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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 22, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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on-line. or e-mail us, thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead. until next week, you can find ut on the trey gowdy podcast. good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests tonight. before we get to them, the mass murder in buffalo, targeted a black community, tried to find a community in new york. that was mostly black, he knew new york had very tough
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gun laws, most of the people would not be armed. he went there with mind set of slaughtering as many black people as he could, he did, 10 people were murdered, a horrific crime. media almost turned it to a political issue, not just political. i suspect most of the people who were murdered that day most of their families, came to the u.s. long before many of our ancestors did. what does that have to do with immigration and replacement? he wrote about it in his so-called manifesto, he wrote about a lot of sick things. including his hatred for the jews were behind everything, i have not heard media in america talk about his antisemitism. they talk about replacement theory. and why is that? why is it?
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because there is a big chunk of the democrat party even elected democrats, in the media including "new york times," anti-semitic. america cartoon "new york times" ran with president trump holding a leash, at end of the leash was netanyahu, this was an accident. i suppose not covers holocaust was a an accident, they just forgot about it, i could go on and on. that is not the point of tonight's program, let's look at immigration. very, very briefly. very interesting this so-called replacement theory. more of a replacement ideology, it has been pushed and pushed by the left. the media, and the democrat
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party for decades. for decades. i start with this question america, that i have been asking on radio for months, why is the southern border wide open? why? doesn't help us economically for anybody and everything to pour over the border, that does not help us in terms of the health and safety of the nation. for everybody and anyone to come into the country, pour over the border, particularly with laxed rules in place by this administration. school districts overwhelmed, local law enforcement overwhelmed and local hospitals overwhelmed. why is a democrat president and a democrat congress and democrat administration supporting wide open borders like no administration in modern american history? violating existing federal immigration laws and re-- reversing all
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of donald trump's policy and refusing to complete a wall? why are they doing it? they don't tell us why. but the media tell us and democrats tell us in their own way, not an official statement, but they tell us in their own way, you could google you will find case after case afters a with democrat party leadership and the media say the same thing. the browning and the blacking of america, reducing number of the white population. i have said on my radio show for years, why do they keep talking like this? i don't talk like this? why do they talk like this? that is not the purpose of immigration to change the complexion of america. what kind of racist nonsince nonsense is that? that is what it is, if you raise a finger and say,
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wait, what are we doing here. well you might be a white supremacist or a neo-nazi, there is a web site called storm front. they had a big picture of me on storm front with a star of david, and a long hook nose. and an old hat. they used to trash me, left and right all of the time. and i noticed they took the graphic down when i would call them out. it was the constant. it was anti-semitic and the threats that i get, they don't come from black nationalists, they don't come from islamists, they come from the neo-nazis and white supremacists. why? because i'm a jew . that is why, when i see that guy in buffalo slaughtering these people because of their race, that is his
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objective and saying that. jews are behind it. not surprise to me, he denounced conservatism. he is a national echo socialist. media don't focus on this. they don't talk about any. instead it is the great replacement theory, let's talk about their hero and their ideology and whether it is realry or not, in 1965, the democrat congress urged by lyndon johnson and ted kennedy passed hart seller act, changing our immigration laws and put in place chain migration. when the immigration laws used to be balanced more toward europe and these laws would now or this law
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balance it toward third world, but don't worry kennedy said that will not change the quote, unquote complexity of the nation. it passed overwhelmingly in democrat senate, then the democrat house and signed by lynden johnson, now we have massive open borders. late author white, no conservative, he wrote that the immigration act of 1965 changed all previous patterns. and in so doing probably changed future of america, it was noble, and probably the most thoughtless of the many actions of the great society. in 1960cesar chavez, the bust of whom in obama's office. and they celebrated his birthday as a great civil rights even, cesar chavez, one of the founders of united farmworkers union,
