice president actually only went to the city of el paso which is very different than the outlying areas of that city where the majority of folks come across the border. look, think it's important a president, the vice president the secretary start talking more about this making those visits. border patrols in their 15th or 16th month of a crisis that has no end in sight. they need some leadership. they need a pick me up in the worst away because of their morale and their confidence is at an all-time low unfortunately. mike: chad wolf thank you so much for your time and analysis today.
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>> alright, thank you. mike: present by his first presidential trip coming to asia with growing tension with china. peter doocy struck in the very latest from tokyo, hello peter. >> mike, good morning. a big part of the first stop on this asia swing in south korea was taught from president biden about partnering with asian nations to make sure there is help in the next level health crisis arrives. and on his way here to tokyo we found out what that next global health crisis might be. monkeypox. >> they haven't told me the level of exposure yet. it is something everybody should be concerned about. they're working on it hard to figure out what we do in the vaccine if any may be available it is a concern in a sense if it were to spread it is consequential that's all they've told me. >> the president on this trip is
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also hoping to show strength in the midst of a rising china by meeting today at the so-called quad the regional alliance of japan, south korea, australia, and the u.s. but china does not seem to be getting the message conducting military exercises in the south china sea as a biden critics said that's because they think this trip happen too late in china's rise. >> i think it's coming about 16 months too late because china is the number one threat we face by which president biden gone there early in his tenure not spent so much time in europe, not made his very first but the international summit with vladimir putin last summer. >> or have been concerns about a possible north korean nuclear test while the president is in this part of the world. it has not happened yet. president biden does have a new message for kim jong un. it's on the white house press pool that messages and i am
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quoting, hello. mike. >> interesting, man of few words. peter doocy live in tokyo, thanks very much. expensive and is still counting those in this nailbiter of a senate gop primary the next round of closely watch primaries just days away. in georgia for president trump is offering of the show of support for former senator david perdue ahead of tuesday's contentious gubernatorial race. the fox team coverage of the key races with alexander hoff in pittsburgh let's start things off with a mark meredith live in atlanta hello mark. >> hey mike good afternoon shear georgia voters are showing up in record numbers even ahead of tuesday's primary. political analysts are closely watching one of the more unusual races that is a battle to be george's next governor elise and the republican primary incumbent governor brian kemp continues to handle the campaign trail. he's been out there and stuff all weekend as he is facing a challenge for former senator
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david purdue. former president trump is backing purdue will hold a telephone style rally for him tomorrow but that is happening at the same time the governor campell campaign former vice president mike panza. this race really feels like camps to lose latest fox phone which shows him far ahead he is also out raising produce significantly. kemp said he is already looking past the primary ready to unite his party consists him to be democratic nominee stacy abram. i think stacy abrams is a great unit five of every republican in georgia it will be unified after tuesday. we have been through tougher primaries before in our stage. lexington georgia football legend republican senate herschel walker denies any after the socio- presidential for-profit veterans group he was once working with for the ap said the group was preying upon veterans and defrauding the government. walker's campaign is hitting back and see a piece in this part of a smear campaign from them for himself submission walker does have a commanding
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lead in this race assess for president trump's endorsement there's still a lot of questions about what happens after the primary after he becomes a republican nominee and what his electability look like statewide come november democrats bring a lot of money, time, resources to try to keep the senate seat currently held by warnock and the democrats control, micro. >> georgia bulldog mark meredith live in atlanta thanks very much. pennsylvania republicans senate primaries to close a call likely headed for statewide recount that means my friend alexander hoff may be moving back to pennsylvania. alex ince live in pittsburgh with the very latest hi alex. >> hi mika. yes i've been there for a while now have an eye. this thing is so impossibly close we knew it would be better at this time the difference between doctor oz and david mccormick is just 1100 votes. that's the size of your average high school, mike. but with that it equals out to about 0.1% in order for a recount to not be triggered their market margin would have
10:16 am
to be half a percent that would happen through absentee or mail in ballots yet to be counted now but this is how they next week is going to play out we have a calendar for them to say unofficial election results those are due the next day the trailing candidate could wave a recount neither oz nor mccormick plan to do that therefore the 26 the secretary of state or that recount which would begin on the first to have be complete by the seventh would take another day to get those results performer president trump who endorsed doctor oz urge all is to declare victory over mccormick on wednesday even with all the votes being counted is also blaming surprise contender kathy barnette for the race being this close he feels future growth that should have gone to oz. arnett has conceded she said this today. >> i, like so many others here in pennsylvania we are watching to see what happens over the next couple of days but i was certainly standby with the voters of pennsylvania have decided to do. exit now, mail in ballots have reemerged as a point of
10:17 am
contention for itself or the slightly favored mccormick provided pennsylvania appeals court ruled in a different case that mail in ballots without a date on the envelope can still be counted. mccormick campaign reached out to counties informing them of this ruling will the aussie campaign said this is a breach of standing pennsylvania law. i think we should add, overall when it comes to official election results most can often take weeks to come in. it is just in cases and races that are this close that we really have our eyes on the process, mike. mike: alex live thanks very much. ♪ rushes once again stepping up its attacks near kharkiv after they captured more territory in the region. trey yingst is live on the ground from that city, hello trey. >> and michael, good afternoon russian forces continue to target cities across eastern ukraine is a death toll here amounts.
