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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  May 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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herd. that is how "fox reports" this sunday may 23 of 2022, i am jon scott. thanks for spending part of your sunday with us, we'll see you again next week, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, set "sunday night in america," if you like elections this is your version of college football season, election are everywhere in the month of may. last week 5 states went to the polls with key races, control of congress on ballot this fall and very interesting races for governor. some candidates backed by former president trump have won, and some have lost.
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some progressive candidates have won, others have lost. this week, the eyes are back on georgia, there were two senate run off races in georgia of january of 2021, g.o.p. lost both. giving control of senate to the democrats, this time, it say governor's race. brian kemp in 2018, then president trump gave brian kemp his full endorsement. kemp went on to beat stacey abrams. things have changed. president trump is not backing kemp this time around but backing perdue. whoever ins will race stacey abrams again in the general election, we know how much the media loves stacey abrams, joining us now former congressman from the
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great state of georgia, tommy graves, great to see you. how do you see the g.o.p. race for governor. >> great to be with you. i think you are right about where governor kemp is. everyone i have spoken with in both campaigns and a lot of my friends, across the state believe that governor kemp is in a very strong position and will win by double digits tuesday night and go into november election. >> to january of 2021, the nation is watching the state of georgia, control of the u.s. senate on the ballot. the g.o.p. is 0 for 2. now in a quirk, warnock is up for reelection again, this time up against hershal walker, what do you think will happen this fall? given the fact that control of senate may be back on the ballot.
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>> i think that everyone knows that herschel is in a strong position. i think he will prevail. a coupl on businessizations, the dwop -- a couple observations that we've seen. excuse me. sorry, i got sinus -- you know, we're seeing, you do that to me. we're seeing, really across the country is momentum is on the g.o.p. side, but en but incumbants like brian kemp are in the forefront and in a great position. trey: like the smart guy you always were, you anticipated my next question, president trump is till still popular in georgia.
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yet kemp has the lead. what has he didn't that allowed him to withstand the president endorsing his opponent? >> he did what he said he would do, he has been a governor for all of georgia, that is important, he served state senator, secretary of state and governor. and he is still the same person he was when he was in each office. i think he will get rewarded on tuesday night because of that. staying true to who he is and how he said he would represent the state of georgia. trey: tom, you mentioned secretary of state, no offense to secretary of state for various states, usually not a super interesting race. but it is more interesting in georgia this time, the incumbent challenged by a sitting congressman, right? >> that is correct. you are seeing that. i think again, favors the
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incumbents right now, jody heis, a colleague of ours, put up a competitive race. georgia is a very independent state. voters who make up their own mound without being persuaded from the outside, -- what happened tuesday night will voters go to the poll, many have. trey: a quick answer, can georgia republicans put all of this behind them and actually wen races in november and then again if there is a run off. >> that is the biggest challenge, right? reconciling and regrouping going into november. if they can't do that, it will be an ugly november for republicans. but i think they can, this is a great opportunity for them to do, that time for our party and state to come
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back together and focus on policy, focus on the platform that we all have signedded off on and campaigned on, instead of personalities, we would be in a better position going into november. trey: speaking of personalities,ure one of my favorite colleagues, you look tan and rested. great to see you without a tie, you look like don johnson from miami vice with the jacket and t-shirt. i'll call you this week and find out what happened in georgia and why, okay. >> you got it, thank you, trey, congrats on the great shows. trey: thank you. >> i'll see you. >> still ahead, there is a mental health crises in the nation, that impacts many americans, but hitting young people the hardest, dr. kevin gilley land will help us know what is happening and why next on "sunday night in america." we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america." it's a challenging time for our country, no wonder man americans are experiences anxiety and depression. young people seem to be bearing the brunt of it. u.s. teens are grappling with mental health problem in record numbers. and suicide is a big problem, may is mental health awareness time, always the right time to help those. need. doctor kevin clark gilliland is joining us now. what is going on?