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opposed illegal immigration, arguing it undermined his effort to unionize farmworkers and improve working conditions and wages for american workers. in 1969, cesar chavez organized and lead a march, with abernathy who was martin luther king's lieutenant. and senator mondale on border with mexico protesting farmer's use of illegal immigrants it goes on and on. until the unions decided it might be in our best interest to rather than fight but join, maybe we could unionize the people. slesinger jr. was an advisor on john kennedy. and adviser to johnson. he was a huge liberal
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democrat intellectual with huge influence in the democrat party, he wrote a little reported book, the disuniting of america. throughout the book, he talks about how ethnicities and creeds, and backgrounds, and the celebrating of each, and that indoctrine nation and classroom and teaching of each, and immigration that is not curbed or controlled, will lead to the destruction of the united states that is alter schlessinger jr. you can look it up. then dick lamb former democrat governor of colorado, gave a famous speech in dc in 2003. it was my secret plan to destroy america. i have a secret plan
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to destroys america. let's destroa america. destroy america, it is not that hard to do. he gives a list of the things you need to do, wire doing it. -- we're doing it. what does he talk about bicultural country, multiculturalism and having sections of the country like quebec. french speaking. we could do that. he talks about fastest growing demographic group, young foreigners and drop out rates from schools, he goes on and on, i guess he was a white supremacist long before his time, he would say this these subjects are off limits. can't talk about them. you would be a hieratic if
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you dared to mention it. and sensor david hanson's book. mexifornia . please, don't buy his book. this guy is on to my plan. says dirk lamb. how did we get from there to this is a republican ideology pushed? the fact that democrats have pushed this great replacement ideology, and they are criticizing i guess former democrats for pushing the great replacement ideology. the fact of the matter is, they are occurring. the census says so, joe biden says so. democrat after democrat, whether they are dressed as journalists or politicians
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say so, we're not allowed to talk about it or be concerned about it my concern is a lack of asystem assimilation. you can't have people pouring over the border, people are taught in elementary school how to hate their own country. and on this issue of anti-semitic. democrats want raise it, they accept it more and more, the squad keeps spreading lies about jews and israel, they did so 48 hours after the buffalo mass murder. and after he says in hiss so called manifesto, that the jews are behind these. they push something called, a -- mythical retelling of the war there would be genocidal armies. the daily news with
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those who tried to help, have been recast, as helpless victims of a horrible catastrophe. had you heard anyone on ms nbc explain this, no, no one has denounced it. nobody in the "new york times" or "washington post" has dejointed this. the squad and a growing number of democrats in congress are anti-semitic, it's that simple there are so few. jews, that democrat party made their decision who they are throwing in work they have thrown in with the squad. i'm out of time. there is more to say, i want to get to my guests,
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mark: welcome back america, we have brent bozel . he is an iconic conservative figure. what do you make of refrain and media every time there is a horrific murder or a event. they attack the right. they attack the conservatives, they attack conservative media and so on. >> it is stunning, the cynicism is not to be believed. beyond that kevin bacon sex degrees of separation -- 6
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degrees of separation, this is chuck todd, he said that republicans are appeasers of white supremacy, and now the chickens have come home to roost. "new york times" said g.o.p. stoked beliefs that lead to the killings. mark: a couple weeks ago,y explained role of the "new york times" in promoting stalin. and they broadcast re, that is what "new york times" has done. and their ancestors owned slaves, how do you get from the buffalo slaughter brent, which is horrific, to immigration? i mean, this killer was focused on black-americans. that is why he went there. that is why he killed.
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he rejects conservatism in his writings, he said he is a socialist. he didn't despise democrat party or cnn or "new york times" or "washington post." >> you know. this goes to the politics of the obama administration. which is trying to divide america by race. trying to divide america by class. trying to divide america by gender. this is what they wanted to do, this is how barack obama won the election. this is how he did it one way to do that, that look -- let me ask you about white supremacist. they say that the kkk has 4,000 members in a nation of 333 million, if cnn stopped doing documentaries it might disappear for good.