10:18 am
a bakhmut a russian airstrike a recent building in russian often killing or injuring civilians when elderly man recalls the strike this weekend. >> i don't know there was an explosion that is where the crater is. the wallet was gone i cannot close the doors anymore. it's here in the kharkiv region the showing the northern part of the city incoming and outgoing fire is her day and night. russian troops have been pushed back slightly from kharkiv that would take a look at some of the russian positions adversely been destroyed by ukrainian forces. as russian forces advanced onto kharkiv's have different positions and tree lines outside of the city. though you creating artillery targeted these tanks and military vehicles in the distance you can still hear fierce battles raging on brave ukraine is trying to defend their second-largest city.
10:19 am
as a conflict continues russian officials have banned hundreds of americans from entering their country among that list in the new sanctions u.s. president joe biden, vice president kamala harris, secretary defense lloyd austin, hunter biden, hillary clinton facebook founder mark zuckerberg their move is in response to heavy western sanctions that are disrupting the russian economy in the wake of the invasion into ukraine. this were also bringing to light new security concerns when it comes to food. major concerns the united nations today about food insecurity because ukraine is the world's fifth largest wheat exporter and since the war began exports are down 60%, michael. >> europe's a bread basket trey yingst live in kharkiv. are dead after collapsing to the finish line 50 more injured. will tell you why after the break.
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mike: more than 20 million americans remain on a heat advisory across the northeast today the temperature expected to climb into the '90s for the third straight day. that is 15 -- 25 degrees above normal for this time of year. the hot temperatures turned deadly in new york saturday. a32-year-old runner in the brooklyn half marathon collapsed and died near the finish line in
10:24 am
coney island for at least 15 other runners were taken to the hospital for heat related reasons. temperatures are expected to drop back down to the 70s tomorrow. georgia voters are headed to the polls on tuesday to cast their ballot in the high-stakes primary. try me now political panel matra former nrc communications director and jonathan former communication director, gentlemen welcome. >> thanks for having me. mike: let's take at some look at some numbers favorable unfavorable in the great state of georgia for president trump, and governor brian kemp's hundred david produced mr. trump leading the pack but it does not appear he can transfer his popularity to purdue in that governor's race, jon. >> no it does not look like he ca going to be problems and governor's race is going be real and comfy when brian kemp has to campaign with herschel walker and donald trump and mike pence money and get on the same
10:25 am
stage together. i think that is a really good recipe for victory for stacy edwards and raphael were not come november. >> all right matra former president trump loses on the governor's race with david produced is that damages clout? >> you know it could. i think one thing he noted as he kind of convince purdue to run to parade this could be an issue for him. everyone can agree camp is probably going to win pretty handily. think at the end of the day this is about beating stacy abrams for a hope donald trump would not do anything to jeopardize brian camp winning reelection in the fall. >> you touched on the senate race we've got herschel walker recent polling way out in front all of his rivals in the single digits there on the screen. jon he looks pretty strong. you touched on earlier but should democrats be worried in november? >> look i think warnock is running a great campaign the big difference this weekend is very telling. warnock is celebrating helping
10:26 am
hyundai bring 8000 jobs into electric facility battery plant to georgian herschel walker's arguing about whether he defrauded veterans very think herschel walker's finding it a little different running through a jets offense of line getting through georgia politics is going to be a lot tougher than it was back in those days. little jets dig there i see you. all right matt, his walker exceeding expectations on the republican side in terms of how he is performing the crowded field? >> he has. one thing that's notable is both a trump world and mitch mcconnell and more of the establishment lane have both endorsed walker but one thing i would note with warnock is georgia we agree is a purple state right now proves far more of a down the line democrats then i think other but say joe manchin. the last two years that could be problematic and again a very good republican year.