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>> well. trey, a lot. as you touched on. unfortunately we were trending this direction in a concerning direct for almost a decade. what covid did more than any other age group the young adults, all things that are critical for their growth, intellectually, socially, their thinking, they got torn away at the most critical time in their life, we're seeing it has accelerated that for those who already struggled. we're seeing a doubling of rates of depression and anxiety when they occur we get helpless, and isolated. and isolation is one of the most savage of symptoms we struggle with. trey: kevin, we seem to be coming out of the pandemic, then we pick up the news paper or go on the phones and see monkeypox that makes
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us wonder, are we living forever with some fear of a disease? the talk about death and death toll the. how do we process information but not let it overwhelm with us fear? >> you know, trey, it is funny, i get that question a lot, usually from older folks like me and you. i say the same thing, which, if our kids have to learn that skill, we need to model it. and our psychological health actually has a huge impact on our child's. our problem is not social media any more than it was the television after we invented that. then the radio, the problem is how we're concerns, and how much we're concerning and are we thoughtful about it, social media or video games, when it is one of the things in people's lives, it doesn't have the negative impact that we're seeing. we have to start thinking about living.
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and ways to live, and things we enjoy and people and events. that starts to make a significant difference in our physical and our psychological health. trey: all right, doc. we've known each other since we were teens i remember that as a time of excitement and hope and opportunity and not attending class often, how do we communicate to our children and grand children, this is the season of hope. i hear young people talking about taking their lives in these numbers? >> i know. i know. and you know, those things, trey, the friendshipping and -- friendships and social things, talks about how critical they play, being with friends, being on a timor in theater, those help our intellectual development. and we have to look at the world in a small way,
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because it can be overwhelming, that hopelessness, is often a symptom of something that might be excess error or worry or a down mood then it folds in on itself. they should be stepping into life. life gets easier when you live your room. we have to do that. we have to reengage. trey: kevin, less than a minute, a big question. a parent or grandparent watching, they are worried about their child or grand child or any young person, what can they do, tonight to begin to help? >> just talk. talk to them. start a conversation or encourage them to talk to someone that has been helpful in the past. if you are a partner or a grandparent, that does not mean a lecture or a sermon, just talk, ask how
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they are doing? how their friends are doing we're have to do a better job. if you tried those things and they are still isolated. not enjoying things they used to enjoy, talk to them about seeing a therapist or a counselor, a psychological coach if you will. we have to think about things differently with our emotions, never been a greater time to say i just need to look at my situation different and talk to someone who has done this before, about how i can move through the world different, we have to do a better job of that. trey: great advice from dr. kevin clark gilliland. >> good to be here. trey: washington state almost released a mass murderer back into society, the governor overruled the parole board, one of the
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"sunday night in america," it's june of 1980. you are sitting in a tavern in washington skate what scott smith and timothy folly walk in with guns. it was armed robbery but it turned to into something horrific, they put 2 men in a cooler, executed them. they made two women take off their closings, raped the two, and hanged one with accord. smith and foley were arrested, convicted and ordered to serve multiple life sentences, but life does not mean life in some states. folly up for parole in 2016. an appeals court overturned it and he was back up for parole this year, parole board in washington state granted him parole, you
4:24 pm
heard that correctly, high would have been out of prison this summer, had the governor of washington state not intervened and overruled. among other factors. never apologized to the victims. our next guest no stranger to evil some people can do, he is a former sheriff who was working hard to keep pauly in prison, he worked on cases involving two of most notorious serial killers this country has ever seen. bundy and ridgeway. joining us now, former sheriff, former congressman dave reichert, great to see
4:25 pm
you. what in the world of the the parole board thinking? >> great to see you, trey. five years ago, more than that, in 2016, the parole board allowed family to have at least some voice in during the hearing. i was afford the opportunity to testify, years later, a few months ago, a second parole board hearing of helding during that hearing, the voices of the victims were not allowed to be heard, my voice was not allowed to be heard. the board made it clear, that the point of this hearing should focus mainly and solely on the fact that timothy pauley had proven himself fit for release. by number one, checking the box of going through alcohol
4:26 pm