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do you know of any white supreme test group or knows of anyone that knows of anyone of a group? where are these groups they are talking about? mark: they used to be in the democrat party. aligned with the klan. the democrat party supported slavery and segregation and jim crow, joe biden supported segregation. i could go on and on, only ones that i know of, that run the web site storm front. they have a hate on for me, because i am jewish and conservative. and constitutionalist. they have something in common with marxist and black nationalists, they want to destroy america. they don't believe in our institutions, they don't believe in a civil society. they attack the constitution, they hate
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donald trump. they hated ronald reagan, they hate everyone, they all want to drive this country into dirt. >> one of the great haters was -- do you remember that guy that almost kill steve scalise. shot him? it turns out that person is so radical. these despises all things conservative. all things republican. and it came out that he was a fan of rachel. >> and a supporter of bernie sanders, how many stories on that? the hundreds of stories that blame conservative talk media for vicious murders, if that is fair to do, where were the stories of him supporting. and on gabby giffords' shooter, they said was a republican and a conservative, turned out he was a marxist. why doesn't anyone do stories about you know
5:23 pm
leaders of black lives matter ar marxists. what about the killer shooter in dallas, texas, gunned down 5 police officers,y he said he was a supporter of black lives matter. we looked at stories, the stories came out. and they showed the media, back peddling, rushing to defend black lives matter. why don't they have rules for left they have for the right? answer, they want to do everything in their power to slaughter the integrity of the conservative movement and anyone who supports america. this is -- why am i telling you, you just wrote a book about this, this is about an effort to destroy america, and anyone that loves and defends america. mark: too bad brent bozell. president biden went to buffalo, he did not talk about how we're the most diverse country in the face
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and most united. death is horrific, where people target people because of their race and faith and believes. that is a horrific thing in america. we don't have somebody who goes to these events and talks like, that we have someone that goes to 7 events -- certain events and politically exploits them, this my point we're at the same place we were before the mass murder. here we are having to defend ourselves against the corrupt media, so corrupt, and people can say what they want about donald trump, i thought he was a fantastic president, he sure as hell exposed media once and fore all with our help brent bozell. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to fox news live i am jon scott. president biden in tokyo at this hour. mr. biden met with the japanese prime minister and emperor today. to discuss a much needed american-japanese economic alliance and growing threat of north korea, president to
5:29 pm
speak with reporters about 5 hours from now detailing his talks with japan's leaders. >> operation fly formula is underway. first shipment of baby formula from germany arrived in indianapolis today aboard an air force cargo plane, contained 71,000 pounds of formula, a welcome sight for american family, but make just make a small dent in the shortage. >> i'm jon scott. now back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: welcome back. brent bozell's father was a brilliant writer and thinker as was he uncle william f buckley jr., he is carrying the baton. he does fantastic work. there is a pattern to this. is there not brent bozell with corrupt media. >> it goes back many years, research we did to prepare
5:30 pm
for your show. to 1995 the bombing of oklahoma city. with tim mcvay and deaths that took place there. "time" magazine. said that conservative talk radio was quote, an unindicted coconspirator in the blast, and named. rush linbaugh and north. the extent to which their approach fosters violence is questioned by many observers. that said that talk radio had a group of violence. church burnings in south in 1996, from "time" magazine. torching of black churches. -- holocaust memorial
5:31 pm
shooting of 2009. the guy commits murder. rush limbaugh was blamed. and gabby gifford shooting, she was almost killed. 6 people murdered. within hours "new york times," had blamed sara palin and rush limbaugh. "new york times" say, link to political incitement was clear, sarah palin pac circulated a. a map. that was false. not only that, that shootest was a marxist who did that. that story never came out, aurora colorado movie theater massacre in 2012, brian ross went on "good morning america," said there is a jim holmes of aurora
5:32 pm
colorado page on colorado key party, he said, we don't know if this is the same jim holmes, it wasn't, colorado tea party had nothing to do with it pittsburgh tree of life shooting in 2008, anti-semitic terrorist attack who did cnn blame, brought on bill crystal to blame donald trump. he said, can we talk about the fact he, trump, helped create an environment that made this possible. how about this shooting in synagogue. in poway, shooting in 2019. this is about what they said, abc said, trump needed to quote, look in the mirror and understand the rhetoric, the words he uses in all of his influence is part of what going on in america, gives permission to most craziest people in america, it goeso and on, and culminates now here.