10:27 am
>> to another issue that caught a lot of attention, bombshell testimony on friday from robby mook singh clinton personally signed off on releasing information to a reporter suggesting uncorroborated claims between donald trump and a prominent russian bank. are you surprised? i am very surprised. i don't think it is likely the scenario that happening to think there is a lot of russian collusion. donald trump's campaign was meeting with mae to many russians more than any other campaign in the history and they continue to have a great relationship to point out donald trump so the few politicians that's not on russia's black list right now. i think the clinton campaign struggled with how to deal with it is something we had never dealt with in the past. we had never dealt with the major party campaign seeking out and getting help from a foreign country. i think the clinton campaign did not know how to deal that we are still doing with the repercussions.
10:28 am
i also saw robby 15 say he didn't trust the fbi under jim coming to can't blame him for that. mike: fifth reaction from former president trump that said quote for three years i had to fight her off and fight this crooked people off. you will never get your reputation fully back, where do i get my reputation back? does he have a point, matt? rex i'm glad there is some accountability here we saw this in the final days of the clinton campaign of this scenario. in the book is shattered about the clinton campaign about 24 hours after hillary lost it was reported that rob ate mook they center on eating shake shack and found a way to blame her loss on the russian hacking. i think that started the genesis for this democratic obsession with so-called disinformation. but they really need is anything we don't agree with whether it's the abrams in georgia, hillary clinton they blame their electoral losses on so-called
10:29 am
misinformation. but with republicans this fall they take back the house and probably the senate to democrats will do the same there. mike: all right matt, jonathan thanks so much have an awesome day. >> you too. mike: gas prices reaching new record highs as many americans hope to hit the road for memorial weekend. we will have the latest after the break. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ♪ sweet ♪ ♪ emotion ♪
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very latest pain on the pump. however nay. >> hey mike aaa projects 39 million americans will travel for the upcoming holiday weekend for 35 million of them are expected to drive to their destination. and they will be spending a record or near record prices for gas for the national average sitting at $4.59 which is the same as yesterday but people and many states including here in new york and especially in manhattan where we are, are paying more this particular station charging 6039 cents a gallon for regular just a penny shy of $7 per gallon for supreme. as i mention this impacts every state. take a look. some states are getting hit harder than others to see a cluster of states on the west coast getting hit especially hard as it was a cluster of states in the northeast. in california the average price for gas is $6.6 a gallon illinois by the way just to sense a shy of $5 per gallon. now, i want to take a look at how quickly prices have gone up at according to aaa in the past week the average price is up 14 cents.
