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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  May 22, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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casualty but americans need to see justice. >> so great to have you here thank you for being with us we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution". >> fallout from trump campaign shake up. >> kellyanne conway now elevated to the campaign manager. >> trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway. >> nobody better to talk about donald trump campaign. kellyanne conway. >> kellyanne conway. successfully managed the trump campaign, been named to the president.
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>> whether he gets removed before his term of office ends or not, he is leaving in disgrace. >> yesterday he tweeted you are nuts to the president, what does your husband say. >> you can ask george that. >> i don't know him, high is a whack job. >> he doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. >> kellyanne conway announcing she will be stepping down at the end of the month to focus on her family. >> after her 15-year-old daughter took to social media to say she wants to emancipate%. >> kellyanne conway. >> kellyanne conway. kellyanne conway. >> you didn't think i would sit quietly forever, you are ready, here's the deal. ♪ ♪
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>> come here, kellyanne, she has been so great, wow. so. there is no den she will not go into. when my men are petrified to go in a certain network, i say, kellyanne, would you do it, absolutely, no problem, she gets on and destroys them, thank you, baby, thank you. >> and we developed, i would say a relationship that was 5 times a year talking about politics and stuff. then in 2011, he hired me to do a poll for him. because donald trump thought he might want to run against barack obama. i told mr. trump in 2011,
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until you are a declared candidate. and you say, i am running for president, not i'm thinking about it. or i could and i should. you really never know how many people support you, it was so in possible for so many americans to wrap their heads around why anyone, let alone donald trump would want to be president. i didn't just pop out of thing air. in 2016, donald trump didn't say, i'll take that person over, no one heard of, i was 49 years old, i was doing this for decade, hiding in plain sight, sharp ending my craft, my story could be the story of any woman, growing up modestly, raised by a single mom, i was raised by strong independent women. and me becoming a conservative, and a very pro
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woman, young girl, without having a conversation about politics or feminism, just living it. not saying it, i think my mother, diane was original forgotten woman that donald trump talked about. by her husband and economic upward mobility, by society if, we were seen as wives and mothers, and really that was it. and they were not part of the decision making process. >> i met kellyanne in summer of eighth grade, i remember her as being very confident, and pretty. out going, i had a different family, with 9 brothers and sisters. there was a big difference, kellyanne was valedictorian, i was class athlete. but we had the same fundamental values that brought us together as well, which were the importance of
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family, importance of faith, and we wanted to have fun. >> for 8 summers i worked sun up and sundown, seven days a week for pennies. >> she had to pack a loom on your table, each bench there are two girls, hers of by itself because she packed with so much gusto. she would move the table. >> she had to be best and quickest, not the neatest, but she was best, that is where she got a lot of her work ethic, she was serious from start to finish. >> i credit the blueberry farm for helping to teach me a strong work ethic and power in focusing in getting the job done. >> we're going to rename.
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reagan drive. >> the summer from junior to senior year in high school was also 1984 republican democratic convention, and election that year, president ronald reagan was running for reelection, he came to the town where i went to school, i got to meet ronald reagan. i got to meet him. it was not more than just a polite hello, and handshake and look he in the eye, i was hooked. >> to make america great again and make a new begin, now it's coming together with our we beloved national peace, greatness, lies ahead of us. >> message from him. was gripping, personal.