5:33 pm
i can give you flip side. what happens when there is a leftist attack media go radio silent. mark: it is so bad, i don't know how a nation heals or come closer together when we have such a corrupt media. let me ask you anything brent bozell. as a universal point, you really see any -- distinction the policies talking points? >> none. i used to ask myself. is that a bit of a ex exaggeration, it is not. if mead were not advances radical policies look at anything, look at black lives matter where are stories yet to be reported that fact of matter is leaders of these are self proclaimed marxist and their own manifesto calls for disvehicle you
5:34 pm
destruction of western civilization. who will ever report the agenda of aoc and what the aoc's of the work will do. this is the left attempt to rip america apart, and at core, i have to say it, i say it over and over, it is what you said, it is neomarxism in america, these are people who hate america, they hate what america stands for, they hate the american idea of liberty, they love what is going on to try to destroy america. mark: thank you, brent bozell, keep up your great work. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: to me one of the smartest lawyers out there leo terrell, thank the good lord he is with us. he is one of the guys that i didn't love to go up against. now, he is a man of liberty, leo terrell, thank you for coming. listen, leo, you are a
5:40 pm
contributor to fox, a civil rights attorney, you have been around for a while, you saw what happened in buffalo, the horrific racist slaughtering as many plaque black people as he could. >> this was a hate crime. he hated black people, and you saw the destruction and the wreckage in luv buffalo, what bothers me, everyone watching your program knows left plays an offensive narrative when they see a black victim and white a-- we're back in the 50s, a lie, when it comes to black on black crime, crickets, when you a situation, in wisconsin, a black supreme.
5:41 pm
darrel brooks, christmas parade in wisconsin, he mowed town white people, he killed white people, he said, on his social media rant, violence to white people, hitler of the right regards the jews, where was joe biden in joe biden uses black people. 48 hours, he was in buffalo within 48 hours. wisconsin. and the families in wisconsin, are still waiting for joe biden to show up. it is a game, mark. a game. he played this game of race division. this is the greatest country on the planet. people break the laws, to come in to this country, i enjoyed a tremendous career as a teacher and a lawyer. let me be clear, i'm proud to be a republican. when i came on your show two
5:42 pm
years ago, why did i leave, joe biden and embarrassed insulted every 14african-american, saying. if you vote for donald trump you are not black. mark: you raise an issue of black on black crime. vast majority happens in democrat cities. with democrat prosecutors, they don't want to. rivera said the civil rights issue of our time, it is. the slaughter that is taking place, thousands and thousands of people. murdered, innocent people, these are people who want to be protected. people who want police in their communities. they are never heard. it is the activists who are heard, the media, many of
5:43 pm
whom are white sitting in their studios, and comfortable and so on. talking about it. professional athletes, whoen to return in many cases to the communities, the people are left in many respects to fend for themselves, i agree it is the civil right issue of our time that does not get the attention it deserves. >> you are right. it never will, why? because there is exploitation. i find it offensive that -- let's say, take chicago, we are sitting here right now, we know there will be back on -- black on black crime in chicago this week, and next, and they have a black mayor and black police chief, they call discrimation in chicago, where is it. we know there are left media and white wing liberals, what hurts the most is there are black politicians also exploiting black
5:44 pm
people, laurie lightfoot shame on you, to allow this kind of crime wave to go on, not only in chicago, but in my city, los angeles and new york eric adams black man, you have the individuals committing crimes, 24 hours later they are releases, they are terrorizing people of color, don't get me started to education, the key to breaking poverty cycle, strangle hold of these unions coupled with a lack of activity of police enforcement. career criminals are having a holiday in democratic cities. >> for unfortunate, what is unfortunate that that is described to the lens of race, rather than americanism. that is why file that the various marxist movements and forces that have gavel