10:35 am
in the past month it is up almost 50 cents. and in the past year prices are up more than a dollar 50 per gallon. if you have a 15-gallon tank that is $23 more every single time that you fill up your carpet listen to impacted drivers here. >> i use she fill my gas at $40 now it's like 55 it's really hard. >> i cannot believe the way prices it has increased is really impacting a lot. it cost over $100 to fill this man up. it's getting kind of tough. ask also, mike according to aaa for the first time ever this week the average price for gas in each and every state is now over $4 per gallon and was summer travel demand prices are not expected to improve anytime soon. again 39 million people are expected to travel from for memorial day weekend that is 8% more than last year but still not quite at pre-pandemic numbers we saw back in 2019 will
10:36 am
send it back to you. >> may point live in expensive gas station in new york city, nay thanks a lot. for more on the syndrome a president ceo of vestments jon welcome. >> thanks mike, good to be here. mike: are soaring fuel prices and inflation biggest drags on our economy right now? >> indefinitely. i mean inflation is the key here. it is led by the energy prices. policies have implications when you change policies this is what happens. it isn't exasperated by the war in the ukraine the policy changes have made these inflationary it should become number one for our economy here for. >> of washington policymakers are watching right now they should be because our ratings are higher, what should they do, jon? >> you've got to open up the >> it. you cannot mute the u.s. we were energy independent
10:37 am
before. now we are not. now we are asking other countries to have dirtier energy to produce so we can eliminate inflation. we are all it is very important. we have to ease into it. and people are getting hurt because of this part is not just the rich people it is everybody. look at what is happening with baby formula. you go to the grocery store, inflation is here and it is very difficult for the fed to control this. >> to the financial markets, the dow down eight weeks in a row. thirteen out of the past 15 weeks, do you expect another bumpy ride on wall street this week? >> we are going to have volatility, mike for a long time here. i don't see it going away. it depends how the fed tries to land this space going to be difficult to have a soft landing. it sent never been done it if they stay the course we still
10:38 am
have, they haven't stopped buying in terms of more paper if we stop buying the mortgage paper we look at mortgage rates right now there are higher than they were a year ago. if we stop buying and we see mortgages? it is a big difference. we're going to have volatility there will be some good times there will be some bad times. our advice to our customers you have to be in it because the upside comes around and you have to be invested. and it basil for active managers how the professionals they know how to manage through these crises. mike: is an optimistic person is a good news here if there is in it, you are patient investor there may be some value out there? it may be a decent time to buy? >> absolutely is some value for there's been a rotation between growth and value stocks. now the growth stocks have been
10:39 am
beaten up so much. the active managers the professionals are picking to add to the positions at companies that are fundamental, have issues they have lowered those positions. if you are not the manager, you're actually looking at this as an opportunity to get rid of some companies that have not been doing well and add to the ones you think are going to do well. so there is opportunity out there. and over the course of time if you have a balanced portfolio you will do fine. >> jon, the question i get all the time is, does it feel inevitable were heading for a recession? so i am asking the expert. >> it is going to be difficult to avoid it. we are hoping the fed can avoid it. we've got certain tools is the balance sheet like i spoke about the going to raise rates the next couple times. my guess is a 50 basis points each time.
10:40 am
i believe they will pause and then take a look at where they are. it is hard to get a soft landing here. if they keep course and stop buying and of course keep raising to the end of the year it is going to be tough to avoid it. we have had inflation here in the low sixes for the target is 6%. i don't see us getting 2% by year end i think is going to last further than that. mike: a john i could pick your brain all afternoon we've got to run i hope you will come back thanks for your time for. >> absolutely mike. mike: and johnny depp said to take the stand again tomorrow and the trail that is the attention of millions. more on that, next.
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. mike: actor johnny depp is expected return to the stand trust drama filled deformation trial with amber heard continues to unfold. christina coleman joins us live from los angeles with the latest, hi christina. >> hi mike. johnny depp will be the third third witness that legal team calls to the stand to over a 20 but had to sat and op ed sure the "washington post" described herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. even though dap's name is not mentioned in the article he says the op-ed badly damage his
10:46 am
career and he denies abusing his ex-wife. now, for depth to win this case he has to prove by a preponderance of evidence he never hit heard. at the end of the day at the jury believes he hit heard on even on one occasion he loses this case. >> johnny depp has to prove by a preponderance of evidence he never hit amber heard. he then has to prove that amber heard acted with malice and post this op-ed. and then at last, depp has to prove he was financially harmed because of the op-ed. parks herds that legal team is working to undermine defamation case by zeroing in on his alcohol and drug use. they submitted these photos as evidence showing a passed out, bags of marijuana somebody scribbles on the wall. heard told jurors depth sexually assaulted her and was physically violent on multiple occasions.
10:47 am
musick heard his sister's claimant testified dap grab heard by the hair and hated her repeatedly in the face during an argument in march of 2016. claimed he was verbally abusive as well. >> when he was a drinking he would just get very angry. he would just say it really nasty unkind things. usually about amber, sometimes about me it almost didn't matter she was in the room are not he would just say it really horrible, horrible, horrible things about her to her. >> is suing hurd for $50 million claim she defamed him and her discounters suing for 100 million. this a trial is expected to end this week, it might be. >> it must act be christina comment live in l.a., thanks so much. as part scrabble to find the baby promote their children ate one at restaurant tour is stepping into help read that after the break. [whiff]
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. out-of-state corporations wrote too conservative an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless.