treatment. checking the box of going through drug and alcohol treatment, checking the box of becoming a model inmate, not assaulting anyone, not causing further disturbances within the prison. therefore they said, you know, he is proven to be a great inmate, we think he deserves to be released. and, of course, the family has put up a tremendous fight. it has been so emotional for them to go through the pain and sorrow and suffering each time. his name comes up, each time they have a parole hearing, this horrendous facts around the case and the loss of their loved ones, faces them once again. and in this case, we were able to go to the governor and i have to give the
4:27 pm
governor credit, he listened to the victims, i was able to get them a meeting with the governor, i spoke with the governor, i have to give him credit for paying heed to the voices of the victims, i was at the scene. i processed the scene with other detectives. i carrieded dead bodies out of the tavern. trey: sheriff, the parole board may not want to hear from you and the victim, we do, i will play a clip, get you to react on the other side. >> you should be able to look -- read what they were in there for, they don't pay attention to that. it is oh, they were good. they were good little boys, they went to this class. that's garbage, excuse me. trey: sheriff, describe the crime scene for us. i am sure you have seen a lot of horrific crime scenes, give our viewers a sense of what you saw that
4:28 pm
night. >> you know, you can hear the pain in maggie's voice. in this clip there. here is what she experienced. that night, the two monsters came to the door, of the barn door tavern, they knocked and said we lift left our willamette in the bar -- wallet in the bar. they allowed them into the bar. timothy pauley had the gun, they taped them and bound the two bartenders. they put them in a cooler. they placed one of the bar tenders, one of the men on top of the other. and bound them together. and left them in the cooler. then they forced all three of the female victims to strip. the one female victim they hung from a bar railing, we believe they rapid -- raped her
4:29 pm
first, hung her from the railing, she died from lation. >> the other two, ordered to strip and call to the lady room, they were hung with electric cords in the bathroom stalls, they started out the backdoor, but last moment pauley goes to the cooler and puts a bullet in each one of the bartender's head, shoots the one on lap of other first and shoots second, ligatures on two women broke. they survived. and imagine now. maggie is naked, just suffocated from the ligature but regained consciousness. she is now on her hands and
4:30 pm
knees, crawling through the bar. finally reaches the cooler. and finds her husband and one of her friends shot dead. the two men left that night. believing they killed 5 people. three people died that night. but, in fact, trey, when you talk to the survivors and their daughters, they killed 5 people that night. in reality. trey: sheriff, i do appreciate the governor, inslee for overruling parole board, i really appreciate the victims and their courage and your stick to itness. you served in congress with great extinction, thank you sheriff, and thank you to the victims for making sure the two guys serve a life sentence.
4:31 pm
great to see you. >> thank you, trey. trey: pentagon inspector general issued a blistering report on the withdrawal from afghanistan, casting blame on republicans and democrat administrations, former secretary of defense mark esper discusses that and the state of the world next on "sunday night in america." based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america." a year ago the united states was in afghanistan, ukraine was a free country, and sweden and finland had no interest in joining nato. what a give respect a year makes. inspector general wrote a scathing report. despite billions of dollars spent, afghanistan has returned to taliban rule, and left many wondering what happened and why. russia began to amass forces on the ukrainian border last year then launched an attack, which is still on going, killing ukranian women and children. nato came into existence in 1949 for the ensuing 73
4:37 pm
years sweden and finland have not joined or sought to join nato, that changed this week when they both took the preliminary step of expressing an interest in joining the alliance, the world is changing rapidly, here is former secretary of defense under president donald trump, author of secret oath. secretary mark esper. >> thank you. trey: so, my question is do you agree that the signing of the agreement should be equated with the actual withdrawal? >> first, trey, great to be with you. i would say, no. signing the agreement was not a mistake. we need to have a resolution to the conflict in afghanistan, it could not go on for generations. the american people already committed over a trillion in
4:38 pm
taxpayer dollars, we committed our service members. over 2400 lost their lives in afghanistan. time to find an end to the conflict, only way to solve it was a political agreement. we tried military solution that did not work. i found a plan baked at that point in time, i said i could support is provide it is conditions-based. that meant we live up to our end of the agreement but taliban did as well, they failed to do. we failed to make them do so, that is you know at the end of my tenure, i sent a classified memo to president saying we should go no further below 4500 troops until the taliban lives up to their end of the agreement. trey: one more question about afghanistan. dominated the news almost a year ago. was there a manner or method by which the u.s. could have withdrawn its troops
4:39 pm
without the consequence of last summer? >> right, yes. absolutely. it was abysmal failure, it was a hasty withdraw, we looked like we were fort forced out, it was tragic and terrible. i would have recommended we make taliban live up to their agreement, continues our present in the country about 4500. we should have used lethal force against the taliban to get them to come to the table. if we stayed that would ensure afghan military would have stayed and provided contract support, could have done a better plan in terms of how we withdrew, the state department did not do a good job in terms of helping americans in afghanistan get out in a timely manner, there is so much more we could have done. trey: mr. secretary, playing