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mark: welcome back america, leo terrell. axios and others report that department of homeland security put out a memo preparing for potentially massive violence by the radical left on the abortion issue. threats they are concerned some racially violent extremists, talking about threats against the court, the supreme court. and individual justices. potentially violence, the roe v. wade decision has been in place for 49 years, pro life movement never threatened justices or supreme court building, they marched 1 a year. this decision if it should come to be does not outlaw abortion, it allow states to do what they want to do, we're not talking about roe v. wade any more, it had a
5:50 pm
trimester system in third trimester the state had an interest,. today we have states that say, abortion right up to last second. they are that extreme. democrat party had a vote to codify basically california's law, which says. even that baby is viable. you can abort it. and so, now they prepare for violence. it took the department of justice and attorney general days to decide, maybe we should protect the justices. what do you make? >> i tell you what, you laid out the facts. the concept on left is to destroy the greatest country in the world. destroy our institutions, this is attack of the supreme court. our legal system, and that is what make this country unique, a legal system of justice, a beautiful document called the constitution. the declaration of
5:51 pm
independence. the left will do anything for power, also this is an election, they want to detract, and change the narrative. from the disastrous administration. the worst administration in a hundred years, jimmy carter is probably the happiest guy in the work, joe biden worst president in last 100 years. you are right. abortion would not be outlawed. that is a fact, california the state they live in, most liberal abortion laws in country with new york. they are facts. the liberals, left wing, socialists, marxists, they don't deal with facts, because they wanted to prey on people's emotions. anger and does that call for lying, no problem, as far as expecting violent? mark, we had violence here since the summer of 2020. and democrats, basically sanctioned it.
5:52 pm
so, there are law abiding citizens who want to preserve what makes this country so unique. law and order. freedom. liberty, what you talk about every week. and that is why this country needs a sweep in november. a republican president named trump in 2024. and bring back what is a so good about this country, people -- things that drive people here, but until that time, we, you have to keep telling the truth about the lies that are told on the left, i heard your program, you are right, let me be clear there is no difference between democratic party and left wing media. they are agents of the democratic party. antifa and black lives matter, agents
5:53 pm
of the democratic party. mark: we have an attitude american people are a good people, they have a heart and soul, throughout generations, men and women here, have gone overseas, put their lives on the line to defend people who den look like them, they don't share the same faith. not on concur, we're not an imperialist nation. we're good people. people who come into this country, even illegally they get healthcare and education. yet there is an element within the country, the democrat party hates this country, brents bozell ended this way, you began this way, what else explains the fact that party never endorses our institutions or traditions our customs and gives voice to
5:54 pm
most radical american-hating professors and activists you could imagine. i want to thank you for having courage to do what you do and say what you say, leo terrell, it is a great honor, god bless you my friend. >> god bless you my friend, keep doing what do you every day. mark: thank you, we'll be right back. [♪♪] if you have diabetes,
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mark: welcome back, i want to thank my guests for their courage. what you speak the truth, sometimes it can be a dangerous thing. >> all men are created equal. they are endowed by create or with certain unable able rights, among these, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, when judge jackson was asked if she agreed with those rules, natural law, she said she does not take a position, that is the problem. when you abandon our founding document, who we are as human being, red blooded, you become a
6:00 pm
national war with itself, this is why media are corrupt, they stoke it, exploit is, celebrate it, we need our free press back,. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." >> the fact is that the deterrent threats with the stability is as vital today for not only that but the world. >> facing historic economic challenges in proving to be resilient. steve: have you ever heard a weaker expression than that? that is the president of the united states of america who cannot even


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