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it i fell bitten and smitten by politics at that moment, it was something that i wanted to pursue. not as an elected official. as someone who maybe behind the scenes, that perhaps one day, that could be my platform. to which to make a difference. ♪ ♪ a woman in the night ♪ ♪ with a baby in her hand ♪ ♪ >> i had an offer from donald trump in march or april of 2015, i said to mr. trump, let's see how it goes, i was going through the polling data of the states coming up next. and it was all trump, trump, i said there is no path for anyone but president trump. was working with the trump campaign, from the spring of 2016 on. and i was summoned to donald trump famous 26 floor
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office, mr. trump said, i'm told that i'm a better candidate than she is, i said i think that is true, he said do you think we could still do this. i said beat hillary, yes. the windows are closing and polls, i know polls, and i know leaders, you can beat her, but we have to do a couple things differently. and i went through the list with him, he said yes to every one. i had not experienced this in my career, he said can you be my campaign manager, i said i need to look at data. >> he said can you do, that i said yes, not know figure i could. -- not knowing if i could, only person they told that day that donald trump offer ed me campaign, was my husband george, he said, he could win with you. >> bringing kellyanne in was
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first good decision he made, she knew how to talk to donald trump, there was a lot of moments between august and november, he needed to be told the truth, and didn't want to hear it, almost always was kellyanne. >> the work that kellyanne did to build out that confidence between american people and parent company president trump and those handful of people, it was magic. and it worked. it was historic. >> donald trump will win the state of florida. >> clear, he would be next president of the u.s., jason miller said, ap. >> donald trump will be the
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45 president of the united states. >> as this is happening, so loud. and andrew christie. said kellyanne your phone is ringing, it was in my hand. >> said it is uma abedin, she picked up the phone. >> she said secretary clinton would like speak with mr. trump. >> we you have given me such incredible support, look at these people, we have got the most talented people up here. >> it was an unbelievable moment to look out and see some of my neighbors, my friends. george. and his black maga hat. people say, without
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kellyanne conway in 2016, donald trump would not be elected president. that is debatable. but here is what will never be in doubt, without george conway. urging me and insisting and supporting and loving me in 2016 to take that presidential campaign management job, my shot. and putting in more at home and helping me with kids, i think not have been trump's campaign manager to extent. >> he was very involved. in the lewinsky tape and jones versus clinton and supreme court and the prime minister of william jefferson clinton, i didn't meet him for 19 months, i think it was intrigue at first sight for me, he was very shy.
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but i'll tell you more about that later wind of way, what learned about george, he was going to do the work, it was a courtship that started out very sweetly, and slowly. and we had so much in common never fought about anything any anyone, we were falling in love, got engaged and married. >> early over in, he got a call, kelly said can you come. i have a surprise. she and george announced they were engaged. it was very exciting. >> our goal in life was not to get married but to go to college, work, have our experiences, and then get married, sometimes later in life, it was a beautiful, beautiful day. and they moved to new york. to a beautiful apartment. and everything was dream-like.
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>> a fox news alert, kellyanne conway given an official title in trump administration. counselor to the president. >> i struggled with whether to go into the white house at all. i was staring the a gold
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mine of life changing money, many contracts, i was. >> the first part of my life is my children, once decided. george wanted to get a job in the administration, i said mr. president elect, if i do this, have five asks, one was walking in -- privilege and walking out privilege, he would call me down ask me what i thought. notwithstanding by request to not have a press -- role i did. >> can you promise that president will tell the truth. >> yes, jim, can you promise you will, let me get back in your face because you are such a smart ass most of
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the time. >> respectful i, you know about national security and classification, just stop. >> you go with one source on things and retract it. >> that is not how we do things. >> think about how. >> whatever cnn has done wrong. >> certain amount of skill in trump administration to face a hostile media, kellyanne possessed that. walmart out walk out there, it comes from a grounding a lot of work that comes before and preparation. >> it was arduous duty, a lot of controversy, president himself would not make it easy sometimes with the things he said, and ways he would act, kellyanne would go out there and defend. >> why the president asked white house press secretary to come out in front of podium for first time and ut -- a falsehood, why
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did he do that? >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck, you saying a false hood, they are giving sean spicer, gave alternative facts -- the point remains. >> alternative facts for 5 facts. >> a true gaffe. that was me misspeaking. and it walked me back right away, i spend 2 1/2 seconds saying alternative facts, not meaning it, they spent 2 1/2 years saying russia collusion and meaning it. >> they didn't let that go, because there are not many mistakes to pick on. think about it they are still talking about a mistake she made, 5 years ago. >> the first couple weeks, and months were rough, i could have said, too much. i realize quickly, how much lives a president can impact
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with simplest decisions, i wanted to be there for that. >> there were a lot of times we would shoot i've other glances in the oval office, who'll deliver this message, this is hard stuff, things that get to president of the united states are not easy, that is where kellyanne and i were able to work together to deliver, no bs . to mr. president. >> i find myself in there, often witnesses history, but, participating in this. all of this is because of the same man who else vated -- elevated this woman to campaign management. high felt there was a direct thread between that and counselor of the president in white house, having direct access to people in decision making people meant we could often get stuff done at a much faster pace.