10:51 am
they wrote it for themselves. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. mike: as parents across the country's struggle to buy baby photo for the children one washington restaurant owners bring america together by giving out 100,000 bottles of form at their multiple community fridges in the area. let's big medium rare owner and feed the fridge founder mark, welcome.
10:52 am
>> mike it's great to be with you again thanks for having me for. >> thanks for being here. you are a steak a guy what he did with baby formula? >> you and i are together means people are hungry and i'm grateful you have had me on over the past few years and we started this whole pandemic may contribute but access to ready-to-eat meals. the pandemic did not cause a hunger it showed a star system has flaws in it getting food to people. in the war in ukraine did not cause a baby formula shortages showed us weaknesses in our system. and for example, ready to drink a baby formula is not snap eligible per there is a fair amount of that out there but you cannot use snap benefits to buy it and is very expensive. so what we have that as i've mobilized my entire college fraternity around the country. we have got pinellas county we've got dade county that broward county, florida aging populations this lot of this ready to drink stuff on the shelves but we are not taking it from communities that need it. leave it to an entrepreneur to repurpose it and bring it to our
10:53 am
community that needs it quicker than the u.s. military. so we've been filling our fridges since last thursday was ready to drink formula. and it keeps coming and were going to keep doing it. it caused me too think about hunger has got no age limit. the unintended consequence of this is babies are hungry just like parents are hungry. we are going to work at feed the fridge to see if we can try to get funding to make sure we've got baby formula and these fridges moving forward like we've got grown-up food is just part of what society needs. mike: i reaction you get from stressed-out mom and dad to this formula must be priceless. >> man, they'll fly on airplanes they say in the event of a problem the oxygen mask drops put on your info before you put on yourself. we are saying that with food as well. we are getting messages from moms have been feeding their babies water. we are delivering that we are actually putting in wilbur's and sending formula to them because i can do it in ten minutes just to make sure they have something as a last resort. it is a panic out there.
10:54 am
that never should have gotten to where it has gotten. i think lessons learned for everybody as the foresight to learn about these unintended consequences of things that happened in world happen here at home. mike: if a parent needs firm is any obligation on their part? >> know it is free pretty walk up to any of our feed the fridges in the d.c. metro area, open the door grab what you need. it does go fast. try to put more and more in every day. we are trying to keep up with every hoping supply on the grocery cells replenish themselves in the next week or two. but until that point were going to be there every day making sure we can get formula in those fridges for those who need it. and in front of the critical cases were managing to get it to some people as well. mike: feed the fridge that we got there on the screen for what her folks at home want to help out, what should they do, mark? >> feed the fridges and privately funded since we started it as individuals, the local foundations who have helped us spend one 100% of every dollar donated goes to
10:55 am
food. and thank everybody we have some reserves that we can use and apply in these emergencies i was able to move as fast as i was able to move because we had some money in the bank. now it is depleted and we have to replenish it again that is what we do we put all towards food and feeding those who needed the most critical of critical in our u.s. humanity. we make sure they have hot ready to eat delicious restaurant prepared meals. mike: mark from medium rare and feed the fridge, thanks so much for your time pay. >> think you might good to see you. mike: special tribute to those who lost loved ones in the buffalo mass shooting. >> the city council of buffalo honored their loss to citizens, next.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
to the simple notion of respect and love for all humanity. at this time, please join me in a 123 second moment of silence. [moment of silence] >> the city of buffalo new york observing a moment of silence yesterday for the 10 people killed and three wounded in last week's mass shooting at a local supermarket. after the moment of silence the houses of worship regular bells
11:00 am
13 times to honor the victims. the shooter has been charged with first-degree murder and pleaded not guilty. that is all for this hour fox news live fox news sunday is next. am mikey manuel, thanks fr watching. have an awesome day. ♪♪ >> i am martha mccallum. president biden elected as uniter signals that he is done trying to work with republicans and former president trump tallies his wins and losses in the first big round of primaries. the gloves are off. pennsylvania still counting votes. now, we are just two days for a big races in alabama and georgia >> it is the final stretch of georgia's federal republican governors race where former president donald trump picked.


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