4:40 pm
a clip from general milley, i will ask for your reaction. >> we're entering a world that is becoming more unstable. the world you are commissioned into has the potential for significant international conflict. between great powers, china and russia. each with significant military capabilities and both who fully intend to change the current -- base order. >> are we -- i think you may have graduated from where he was the giving this commencement address, are we closer to actual conflict with russia and with china? >> i don't think necessarily so. we are in an era of great power competition, i came into office in 2019, i made it my priority to implement
4:41 pm
national defense strategy. both countries are run by autocrats. they have intentions to undermine democracy and international order that we know and trust. we find out that russia is more of a paper tiger than than we thought. their invasions in ukraine have been a failure for putin. china is a much bigger threat, they have a grand strategy, we need to modernize our military now and prepare all functions of government to focus on this, i think one of the successes of the trump administration was to form and forge a consensus across the government that china was a strategic threat to the u.s. of america. trey: mr. secretary, i talked too slowly, i didn't get to ask you about finland
4:42 pm
and sweden, hopefully you will come back to, thank you for joining. >> thank you, trey. trey: title 42 of u.s. code been in the news quite a bit, u.s. district court judge issued an injunction blocking the biden administration from the title, it has been around the government to deny entry to persons or property from other countries if the united states believes there is a din jeer -- danger due on a disease, trump administration used title 42 during the pandemic. biden administration wants to en that policy, challenge result in more people coming to the southern border, and will enable those to come seeking for asylum to await for their hearing on this side of the border, the biden administration the appeal lower court decision, leaving judges to decide
4:43 pm
mayor policy issues in the country. hamilton worried this judiciary might be too week. we don't have hamilton with us but we have former utah congressman, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. the border was an issue before you got to congress, while you were in congress and still an issue. are any of us going to live long enough to see the border resolved? >> well, they should. it has been a lack of political will. the laws are on the book, build a border wall to deny people to just simply walk across the border. it has been a lack of political will. biden-harris administration and obama administration have done everything they can. inviting people to come here. and with the expiration of
4:44 pm
title 42, a judge put that order in place, i think there are still tens or hundreds of thousands of people that will pour across at 18,000 people a day. trying to come in to the country in addition to millions that have already plowed across the borders. >> not just the pandemic, this is a national security issue, a law enforcement issue. do you think that the pandemic is still a sufficient while danger to health danger to continue triggering title 42. or should they just say, you are not coming to the country for other reasons? >> it is human trafficking, i talked with border agents who believe upwards of 90% of women trafficked across the borderer raped on the way. it say drug problem. the problem with fentanyl. the tens of thousands of americans that have lost their lives. human trafficking, you think that would be enough.
4:45 pm
would think that drugs would be enough, the cartels are essentially runs the border, i know that secretary majorcas said he with operational control whoomp we do not, it is border patrol, talk to border patrol, not an agent out there who thinks we have control, allow the min and women to do their job, push the people back and get back to the people, we're failing the people that are trying to do it legally and lawfully, those are the people we're failing. trey: all right, on that point, i have this vague recollection when we were there together, you spent a lot of time looking at fraud in refugee and asylum programs. do i recall that right? what did you find what you looked for evidence of fraud in the two programs? >> i was on immigration subcommittee, on judiciary we looked at asylum,
4:46 pm
starting with obama administration, it used to be you had to come from south sudan where there is real conflict. but obama changed it to hey your boyfriend is beating you up that is good, and climate change that is enough, it turned into a massive abuse. we see streams of people coming across, with notes in their pockets, they get it odd and read it, and people of united states say, you can be here, you have to go through your asylum claim, you will do that 12 years from now. when i was looking at it there were only 3 administrative judges for immigration in the state of arizona, three, it was a joke, it was never ment to have the ajudication process work. trey: if you utter the right
4:47 pm
allegations with respect to asee lo to asylum, you will remain in this country until your court hearing, and may or may not go looking for you. >> you say, well the judge gave me a date, it is years in advance, but i have to work and go to school and get medicine. all of which american people pay for, you go back to the court, and suddenly you have papers, and you can go and compete against the americans for american jobs. trey: jason chaffetz thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you, trey. trey: up next, pga championship has been full of twists and turns, a winner has just been crowned or about to be crowned, we'll find out from michael breed when he joins me next on sunday night in america.