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i call it the trump pace. >> i knew that there was someone in white house i could pick up a phone, say here is what i'm working owe were a great team working alongside each other to get to the same place, it gave me great confidence, to know if i was not there kellyanne was in the room, president would get good wisdom. >> those of us who worked longest st strongest with president trump were willing and able to tell him, not what he wanted to hear, but what he wanted to know. >> it wasn't about me, not about kellyanne. it was about president trump and america, we knew, that we were there to make sure he was successful, we would go out and break glass to achieve, that not about our ego or us making ourselves important. >> the president respects women who work for him, but he reserves his fear for one person, that is melania trump, he very much cares
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what she thinks, and consults with her about many different issues and individuals, one thing i say about our first lady melania trump is her confidence, the comfort she has in her own skin, ability to not allow critics and naysayers and strangers to ruin her day and not. not refining who she i. i took that from her when it was put on my shoulders. >> i said from the beginning to the president, my kids come first. no matter what. >> motherhood does not have a term limit,
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you don't quit that and go to a job, these jobs even a big one in white house.
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>> welcome to fox news live on sunday evening.
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president biden in japan right now discusses economic and national security concerns, addressing what could be a worldwide health crisis, saying that monkeypox is something that everyone should be concerned bvirus which comes from africa is a threat to europe right now. but one confirmed case was respected in massachusetts -- reported in massachusetts lest week. other cases are being investigated in new york and florida. >> and triple a estimates 40 million americans will travel over 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend. that is inspite of the soaring gas prices, now hit record highs across the nation, average price is now 4.59. >> now back to here's the deal. >> kellyanne conway has been by the president's side
7:30 pm
through thick and thin. >> kellyanne conway announcing last night she will step down at the end of the month to focus on her family. >> said i am grateful to the president for now and my beloved children it will be less drama, more mama. >> my children are the 4 chambers of my heart, there is nothing in woe one, no one -- no one, no one that will come close to who they are for me. >> everyone has family issues, they are behind closed-doors, when you are kellyanne conway it is open to the public, it makes it more difficult. makes it harder. >> to think they should be touched or worried about any of that nonsense, they are. i don't deserve that. because i work for donald trump. >> she did what she fell was right for the country, not for her. up her heart was in -- i know her heart was in the right place, it hurt her.
7:31 pm
to watch. >> she is a lightning rod, she is good, she drives the democrats crazy because she is so good, when you are a threat, they come after you. there is a line from the godfather, they come after you, they come at what you love, i think that is what happened. >> people were speculating, she is leaving because her marriage is falling apart, this is simple. i was a high profile example of what happens to women across ut the country, 3 million women were pushed out of workforce because the kids are home, out of the campus, we're expected to be the teachers, and tutors, i wanted to be there. i went out on a high note and my own terms. >> it was hard for her to leave. she is more of a mama bear
7:32 pm
than a political grizzly bear, i know what kellyanne was going through in many ways, watching her child, be victimized by her career. >> i understood why, as a mother she would maka decision, i think kellyanne did that in a noble way. >> i am not being yelled at. not part of your mob, you are stuck on one thing, i amo cnn, i love cnn, i am mystified. it is your show you can talk about what you want. >> if you don't agree with the president. you work with u.s. government, you should not be there. >> well, believe what our press secretary meant, which circumstance for everyone president has a right, to surround himself with the team that will work with him. not against him. >> you can laugh at me all you want, i -- >> i am not laughing. >> you are, i think it is
7:33 pm
actually symbolic of the way we're treated by the press, the way you just laughed at me is the way that represented of the way we're treated by the press, i'll ignore it i am bigger. >> she is so much more than what people turn on tv, they see her give it to someone or have a great comeback. >> she has a style, it is tough, brassy, serious, you should know that is a person with an incredibly tender heart who cares death deeply. >> my life and career has been defined by one principle, that is -- >> work ethic, nothing is given to you, she got a great sense of honor and dignity in the work she did. >> every woman should have a
7:34 pm
boss like donald trump. someone who listened to them, and solicits their opinion, and shows respect. i had a seat at table in donald trump's white house, with my elbows rubbing the other men and women, something that donald trump had done his entire career, elevating women to po visions of authority. >> we could be proud. >> i don't think there was a day she didn't really appreciate she walked into the white house. after growing up with a single mom in new jersey, that is what the american dream is about. >> i was raised to be humble, give more than you take, god, country and family come first. you are born with two
7:35 pm
things, we're born with our family and our name, where we go from there has to do with our own skill, intelligence and luck, in history books are written said that kellyanne conway of the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign in u.s. history, you have to finish the sentence, -- and it is donald trump who put her there. it was no one else, no other republican had done it, he was different, he saw something different. he is a risk taker, he was willing to take a risk with me, rest literally is history. when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression.