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>> woman: you must be pascal. >> tech: nice to meet you. >> tech vo: we got right to work, with a replacement she could trust. >> tech: we're all set. >> woman: wow. that looks great. >> tech: schedule now at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," just in, justin thomas is the winner of this year's pga championship. coming back from a 7 stroke deficit in final round, his second pga championship win. and second major. we come to expect this from j.t., this week was anything but normal in southern hills, no one better to break it down for us than
4:53 pm
professional golf instructor television host, michael breed. justin thomas. down 7 shots? i didn't see that coming, how about you. >> listen, a lot of people did. this guy had a fantastic year. as i'm sure you are aware, this is his eighth top 10 for the season, he played 13 events, has not missed a cut, 8 of those 13, been in top 10, now the first win for the year. and it could not come at a better time in a pga championship. with his father a pga professional and his grandfather too, it is a big important win. and it is welcomed. trey: i will be honest, i snuck a peek before i went on air, i saw him with a makeable birdie putt on 18, i thought -- he needed to make it to have a
4:54 pm
chance. golf is different, we don't pull for people to mess up, i love justin thomas, but i take no delight in someone double bogeying 18. to really cost them self a major championship. that is heartbreaking this is why golf is different to me. >> no question, you are talking about perrer who came to 18 hole with a uncomfortable one shot lead over a couple people, including jt who played a fantastic last 9, well last 10 holes, he was 4 under in last 10. and that puts prepressure on him as did young. and a lot of players put pressure on perrer, who is not one -- not won on pga tour, a rookie on the tour this year, won 3 times to korn/ferry tour, he is a talented player, you have to play all 72 holes, 18th hole
4:55 pm
at southern hills is not easy, 490 plus yards, wind is blowing all over, he let the tee shot get away from him down the right side. it was in a tough lie on left side of the green. this is one of those things, they say, experience is what you get to when you don't get what you want, we got a little experience today. unfortunately it resulted in a tied third with cameron young. but will fought his way through, he made a birdie late that allowed him to get to 5 under par, he needed that collapse from perrer, he got it but justin thomas put that pressure on to create that as well, he birdied that 17 hold on to create that 5 under
4:56 pm
opportunity for him. so will and j.t. go to a 3 hole play-off, justin thomas with a huge birdie. >> michael, a hard 30. >> i don't have. trey: when will we see or ever see phil mickelson at a pga tour event? >> that is the million dollar question. i am telling you, if i had that answer, i would lit you know, i have no idea. it has been an interesting watch. trey: great michael breed. there are a lot of important tournaments this august my birthday invitational, you will be coming. >> i hope that pairing is you. >> thank you michael breed,
4:57 pm
good night to everyone, thank you for joining us. >> each week we enjoy hearing from you. we love hearing what is going on, hay get started first question, from megan. >> i'm traveling from england. where do you recommend in the united states? trey: welcome to the united states. i am biased, i confess that up front, i would visit charleston, south carolina, then to the up state, visit greenville and spartanburg then to asheville, north carolina. beaches, mountains wonderful people and beautiful scenery, if you go to washington visit arlington national cemetery. >> jesse. >> what can washington do in regards to homeless population. trey: that would depend on what is causing homelessness, is this undiagnosed and untreated
4:58 pm
mental health issues? poverty, price of housing? what is causing it. family, i think housing is something that should be handled by the cities or communities or states where it is happening. south carolina may have a different approach for our homeless population, than arizona or alaska. first things first, what is driving it? understanding that will lead to better solutions. our next question tonight in barcelona. >> what advice to give to president biden after his first year? trey: i tried very hard to not give advice for those who don't ask for or want, i would tell him. he would not be able to do, this is a center right country, not to over read election results as a mandate for transformative change, people love america, they think our country can
4:59 pm
be improved but they don't think our country needs to be radically changed. i am afraid that is not advice he is getting from others. >> and lester from california. >> what was your biggest accomplishment in congress. trey: something almost no one knew bwe had a program we went to schools and gave awards to children who overcame significant challenges in life, some lost parents or siblings, some were diagnosed with diseases, and some parents incarcerated. i wanted these children to know that someone was watching and noticing and proud of what they were doing, i asked teachers and guidance counselors to send us the names, we visit the schools and presented children with recognition. only rule i had was no media. the thing i'm proudest of. the thing few knew about. if you have a question to
5:00 pm
share, send us a message on-line. or e-mail us, thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead. until next week, you can find ut on the trey gowdy podcast. good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests tonight. before we get to them, the mass murder in buffalo, targeted a black community, tried to find a community in new york. that was mostly black, he knew new york had


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