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♪ ♪ >> what's it like seeing your mom on tv all of the time. >> interesting. it gets really, i don't know. >> john, you are laughing. >> that is an interesting word for her to use. >> that mama wants no more
7:40 pm
drama, so kellyanne conway is stepping away from the white house to focus on her family. >> look what i did. >> after her 14-year-old daughter talk to social media saying she wants to emancipate%. herself. >> that is an unspoken -- rule, among ized civil rises results that you don't touch the children. it is unforgiving. i am a staffer in the white house, they are outing and exposing my teenage daughter, who is doing what a lot of teenage girls do, posting pictures, having fun with her friends. pushing back on authority. expressing her political and
7:41 pm
cultural views, all of which i have encouraged for my children, i want them to be their own people. independent thinkers, there is a woman, "new york times" reporter, odd thing of social media influencers, she direct messaged our 15-year-old daughter, said, if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable, give your mom my number. what, that is not the standard. she used direct messaging, never bothering to try to contact her easy to reach parents, it allowed all these other reporters to contact claudia. >> critical of on-line bullying. >> i had severe ptsd from this, you feel any little piece of information that gets out on you, will be used by worst people on internet. >> she is now crying on tv.
7:42 pm
she is pretending she is -- families are, come after children, and after family. she didn't say my children, she said other people's children. shy is a disgrace to journalism,. >> not just taylor, it was a lot of folks, they were contacting a 15-year-old girl. waving fame, fortune, interviews and lights in front of her, for what the reason, to try to pull her away from her mother. or embarrass the president, and put division between her parents, did they ever think of her and her siblings, i will not forgive that, i am proud of claudia, she is amazing, all 4 of my
7:43 pm
children are amazing individuals who have more class, dignity, intelligence, judgment, discretion and resilient than any single adult pro tried to violate the basic precip. >> i know that president when claudia -- was painful for her. and under cut her faith in the fact that most people are good people. then under it, the good people, it was a difficult period of time for everyone. and for me, as someone who knows claudia well, it was tough to watch. but, i tell you her mother never gave up. >> i spoke with claudia pry privately, she is proud of her mother, of what she did and who she is. >> people wanted to be angry
7:44 pm
with claudia, i was fearful for her, now anyone can find her. there are quite a few nut jobs. i fault the media for, that they put a target on my family's back just for kicks and clicks, i'm not done yet, here i am with a big smile on my face, mama bear, showing her fangs, growling in their face, i have not forgotten, they are not forgiven, they have done very -- the fact. that in the summer of 2020, my 15-year-old daughter was trending, and 51-year-old hunter biden was being protected and excused. by the same media. 15 year older daughter of a staffer versus the 51-year-old son of vice president who profited off taxpayers and
7:45 pm
whose father is now president, what was everyone thinking, what were you doing. >> all sorts of allegations about biden and his family, too disgusting to repeat. >> for all we know, the e-mail are made up. >> this looks like a classic disinformation campaign. >> so obviously a russian operation,. >> that is russia an misinformation. this is a quote, russian disinformation operation. >> appears to be and has all hallmarks of a russian disinformation campaign. >> who do you think is behind it. >> russians would be my number one guess. >> if they were connected. >> a different set of standards with mainstream media for us and your families and democrats and
7:46 pm
their families, it's just the truth. it does not make it fair, does not make it fair to someone underage, kellyanne and i used to say, we chose this, they didn't. >> these are my children, they are nobody else's business, they have my unshakeable love. unconditional support, and i am already amazed at the people they are and are becoming, that has no time limit, does not matter where mom worked or dad tweets or, what pathetic journalist tried to contact them. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> husband of top trump aide, kellyanne conway, once again taking shots at president's mental health. >> noted conservative attorney george conway declares president trump to be quote, unfit for office. >> whether he is removed before his term of office ends or not, he is leaving in disgrace. >> i still can't wrap my head around george changing so quickly about donald trump and me. you have to understand, i love george, i will always
7:51 pm
love george, we're a married couple. only we know what goes on they will never be truly revealed by either of us. but for people to speculate is beyond. that should have been nobody's business. >> what is up with your husband's tweets. >> now we'll talk about other people's spouses. just because, they either work in the white house or at cnn. are we doing that? >> you just went there. >> yes. >> you just went there. >> i will say, you have made it clear that is not a subject you want to talk about. i'm not going to waste. >> i think my views about president trump and his administration. >> george should have owned it he should have said i'm going to great like this and write these op-eds, he does it without any type of disclosure or fair notice to me, who deserve that. he knew what i was doing every day, going to the
7:52 pm
white house and do my job. >> we talk a lot during that time. we're friends. and it was a very, very difficult time for her. and i just think that what george did was outrageous. forget about whether you are a public figure, if you don't want your wife to work for someone any more, go and talk to your wife and she if you can -- convince her. >> george's vows were not to donald trump, mine were not to donald trump, but, a vow to me to love, honor, respect and cherish, it got increasingly nasty. >> if you are looking at articles or pictures or him on one network and her on another, it looked like they
7:53 pm
hate each other, i know that is not true, i see them on holidays, i see them with their children, i know they respect the other's parenting. >> what george did was awful, awful to kellyanne and their children. and i think that she was incredibly stoic during that publicly. i could take it privately from talking with her it hurt. >> my words to her were prayer, her commitment to america had been adequate, get it right for yourself and your family, then you can come back and continue to serve american in important ways. >> she had difficult times. 2020. and it is tough, it's tough watching a loved one go
7:54 pm
through some things, she is a tough cookie. she can handle it. >> all these episodes revealed, who my true friends are. some people handled it poorly, this country handled people like they are children. they are adults. we have to get that in balance. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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♪ ♪ >> she'll do the shows that no body el dares go near, i say do this one or that one. no problem, sir. others say, sir, you think i could take a pass, please, i beg you, please. great going kellyanne, thank you. >> i am confident we have not seen the last of her as a national figure, national leader, someone who will continue to move the conservative values set forward.
7:59 pm
>> kellyanne conway will never be done with politics it is in her blood, it is in her dna, she loves the game, she loves the fight, she loves standing up for things she believes in, if kellyanne ever tells someone she will retire, i'll believe that when i see it. >> kellyanne conway is a deeply caring person, always attentive to my family and our work, when i served as vice president, i had no greater friend in the white house, kellyanne conway loves her family and loves this country. made an incredible difference in the life of our nation. and i know she will continue to for many years to come. >> here's the deal, it has been quite the story, quite the ride, quite the journey, quite the life, and i'm still going. god has tested me, and trusted me. he has asked me to bear
8:00 pm
burden, that did not break me. he has bestowed blessings on me, beyond what i ever could have imagined or deserved, amen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hellolo america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great gifts, brent bozell and leo terrell, but before we get to them, the mass murderer in buffalo, targeted a black community, trying to find a community in new york that was mostly black, he knew new york had very tough gun


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